Cultural Hatred and Cyranic Illusion: There Is No Such Thing as President Biden 

Cyranic Illusion: An empty mind and “Dead-Hand” control: Milgram’s experiment in Cyranoid projection: “A cyranoid is created by cooperatively joining in real-time the body of one person with speech generated by another via covert speech shadowing. The resulting hybrid persona can subsequently interact with third parties face-to-face. We show that naïve interlocutors perceive a cyranoid to be a unified, autonomously communicating person, evidence for a phenomenon Milgram termed the “cyranic illusion.” We also show that creating cyranoids composed of contrasting identities (a child speaking adult-generated words and vice versa) can be used to study how stereotyping and person perception are mediated by inner (dispositional) vs. outer (physical) identity. Our results establish the cyranoid method as a unique means of obtaining experimental control over inner and outer identities.”

THE CIVILIAN COMMAND AUTHORITY HAS BEEN DEACTIVATED, which means the entire chain of military command is a question, and a risk. Even the relatively conservative mainstream media at Fox, alternative Revolver News, and others, as well as numerous podcasts, continue to frame the Office of the President as containing someone named “President Biden” and that policy and actions stem from him. He is discussed as if he is actually a functional, though weak, president, carrying out his duties with the aid of note cards, a doting wife, chief of staff, and other handlers.

However, the president is clearly clinically disordered and physically unable to withstand even modest environmental challenges to his ambulatory stability (he falls over easily, has poor balance, and has psychological black outs in active cognition). His cartoonish behavior is covered as somehow newsworthy and is normalized as merely providing polling advantages to GOP candidates in upcoming elections. But there is nothing even remotely funny about it.  It is one of the most mendacious and dangerous black operations ever conducted in United States history, an operation that has resulted in the installation of a completely controlled—as opposed to merely advised and directed—ideological “doppelganger” — an agent of other political actors. But more, the operation is carried out for their backers, financiers, and owners—not all of them US citizens. It is not only a lethal risk to national security (the real kind) but a profound act of hatred, cynicism and pathology signaled against the American public, and deliberately against America itself, especially its European demographic, legal, and cultural traditions. Hence, American constitutionalism is merely notionally authoritative within the walls of the current administration. (Moreover, none of the White House Executive Orders carry legal authority, as contracts require principal capacity—they are not merely auto-signature robotic authorities of the Office).

Green light signals to the enemy?

Why are America’s even most conservative and keen political observers unwilling to recognize and report the reality of the unprecedented infiltration of a massive deception being carried out in the country’s executive office? There are several reasons. One involves the nature of the DNC as a corporation and how it advances its continuity through careful management of its candidates and actors, and their utter reliability to conform or be conformed by, the corporation. This includes nearly complete media control through various means of media infiltration. And as the Party itself is further infiltrated, this objective is made more acute, and the risks of any media independence and exposure, more intensely managed and preempted through several means of forced cooperation, mostly financial, reputational, or even by threat. This also explains the current administration’s (and the Obama Foundation’s) “Disinformation” project—using private institutions like the Obama Foundation, Twitter, and establishment media to suppress public speech, penalize dissent, and even assert “thought crimes.” The second reason involves the nature of the Obama administration’s shared power with the establishment, including Bush and Clinton, and the necessary cooperation involved in protecting their offices and their prior extra-legal actions from exposure by controlling Biden’s executive office—no dangerous outsiders can get in. (This is why Trump’s random if undisciplined threats of declassification and disclosure were deemed “existential” threats.) Protection also extends back to their offices, including careful SCOTUS nomination management (Kavanaugh is a Bush asset, and Brown-Jackson, straight from the Obama camp). Last, Obama himself is deemed, even (or especially) by the Left, as actually “in charge,” in an incredible presumption of extra-legal authority (and when this is called a “conspiracy theory,” it may be more likely a fact).

Since when does the Secret Service let the public get this close to a president, or even let him fall down?

Why the GOP and some Democrats cannot organize a 25th Amendment removal is interesting although the implications are equally, if more, unsettling, since the VP is very unpopular and she is disordered in other dimensions that pose even greater social and economic risk—and the current DNC and White House cabal is well aware of that fact: It is an old sales trick: show the buyer an inferior, consolation product first, before you unveil the real “prize” behind Door Number 3.

