Is the Covid Program an Attack on Whites and on Western Culture?

“The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.” Tacitus

Some assertions you may disagree with, and I’m obviously asking a somewhat dramatized question. But my central argument is that, whatever you may think of the Covid program, it appears to affect the White race especially, and especially those in the United States and Western Europe.

Why is that?

Because the West has the highest density of institutions, and the most ubiquitous and organized rule of law, and those institutions through which we all live and act, are the means of enforcing the Covid medical program: either you comply or you don’t shop, travel, go to school, keep your job, attend college, get admitted to a hospital, receive a transplant, operate a small business (the vast majority of Americans are employed by them), or attend even a fine arts industry convention. The Covid program flows in a top-down institutional manner, from institution to institution, as each in turn follows the other by an assumption of authority and law (One major university medical expert has privately reiterated that in his experience, higher education merely follows whatever the CDC tells them to do, and that they can, they believe, thereby blame the CDC if anything goes wrong, irrespective of whether their own university bio-health programs can cause harm. That works by following CDC policies to the full.  Under this procedure, should anything bad actually occur, the school would point to the CDC and say that it was “just following orders.” and “did everything that it could.”  The fact that the university policies are unscientific or irrational or even harmful is irrelevant in this scenario”).

The professions are also especially hard hit: airline pilots have been unusually vocal about how vaccines compromise their ability to pass a flight physical, and thousands are retiring in protest, while the vaccinated and unvaccinated are being pitted against each other by their compliant corporate leadership (and the current Biden administration is pursuing an explicit racial program to make airline cockpits more “reflective of diverse cultures.”  The New York Times recently ran a prominent article titled “The End of the All-Male, All-White Cockpit.”).

Most of the Black, Latino, Middle Eastern and many other non-White groups, by contrast, live in typically far less developed countries, or in more isolated regions with far fewer, in some cases with no, effective institutional corralling and control, or they form a less institutionally concentrated mass than Whites, and they are often “at large” outside many institutional interactions.  Moreover, our entire southern border is wide open to non-White races who provide no medical documents (or any documents whatsoever) and are not subject to Covid enforcement.  It is middle-class America that is most affected by their daily interaction with, and dependence on, institutions, creating an endless testing, vaccination and “booster” regime. Whites also have higher, more concentrated levels of medical insurance coverage as a group, that allows the Covid syndicate of pharmaceutical companies and hospitals to charge enormous premiums that contribute to their current financial windfall: White middle-class wealth is subsidizing the Covid vaccine program, and is effectively a tax and wealth transfer (“As of 2019, nonelderly AIAN [American Indian  and Alaskan Native], Hispanic, NHOPI [Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islanders], and Black people remained more likely to lack health insurance than their White counterparts”). Another study asserts that “The combined effect of income and race on insurance coverage was devastating as low-income minorities with bad health had 68% less odds of being insured than high-income Whites with good health.”

Our colleges and universities also contain the single largest institutional concentration of White young adults (a separate issue from the total mix of races in college) than in any other single kind of institution, and these institutions of higher education rigorously enforce Covid “biosecurity” compliance, including testing, tracing, tracking and reporting.  Illegal immigrants by contrast, roam the country at large, and their numbers multiply by the thousands, every day.  We have an emerging two-tier society formed by a biopolitical program, combined with a toppling of Western institutions—including law and order—in a radical open-society fantasy.

The Covid pandemic bio-security construct appears to function primarily as an attack not just on individuals through coerced vaccination and other rules, but an attack directly targeted at White, Western culture that is especially known for, and is especially a threat to, the current radical governing group: freedom of association, the Catholic church, schooling, and family itself if it resists the replacement of parental authority and dominion by the State.

This attack also is naturally coordinated with capitalism (of the middle class, not Wall Street per se), which is largely institutionally based (including new invasive banking rules).  By contrast, nearly all illegals and many other non-White labor groups work on a cash, non-banking basis.  Nobel economist and legal historian Oliver E. Williamson’s classic book, The Economic Institutions of Capitalism, reinforces the Western dependency on the strength and integrity of its institutions: and no group has arguably perfected institutional penetration and corruption more than those who affiliate first with Israel or with Zionism. It is through institutions that Whites are pitted against other races, and even against themselves.  It is through the law that races are divided—and conquered politically.

