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Global Jesus versus National Jesus, Part Two: The Political Hermeneutics of Resurrection Part Two

N.T. Wright on Paul’s Resurrection Theology: Global or National? N.T. Wright, the former Anglican bishop of Durham, is an influential scholar-theologian-priest and the author of many gargantuan studies of the historical Jesus and the apostle Paul.  He, too, maintains that the meaning of the cross and resurrection is not to be found in theological abstractions […]

Global Jesus versus National Jesus: The Political Hermeneutics of Resurrection, Part One

Introduction Biblical interpretation is, if not the only, certainly the core task of theological hermeneutics.  Unfortunately, religious conflict and biblical interpretation have always been joined at the hip.  Is it therefore the case that theologians engage in “politics” when they offer authoritative interpretations?  Is it too much of a stretch to characterize biblical hermeneutics as […]

Who Owns Bishop Pepe?

Matt Furie is an American artist based in Los Angeles.  He is generally identified as the creator of the popular internet meme known as Pepe the Frog (a claim disputed by Andrew Anglin).  His Pepe character was unveiled on Myspace in 2005.  In 2006, Pepe appeared in print in a comic called Boy’s Club.  There, […]

“Collateral Damage” or “Targets of Opportunity”? Children of Divorce in the War of the Sexes

No-fault divorce is a cultural artefact.  In other words, this “progressive” reform of family law is a product of human artifice.  Inevitably, any such cultural innovation will produce what economists soothingly describe as “negative externalities.”  The most toxic by-product of divorce law reform has been the concomitant breakdown of families with children.  This epidemic of […]

Heart of Darkness: Hip Hop, Existentialist Theology, and the WASP Cult of the Other

Introduction Hip-hop is another cultural artefact attracting the attention of Christians working with young people.  Back in January, at the five-day intensive university course for Youth Culture and Ministry, Andrew Root, a professor of youth ministry from Luther Seminary in Minneapolis, devoted an afternoon session to the subject.  His very effective audio-visual presentation reflected what […]