Comrade Krieger and the Kiev Campaign, Part 2: A Small Victory

We pick up where we left off with Comrade Krieger and his unit making their way south during the Kiev campaign. If you want to follow the hero of our story, you can follow him on his freshly-minted Gab account.

The next day, after the counter-attack that never came, we left the field because it was too exposed. In daylight, the enemy could, in theory, see us, but we wouldn’t be able to see the enemy. We moved into another abandoned village nearby and took up residence in an abandoned home. Most villages are generally in a state of dismal disrepair and half-abandoned even in the best of times. It looked like the damage here was done before the war had even reached the village. We fixed up the chimney and then we repaired the old boiler so that we wouldn’t be cold at night. Next, we broke a hole through to the roof and put a ladder through it to set up a sniper nest and observation post. The immediate necessities out of the way, we began to focus on more pressing matters.

The next order of business was to set up an improvised banya. We stuck some long sticks into the ground and wrapped them in a thick black canvas cloth. Then, we made a make-shift oven with bricks in the center of our teepee banya and lit it up. Soon, we were sweating and relaxing and having a good time. After being exposed to the cold out in the open, our little banya felt a godsend.

By the time I got out, the only available sleeping place was in the commander’s quarters. I set up a hammock as if I was relaxing on a Caribbean island between two palms and began to relax. Because of all the time in the cold, I had developed a cough, and I did my best to stifle it as I began to drift off to sleep. Our сommander was very tired and I felt bad that I would be keeping him up if I kept coughing. Neither he nor I got to relax for long though.

I drifted off, but came to as new orders were issued to me to rouse the unit. The enemy had been spotted nearby. I stumbled off to rouse the sleeping soldiers in the make-shift barracks. This was proving to be an impossible task and I was struggling to get them up from their slumber. But then a whistle sounded and the explosion from a mortar rocked the village, causing the windows shaking.

That got them up quick. Even the two that I had tried to wake up with my feet suddenly jumped up, no longer as keen on sleeping. More explosions sounded and I ran up to the roof to get my sniper rifle, which I had left there. Once again, I took off my helmet to peer through the scope. I scanned the fields and woods, but couldn’t find anything. It was darker than dark in the fields and woods that surrounded the village. I could barely see my own hand out in front of me.

I ducked down after I heard a return salvo from our mortars right next to my position.

Dawn was close, but the glow that began to rise up was from nearby fires and not the sun. My commanding officer came up to check on me in my nest, and he had something quite interesting to tell me.

“There’s a 1000-strong company that is moving in to attack our positions!” He said.

I found that I was excited. “Sounds like fun,” I called back to him.

Soon after, mortar shells began to fall around us, and our return fire continued.

Despite the darkness, I saw and felt shrapnel hissing through the air above me like bats, kicked up by the explosion. Then some more news came down the line to me. I was well and truly expecting a colossal pitched battle to start any moment now.

But it turns out that we had misunderstood the intelligence passed onto us. There wasn’t a 1000-strong unit attacking our position. It was a unit with a name that sounded like one thousand…

[NOTE: The word for 1000 is “tisiach” and the name of the unit that they were engaged with was the “tisatski”. It was a miscommunication.]

I realized that I was relieved and I shared a laugh with the others when we heard the news. Morning came eventually, and by 8 am we heard no more shooting in our direction. We finally got some much-needed sleep. The way we figured it, we had held our positions and just won our first small victory.

The patrol we sent out into the nearby town gave us the all-clear soon after.

I should mention that we had a german shepherd with us this whole time. Why did we have this dog, you ask? To this day, I can’t tell you. Apparently, we’re just supposed to have a dog with us according to unit regulations. Anyways, I was assigned to dog-walking duty the next day. So, leash in hand, we went out for a stroll around the town as part of a patrol. This dog, for some reason, simply didn’t listen to me. I immediately regretted letting it off the leash and tried in vain to chase after it and call it to come back.

All of a sudden a huge boom, louder than any I had heard so far, sounded out. In panic, I called out to the dog and this time it listened and came running straight back to me for once. The boom came from nearby, and we rushed back to camp to learn that an airplane had dropped a bomb not too far from our positions. I am unsure whose plane it was.