But I would like to advance one other provocation: that a deep culture of revenge is inherent to Jewish hostility to Whites, and to White culture. The Holocaust Industry thrives largely through its ability to broadcast blame, culpability and reparations.  The Covid program could be seen as a form of both revenge, through a psychological reversal and compensation of victim and victimizer from World War II—that is, as a modern symbol of the “Auschwitz” memetic, with a reversal of Jew and German (popular movie culture is full of Jewish revenge fantasy where violence “is the best revenge”), combined with a specifically engineered effective bio-fascism.

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  1. Robert Penman
    Robert Penman says:

    The whole “Holocaust industry” that is mentioned in this article is, I am convinced, the biggest stumbling block to us making any headway in reducing Jewish power. It absolutely must be taken on, if not we will continue to lose. Somehow, we must start by highlighting the censorship surrounding this subject and get people asking why(?). Then bring evidence to show that the official story is simply not true. I just cannot believe that the further we get away from the events of WW2, the less we are free to debate it! We have no choice but to fight hard on this issue.

    • Guest
      Guest says:

      Pose to people the question of why is there censorship of the “holocaust” with the simple answer that “The Truth can stand on its own, against all critique, analysis and open debate, but only lies, obfuscation and deceit require laws protecting them by making it a crime to discuss them.” Those who seek total power require total control over our freedom of speech and, therefore eventually, over our freedom of thought. From putting this opening approach to people, the way is open to expose it all, from the original Great Lie and its necessary offspring (‘climate change’, ‘covid’…)

    • gerard menuhin
      gerard menuhin says:

      I tried: ‘Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil’ (translated German, French, Russian). It got me a fine and various prohibitions. The truth is a stumbling block on the way to the Great Reset and the extinction of the human race as we know it.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        I wish that more people knew how hard you’ve tried over the course of many years—and with how much integrity and determination!

        Your father was one of the greatest musical heroes of my life—in that, of course, I am far from alone—and I think that it is no exaggeration to dub you heroic, too.

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      Muslims and maybe mestizos, nonwhites etc. have the power to challenge the Holo event – Muslims living in the US, Canada, Europe, Aus, etc. especially.

      I think it’s more vulnerable now than it has ever been due to Israeli abuse of Arabs, US foreign policy that serves primarily Israel, and Jewish abuse of the IMF, banking, etc. Also, Jews are seen as white by nonwhites.

      Also, fewer see Anglos/Nordics as behind the abuses of foreigners. They instead see that Jews are in charge. It would be better if more Euros came out as against the bad things these institutions do to foreigners.

      Europeans need to stop being loyal to “our” elites, instead seeking out better elites and a bit of self-reliance. I was reading Dr. Bhakdi who honoured his two or three nations tremendously during Covid. If we make it clear we are not behind the bad things “our” polities do to others, then we won’t be blamed as widely. We need to become the good guys again.

    • Tim
      Tim says:

      Clearly, the Tribe has destroyed Germany and is making it pay until it doesn’t exist anymore. The Tribe is revolting. As someone who grew up on Long Island with many jewish kids, it’s time for them to return to Israelhell. Leave us along – stop stealing from us and taking down what’s left of our country. Go now. You have a Kountry – we don’t.

  2. Bob
    Bob says:

    Good thinking. But you have swallowed the Jewish meaning of “fascism”. Unfortunately most “learned” have, too.

    • Oera Linda
      Oera Linda says:

      “But you have swallowed the Jewish meaning of ‘fascism’.”

      That’s what I think too. Fasces is a bundle of f.i. rye, a fist, a natural unity, a people, not something artificial, that would be communisme. Eco-communism. Bio-egalitarianim.

