Canada Outlaws “Condoning, Denying or Downplaying” the Holocaust Mythos: Jewish Political Theology Enshrined in the Criminal Code

According to the OED, a “mythos” is a “traditional or recurrent narrative theme or pattern; a standard plot in literature.”  For many, the Holocaust Mythos conjures up the hope of universal redemption from the absolute evils of racism, anti-Semitism, and militant White nationalism.  Arising out of the allegedly planned extermination of the Jewish people by “Nazi” Germany and its collaborators, the story has acquired canonical status in officially-constructed “memory cultures” throughout the West.  In Canada, where the politically correct Trudeau regime clearly craves recognition as a humanitarian superpower, the government has followed in the footsteps of Germany and several other European states by enshrining the official narrative in the Criminal Code, s. 319.  Henceforth

(2.1) Everyone who, by communicating statements, other than in private conversation, wilfully promotes antisemitism by condoning, denying or downplaying the Holocaust

  • (a) is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years; or
  • (b) is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction.

Even before the criminal law was amended to outlaw the “[w]ilful promotion of antisemitism,” schools, universities, churches, and the media in Canada routinely stigmatize anyone who publicly dares to doubt the truth of the Holocaust Mythos.  The Canadian parliament, therefore, meekly echoed Jewish historian Alon Confino who describes the Holocaust as “a foundational event that tests the limits of our humanity.”  Another Jewish historian, Matthew Feldman, acknowledges that the received interpretation of “the Holocaust” as “history’s greatest crime” emanates a quintessentially religious aura.  No Member of Parliament wanted to be seen “profaning” the memory of Jewish victims of “the supreme example of human inhumanity” by voting against the proposed amendments.  For its part, the Trudeau government can be confident that enforcement of its postmodern anti-blasphemy law will not be impeded by the much-hyped Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  For a long-time Charter sceptic such as myself, this is no surprise.

After the massive violations of a host of fundamental rights and civil liberties supposedly “guaranteed” by the Charter during the recent Covid pandemic, suppression of presumptive rights to form and publicly express controversial opinions on the history of the Third Reich is about par for the course.  Is it merely coincidence that this restriction of free speech reflects the power and serves the interests of one particular, highly-visible, economically well-endowed, socially privileged, and politically powerful ethnic group?  Curiously enough, at least one prominent Jewish spokesman fears that to make “condoning, denying, or downplaying the Holocaust” a criminal offence will not be good for the Jews.  Nevertheless, Carolyn Yeager, an American blogger of German ancestry, has documented the widespread support for such legislation within the organized Jewish community in Canada.

When it was announced, the text of the Trudeau regime’s proposed amendment to the Criminal Code was buried in Annex 3 of the federal budget papers presented to Parliament in the spring of 2022.  By the end of June, the government’s amendments had sailed through Parliament as part of a long and complex budget bill, receiving royal assent without debate on their merits (much to the relief of MPs, one suspects).  The current legislation adopts the definition of the Holocaust originally proposed in a private member’s bill blatantly mirrored by the government measure; namely:

Holocaust means the planned and deliberate state-sponsored persecution and annihilation of European Jewry by the Nazis and their collaborators from 1933 to 1945

As it happens, such a definition has been repeatedly “denied” or “downplayed” by the so-called “functionalist” school of mainstream historians who portray the Holocaust as an evolving reaction by bureaucrats, military personnel, and collaborators to events during the war years rather than the product of an “intentional,” “planned” or “deliberate” scheme directed from the top down.  It remains to be seen whether s. 319(3)(1)(c) will provide an adequate defence for someone publicly promoting a “functionalist” interpretation of the Holocaust.  According to this provision, no-one shall be convicted if “the statements were relevant to any subject of public interest, the discussion of which was for the public benefit, and if on reasonable grounds they believed them to be true.”  This defence does not, of course, prevent prosecutions in which the process is itself intended to serve as the punishment.  Outside the respectable realm of decorous academic debate, however, renegade “revisionists” risk the full measure of legal retribution.

Why, then, is the foundational event of Christianity, the paschal mythos surrounding the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, less deserving of protected legal status than an officially prescribed, crypto-theocratic single-sentence story arising out of the Second World War?  Is it merely coincidental that the Holocaust Mythos features a narrative arc remarkably similar to the Easter story?  Although set in the twentieth-century, the Shoah is a story of undeserved Jewish suffering in the “death camps” of Eastern Europe followed by their triumphant, ethno-religious resurrection in the promised land of Israel.

In Canada from now on, anyone publicly “condoning,” “denying,” or even “downplaying” the Jewish Holocaust narrative faces the threat of two years imprisonment.  This repressive measure was announced shortly after Christian pastors were charged merely for holding Easter Sunday church services in contravention of public health orders during the contrived Covid “emergency.”  When contrasted with the obsequious reverence accorded to contemporary Jewish sensibilities, such blatant disrespect for age-old Christian rituals represents a remarkable challenge to the political theology of every Anglo-Protestant church.

Are the truth claims of the official Holocaust Mythos any more or less contestable than the biblical and ecclesiastical narratives concerning the historical Jesus?  One often hears the claim that “the Holocaust” is the best documented “event” in human history.  But when, where, and by whom have the relevant and reliable documents been subjected to free, fair, and public forensic cross-examination and opened to continuing debate between all interested parties?

How did we reach the present sorry state of affairs? The answer to that question requires a fundamental critique of contemporary Anglo-Protestant political theology and, in particular, that of the Anglican church.  After all, given a literal definition of “political” as meaning “affairs of state,” any aspect of the theology professed by the Church of England is political in the sense that it is an established, state church.  True, in the first half of the twentieth century, the Anglican churches in the old White dominions were not state churches, but their overwhelmingly Anglo-Saxon membership by and large trusted their governments and, following their lead, accepted the declarations of war against Germany in 1914 and 1939 without significant demur.

Moreover, in Great Britain, the bishops of the Church of England were members of the House of Lords.  De facto, the government of the day decided who were to be identified as enemies of the British people and punished as such.  Assigning guilt for the state of war between Germany and the British Empire was a matter of state policy.  In both the Versailles treaty (aka, the Diktat) imposed on Germany in 1919 and the Nuremburg trials following Germany’s defeat in WWII, the imperial and dominion governments upheld the charge that Germany alone was guilty of waging a war of aggression.

But political theology denotes more than the everyday activities of an established church complying with state policies.  According to the German jurist Carl Schmitt, politics, in the deepest sense, has to do with the existential distinction between friend and enemy.  Because the Church was not an autonomous ecclesiastical polity of, by, and for the English people, friends and enemies of the British state were, ipso facto, friends or enemies of the Church.

Unfortunately, neither the WASP laity nor the ecclesiastical leadership of the Church of England, either “at home” or in the dominions, have done much to defend and preserve the ethno-religious dimensions of Anglican identity.  This stands in stark contrast to the well-known ethnocentrism of the Jewish people.  By enshrining the Holocaust Mythos in the Criminal Code, the Canadian government has embraced a quintessentially Jewish political theology.

Dirk Moses, the Frank Porter Graham Distinguished Professor of Global Human Rights History at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, in his well-received book on The Problems of Genocide, identifies the narrative structure of the Holocaust Mythos as “the archetypical genocide” in international law. He observes that both law and popular culture present “the image of the largely agentless and innocent—that is unpolitical—Jewish victim [as] the ‘ideal’ or ‘exemplary’ victim.” Orthodox Jews typically “emphasize…the traditional religiosity of Jewish victims” and “[t]his theological interpretation has permeated general commemoration, which thereby constitutes a political theology.”  The officially-prescribed, global “memory culture” adopts that particularistic political theology whenever it associates Jews with “the archetypical and universal form of victimhood”.