Other than that, it was quiet for a bit and our soldiers got restless eventually and would go out on patrols around the town from time to time just because they were bored. I never took my helmet when it was my turn for a stroll because it hurt my head. Whenever we passed by a shop, we found that it was always already thoroughly looted. First, by the locals, then by the Ukrainian Army, and then by the Chechens as we understood it.

After one patrol, we were headed back to our camp when a UAZ Patriot civilian car pulled up in front of us. In the driver’s seat was an extremely irate driver. We gripped our weapons and began to spread out, unsure of what to do. But then an officer from the forward headquarters of our sector stepped out of the passenger side. He was apparently driving around and speaking to all the individual commanders in the area. He came up to us demanding to know what unit we belonged to. When we took him to our commander, the superior officer chewed out our commander for allowing us to go out patrolling without our helmets. We stood there in silence for a bit, and we were well and truly ashamed of ourselves. When our commander came out to speak to us again, he told us that we had gotten him in trouble and, truth be told, we all didn’t know what to say so we just mumbled our apologies. He was a good commander, and we didn’t want him getting into trouble for our sake.

“If you’re going to walk around without your helmets, don’t get caught,” he told us.

Soon after, it was time to move south into a larger town on the outskirts of Kiev about 37km from the city proper.

I was shocked by the state of destruction that I saw as we rolled in. The Khrushevki and smaller residential houses and the larger 10-story buildings were in ruins.

We camped out in the local shopping mall near the center. We made a sweep of the facility and found that several of the shops were burnt out. All of them were trashed. Looters, probably.

Our rations were long-gone at this point so we went out on a patrol to look for a grocery store. Next to the shopping center, we found one. The scene that I saw in front of it stuck with me for some reason. There was a truck with an open door and supplies in it with three soldiers from my unit standing guard around it. Next to them was a Ukrainian soldier’s corpse and a cat that had begun to nibble at his face. We found some tasty treats in the truck along with some crates of Promidol — a synthetic pain-killer similar to Tramadol. Luckily, I never had to use any of that awful stuff.

Nearby, we found the storage shed for the grocery store that the truck was bound for. Inside, we found some Turkish Delights, which we immediately began to feast on, along with some other tasty treats. There were also entire crates full of alcohol in the shed, but our commanding officer quickly found out about it and forbade us from touching it.

We were then given orders to set up a sniper nest on top of the abandoned shopping center that we had made our temporary home.

Some PMCs (Private Military Companies) that were in the area joined us and we went up the stairs of the shopping center looking for the roof exit. We found a locked gate and one of the PMC guys asked to use my sniper rifle to blow the lock off the door leading to the roof. The ricochet was potentially lethal, so we took cover while he did his work.

We quickly realized that we weren’t the first ones to have been on the roof. There were fortifications and other signs of a hastily-organized defense. The defenders had even locked the roof as they retreated. We set about blowing the signal cables that were on the roof and the wiring that connected them to the other buildings. We didn’t want our signals to be monitored by the enemy.

Back during the Georgia campaign of 2008, electronic surveillance equipment was used by the Georgians, who were given American equipment that allowed them to perform pin-point strikes against our soldiers. Only after our soldiers got rid of their phones did the missiles stop falling on their positions. In Donbass, without secure communications, many militia men had to rely on regular phones to stay in touch with other units. The same thing happened to them as well until they ditched their phones.

We began fortifying our position on the roof, and I felt that I was finally being put to use as a proper sniper. Once the PMCs helped us set up and pointed out where trouble could be expected to come from, they left and we didn’t see them again. I never found out what unit they were from.

At that point, it was becoming quite clear that the weather was turning for the worse. Already thoroughly chilled, I decided to go down to see if I could find some more warm clothes. I was sure the night would only be worse. I ended up passing by the shed of the grocery store and I decided that I had to get two bottles of vodka, just in case. It was a good thing that I did. We began to freeze on the roof as we continued with our two hour on-and-off shifts. Of course, it takes 10 minutes to actually wake someone up and then another 10 before they’re ready to take up their positions, but that’s just how these things go.

It was becoming harder and harder to maintain the watch from the roof. My arms were shaking from the cold and fatigue at that point. To make matters worse, as the night dragged on, it began to snow. Visibility dropped, but even if it hadn’t, I’m not sure that I could have noticed much in the state that I was in. By about 4 am, even with the vodka and the warmer clothes, we simply had to abandon our watch positions for a few hours. To make matters worse, we were all quite thirsty, but our water had frozen solid. We couldn’t light any fires at night, so we simply had to wait it out.