      Brotherhood/Fascism. Freedom/Enterprise/Errors. Equality/Law

  3. Barkingmad
    Barkingmad says:

    ALL vaccines, right from the infamous 1796 smallpox shot, are “useless, vain, silly poisons”. So said a medical philosopher from the far east, years ago. I read that when I was barely out of my teens and never forgot it. I immediately understood what he meant, and I hope you do as well.

    Now, here’s the beloved pope opining that to get the corona 19 killshot is “an act of love for all people”. ***k you, you demented piece of rancid commie schit. And the dummies at Life Site News despise the corona vaccine without seeing the whole picture. Only a small part of it. SMH.

    Anyway, V.S. Solovyev, I like your article. I think you hit the right notes.

    We all know what needs to be done. However, everybody is looking at the next guy and saying, “You go first.”

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      Mrna and viral vector gene therapies are worse than any past vaccine, considering the scale. They can cause permanent fertility problems, miscarriages result, children are born with injuries from clots, adults are disabled, and some die.

      The lipid nanoparticles are toxic, though not many studies
      Spike protein in vaccine from the Covid virus is toxic
      The artificial mrna can last for a very long time
      The spike can be found months later in the body
      The spike can form in unwanted places in the body
      The immune system can learn to attack body cells
      The immune system can be weakened temporarily
      The immune system is trained worse than natural immunity
      Other issues like blood clots etc.

      Those are “vaccine” problems off the top of my head. These gene therapies are a nightmare, extremely harmful, cumulative damage is certain. And explanations of how the tech works is highly censored though the doctors4covidethics site is pretty good, also rwmalone interviews. Both sources veer into political distraction, which is a shame.

      The science behind the “vaccines” can be easily understood, readily explained. It is not mystical high IQ beyond comprehension stuff. It’s merely censored.

      • Barkingmad
        Barkingmad says:

        I am not disagreeing with you, but the thinking behind “vaccines” of whatever class is all the same, namely, that something “out there” is making you sick. Nary a word about susceptibility, about the natural order. Dr. Malone himself and all the others opposed to the mrna killshots think in this manner. They want “vaccine safety”. Right…

        I know a woman, know her personally, whose baby died at the age of 2 months from a standard issue vaccine. She did not just say that; it is on the child’s death certificate. Before God, this is the truth.

        Thanks for your list; people who come here need to read this.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          Your account of the truthful death certificate does not surprise me, Barkingmad, largely because it almost certainly dates from the period when medical certification of cause of death had to have more inherent credibility than one of Biden’s press releases.

          One of the primary and most obvious goals of Hillarycare, which was torpedoed, and the far worse Obamacare, which passed with enthusiastic (((Republican))) assistance, was to separate medical ethics forever from their Greco-Roman and Christian roots, wherein all physicians declared themselves accountable to divine authority (and wrath), and make doctors accountable only to the US government, which now deems itself the Highest Power in the universe.

  4. SanMan
    SanMan says:

    To add insult to injury to whites, an Israeli study showed that Ashkenazi j**s are the least likely to get covid 19 based on their lower number of ACE receptors. How is that for targeting using a man made virus?

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      The virus is no longer so scary. It mutated to become less deadly which is what censored real experts predicted would happen. Basic nutrition, like vitamin d3, will boost the immune system to protect most people.

      The vaccine is what’s so scary. The damage is cumulative. It can affect fertility. Another round of vaccines are coming; do not get the vaccine. The damage is cumulative. Also, some doses seem more dangerous than other doses, suggesting a quality control problem.

  5. Oera Linda
    Oera Linda says:

    Excellent article for the dialectics of structure (institute) vs function.

    From muh Wikipedia, the “free” encyclopedia:

    The long march through the institutions (German: der lange Marsch durch die Institutionen) is a slogan coined by Communist student activist Rudi Dutschke around 1967 to describe his strategy for establishing the conditions for revolution: subverting society by infiltrating institutions such as the professions. The phrase “long march” is a reference to the prolonged struggle of the Chinese communists, which included a physical Long March of their army across China.

