The Great Russian Restoration X: A Purge in the Russian Orthodox Church

The Russian Orthodox Church has been affected by recent events as much as the rest of Russian society has. Now, more than ever, the Church is being asked to support the government and this has had ripple effects on church politics. The biggest story is the unceremonious demotion of Metropolitan Hilarion. Once the Russian Orthodox Church’s ambassador to the West and Ecumenist-in-Chief, Metropolitan Hilarion has now been stripped of his official positions. This is almost certainly because he refused to support the special operation in Ukraine. While we don’t have conclusive proof of this yet, we can piece together the story by looking at recent events in context and then puzzle out the implications that this will have for the Russian Orthodox Church going forward.

The Hilarion Controversy 

Metropolitan Hilarion is an outspoken and liberal-minded priest who formerly occupied very high positions in the Church hierarchy.

When he was a much younger man, he was a vocal anti-Soviet activist clergy member. There is an interesting 2020 interview of Hilarion where he shared highlights from his career in the faith. An interesting episode that he brought up was the time he spent serving in Vilnius. He, apparently, personally went on TV to call on the Soviet soldiers to disobey their order to put down the independence protesters in Lithuania. The protestors had decided to seize the TV stations as part of their coup and the Soviet troops stationed at these communication hubs had been given orders to defend them, with deadly force if necessary. Hilarion publicly called on them to stand aside and let the protestors seize the towers and thereby prevent blood being spilt. When asked about this rather interesting display of loyalties in his youth, Hilarion justified his actions by stating that the protestors were anti-Soviet and not anti-Russian and that he was always loyal to Russia, just not the Soviet Union.

In more recent times, Hilarion has vocally come out against Russians’ right to own firearms by claiming that no Christian can use deadly force to defend their lives. I do not know whether or not this is theologically correct, but I find that theology often has very little to do with official Church positions on various social issues. But, the most questionable public position that Metropolitan Hilarion took was when he came out vocally against anti-vaxxers. You may have heard of this:

Now, one individual priest is entitled to his opinions, but Metropolitan Hilarion was serving as the Church’s official PR spokesman at the time. So, when speaking to the press, the question was always whether or not the position being expressed was the Church’s or just Hilarion’s personal opinion. The PR guy is a very important position in the Church and one that was formerly occupied by the current patriarch Kirill. Hilarion and Kirill were always considered to be close and there were persistent rumors that Hilarion would eventually become the new face of the Church. With all that context out of the way, it should become clearer why people kept such a close eye on Hilarion and his various activities. Hilarion was far more important within the Church than, say, the hapless and irrelevant Press Secretary Dimitri Peskov is in the Kremlin hierarchy.

Anyway, Hilarion declared that people who refused to get vaxxed were sinners, or rather, his specific words were, that if someone refused to get vaxxed, and then got someone sick because of that decision, that it would be a sin on the part of the anti-vaxxer. Hilarion also encouraged his congregation to get vaxxed and to not entertain any conspiracy theories about COVID. Knowing what we know about the WEF agenda and the ever-shifting narrative around COVID, it’s hard not to look at Hilarion with suspicion after he so blatantly laid his cards out on the table in favor of Corona-mania.

Finally, Metropolitan Hilarion was constantly being accused of working to promote ecumenism i.e., the merger between the various Christian churches and the project to create a one-world religion. He would often go abroad, most often the Vatican, and talk about the common values of Orthodoxy and other Christian denominations and even other religions. While the Orthodox Church officially cannot even entertain a passing interest in Ecumenism, as it would be an unthinkable, un-canonical and deeply unpopular position to take, the Catholic Church does not seem to be bound by such constraints. Many Catholic websites, including the official Vatican one have an “Ecumenism” page, tab or category where they share stories about meetings with other religious leaders and their progress in promoting interfaith dialogue. During these meetings, they outline points of congruence that Judaism, Islam, Christianity, and the most powerful religion of our time, Liberalism, have in common. If the goal is to create a one world religion to go along with the one world government, as many believe it is, then the final product would resemble the Noahide Laws. After all, if we are to approach the question logically, and ask what both Christianity, Islam and Judaism have in common, the answer would have to be the Old Testament. But that’s a topic for another time.

Now, the relationship of the Russian Orthodox Church to the ecumenist, one-world religion project is complicated. The Russian Orthodox Church was allowed to join the World Council of Churches, the premiere ecumenism-promoting organization, by the Soviet authorities. The WCC was reliably left-wing and there was an interest on the part of the Soviets in using it to promote their interests. This story is difficult to summarize and explain, as it has to do with various spook agendas and scheming on the part of everyone involved in the project. But, recently, the WCC threatened to expel the Russian Orthodox Church from its organization because of the operation in Ukraine. This is welcome news. It is unclear why the Russian Orthodox Church is still involved with the organization; for one thing, it leads to conspiracy-minded people asking uncomfortable questions.

In summary: Metropolitan Hilarion’s pro-protester, anti-gun, pro-vax and pro-ecumenist views put him squarely in the Liberal wing of the Russian Orthodox Church. But he has now been stripped of his positions and sent to Hungary, where he won’t be able to cause any trouble in Russia, which is welcome news indeed.

The Ukrainian Church Crisis in Orthodoxy 

The Orthodox world is in turmoil over Ukraine. But, to understand what is going on, some more background on Church tradition is necessary.

The Church is divided along canonical territories in most of the territories of the Soviet Union, or, if you prefer, the Russian Empire before it. These demarcations are not built around national boundaries, but they approximate them. There has always been a canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church that historically fell under the auspices of the Russian Orthodox Church. They were granted semi-autonomy following the collapse of the USSR, but still remained part of the overarching Russian structure. In other words, the two Churches remained in communion and that meant that one could take part in the services of both interchangeably at no mortal risk to one’s soul.

As a result of the war, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church hierarchy has decided to break with the Russian Orthodox Church and has declared autonomy. Autonomy is a complicated topic. For example, there is a Russian Orthodox canonical territory in North America, but the Russian Church granted them autonomy a long time ago. In Ukraine, the situation is more complicated because there were already several major splits within the Church leading up to this moment. According to the rules of Russian Orthodoxy, autonomy can be granted, as was the case with North America, but it cannot be declared on the part of the secessionists. The Russian Orthodox Church has not called this an official split as of yet, because it’s considered a grave sin for the Ukrainians to act as they have, and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church has, essentially, condemned the souls of the people under it. Also, on account of the current crisis in Ukraine, allowance is being made to Metropolitan Onufriy considering that there might be SBU agents breaking priests’ thumbs and forcing the split.