There is no denying the particularistic, ethno-religious significance of the Holocaust Mythos.  This was evident, for example, when a cross-party trio of Jewish MPs rose in the House of Commons to offer their fulsome support during the second-reading of Tory M.P. Kevin Waugh’s now redundant private member’s bill to criminalize “Holocaust denial” in Canada.  The Trudeau regime, of course, has a broader agenda, aiming to burnish its self-proclaimed credentials as the first post-national state.  The government, therefore, will probably “deny” or “downplay” the ethno-religious favouritism inherent in its decision to sanctify Jewish political theology by force of law.

Whatever the consequences of that decision in Canada however, Anglo-Protestants throughout the Anglosphere now have a rare opportunity to consider how their ethno-religious interests might be adversely affected by the criminalization of public dissent from the officially-prescribed Holocaust narrative.  We should pray that the opportunity to reflect upon who “we” are, where “we” came from, and perhaps even where “we” are going will not be missed.  Sadly, however, Anglo-Protestants, especially Anglicans, have embraced a liberal humanitarianism that now makes it all but impossible to distinguish between “us” and “them.”

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  1. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    The six million allegation against NS Germany (as well as the prior six million allegation against Tsarist Russia) has been proven false.

    In essence this new Canadian law requires that its citizens trust the Jews instead of trusting math and forensic science.

  2. Waldemar
    Waldemar says:

    More and more, all hope rests on the free-spirited American
    people. A lawyer who defends a “holocaust denier” in Germa-
    ny with arguments, and wants to initiate the examination in
    court, makes himself automatically guilty of “holocaust denial”.

    The hope of the so-called “deniers” was that a few dozen
    people all over Germany would simultaneously accuse them-
    selves of denial, so that the courts would no longer be able
    to dodge the issue and the matter would become public.

    The term denial was installed in the linguistic usage, it as-
    sumes that an “indisputable fact” is doubted as not true.
    If only a few hundred people around the world could be
    found who would take on the burden of using their own
    destiny in the name of truth, our racem future and chil-
    dren’s children the satanic Jew “spell” would be broken.

    • rubytuesday
      rubytuesday says:

      Europeans ought pray to their own gods instead of a middle eastern deamon. The hebrew religions are a scourge on humanity and even the planet. Let’s close the tap before we mop up the mess.

      • Weaver
        Weaver says:

        What does that even mean? Sometimes people who say that preach some sort of Satanic individualism. Others want Pierce’s worship of Darwinism, which leads to transhumanism.

        What does your “pagan” alternative mean? Look at Ukraine. Its “paganism” is a mess.

    • ROger
      ROger says:

      Only a fake Messiah awaits them as always… modern religion peddles things like ” the rapture” … interesting enough… they don’t fear a Bolshevik revolution ☺️ that would be more likely to happen.

  3. Waldemar
    Waldemar says:

    Prof. MacDonald cannot be credited highly enough
    for his insightful discoveries, conclusions, and cohe-
    rent thought processes, first detailed in his three-part
    book “Culture of Critique”. This is his great significant
    and for our whole kind almost vital life achievement.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      Please let me inform you that Prof. MacDonald has NEVER questioned the facts of the historical “holocaust” or admitted that he seriously doubted that “it” occurred as generally described, while the real heroes who put their fates on the line and were severely punished for it get nary a mention anymore!! PLEASE see www.https://jan27,org (scroll down) for the now deceased revisionists who, since 1948, expressed doubt because of their own experience and researched and published the facts about the “holocaust” in spite of increasing criminalization for doing so. THESE are the persons to be lauded, along with those persons still living and working under duress and with little to no reward.

      This very comment may not be accepted, but in case it is you can also see my own contribution (it’s still selling!) and read all 46 pages here: Thanks.

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          Dear Kevin,
          Thank you for replying! I wrote that you had “never admitted that [you] seriously doubted that “it” occurred as generally described.” So it’s not what you have said but what you have failed to say. Also, publishing someone else’s articles in your capacity as editor of TOO is not equivalent to a statement from you.

          In 2017, you participated in a videocast of “Torah Talk” with Luke Ford, a non-ethnically Jewish student of Torah and Talmud. One of Ford’s young students asked you the clearly unexpected question: “What are your thoughts about holocaust revisionism?”
          I quote your answer word for word:
          ““Yeah, I guess I’m not, uh, I’ve never had any sympathy really, before – I haven’t seen anything that would really, you know, convince me. And I, frankly, haven’t dealt into it very much. My view is that it’s not important for what I’m doing and I don’t think it’s really important – I think what’s really important is the culture of the holocaust, you know, how it’s taught in school, how it’s used to defend Israel, and it’s used as a weapon against people who oppose immigration, and all those things – ah I think those are very important things to discuss. So whether it actually happened, exactly, and all that is something that I don’t think is possible to even go there anymore, is just … just uh … third rail.”

          Definition of third rail: A subject that tends to be avoided because of its offensive or controversial nature.

          I’d like to insert here that IF it’s not important whether the H. actually happened, how can there be a culture about it that IS important? We NEED to know whether it happened or not — if not, there can be no culture based on it.

          You were also asked your feelings about Adolf Hitler. You answered, “Oh God, I think that the only term I can use is a disaster. I think that his own personality … got in the way of [the generals] carrying out their strategic military [goals] in World War Two. I think he was, you know, he thought of himself as a general or something. You know, he interfered with policy that should have been left to professionals and I think that that was … horrible, that was a disaster.”

          There was more, which you can read for yourself at

          • Weaver
            Weaver says:

            I’m glad there’s no record of my positions.

            I expect on Panquake people will be able to “stalk wild taboos;” Russia also might allow criticism. The environment is changing. Dr. MacDonald might have been correct to take that position at the time.

            I think if we chip away where we can, it’s good. It’s positive to talk with foreigners also. Just chat with anyone human; everyone can matter.

            We might first need a course on successful and failed methods of stalking taboos. But the problem I often see is if I explain an alternative to our current political structures, most don’t like it. What people do like is criticism of the current power structures, with I guess some impossible utopia hinted at.

            Essentially, it’s “critical theory” applied to the current lords. Paul Craig Roberts wrote, on the Russia Insider site, that there was no central command. Big chip. Pat Buchanan wrote a book blaming Churchill for WWII, another chip.

      • Waldemar
        Waldemar says:

        My position on this highly complex,
        multi-causal issue is as follows:

        1. injustice is never done
        by only one side in conflicts.

        2. the propagated “numbers of
        victims” are so absurdly exag-
        gerated that they cannot be ve-
        rified and this is exactly the rea-
        son to suppress and criminalize
        any serious research.

        4. Only those who live in
        lies have to fear the truth.

        5. with the spreading of historical lies
        and the demonization of the alleged
        “mass murderers” are connected im-
        mense personal and supra-personal
        benefits, which their “industry” (Fin-
        kelstein) keeps going on and on.

        I consider it absolutely not impossible
        that the creators of the state of Israel
        consciously based their artificial con-
        struct on inventions, half-truths, exag-
        gerations and defamations, and that
        any means is justified to them to main-
        tain and secure the status quo, even
        to expand it.