    Yesterday I read a Mailonline article dated 16 August 2022:

    RAF jobs boss quits amid claims ‘offers to white men are paused to meet diversity targets’. The Royal Air Force have a ‘no white males’ policy as they attempt to meet diversity targets. This is another blatant case of discrimination by a state institution against the indigenous people of these islands.

    We are being hijacked and pay for our own demoliton. Thrown out of the nest by cuckoos and cucks. A non-functioning society. The parable of the centipede, Aesopus ?

  6. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    Long ago I was talking to a Dr. who had published an article in the Lancet in which he said that the Aids virus was developed by the Communists to harm the USA.
    The KGB contacted him to say that this was not the case, but the Aids virus was developed in Fort Detrick in Maryland. The Americans like to call their military bases forts to remind themselves of the days when they were wiping out the Native Americans.
    I am sure that one day the Covid virus will be traced back to Fort Detrick.

    • JM
      JM says:

      @Edward Harris

      “The Americans like to call their military bases forts to remind themselves of the days when they were wiping out the Native Americans.”

      How very righteous. The “Fort” was essentially a defensive structure providing a base from which protected settlement could occur against extremely aggressive Indian tribes. Do you think that more righteous people like yourself could have done it more peacefully? Or do you think European settlement of North America was a bad thing per se?

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      JM’s irritation with you is justified, Mr. Harris. English-speaking soldiers, both Americans and their Old World predecessors, had been using the word “fort” to name an important military post since a century or so after the Normans crossed the Channel and elected to stay put.

      Prior to the Jewish takeover of every aspect and institution of Western society, the importance of continuity with the past was something that was too self-evident to everyone to require defense or justification. If you were a man with a more serious interest in history, your comment might have been concerned less with suffering redskins (heap big oy vey!) than with wondering why what the Army calls “forts” are called “bases” by the Air Force and Navy and called “camps” by the Marine Corps.

      Were you about to suggest that they all be called “synagogues” instead? Or would “reeducation centers” suffice?

  7. CS Michael
    CS Michael says:

    This we need (and is happening).
    1. Repentance and return to our True King, Jesus Christ
    2. Bring to light that Virus/Flus are merely our bodies Toxin Detox systems. No virus has ever been isolated.
    3. Reveal the 500yr old Masonic Globe spell, by having everyday people test their satanic wizardry of 2in per mile squared by going with a friend to an 8mile lake with a flashlight on each end — if the flash light on the other side isn’t 42.68 feet below the horizon you just destroyed the spell and proved God true when he said dozens of time in the Word that this place isn’t movable (which we all know deep down already)
    4. Break the ‘chosen people’ spell. You either follow Christ or you are anti-Christ. Jews are not the real Israelites, the Holohoax is a massive murderous scam, Communism is Talmudic, Holodomor, Russian Revolution, Usury, etc… All need Truth.
    “To destroy a people, you must first sever their roots.”
    — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    “Strictly speaking, it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a “Jew” or to call a contemporary Jew an “Israelite” or a “Hebrew.” —Jewish Almanac 1980, p.3

    “Esau Edom is modern Jewry.” —Jewish Encyclopedia 1925 Vol. 5 page

    “Edomite Jews began to call themselves Hebrews and Israelites in 1860.” —Encyclopedia Judaica 1971 Vol. 10

    “I know your works, tribulation, and poverty (but you are rich); and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews [Ioudaios/Judaean] and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.” —Rev 2:9

    “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”—George Orwell
    5. Nukes aren’t real.
    6. Read the Septuagint version of the scriptures preserved by the Eastern Branch of Christianity, and know we are in the times of Gog and Magog gather them to surround the camp of the saints.
    7. Let vengeance be God’s

  8. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    If a credible account of the many theories about Corona is ever written, it will have to inlude an entire chapter on Harvard’s employee and Chief of Chemistry and dozens of previously unheard of advances in nano sciences, Dr. Charles Lieber; deluged with dozens of prizes, publications, stipends and popularization.

    Itself necessarily involving a sufficiently enormous number of people, among whom a bad apple with an ethnically talented and convincing tongue could easily hide; though Lieber himself has an outwardly honest and of course exceedingly intelligent countenance.