Metropolitan Onufriy, however, is an interesting personality. There are people in his congregation in Ukraine who consider him a living saint. This is a problem because Russian Orthodoxy generally frowns on the concept of living saints. This is in stark contrast to Catholicism, or at least this used to be one of the main points of contention between the East and the West centuries ago. The case of St. Francis of Assisi is a good example. The Orthodox Church considers him to be a fake saint because he acted like a rock star during his day and basically overdid his whole act. Naturally, the Catholics beg to disagree. But even extremely popular and influential Orthodox monks and priests like Father Seraphim (the American) who basically introduced America to Russian Orthodoxy with his popular books have to spend decades in clerical purgatory before the Church decides whether or not to grant them saint status.

Following the news from Ukraine, there was a gathering of higher-ups in the Church who demanded that Metropolitan Onufriy and his Church be declared schismatics and therefore no longer saved by the light of the canonical Church. Although, even here, there is some nuance. Officially, in the end, God decides who goes to Heaven or not, not the Church. So, basically, there is some wiggle room, but not much and being considered a schismatic is a big deal in the Orthodox world.

After the aforementioned council in which the Ukrainian Orthodox Church decided to go its own way, and at the meeting gathered by the Russian Orthodox Church to discuss the situation, Metropolitan Hilarion decided to defend Metropolitan Onufriy. In other words, he claimed that Onufriy and his people weren’t schismatics and he counter-signaled the position of other bishops who stated that Onufriy and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church were as good as damned. This may have been the final strike against Hilarion.

Church Politicking in the Orthodox World

Here, we should say a few words about the other schismatics in Ukraine. Before the very recent split of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, there was already a splinter organization that calls themselves the Orthodox Ukrainian Church (the order of the words is reversed) and they are led by Filaret Denisenko.

Back in the 90s, Denisenko wanted to become the Patriarch in Moscow, but he lost his bid for power to the now reigning Patriarch. After that, he decided to go his own way and created his own autonomous Church. He was supported in this endeavor by the Ukrainian government, and the West, naturally. He and his church were always considered schismatics by the Russian Orthodox Church.

But the situation is even more complicated by the existence of yet another key player in the world of Orthodoxy.

Enter Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople, an ambitious man, and a priest who clearly wants to become the Pope of Orthodoxy:

The Constantinople Church claims that it is the first among equals among the Churches because of historical reasons. Bartholomew supported Denisenko and his schismatics back in the day. But, more recently, in 2018, he officially granted autonomy (autocephaly) to the Orthodox Ukrainian Church and this led to a final, formal split between Moscow and Constantinople. In other words, the faithful are no longer allowed to take communion in each other’s Churches — it is considered a grave sin. Bartholomew believes that the Constantinople Church has the right to grant autonomy to other Churches and this was his justification for acting as he did. However, he also refuses to recognize the separateness of the Greek Orthodox Church.

In other words, he pursues his own politics and acts as he sees fit in his own interests and the interest of his Church. Another example: in Macedonia, there used to be a Serbian Orthodox Church that was the official canonical church in the region. But then, a split occurred in the aftermath of Yugoslavia — a move that was supported by the Macedonian government, of course. After negotiations, the Macedonians agreed to rejoin the Serbian Orthodox Church with the understanding that they would then be granted autonomy, making the split canonical. Bartholomew, claiming the exclusive right to grant autonomy, encouraged them to declare themselves autonomous without the blessing of the Serbian Church. In this instance, he failed to cause an even deeper split between the two Churches.

More than any other Patriarch, Bartholomew is very enthusiastic about the ecumenical effort and always rushes to support The Current Thing™. Nowadays, he supports mass migration into Europe, the Kiev government and the Green Agenda, which earns him fawning praise from the world press.

The Agenda of the Russian Orthodox Church 

In the 90s, the Church was concerned with returning its stolen property from the government. It was only under Putin that the Church started receiving support from the government. Most recently, the famous St. Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg was returned to the Church. It used to be a museum and large revenue generator for the city, and so the decision was protested. But the problem of property restitution has largely been solved in Russia at this point and the situation for the Church has stabilized.

Within Russia, there are schismatic Orthodox movements, but they do not have an organized structure. Mostly, it’s individual priests who have pulled away from the canonical Church for one reason or another and taken their congregations with them. Russia’s Old Believers, who refused to go along with the Nikonian reforms back in the 17th century, were partially brought back into the fold in the 90s. They struck a deal whereby they could keep their traditional pre-Nikonian rites in exchange for recognizing the official Russian Orthodox Church hierarchy. These Old Believers are called Единаверы (United Faith). Solzhenitsyn praised them and supported their recognition and reintegration into the Church, critiquing the original genocide and persecution that was unleashed on them by Church authorities centuries ago. Also Dugin, who used to be more interested in right-wing esotericism, now attends an Old Believer Church in Moscow.

Also, the position of the Church is, officially, against blood-letting in general. But, this year, an official decision was made to re-institute the official chaplain role in the military. In other words, military units will now have a priest assigned to them. This is an old Russian tradition from pre-Soviet times that has been restored and it is a very promising sign that Russia is moving past its Soviet legacy, at least in the military, where Orthodoxy is taken seriously by many soldiers and officers. Patriarch Kirill recently stated that “the Russian military in Ukraine is driven by an inner moral sense based on the Orthodox faith.”

Other than the effort to strengthen Orthodoxy’s place in Russian society, the Church is also deeply involved with the politics of the Orthodox world, which we briefly touched upon above. Much time is spent debating and discussing the development in Ukraine and the larger Orthodox world. For obvious reasons, the Russian Orthodox Church believes that it should take a leading role in the Orthodox world. This puts them at loggerheads with the various schismatic movements and competing centers of influence.

The war has only exacerbated the political struggle between the various Church’s, which is not good news for the Russian Orthodox Church’s ambitions.

But, for conservative-minded people who were concerned about the course that the Church would take in the coming years, the recent developments are cause to rejoice. The Russian Orthodox Church will be forced to harden-up, turn away from cooperating with the West and clamp down on liberal-minded clergy like Metropolitan Hilarion. As I have stressed before in previous essays, the sanctions and the aggression of the West against Russia have led to improvements across the board in various institutions and an embrace of patriotic ideas by society at large.

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    Pip says:

    The KGB and the Russian Orthodox Church
    September 20th, 2021 Awake Goy
    The fourth session of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR in 1990. Patriarch Alexy II speaks to the deputies. (TASS / Dmitry Sokolov)
    By Vladimir Popov (Former Soviet State Security Lieutenant Colonel)
    July 8, 2020 Anno Domini
    Translated from the Russian

    At the height of World War II, on September 14, 1943, the Council for the Affairs of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) was formed in the Soviet Union. The name of the new organ was suggested by Joseph Stalin himself. The tasks of this structure included the relationship between the state and the church.

