How, When, Do We Come Together Again?

For a nation, a country, a people, a democracy to endure, there needs be a broad consensus of belief, culture, custom and politics. … We are a country whose people have a diminishing confidence in almost all of its institutions, from big business to the churches, universities and media.

When 30 FBI agents showed up at Mar-a-Lago to cart off boxes of documents, it was an authorized, legitimate and justified procedure to retrieve national security secrets being illegally kept there.

Or it was an unprecedented regime raid on the home and office of the foremost political rival of President Joe Biden that called to mind a “Third World country,” the East German “Stasi,” the KGB or the Gestapo.

And Jan. 6, 2021?

That was a riot, a disgraceful breach of the Capitol, involving assaults on Capitol cops that deserved to be and are being punished.

No, it was more than that. Far more. It was an “insurrection,” a “fascist coup,” an act of treason led by far-right extremists to abort the transfer of power from the winner of the election of 2020 to the loser. It ranks right up there with the 1814 burning of the Capitol by the British.

Such is the magnitude of the divide in America, a divide that extends far beyond our clashing views of Jan. 6 and the Mar-a-Lago raid.

Consider abortion. Before the 1960s, abortion was almost universally regarded as a shameful and criminal act. Doctors who performed abortions were disgraced and sometimes sent to prison.

But after the Dobbs decision by the Supreme Court declared that Roe v. Wade in 1973 was wrongly decided, restoration of women’s right to an abortion is being championed by half the nation.

The other half of America yet believes abortion involves the killing of an unborn innocent child.

Part of America celebrates the Supreme Court’s decision to declare marriage equality for homosexuals. Yet, a traditionalist minority believes such a mandate imposes on the nation a secularist morality contradicted by the tenets of the Christian faith that was the basis of laws for our first two centuries as a nation.

Nor is it only clashing morality that divides us.

For a nation, a country, a people, a democracy to endure, there needs be a broad consensus of belief, culture, custom and politics.

On the issue of law and order, without which a republic cannot stand, there is now disagreement over the role and conduct of our police.

During the George Floyd summer of 2020, “Defund the Police!” was the clamor of the left, and among the street chants of Black Lives Matter was, “Pigs in a Blanket, Fry ‘Em Like Bacon.”

Only a stunning political recoil caused its abandonment.

For a nation, especially a great world power like the United States, some things are indispensable to its preservation.

A democratic republic needs to preserve the value of its currency, to defend its borders against illegal mass migrations and invasions, to preserve law and order, especially in its great cities.

Which of these requisites exist today when the nation suffers 8% inflation; 250,000 illegal aliens cross our southern border every month; and “mass shootings” occur daily in our cities during which at least four victims are gunned down, wounded or killed?

The preservation of a democracy also requires the confidence of its people in its defining institutions.

Yet, since the Reagan era, Americans’ collective confidence in our major institutions has fallen from one-half of the nation to one-fourth.

In 2022, confidence in the Supreme Court fell by a third to 25%. Only a fourth of the country retained high confidence in the presidency; and confidence in Congress plummeted to 7%, or one in every 14 Americans.

One in 6 Americans had great confidence in our newspapers, with only 1 in 9 citizens saying the same about television news.

In summary, we are a country whose people have a diminishing confidence in almost all of its institutions, from big business to the churches, universities and media. Only small business and the U.S. military enjoy the confidence of the American people.

Public approval of Biden’s performance is at the lowest level ever recorded for a president at this point in his first term.

True, we have been through and recovered from divisive times.

In the 1860s, 11 of the 33 states seceded and fought for four years to gain their independence of the Union.

The 1960s were divisive, but the left, with Sen. George McGovern its political expression, captured less than 40% of the vote against Richard Nixon in 1972. Ronald Reagan ran up two landslides in the 1980s.

Those days are long gone.

The left today dominates the academic community and culture to a greater degree than it once did and is further removed from the heart of the country in Middle America than it has ever been.

When, how, does America ever unite again? And what unites us, other than an external attack on the country, like Pearl Harbor or 9/11?

Where is the common ground on which to stand?

Does such ground even exist, given the divisions in religion, race and ethnicity, and the seemingly irreconcilable disagreements over morality, ideology, culture and politics?

Has the great experiment run its course?