    Lieber was indicted in liberal Massachusetts, partly on charges of not having informed his formal employer of also having contracted with WUHAN TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY, at 50,000 per week, an enormous house just out of town and huge grants from NIH, via Faucci [ Mr. Science himself ] for studies in Virus ” enhancements ”

    All of this had to be hidden, not only from the American public, but the world itself, including Internal Revenue: while tax evasion might not have been his foremost consideration.

    Lieber was convicted and sentenced. His lawyers demand a new trial or appeal, ” because lying to Harvard is not a crime ” !!!

    He is sufficiently involved, even presently and likely more so when the dust settles and I recommend, that you google his name to discover much more among the numerous, listed entries.

  9. Mr Reynard
    Mr Reynard says:

    To your question ?? “Is the Covid Program an Attack on Whites and on Western Culture?”
    I answer with my question ? “Do bears crap in the Forest” ??

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      The Neutron Bomb was designed to only kill people, while it would leave their physical world untouched: ready for use by the bomb thrower.

      • JM
        JM says:

        @charles frey

        The Neutron Bomb, too, is obviously designed against European peoples, for it’s those (we) who have the built structures (most) worthy of seizure.

  10. Leonard H.
    Leonard H. says:

    It’s gene change and mind control drugs.

    Causes more racemixing.

    One company run by a racially mixed socalled “jew” another by a racemixed oerson from Malta with a jewish head scientist the third by a corrupt french dude prolly in secret societies.

    Fuck the waxed man! I hope they friggin move to some other part of our world like Africa so we don’t have to mix with their genechanged inferior gene-pool.

  11. Cotard
    Cotard says:

    Wester Culture is attacked from various sides. There is an attack on Fatherhood and family..

    From Taken Into Castody by Stephen Baskerville,
    really important book:

    No one realizes it can happen until it happens to him. A man comes home one day to find his house empty. On the table is a note from his wife saying she has taken the children to live with her sister or parents or boyfriend, or to a “battered women’s shelter.”

    Soon after comes a knock on the door. He is summoned to appear under an “emergency” motion to a family court within a few hours. In a hearing that lasts a few minutes his children are legally removed from his care and protec-tion, his right to make decisions about them is abrogated, and he is ordered to stay away from them most or all of the time. He is also ordered to begin making child-support payments, an order is entered to garnish his wages, and his name is placed on a federal government data base for monitoring “delinquents.” If he tries to see his children outside the authorized time, or fails to make the pay-ments, he can be arrested. Without being permitted to speak he is then told the hearing is over. No members of his family, the public, or the press have been permitted to be present, and no record will remain of what was said.

    This scene, with variations, is acted out in America hundreds, perhaps thousands of times every day. The man may be accused of domestic violence or child sexual abuse, in which case there may be no hearing at all or he is not notified of it, but the police will simply come to his door and order him to leave his home within hours, or even minutes, even if no evidence has been presented against him. Without being formally charged, he will not be allowed to see his children at all or perhaps only with a supervisor present or at a visitation center where he and his children will be observed and for which he will pay an hourly fee. The man may also be ordered to pay alimony and the fees of lawyers he has not hired and threatened with arrest if he refuses or is unable. The mother may take the children hundreds or thousands of miles away where he either cannot see them at all or he must quit his job and leave his home to do so. Or perhaps he is the one that leaves with the children, and she finds the note.

    Whatever the complications, the court will act now and ask questions later: He is stripped of “custody,” refused access to his children, and ordered to pay. His protests that he has done nothing wrong will be of no avail, and his requests to know the allegations against him will be met with silence. He will be assured that the order is “temporary” and that eventually there will be a “trial,” at which he will be the “defendant.” He will be required to hire a lawyer and submit to humiliating questions about the most intimate matters of his private life. If he refuses to hire a lawyer he will be ordered to pay his spouse’s lawyer. Either way, he will pay $50,000-$150,000, and possibly much more, to see his children. If he refuses to answer questions or to pay he can be jailed without trial and without a lawyer and lose access to his children alto-gether. If he objects, he can be ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. The state seizes his children with no burden of proof to justify why. The burden of proof is on the father to demonstrate why they should be returned.

