Review of “Unmasking Anne Frank, Her Famous diary Exposed as a Literary Fraud” by Ikuo Suzuki

I am going to assume that most readers of The Occidental Observer are familiar with the official story of Anne Frank, the young Jewish girl (aged 13–15) who kept a diary while hiding in a house from Jew-hunting “Nazis” in the Netherlands during World War II. In searching the TOO site for “Anne Frank,” I found no hits, but the Anne Frank story is almost as prevalent and persistent as the holocaust story itself, and surely TOO readers know the basics.

Publisher Clemens & Blair has just released a new book focused on the fraudulence of The Diary of Anne Frank. A number of other works examining the fraudulent Anne Frank diary have been published over the course of many years, most famously “Is the diary of Anne Frank Genuine?,” an article in English in 1982 by Robert Faurisson. But this new book surpasses the old ones in many ways.

Author of the current work, Ikuo Suzuki, a Japanese researcher, reviews a number of these earlier analyses of the diary in his new book, as does editor Thomas Dalton in his Foreword. As assistant editor, I do the same in my Introduction. (Disclaimer: I have a partial financial interest in this book.)

From there, Mr. Suzuki explores new analyses of the diary, including an illuminating graphic depiction of the many changes among the many various publications of the diary over the span of decades. So numerous and detailed are the diary’s entries over 26 months that logical inconsistencies and physical and logistical impossibilities inevitably occur; Suzuki identifies many new ones. He calls some of this “Anne magic,” and indeed only a magical explanation can reconcile some of the diary’s many internal flaws and self-contradictions.

Suzuki’s book is arranged into five main chapters, each having four to nine sections. As an example of inconsistency among various published versions of the diary, Chapter 1 is titled “Absurdity on the Surface,” and one section is titled “The Translation of ‘Cat’ Into ‘Tarantula’.” This Chapter displays pictures and drawings of the “Annex” in which Anne Frank supposedly hid out with seven other Jews, along with examinations of physical and architectural impossibilities.

Suzuki goes on to explore “Absurdities Lurking in the Depths” in Chapter 2, closing with the section “Was Everything a Figment?.” Here we see pictures of diary pages themselves, and careful comparisons among the bewildering number of different versions of the diary published at different times in different languages. Here we find Suzuki’s unique graphic display of the many changes among the versions. For example, Anne Frank is said to have edited her own diaries at a later point in her time in the “hideout.” Edited is not the proper term when we see that one early entry in her Diary as presented in the English publish version is actually a combination of two entries more than a month apart from the original diaries.

Chapter 3, “Annie Ample: A Soft-Core Porn Romantic Life?,” examines the core drama at the heart of the diary: the love (or lust) affair Anne supposedly had with a Jewish boy from another family also confined in the “hideout.” One of the great revelations that Suzuki presents is just how grotesque and sexually perverse the diary truly is, raising doubts on its own whether a young girl could even think such thoughts, much less write them down.

I’ll say here that, in my Postscript, I present the content of five missing pages of the diary that supposedly were found in 1998, and then two more “uncovered” in 2018. The five pages contain a scathing denunciation of Anne’s mother Edith and an oblique critique of her father Otto, but the two “uncovered” pages contain “perhaps the filthiest pornographic smut of the entire diary.” (I will spare readers the details here, though the book will not.)

Chapter 4 explores Anne’s writing career (or lack of it), the “infamous bookshelf door,” and the story of the beginning and end of the “hideout” (which is the chapter title). More pictures of documents and infrastructure assist the inquiry. This chapter engages in a staple of Diary doubters—handwriting analysis, and clarifies some former confusion.  A letter Anne Frank supposedly sent in 1940—before the “hideout”—to a pen pal in the US was found, and when its handwriting is compared to the handwriting of the Diary, even an amateur analyst can see the two are different. It also debunks the absurd story—or stories—of how the diaries were finally found after the “hideout” inhabitants were hauled away by the Gestapo.

Chapter 5, “The Diary Unmasked,” explores the core issue of The Diary of Anne Frank, one that all revisionists have addressed: who really wrote the diary? Many speculate that Anne’s father Otto Frank was the actual author all along, but Suzuki excludes Otto as lacking the character, ability and motivation to forge the diary. He says: “there was at least one person in Otto’s vicinity who definitely possessed those qualities.” Suzuki’s in-depth profile and examination of this one person—Jewish playwright and journalist Meyer Levin—I found compelling. For instance, Levin’s relationship with Otto Frank included Frank appointing Levin his copyright agent in 1952. Levin’s history involved him working in the “Office of War Information” in the US, producing propaganda movies. Thus Levin had the presence and ability to invent the Diary as on-going war propaganda.

Mr. Suzuki closes with a touching Afterword he calls “Annelies Next to You,” in which the focus of our outrage is inverted from the evil “Nazis” to those who would fabricate lies in Anne’s name. This is a virtue of this book; Suzuki never blames Anne for the fraud, but rather points the finger at other Jews. “Not a single word in (the diary) contains her truth. It is merely a prison for Annelies’ soul, covered by a thick wall of falsehood in the name of a legend.” Our compassion should be for the real Annelies (her full name) Frank who has been so brutally used and misrepresented to promote a Jewish victim/”Nazi” perpetrator agenda.

The book closes with my Postscript, where, as stated, the five “missing” and two “uncovered” pages bring us up to date on diary developments. Unfortunately, Revisionists can also generate myths to their discredit, and one of these is the “ball-point pen” story. Hopefully I put to rest the claim that the diary is a fraud merely because it was written in ball-point pen, which was not invented until 1950. (Only two attached notes were written in pen, but nothing in the diary text itself.) The Postscript is framed as “Re-Rebutting the Anne Frank House,” which is the lavishly funded and well-organized foundation administering the “hideout” building itself as a museum, curating the diaries themselves (though not all are displayed), and issuing the on-going education about the iconic Jewish victim of “Nazi” tyranny, Anne Frank. I believe that just about the only point on which the Anne Frank House is correct regarding the diary is its position on the ball point pen issue. Everything else is tendentious and misleading propaganda, or outright deception.

In the words of main author Suzuki: “All other textual information, even the testimonies of friends and relations, is too biased and too fraudulent to be believed.” As he carefully demonstrates, there is so little truth to the diary itself that one can hardly accept any of it as valid.

This is one of those books that in parts of a couple sections presents such exhaustive detail as to make reading tedious, while at the same time my fascination with the revelations drew me onward. Suzuki could not completely resist the temptation to depart from a strict scholarly tone and lapse into humor—but neither could Dalton or I. I suppose this has to be accepted in such revisionist material, as we see all over certain “free speech” social media platforms. The lapses are rare and brief however, and the depth and scope of scholarship prevail. If I have any final critique of Unmasking Anne Frank, it is that it treated the perpetrators of the hoax too lightly, failing to express the appropriate loathing and contempt and even criminal accusations they deserve. Suzuki’s compassion is for Annelies, who was so cruelly used by these criminal fraudsters, but he expresses not enough outrage at those who exploited her posterity. We are all victims of the fraud as well.

