A Fascist Fun-Day: Enrichment for Whites, Ethnocentrism for Jews

“Hideously white.” That was what a righteous White leftist called Greg Dyke called the BBC in 2001. Dyke was actually the Chief Commissar of the BBC at the time. And did he then resign in protest at his own “hideous whiteness”? Or did he vow that, henceforth, he would donate at least half of his huge salary to pro-Black causes and anti-racist charities?

Wiping out Whiteness

No, of course he didn’t do that. Leftists believe in posturing, not in payment. They pose and posture; ordinary Whites then pay the price. And Dyke followed another leftist rule in his attack on his own organization: he didn’t speak the truth. The BBC wasn’t “hideously white,” because Whites weren’t over-represented there. He said, for example, that “the management of the BBC” was “almost entirely white.” In fact, the management of the BBC has been disproportionately Jewish for many decades and Jews do not regard themselves as White. Dyke himself doesn’t appear to be Jewish, but he knows from the inside how successful Jews have been at the BBC: Alan Yentob, Danny Cohen, Jenny Abramsky, Mark Damazer, and more have all held positions of great power and influence.

Genuine British Whites were actually under-represented at the BBC in 2001, particularly in management, and they’ve only become more so since then. The BBC reflects Britain as a whole: hideous whiteness has fallen, ethnic enrichment has soared. Britain’s tiny but very powerful and influential Jewish community has played a central role in wiping out Whiteness. Barbara Roche, the Jewish immigration minister under traitorous Tony Blair, told the Guardian in 2001 that she “entered politics — she still emphasises this today — to combat anti-semitism and xenophobia in general.” In 2003, while urging her party “to promote the benefits of legal migration,” she told the Independent that “My being Jewish informs me totally, informs my politics.”

Britain is a Judeocracy, not a democracy

That’s why Roche opened Britain’s borders to the Third World with great enthusiasm but little fanfare. After all, the Labour party didn’t want to alert its traditional supporters in the White working-class. But those supporters noticed what was happening and didn’t like it. They wanted much less migration and much more control of the borders. That’s why they turned away from Labour and gave their votes to the Conservatives. Their switch has had no effect. The Tories entered government loudly promising to control migration and have completely failed to fulfil their promises. This failure has been explained by the part-Jewish George Osborne, former Chancellor in the Conservative government: in 2017 he “revealed that, despite having pledged to reduce immigration in both its 2010 and 2015 general election manifestos, the Tory leadership secretly abandoned this ambition long ago.”

Well, it was “secret” to the ordinary Whites who voted Tory, but not to the Jews who finance the Tory party and are heavily over-represented in its senior ranks. If Jews didn’t want open borders, Britain wouldn’t have them. But Jews do want open borders and that’s why Britain has them. The same applies in the US, where righteous Jews in the Democratic government keep the borders open and crack down on White supremacism. Ethnic enrichment is good for Jews, as Barbara Roche herself pointed out in 2011:

Friday rush hour. Euston station [in London]. Who’s here? Who isn’t. A kaleidoscope of skin colours. The world in one terminus. Barbara Roche can see it over the rim of her cup of Americano coffee. “I love the diversity of London,” she tells me. “I just feel comfortable.” (Hideously Diverse Britain: The immigration ‘conspiracy’, The Guardian, 2nd March 2011)

Roche felt “comfortable” because, amid that “kaleidoscope of skin colours,” she didn’t stand out as a Jew. But she would have felt exceedingly uncomfortable if she’d been at Aldenham Country Park in Hertfordshire on 12th June this year. There was no “kaleidoscope of color” at the park, just a sea of staleness and paleness. What was happening? Well, a group of white supremacists were celebrating what they dishonestly called a “Family Fun-Day.” In fact, it was a Fascist Fun-Day. Why else were communities of color so conspicuously and horrifically absent from the festivities? Photographs of the Fun-Day reveal that it was “hideously white.”

But that Fascist Fun-Day was even worse than it appeared, because a large group of Jews were there at the same time: the charity Jewish Care had booked Aldenham Country Park for a genuine “Family Fun-Day” on the exact same day. I can only conclude that the Jewish families turned up, saw the hideous whiteness of the fascists at the park, and fled for their lives. Jews “love diversity,” remember. They “just feel comfortable” amid a “kaleidoscope of skin colours.” So while the fascist fun-day was a sea of hideous whiteness, the Family Fun-Day organized by Jewish Care would have been a kaleidoscope of color. It’s no coincidence that a Jew called Enver Solomon heads the Refugee Council, which works night and day to enrich Britain with Blacks, Muslims and other vibrant folk from the Third World.