There is also a strong, mendacious racial element to Biden’s insertion as president—similar to how Hollywood will stereotype “dumb Whites” or “rednecks” as inferior. This underscores additionally Obama’s deep-seated (self-?) hatred for Whites with a racial identity — his wife’s anti-White hostility is arguably even more pronounced. In this regard, the current VP also serves as a “defect” candidate in order to facilitate a track for Michelle Obama’s 2024 election run: the population will be glad, it is thought, to extinguish the “Old White Man” along with the “Crazy Kackler (Harris)” and reinstall the “anointed couple.” Such deception is thought vital by the DNC, as both the candidates, and the party, cannot compete on substantive grounds of policy, knowledge or executive competence; therefore, their positioning must be cultural, symbolic, emotional, and based on media framing in order to make the public think that a “savior” has arrived as relief from the current occupants (this is also a reflection of the couple’s unbalanced self-regard, if megalomania).

Top: The drugged, controlled president in Patterns of Force. Bottom: Muzzled and controlled President Biden: why is his mask black? 

How deal with a senile, controlled president

In the meantime, the national risk posed every day by the current occupants of the White House, is far worse than the public generally realizes: the United States has been deliberately left open to attack from any number of sources (and at all borders), with no capable civilian leader.  Not only is there no such thing as “President Biden,” there is no such thing as Commander-in-Chief Biden: The civilian command authority has been deactivated, which means the entire chain of military command is a question, and a risk (and recall Obama’s previous presidential purge of the nuclear command and other military senior leadership).

When I was at the University of Texas at Austin back in the early 1980s, the former White House National Security Advisor to presidents Kennedy and Johnson, W.W. “Walt” Rostow, not infrequently mentioned in his graduate seminar, a statement made by JFK that “the most dangerous man in the White House is the president who can think for himself.” Rostow harbored a deep dislike, if contempt, for Kennedy, although he carefully concealed it.  Part of this stemmed from Kennedy banishing Rostow to an obscure lower-level position outside of the White House after his intransigence and obsession over the Viet Nam escalation, which was contrary to Kennedy’s view.  After Kennedy was assassinated and Johnson installed, Rostow suddenly reappeared as Johnson’s top advisor, or as LBJ called him, “my intellectual, and I have him by the short hairs.”   (Rostow’s brother Eugene, who was Dean of Yale Law and later made Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs by LBJ, pushed for the “Warren Commission” to quickly direct the standard narrative on the assassination.) Rostow became notorious for his incessant manipulation of Johnson to escalate the Vietnam War.  A University of East Anglia scholar, David Milne, later wrote an insightful book on Rostow, titled “America’s Rasputin.” Rostow was almost certainly the author of the quickly re-written Vietnam escalation memorandum, NSAM 273, released one day after Kennedy’s funeral (Rostow also authored the Great Society, as domestic cover and appeasement for Southeast Asia foreign policy, and to create a supposed LBJ legend).

In many ways, history has repeated itself, as the culture of back-door, behind-the-scenes manipulation of American presidents not only continues, but with Biden, has reach its apogee by removing entirely the risk of a chief executive thinking for himself in any dimension—indeed, it has reached down even into the current president’s incapacity in performing even the most basic tasks of the presidency.

Who plays today the role of Rasputin?  Well, it has grown into a “Team Rasputin” that seems to be a coordinated body.  Who, then, directs the coordinated body?  To some extent at a retail political level it is Obama and his team who have been re-assembled into the White House (called by some the “Obama reunion,” such as Susan Rice).  But in no way unprecedented today, it is an even more tightly knit network of directors and managers who steer the government. As those figures are fully discussed in the public domain, I will refrain from repeating it here, except to say that any semblance of Constitutional separation, has been nearly eradicated; moreover, as University of Colorado Law professor Robert Nagel additionally puts it, federalism architecture has imploded.