Unmasking Anne Frank by Ikuo Suzuki, including the excellent Foreword by editor Thomas Dalton and Introduction and Postscript by myself, achieves the difficult task of summarizing and updating previous diary revision, while presenting new crucial insights. The end effect is to drive a dagger of certainty into the bleeding heart of Diary pathos. Suzuki’s detailed biographical analysis of the person he concludes actually wrote the diary—Meyer Levin—is  the climax of a book filled with stunning insights. This book has much to consider for those new to Diary doubt, and much more to ponder for those already familiar with Anne Frank revisionism. Unmasking Anne Frank is, without doubt, the best such revisionist text ever produced; it is not only a great contribution to diary revision, it may be a culmination.

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  1. Poupon Marx
    Poupon Marx says:

    Very few “good Jews” will even touch on the mere possibility of fraud. I mean Jews who harbor no malice, and are content to co-exist with Gentiles. Even including those who are traditional and “conservative, manifested in support and participation in rightist parties.

    But a lie, untruth, deception is just that isn’t it? Thomas Jefferson declared that there was nothing, no untruth that he would not endeavor to correct. It’s a crucial and difficult test that defines the boundary from the pedestrian, as opposed to those who would “slip the surly bonds of Earth”. That includes airmen and sailors, metaphorically.

    A thought experiment: How many times since Roman epoch could have Western civilizations and governments simply expelled, banished and stripped Jews of their ill gotten gains. RICO laws designed to neutralize organized crime state that if any percentage of wealth, no matter now small, is gotten illegally, the entire amount is forfeitable. That was back in Constitutional directed times of course, before the Constitution died and was embalmed. So could any amount of Jewish wealth.

    We must see ourselves as who we are, and who we were. We have not improved, secured our vulnerabilities and weaknesses, or even faced our cowardice and avarice and the inadequacy of our Christian religion, and elastic, moldable, gelatinous, mush of inappropriate sentiment, pandering, and uselessness. An unpredictable, full of random stupidity, and mindless destruction. A gigantic pay-ops from the Tribe that acknowledges no morality or limits on behavior.

    Today only Eurasia sees this multi-fronted and tiered threat for what it is. Putin has publicly identified the ZIO threat, taken action internally by expelling The Jewish Agency. He knows-as well as all current leaders-the truth of what is read here and other Alt-Media, higher IQ sources. This has led him to declare that any interference of the Russian Operation in Ukraine will have direct consequences. Also, should the defense of Russia require nuclear launches, missiles will be launched simultaneously upon Israel and the City of London. They know and don’t hide it.
    The people of the West are overall inferior to the Eurasian Peoples where it is most crucial: those attributes that are necessary for continuation of their civilization. I am not at all sure that the JUSA could have survived intact and resurrected itself after undergoing what Russia did under the Bolsheviks. Two reasons: lack of moral fiber and strength and a lack of a center of immutable concepts of the Father/Motherland, i.e., the hub of the wheel which holds all the spokes together, retaining function.

    Russia, with its vast intellectual class, will continually advance and innovate upwards. Its engineers, technicians, and scientists are native, not imported. The West is living on borrowed time, having failed over millennia to excise the tumor and parasites growing within it, like a science fiction movie of the populace universally infected and directed to the benefit of the alien.

    It is not amusing to read and apprehend writhers in the West attempt feeble excuses, misdirection (“The Jews did…..”). Nowhere is there a body of word, systematically and logically laid out what Whites did not do, failed to do, and even existing in their slow suicide. One of the worst aspects of this tawdry, pitiable tale is avoidance of truth and reconciliation of reality, which should lead to amended behaviors, strategy and tactics. Servility and humiliation is our normal, as is denial, repetition of failure, and phobia of acknowledging.

    • Al-Khidr
      Al-Khidr says:

      Yes, Poupon Marx, whoever you are, I agree. Russia has developed
      more wholesomely from a sprawling serfdom of Gogol’s day to the post-Stalinist oligarchy of Putin, from the white czars to the red czars and back to the white ones again. Yankeeland as I call it – beginning at Plymouth Rock – has expanded invaded and consumed without conscience or constraint these four centuries. Native peoples, flora and fauna, minerals and ecology have been destroyed and all has made this overreaching, all consuming people no more a self-respecting nation than the acquisitive invaders they were in the beginning. Not surprising then, that Jewish Supremacists should thrive in and thrive upon the divided people in this and other such “mock” democracies where politicians and power can be so easily bought, where the masses of sheeple can be so easily frightened, pacified, controlled and directed by politicians, mass media and schooling, primary school to grad school. After the ’67 war and the Israeli takeover of Palestine the “Shoah industry” began to emerge with the Anne Frank diary, The holocaust, the books, the movies and the antisemite hunting, Elie Wiesel, Deborah Lipstadt, Alan Dershowitz and a 1000 lesser propagandists. The intent appears to have been to revise WWII as mainly a tale of Jewish persecution, which should in the sloppy minded mock democracies be enough to justify what Israel, God’s Promised Land for the Hebrews of old, is actually doing to the indigenous Philistines of old. It’s fascinating how well this angry self-righteousness has worked to keep the sheeple in terror of being called antisemites at least up to now. However, I suspect the Jewish Supremacist parasites within the deep state of these mock democracies will have to re-write that propaganda very soon.

      • Swaytonious
        Swaytonious says:

        I get what you’re saying, but the growth of the Russian empire was no different from the growth of the American empire on this continent. If we destroyed native peoples, why are there so many still around protesting and complaining?

        While I generally agree otherwise, my above comment shows you to have racial bias.

        As to the excess and consuming nature, that is on the ruling class, who gave been the jews since the 1960s.

        • Al-Khidr
          Al-Khidr says:

          Dear Swaytonious, whoever you are, we are all equally homo sapiens from the pigmies of the Ituri forest to those Jews who believe themselves God’s chosen master race and we all have the right to defend ourselves from tyrants and exploiters within and without who will not treat us as equals. Similarly, no individual, family, tribe or nation has the right to do unto another as they wouldn’t want done unto themselves, that includes calling someone “racist” because you like the serotonin kick that virtue signalling gives you. The TOO comments column is the last place on earth you should risk slinging mindless old slurs around. Russia from the Tartars and Cossacks to the Chukchi had/has many native groups who were more sparsely scattered across a much broader landscape which is more taiga with rivers running north/south. Until the Trans Siberian railway most of the northern continent had been poorly explored. By contrast, most native American deaths came in the 16th century when European diseases moved along trade/travel routes killing many millions who’d never seen or heard of “white men” yet. (There are more native Americans today because they’ve increased as the whole population has increased. Still, some tribes and languages have been exterminated completely.) The mass murder Stalin did to many millions of his own countrymen/women is matched only in recorded history by what Mao did to his. In Yankeeland four centuries of invasive land grabbers, gold diggers and “Sooners” moving in all directions south and west did the same damage randomly upon native people believed to be no more than “savages” and upon resources believed to be for the plundering and squandering. Russia had an obvious monarchy until 1917. Yankeeland had and still has an obvious and exploitive oligarchy that along with an aggressive military hasn’t stopped invading and expanding since it started at Plymouth Rock. BTW, this was long before Jewish Supremacist parasites took over the Yankee Empire after WWII. Today there are 800+ Yankee bases on sea and land around the world and at this moment the Yankee/Jewish war cry of manifest destiny/mock democracy for all is trying via NATO to sweep through Ukraine and then through Russia to tighten the ring around China from both east and west, both sea and land. How dangerous a world would we have if other nations did this?
          Brazil has as big and resource rich a hinterland but is Brazil marauding and intriguing as Yankeeland does? The European empires are gone but they were minor and their powers primitive by comparison. Except for the post war decades of Stalinist incursion and control in eastern Europe, has Russia been invading and intriguing like this? China invaded Tibet for the mineral wealth and water resources and it’s being inhumane to the Moslem Uyghurs. What have the many peoples and countries of the near east ever done to deserve what the Yankee/Jewish Empire is doing right now in Palestine, Libya, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan (and in Venezuela which has the biggest offshore oil reserves on the planet)? It’s plain to anyone who looks beyond Yankee/Jewish mass media and mass schooling what the most dangerous and invasive nation/empire is on the planet. A last word about Race: Did you know that the only consistantly distinguishing feature between homo sapiens is in the hair follicles: Caucasoids have fine wooly hair. Negroids have tougher kinky hair and Mongaloids have straight hair. All kinds of other variations of skin color and features may vary but it’s all in the hair, folks. Who knew? And oh yes, I use the handle Al-Khidr because I’m a Truther who favors green. Look it up.