Enver Solomon, anti-White head of the Refugee Council

When the so-called Conservative government pretended it was going to get “tough” on illegal migrants by sending them to Rwanda (see Andrew Joyce’s “Thoughts on Britain’s Rwanda Plan” at TOO), Solomon wrote a stern article for the Guardian entitled: “UK asylum seekers sent to Rwanda? That takes punishment of fellow humans to a new level.” He’s following that age-old Jewish injunction to “Welcome the Stranger,” as set forth in the Jewish Bible. And so Jewish Care would surely have invited their “natural allies” in the Muslim and Black communities to join the Family Fun-Day at Aldenham Country Park.

A hideously white advert for Jewish Care’s Family Fun-Day 2022

Well, sarcasm over. Jewish Care didn’t invite Muslims and Blacks to join the festivities, of course. The photographs aren’t of a Fascist Fun-Day but of a genuine Jewish Family Fun-Day. That’s why the photos are “hideously white.” Ashkenazi Jews flocked to Hertfordshire to enjoy what they assiduously deny to White British goyim: the exclusive company of their own kind. Jewish Care’s Family Fun-Day wasn’t enriched with Blacks or Muslims, which is why it wasn’t enriched with crime or obnoxious behavior either. While working tirelessly to turn Britain and other Western countries into Third-World swamps, Jews are careful to maintain ethnocentric islands amid the chaos and crime. If those islands are ever threatened with submersion by vibrancy, Jews have a secure place to flee: the ethnocentric enclave of Israel, where that age-old Jewish injunction to “Welcome the Stranger” is completely ignored. Israel doesn’t welcome black and brown strangers: it keeps them out with high-tech fences.

The creation of Fortress Israel — the Hebrew text, running right-left, reads “Likud: Israel-Egypt Fence”

But what’s good for Jews — ethnocentrism and exclusion — isn’t good for goyim. Or rather, it is good for goyim, but that’s precisely why Jews want to deny it to goyim. Jews don’t want what’s best for Whites: they want what’s worst for Whites. That’s why both America and Britain have open borders and endless ethnic enrichment. Jews are in control of politics on both sides of the Atlantic, so governments pursue what’s worst for Whites, not what’s best. But I think Jews should remember a warning from their own Bible: “Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein: and he that rolleth a stone, it will return upon him.” (Proverbs 26:27)

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  1. Poupon Marx
    Poupon Marx says:

    state-broadcaster BBC hired “trans and nonbinary inclusion” consultants to tell its staff that there are more than 150 genders and instruct them to police each other’s use of gender pronouns, the Telegraph reported on Saturday.

    According to the report, the BBC emailed its radio producers and program editors urging them to attend several training sessions last year organized by Global Butterflies, a group that describes itself on LinkedIn as offering “Trans & Non-binary Corporate Inclusion Training and Consultation.”


    If Greg Dyke was really sincere and truly self hating, he should extend what journalist John Griffin did before writing his book, “Black Like Me”.

    late 1959, John Howard Griffin went to a friend’s house in New Orleans, Louisiana. Once there, under the care of a dermatologist, Griffin underwent a regimen of large oral doses of the anti-vitiligo drug methoxsalen, and spent up to 15 hours daily under an ultraviolet lamp for about a week. He was given regular blood tests to ensure that he was not suffering liver damage. The darkening of his skin wasn’t perfect, so he touched it up with stain. He shaved his head bald to hide his straight brown hair. Satisfied that he could pass as an African-American, Griffin began a six-week journey in the South. Don Rutledge traveled with him, documenting the experience with photos.[2]

    I’m sure today it is possible to implant or create permanent heavy transplantation of sufficient melanin to create a dark, ebony skin hue. (“Wow, what a suntan!”) It would be interesting for someone to treat him so, while he was unaware. Then observe his reaction and subsequent behavior. What a significant experiment, a milestone for Behavioral Science.

  2. Frederick Ford
    Frederick Ford says:

    If you want to be culturally enriched, then go book a ticket and tour around Non-White countries. The cultural enrichment within the West is just a cover for opportunistic non-Whites to establish and grow their populations within Western lands. In act why does anyone even need to be culturally enriched? How does being culturally enriched, which is really just one showing empathy for other peoples and their interests, help White People and their interests?

    But I think the biggest problem with this cultural enrichment is the racial threat it poses to White People themselves and here is why.


  3. Robert Keith
    Robert Keith says:

    Now, we are really getting to the essence of the matter. This has not all happened by chance. Billions and billions HAVE and ARE being spent to figure this out psychologically in case you didn’t know it.

    The big question is,” Why are Jews
    making life miserable for the goose that is laying (laid) the golden eggs (USA)?” If it goes down, they will suffer at a geometrical rate compared to the whites, and Israel wii not do the trick at that point.