        Why? Because these people have lacked
        any form of conscience and justice in the
        sense of our European definition and tra-
        dition since the beginning of their earthly

  4. Waldemar
    Waldemar says:

    Our destroyer solely derives all of its methodical power over us all from our collective cowardice, our structural disinterest, and our utter indifference to our nearest comrades. All the daily “I know, but I don’t want to have anything to do with it” clenches into a huge fermenting lump of nothingness. Others always have only the power over us, which we give them, voluntarily and without struggle lay at their feet.

    If they are too strong, we are (clearly) too weak. Only those do “stand out”, before whom all others kneel down. The Jews make fun of us, and we have neither the pride, nor the decency, nor the morals to recognize and clearly name this inconceivable human mess as what it is and will always remain: an insidious attack on our very right to exist as the highest expression of human kind. Without thinking, we pay the highest price imaginable.

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      Why must whites be “the highest expression of human kind”? This pursuit of being the objectively “best” is itself a weakness.

      Whites need to love their nations as a mother loves her child, because the child is hers. There are so many variations in what is best. We should strive to be the best we can be, but true nationalism is particular. I’m no expert on the Greeks, but I assume they would have agreed here.

      To explain, if some Asian is better at math, we shouldn’t desire to breed with the Asian to become “better.” Or if some African is a better runner, we shouldn’t desire that speed, at least not from intermarriage.

      Whites should take pride also in our distinction. And we should avoid uniting nonwhites against us by declaring ourselves better than all in some caste. When nonwhites mix to become just a mass that identifies truly as just “nonwhite,” it lacks all pride and distinction. This is most dangerous. It is better that they take pride also and that they remain distinct.

      Our enemies unite all the world against us, have them all intermarry, and then send the mix against us. The mix has no heritage, no identity, no history, is defined by the media, etc. That’s partly how it all works. Global distinction is the alternative.

      Foreigners and whites, all must take pride and remain separate. No intermarriage is key.

  5. Peter
    Peter says:

    Notice that, in contrast, downplaying or denying the Christian Armenian genocide committed by Turkey (1915 thru 1923) is legal, not that I that I think it should be illegal.

    But the Armenian genocide has *umpteen more facts* (including the actual killing telegrams and orders) to back it up than does the Holocaust.

    Apparently, to assert such a thing in Canada is now illegal.

    Incidentally, though most Jewish academics recognize the Armenian genocide as a fact, Israel and the leading Jewish American lobbying organizations have long diminished the Armenian genocide, and Israel won’t recognize that genocide at all.

    Here is an excerpt from a Jewish newspaper (Showdown Set in Genocide Debate, Rebecca Spence, The Jewish Daily Forward, September of 2006):

    Every year on April 24, the day that Armenians commemorate the killings, a resolution calling for the use of the controversial term is proposed in Congress and then beaten back. Some Jewish groups claim credit for ensuring that such a resolution never passes.

    Jewish advocacy groups, including the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, B’nai Brith and American Jewish Committee “have been working with the Turks on this issue” for more than 15 years, said Yola Habif Johnston, director for foundations and community outreach at Jinsa. “The Jewish lobby has quite actively supported Turkey in their efforts to prevent the so-called Armenian genocide resolution from passing,” she said.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      Of course. The Holocaust has to remain the ” best -in- class “. Even the numerically higher Holodomor was negligible. Right ?

      When we were still able to post videos here, rather than just links, I posted a video of ADL Foxman lecturing a Ukrainian Minister, in Kief, that it would be disadvantageous for both sides to weigh the Holodomor against the Holocaust.

      What fatass Foxman was really saying, translated into the language of Realpolitik, was, that he would be returning to his HO [and Congress with AIPAC] in DC, via NYC, venue of the IMF, World Bank and Wall Street: all essential for aid to the Ukraine.

      The local journalist/videographer elicited from Mrs. Foxman, that ” yes, they often played the guilt-card ! “.

      Almost verbatim of what another commenter here quoted a former Israeli [female] Minister stating on DEMOCRACY NOW.
      [ Which I too witnessed contemporaneously ].

      • Gary
        Gary says:

        Mr. Frey, soon we might not be permitted to question holodomor due to any possible advantages those condition for from holodomor?…The Myth of Holodomor, 1932-1933

        This sampling of recent Ukrainian history points to the very shaky popular basis for Kiev’s statehood. Sensing this, a group of Ukrainian intellectuals, centered in Lvov, but extending around the world, has attempted to synthesize a Ukrainian identity in terms of shared victimhood. This school alleges that Stalin’s Soviet government, during the early 1930s struggle against the wealthy farmers or kulaks, carried out a genocidal murder of many millions (most sources claim at least seven million) of Ukrainians through an artificially induced famine, called the holodomor.

        But the eminent French historian Annie LaCroix-Riz of the University of Paris VII, in a study based on archival research into the real-time diplomatic correspondence sent back by various foreign envoys from Moscow and other Eastern European capitals, has concluded that the charge of deliberate genocide by the Soviet government is untenable. According to her findings, the food scarcity of 1932-1933 did indeed impact the Ukrainian black earth region, but it also hit the northern Caucasus and Kazakhstan, suggesting weather was a factor. According to the French diplomatic correspondence she examined, the French envoys reported a food shortage (disette) between two harvests. A principal cause was drought, somewhat along the lines of the American Oklahoma dust bowl at the same time.

        Only in the dispatches of Nazi Germany and fascist Italy did she find references to something as severe as a famine specifically centered in the Ukraine. The concept of a Ukrainian famine deliberately inflicted by Stalin then became, starting in the summer of 1933, a staple of German and Polish propaganda (with Lvov leading the Polish effort), and of certain reactionary groups in the Vatican. This theme was then taken over by the pro-fascist US press empire of the reactionary William Randolph Hearst, and spread throughout the world. The holodomor myth was revived under the Reagan administration. (See Annie LaCroix Riz, “L’Holodomor, nouvel avatar de l’anticommunisme européen,’” online.)

        Shockingly, major Jewish organizations in the NATO countries are ignoring the obvious and well-documented fact that the current rulers of Kiev are the true heirs of the pogromists and fascists Petliura and Bandera. So far, the Jewish communities have not launched a campaign of exposure and denunciation. Are these organizations more devoted to the State Department and the Foreign Office than they are to the fate of Jews in Ukraine and beyond,

    • Raeto West
      Raeto West says:

      The ‘Armenian Genocide’ promoters all seem to emphasise that Armenia was a very early Christian country. They seem to think that it’s a good thing to have been part of anther Jewish group! I hope they can update themselves!

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      Jews were somehow associated with Turkey at the time of the Armenian genocide. I read that somewhere and expect it true. Jews want to diminish the Armenian event because, as with the Ukrainian, Jews were involved. They must have supported the regime in Turkey.

      What I’m saying here is that I believe if a person looks into this, it will be rewarding. Jews fear this Armenian history, and it is not just because it competes with the WWII narrative.

  6. Colin Woodbridge
    Colin Woodbridge says:

    There have been 20 genocides involving millions since 1950. The details of all of them can be and are questioned. The ‘Holocaust’ is the only genocide where the official account enjoys legal protection. Now isn’t that curious?

    It is little known that the architect of the genocide of the Armenians and other Christian people by the Turks in the years around the early 20th Century enjoyed the support of Jewish leaders in Turkey. The details of that genocide is disputed. Indeed, the government of Turkey denies that there was a genocide.

    Another mass murder whose details are disputed is the Holodomor, the forced starvation of millions in the Ukraine by the Soviets in the 1930’s. The estimates of the numbers directly involved vary around 3.9 millions. The Ukrainian government’s official figure is that the population of Ukraine declined by 10 millions as a result of these actions. The consequences for that country have been manifold. One of them of course is the detestation for Russia among Ukrainians manifest in their powerful resistance in the present war.