    It was a crucial year of the Great Patriotic War, which was preceded by a period of defeats for the Red Army. In the territories occupied by the Germans, the German occupation authorities contributed to the revival of religious activity persecuted under Soviet rule. And Stalin believed that the church as an institution could be revived and used by the Soviet government both in the USSR and abroad.

    Notable and significant was the appointment of a security officer to the post of chairman of the Council for the Affairs of the Russian Orthodox Church. Here is his eloquent biography:

    Georgy Grigorievich Karpov (June 7, 1898, Kronstadt – December 18, 1967, Moscow) – Soviet statesman, major general of the NKGB (1945). From September 1943 to February 1960 – Chairman of the Council for the Affairs of the Russian Orthodox Church under the Council of Ministers of the USSR.

    In the organs of the Cheka since 1922. In 1922-1928 he served in the Special Department, and in 1928-1936 – in the counterintelligence department and the secret-political department of the plenipotentiary representation (PP) of the OGPU in the Leningrad Military District – UGB UNKVD in the Leningrad Region. Deputy Head of the UNKVD in the Karelian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (1936).

    In 1936-1937 – deputy head, since July 1937 – head of the secret-political department (then – the 4th department) of the UGB UNKVD in the Leningrad region, authorized by the 2nd department of the GUGB NKVD of the USSR. Head of the Pskov regional department of the NKVD of the Leningrad region (1938-1939). Head of the department of the 2nd department of the GUGB NKVD of the USSR (1939-1941). Deputy Head of the 3rd Department of the 3rd Directorate of the NKGB of the USSR (February 1941 – June 1941).

    He met the Great Patriotic War as a State Security Major. Head of the 4th department of the 3rd manager of the NKVD of the USSR (July 1941 – May 1943). From February 1943 – Colonel of State Security. Head of the 5th Department of the 2nd Directorate of the NKGB-MGB of the USSR (May 1943 – May 1946). Head of the “O” department of the USSR Ministry of State Security (May 1946 – August 1947). Since August 1947 in the reserve of the Ministry of State Security of the USSR. In March 1955 he was dismissed from the KGB at the Council of Ministers of the USSR.

    In January 1960, by the Party Control Commission under the Central Committee of the CPSU, he was expelled from the ranks of the CPSU for violations of socialist legality; in March 1960, he was reinstated in the CPSU with a severe reprimand.

    It was established that “Comrade Karpov, working in 1937-1938 in the Leningrad administration and the Pskov district department of the NKVD, grossly violated socialist legality, carried out mass arrests of innocent citizens, used perverted methods of investigation, and also falsified the interrogation protocols of the arrested”.

    In particular, according to the recollections of Alexander Tammi, arrested in 1937 in Leningrad, “Karpov first thrashed [him] with a stool, and then strangled him with a leather belt, slowly twisting it … Karpov participated in the interrogations of the theoretical physicist Matvey Bronstein, who was shot in February 1938 on fabricated charges “. For these illegal actions, a large group of investigators from the Pskov district department of the NKVD was convicted back in 1941, and Karpov “at that time was recalled to Moscow to the central office of the NKVD.”

    The final wording was as follows: “Comrade Karpov deserves to be expelled from the CPSU for the violations of socialist legality committed in 1937-1938, but taking into account the prescription of his misconduct and positive work in subsequent years, the Party Control Committee confined itself to Karpov with a severe reprimand to the registration card “.

    In the mid-1960s, through the merger of two bodies subordinate to the Council of Ministers of the USSR – the Council for the Affairs of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Council for Affairs of Religious Cults (formed on May 19, 1944), the Council for Religious Affairs was created under the Council of Ministers of the USSR. The Council made decisions on the registration or deregistration of religious associations, on the opening and closing of prayer buildings and houses, liaised between the government of the USSR and religious organizations in the USSR and abroad, since the Soviet state formally declared its non-interference in the affairs of the church and other religious organizations.

    All clergymen in the USSR, in order to carry out their activities, had to have registration of the Council, which controlled the governing bodies of all religious organizations, including the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church. Deputy Chairman of the Council Valentin Fursov, reporting to the Central Committee of the CPSU for the period 1974 – early 1975, wrote that “The Synod is under the control of the Council. The question of the selection and placement of its … members was and remains entirely in the hands of the Council … explanatory work with members of the synod, establish confidential contacts with them.”

    The term “confidential contacts” is a professional one in the activities of the special services and it is not accidental that it appears in this report. Until the disappearance of the state called the Soviet Union from the world map and the abolition of the power of the CPSU in the country, the positions of deputy chairmen of these religious organizations were occupied by officers of the current reserve of the KGB of the USSR, who were employees of the 4th department of the 5th department of the KGB of the USSR.

    Their subordination in the department of cover was only nominal. As the former chairman of the Council for Religious Affairs (1985-1990) Konstantin Kharchev recalled, “I had a deputy to whom the churchmen carried cognac in boxes and who sometimes“ dragged them by the hair. ”They depended on him whether or not he would allow the trip for border, whether he wants to be assigned to a good hospital.”

    After the fall of Soviet power, the existence of a large number of agents recruited by the state security from among the leaders-hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church became public knowledge. Today it is no longer a secret that the former patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, Alexy II, for decades was in the Soviet security apparatus under the operational pseudonym Drozdov, as well as the current patriarch Kirill, who worked for state security under the pseudonym Mikhailov. Here is an excerpt from an open letter from Priest Gleb Yakunin to Patriarch Alexy II (A.M. Ridiger):

    “One of the results of the irrepressible claims of the Moscow Patriarchate for church property located in independent Estonia was, in addition to the split with Ecumenical Orthodoxy, the publication in the media of some archival materials about the activities of one of the ROC functionaries and at the same time a KGB agent named Drozdov, who started , as it has now become known, his career as an informant in the Estonian SSR.

    In 1991-1992, while working with the archives of the allied KGB as part of the parliamentary commission to investigate the causes and circumstances of the Emergency Committee, among the reports of the 4th department of the 5th State Security Directorate, data on the activities of agent Drozdov, who was already one of the leaders of the patriarchy, was found. ..

    Earlier, according to the results of the activities of the Commission of the Supreme Soviet, archival information was already published that agent Drozdov was awarded a diploma of the KGB of the USSR in February – March 1988 …

    Comparison of the biographical data of A.M. Ridiger with the official biography of Agent Drozdov gives strong reasons to believe that they are talking about the same person. It is difficult to doubt the consubstantiality of agent Drozdov and Patriarch Alexy II … “

    Former major general of the KGB, former head of the K (external counterintelligence) department of the KGB of the USSR, and then the first deputy head of the USSR KGB for Leningrad and the Leningrad region, Oleg Danilovich Kalugin, in an interview with Dmitry Gordon, also talked about the state of the former the head of the Russian Orthodox Church Alexy II, who died in 2008, and the current Patriarch Kirill “(the program” Visiting Dmitry Gordon “, October 1, 2013).