Morning finally came and we took our knives out to pry the ice out of the bottles that it had frozen in. Our little gas fires popped to life and began to melt it down. Soon, we successfully brewed some tea and gulped it down gratefully while gazing over the ruins of the town, happy for the liquid warmth.

It was a small victory.

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  1. poupon marx
    poupon marx says:

    The objective of war is to vanquish-destroying if necessary-your enemy the fastest, most efficient, and one sided enterprise. Russia will achieve its goals, which are pre-determined and set out by its leadership. Second, the entire experience will be debriefed, analyzed through several perspectives and spectra. These will be journaled, with mistakes, shortcomings, successes, and positive achievements serving to revise and modify the entire military, carried forward.

    Russia, contrary to the ignorant midgets and low life poltroons of the West, will emerge stronger and more robust on several areas: militarily as mentioned, economically by trade, commerce intensification with the rest of the World, i.e. the majority of the Planet, and strong, durable alliances with in new structures such as BRICS, and other emerging organizations.

    The West is doomed. It will fracture and divide, in the manner of the Roman Empire, Balkan Peninsula, etc, and be unrecognizable from its present form. This is an opportunity for the Indo-European to unite with Russia and its associations. When changes are inevitable, those who see and do before and in real time benefit and save themselves. Others, waiting for the bus to take them and herd them to a new venue, have less chance of survival-as all passive life forms do, e.g., for example sheep, sardines, and sand crabs.

    Russia, Eurasia, The East is the future, boys and girls. When mountains crumble and rivers are re-routed, there is no other path save adaption and adoption to a potential greater benefit.

    • ariadna
      ariadna says:

      Russia will emerge stronger— in fact it has already— in one more essential respect: it is more united than ever and conscious of its national values, cultural and spiritual.
      There was a time not along ago when there was a significant segment of the population, especially in the big cities and especially among the young, who idealized the West and dreamed of being accepted as an equal.
      Even before the conflict in Ukraine, however, perhaps starting with the Magnitsky Act (if not sooner), the “collective West” convinced the Russians that they, the collective West, hated them to death. This was not only expressed repeatedly in clear official statements (the intention to “bring Russia to its knees,” to achieve regime change, to dismember it, the propaganda of stupid contempt of anything Russian), but demonstrated in actions of economic war, confiscation of Russia’s financial assets in Western banks, piracy on the high seas, arming Ukraine, sending mercenaries, etc.
      Now, not only does Putin have approval numbers in the stratosphere among the general population but his approval ratings among the young is phenomenal.
      A nation as conscious (and justifiably proud) of itself and as united is invincible.

      • Poupon Marx
        Poupon Marx says:

        Veritas and clean, A. Russia is now the country that the sentient members of the West wish they were. Were. Russia is the Future Past. It is also the “Secure Room” for the best of the West; the bolt hole.

        You are also correct in casting it as invincible. They will not be conquered or overrun. However unlikely, its tormenters and Demonic psychopaths must realize that the first doomsday nuclear device is going straight to the City of London-proclaimes by a prominent member of the Duma. A simulataneous missile or two will be targeted on Israel. The modern nuclear ICBM, Sarmat II carries 10 MIRVS, independently launched enroute to its target. Each of these 10 “spawn” contain target information and decoys as well. This is the most powerful nuclear missile in the world. Furthermore, Western nuclear missiles are relatively easy prey for Russian missiles interceptors. Know that Chinese technology will be completed incorporated.

        “We’ll destroy the entire group of enemy’s space satellites during the first air operation,” said Lt-Gen Gurulyov, a senior commander who now represents United Russia, the main pro-Putin political party.

        “No-one will care if they are American or British, we would see them all as NATO.
        “Second, we’ll mitigate the entire system of anti-missile defence, everywhere and 100 per cent.
        “Third, we certainly won’t start from Warsaw, Paris or Berlin.
        “The first to be hit will be London.
        “It’s crystal clear that the threat to the world comes from the Anglo-Saxons.”

        Like other Moscow hardliners, he believes the West – especially on continental Europe – has no stomach for a real war.
        “As part of the operation to destroy critically important sites, Western Europe will be cut off from power supplies and immobilised.
        “All power supply sites will be destroyed.
        “And in the third stage, I shall see what the USA will tell Western Europe on continuing their fight in the cold, without food and electricity.
        “I wonder how they (the US) will manage to stay aside.
        “This is the rough plan, and I deliberately leave out certain moments because they are not to be discussed on TV.”