          • Swaytonious
            Swaytonious says:

            Contact with North America was going to happen eventually. The spreading of those diseases was unavoidable. Even if Migratory Asiatic Tribes people call native americans were the ones to cross the sea first. Also, those same Tribes of whom you decry their treatment were conquering and enslaving each other for thousands of years before we showed up. You begrudge us for simply being better at it? That shows a bias and therefore Racism on your part. The Tribes also stood against a newly independent America in the war of 1812. Everything that happened was a consequence of thag.

            I’m going to assume that you’re an Arab by your handle.. what happened to the other ethnic groups on the Arabian peninsula? What happened to the millions of Africans imported to the slave markets of the middle east? What happened to the people’s of Northern Africa from pre Islamic times? Tell us about the millions upon millions of Hindus killed as the Arab led Islamic tide rolled easy ward? Why is the Hindu Kush named such? It means funeral pyre of the Hindus after all..

            We know the Arabs invaded Africa for the natural resource of slave taking.

            FYI, preWWII America was isolationist. And don’t say yankee/Jewish. If we Yankees had any control over thus country we wouldn’t be enduring mass invasion and persecution by our own government.

          • Al-Khidr
            Al-Khidr says:

            Wouldn’t it be Racist to assume by my handle that I’m an Arab ? Is that why you go on so long about inhuman behavior in the Arab and the eastern world as if I have been defending it? Actually I’m the farthest thing from an Arab ethnically, linquistically, culturally, religiously, geographically, you name it. I might even be a Yankee but, I’m really just a Truther who likes the color green. ( Al-Khidr means “The Green One” It wouldn’t hurt to look him up.) Yes, I know pre-Columbian Americans had slavery and much worse – as many places around the world still do today. “You begrudge us for simply being better at it? That shows a bias and therefore Racism on your part.” You jump to the conclusion that I begrudge you (Yankeeland?) for simply being better at slavery? No, I don’t. Ask some trusted friend to discuss those two sentences with you. You jump to conclusions in every direction: I didn’t condemn anyone for the spread of European diseases in 16th century America either. I didn’t and don’t defend barbaric treatment of anyone anywhere. But I do believe the Yankee empire of this 21st century is now a Yankee/Jewish one. If you don’t like hearing that would it be because you are Jewish or Yankee or Yankee/Jewish? I’m only asking of course, not accusing, because to accuse would be Racist of me, wouldn’t it? But, what if it’s True that the Yankee/Jewish empire is Yankee WASP and Jewish Zionist? Is it Racist to say so? Is it Racist just to ask? You see, when people are raised on slogans instead of ideas and tribal/national righteousness instead of being taught to think for themselves, they are not equipped to discern Truth from lies. They’re equipped to be obedient sheeple. I suggest that’s precisely why the people of Yankeeland were led into both world wars. One thing Yankeeland and Israel have in common today is a pathological self righteousness. “My Country Right or Wrong” says it best. This profits war industries and profiteers but it gets masses of civilians and soldiers killed just for the profit of a few. Governments and countries are made to serve people. People are not made to serve governments and countries. Think about that. I agree, the people of Yankeeland are indeed enduring invasion and persecution, unemployment, bad water, a private profiteering health care system, homelessness and helplessness while billions go to Israel and to the Yankee military machine every year. The Yankee/Jewish government isn’t serving the people well at all. It’s news lies to them. It’s entertainment distracts them and all the “Diversity is our Strength” BS divides them against each other for fear of being called Racist or Antisemite. The only war the people should be fighting is the war against their own ruling elite. But that war against the .01% elite is never mentioned in MSM or the schools and it’s never allowed to be mentioned. Because it’s the only real war that must be fought. Think about who your real enemies are.

    • Sheldon
      Sheldon says:

      Well, I don’t know if I’m a “good Jew,” but I am Jewish and know this “diary” is fraudulent, as is the Holocaust narrative as it’s most commonly told.

        • Desert Flower
          Desert Flower says:

          European Whites need to address our own traitors and reassert our dominance in our own nations. Jews will be dealt with along with everyone else.

      • Weaver
        Weaver says:

        I think we just need separate states, if that’s possible – at least one for each Abrahamic religion. GK Chesterton thought it ideal to have many small states; that way, a person couldnt do something while representing a different group from his own.

      • Hitmarck
        Hitmarck says:

        Do good Jews think about reparations, since there might be a party involved that had damages inflicted upon it.

        • Swaytonious
          Swaytonious says:

          Indeed. The jews owe enough in reparations to all the peoples of the world they might as well be enslaved for a thousand years.

          • Weaver
            Weaver says:

            I don’t like where that logic leads. Someone might try the same against Anglos.

            How about everyone gets a nation state, and we aim for peace and stability?

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      When Paul Gottfried and Sam Francis debated, or rather when Sam Francis reviewed Gottfried’s book which I’ll link, the implication was that Jews were to blame for 60%, dummy WASPs about 40% of the decline.

      Jews like to argue that the English Reformation was started by the English, with no Jewish influence.

      I’m not active, but at times Ive been like Pastor Manning x 100. I tend to call whites, especially those of British descent, “monkeys,” because so many right wing Brits imagine we’re highly evolved and superior, for all the wrong reasons.

      To our credit, WASPs are excellent workers. And we have produced a few very good intellectuals and political scientists. So, in this bad environment we’ve produced (a few) thinkers who have seen the faults. I believe Francis died before his prime, before he could pull everything together.

  2. RockaBoatus
    RockaBoatus says:

    Bravo! One more nail in the coffin of the Holocaust myth that we’ve all been spoon-fed for the past 50 years, although the entire theory was largely laid to rest with the many publications of CODOH, especially by such authors as Arthur Butz, German Rudolf, Carlo Mattogno, and Robert Faurisson.