    In 2012, in an interview with the Ukrainian magazine, Patriarch Filaret, in the world Mikhail Antonovich Denisenko, said that “all bishops, without exception, were connected with the KGB. All without exception. In Soviet times, no one could become a bishop, if not gave the consent of the KGB. Therefore, to assert that I was not connected with the KGB would be untrue – I was connected, like everyone else.”

    Pavel Protsenko graduated from the Gorky Literary Institute a year later than Vigilyansky. Unlike his classmate, Protsenko did not “make friends” with foreign journalists, “metropolitan people” and Proffers. But he was a dissident and was interested in the history of the persecution of the Russian Orthodox Church.

    And how much more dramatic was his fate in comparison with the fate of Vigilyansky: for his interest in the ROC in 1986, Protsenko was arrested by the KGB. A number of famous Soviet writers came out in his defense. However, on November 18-19, 1986, Protsenko was sentenced by the court to three years in general regime camps for “slandering the Soviet state and social system.” In 1987, after perestroika began in the country, Protsenko was released and fully rehabilitated. In an interview with Radio Liberty, Protsenko said:

    “A commission was created to investigate the anti-constitutional activities of the State Emergency Committee. It was headed by Lev Ponomarev, and Gleb Yakunin, People’s Deputy of the Supreme Council of Russia, took an active part in it. In particular, they started looking for documents that speak of the anti-constitutional activities of the KGB in the church sphere. They worked out everything. two months.

    During this time, they found a small number of documents, which listed the nicknames that the KGB gave to the hierarchs of the church. Moreover, as a rule, these nicknames were not tied to surnames, since they were given by operational workers …

    But thanks to some analytical work, it was possible to decipher some of the nicknames. Two months later, the chairman of the Supreme Soviet, Khasbulatov, was visited by the then Patriarch Alexy II. Yevgeny Primakov, at that time the head of the foreign intelligence service, also met with him. After the meeting of these three people, the activities of the commission were urgently terminated. After that, a number of publications appeared with the decoding of the names of agents.

    First of all, I would like to say about such a prominent figure of the then Orthodoxy as Metropolitan Philaret of Kiev (Denisenko) – as a number of researchers have established, his nickname was Agent Antonov. But besides him, there were a number of clergymen: for example, the Abbot was Metropolitan Pitirim, the head of the then publishing department. And for example, agent Restorer – this was the famous Metropolitan Chrysostom, now Vilnius. ”

    Radio Liberty. Security officers on the march. Power and the Church. May 29, 2015

    From the examples given, it is clear how it was possible to make a career in the Russian Orthodox Church in Soviet times. In today’s Russia, even more so. It is indicative that, under the former Patriarch Alexy II and his successor, Patriarch Kirill, in the position of an adviser (including on economic issues) of the already mentioned Deputy Chairman of the USSR KGB, Major General Valery Fedorovich Lebedev, curator of the 5th line of the USSR KGB. In some documents, Lebedev even began to be referred to as a professor of theology.

    In addition, he headed the Orthodox Television Foundation and was the chairman of the Board of Directors of the Moscow Patriarchate’s cable television and radio company Free People’s Television (SNT). Appointments to positions important for the Russian Orthodox Church were held only with his approval. So Vigilyansky could not be the head of the patriarch’s press service if he was not involved in cooperation with the Russian state security.

    The dominance of state security agents in the ROC was observed at all levels of the church hierarchy. This conclusion, in particular, was reached by the commission of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Russian Federation, which was investigating the State Emergency Committee. The document published by the Commission stated the following about the role of the ROC:

    “The commission draws the attention of the leadership of the ROC to the anti-constitutional use by the Central Committee of the CPSU and the KGB of the USSR of a number of church bodies for their own purposes by recruiting and sending agents of the KGB into them. So, through the department of external church relations, agents designated nicknames Svyatoslav, Alamant, Mikhailov, Topaz, Nesterovich, Kuznetsov, Ognev, Esaulenko and others.

    The nature of the orders they carry out testifies to the inseparability of this department from the state, to its transformation into a hidden center of the KGB agents among believers. Through agents, international religious organizations were kept under control, in which the ROC also participated: the World Council of Churches, the Christian Peace Conference, the Conference of European Churches … The Chairman of the KGB of the USSR Andropov reported to the Central Committee of the CPSU that the KGB was controlling the relations of the ROC with the Vatican.

    Such a deep infiltration of intelligence agents into religious associations poses a serious danger to society and the state … As the coup d’etat of August 19-21, 1991 showed, the possibility of using religion for anti-constitutional purposes was real. The visit of Metropolitan Pitirim (Nechaev) to the outlawed state criminal Pugo on August 21, 1991, is of deep concern.

    In diplomatic language, this is de facto recognition. The breeding ground for such a visit was the fact that the publishing department of the Moscow Patriarchate was controlled by agents of the KGB. In the reports of the 5th Directorate of the KGB of the USSR, through the publishing department, agents Abbot (from the hierarchs) and Grigoriev are constantly mentioned, who often traveled abroad and, obviously, held (occupy) high posts in this institution.

    The undoubted fault in the current situation lies with the CPSU and the state bodies accountable to it. But there is no doubt that the religious associations themselves do not know the whole truth about their employees. Lustration of church agents could be a harsh, even cruel act in relation to a church that has already suffered a lot. The commission believes that it would be better if the believers themselves find a way to cleanse themselves of the introduced anti-constitutional elements.

    But, unfortunately, the church leadership has not yet expressed an official attitude to the problem of its depoliticization. Deacon Andrei Kuraev, an assistant to Patriarch Alexy II, declared publications about the commission’s materials a persecution of the church and even a “triumph” of the KGB itself (Moskovskie Novosti, No. 10, 1992). However, Archbishop Chrysostomos of Vilnius essentially denied Deacon Kuraev and spoke about his 18-year collaboration with the KGB. (“Rossiyskaya Gazeta” No. 52/388 for 1992).

    In the absence of an official point of view of the leadership of the church, the commission recommends that the canonical and civil statutes prohibit secret cooperation of senior church officials with state bodies, as well as study the previous activities of their governing bodies and international departments in light of the compliance of these activities with the constitutional principle of separation of church from state.