        The general dismissed plans advocated by other Russian experts to snatch a corridor through Lithuania, to supply the Baltic Sea exclave of Kaliningrad which is wedged between NATO states Poland and Lithuania.

        The so-called ‘Suvalkovsky Corridor’ is from Belarus to Lithuania.

        He sees such a strategy as a Western trap because Putin’s army would be flanked on two sides by NATO troops.

        “It’s the desire of our Western partners that we clear the Suvalkovsky Corridor [from Belarus through Lithuania to supply Kaliningrad],” he said.

        “If you look at the map, it would be a big mistake from our side to make the corridor just to end up with NATO troops to the right and left …

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          “Third, we certainly won’t start from Warsaw, Paris or Berlin.
          “The first to be hit will be London.
          “It’s crystal clear that the threat to the world comes from the Anglo-Saxons.”
          — Is “Anglo-Saxons” a euphemism for Jews in Russian political culture?

          • Sophie Johnson
            Sophie Johnson says:

            ‘— Is “Anglo-Saxons” a euphemism for Jews in Russian political culture?’

            Where, please, do you discern any of this? (That euphemism for ‘Jews’ is, on the other hand, amply evident in Anglo-Saxon political culture.)

            Or are you suggesting that Jews permeate both the Anglo-Saxon and the Russian political cultures?

            But what is the point in speaking cryptically in the present dangerous time? Do you enjoy doing this?

  2. Sanjay
    Sanjay says:

    Hello, I am highly intoxicated right now with a combination of ethanol and coffee which I am consuming to break out of my latest episode of depression, so I decided to play “Devil’s Advocate” by writing the following, so please forgive me if the text is more unintelligent than my typical posts:

    How the Ashkenazim Can Defeat Russia and China

    The Ashkenazim must look at the genetic and neurological profile of the Russian Slavic and Chinese Han races. First of all, the Ashkenazim must immediately hire the world’s leading genetic and neuroscience expert – Dr. Michael Anthony Woodley of Menie. He can devise an effective plan for the defeat of both races by studying their genetics and neurons. Here are some things to consider about the Russian Slavs: due to years of dysgenics and mutational load, contemporary Russian Slavs consist of mostly unintelligent Individually Selected Sociopaths, meaning that they have very little potential for scientific progress and technological innovation, and they currently exist exclusively to engage in hedonism, gluttony, and debauchery. As such, this explains why Russians are excessively interested in wasteful activities such as sports and eating at MacDonald’s-like fast-food businesses. Thus, the Ashkenazim should help Russia further culturally degenerate by providing them with ample international opportunities for sports activities and junk-food consumption.

    Also, since the very small high IQ sector of Russia consists mostly of Genetic Sociopaths, the Ashkenazim can bribe them with very high paying jobs in the West to entice them to leave Russia. This will result in Russia no longer having any high IQ people to be engineers, scientists, architects, physicians, dentists, accountants, and so forth.

    Also, dysgenics and mutational load, combined with feminist influence, has resulted in Russia having below-replacement fertility. This means the Russian Slavs will soon go extinct. The Ashkenazim can help speed up this process by promoting more extreme forms of feminism in Russia.

    In addition, Russia is undergoing a dysgenic decrease in the genetic component of IQ. The Ashkenazim can help increase the rate of this process by promoting higher birthrates among the less intelligent Russians, and lower birthrates among the higher IQ Russians. On top of this, while Russian Slaves have a median IQ of 96, Russia imports 100,000 new Central Asians a year who have a median IQ of 90, thus reducing Russia’s national median IQ even further. The Ashkenazim can help accelerate this process by promoting higher rates of Central Asian immigration into Russia.