  4. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    “Hideously white.” That was what a righteous White leftist called Greg Dyke called the BBC in 2001.”
    I remember that story like it was yesterday. During the ensuing, totally organic ‘furore’, it was revealed Dyke lived in the ‘whitest’ possible area of London. Quelle surprise.
    As for Boris Johnston, he is even more treacherous than Cameron, as he only became PM because all those towns that had been Labour for a hundred years+ finally realised their Labour Party hated them. Hopefully they are now learning the Tories do as well. It’s not actually just a snobbish indifference, they actually actively despise us.
    I now reckon Boris is one of those donmehs, or dondons, bombons or whatever they call them. Those crypto Jews from Turkey who slaughtered the Christian Armenians.
    It’s the unfathomable, unhinged blood-hatred towards Russia that gives him away. Before that, ‘Boris’ was just your average, ten-a-penny self-hating liberal.
    Americans & others might not be fully aware, the UK MSM on the Ukraine thing has been utterly insane. Like the American garbage, x 10.
    It’s never been so obvious we are simply a colon . . actually, just a bitch really, of the USA.
    It’s even worse than the ‘poodle’ days of Blair, at least then people kind of thought that was about stealing oil or something.
    There *is* no actual argument presented to the plebs in Britain as to why we are antagonising Russia in the Ukraine, why we are making everything more expensive for us – except that *we are good and they are bad*.
    That’s it. That’s all we get. Their contempt for us is so total, they can’t even be bothered making a story up for us.

  5. Joe
    Joe says:

    If there’s one word that describes jews to a tee, it’s “hypocrites”. Their diaspora push every kind of vile, unnatural and other nation-wrecking dogmas within their foolish host countries, while their home pirate base of Israel does the complete polar opposite.
    • Gun control for Americans – Uzis for Israelis
    • Gay marriage for Americans – outlawed in Israel.
    • Open borders for America – walls and DNA tests for Israeli citizenship
    • Free porn for the innocent youth of America – restrictions, curfews, and laws against even scantily clad women on TV in the unHoly land

    The list is endless.

    How even the dimmest bulbs cannot see this glaring contradiction is astonishing to me.

  6. Robert Henderson
    Robert Henderson says:

    When Dyke made his statement about the BBC being “hideously white” I refereed the matter to the Met as an example of incitement to racial hatred against white population. They refused to acknowledge my complaint.

  7. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    And the Jews themselves?
    The ‘people’ of the double standard and the cooked book, writ very large.

  8. Arch Stanton
    Arch Stanton says:

    “But those supporters noticed what was happening and didn’t like it. They wanted much less migration and much more control of the borders. That’s why they turned away from Labour and gave their votes to the Conservatives. Their switch has had no effect.”

    Big surprise there. How long will it take for gullible goyim to realize one does not vote the Jews out of anything. That is why Jews love their phony system of “representative democracy”, it allows them to hide their tyrannical power behind the stupid voter.

    For more than a hundred years, perhaps even longer, all the vote has ever done does is serve to validate the Jews’ massive political power over their host nations. But the vote wasn’t just for the Jews’ “free nations”; the one party Judeocommunist Soviet Union actually made the vote mandatory under penalty of law.

    Judeocommunist used the vote to “prove” the masses of happy proletariat slavishly supported their hellish, “worker’s paradise”. There was an old joke during the Soviet era that went, “We pretend to work and they pretend to pay us.” That old joke could be renovated for the Judeodemocracies to read, “We pretend to vote and our elected pretend to lead.”

  9. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    An utterly useless Dyke! According to his Wiki bio, he was a contemporary of Peter Hitchens and (Jewess) Linda Grant and was marinated in anti-English (white) Labour party politics. Dyke (Wiki) was considered “very much part of Tony Blair’s New England”. That sums it the pot-kettle hatred in a nut-shell. (Wiki) Dyke(y) also owns a house on the (extremely diverse-not) West Coast of Ireland.
    A few years back- 8 perhaps, I recall, the BBC broadcast a documentary on some orthodox Jews of Stamford Hill, North London re-settling on Canvey Island, off the Essex estuary coast -probably to avoid the more diverse assaults directed at them by the new (afro) ‘English’ and (Pakistani) ‘British’. One English man commented to the Jewish go-between the Jewish families ‘didn’t integrate (or didn’t even pretend to be amiable)’.
    Tobias, thank you for showing that ethno-nationalistic promotional advert. It reeks of segregation and fascism and should not have been allowed. I really must get Hope not Hate on to it.
    At least there is a modicum of honesty about the anti-English (White) foreign-Labour party; the Tories purport to be tough border control and crime and in reality are the complete and country-wrecking opposite.

  10. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    Dykies nasty comment “the BBC is hideously white”, from your article Tobias I comfortably infer that the BBC is hideously ethnically and supremely Jewish.
    The BBC’s new saints and icons is the ‘lbgqi+ mob and carries it over from ‘pride’ month of June to July 2nd on Saturday night. I will propose to the BBC to declare September as Straight Vibrant White Male month and see how this gets a positive reception.

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