    For its part, in order to eliminate the danger of using the church for anti-constitutional purposes, the commission proposed amendments to the current legislation prohibiting the involvement of clergymen in operational-search activities. However, the practical implementation of this provision can only be achieved with a ban on both sides – both from the state and from the church itself. The Commission expresses the hope that the ROC will be able to overcome the difficult legacy of the past. 1992 year. Chairman of the Commission, People’s Deputy P. Ponomarev.”

    It should be noted that the church authorities did not at all seek to “overcome the difficult legacy of the past”, an example of which is evidence of the deep infiltration of agents of the Soviet-Russian special services into the environment of the hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church: Alexy II is a KGB agent Drozdov.

    The current patriarch (Metropolitan of Smolensk and Kaliningrad) Kirill Gundyaev is a KGB agent Mikhailov. Metropolitan Methodius of Voronezh – KGB agent Pavel. Metropolitan of Kiev Filaret (Denisenko) KGB agent Antonov. Metropolitan Filaret of Minsk is a KGB agent Ostrovsky. Metropolitan Nikodim (Rotov) is an agent of the KGB Svyatoslav. Metropolitan of Volokolamsk and Yuryevsk Pitirim – KGB agent Abbot. Metropolitan Yuvenaly (Poyarkov) – KGB agent Adamant. Archbishop Kliment of Kaluga is an agent of the KGB Topaz.

    From the words of the famous Russian oligarch Konstantin Malofeev, it is known that since studying at Moscow State University, he has been a parishioner of the Church of the Holy Martyr Tatiana at this higher educational institution. The temple was returned to the church on January 22, 1995. Maxim Evgenievich Kozlov was appointed rector of the temple by the decree of Patriarch Alexy II.

    Kozlov graduated from the Faculty of Philology of Moscow State University, where he specialized in the Department of Classical Philology (Ancient Greek and Latin). During his student years, Maxim Kozlov worked as a freelancer in the publishing department of the Moscow Patriarchate.

    At this time, the future father Tikhon (Shevkunov) and Vladimir Vigilyansky, who later became a priest, also worked there. For many years the head of the publishing department of the Moscow Patriarchate was Metropolitan Pitirim of Volokolamsk and Yuryev (in the world Konstantin Nechaev), who was an agent of the 4th department of the 5th department of the KGB of the USSR. Speaking about him, Father Tikhon emphasized: “ I respect Father Pitirim and will not throw a stone at him. ”

    The highly experienced KGB agent of the USSR, the Abbot, who was Metropolitan Pitirim, naturally selected the employees of the department he headed in accordance with the recommendations of the curators from the state security. The friendship of Tikhon’s father with intelligence general Leonov is also an example of his stay in the intelligence apparatus of the Russian special services, since former officers, and even more so generals of the special services, do not make friends with random people, preferring to deal with proven and reliable agents.

    When Fr. Tikhon was the governor of the Sretensky monastery in Moscow, Vladimir Vigilyansky served in this church as a deacon. In 2012, Father Vladimir (Vigilyansky) replaced Archpriest Maxim Kozlov in the place of the rector of the Church of the Holy Martyr Tatiana at Moscow State University. And Archpriest Kozlov in the same 2012 was appointed rector of the Church of St. Seraphim of Sarov on Krasnopresnenskaya embankment in the prestigious “Moscow City”. Thus, the FSB of Russia received an additional agent enclave to the number available in this large business center.

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    jimmie moglia says:

    In my view the West’s war against Russia is the last – or one of the last acts of the West’s war against itself – as I tried to show in this article on the “SAKER – stop the war against Russia” website,
    “The Masking of the Obvious” –
    In this context – apart from the very interesting information contained in the article about the evolutions and involutions of the Russian Orthodox Church at large – that “the sanctions and the aggression of the West against Russia have led to improvements across the board in various institutions and an embrace of patriotic ideas by society at large” cannot but be welcome

  3. Alexander Nikishin
    Alexander Nikishin says:

    Thank you, a fairly balanced analysis, especially from a Western point of view.
    As an Orthodox Christian, I have repeatedly watched Bishop Hilarion’s author’s program on the federal channel Spas-TV. Basically, he said the right things, but sometimes he “froze” such nonsense that it became very alarming for the future fate of the Russian Orthodox Church with such pastors.
    About Onufry. Until recently, I believed that he is a real shepherd who, like the whole of Ukraine, is at the forefront in the fight against the Devil.
    I myself personally saw when visiting the Pochaev Lavra, located in western Ukraine, when I calmly walked up the hill to the Temple, and smoking people crawled around me, towards the same Temple. I realized how strong the struggle between good and evil is in them, while I, a Russian, got used to “comfortable Christianity.”
    I prayed for him. But his last actions (I know the opinions of the priests who were present at the last Ukrainian church meeting, which grew into a kind of “Council”) radically changed my attitude towards Onufry. Although among the Orthodox there is an opinion that by doing so he saves the Church in Ukraine, just as Patriarch Tikhon saved the Church in Russia in the 1920s.
    The Russian Orthodox Church is a living organism, with a struggle of opinions, but with strict observance of the canons and foundations.
    In any case, if a person thinks, then he will certainly receive spiritual growth.
    Thanks again for the article.
    Sincerely, Alexander Nikishin.

  4. Sanjay
    Sanjay says:

    A bit of silliness I just posted at Unz Review regarding Russia. If too silly, then by all means just discard, thank you:

    As I understand it, Russia is losing very severely to the Ashkenazim in this current war in Ukraine. If we add up the number of Russian soldiers killed, the number of ethnic Russians killed in Eastern Ukraine, and the number of Russians killed in Western Russia within 100 miles from the Ukrainian border, about twenty thousand have died. On the other hand, no Ashkenazi people have lost their lives. Thus, the Ashkenazim is clearly winning by an extremely large margin. Here are some moves by the Ashkenazim which seem militarily excellent to me (though I am too unintelligent to accurately conclude what defines military excellence):

    1) During the beginning of the war, Russia sent about 300 soldiers on one of those massive cargo planes to Kiev, but the Ashkenazim struck the plane with a missile over Kiev, killing all 300 Russian soldiers.

    2) The Ashkenazim sunk the most powerful warship owned by Russia – the Moskva.

    3) The Ashkenazim just now sunk another Russian military ship in the Black Sea.

    4) The Ashkenazim just now destroyed a Russian oil extracting platform in the Black Sea with three missile attacks.

    5) The Ashkenazim have just destroyed the international airport in Syria, striking a major military blow to Russia who needed that airport for important tasks.

    6) The Ashkenazim has just now enacted a blockade of Kaliningrad.

    7) The Ashkenazim have bombed hundreds of civilian and military infrastructure sites in Western Russia.

