What Makes Biden So Pugnacious?

When Biden left for the day, Corn Pop was waiting for him, with three gang members, and holding a straight razor… Whatever the reality of that event, 60 years ago, Biden has issued, in his 18 months in office, a remarkable number of warnings and threats as to what he would do as commander in chief if challenged, thereby putting his own and his country’s credibility on the line.

That friendly fist bump with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman might not have been such a defining moment — had Biden not first set himself up.

During the 2020 campaign, Biden said that when he encounters the prince, he would treat him like the “pariah” he was for having authorized the murder and dismemberment of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi.

As for Biden’s depiction of how he confronted MBS behind closed doors, the Saudis dispute his rendition, and many of his own countrymen disbelieve Biden.

Why? Because Joe Biden has a history of painting himself as heroic in personal encounters where few contemporaries recall him that way.

The classic is the story Biden has often told of confronting, as a pool security guard in a Black neighborhood, a gang leader named Corn Pop, whom Biden ordered out of the pool for breaking the rules.

When Biden left for the day, Corn Pop was waiting for him, with three gang members, and holding a straight razor. Biden, holding a six-foot length of chain, he says, faced him down, and Corn Pop backed off.

Whatever the reality of that event, 60 years ago, Biden has issued, in his 18 months in office, a remarkable number of warnings and threats as to what he would do as commander in chief if challenged, thereby putting his own and his country’s credibility on the line.

Asked, before his trip to the Middle East, if he would use force to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, Biden replied, “If that was the last resort, yes.”

During the trip, the U.S. and Israel signed a joint pledge to deny nuclear arms to Iran. We are now committed.

Given that the U.S. has fought in five wars in the Middle East in this century — Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen — one would think this country would be wary of committing itself to a new war with one of the largest powers in the region.

When Russian President Vladimir Putin built up forces outside Ukraine and asked repeatedly for assurances that Ukraine would not be brought into NATO, an alliance aimed at Russia, the Biden administration refused.

The February invasion followed, and among Biden’s subsequent threats, his call for the removal of Putin was virtually declared a war aim.

“For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power,” thundered Biden in Poland, a declaration that was hastily walked back by White House staff.

In addition to the weaponry we were shipping to Ukraine — long-range artillery and rockets — Biden announced at the NATO summit in Madrid that the U.S. would be strengthening its military presence in Europe.

The permanent headquarters of the U.S. Army’s V Corps is to be moved to Poland. Two additional F-35 fighter jet squadrons are to be moved to the U.K. More air defense capabilities are to be moved into Germany and Italy. Rotational deployments of U.S. troops to the Baltic region are to be increased. U.S. troops are to be moved into Romania.

U.S. forces in Europe are to be increased from about 60,000 to 100,000, and Biden has vowed that Putin’s invasion “will not end with a Russian defeat of Ukraine in Ukraine.”

But how Biden guarantees that the Russian invasion will be rolled back, if Putin rolls up the Donbas, is unexplained.

Since the Russia-Ukraine war began, Biden has also given Article 5 war guarantees to Sweden and Finland by promising to bring them into NATO.

From the Arctic to the Black Sea and from Iceland to Estonia, there are now 30 European nations we are obligated to defend.

In 2021, Biden indicated that the U.S.-Philippines mutual security treaty dating to the 1950s meant the U.S. would come to Manila’s defense should it attempt to reclaim rocks and reefs in the South China Sea, also claimed and now occupied by Chinese military forces.

The U.S. war guarantees in our treaty with Japan extend to the Senkaku Islands, also claimed by China, according to the Biden White House.

In May, in Tokyo, Biden gave a flat “yes” to a reporter’s question as to whether he is willing to “get involved militarily to defend Taiwan.”

“That’s the commitment we made,” the president said.

Not so. The U.S. scrapped its formal commitment to defend Taiwan in 1979, replacing a treaty of alliance with the Taiwan Relations Act, which obligates the U.S. to help equip Taiwan to defend itself.

Again, White House staff sought to walk back Biden’s declaration that we would fight for Taiwan, as U.S. policy since Richard Nixon’s trip to Beijing is that Taiwan “is a part of China.”

We have written dozens of blank checks to nations not only in Europe but also in the Middle East and Asia to come and fight to defend their borders.

Yet, the border most critical to us, the U.S.-Mexican border, is being overrun by a quarter of a million migrants every month, with the worst of them bringing in the fentanyl that killed 100,000 of America’s young last year.

And bellicose Joe has done next to nothing about it.

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  1. Karl Haemers
    Karl Haemers says:

    Pay no attention to the stuttering dotard. Look to the cabinet for all these war-mongering policies. Many of them are Jews. Not the Secretary of Defense though, he’s black.
    It is highly likely the Khashoggi incident was fake. No body. They snuck it out in pieces after using a bone saw, we are told. The pieces were never found. The Khashoggi’s are high level operatives, with Jamal’s father cutting a deal for a yacht with Trump in order to transfer large funds.