    When he goes to “trial” the most private corners of his and his children’s lives will be scrutinized with an intensity that attorney Jed Abraham characterizes as an “interrogation.”

    Armed with inside information supplied by his most intimate and trusted confidante, the court will probe the deepest recesses of not only his life but his mind and soul. He will be asked if he loves his children, how much does he love them, does he kiss them, where does he kiss them, what does he say to them, what does he do with them, what does he feed them, how does he bathe them, where does he take them, why does he take them there, why doesn’t he take them here, why did he buy this, why didn’t he buy that. Nothing is too private for the eyes and ears of the court.

    And no answer is correct. If he works long hours, he is a careerist who neg-lects his children. If he cares for his children, he is failing to earn as much income for them as he might. If he disciplines his children, he is controlling or even abusive. If he does not, he is neglectful. If he does not bathe them, he is neglecting them. If he does, he may be molesting them. If he fails to express suf-ficient love for them, he is uncaring. If he does, he is indulgent. Child-rearing decisions about which reasonable people might disagree become grounds to sep-arate him from his children. From here on the court will decide what is correct child-rearing, and the court will micromanage the children’s lives and family relationships according to whatever child-rearing philosophy it chooses. All his imperfections and private details will be thoroughly explored and discussed at upwards of $400-$500 an hour, and the ordeal lasts as long as the lawyers and judge wish to drive up the fees. This is what gives to these “kangaroo courts” the “Kafkaesque” quality about which virtually every father remarks.

    In the custody trial the father will be labeled the “defendant,” and it does have the quality of a prosecution. Yet because he is unlikely to be charged with any infraction (much like Joseph K. in Kafka’s novel), or at least nothing for which evidence will be presented, he will find it impossible to defend himself. If abuse allegations are made, he is not likely to be formally charged but will sim-ply be kept from his children. “The authorities will act quickly to ‘protect’ your children from you,” warns Abraham. “They’ll curtail your visitation dur-ing their investigation; you’ll be restricted to being with your children only in the presence of a supervisor, and you’ll be ordered to pay the supervisor’s fees.”

    Ironically, the one thing that cannot be debated in the court is legal guilt or innocence—such as violating the marital contract or leveling false accusations. For to admit the most rudimentary notions of justice would be to undermine the logic of the proceeding.

    Whatever the outcome of the trial, for the rest of his children’s childhood they and he will live under constant surveillance and control from the court. He will be told when he can see his children, what he can do with them, and where he can take them. He may have no access to their school or medical records and no voice in any decisions regarding their health or education. He will be told what religious services he may (or must) attend with them and what subjects he may discuss with them in private. He will be told how much he must pay, and the money will be deducted automatically from his paycheck.

    He can be ordered to work certain hours and at certain jobs, the earnings from which will be confiscated. The days and hours he is authorized to see his chil-dren may bear no relation to when he must work at his job, but if he wants them changed he will have to go to court, and pay. If he loses his job or is hos-pitalized he will be declared a felon and jailed for failure to pay child support.

    His home can be entered by officials of the court. His visits with his children can be monitored by officials and restricted to a “supervised visitation center,” for which he will pay and where he and his children will be watched and over-heard throughout their time together. His financial records will be demanded and examined by the court and his bank account will be raided. Anything he says to his wife can be used against him in court. His children can be compelled to act as informers against him. He can be ordered to sell his house and turn the proceeds over to attorneys he has not hired.

    As for his children, they effectively have become wards of the court. They can be placed in day care or other institutions without their father’s consent, and the father can be ordered to pay for it—in addition to his regular child support.

    If they react adversely to the destruction of their home or object to the separation from their father, they can be put on psychotropic drugs, committed to a psychiatric hospital, placed in foster care, turned over to the custody of social workers, or incarcerated in a juvenile detention facility—all without the knowledge or consent of their father. “You’ll watch them from afar as they grow up with the kinds of psycho-social problems that children who live with their fathers rarely have,” writes Abraham. “You’ll watch from afar, and you won’t be able to do anything about it.”