    It’s only when one awakens from the Jewish narrative of the Holocaust that one begins to perceive the sheer depth and breadth of the lies that we’ve been coerced to believe. Much of it is completely irrational, but we are guilted into accepting it nonetheless lest we offend our perpetual ‘victims.’

    In spite of the problems the West is currently experiencing, we live in fascinating times in that we have access to information not as readily accessible by earlier generations. The Globo-Homo matrix is beginning to implode on itself, and a growing number of people worldwide are seeing through the lies and ‘those’ who are the greatest benefactors of it.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      “The Globo-Homo matrix is beginning to implode on itself, and a growing number of people worldwide are seeing through the lies and ‘those’ who are the greatest benefactors of it.”

      I would say it has slipped a bit, but that process could be very slow. They hold all the cards, control all public communications, and have White College Indoctrinated Women as their handmaiden mothers to produce Goy calves and baby sheep. Suburban White Women-the lickspittle, screaming, yelling, clapping, shining faces of vacancies and remote control. A dumb terminal[1] controlled from a Mainframe.

      [1] Dumb terminals are called such because they had very little processing power, as they simply process a limited number of display commands. No programs can be run on these devices at all. Instead, the dumb terminal sends the user inputs to a computer that runs the needed programs which then sends the results to the terminal for display.

      Most dumb terminals were made to run with the FreeBSD operating system and were in wide use in the 1970s up to the early 1980s because of the relatively large costs of computers. Organizations often had only very few computers in relation to the number of users, so they needed these cheap dumb terminals to allow multiple users to access the few more powerful computers.

      Finally, my friend, demography is destiny. And the means Western Man is heading toward the Carrier Pigeon status.

      Your simple statement implicitly sends the message that internal processes are/will diminish Globo-Globule-Homo. What is does not imply-and really norms do not want to think about, is the actions planned to diminish, reduce and ultimately and actively destroy this abomination and filth.

      Jesus will intervene, God will strike and smite them, etc. Heaven will not let us perish. There was a scene in Invasion USA, with Chuck Norris, produced by 2 Israelis, called Globus. They produced kick ass movies for Norris and others. So the Russians invade Southern California, sabotaging vital infrastructure and blowing up people in large numbers publicly. But the American authorities are overwhelmed by the shock and awe, and cannot CONCEPTUALLY comprehend the attacks, the MO, the tactics, etc. This results in no anticipation and prediction. You have to understand something in order to predict it. The attacks and carnage get worse and worse; the American response becomes inert, impotent, spastic and ineffective.

      Enter our hero, Chuck. He is calm, deliberate, methodical, studied, and has real world experience to rely on. As a soldier (Real World Experience), he knows his enemy, as he knows himself. In fact, he knows the leader, Rostov.
      At first the bureaucracy resents him, tries to exclude him because he does not follow procedure, the rules, cannot stand the collective averaging of the inclusion of mediocrities and over promoted nincompoops.

      Finally, he is allowed a leadership role. For the first time, the American dumb and fat wankers start to anticipate attacks, and even to set a trap that is quite ingenious. Chuck is a Western Sun-Tzu.

      There is one scene that represents the collective West, the battered herd, the flotsam and jetsam of willy-nilly ZIO wind and waves, no rudder, no engine, no sails, no intellectual and moral strength. “Save Us, Jesus!!” At this point the citizenry are so frightened that they huddle, cry, plead and try to make deals with the F, S, and the H.G. They are all packed into a church where their only option (in their minds is supplication and prostration to the altar and to receive the unctuous balm of the priest. The Russians are delighted as a rancher would be herding his pigs and sheep into the holding pens to the slaughterhouse.

      But Chuck has anticipated that clumping together in mortification is just what the Russians wanted. They indirectly herded them to his easy Pearl Harbor fish in a barrel shooting gallery. Chuck uses the concentration of the Russians as their weakness, so he can slaughter THEM.

      This huddling herding is exactly how the Byzantine Empire ended, with he Emperor Constantine and his family, nobility and downward ranking nomenklatura, begging the Divine to spare them from the evildoers, big bad bullies who are simple and single minded in purpose and commitment: to destroy their enemies and all infidels. Well, you know the rest. The women were raped and made sex slaves, children were sent off to be worked to death, the men were mutilated, decaptitated and displayed. It was a great bacchanal for the Turks.

      The Fall of Byzantium is prologue for the fall and erasure of the West:

      End of an Empire: The Fall of Byzantium
      By the middle of the fifteenth century, time had just about ran out for the Byzantine Empire. While the Frankish Crusaders had been driven out of the city of Constantinople, the population of the city was a tenth of the five hundred thousand it had been during its heyday. The Crusaders had killed a large part of the population, but far deadlier had been the constant plagues. Now the city lay half-empty, little more than a collection of populated areas surrounded by the great walls built by Theodosius II a thousand years before. Outside the walls, the Empire had shrunk to little more than a city-state, controlling barely a few miles from the edge of the city. Outside of this, only two parts of the Empire remained – the Prince’s Islands, a series of small islands in the Sea of Marmara, and the Peloponnese, the large island on the southern end of Greece that holds the modern city of Corinth and the ancient city of Sparta. Unfortunately the former was too small and the later too remote to play much role in what was to come.

      The same themes, the infighting of Christians, betrayal, avarice of the rent seekers, Jewish intrigue playing both sides of conflicts, and the particular confusion that results in the multiplicity of interpretations and imperatives of Christianity, are present and mucking things up from then to now.

      The Epilogue of Byzantium foreshadows Western Europe. America and Canada will be partitioned and fractured along ethnic lines, with Russian and Chinese involvement. The best outcome for Whites in the New Magic Land will be to seize the Heartland food producing states and seek a union with The Russian Federation, with at least a competent culture of honor and intellectual/moral strength.

      Mehmed’s men plundered the city for three days. They were more discriminate in their plundering than the crusaders had been, due to their Sultan’s orders. He planned to make Constantinople his capital, and had no wish to rule from the ruins. The number of civilians killed, while still in the thousands, was less than the number killed the last time the city had been conquered. A more sinister concern than simple humanitarianism underlay this however, for to the Ottomans the civilian population were part of the plunder – thirty thousand people, fully half the population of the city, were sold into slavery. The depopulation of the city was almost complete, and like Constantine the Great, Mehmed was forced to order people from all over his empire to move to the city to re-populate it. Twenty-five years later, he had grown the population to eighty thousand – more than it had been before his conquest. By the middle of the 16th century it was the largest city in Europe, but so complete was the substitution of its inhabitants that even the Christian Greeks who lived there could not name the Byzantine churches that had been closed or co-opted as mosques.

  3. Tracey
    Tracey says:

    If Alexandr Dugin and so many Russians are as wise about the damaging political influence of Jews in America as they and others claim to be, why have they not publicly questioned the Anne Frank diary?

    Why don’t the Russians publicly question aspects of the holocaust?

    Because Russians, like Americans, will go only so far to reveal the power of Jews.

    Fear stops them.

    Let RT do a spot on Anne Frank.

    Ain’t gonna happen, and for the same reasons the American corporate media won’t do it.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      I’m not so sure. The awakening is accelerating. I have heard what sounded like skepticism about the US moon landings on RT. Perhaps Anne Frank revision is being considered.