There are several remedies still within the authority of the other branches, but it is also important to point out that those are largely captured already, and moreover the Covid deception operation, managed in the previous election cycle through state judiciaries, in large part by the “Political Law” practice of Perkins Coie, is by no means now dormant. There is a glimmer of capability and resistance from the States—which in actual federalism there should be—and two recent Wisconsin Supreme Court decisions on absentee voting and ballot drop boxes are an important push-back. See the prior dissent opinion by the enlightened Wisconsin Justices Patience Roggensack, joined by Annette Kingsland Ziegler (who is now Chief Justice); in case, 2020AP2038, Trump v. Biden (December 14, 2020). At an operational election level, they explain with professional sourcing and data, many of the problems that led to the current White House infiltration by blatant circumvention of law (and why the January 6 Committee is desperate to cover up: in U.S. history, organized state crime is always immediately followed by “Commissions” and congressional committees). As the dissenting Wisconsin Justices state in their opening, “Once again, four justices on this court cannot be bothered with addressing what the statutes require to assure that absentee ballots are lawfully cast. [We] respectfully dissent from that decision.”

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  1. J.M.
    J.M. says:

    Excellent, highly informative and clear. I miss the “J” word though – I believe it’s essential in order to give a whole picture.

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      No mention of Jews. I skimmed the article to check for the word Jew and it wasn’t there. I will not waste my time reading it.
      You can’t even fight a war if you can’t identify your enemy, let alone win it.
      We need a WHITE Malcom X in our ranks.

      • Tim Folke
        Tim Folke says:

        I understand where you are coming from.

        But do understand this: there is wisdom in refraining from the ‘J’ word. Please remember the good albeit naive people we are trying to reach have been brainwashed over many years so that they have an instantaneous and virulent Pavlovian reaction whenever that word is invoked in anything but a complimentary fashion.

        Yes, it takes a lot of patience, but the reward is worth it!

        • Eric
          Eric says:

          I hear all the time. You will be waiting till Ragnarok before these brainwashed protestants open their eyes. They are a lost cause. They worship Israel. Forget them. Jews have no qualms about stating how they hate us. Read You Gentiles, read Marcus Eli Ravage, read Eli Weasel.
          Our so called leaders are traitors.
          Read Dr. William Luther Pierce to understand the seriousness of the situation.

          • Servenet
            Servenet says:

            Very seriously devoted Protestant here who is as woke to the “J” question as anyone. Really dumb though to pan an article that addresses an issue so paramount. And very well articulated to boot. This kind of knee-jerk whining about there being no reference to Jews any-and-every time appears to be a lacking in adult-level maturity.

        • Hillary Goldberg Levin
          Hillary Goldberg Levin says:

          We need both kinds of white advocates; those that deal with the JQ and those that don’t.
          The advocates that do not deal with the JQ are still able to provide great information….Jared Taylor is one example. Colin Flaherty did great work as well.
          It’s ridiculous to demand that every white advocate deal with the JQ or the holocaust, or whatever.
          Our advocates are free to deal with topics as they choose, topics with which they are familiar.
          And obviously, some advocates will be public, and some will be anonymous, depending on their situation.
          That’s why I think it is unfair (and stupid) to criticize any of our white advocates, because surely they are doing what they think is best and they are trying to help as much as they can.

          The left is happy to accept each and every one of their members, no matter if they are arsonists or murderers, liars, drug addicts, looters, and other assorted degenerates and criminals…..
          while the right is sooooooooooooo picky and finicky that everyone must mention the JQ and everyone must expose the holocaust, etc.

          People on the right are probably of higher intellect and moral character, but people on the right have zero street smarts.

        • Joe
          Joe says:

          So, when do you pop the total truth on those incapable of receiving it? Our time is running very short and niceties are not an option anymore. The full beam of truth must be shone. Those willing and able to understand its radiance will flock to it… especially once the inevitable economic hardship ensues.

  2. Luke
    Luke says:

    Regarding Biden’s bizarre and cringy habit of ‘whispering’ whenever he finds himself behind a microphone – this reminds me of a former long time friend that I had who is now in his 70s.