    8) The Ashkenazim has convinced both Kazakhstan and Georgia to turn against Russia, and both these nations are now seeking membership in the European Union, while Georgia is seeking NATO membership.

    9) The Ashkenazim has succeeded in eliminating a significant amount of ethnic Europeans by creating the conditions for Ukrainians and Russians to choose to kill each other.

    To me, all of this shows just how genetically advanced the Ashkenazim are, and how genetically primitive both Russians and Ukrainians are. Russian citizens don’t even know they are at war with the Ashkenazim – the Russian elites are so genetically primitive that they are not genetically programmed to tell the truth to their people.

    Russia’s elites claim in their media that they are winning against “The West,” but winning is about DNA, not meaningless land. Twenty thousand ethnic Russians have died, but no Ashkenazi people have lost their lives. There isn’t even such a thing as a “Russian;” Russia has no culture, no ethnic and religious/spiritual identity. Russia has passed a series of laws making it a crime for anyone in Russia to support having any kind of national identity. People are told to just try to enjoy simple pleasures, such as watching television, playing sports, eating tasty foods, listening to pop-music, and so forth. No one is legally allowed to have any serious or intellectual thoughts. Thus, there is no Russia, and they actually lost decades ago to the Ashkenazim during the Bolshevik Revolution. Bolshevism never ended. The Russian government also lies about the history of Bolshevism. The legally allowed historical claim is that the Romanov King was an evil dictator who opposed democracy, the Bolshevik Revolution was a noble and righteous revolution to overthrow the dictator and bring forth a democratic government, and this new democratic Bolshevik government heroically saved Russia from the German National Socialists. The Russian government also banned the death penalty so that all the Genetic Sociopaths can be protected and be allowed to breed to create even more Sociopaths. Russia is already destroyed. I predict that the “Russians” will soon leave Ukraine after the constant supply of Ashkenazi weapons and “private” soldiers bleed Russia dry of all their resources. The “Russian” population itself will probably all just move out or end their lives, as the OP suggests. I will conclude by saying that since I am very unintelligent, I may not even understand what is really going on, and the above could very well be all wrong.

  5. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    Russia has become much stronger internally since dumping 70 years of Zionist Marxism. From what I can gather from friends in Russia, the Eastern Orthodox Church is playing no small part in the Russian renaissance. I’m not Eastern Orthodox, but I do believe in judging a tree by its fruit, for good or evil.

  6. Frederick Ford
    Frederick Ford says:

    The Creation of the Soviet Union was one of the greatest tragedies of the 20th century. Centuries of Russian culture, history, and race have all been damaged or reduced during the era of Societ Rule which sought to snuff out the very spirit of Russia.

    Russians themselves are of multiracial background but only the European part of Russia, along with some scattered settlements holds the true Slavic White people who are unique compared to the Non-White population of Russia.

  7. James J. O'Meara
    James J. O'Meara says:

    Pulling back a bit from all these tedious details, we can see here the genius of the Jewish subversion tool called “Christianity.” You know the saying, “Two Jews, three opinions?” Unlike the native pagan religions of the West, which kept hoi polloi busy but were treated with amused contempt by the rulers and intellectuals, the Abrahamic religions formulate creeds and demand obedience to minute formulations of what is ultimately nonsense and gibberish, leading to persecutions and imperialistic wars.

    First the Roman Catholic Church split from the Orthodox, then the Protestants split from the Catholics, then the Protestants fragmented into about 385 denominations (in the US alone), and everyone ready to murder everyone else for the greater glory of the Jewish God. As the article demonstrates, the Orthodox are riven with their own endless feuds and controversies, everyone content to imagine their enemies will be damned, but waiting to get their hands on the secular apparatus so as to kill them right now.

    Folks on the Right, who will likely never have the chance to put their ideas in practice, like to dream of “restoring Christianity” yet never deal with this, shall we say, fatal flaw. There was good reason for Westerners to decide to put religion on the shelf and out of the public square. And since the Churches haven’t been able to keep themselves from getting Woke (immigration, Zionism, gay pride), how are they supposed to “save” us anyway?

    The best commentary on the situation described above is from Khrushchev in The Death of Stalin (fictional?) when the patriarch show up at Stalin’s funeral (despite being loathed by Stalin himself): “Who invited God’s boyfriends?”

  8. Al Ross
    Al Ross says:

    It is difficult for foreigners sympathetic to Russia to ascertain the practical benefits of enhanced religiosity among the citizenry , the most salient being an increase in the population.

    It is important for Russia’s future that the Church encourages population growth or it forfeits any valid racial ‘ raison d’etre ‘.

    I suspect though , that the current respect for the Russian Church may be simply a nod to Putin’s politically correct social convention.

  9. Peter
    Peter says:

    “Knowing what we know about the WEF agenda and the ever-shifting narrative around COVID, it’s hard not to look at Hilarion with suspicion after he so blatantly laid his cards out on the table in favor of Corona-mania.” We also know that the vaccines have had serious side affects for many people, they have been forced on people that did not need them (children didn’t get Covid-19) and they didn’t work. By definition a vaccine prevents you from becoming infected and these “vaccines” don’t work, meaning they are not vaccines.

    By contrast, drugs like Hydroxychloroquine had been around since WW II when it was invented and was known by doctors around the world for its safety and effectiveness against various diseases, most notably malaria. Several doctors, including Dr. Harvey Risch laid out a safe and effective plan for the its use. It’s a miracle drug and worked fantastically, like any other drug, when it’s administered the right way. For people that were able to get a knowledgeable doctor to prescribe it, it was a Goldmine but the US made it very difficult to get and threatened doctors that prescribed it. It could have saved many, many lives.

    At least the Russian vaccine was a traditional vaccine and did not use the new MRNA technology which some doctors
    think is dangerous but assuming Russia was also aware of alternatives to the vaccine, I would say the priest was 100% wrong and completely irresponsible for his position on the vaccine.