    • Peter
      Peter says:

      “Because Russians, like Americans, will go only so far to reveal the power of Jews.” That is true and the same goes for everybody, except for a few brave people such as the author of the book and other authors on this website. It can be seen in the behavior of Europe and in particular eastern Europe as they all jump on the bandwagon of hatred for Russia, a hatred many hold due to the days of Soviet rule or occupation and times stretching back to before WW II. But they have forgotten that in the war years Jews were seen as leaders of the USSR and this made them the enemy of many people that did not like the communists mass murder (often under Jewish leadership) and thus labeling the USSR as ruled by Judeo-Bolshevism. After communism collapsed in 1990 Jews such as Soros and others wasted no time in rushing into eastern Europe and indoctrinating those countries with the same fraudulent view of WW II of Jews as powerless innocents as the west was indoctrinated with, forgetting or never hearing of what the Jews did to Europeans in the war.

  4. Alan Donelson
    Alan Donelson says:

    So, another one bites the dust.

    As Elie Wiesel wrote, ““In literature, Rebbe, certain things are true though they didn’t happen, while others are not, even if they did.”

    Sometime before shattering the Guiness World Records Book entry for insolvable puzzles, Humpty Dumpty reportedly had a truthy moment with Alice on the other side of silvered glass.
    “When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’
    ’The question is,’ said Alice, ‘whether you can make words mean so many different things.’
    ’The question is,’ said Humpty Dumpty, ‘which is to be master — that’s all.”

    In these Orwellian times, we have learned the answer.

  5. Poupon Marx
    Poupon Marx says:

    One of the moves necessary to position yourselves for survival is what to apprehend intellectually, emotionally, and philosophically. The purpose is more than evaluate. You should have done that before now. Now is the time to become FAMILIAR and intimate with what and where your succor and salvation exists and offers. To that end, I recommend the following:

    “It is better to move a year early than a day too late”. Capisce?

  6. Karl Haemers
    Karl Haemers says:

    Agreed, the dams made of lies are crumbling at exponential speed. That TOO would feature this review now is testament to the prevalence of revisionism.

    • Ikuo Suzuki
      Ikuo Suzuki says:

      Nice to meet you, Karl.
      This is the first time I am able to communicate directly with you.
      Thank you for the wonderful job you have done.
      I especially appreciated your addition about the ballpoint pen, as that was the part I omitted.
      Perhaps the meaning of my birth was in the publication of this book.

      • Karl Haemers
        Karl Haemers says:

        Good to find you in the comments Ikuo. It was an honor to work with you on this project. Your graphic depiction of the changes among editions of the Diary I found especially compelling.
        Now, let’s see what our greatest critic Carolyn Yeager has to say about why our book is not so great as claimed.

  7. Carolyn Yeager
    Carolyn Yeager says:

    Pardon me if I don’t automatically join in the kudos to Karl Haemers and Thomas Dalton for “finding” this brilliant new revisionist “Ikuo Suzuki.” He may exist, but I have some questions about him. On Amazon books, I find he is the author of one previous book entirely in Japanese, titled in English translation (I had to use Google Translate) “Middle-aged and Elderly Job Hunting.” Hmm, a far cry from the ‘holocaust’ and Anne Frank. I don’t find any further information about him online, and the book itself gives no description except for calling him a “Japanese researcher.” How did Thomas Dalton find him? Or was it Karl? Karl Haemers says that he is the book’s “assistant editor”, he wrote the Introduction and contributed some money for the publishing. Karl should know whether there is an Ikuo Suzuki behind this book or not. Come clean, Karl. If you can show I’m wrong, I’ll gladly apologize.

    I am sorry to cast suspicions, but society is drowning in fakery and lies, and now our side is going to go that way too?! Another book about Anne Frank is not worth it.

    • Ikuo Suzuki
      Ikuo Suzuki says:

      I am Ikuo Suzuki.
      Nice to meet you.
      I apologize for the unnaturalness of this sentence, as it was created by automatic translation.
      I have been studying the Holocaust controversy since around 2000. I am the only (unfortunately) Holocaust revisionist in Japan who is fully active now that my mentor, Professor Ichiro Kato, has passed away.
      I have a Facebook page and a channel on YouTube.

      I contacted Mr. Dalton by email. I am still translating his literature into Japanese and uploading it to my videos.

      The original Japanese version of this book is.
      I am very happy that Mr. Dalton suggested that we complete the English version. The English version is better and more complete than the Japanese version.

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        Thanks. I have many questions. I’ll start with this: If this book is a translation from the original Japanese, why doesn’t it say so (or does it?) and who is the translator? I have the impression that you do not read or write English, is that correct?
        If you don’t read or write English, how is it that the English version is better and more complete than the Japanese version? Someone else must have made it so.

        Are you are familiar with Dr. Robert Faurisson’s detailed study of the Anne Frank Diary, published in 2002? The reader can access it here, thanks to Germar Rudolf’s invaluable VHO website:

        Do you think you’ve come up with anything new? It’s commendable that you’re bringing the truth of the holocaust hoax to the Japanese people. Best of luck to you in that.

        • Ikuo Suzuki
          Ikuo Suzuki says:

          Thanks for the reply.
          First of all, most Japanese people use only Japanese. I can manage to read English sentences because I have only learned English for entrance exams, but I cannot write natural English.
          I can translate from English to natural Japanese, but not vice versa.
          The original Japanese was written in very plain sentences. In order to improve the accuracy of the automatic translation, it was further revised to a plainer sentence. I can tell you that the automatically translated English text has the same meaning as the original text. However, I cannot understand the subtle nuances that only a native English speaker can understand. That is why I asked Mr. Carl and Mr. Dalton to correct it. In the process of this work, I also discovered a number of new facts that I was not aware of when I wrote the original. This is what I have incorporated in this English version.
          And the parts that I omitted for ethical reasons are also included in full. And I have removed the parts that were too redundant. I have also improved the organization of the chapters. Besides, little of what was in the original book has been removed, and the logic has not changed.
          What is important in this book is not the beautiful style of writing as if it was written by a great writer, but only the logic and evidence.
          That is what I mean when I say that this English version is better.

          Next, I would like to talk about the process of writing this book. I was originally asked to write this book by an acquaintance of mine, Mr. S. But I was initially reluctant. However, I was initially reluctant to do so.
          I knew about the alleged forgery of the “Diary,” but I did not believe that there was enough content in it to write a book.
          However, I soon found Professor Faurisson’s work. When I read it, I found it to be so excellent that I decided to use the book’s commentary to do most of the work. I thought that if I added some of my own findings to it, it would give it some semblance of style.
          However, I learned that there is a “definitive” edition of the Diary published by the Netherlands National Institute. The authorities must have been trying to counter the onslaught by Professor Faurisson. No doubt, it is the result of the professor’s work.