    In the jargon of family law, faithfully parroted by the media and academia, this father has “lost custody,” a simple and harmless enough sounding formulation of events, so common as to be mundane. But this jargon disguises far-reaching implications. In plain English, this father’s unauthorized association with his own children is now a crime. Proceeding from this, his failure to conform his private life to an assortment of court directives controlling his move-ments, finances, and personal habits—directives that apply to no one but him and that prohibit what anyone else may lawfully do—is from this point grounds for arrest.

    Is all this an unavoidable investigation and regulation of a family “break-down” when decisions “must” be made between “warring parents” in a “cus-tody battle,” as the government and the media invariably phrase it? Or is it the invasion of private family life by a state machinery that is out of control? As we shall see, the answer would seem to hinge on one question: whether the father concerned has given either consent or grounds for a divorce. If he has, then a case might be made for such an inquisition (though perhaps not for the invasive and reckless abandon with which it will be conducted). But if not, this would appear to fulfill the direst prophecies of those who have warned that we are constructing yet another bureaucratic dictatorship of the kind which the last century saw too many. And this time we are using children.

    But what is beyond dispute is that all this can and does happen to fathers and the children of fathers who are not accused of any legal wrongdoing and who never agreed to any separation or divorce.

    It also happens to mothers.

    Professor Donald Hubin explains in the more scholarly language of the law journals:

    The procedures for “awarding” custody pendente litedo not require evi-dence, or even an assertion, that the person whose parental rights are abridged has abused, or is likely to abuse, his or her parental rights. They do not require evidence that the retention by both parties of their parental rights would be harmful to the children or even contrary to their best inter-est. . . . The procedures lead to the direct and substantial denial of parental rights without any requirement of evidence that a state interest is involved . .. virtually without any of the standard due process protections.

    Parents summoned to these courts have entered a nightmare world where children are abducted and exploited and even abused by government order, where parents are forced to stay away from their children, prevented by the police from protecting them, incarcerated without charge or trial, and driven into bankruptcy and poverty, and where the Bill of Rights may as well not exist.

    As we will see, the astonishing but incontrovertible fact is that with the exception of convicted criminals, no group in our society today has fewer rights than fathers.

    Even accused criminals have the right to due process of law, to know the charges against them, to face their accusers, to a lawyer, to a trial, and to expect knowingly false accusations to be punished. A father can be deprived of his children, his home, his savings, his future earnings, his privacy, and his freedom without any of these constitutional protections. Once a man has a child, he forfeits his most important constitutional rights.

    And mothers are not immune.

    How is this possible in a country with the most open and free system of government in the world? And why does no one seem to know about it? Surely one must have to do something wrong for this to happen. He must have been at least accused of violence, or infidelity, or substance abuse, or—something?

    These questions are what a rapidly increasing number of parents suddenly find themselves asking. As the answers finally dawn on them, they try to explain to incredulous friends and family members that they have not done anything that is legally actionable in a court of law, yet they were summoned to one. Everyone assumes “he must have done something.”

    “In the beginning, insiders dismissed [the stories], assuming them to be made up by disgruntled fathers who must have done something unspeakable, or else why would their children’s mothers have taken such extreme action?”

    writes Maureen Freely. “Because if things were as bad as these people say, wouldn’t we know about it already?”

    It seems the very magnitude of the injustice may be the most formidable barrier to the acceptance that it is taking place. “It is remarkable that such a grossly unjust system has not been noticed,” writes Melanie Phillips. “One explanation is that no one knows what happens . . . until it happens to them—and even then they can’t believe it. Any objections are dismissed as implausible.”

    The media generally report this with a series a clichés and euphemisms— ”divorce,” “custody battle,” “fatherlessness,” “deadbeat dads,” “domestic violence,” “child abuse,” and “parental kidnapping”—while ignoring the underlying legal framework that connects all these phenomena.