  2. Meme Master
    Meme Master says:

    Yesterday I learned a hitherto unknown detail from a podcast,
    in which it was not only about Hitler, but at the end also about
    the strikingly low birth rates of the German and Japanese na-
    tive population – in stark contrast to Israel, for example!


    Only few Germans know that the fake “constitution” of the FRG (called
    “Basic Law”) was drawn up in the Villa Rothschild near Frankfurt, when
    this place was still in the possession of the family Rothschild. Little is
    known about the exact circumstances of this signing. Only this much is
    known by a few “democratically minded” German citizens: The place is
    also called “Cradle of the German Basic Law and the Federal Republic”.

    There is evidence that what is now called Germany is, from a legal
    point of view, nothing more than a company called “Deutschland
    GmbH”, registered in the International Trade Register. The question
    arises as to who owns this company. Hints were given not only by
    quarter-Jewish politician Egon Bar. https://textuploader.com/ttaon

    Fittingly, an article about a study on negative German self-identification,
    in other words, absent national pride. Germans don’t want to be Germans
    anymore, but who gave them the ideological poison injection of self-hatred?

  3. Meme Master
    Meme Master says:

    Subsequent correction of the Welt https://textuploader.com/ttaoy
    article avout the study: the translator made of “fremdenfreundlich”
    (xenophile) the exact opposite. So it must read: “Germans are xeno-
    phile and very self-critical. In no other country do xenophile state-
    ments meet with so much approval as in Germany.”

  4. Meme Master
    Meme Master says:

    The eternal problem of our eternal mortal enemies:
    Jews are able to suppress the “knowable” but not
    the sensible! Speak nature itself, the instinct (on a
    higher level the intuition) that here something is
    violently rotten. They believe to be able to “screw”
    us all (thus the nature itself) really good & proper.

  5. Bill White
    Bill White says:

    As bad as things are, they could get much worse. The Constitution and Bill of Rights have not yet been openly renounced, a police state only exists in embryo, many parts of America are still majority White. Many Americans continue to live as if nothing had changed, with no understanding of what will befall us all later.

    The Jewish-led ruling elites are plainly intent on further transformation of America and the entire West. The goal can now be plainly seen to be a Kalergian Globalist Technocracy in which all economic production and consumption is under central control, a control made feasible by such potent technologies as powerful computers, artificial intelligence, robotics, 5G and the Internet of Things. Control of all economic activity amounts to totalitarianism since such control includes the power to deny people food, energy, shelter and all other goods and services. Technocracy is totalitarianism rendered feasible. It is the mature form of Communism.

    How then will the elites further transform America and the West toward their goal of totalitarian Technocracy?

    A key part of this transformation is the Kalergian demographic transformation replacing White people in all their homelands with a multiracial and increasingly miscegenated population. This demographic revolution proceeds apace today with the Biden administration pumping in non-Whites just about as fast as is possible – currently “a quarter of a million migrants” are allowed to enter through the US-Mexican border every month, as Pat Buchanan observes.

    But Kalergian transformation is a project which will take at least another generation or two to bring to consummation.

    What might be done to transform America more rapidly? Some scenarios which come to mind: (1) economic collapse (deep depression with large numbers of homeless people and mass hunger); (2) a genuine pandemic in which huge numbers of people actually die from the pathogen (whether arising naturally or brought about deliberately); (3) a terrorist attack involving a nuclear bomb or biowarfare agent; and (4) getting America embroiled in a war with China or Russia (or both) while ensuring America loses, with bombing of American cities, invasion and occupation.

    Any of these four scenarios could serve as the final nail in the coffin for the Constitutional Republic and Bill of Rights, and the justification for initiating open police state rule with no more pretense of liberal democracy.

    The war mongering of the Biden administration could possibly be a set-up for scenario (4). In case America is brought to war by our hostile Jewish-led ruling class, we would be extremely vulnerable since we have no secrets from the Jews. Israel must surely have detailed knowledge of our most sensitive military systems. They very likely have a kill-switch which could shut down America’s nuclear weapons and other weapon systems if they chose. So Israel and the Jews could decide the outcome of any war America enters.

    Our predicament is a waking nightmare. Most White people are oblivious to the danger, if not deeply deluded or brainwashed. Yet, for many of us, everyday life has hardly been altered yet. We continue to live in physical comfort with the illusion of safety. By the time the storm reaches us personally it might be too late to do anything about it.

    Without the essential role played by the Jews, none of this would be happening. The Jewish collective parasite, supremacist group strategy of colonizing host societies from the inside via relentless economic, political, cultural and psychological warfare has proven to be frightfully potent.

  6. Balder
    Balder says:

    I don’t mean to make light of the irrational and dangerous actions of this POTUS by any means. Having a war mongering, pathological liar in the White House is no small matter.

    However, I do wish Pat B. would adjust his focus and concentrate more on the corporate billionaires behind the throne. They control JB. This puppet show is their doing. Who are they? I could think of some names, but a disproportionate number of them are of “The People,” that cute, eternally “innocent” little race to whom we are all so beholden.

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