    I have high frequency hearing loss, as a result of spending a career working inside noisy computer labs and being foolish enough to not always wear the proper hearing protection (ear plugs). Entirely my fault. However, with this particular former friend, I have repeatedly reminded him of my hearing loss whenever we would spend time together and have politely and repeatedly asked him to speak up when we are having a conversation. He ignored these requests and over the last several years – had developed a habit of Whispering whenever he spoke. This became increasingly aggravating as time passed, and even after I had invested in a pair of hearing aids – he could be sitting 10 feet away from me, and he’d launch into his ‘whispering mode’; and I could not make out a single word he was saying.

    I think this ‘whispering’ habit must have some connection to the aging process – because I sensed that he didn’t even realize he was doing it. I would bitch at him about it and tell him that I could not hear a freaking word that he was saying, but, he would continue to ignore me and go right back into his whispering mode. Which would exasperate me to the point where I would just ignore him and tune him out completely.

    In Biden’s case, I think whatever is going on with his Alzheimer’s situation is affecting his speaking ability. The old former friend I mentioned might very well be showing early signs of dementia himself, since he seems to be unaware of the volume of his voice when he speaks. I’ve also read that many people who have hearing problems will sometimes speak LOUDER than normal, because they cannot hear the sound of their own voices. I suppose it is possible that the reverse might also be true.

    I don’t wear my hearing aids all the time – so, I have frequent encounters with people who’s voices have a very tepid decibel level and I’ve noticed something about people that is really aggravating. If they are speaking to me, and I interrupt them and say, I’m sorry, but I cannot hear what you are saying – could you speak louder? Instead of raising the volume
    of their voices, they will repeat what they just said – using the exact same volume they just used that I could not understand.

    Are people so stupid these days that they cannot follow simple and very polite suggestions?

    • Balder
      Balder says:

      I think your “former friend” was definitely in need of serious medical help.

      As for your question at the end of your comment, I have noticed some of the same things, especially when I am at work, and especially with my students.

      Many of my students speak with very soft voices that I often can’t hear from the front of the classroom (other students can’t hear them either), especially if they are reading aloud. I have tried to get them to speak up, but they almost NEVER DO. They just repeat the words exactly as before. So, I often have to walk over to where they are sitting and cup my ear as I listen to them in order to make them conscious of just how low their voices really are and what issues that can cause. They almost never take the hint. They probably think that I am getting hard of hearing and that they are “normal.”

      Why are they like this? There could be multiple reasons: lack of perception, lack of environmental awareness, hearing problems, lack of mental acuity, sheer force of habit, etc.

      My two favorites:

      1. Lack of a “public voice.” This is the type of voice a person uses when speaking under circumstances out of the ordinary, e.g., in noisy public environments, near crowds, on busy streets, in front of audiences. Some people simply DON’T HAVE a “public voice,” whether because they never learned, weren’t trained right, or led an extremely sheltered life. It’s worth mentioning that some cultures speak with higher or lower voice volume than others. Obviously, close encounters of this type between different peoples can lead to friction and alienation, and the need for explanations and coaching.

      2. The “comfort zone.” When it comes to voice volume, most people have a definite “comfort zone” (whether for higher or lower volumes). If you can’t hear them (or hear them too well) and ask them to raise or lower their voice (for whatever reason), you are, in effect, asking them to leave their “comfort zone.”

      How dare you! Such a reaction may seem unreasonable to us, but for them, your request is no small matter, which, of course, can get even more problematic if they lack awareness of what they are doing, or have some deeper medical condition which determines their voice volume, and which is not subject to easy modulation.

      The whole thing gets even more frustrating because they may not even be able to articulate WHY they cannot modulate their voice to fit your needs. I’m willing to bet that the vast majority of people in this situation could not do so if asked. Most of them are totally unaware of their modulation and monitoring habits and/or just DON’T KNOW why. In any case, the vast majority of them definitely DO NOT LIKE being questioned about it or challenged on it. The whole thing is rather peculiar, isn’t it?

  3. Poupon Marx
    Poupon Marx says:

    Describing history as repeating or rhyming is not as good a metaphor or representation as the concept of metaphor and simile of history being vomit, the previous intake of indigestible, inedible, and nauseating content being manifest and expelled.