    The Holodomor was put into effect mainly to get as much grain as possible to sell abroad so that the proceeds could be invested in industrialisation of the country. But there can be little doubt that the extreme brutality of its enforcement was thanks to an additional motive, the destruction of the Ukrainian peasantry because it was strongly Christian and nationalist. As an aside, when the numbers of orphans resulting from the Holodomor became a problem, Stalin had them shot.

    The head of the organisation which organised the Holodomor was Jewish. Further the majority of the secret police who enforced it on his behalf were also Jewish.

    We hear very little about the Holodomor and less about the many other genocides whilst we are regularly reminded about the Holocaust.


    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      We could end all this gibberish about what is or is not a ‘genocide’ by simply jettisoning this slippery Jewish linguistic invention.
      Why aren’t ancient massacres called ‘genocides’? Mankind got on fine, no one was confused about anything before some dork Jew in the 1940’s invented this new word ‘genocide’. He did it because he was concerned about the Armenians don’t cha’ know! In 1944!
      What other Jewish modernistic ideas have value? It’s the same old boring swindle every-single-time.

    • Colin Woodbridgr
      Colin Woodbridgr says:

      Apropos the support given to the Architect of the Armenian genocide by Jewish leaders, here is an article from the Times of Israel on the subject :

      It is worth mentioning that Jews bitterly defend what they like to think of as the uniqueness of the ‘Holocaust’. Israel denies that there was a genocide of the Armenians.

      Most likely this is because to acknowledge this might divert attention from their own ‘Holocaust’ and also draw attention to the support of Jews for its commissioning. That would detract from the story that Jews are, always and everywhere, victims.

      In fact, that there was a Holocaust of the Armenians is asserted by the Jewish historians Benny Morris and Dror Ze’evi et al in their book, “The Thirty Year Genocide. Turkey’s destruction of its Christian Minorities 1894-1924.”

  7. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    A little late to the game with this one. The idea came via a Private Member’s Bill introduced in February by a shabbos goy Con-job-servative MP. This link is to an amended press release.
    The original had mentioned the Seconder Mellissa Lantzman. You can read about here here:
    The motion passed unanimously.
    Upon hearing this, I contacted the lump of excrement posing as my Member of Parliament, asking him why he, and his Party supported criminalizing an opinion, something guaranteed by “the Charter” (aka The Coup d’Etat), and also an issue already ruled upon by the Supreme(ly stupid) Court over 30 years ago when overturning the verdict in Ernst Zundel’s trial, where even the kangaroos were too embarrassed to show up. I provided information where even “Holocaust promoters” doubt the 6 kagillion. Despite my contacting him a second time to ask why he has refused to respond to a constituent, I have received no acknowledgement of my correspondence from his office, likely because he is out providing oral stimulation of the genetalia to his visible minority constituents.
    I can guarantee that the overwhelming majority of the brain dead Canadian population wouldn’t bat an eye about this. There are still idiots wandering around with face diapers even though all restrictions ended months ago – something they complain about. We’re doomed.

  8. Socraticist
    Socraticist says:

    What is this repeated comparison with Christian religious narratives enjoying no legal protection? It gives the impression that the author is not reporting from the position of the right of freedom of speech, but on the basis of a complaint of ethno-religious favouritism. Should that be fixed so to invite all kinds of religious fanaticism to start demanding laws to project their myths? Or is it a strategy, since a proper valuation of freedom of speech cannot be expected from elite mobs and political mobs, they must be convinced to refrain from making more laws against freedom of speech by pointing out that other religious groups, groups which they do not like, through precedent will have an equal right to such laws?

  9. Joe
    Joe says:

    I demand that denial of Tolkein’s “Middle Earth” and Lovecraft’s “Cthulhu” mythos be punishable by at least 2 years in prison. The Holohoax is even more fictitious than those two classic and highly imaginative worlds.

  10. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    Long ago,I was friendly with Ruth who had a big nose, wore glasses and always wore a long brown check jacket,long brown check skirt and brown flat heeled shoes. She was also short and fat and claimed to be descended from rabbis who had travelled North from Israel.
    The rabbis in my family visited Jerusalem in the Middle Ages and saw Jewry change because the rabbis were converting non Jews to increase the size of their congregations and incomes.
    For this reason I always called Eastern Jews converts. My family ceased to be Jewish when my maternal great Grandfather married a convert.
    Ruth said her family left Germany in 1938. At the border her parents said they were going abroad for a cycling holiday. The sergeant was pleasant and the barrier was raised.
    In Prague the German tanks caught up with her parents so they left the country and another friendly German sergeant raised the barrier to let them leave.
    They should, in my opinion, have been allowed to stay in Germany because they were not Jews but Germans of the Jewish faith. Although they were not wanted.
    These people should not have been dumped in Palestine by the Haavara agreement.
    Glaubenjuden are not of Jewish blood and have no connection to Palestine.
    The Germans dumped 60,000 Glaubenjuden in Palestine although they intended to exterminate them on an industrial scale?
    One of the World’s leading historians on WW2, David Irving, has said that the decrypts say that 6million Europeans of the Jewish faith were killed in the East in WW2. Some people have suggested that these figures are exaggerated by the people sending the messages to show how good (or bad) they were.
    I consider that when the Europeans of the Jewish faith murdered over 30 million Russians of the Christian faith, that was more like an extermination on an industrial scale.
    Two of my Indian students had a grand father who stayed in Germany for 6 months in the mid 1930’s.. The grandfather told me it was the happiest country he ever visited and he had visited most.
    He told me that the only trouble was that he liked to walk and Germans would stop him to talk about India. His walks consisted of 10 minutes walking followed by 20 minutes talking about India.
    He thanked God that India had belonged to the British Empire and not the Ottoman Empire although he was a Moslem!
    There are now 10 times as many Indians in the UK as there were British in India.
    Unfortunately there are too many part Yankees and Yankee lovers at the top of the UK which are more of a problem. They have been,on and off, since 1776

  11. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    “We should pray that the opportunity to reflect upon who “we” are, where “we” came from, and perhaps even where “we” are going will not be missed.”

    Dear Professor,

    I had the great privilege of meeting a Romanian pastor Dumitru who was exiled from his Romania to America and his testimony is something I cherish. He became a Christian under the Ceaucescu regime and paid dearly for that. Actually it was due to his helping a christian missionary escape the clutches of the security forces of that country for smuggling bibles into the country. He ended up under Dumitru supervision and Dumitru let him go. This did not go to well for him and he was summarily imprisoned and tortured for his new found Christian faith. His testimony of suffering and torture is heart – rending. He really suffered having his ribs bones broken, face smashed in and being put into a rat infested cage etc, etc. Meeting him and praying with him I consider one of the great blessings of my life and you know the only thing he asked of me was for bibles for his people back home. They had nothing but mere scraps of paper with scriptures on them to go by. Under Ceuscue it was a really oppressive regime. What really caught my interest however, was what he had to say about what he witnessed go down in a box canyon.