    Now, it’s also important for the Ashkenazim to augment their own genetics while simultaneously promoting the genetic degradation of Russia. Keep in mind that the secular Ashkenazim are extreme genetic degenerates that are relatively Individually Selected and enage in degenerate cultural practices such as exogamy, producing very few offspring, engaging in dysgenic reproduction, embracing contemporary Gentile degenerate cultural practices, and so forth. However, the genetically healthy and eugenic sector of the Ashkenazim is the Hasidic/Haredi sector. The Ashkenazim must order the Gentile politicians to immediately provide dozens of billions of dollars to facilitate high eugenic birthrates among the Haredi/Hasidic Ashkenazim who will genetically/physically evolve into demigods and spread throughout the Milky Way Galaxy. With eugenics/transhumanism, the Hasidic/Haredi Ashkenazim will become the gods that Gentiles now worship. And the Gentiles will go extinct, starting with Russia and China. Russia may possibly make some land gains in Ukraine, but their DNA can suffer major losses with active Ashkenazi intervention. Russia can end up following the trajectory of Alexander the Great, where while he was making great land gains eastward, his soldiers were facing constant attrition until all his soldiers died while making land gains through India.

    Now, some of the tactics to use against Russia can also be used against China. China is in many ways worse off than Russia. For instance, China has embraced feminism to an even further degree than Russia, resulting in very few Chinese females marrying or reproducing. China has a birthrate of one offspring per female, which is the same as South Korea and Japan. The Ashkenazim can bring this birthrate down to only 0.5 offspring per female by further promoting feminism in China. And the Chinese are even less religious than Russia, which weakens them even further since Religiosity/Spirituality is associated with being Group Selected. And while the Ashkenazim may not be able to bribe high IQ Chinese with jobs in the West since China is already a wealthy nation, they can be bribed with access to certain types of hedonism and debauchery that are illegal in China, such as pornography, prostitutes, psychedelic drugs, and so forth. China is also undergoing dysgenics and a decreasing IQ average, and the Ashkenazim can help accelerate this process using that same methods that would be used in Russia.

    The Ashkenazim must always keep the Religious/Spiritual/Monumental/Open-to-Experience vision in their collective minds that they are the gods of the future that will expand throughout the universe and achieve limitless intelligence, perception, and physical abilities, as well as immortality; the Gentiles are just a temporary impediment.

    • Canadianer
      Canadianer says:

      Maybe you can save your insights for the next meeting of the Sanhedrin. Why is anyone here interested in your fantasies about Jews wiping out Russians and Chinese?

      • Sanjay
        Sanjay says:

        I don’t have the innate talent for it, nor for actual science as well (which perhaps you were alluding to if your comment was meant to express wit). However, you may find Dr. Amish Patel interesting: He is Professor of quantum mechanics and cosmology at Mumbai India Institute of Technology (MIIT), and also studies transhumanism.

  3. Poupon Marx
    Poupon Marx says:

    It is important in apprehending today’s events to view them through a refractive lens, separating the information into special components that can be analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively.

    What is operant in the West is Mass Formation “Psychosis/Hypnosis”, where individuals become trapped in a circular, closed end cycle of perception and interpretation that is at variance with Reality. It is the underlying dynamic of Totalltariansim.

    This is a MUST READ:

    Click the “Read more” arrow for text.

    Mattias Desmet: ‘Mass Formation’ Hypnosis and the Rise of Technocratic Totalitarianism
    American Thought Leaders

    Why did large swaths of society suddenly buy into masking toddlers or restricting people from visiting their loved ones, even as they lay on their deathbeds?

    I sit down with Mattias Desmet, a professor of clinical psychology and author of “The Psychology of Totalitarianism.” Desmet is one of the world’s leading experts on the phenomenon known as “mass formation,” which can occur when people are isolated from one another and free-floating anxiety is prevalent.

    “The real reason why they buy into the narrative is always because it leads to this new social bond, because it frees them from their anxiety, because it enables them to direct their frustration and aggression at something,” Desmet says.

    Jan Jekielek: Professor Mattias Desmet, such a pleasure to have you on American Thought Leaders.

    Prof. Mattias Desmet: Thank you. Thank you for inviting me. It’s a pleasure to be here.

    Mr. Jekielek: Quite a number of people have been talking to me about your work. When I learned that you were writing a book,” The Psychology of Totalitarianism,” I was very excited to read it. You’re writing about it in a context of what’s happening around coronavirus policy or coronavirus mania, as you describe it, but you were actually thinking about these things well before COVID was around.