    I had said that Biden is not a human, in the historical or any sense. Rather, he is a virtual remotely controlled android, with human skin (maybe) and servo motors and electronic controls, receiving inputs from a hidden remote location. Literally, he is Charley McCarthy:

    The author errs when he juxtaposes Barack Barry Hussein Soetoro Obama to Biden and contrasts them as Biden the inanimate mannequin with Obomba the assignation of self direction. Not true. No JUSA President in generations has been integral and self determined. Obama, was a chosen stealth candidate while in high school by the Jewish Project. (Yes, they think that far ahead). A testimony on YouTube by one of his classmates and several acquaintances maintain the drugs – cocaine – for money by Obama as a gay male prostitute while in high school in Hawaii. The video by Marie Pope has been removed from JewTube
    Wayne Allyn Root was a student in Columbia-Frankfurt School in PeeYou York City and does not recall every seeing Obama in class or on campus. The same discrepancies appear at Occidental U. in California. There is a greater chance that he was born in Kenya than the JUSA.

    Take all of this into consideration and ponder: does Obama, independently and freely, decide what to do and say? A man whose only real asset is shucking and jiving in a modulated tone. A self admitted cocaine dealer. An intellectual sloth. He is the prime example of what Black radicals term the White Nigger, a black who speaks proper English and get educated. Obama is a clandestine variant, the hidden Black, White acting Nigger.

    Rather than being remotely controlled in real time, Obama was simply briefed, handed a script, given orders and complying. His entire life was as a foot soldier. He was not a general staff; he was a corporal.

    Go back, to Herbert Hoover and think about it. And when you do, look at the totality of the man, you will find it inevitable to conclude that he took a dive in the third round and deliberately lost by saying and doing exactly opposite of consensus action and appropriate speech. Gerald Ford, Nixon, Eisenhower and the ones that followed, all acted out of character to be expected in the era of their day.

    Everybody fears The Jeeper Reaper, the centuries old forza del morte that carries a promise of destruction across generations – in fact, in perpetuity. That’s why everybody who is affected rolls over. Just as Old Nick, once you sign the promise, it is forever- in blood, for you and yours blood.

  4. Balder
    Balder says:

    Excellent article! This is, shall we say, the entity “Joe Biden” in perspective, and a very strange and disturbing perspective at that. In many real senses, he is not a human being at all, but a puppet commanded by a ruthless cabal of political opportunists.

  5. Evangelos Aragiannis
    Evangelos Aragiannis says:

    Or, they really can all be high on anti-psychotics or drugs OR both and really have no clue about what the hell is going on.

  6. Birhan Dargey
    Birhan Dargey says:

    And It feels as they (jews) want to rub it on our faces..SEE it ,WE controlled your dumb (gentile white moron) president..and so what?? I see the jews laughing uncontrollably…setting Biden to look/say even more stupid than the previous last gaffe….and then daring US to do something about it..The message is clear ..They/jews have the power..we dumb deplorables goyim are powerless and is about time to accept our fate quietly. Biden was not elected by the people of this country..He was put there by teh jews and they knew he is senile sick completely Unaware of his REALITY.. This is the way is going to be from NOW on..YOU/WE vote..the jews decide whom to select as president of America..and if WE dont like him…then so what we must live with it. We dont like the Wars in Irak/Afghanistan/Lybia/…IT doesnt matter …Oh the goyim dont want to give $50Billiosn to Ucraine..ok we the jews will give Zelensky not $50..but $100,o maybe anonther $100 Billions for the useless war in Ucraine..

  7. Europeanist
    Europeanist says:


    Tristate City – the tri-state city

    Why are the Dutch farmers protesting? Because green policies are making life difficult for them?

    Yes, that too, but there is more behind it than just environmental or climate protection. It’s about a gigantic business project and the green mask is put on, as almost always, just for camouflage purposes.

    The farmers are in the way, because areas are needed for a mega project that is called TRISTATE CITY. A mega-metropolis – a city-state – is planned, which will unite the Ruhr area, the Netherlands and Belgium.

    A group of institutional investors in the Netherlands has joined forces to present the Netherlands, along with parts of Belgium and Germany, as a single city network called Tristate City.

    The project, backed by the Dutch employers’ association VNO-NCW, envisions the region of 30 million people as a “sustainable urban powerhouse.” Supporters of the project include real estate developers and pension funds, as well as the Utrecht Economic Authority.