    When he got out of prison he learned that some of his fellow people / Christians had been also tortured for their faith and were summarily dumped into a box canyon. Without food or water they were abandoned to the elements and left to die. Upon hearing of their plight Dumitru and some others gathered some supplies, a vehicle and proceeded to save these people. He relayed to all of us that as they approached the people they were being followed by the military in two jeeps and he knew they would all be killed. He then said to us that as they got closer to these abandoned suffering people a light rain started to descend upon them and then as they witnessed the two jeeps full of soldiers getting closer the most amazing thing transpired. The rain over the soldiers turned to hail and the closer they drove into the box canyon and the closer they got to the people the more furious the hail became until the soldiers were getting hurt by the downpour. Dumitru said we all watched in disbelief and excitement at what was transpiring and the soldiers couldn’t take the beating of the hail anymore and turned around and sped out of the canyon. Dumitru then turned to us all and said God knows how to save his people!!!!!

    upon hearing such a testimony I sat there saying to myself thank you this is exactly what i have been waiting to hear for quite sometime and why? Because i have learned that climate change is the work of God. For quite some time i had been gathering so much evidence to the truth of this and the many questions it has raised accordingly as you could well imagine. In fact when I studied events like the Tunguska Meteorite event of 1908 one learns or should learn very quickly God takes the suffering of his people extremely seriously.

    I suggest you read whats here sir and learn about coincidences which are too much to be just coincidences. Indeed the Tunguska Event is the beginning of something much much worse which will soon befall this world of ours.

    Where “we” are going?

    God is indeed a Military Commander with His own weapons!!!

    “you will get your third ‘a’ back again”

    I often wonder if this shouldn’t be applied to what the bible teaches about climate change? I mean given what occurred with Bravo Company during the Iraq War and how they were stopped dead cold by a series of storms that came up from nowhere and it should be? As Fox tells it:

    “According to a radio newscast I heard while in my car during the Iraq war, a lone Moslem in the city of Baghdad had been screaming, “Hey, look what God is doing to the U.S. Forces.” Upon hearing this, I scoured the newspapers for any news about what this gentleman was talking about and came across a report about Bravo Company when they were some twenty-five miles from Baghdad. They were stopped dead by a series of storms that sprung up out of nowhere. The day had begun calmly enough, clear and sunny, but as they neared the city, they encountered a windstorm so fierce that it obscured the sun, turning the desert black. The wind was strong enough to batter and shake their tanks and personal carriers. After several hours, the sandstorm turned into a hailstorm with accompanying thunder and lightning. It turned the sand into mud, bogging down their vehicles and stalling their advance. They had to deal with the forming of a lake which almost swamped their vehicles.

    This is typical of how God Almighty works. The conditions of the Old Testament are literally coming back in the Middle East. Sadly, it took one lone citizen of the city of Baghdad—a Moslem, no less—to recognize it for what it was: an act of Almighty God. He, of all people, could see what others could not. No doubt this was due more to his acclimatization to that environment than his education in matters of the Bible or the Koran (assuming there’s anything in that book regarding the weather). In the desert, no one ever lives to see a hailstorm, in so abrupt a manner and over an army.”

    In the bible there are hundreds of scriptures which testify to this being the work of God but I will post one from Isaiah and thee other by Job:

    “The Lord will cause people to hear his majestic voice and will make them see his arm coming down with raging anger and consuming fire, with cloudburst, thunderstorm and hail.” (Isaiah 30:30}

    “Have you entered the storehouses of the snow or seen the storehouses of the hail, which I reserve for times of trouble, for days of war and battle?” (Job 38:22–23)

    Now isn’t this interesting especially the one from the book of Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    God is a military commander with his own weapons????????

    Does this then explain what occurred at Fort Carson???

    Raises some serious questions does it not?

    Further to this a more serious question needs asking and that is given the scripture in the Book of Revelation about the coming war against God:

    “They will make war against the Lamb, but the Lord will
    overcome them because He is Lord of lords and King of
    kings-and with him will be His called, chosen and faithful
    followers.” {Rev. 17:14}

    could it be possible that with our amazing military someone will think to take on even God or what purports to be god by way of aliens which is all the rage today?

    Lastly, Dumitru got his newly minted Bibles for his people back home and the smile on his face and joy in his heart is something I cherish and will cherish forever all thanks to this dear lady!!!

  12. Waldemar
    Waldemar says:

    A particularly perfidious “Operation Reinhart”: “Bruce
    Reinhart seems to follow the Christian religion”. Yeah!

    Are they trying to screw us? Since when do ethnic Germans
    have such Jewish “appearances”? Gross. Even if this Ross-
    täuscher “inherited” his name on his father’s side, he has
    no Aryan maternal bloodline, and that’s decisive in Jewism.

    (Also) wixi Category “Jewish surnames”

  13. hotrod31
    hotrod31 says:

    The craziest part of this whole scheme is that the people foisting this fiction on ‘the Goys’ have had no issue with murdering Palestinians and stealing their land and other property. Moreover, they have subverted the laws and practically taken-over the governmental structures of most countries while simultaneously professing to want an Apartheid state for themselves in the Middle-East. It is time to put a stop to the fiction.
    A basic understanding of math would suggest that the alleged H’hoax is and remains IMPOSSIBLE. The Red Cross records of the period exposes the LIE, because the meticulous census records show an increase in the J3wish population.

    • Junghans
      Junghans says:

      A mega bingo on that, Hotrod 31. It’s also a fact that swarms of “suvivors” overran Palestine after 1945, and were thus able to seize control of that place by 1948. For an excellent & concise overview of the so called ‘Holocaust’, see Peter Winter’s excellent book THE SIX MILLION-FACT OR FICTION

  14. frozy
    frozy says:

    A lesson in arithmetic:
    Before 1990:
    – Total number of killed Jews in the holocaust = 6M
    – Total number of deaths at Auschwitz = 4M (old plaque)
    After 1990:
    – Total number of killed Jews in the holocaust = 6M
    – Total number of deaths at Auschwitz = 1M (new plaque)
    Hence: 6 – 3 = 6

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      I saw those four plaques, in four languages, on the ground, during two consecutive two-day visits to A 1 and A 2, when this Jewish woke math surfaced. [ I would require several pages of comment here, to list all the discrepancies between official and denialist claims I could not help but notice ].

  15. Waldemar
    Waldemar says:

    OT (but not really, after all, a little amu-
    sing entertainment is part of the good life!)

    “Count Curry” has taken up (in an almost “exceptionally
    thankful” way, I have to admit) my hint to a certain book
    and its author. With me, however, you don’t have to over-
    come a “paywall” to find out what’s in it. I’m quite curious!

  16. Swan
    Swan says:

    The one take away from this article everyone reading this should proclaim loudly is that hualocaust denial laws “sanctify Jewish theology by force of law” brilliantly concise.

  17. Peter
    Peter says:

    “the image of the largely agentless and innocent—that is unpolitical—Jewish victim [as] the ‘ideal’ or ‘exemplary’ victim.” That anyone can say that with a straight face when you look at the key leadership role Jews play in many western countries can only be explained by the power and pressure Jews force on people to state such a lie. It claims that Jews are “unpolitical”, while Russian President Vladimir Putin and many others have said Jews played a key role in founding and running the Soviet Union. Germany’s leader Adolf Hitler also correctly said that and the term “Judeo-Bolshevism” used during WW II properly described the USSR and the communist agitators and movements across Europe well before WW II started. Despite this, if you do a Google search on the term “Judeo-Bolshevism” you will find that virtually every article that comes up (over 95% I would guess) claim the term is a lie. It can be hard to find an article that does not deny the validity of the term. That Google is a Jewish owned company might explain that.

    On the other hand it would probably much closer to the truth to say that the millions of German civilians deliberately murdered by British and American bombers in WW II were “unpolitical”. Ethnic Germans with a hyper sense of their ethnicity do not play a key or any role in the governments of the world. Donald Trump, whose grandparents on his father’s side were German is about as German as his Jewish son in law (whose parents have a deep hatred for the Germans).