  10. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    “The hatred of Russians who have lived there for centuries is deeply rooted.” – From the article.
    Two almost identical ethnic groups living next door & having extreme hatred towards one another is nothing new. We saw the same thing in Northern Ireland.
    And in a way, such things are probably healthy overall, as the main instigation of the hatred is each side’s love of their own. That’s the fuel that keeps these conflicts brewing.
    Sure, many ‘haters’ get involved, but such things cannot function or grow based on hatred alone. Nor can they attract normal men, without which they’d cease to exist.
    What is catastrophically worse is the atomisation of mass society promoted by liberalism where no one gives a sh*t for their own people. This creates industrial human misery, especially for children, on a scale that dwarfs petty ethnic squabbles. But I digress.
    This bizarre sadism from these CIA created groups like ISIS and Azov is something totally new, there were atrocities in Ireland, but all this torture porn kind of stuff was unthinkable.
    They say psychopaths are 1 in 100 of the population, but most of these guys just use their psychopathy to advance themselves in life, unless they are retarded, in which case they’re caught and jailed early on. But phycos are usually pretty smart.
    Psychopaths who commit sadism for sadism’s sake are extremely rare, probably only appearing in the population at large at a rate of one-in-a-million, or ten or fifty million? We rarely see in the media these types caught commiting sadistic crimes for literally reason hardly whatsoever.
    In Britain I can off-the-top of my head only really think of Ian Brady, the Moors Murderer(Myra Hindley was under his spell), and that was back in the 1960’s.
    The Yorkshire Ripper some may say(1970’s), but to me it appeared he just enjoyed smashing woman’s heads in with hammers, but the buzz of the ginormous police chase/failure/farce was probably just as big a thrill.
    But this thing where the CIA can create groups of ordinary young men, feed them a gibberish ideology, then have them all casually commit the most heinous atrocities for fun, hasn’t been seen before.
    No doubt all this stuff was dreamed up under the MK Ultra umbrella, and is only now being applied in the real world.
    But people, smarter folks than me, those with platforms, really should be asking why of all the militias, insurgencies & terrorist groups in history, only now, and only American-created ones, seem to be casual, extreme sadists?
    And as Russia and the various Arab nations infected by Azov & ISIS are blood enemies of Jews, not Americans, is it too antisemitic to ask if Judaism, with it’s blood-thirsty Satanic gods, might have something to with this also?

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Correction, this was meant to be in reply to Mr Gerry’s comment and linked article, not Rolo’s.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” But this thing where the CIA can create groups of ordinary young men, feed them a gibberish ideology, then have them all casually commit the most heinous atrocities for fun, hasn’t been seen before.”

      Superb observation .

      The ILLuminati

      ( basic salient lineage :
      Satanic Babylonian elite jews about 2500 years ago >
      the 1776 Bavarian Illuminati >
      the Late modern era ILLuminati secret society within the secret society of Freemasons > the contemporary and publicly amorphous jewish dominated cabalistic cartel of a global oligarchy of mostly both overt and covert de jure as well as de facto billionaires and trillionaires )

      finally discovered , in the CIA 1960s MKUltra experiments ,
      that virtually all of humanity can be ,
      at the behest of their masters whom are called
      officials/authorities/employers/handlers/superiors/rulers/oligarchs/commanders ,
      into doing virtually anything they may be innately capable of doing ;
      and in particular , including assassinations and even committing suicide . Obviously , DNA sheeple would not be good candidates for any assassination training program .

      Project MKUltra (or MK-Ultra) was the code name of an illegal human experimentation program designed and undertaken by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The experiments were intended to develop procedures and identify drugs such as LSD that could be used in interrogations to weaken individuals and force confessions through brainwashing and psychological torture. MKUltra used numerous methods to manipulate its subjects’ mental states and brain functions, such as the covert administration of high doses of psychoactive drugs (especially LSD) and other chemicals, electroshocks, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, isolation, and verbal and sexual abuse, in addition to other forms of torture.
      ( above quote is from the [ Wiki = Wikipedia ] article ___”MKUltra”

      The CIA MKUltra program was
      [ officially ( in contradistinction to actually ) ]
      terminated in 1973 .

      This Wiki article has a year 1963 actual DoD 5 minute video ,
      with color and sound ,
      record of an LSD experiment on a US Army troop drill training exercise .

      Below is a link to the world renown shocking revelation
      of the 1961 JFK speech
      ( the full 19 minute video presentation )
      about the ILLuminati global oligarchy conspiracy ,
      which is comprised of agents of international capitalism
      along with agents of international communism et al ,
      that led to the 1963 assassination of US President JFK ___

      The ILLuminati portion is between videomarks 5:18 and 19:25 .

      JFK asserts this at videomark 18:52 ___

      ” In that one world’s efforts to live together , the evolution of gunpowder to its ultimate limit [ to nukes ] has warned mankind of the terrible consequences of failure .”

      Truth-minded Whites surely would agree
      that JFK would concede the evolution ,
      since the advent of Christianity ,
      of the
      of all political power
      into a single Jewish despot or Jewish collective despotism
      has had “terrible consequences” for humanity and
      especially for Christian White and mostly Aryan cultures .

      From 1948 to 1975, the U.S. Army Chemical Corps conducted classified human subject research at the Edgewood Arsenal facility in Maryland. The purpose was to evaluate the impact of low-dose chemical warfare agents on military personnel and to test protective clothing, pharmaceuticals, and vaccines. A small portion of these studies were directed at psychochemical warfare and grouped under the prosaic title of the “Medical Research Volunteer Program” (1956–1975). The MRVP was also driven by intelligence requirements and the need for new and more effective interrogation techniques.

      ” An “Independent Study Course” for continuing medical education produced by the US Department of Veterans Affairs, Health Effects from Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Weapons (October 2003), presents the following summary of the Edgewood Arsenal experiments:
      ( above quote is from the Wiki article ___
      “Edgewood Arsenal human experiments” ) .

      Apparently the US Armed Forces Veterans Medical Administration is involved in these scandalous human biological experiments .

      Project ARTICHOKE (also referred to as Operation ARTICHOKE) was a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) project that researched interrogation methods.

      “Preceded by Project BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE officially arose on August 20, 1951 and was operated by the CIA’s Office of Scientific Intelligence.

      “The primary goal of Project ARTICHOKE was to determine whether a person could be involuntarily made to perform an act of attempted assassination.

      “The project also studied hypnosis, forced morphine addiction (and subsequent forced withdrawal) and the use of other chemicals including LSD, to produce amnesia and other vulnerable states in subjects.
      Project ARTICHOKE led to Project MKUltra, which began in 1953.

      “ARTICHOKE was a mind control program that gathered information together with the intelligence divisions of the Army, Navy, Air Force and FBI. In addition, the scope of the project was outlined in a memo dated January 1952 that asked,

      “Can we get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against fundamental laws of nature, such as self-preservation?

      ( above quote is from the Wiki article ___”Project ARTICHOKE” ) .

      Many of these experiments violated US law. Some others were sponsored by government agencies or rogue elements thereof, including the Centers for Disease Control, the United States military, and the Central Intelligence Agency, or they were sponsored by private corporations which were involved in military activities.

      ( above quote is from the Wiki article ___
      “Unethical human experimentation in the United States” ) .

      The above quote from the Wiki article indicates the scope and depth of US federal government corruption and criminality of some of its experimental medical programs .