          I obtained the Dutch and Japanese versions of this and began analyzing them. The “definitive” version was a very detailed historical document.
          Immediately after I began my research, a flood of facts emerged. This “definitive version” was a treasure trove of evidence, with many critical pieces of evidence about the authenticity of the “diary” buried in it.
          Perhaps the people who created it themselves were unaware of it.
          Professor Faurisson passed away without ever conducting a detailed analysis of this “definitive” edition.
          From that time on, I began to feel a sense of duty to carry on his unfinished work.

          In the course of further analysis, I discovered a number of important pieces of evidence that Professor Faurisson could have found but did not mention.
          If I had included all of this, it would have been a considerable amount of work by itself. So I changed my plans and shortened the introduction to his research to the bare minimum.

          The driving force that ultimately drove me was a great sense of anger.
          I am a tutoring teacher by profession. Indeed, having taught boys and girls of Annelies’ age for many years, the existence of that “diary” was unforgivable to me.
          This anger culminated when I learned of the existence of the obscene entries, which I hesitate to even put into words.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            Thank you! My, this is way more than I expected, but I love it. It’s clear to me that you are a very intelligent man. It is a great pleasure to meet you and consider you a friend.

            I have found it to be the case that machine translation keeps improving and is more than adequate for most circumstances, with just a little tweaking.

            I did spend some time looking at your facebook page, but the material was a couple years old. Now that I know you are capable of handling the English translation yourself, and are not as dependent as it first seemed on other’s help, a different picture emerges. I’m glad to see you as an independent figure who makes his own decisions and that this book reflects that. I’m ordering it and will read it as soon as it comes, with greater enjoyment because of this exchange between us than I would have otherwise. I’m also re-reading Robert Faurisson’s VHO page ( to refresh my memory. He was a friend also and very graciously wrote to me and followed and appreciated my own work. A great man. I’ll copy your replies to me and keep them in the book when it comes! It pays to speak up!

            With cordial and grateful greetings — Carolyn

      • Peter
        Peter says:

        Hello. The first time I have ever heard of you is in this book review. I assume you are genuine and your self description is accurate and let me be maybe one of the first to thank you for your book. Hopefully there will be many others thanking you. My parents were German and they would thank you too if they were still alive. I hope very much and I suspect the hate filled Jews don’t dominate Japan’s media the way they do in the USA but I suspect their tentacles reach there too. I read a years ago that even Japan has a holohoax memorial. Thank you for your bravery and contribution to the effort of straightening out the history of WW II. Excuse my use of the unscholarly word “holohoax” but I find it much more accurate than “Holocaust” so that is how I refer to it now.

        • Ikuo Suzuki
          Ikuo Suzuki says:

          Nice to meet you.
          Ever since I came to know about this issue, I have been wanting to let the Germans know how I feel. Last week, I advertised this book in Berlin using Facebook. Although it was only a small number of people, I was able to make my voice heard.

          Japan is under the threat of indirect invasion by China. This is known to some extent, but the Japanese are totally ignorant of the Jewish problem.
          (China is also extremely dangerous. They have much in common with the Jews, if not the same.)
          The Chinese and Koreans are extremely troublesome because they are so close to us in appearance. Jews cannot sneak into Japan unnoticed in that respect.
          However, Jews do rub up against us in a friendly manner.
          They unnaturally praise Chiune Sugihara, the Japanese diplomat who issued visas to Jewish immigrants in Lithuania.
          He is deified as a symbol of friendship between Japan and the Jews.
          I believe that it is the same MO as that of China to initiate aggression under the guise of friendship.

          • Captainchaos
            Captainchaos says:

            If White America goes under the Chinese will have Japan and South Korea for breakfast. More Japanese should keep that ever present in mind and start speaking out.

          • yow
            yow says:

            Just a warning. Even if the Jews dont look Japanese they still have huge amount of influence in Japan too because Jews own the global central banking system which keeps countries in constant debt with their fiat currency, including Japan and they also fund all sorts of subversive things in Japan and bribe many people.

          • yow
            yow says:

            China doesnt own the global banking system that keeps countries in constant debt. Its the jews that do (also do you know about the Rothschilds family?) and the jews control the world through this banking system and control the media and the politics of the world. . Even China is beholden to Jews and countries that try to get out of the banking system, are immediately destroyed, just like Germany was.

          • Weaver
            Weaver says:

            Y’all are under attack through your pop culture. The US and/or Jews/capitalists need Japan to open its borders to get foreigners inside. Once that happens, you’re conquered; or you’re more easily controlled anyway. The Unification Church threat surprised me.

            I assume Japan needs to develop a nuclear defense, but any geopolitical change risks leading to war.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      … society is drowning in fakery and lies …

      Given that this is true, suspicions are inherently reasonable, especially when they are expressed as politely as CY’s are here. No one should be offended by them.

      I looked for the book at Amazon on August 26. Its presence there for sale came as something of a surprise. (I added a request for a Kindle edition.) There were no customer reviews then—has that changed?—but there were brief blurbs of approval from Kirkus Reviews (no surprise there; Kirkus reviews everything) and the Times Literary Review (not a source with which I am familiar; it is decidedly not the same thing as the TLS).

      If Karl Haemers wrote the promo copy, he merits applause. It is straightforward and forthright in its summary and claims.

    • Ikuo Suzuki
      Ikuo Suzuki says:

      This is the Japanese version.
      Originally titled “Is The Diary of Anne Frank a Fake?”

      This is the Japanese version.
      Originally titled “Is The Diary of Anne Frank a Fake?”

      I have written a book about the Holocaust controversy. This is also available on in Japan.
      I also supplemented and commented on the Japanese edition of “Did Six Million Really Die? This is likewise available on

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        Congratulations on your accomplishment, Mr. Suzuki. I hope that Amazon continues to sell your books, especially “Unmasking Anne Frank.” If publication can also be arranged in a form compatible with Kindle, so much the better.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      I appreciate the inquiry. Indeed fakery is so rampant that we must always be diligent and vigilant.
      To be clear, I wrote the introduction and post-script, and did the main editing of Ikuo’s main text. I did not contribute any investment toward the publication of the book, but have an arrangement for partial royalties as compensation for my work on the book.
      I am always in favor of new books on any aspect of holocaust revision, including the Anne Frank hoax. Quality is important, I agree with you on that. I feel the quality of this book is among the best in the field, equal at least to Faurissan, whose work is much shorter.

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        No, I don’t think you appreciated my inquiry because rather than issuing platitudes, I’m asking real questions. My question for you is: It appears you had no communication with Mr. Suzuki during the time you were working on the book, so how did you do “the main editing of Ikuo’s main text” without it? Ikuo wrote:

        “Nice to meet you, Karl.
        This is the first time I am able to communicate directly with you.
        Thank you for the wonderful job you have done.
        I especially appreciated your addition about the ballpoint pen, as that was the part I omitted.”

        Was his manuscript machine-translated into English, and you edited that on your own as you saw fit, without Mr. Suzuki’s concurrence, but with Mr. Dalton’s approval? He says he didn’t know you were adding the ball-point pen controversy until reading this TOO article. Unusual but certainly doable. Is your process described in the book?

        You say this book (partially authored by you) is “equal at least to Faurissan” (sic).” I suspect it’s mainly FROM Faurisson. Faurisson is very thorough (EXACTITUDE, you know), and doesn’t leave anything dangling. Does he get credit from you? Well, you’re forcing me to buy the book in order to find out. I shall.