    President Putin: Soviet Government Was Mostly Jewish – 80-85 %

    Now I will discuss what I really wanted to talk about, a remarkable book (or maybe the first draft of a book) by a German “1/2 Jew” born in 1914 to a German Christian father and and German Jewish mother. He left Germany in 1938. He was born to what appears to me to be a very patriotic side of the family of his father, which might explain who he was but it’s his description of the behavior of the German authorities (including the Gestapo) that is very interesting. I’ve read it before, also from someone that would know, that the Gestapo was not a gangster like organization (like the Soviet NKVD or the American FBI), but in step with being the secret police for the most civil and highly cultured country in the world, they behaved properly and within the law, towards Jews also, contrary to every lie you have been told your whole life. I have only started reading the short book written by Heinz Weichardt.

    The 1/2 Jewish Weichardt says some remarkable things that completely obliterate ever lie you have been told or read your whole life about what Germany was like under Hitler. In my many discussions with my German mother, who also lived in Germany then, there is nothing written in his book that I am astounded at but 30 or 40 years ago I might not have been able to say the same thing.

    “I went to school with those fellows in the SS. I knew that they were simply not capable of behavior which the Jews were ascribing to them.”

    ‘On January 31, 1933, with a Bolshevik uprising only weeks, perhaps days, away, Hitler, as leader of the party, was constitutionally named Reichs Chancellor. The most remarkable part about the
    following national “revolution” is the fact that it was totally orderly and bloodless.’

    On the Reichstag fire: ‘Any claim that the National Socialists set the fire is typical lying propaganda. Today this is even admitted in Jewish-ruled Germany! During the following fall a trial was held in Germany’s highest court against the admitted arsonist and the Communist hierarchy. One Bulgarian Communist, Dimitroff, of postwar fame, had a field day in court by insulting Hermann Goring, but in the end all of them were acquitted except the arsonist. The highest court in National Socialist Germany could not produce sufficient evidence to tie the Communist elite to the crime which was certainly committed in their name. Compare this with the Jewish-run show trials in Moscow, the lynchfest in Nuremberg and the Jerusalem lynching of Eichmann (who did not heed the warnings about his impending abduction, because “the Jews will not do anything against me, after what I have done for them during the war”)’ Regarding the Reichstag fire, I believe this is backed up by the discovery of Josef Goebbels diaries in Moscow and subsequent book written by David Irving on the diaries.

    “Never at any time, neither then nor today, did National Socialists mark Jewish properties of any kind with swastikas, because this would be considered a desecration of their revered symbol.”

    After purchasing a cherished gun he wanted to own, the Gestapo came to his Mr. Weichardt’s home.
    “Some envious or overzealous citizen felt obliged to inform the authorities of my dreamy deal. It was followed by the famous knock on the door, and on opening I faced three agents of the secret police (Gestapo). No hands in the pockets groping for hidden arms, no shouted orders or threats, only showing of identifications and the polite question if I had any firearms at home and if they could see them. I asked them in, got my guns and asked my mother to show the registration receipts. The disappointment of the rather mild-mannered gentlemen at the measly display was obvious and they asked about the whereabouts of one hundred Parabellums which I was suspected to harbor. My heart sank and I told them about my, now surely aborted, hoped-for big deal, which as yet had not been consummated. They looked greatly relieved and the man in charge said that a perfunctory search of our premises was in order. No drawers were ripped out and emptied, nothing was displaced or damaged—only a short look under beds into armoires and storage cabinets. When they were ready to leave the man in charge spotted a letter on the table with a Jewish-sounding name of the sender and being obviously informed about my mother’s racial background he very kindly admonished her that because of the new conditions prevalent to be especially careful and not to break any of the existing laws. With that they apologized for the inconvenience they had caused and left. My loaded guns remained on the table.” For your whole life you’ve been told lies by the Jews and this half Jew, to his credit, is one that speaks the truth. Compare this to the gangster style behavior of the American FBI.

    “My next run-in with the authorities of the Third Reich happened about three years later and was a bit
    more ominous. I had just received the notification that my application for voluntary service in the
    newly-recruited army had been definitely denied and I was understandably very bitter because service
    in the armed forces was considered an honor and privilege, not an onerous duty. Instead of swallowing my badly injured pride I complained to everybody who would listen to me, ending my complaints with the caustic question: Why me, when even the top general of the Luftwaffe, Erhard Milch, had a Jewish father? Well it didn’t take very long for the knock at the door. This time I faced three members of the Algemeine-SS. The situation was made more serious by my little Dachshund. She had a dislike for tall men in black uniform and immediately attacked the intruders, loudly barking and snapping. The SS retreated a few steps until I had taken control of the objecting animal. Precautionary shooting of pet animals was definitely not PC in Hitler’s Germany. Besides, no member of a uniformed organization, except army and police, was ever permitted to carry firearms publicly in order to emphasize their non-military character. After the three men had entered our apartment, I was severely admonished for spreading insulting rumors about high-level army officers. All I could say was that I was absolutely sure that the father of General ErhardMilch was buried in the Jewish cemetery in Dessau, home of the famous Junkers aircraft works. I will never forget the stunned expressions on the faces of the three as they left, this time without apologies, in a huff. I did not hear from them again. Of course I knew that the statement to which they objected was true.”

    ‘Next, consider the listening to foreign radio stations. In Europe, there were fewer transmitting stations than here in America, but they were much more powerful and in centrally located Germany you could always listen to the transmissions from Austria, Switzerland, France, England, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Poland and Hungary. They all disseminated programs in German language and most of them contained vicious anti-German and specially anti-Hitler propaganda as well as outright lies about the terrible conditions in Germany under “Nazi terror.” You were not supposed to listen to these radio transmissions but most people did and it was technically not feasible to jam the powerful foreign long- and middle-wave transmitters without causing disturbing interferences of your own radio programs. One evening, while listening to radio Moscow, the bell was ringing and there stood the lady living in the apartment below us. Her husband was the Blockward of our building and responsible to take care of all problems of or with the tenants and to make sure that everybody behaved nicely and in accordance with the rules and regulations of the new era. How did she phrase her demands and threats? “Dear Mr. Weichardt, if you have to listen to radio Moscow, wouldn’t you be so kind and turn the volume down a bit in order to avoid possible trouble for you or us.”‘

    There is more and I only started reading it.

    • Former Liberal
      Former Liberal says:

      Thank you for the information in regards to this article. I am also Jewish on my Dad’s side, but his World War Two military service made him dislike Jews, just as my own military stint changed my views. I’m utterly disgusted by Jews suppressing open discussion of the Holocaust, especially since many other people died during World War Two, including anywhere from 11 to 13 million Germans. I’ve heard different estimates. Plus, I’ve read that in 1943 the Allies got together and decided to use propaganda to make the Germans look as bad as possible. I believe National Socialism killed some Jews, but not the alleged 6 million of them. Then again, Hitler went after other people as well. I’m also utterly disgusted by the nonstop payments of reparations. My dad’s side of the family is Russian and Polish. They did lose people during World War Two, but I wasn’t there. As far as I’m concerned, the German people today owe nothing to anyone, and the screeching about generational trauma is ridiculous. Again, thanks for your comment, and thank you Occidental Observer for publishing articles like this.