      Please note ___ Wiki is humanity’s most popular and biggest worldly encyclopedia . It was created by Jews , operationally developed by Jews and is predominantly owned by Jews ; whereby all content presentations and any jewish biases therein are ultimately controlled or determined by them . In particular and for only one example out of a multitude of contrary instances , this Wiki information presented herein on human biological or medical experimental programs is respectable and does not contain any obvious significant Jewish bias contaminations as it exposes USA governmental chicanery involving morally reprehensible medical affairs .

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        And where has it got them, all these evil mad scientist types experimenting on humans beings like animals?
        The basis of ISIS is still Islam and the basis of Azov is still old fashioned Satanism, with a veneer of Jew-porno Neo-Nazism.
        All that money, industry, effort, and we see what they’ve accomplished.
        Our elite couldn’t be more unimpressive.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          ” And where has it got them “…?

          It has got (((them))) thru the main gate of a despotic utopia for themselves .

          Most countries of the world fell into virtual lockstep submission to immoral ILLuminati sponsored global medical mafia remedies for the COVID-19
          pandemic/scamdemic/plandemic .

          The more important question is ___

          Where has it gotten ethnic Whites ?

          The answer ___

          Modern contemporary enslavement via totalitarian global surveillance networks with commensurate despotic laws and despotic enforcements .

  11. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Your best one yet Rolo. Great info and great writing, thanks. I love when I learn things at TOO.

    I’ve mentioned this here before but if you Rolo, or anyone else is interested, in his book ‘The Devil and Karl Marx’, author Paul Kengor dedicates a few chapters to the infiltration of the Christian churches in the U.S. by the Soviets beginning in the 1920’s and it’s absolutely fascinating. The Jew’s completely brought political correctness, wokeism, whatever you want to call it, into the church’s to destroy Christianity in the U.S. Kengor also gives a history of the Vatican’s fight against them.

  12. marcus baskett (pumcasket)
    marcus baskett (pumcasket) says:

    Gentiles are in an “ongoing adaptation” status which means we are dying. There’s the cold hard truth. Yes we are innately altruistic and egalitarian and that leaves open what Jews determine to b a blind spot (weakness) to be taken full advantage of. There’s bad among jews just like there is for any group but great doesn’t necessitate that they are bad as a people.
    We gentiles are Also not a weak or bad people because of an hypothetical open vulnerability and perhaps opportunity to be taken advantage of because of what Dr Kevin Macdonald isolated very compellingly our genetic inclination towards individualism and that our natural unbiased instinctive motivations stage from that base (for most of our sane brethren). It’s good. keep being gentle and keep learning our newly evolving growth believe me we’re smarter and wiser for our challenges as individuals. One more thing… there’s no such thing as a satan or devil (there might be a god -Good-however) but gentiles can’t be bothered with such silliness as a dancing prancing sinister king clown of darkness and all things bad beyond anything except perhaps entertainment purposes. I hope Dr KM sees this because I want to thank you for your hard work and service to the furtherance of general Good.

  13. Sanjay
    Sanjay says:

    I decided to challenge Mr. Andrew Anglin at Unz Review In my attempt to challenge him, I posted the following:

    This author always describes the Russian elites as being in the process of defeating the Ashkenazim, and I don’t know if either he lacks the genetic quality required to be more scientific, or if he is working for the Russian government, or if I’m the one who lacks the genetics to understand the truth here. Regardless, it seems to me that the Russian ethnicity (if one still even exists) is significantly losing to the Ashkenazim. We have two races at war here: Ashkenazim versus Russian Slavs. As Dr. Michael Anthony Woodley of Menie has stated, the most important prerequisite to determine which of two races is evolutionarily winning or losing is to simply look at which is producing more offspring. Currently, Russian Slavs have below replacement fertility, while the Haredi/Hasidic Ashkenazim produce an average of 7.5 eugenically enhanced offspring per female, all before the age of thirty thus resulting in less mutations. Thus, Russian Slavs are clearly losing. On top of that, the population sector of Russia that is actually growing is the central Asians, especially since Russia imports 100,000 new central Asians each year. Russian Slavs don’t even see themselves as a race, but rather as just individuals, each with their own “simple-minded” ambitions. On top of that, Russian Slavs have a median IQ of 96, while the Ashkenazim’s is 112. Thus, even if Russia temporarily succeeds in taking control of some parts of Ukraine, the long-term evolutionary winner is clearly the Ashkenazim.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      ” . while the Haredi/Hasidic Ashkenazim produce an average of 7.5 eugenically enhanced offspring per female”
      How could anyone who knows anything about Jews, or has even met one, consider them “genetically enhanced”?
      The only things Jews are “enhanced” in is deceit, swindling, sabotage, degeneracy, misanthropy and all their galaxy of weird mental illnesses.
      I don’t know your figures, I’d have imagined population projections would be sensitive information to serious nations like Russia, but even if you are correct, the Jews are breeding a master race of unlikable, ugly neurotic dorks?
      High I.Q. doesn’t give you martial vigour or spirit of any kind.
      The Chinese are today’s foremost power, the Jews were up there, they still are, but they mirror our own Anglo elite, once very impressive, now incompetence personified.
      Anthony Blinken anyone? Merick Garland? The next generation will be even worse, Jared Kushner is probably an accurate example.
      George Soros is 179 years old and is still beavering away with his destruction, if he had confidence in the up and comers, why would he be doing this?

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” As Dr. Michael Anthony Woodley of Menie has stated, the most important prerequisite to determine which of two races is evolutionarily winning or losing is to simply look at which is producing more offspring.”

      Dr. Woodley is wrong about that
      in regard to the long game
      of human survival beyond the

      {{ Solar TOTAL Extinction Event }}

      ; and Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski is correct about the realization that it is technologicly much easier , more simple and historicly more probable that
      human cultures not especially dedicated to
      technologies that would be needed for humanity to
      thrive-n-survive beyond the ( one and only ) ( immediately next ) ( specified ) and ( guaranteed inevitable )

      {{ Solar TOTAL Extinction Event }}

      would most likely be patheticly deficient in spiritual/intellectual/technological
      capabilities to successfully compete for
      vital life-sustaining and pragmaticly scarce/limited real-world resources being consumed by all of humanity both with and without regard for any population consumption induced scarcity of crucial material resources that would be needed for the dedicated and vital survival
      of future generations of humanity .

      Human cultures dedicated to future generational survival must cancel the false notion that human populations always have to be in a positive growth mode ; and of necessity discover how to humanely manage positive , zero , and negative
      rationalized population growth dynamics
      in order to remain viable for the duration of any potentially lethal resource scarcity contingency .

      The Malthusian doctrine has never been scientificly ,
      in contradistinction to propagandisticly , defeated .

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