        • Ikuo Suzuki
          Ikuo Suzuki says:

          I of course checked out the revised English version.
          I was very pleased with its content.
          The finished English text is very lively and at times wryly humorous.

          In addition, after I finished the text, Carl added a chapter of commentary at the end of the book. In it, he explains the ballpoint pen issue and the “newly discovered text by Anne”.
          That, too, was very good.
          It complemented my text.

        • Karl Haemers
          Karl Haemers says:

          I answered your initial questions. I think you protest too much, now with the next round of questions, but perhaps that is your gift to revisionism. You seem suspicious more in the manner of an inquisitor than an inquirer.

          The answer to your questions are simple, and nothing nefarious or duplicitous. Publisher Dalton submitted the Suzuki text to me in English, and I went through it and made edits mostly of grammar, punctuation, structure and a tiny bit of content where needed. Mr. Suzuki had opportunity to review my edits and approve or propose further edits, through Dalton. Publisher Dalton also had some feedback to me on my edits, and I made further changes accordingly. Both of these were very few and minor.
          I do not believe Ikuo meant that the first he saw of the ball point pen content was in the review. I believe he meant he first saw it in our collective draft when he saw my Post Script chapter “Re-Rebutting Anne Frank House”. This is the first I’ve had any “direct” contact with Ikuo however, which is good. I think he did fine work and I am honored to have assisted.

          I am guessing you are concerned for the reputation of Faurisson here, your doubts about the quality of our book comparing or even surpassing our great pioneer. If you indeed choose to get and read the book, you will see that all 3 authors pay reverential respect to Faurisson–and others who also pioneered this troubled terrain.

          We stand on the shoulders of 6’4″ giants such as Germar Rudolf, where we can get above the hydrogen cyanide fumes, breathe freely and see clearly. The sky and a 1000 year cultural utopia are the limits. For now, I see our book as a worthy addition to the canon, which moves us one more step toward the heights of truth.

          More can be done. For instance, what happened to the big money Suijk got from selling the “missing” pages to the Netherlands? All I could find was that it was donated to a US educational institution. Like a holocaust museum? Harvard? We don’t know yet. Perhaps you could find out. As you must know, this rabbit hole is bottomless.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            Karl, In my suspicious mind, I’m now suspecting that “Karl Haemers” is not your real name. If so, that’s a disappointment as I almost always assume otherwise.

            I’d like to point out that most serious revisionists worthy of the name – almost all – do use their real names. Thomas Dalton, a late-comer, does not, but then he is not a real revisionist, but a promoter and publisher. He has never done original research that adds to what is known, but contributes in that he’s a gifted writer and devotee who can simplify and make more understandable the work of the major revisionists. Ernst Zundel could be said to be the same, except that Ernst didn’t hide his identity and, in accepting the persecution (personal hardship & suffering), he advanced the revisionist cause to the public by leaps and bounds. Ernst Zundel’s lived experience probably did MORE for the cause of “holocaust” Truth than any single book or discovery by any single revisionist! (Including the two greatest, most important ones, in my opinion: Arthur Butz and Robert Faurisson. Both in the ’70s. They did the most original, ground-breaking and encompassing work of all to destroy the myth. I invite you to get a broader perspective by familiarizing yourself with

        • Ikuo Suzuki
          Ikuo Suzuki says:

          Thank you for your heartwarming words.

          My regret is that Professor Faurisson will not be able to read our book this time.
          My pen name in the Japanese version is “Keiji Kato”. I borrowed it from my revisionist father, the late Professor Ichiro Kato. He passed away in the middle of his efforts to spread Holocaust revisionism in Japan. The kanji for “Keiji” means “inherit the will”.
          And the documents he translated into Japanese were those of Faurisson, Rudolf, and Mattogno. They were my revisionist grandfathers, so to speak. And my great-grandfather is Rassinier. I think I took the baton of courage that he had in his hand when he started running.
          I will continue to run with this baton until I die.

          And I have received another courage from the people here and from you. Again, thank you very much.

  8. old coyote
    old coyote says:

    Thanks for this review; I was unaware of the revisionist’s problem of pushing an incorrect story, that of the ‘ball-point pen’. Truth. always.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      You shouldn’t have needed this article to tell you that the “ball-point pen argument” was never a convincing argument. It’s been known for years thanks to the now-deceased revisionist Robert Faurisson. He was known for his love for “Exactitude.” But so many amateur dabblers who should never be called “revisionists,” keep repeating it because it sounds good and people readily believe it. Seldom are these dabblers corrected. This is dishonest and why you should avail yourself of sourced material (and then pay attention to the source!), not whatever you pick up on comment boards & threads. I agree with you — Truth is not optional.

      If at least 50% of people really put Truth first, the ‘holocaust’ hoax would never have gained world-wide acceptance. That puts ALOT of people on the spot!

      • Karl Haemers
        Karl Haemers says:

        Even David Irving seemed to ascribe to the ball point pen myth, which is shocking given the exactitude which he achieves as a historian. It can happen to the best of us.
        I may not be able to give you sources for this, but it is my impression that large swaths of the world never believed the holocaust myth. Much of Arabia, Indonesia, China, Japan, parts of South America, the Philippines, certainly Iran, and elsewhere never bought in. Some of these places still hold a high reverence for Adolf Hitler and National Socialism.

      • Raeto West
        Raeto West says:

        I dislike Yeager’s site because she’s a lover of Hitler, without considering the obvious possibility that he was a partner in causing white loss in the Second World War. The are many aspects to Revisionism.

        • Karl Haemers
          Karl Haemers says:

          Many and vast are the lovers of Hitler, and for good reasons.
          I agree it is an obvious consideration that Hitler was a participant in inflicting WW2 on the white population of Europe (though the war also encompassed Arabia, N Africa, much of Asia and beyond). But the obvious suspicion becomes an obvious further war propaganda defamation atrocity story pushed by Jews when we study the honest history. The theory that Hitler was a willing participant in waging the war falls apart utterly when we understand the many peace and alliance proposals made, most of them collected in the book What the World Rejected: Hitler’s Peace Proposals 1933-1940 by Friedrich Stieve. I would also recommend The Forced War by David L Hoggan and Truth for Germany by Udo Walendy to understand how Germany was reluctantly forced into military operations against Poland. Summary: Germany did not start WW2.

          • Raeto West
            Raeto West says:

            @Karl Haemers – please look at the work of ‘hexzane527’, who appears to be French, and whose papers I’ve collected in English here—
            This includes not just Hitler, but also Mussolini, Franco, Stalin, French Jews, Jews in Britain etc
            There are a few dozen papers, most of them in separate parts of WW2 to simplify things. I’m sick and tired of people not reading these and, like you, airily saying oh, it’s just propaganda. I’m talking, even if you can’t face it, of Jewish power in the USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, USSR, Japan and China. Hexzane thinks, and I agree, that both WW1 and WW2 and other wars are manifestations of Jewish power through paper money, long credit deals, control of civil servants, and the use of algorithms mostly modified from the Talmud. Please at least examine this.