    The organization believes Dutch cities are too small to compete in the so-called “battle of the cities,” in which megacities compete for investment and talent.

    Proponents of the project believe that treating the Netherlands as an urbanized delta with 17 million inhabitants creates a very strong player in this “battle of the giants.”

    Once again, it’s a matter of billion-dollar deals, and anything that disturbs them has to go. And agriculture is a land economy and land is needed for the new project gigantomy. So one drives the farmers into the bankruptcy, but one may not say so loudly. So one switches the hypocritical nature love before it, the Maskerade which can be consulted meanwhile for each mess.

    In an interview with the organizer and chairman Bart-Jan Oplaat of NVP, he expressed his concern about the future of farmers. In it, he also mentions Tristate City, a plan for a new type of supercity in which the Netherlands, Brussels, Antwerp and the Ruhr region will join forces to become the new capital of Europe.

    Together, some 40 million people will have to live there, and there will be no room for farmers. This is only possible by the peasants giving up their land for the fortress of these millions of additional inhabitants.

    The project is already critically commented on various websites.

    A city-state where the land is the energy plantation of the city, and building land for “sustainable”, densely insulated housing (“Paris-proof”) for the tax cattle, the human resources of the company Netherlands, the Royal Oligarchy BV. Without free-range housing.

    In endless densely insulated housing barracks, ‘sustainable’ Parisian houses, unhealthy headache houses without ventilation possibilities, newly built in the polders, the taxpayers/aka the human resources of the Royal Oligarchy of the Netherlands BV and the gossiping cattle of the Postcode Lottery are then milked and sucked dry in the name of mammon.

    The only goal: maximum profit per square meter in the shortest possible time for the money-grubbing UBOs, the bosses of the Royal Oligarchy Nederland BV, the company Netherlands.

    The more they mouth the word “green”, the more you see real green decaying, being cut down and built over every year. This is because there is money to be made from both the destruction of nature (e.g. trees for biomass) and the construction of “green” projects. Money is the central denominator of Royal Oligarchy Nederland BV.

    Strangely enough, the reports about the farmers’ protests always refer to the new nitrogen limits, which force the farmers to shut down their business. But this is surely again just pure coincidence.

  8. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    I find this to be a very frightening information!!! I’m reminded of the words from someone in the know politically from too many years ago that said something to the effect that there is something going on that is so diabolical that it repels the mind that it could even be possible.

    In Jewish history you will find that when something detrimental occurred nationally to the nation a call went out for the blowing of a rams horn which resulted in national repentance and a turning to God was instituted. Have we come to that day is a question need asking!!

    It comes as no surprise to me to see that climate change is occurring which if anyone bothered to actually read and study the history of the bible will learn and know it is about Divine Communication!!!

    The Lord will cause people to hear his majestic voice and will make them see his arm coming down with raging anger and consuming fire, with cloudburst, thunderstorm and hail. (Isaiah 30:30)

    Rain will come in torrents, and I will send hailstones hurtling down, and violent winds will burst forth. Therefore, this is what the Sovereign Lord says: In my wrath I will unleash a violent wind, and in my anger hailstones and torrents of rain will fall with destructive fury. {Ezekiel 13:11-13}

    When science says that they don’t understand certain abrupt meteorological events that pop up now and then the answer is right there for them!!!!

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      My above Comment was intended as a Reply to Hillary Goldberg Levin, of July 16; 07:55 pm, [ but sought its own niche ].

  9. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 To much better understand this magic and its inevitable political abuse, Google : SIMON COWELL SINGS.

    02 A very special studio camera, developed by AI company METAPHYSICS, shoots a singer but displays on a screen, that Cowell is actually singing. Diabolical.

    03 Far more efficient than a leaking toilet valve flooding the huge vote counting floor with its dozens of counters sent home – and reassembled at night, minus the observers – rather than merely shutting off the toilet valve.

  10. Servenet
    Servenet says:

    Especially relevant and insightful piece addressing a (the!) matter concerning not only the presidency but the very nature of US government, federal and state.

  11. Servenet
    Servenet says:

    As important a matter to be addressed as any one can address. Very well articulated as well.

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