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        Hi. I don’t wish to be argumentative with you on a ‘minor point’, but I’d like you to consider that “National Socialism DID NOT KILL ANY Jews.” Killing implies intent to kill. Jews died under NS, absolutely, as did non-Jews. People die everywhere, under every regime, all the time. No one was ever “killed” except for someone like SA Leader Ernst Roehm, and other armed, active enemies of the ruling regime, like the August 20, 1944 “Valkyrie” plotters — most all of them German.

        Also, what does it mean to say that “Hitler went after other people as well.” Went after? Did he kill them too? Statements like these contain NO content and seem to exist only to protect the speaker from being seen as pro-Hitler. Therefore, Hitler MUST be believed to have done dastardly things, even though not necessarily what he’s been accused of.

        I realize coming to the truth is a gradual process — because otherwise the shock is too great. All the best to you. I appreciate your comment.

        • Bobby
          Bobby says:

          Wow what another on this website said was true, you are simply intent on picking every bone. You’ve clearly never been taught grace or to choose your battles. This man, a Jew ethnically, states that he himself is tired of the propaganda, and what do you, come after him on small points, of which you are incorrect. Hitler did come after non jews, as my GF was imprisoned for speaking against Nazis in a bar. And my cousin, with a cleft lip was also detained.

          And to Former Liberal, thank you. You are willingness to speak out and discuss your own heritage and views is refreshing and to others who may want to do the same, please dont allow the aggressiveness of this woman to discourage you.

  18. Arch Stanton
    Arch Stanton says:

    “How did we reach the present sorry state of affairs?”

    Is it not obvious this is because the Jews run the legal system and write the laws? Jews depend on the goyim’s slavish observance and submission to their corrupt and totally arbitrary legal system. But then Jews have been playing the law game since Moses was a corporal.

  19. Carolyn Yeager
    Carolyn Yeager says:

    I want to thank Prof. Andrew Frazer for mentioning and linking to my May 1st article on the two proposals in the Canadian Parliament to ban “Holocaust Denial” in Canada … which I think would be a first in the Western hemisphere. Not sure, but I think. Which makes it very bad news, indeed.

    I was so very pleased to see it!

    • Drew Fraser
      Drew Fraser says:

      G’day Caroline,
      You’re very welcome. I saw a lot of interesting stuff on your website. I’ll drop by again to
      browse from time to time.

  20. Next Try
    Next Try says:

    WTF is going on here!

    Sometimes we sense things that we cannot “ra-
    tionally” explain. And yet they’re undeniably true.

  21. Gary
    Gary says:

    What we have corrupting the Canadian Parliament does not represent, and never has, mankind within the Dominion of Canada…Canada, and its working class, at this moment are held in a death grip by traitorous political powers Please keep in mind that Canada is not a demoncracy. Canada is a Constitutional Monarch. With the Monarchy in the past, without legal interpretation, being defender, Magna Carta 1215, Bill of Rights 1689 and Bill of Rights 1960…In my view this is a misconception. Nowhere in the Bill of Rights is such an intention to be found; but because the Bill does not say what, according to this conception, it ought to say, it has been scorned as being incredibly badly drafted to the rights of all mankind within the UK and the Dominion of Canada…”Essentially, the words of your Bill of Rights, like the words of our Bill of Rights, are worthless without men who will put it into effect in a decent way”

    With the inclusion of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in the Constitution Act, 1982, certain human rights and fundamental freedoms have an enhanced legal status. All laws in Canada must comply with the Charter and are interpreted by Canadian courts in a manner that is consistent with the supremacy of the Constitution. Hate Speech and Freedom of Expression: Legal Boundaries in Canada Research publications The charter of so called rights and so called freedoms [hereinafter referred to as ” the charter of legalese 1982″] is merely another legal statute attempting to legally circumvent, through lawyers already oath soul bound to their privately incorporated law society businesses from across Canada, the moral and spiritual Law of the Land under the Supremacy of God already upheld within the Dominion of Canada as in accordance with the Canadian Bill of Rights 1960 [hereinafter referred to as “the Law 1960”]. Any Lawful acting mankind within the Dominion of Canada knows, or ought to know, that appointed lawyers, while already being oath soul bound [Jesus Forbids Oaths] members of their privately incorporated law society businesses from across Canada, cannot sit in a position of Judge [Exodus 18] as in accordance with the Law 1960 i) The Christ righteously hated lawyers; ii) the lawyer oligarch written, interpreted and then enforced law society legal statute providing for the membership, before appointment, that any lawyer has with its privately incorporated law society business to be held in abeyance, which cannot take place due to past loyalty, etc., section 31

    Also, please keep in mind that Quebec did not even sign on to this meaningless, truly not even worthy of wipe for the washroom, the charter of legalese 1982. Jack Layton wanted to reopen the charter of legalese 1982 with Quebec…NDP Leader Jack Layton tells reporters he’s open to dealing with the ‘historic problem’ of Quebec’s exclusion from the Constitution [a great short video within] It should be more than obvious to other Canadian Nationalist mankind that the already Canadian Nationalist mankind within Quebec [wherein Quebec for the longest time was their “red herring” great divide] were on side with Mr. Layton, while finally wanting to end the pain and suffering inflicted through a lawyer oligarch…Not only did he win a record number of Quebec seats in the last election 59 out of 75 but he did it almost single-handedly This unification may also soon face annihilation through the lawyer oligarch and their corrupt legal exploitation of our immigration and migration meant to culturally suicide a Canadian Nationalist mankind from uniting and then taking action?…Are Muslim Migrants a Blessing in Disguise

    Once the lawyer oligarch introduced their charter of legalese 1982, without ratification from Quebec, while blindsiding a Canadian Nationalist mankind through beer and hockey, it was a further legal free for all?…”They are buying Libertarian adherents just like they bought Hitler’s Brownshirts — for beer and bratwursts” Without Quebec, how is the charter of legalese 1982 even given any legitimacy, including to this day with the charter of legalese 1982 showboating through their legal “convoy”, within the Dominion of Canada?…The incident became known as the “night of the long knives.” It fuelled Quebec separatism for years to come A lawyer oligarch just doing whatever it wants?

    The real question here, how much longer are we going to permit this treasonous charade through their charter of legalese 1982 to carry on?…Preamble The Parliament of Canada, affirming that the Canadian Nation is founded upon principles that acknowledge the supremacy of God, the dignity and worth of the human person and the position of the family in a society of free men and free institutions; Affirming also that men and institutions remain free only when freedom is founded upon respect for moral and spiritual values and the rule of law…”I am a Canadian, a free Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.” John Diefenbaker. – The Canadian Bill of Rights

    This repressive measure was announced shortly after Christian pastors were charged merely for holding Easter Sunday church services in contravention of public health orders during the contrived Covid “emergency.”…Hypocrite swine, all of them?…The church’s lawyer, James Kitchen, said, “Their first loyalty is to obey their God, not government. They are committed to gathering, as they always have, for in-person worship services” Lawyers representing these hypocrites while pleading their charter of legalese? How can a Host not support Government? How can a Host not find Government has been corrupted through a lawyer oligarch and that “It is mine to avene; I will repay,” says the Lord can only be carried out through moral and spiritual serving Government How can those so-called Hosts not know that it was through the charter of legalese 1982 that even prayer was removed from schools across Ontario? Possibly the first moral and spiritual attack of the lawyer oligarch since introduction of their charter of legalese 1982…The Ontario Court of Appeal ruled that the use of the Lord’s Prayer in opening exercises in public schools offended the Charter And these energy vampires continue…Jun 15, 2010 Board removes Christianity from moral policy Board staff brought legal council to the meeting as a resource and trustees were informed about the Canadian Charter of Rights and Human Rights legislation and their impact on school board policy, Oct 17, 2012 Court case challenges Catholic school funding The Canadian Civil Liberties Association, all lawyers…can you imagine all these pronouns of division these monsters have legally solicited for, is intervening in the challenge and is supporting Landau, Feb 07, 2013 Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, a lawyer working pro bono for Erazo, is encouraging the parent to pursue legal action against the board, saying that the province’s education act states that parents can obtain a full exemption for their children from religious courses, programs, and activities, Jan 15, 2016 The school plays the Lord’s Prayer over the PA system every morning. […] David Arnot, head of the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission, said Friday that he agrees with Hennenfent Saskatchewan mom wants mandatory prayers banned in public schools. “What you can’t do is choose one religion over another,” Arnot said. “A dominant religion, like Christianity, doesn’t get preference to other religions” The lawyer Arnot was recently appointed to the Canadian senate with a lot of lawyers and their puppets