    We hear about the high rate of “divorce,” but we are seldom told that the vast majority of divorces with children are the actions of one parent acting alone. We hear of ugly “custody battles” involving “warring parents,” with no hint that most begin as unilateral child snatchings that are planned with the assistance of court officials and rewarded by the courts. We witness the official witch hunt against “deadbeat dads,” with seldom a word to the effect that few of these men have ever been convicted of anything or that most were divorced over their objections and without grounds and therefore did nothing to incur “obli-gations” which are often patently impossible to pay. We are besieged with daily reports of “male violence” with little indication that female violence is equally common. We hear harrowing tales of child abuse but not the fact that it is overwhelmingly committed by single mothers and their boyfriends once the father has been forcibly removed and is no longer able to protect his children.

    We have been told that more than 2,000 child kidnappings occur in America every day and that they are overwhelmingly by a parent, 68 but there is no indi-cation that most are instigated following family court orders. We hear about fathers who “abandon” their children, but not that virtually every one of these fathers is under a court order to stay away.

    In short, the media will go to any lengths to avoid admitting that we are in a massive epidemic of government-sponsored child stealing. So pervasive is the demonization of fathers today that fathers themselves share in it even after they have become its victims. “It is typical for a man to believe . . . the media myth of the Evil Male,” writes Robert Seidenberg. “While he knows that he is a great father himself, he thinks everyone else is a deadbeat dad.”

  12. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    I think the Covid craze is over with. The recommendation now is to treat vaccinated and unvaccinated the same, as far as I’m aware. However, I wish to continue focusing on the damage caused by the vaccines, which surprisingly harmed Israelis not only white Gentiles. Surprisingly, there was an Israeli doctor prominently opposed to the vaccines – he recently died not from Covid. The primary heroes were Dr. Malone and Dr. Bhakdi. The pharmacy execs might be Jewish; so, the “bad guys” might turn out to be Jewish, plus Bill Gates.

    The Covid vaccines were driven by greed, but they were also driven by incompetence and by hysteria. Most of the elite didnt seem to realise what they were doing; they wanted someone to protect them, wanted to believe. They’re now openly admitting that vitamin d works, also that natural immunity works. Also, there’s a growing acceptance that the vaccines are harmful.

    Viral vector and mrna vaccine technologies are both harmful. I fear that the “West” can no longer test things.

    Also, I fear what this atomized society will do in the future if united and motivated by something like Covid fear. I don’t believe the elite fully knows what it is doing. It seems mostly just to do things (little forethought), then learn and adapt. I don’t sense that our elites are of high quality, and they are divided in pursuit of profit and such. They seemed to overreact and make mistakes under Trump.

  13. JM
    JM says:

    ‘I think the Covid craze is over with.’

    It’s far more than a ‘craze’ and ‘driven by greed’. It was a subversion has set the stage for an even greater subversion, the evils of The Great Reset including the associated ‘currency reset’. And the depths of the malice involved in the vaccines (vs ‘incompetence’ and ‘profiteering’ is yet to be determined.

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      There are always bad men seeking opportunities, but I question how powerful the WEF and Great Reset attempts are. Power tends to balance. One counter to elite theory is populist theory, which is just that elites can only do so much to a subject population. Elites are not united, and they change membership.

      Sometimes “worse is better.” And change, any change, can bring new people to power, or motivate the white herd to become less cattle like.

      Two examples: If life gets harder in Europe and the US, that could mean fewer migrants. If whites stop supporting the elites who hate them, that could mean change also.

      Keep in mind my rule of Anglo idiocy (Which I hope changes): Anglos too often call for the exact opposite of what they want. So, quite often we win when we lose. Current attempts at limiting free speech are done by an elite frightened by the Internet.

      Whites are the backbone of all of these societies. We’re the workers, the police, the intelligence officials, the everything. Most industries have whites in key roles. We’re not in charge, but we provide the milk. There aren’t enough Jews to fully replace us, and they rely on hiding among us.

      The Soviet Union was just like America is today with regard to hating Russians/Anglos; the Soviets fell. And before that, Jews were removed from power.

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