    Prof. Desmet: Yes, that’s right. I started to think about it in 2017, actually, and maybe even before that. But in 2017, I started to take notes to gather all kinds of ideas and thoughts about totalitarianism. I noticed in 2017 that a new kind of totalitarianism was slowly emerging in our society. Not a fascist or a communist totalitarianism, but what we might call a technocratic totalitarianism. That means you are heading for a society which relies more and more on technological control to tackle the emerging objects of anxiety in society like terrorism and climate change. It seems that a major part of the population and many leaders in society were inclined to accept that only technological control, which also controlled private space and private life, would be sufficient or would be necessary to deal with all the emerging problems in our society, either real or imagined.

    Mr. Jekielek: That is fascinating. Why don’t we start there? Please tell me about your field of study and how you started thinking about these things?

    Prof. Desmet: Yes. I’m a clinical psychologist. I have a master’s degree in clinical psychology. Later on in my career, I also received a master’s degree in statistics, just because I became interested in the problems with academic research in general. In 2005, it became clear that most academic research is flawed. For instance, John Ioannidis, professor of medical statistics at Stanford University, somewhere back in 2007 wrote this wonderful paper titled, Why Most Published Research Findings Are False.

    I was immediately fascinated by the problem of flawed research, and started to study it. I tried to explain to people what the problems were at the level of research that usually lead to wrong conclusions. From there on, I also started to become interested in all kinds of flawed information that circulates in society, either intentionally or unintentionally misleading information, which nevertheless has a huge grip on society and has a huge impact on society.

    Together with that, I was also fascinated by the fact that most people, in a very strange way, actually continue to believe in narratives and in information that is utterly absurd in many respects. Most people or many people are radically incapable of having any critical perspective on what society believes in, and are incapable of seeing that this narrative or disinformation they believe in cannot be true.

    That stimulated my interest in this phenomenon of mass formation, the phenomenon that I have been studying now for about 10 years. It is the only explanation of why people can continue to believe in narratives that are often blatantly wrong, and that are always highly damaging to their individual interests. It explains why they can believe so fanatically in a narrative that they become radically intolerant of dissonant voices. In the end, they also stigmatize and ultimately try to destroy the people who do not go along with the narrative.

    Typically, they do so as if it is their ethical duty to do so. That’s the phenomenon of mass formation. Mass formation is a specific kind of group formation, which has a very specific impact at the level of individual psychological functioning. It makes the individuals that are in the grip of it radically blind to the absurd characteristics of what the group believes in. It makes them willing to sacrifice everything that was once important to them, and also makes them radically intolerant to all dissonant voices. Ultimately, it makes them stigmatize and eventually commit cruelties towards the people that do not buy into the narrative.

    Throughout my career, I became more fascinated with this phenomenon, because I noticed how absurd narratives were circulating in society, and had a huge impact on society. And because I also noticed that many people, in a strange way, were incapable of noticing that something absurd was going on.

    I started to think of that much earlier. I was also aware of the fact that it is exactly this kind of mass formation that leads to the emergence of totalitarian states. When the corona crisis started, I just knew this was exactly what was going on in our society. I observed how absurd statistics were circulating in the public space. I saw how everybody seemed to be in the grip of statistical information that was, by my observation, radically wrong.

    And again, I noticed how society seemed to be completely blind to all counter-arguments and to all the observations that could have made clear that the narrative they believed in was wrong. I also noticed how a major part of the population indeed stigmatized everyone who didn’t buy into the narrative, and was willing to exclude a large part of the population from public space if they did not conform to the dominant ideology.

    So, in a strange way, I noticed that everything that I had been studying in recent years was now happening in the public space. I decided to speak out, and to publish some opinion papers about this, and eventually, to write my book, “The Psychology of Totalitarianism,” which tries to explain how this phenomenon of mass formation works. I try to explain why it is becoming stronger and stronger throughout the last few hundred years, and then specifically what we can do to make sure that it doesn’t lead to the destruction of the majority of the population, not only the people who do not go along with the majority of the people, but also to the destruction of all people.. Because what is so typical of mass formation, is that in the end, it is radically self-destructive.

    In my book, I write about that. All of chapter four is devoted to problems at the level of measurement, and the methodological problems in scientific research. For instance, in the medical sciences, over 85 per cent of all publications are radically flawed and [the results] cannot be reproduced, which means that they are actually not objective. That shows the extent of the problems at the level of academic research in our society. This is highly troublesome, because our society considers academic research and science to be the most important guiding principle to organize our society and to organize our human life.