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  1. Thomas Joseph
    Thomas Joseph says:

    I would like to peacefully divide so that the two (at least) broad segments of society are free to live their respective beliefs. Of course, this is both extraordinarily difficult, if not impossible, to see actually occurring. I suspect more of a split akin to the India-Pakistan catastrophe, with long periods of quite chaotic barbarity until the new borders are firmly established. History shows there is always a reckoning, where scores are settled. Like taut rubber bands snapping after being released from maximum straining points, there is no way to avoid the pain as that energy is finally dissipated.

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      The demographics are such now that whites might not get much, maybe something the size of an Amerindian reservation. As Sam Francis warned about secession: We could just see whites repeat the same disaster policies leading to new mass immigration. Certain groups would be intent on living with whites were some split to occur.

      It’s perhaps more likely that whites just continue to intermarry. Blacks might get a polity just because they cause so much crime, but I dunno that whites will. There just aren’t many white children. Of those who are white, alphabet children claim to be their own identity, further reducing numbers.

      Things will change, but we’re so hated and feared that we’ve taken far heavier damage than likely anyone expected. There is a long list of causes behind the decline; many are problems all nations will face. I hope whites can adapt.

      • Thomas Joseph
        Thomas Joseph says:

        I think your observations are correct. With the demographic trend, horrific as it is, whites will never have a better opportunity now to be self-determinative. As far as intermarriage and subsequent policies (immigration, etc.), of course, the new state would have to be entirely different than the capitalist-pluralist model. Our chances for a better world for white people in self-determination depend on separation combined with political change. We need the third way and we know what that means. Let’s triage and get this done first. That stops the immediate intense threats and we can move on with the ancillary issues from there. Obviously, the new state would not tolerate the alphabet issue, miscegenation, or non-white immigration as foundational principles.

        • Weaver
          Weaver says:

          Thank you for your excellent reply. You’ve made my day.

          The only alternative, if adaptation doesn’t occur, would be moving to a harsh land, one most others avoid. We’d suffer brain drain under that strategy, but the Internet means some sort of high skill remote work might be possible.

          It’s amazing how both Jews and Kurds have used “anarchy” to their advantage. I guess I’m just not as cruel as are they.

          • Thomas Joseph
            Thomas Joseph says:

            You know, I think the disdain may of the elitists have for the heartland could be our salvation. Maintain access to the sea via the Gulf, for example, and create a new homeland in their proverbial “fly over” country. If we are sufficiently hard-willed enough, any enclaves will eventually dissipate, voluntarily or involuntarily. And, of course, we make no eternal commitment to tolerate any persistent enemy territory on our borders. Racially aware policies will strengthen us vis-s-vis the degenerate “neighbors.” There is always a reckoning, I simply prefer it to be at our initiation. Best to you.

      • Noel J.
        Noel J. says:

        Well half of children born in the USA are more or less white still.

        Bit then on top of that we have the mixing aswell as hbtq thing which does bring down numbers although I did read there are more hbtq people among socalled minorities or coloured.

        But overall isn’t like atleast 65 of USA population white more or less?

        Thet measn there could still be a larger scale political movement for whites to take controll of that region. As for Europe it is not as bad as the USA yet, but for example Sweden is horrible and between 25 % and 18 % of children born there are what one may call mixed I suppose. And 25% of new relationships formed are mixed. The great combination of an on the averege naive population and sneaky anti white propaganda.

        And I don’t really mind mixed people.

        Just that once that happens with everyone we don’t know the consequences do we. It might be wirtless and lead to lower IQ less innovation, invention, greatness, genious, creativity, great art of different kinds.

        So it may be the death of our great civilization into a disaster.

        And if racial mixture on the averege has bad consequences which regions that are more mixed tend to imply, then there is no way back.

        So yeah, it is critical. And the demographic change does make it harder if not impossible for a pro-white party to get into power.

        I mean jews have pointed out that demographic change has made it impossible for for example nazis to take power.

        And I certainly am not in favor of naozism, but it is interesting if the USA for example has reached a point where white people are to few for anew pro-white party to take power.

        Then what are the alternatives?

        Allready now there should be plenty of mixed children. How are they doing in school, education and the work life… Interesting.

        I mean for example Pierce wrote articles in his magazine where he would claim that Portugal was great before mixing with africans and arabs, having invented the baroque style in architecture and having great authors (I haven’t heard of em but sure…) and then the mixing caused a downturn according to the article…

        I guuess in many ways this is a reality Europe has lived with and we have seen the consequences for regions.