    How did we reach the present sorry state of affairs?…77. Jesus said, “I am the light that is over all things. I am all: from me all came forth, and to me all attained. Split a piece of wood; I am there. Lift up the stone, and you will find me there.”- Gospels of Thomas. “Look around you father what do you see? I see a church. It’s a building. The true church of Jesus Christ is so much more. Not in buildings of made of wood and stone. I love Jesus I don’t need an institution between him and me. You see just God and man. No priests. No churches, Hence, the church that becomes a 501C-3 tax-exempt non-profit organization begins to deviate from the scriptures in the way its’ leadership operates and functions and provides for its’ body of believers, “What is the great danger in the Christian Church today…the danger whatever the denomination from within is the person who wears the cloth of Christ…and who is unfaithful to the word of God…the corrupt and apostate shepherds who infest and fill our pulpits across the United States and Canada…the cancer is within…we are so careful to preserve the wolves in the church and so slow to defend the faith of the church

    Here is a dismissal hearing taking place of a true Host. The church has its lawyers. The minister represented by his mom

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      Sorry Gary, the Lord’s Prayer doesn’t belong in schools. If Christian students want to arrange to meet before or after school, somewhere in the school bldg., they should be allowed to do so, as an extra-curricular activity.

      • Gary
        Gary says:

        @Carolyn Yeager May I ask why you believe the Lord’s Prayer does not belong in schools?…That morning, as Tilley read from Psalm 72:8, he became so convinced that Canada should be a nation under God, that when he came down to the Conference session, he presented the inspired name “Dominion of Canada” Also an interesting read?…– Bishop John Strachan, a leader who helped form our public education system, stated that “the church must continue to play a central role in education. You cannot divorce religion from education because schools will inevitably reflect the philosophical and religious or (irreligious) biases of those who direct them.” But our leaders have divorced religion from education when they took prayer, Bible reading, and the Ten Commandments out of the the schools! And what religion today is directing our education across Canada?…The issue started when a 12-year-old schoolboy dropped a 20 cm (8-inch) long kirpan in school. School staff and parents were very concerned, and the student was required to attend school under police supervision until the court decision[11] was reached. A student is allowed to have a kirpan on his person if it is sealed and secured 8 inches. Hello?…The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that Sikh students can carry ceremonial daggers to class and that doing so does not pose an undue danger to others in the schools How much longer before Christianity is a religion of the past…School boards like the one in the Peel district are at the forefront of the battles over multiculturalism. The district is among the country’s most diverse, with nearly 60 percent of all residents described as “visible minority,” or nonwhite, according to the 2011 census And then what?…”The separation of church and state argument for removing all traces of Biblical teaching from public life and public land is a gigantic fraud. Why? Because there is no separation of church and state. Government religion is a fact in the United States. What is wanted by the government religion adherents is not separation of church and state, but exclusive rights for their religion. This is why attempts are being made to destroy Christianity”

  22. Armoric
    Armoric says:

    In France, the law simply says that you cannot contradict the Jews about their WW2 story. It doesn’t say why. But this new law introduced in Canada contains a very vague self-justification: the aim is to oppose “antisemitism”. Antisemitism means that you contradict the Jews, oppose them, denounce their crimes, spread information about them… The authors of the “Canadian” new law want to ban criticism of the Jews because it encourages criticism of the Jews. But they do not explain why it is particularly important in relation to WW2. A favorite explanation given by the Jews is that debunking their WW2 stories is like gassing them all over again! If the goyim think they have been played for fools, I think they may become impatient with the Jews. But this not the official reason why we can’t contradict the Jews.

    “No Member of Parliament wanted to be seen “profaning” the memory of Jewish victims of “the supreme example of human inhumanity” by voting against the proposed amendments.”

    It is the Jews who specialise in the desecration of everything not Jewish!

    “controversial opinions on the history of the Third Reich”

    The Jews use the word “controversial” and “polemical” to describe opinions they don’t like, but their own holocaust story is just as “controversial”. It is the subject of strong disagreement. That is the definition of the word.

    “Holocaust means the planned and deliberate state-sponsored persecution and annihilation of European Jewry”

    “Annihilation” would mean that there were no Jews left, or at the very least, that their collective power had been totally destroyed!

    “One often hears the claim that “the Holocaust” is the best documented “event” in human history”

    The Jews used to say that a disturbing thing about German WW2 crimes was that they were commited in plain sight, with no effort to hide them. The Germans were shameless psychopaths. They committed their crimes the German way: rigorous, super-efficient, completely industrialized. Every crime was coldly monitored by the administration.

    But they have changed their claims against the Germans. They now say that everything was done in secret. That explains why there is no record of what happened. They just know in their bones that it happened. The Germans are still super-villains, particularly the Nazis, but even the Nazis had no idea that the Jews were being annihilated. I guess the 6 million were killed by a small team of 50 Germans who swore not to tell anyone.

    ” the so-called “functionalist” school of mainstream historians who portray the Holocaust as an evolving reaction by bureaucrats, military personnel, and collaborators to events during the war years rather than the product of an “intentional,” “planned” or “deliberate” scheme directed from the top down. ”

    In 1988, Robert Faurisson published an article where he made fun of Raul Hilberg’s views about the holocaust. Title: “Raul Hilberg now explains that the genocide of the Jews was carried out by telepathy!”. Faurisson explained that Hilberg, the most prestigious promoter of the holocaust theory, had to change some of his theories, due to the work of the pesky revisionists who noticed a few inconvenient details, like the lack of documents. Hilberg had to develop this new theory:

    “But what began in 1941 was a process of destruction not planned in advance, not organized centrally by any agency. There was no blueprint and there was no budget for destructive measures. They [these measures] were taken step by step, one step at a time. Thus came about not so much a plan being carried out, but an incredible meeting of minds, a consensus-mind reading by a far-flung bureaucracy.”

    Faurisson summed it up in a few words: “The entire German bureaucratic machinery had, for years, operated by thought transmission or telepathy!”.

    I think such a theory applies better to the Jews. Is there a great Jewish centralized conspiracy against the White race? No, it is largely a decentralized phenomenon, where Jews are joining their minds telepathically to subvert White society. Or maybe they are using Skype?

  23. Anon
    Anon says:

    Many incredulous stories were circulating about the camps detracting from credibility.. Truths are coming to light because of open research. The Allies sealed the narrative of WWII to cover up their own blunders. Forty percent of Germans did not vote for Hitler and many still can’t believe what happened. You don’t need gas. Seal a crowded room, suck out air and people suffocate.

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