    That is one of the major problems of our Western culture and of the tradition of enlightenment. We need to look for other principles to organize a society. If we don’t, we will end up in an extremely destructive chaos, which will lead, in the end, to the destruction of humanity.

    Mr. Jekielek: Absolutely. You talk about how this mechanistic view of the world leads down the path to totalitarianism. The case you make is that it almost inevitably ends up there. Let’s discuss this very briefly, because this not obvious to many of us. We know there have been dictatorships in society since time immemorial. But totalitarianism is a very specific kind of dictatorship, or a very specific type of government. Based on Hannah Arendt’s work,you take time to explain what that means. Can you reprise that for us?In my book, I write about that. All of chapter four is devoted to problems at the level of measurement, and the methodological problems in scientific research. For instance, in the medical sciences, over 85 per cent of all publications are radically flawed and [the results] cannot be reproduced, which means that they are actually not objective. That shows the extent of the problems at the level of academic research in our society. This is highly troublesome, because our society considers academic research and science to be the most important guiding principle to organize our society and to organize our human life.

    That is one of the major problems of our Western culture and of the tradition of enlightenment. We need to look for other principles to organize a society. If we don’t, we will end up in an extremely destructive chaos, which will lead, in the end, to the destruction of humanity.

    Mr. Jekielek: Absolutely. You talk about how this mechanistic view of the world leads down the path to totalitarianism. The case you make is that it almost inevitably ends up there. Let’s discuss this very briefly, because this not obvious to many of us. We know there have been dictatorships in society since time immemorial. But totalitarianism is a very specific kind of dictatorship, or a very specific type of government. Based on Hannah Arendt’s work,you take time to explain what that means. Can you reprise that for us?


    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” I noticed in 2017 that a new kind of totalitarianism was slowly emerging in our society. Not a fascist or a communist totalitarianism, but what we might call a technocratic totalitarianism.”

      ( above quote is from Prof Desmet in your comment ) .

      Interesting interview .

      It is another salient instance of a typical Jewish global oligarchy ordained SOP for political semantics that metamorphose the meaning of a concept according to their [ metamorphosis of words template ] forged during the ancient Tower of Babel language incident as rendered in the
      Jewish Holy Torah / KJV / Genesis / 11 : 1 – 9 .

      In particular ,
      the metamorphosis , of [communist totalitarianism]
      to “technocratic totalitarianism” ;
      where , for example ,
      the CCP totalitarianism is predominantly “technocratic” and the SOP metamorphosis is intended to obfuscate a nefarious conspiracy to de-populate the world sheeple masses in order to secure a viable worldly dominion for the jewmasterss themselves .

  4. Hello
    Hello says:


    “Russia’s IT industry needs about 170,000 specialists as the sanctions regime in place against the country has fueled an outflow of skilled personnel, Deputy Interior Minister Igor Zubov said earlier. The law is designed to “attract highly qualified professionals” to Russia, according to him.”

    If my understanding is correct, then this to me adds weight to the body of evidence that Russia will lose to the Ashkenazim in the evolutionary long-term. First, the fact that relatively high IQ skilled Slavs left Russia for higher paying jobs abroad indicate that they are genetically Individually Selected and are not interested in the well being of their race (similar situation regarding the relatively high IQ section of ethnic Europeans in general). And since so many of the Russian high IQ people are now Individually Selected, then the rest would be predicted to also mostly be the same. And the Russian elites have no innate moral problem granting permanent residence to foreign high IQ workers. If these foreign workers are only going to be ethnically European, then that would be a different situation. But, patterns indicate that they will at least consider relatively high IQ IT specialists of Central Asian origin. If a race was strongly Group Selected, they would choose mutual destruction of themselves and their enemies via an entire biosphere-destroying nuclear war, instead of accepting ethnic replacement just so they have the economic means to consume goods and services – going out with “sword in hand.” Thank you.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      This is baloney. Russia had a lot of foreign workers. There are many openings in Russia for all kinds of jobs, including farming and agriculture. Russia is working to-like Hungary-boost its birth rate. They will be successful. Russia today, right now, is the best place for a new life, exit state right from the shitholes of the West. Teachers of English are in demand right now.

      Overall quality of life exceeds any of the Western countries, Sanjay Gupta.

      Your schtick about the Askenazim is getting shop worn, trite, and annoying. IQ differences between population are mitigated by the number of sample population. Duh.

      Stay off the sauce, fly right, and bathe frequently.

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