        But there sems to be no etno centric more or less white people movement.

        And most whites seem to wanna stay away of overly racist nazis and the genetests they wanna do and the like…

        So I see no great alternative for white people to vote for and get active for and so on. Which is quite sad in this late hour.

  2. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    Spend some time at the blog and go through the comments particularly and you’ll soon come to understand as I have that the industrial revolution will fulfill the words of Christ about a time of suffering arriving that has never existed in mankind’s entire history and never will again exist after those days, days that apparently will last some 7 years I believe? Our modern age depends heavily upon energy, oil and gas and such and if it weren’t for all the wars over the last 150 years we could go on living comfortably for what 100 years. But is that now coming to an end is the bigger question to ask? You know at work with new employees I’m hearing stories that the cost of fuel to get to jobs is costing them anywhere from 600 to 1000 a month next to spending 4 – 5 hours in traffic!!! To find a job 5 minutes from home is happiness believe you me.

    We’ve created a world that is not sustainable in any way form or fashion. We were never meant to be separated from our Creator. but thankfully Everything was or is Written yes? That is surely the amazing part we know our future.

    We also have the prophetic message as something completely reliable, and you will do well to pay attention to it, as to a light shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts. 2 Peter 1:19

    Amazing the fountain of eternal youth exists!!! It really does exist!

    “We look back on history, and what do we see? Empires rising and falling; revolutions and counter-revolutions succeeding one another; wealth accumulating and wealth dispersed; one nation dominant and then another. As Shakespeare’s King Lear puts it, “the rise and fall of great ones that ebb and flow with the moon.” In one lifetime I’ve seen my fellow countrymen ruling over a quarter of the world, and the great majority of them convinced – in the words of what is still a favorite song – that God has made them mighty and will make them mightier yet. I’ve heard a crazed Austrian announce the establishment of a German Reich that was to last for a thousand years; an Italian clown report that the calendar will begin again with his assumption of power; a murderous Georgian brigand in the Kremlin acclaimed by the intellectual elite as wiser than Solomon, more enlightened than Ashoka, more humane than Marcus Aurelius. I’ve seen America wealthier than all the rest of the world put together; and with the superiority of weaponry that would have enabled Americans, had they so wished, to outdo an Alexander or a Julius Caesar in the range and scale of conquest. All in one little lifetime – gone with the wind: England now part of an island off the coast of Europe, threatened with further dismemberment; Hitler and Mussolini seen as buffoons; Stalin a sinister name in the regime he helped to found and dominated totally for three decades; Americans haunted by fears of running out of the precious fluid that keeps their motorways roaring and the smog settling, by memories of a disastrous military campaign in Vietnam, and the windmills of Watergate. Can this really be what life is about – this worldwide soap opera going on from century to century, from era to era, as old discarded sets and props litter the earth? Surely not. Was it to provide a location for so repetitive and ribald a production as this that the universe was created and man, or homo sapiens as he likes to call himself – heaven knows why – came into existence? I can’t believe it. If this were all, then the cynics, the hedonists, and the suicides are right: the most we can hope for from life is amusement, gratification of our senses, and death. But it is not all.”
    ― Malcolm Muggeridge

  3. todd hupp
    todd hupp says:

    What has changed? Let’s take a look at who- now- controls government(State, Treasury, DOJ,WH Chief of Staff), academia, media and finance. The USA has shifted from its White European Christian founding, values and roots: commencing with the US arrival of the pro socialist Frankfurt School from Germany in the 1930’s.( EG: The disturbing current “trans movement” is directly related to Sigmund Freud of the Frankfurt School.)
    By 2030 the 100 year effort to displace US White Christian(Goy) power will be compete.

  4. John D. Alder
    John D. Alder says:

    Armstrong Economics says the system will crash and burn and we must decide what will replace it. I think we waste time trying to save America because it’s too far gone to save. Build a movement of by and for White people only.

  5. The Long March
    The Long March says:

    Come together in some civnat delusion with Bolsheviks?
    That is not possible not even by any means necessary.

  6. todd hupp
    todd hupp says:

    Best shot at a restoration is Trump(a goy) -if he survives what was essentially a home invasion by the Left.

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