      • Peter
        Peter says:

        I learned something. I thought the ball point pen claim was true. In regards to Hitler, the White advocates that I am aware of regard Hitler as a champion of the White race or at least view him in an objective manner and Jews hate that. Apparently I was mistaken about the ball point pen but it was England and France that declared war on Germany after Germany was forced to take the lands stolen from them back from Poland and it was Churchill that refused Germany’s repeatedly offering Churchill not only friendship but an alliance, even after the British army was thrown into the sea. Hitler attempted to negotiate with Poland right up to the day he finally decided to attack Poland and the Poles did the equivalent of spitting in his face. Well, I think they regretted that. As for the USSR, do you think a government that was 80 to 85% Jew run (80 to 85% of its leaders were Jews) that outlawed Christianity and killed large numbers of the USSR’s population was pro-white? It was Churchill and FDR that were servants of the Jews and destroyed Europe. Churchill destroyed the British Empire (which Hitler admired) rather than accept Hitler’s offer of friendship with Germany. I’m sorry, but you are way off base.

        The War That Had Many Fathers – Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof – Hardcoded English Subtitles

  9. Birhan Dargey
    Birhan Dargey says:

    The Ann Frank book a proven fraud..Will they claim antisemitism and keep passing it for a real diary of a jewish girl hiding in an attic.?? Even in the face of overwhelming evidence the jews will still claim the book to be aunthentic. Whay kind of people do that?? They even say that Eli Wiesel is a he???

    • Al-Khidr
      Al-Khidr says:

      Yes, Elie Wiesel is a fraud. In “Night” he’s not the first to write “historical fiction” and have it passed off as history rather than fiction. Many millions of naive people still read historical fiction today and take it for fact. The post war Jewish Supremacist propagandists know this and have exploited it. Mark Twain once explained it facetiously when he asked, “Why mar a good story by sticking to the facts?”

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Is Elie the Weasel a fraud? Well, put it this way. The guy that EW claimed was his Auschwitz bunkmate didn’t recognize him when a reunion was arranged ten or so years ago. What’s more, in the famous Buchenwald photo from April 1945, in which we are told that Wiesel is one of the partly visible, partly obscured, emaciated prisoners, the call could go either way.

      My own bet is that he did indeed spend time in the camps as a prisoner but that somewhere between 70 and 90 percent of his published claims about his experiences are false.

      Do you remember how he made an enormous public spectacle of himself with regard to his losses when Bernie Madoff’s scams became news? The Weasel cried that he lost millions, but despite the claimed losses—whose real point was to distract from the fact that virtually all of Madoff’s targets were Gentiles—the Weasel’s actual losses, if any, were never so great that he had to wear a suit that wasn’t custom-made for him, nor is their reason to think that he was ever reduced to the absolute horror* of wearing a pair of re-soled or re-heeled shoes.

  10. Arch Stanton
    Arch Stanton says:

    “Mr. Suzuki closes with a touching Afterword he calls “Annelies Next to You,” in which the focus of our outrage is inverted from the evil “Nazis” to those who would fabricate lies in Anne’s name. This is a virtue of this book; Suzuki never blames Anne for the fraud, but rather points the finger at other Jews. “Not a single word in (the diary) contains her truth. It is merely a prison for Annelies’ soul, covered by a thick wall of falsehood in the name of a legend.” Our compassion should be for the real Annelies (her full name) Frank who has been so brutally used and misrepresented to promote a Jewish victim/”Nazi” perpetrator agenda.”

    This exactly what Saul/Paul and later Jewish “Christians” did with Jesus; they invented myths about the man in pursuit of their own self-serving agenda. I would say Jesus, along with Hitler, are the most maligned and misrepresented figures in Jewish history. Christianity’s Jesus is a fabricated story that, like the Holocaust, has now become our history. It is wrong to blame Jesus for Christianity, as he had nothing to do with that religion. In fact, Jesus’ attitude was quite irreligious from the traditional perspective. He constantly questioned, rebutted, rebuked and disobeyed the Temples’ religious laws.

    I blame clever, conniving Jews for the corrupted Christian religion that usurped Jesus’ name and reputation. In the Gospel of Matthew, one finds Jesus clearly saying he has nothing to do with “gentiles”, commanding his disciples to stay away from them, adding he had only come for the “Lost Sheep of Israel.” That would be none other than Temple Jews following Temple law. This was the law Jesus came to fulfill, thus ending Moses’ blood covenant (contract) with the Old Testament god YHVH. Jesus did exactly what he said he would and that was the end of the story. It was later Jews that created fantastic myths about the man and his mission after his death.

  11. Mark Green
    Mark Green says:

    Fascinating–and stimulating–article on a critical reexamination of one of the most powerful (and politicized) myths in the modern world. This scholarly work is long overdue.

    Kudos to all involved in this painstaking project. It is not an easy path. All we can (and must) do is follow the truth wherever it leads. (Let’s hope that it remains ‘lawful’ to do so.) Thank you, Ikuo Suzuki. Thank you, Thomas Dalton.

    Here’s the problem restated: Ann Frank has become a sacred, Christ-like icon that serves the Zionist project in a unique (and diabolical) fashion. Is there anyway out of this?

    The Ann Frank myth functions as an ever-present moral shield for questionable Jewish actions as well as outright Zionist criminality. It therefore deserves rigorous investigation.

    As it is now, the ubiquitous (and untouchable) Ann Frank yarn functions to protect the Jewish state from normal, everyday criticism for ongoing machinations, deeds done, future excesses, injured parties (past and present), as well as the unethical manipulations of global Jewry. The list is long.

    Consider just the obvious recent victims: Iraq, Libya, Palestine, Lebanon, Iran, and more. Zionist tentacles are everywhere. Even America and Europe have been harmed by this. US/NATO troops are all over the globe, protecting foreign borders. Meanwhile, US borders (and much of Europe’s) remain wide open. Hello?

    Attempts to preserve America and Europe’s fragile civilizations are decried as ‘racist’. This shame-inducing mischaracterization happens whenever European-descended Whites start talking and organizing…. like Jews.

    Meanwhile. the US (not to mention Canada and NATO) is being used to punish/decimate Israeli foes and rearrange the world in a fashion that is acceptable to world Jewry. This may ultimately means less nationalism (for Whites) and more globalism up you-know-who. Not pretty. Not good.

    Jews want the world divided, racially mixed, and managed from above (by Jews).

    Therefore, the Zio-American empire has become a soft (but headless) Israeli battering ram. Traditional values OUT. Woke preferences IN.

    Meanwhile (here at home) White ‘unity’ has been declared equivalent to abject (White) ‘racism’. Wha?

    That’s the new Official line out of DC. Meanwhile, ‘minorities’ who proclaim ‘racial solidarity’ with their extended kin suffer no same opprobrium as here in the US.

    Keep in mind that, Jewish solidary (and Israeli brutality), is treated as if it’s ‘understandable’ as well as sacred, essential, and maybe even holy. Wow. Really?

    This moral disconnect here (fortified double-standards) are striking. But they are no accident. America is being played. It’s a slow-motion conquest.

    How do we break out of this manufactured kosher box?

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      “How do we break out of this manufactured kosher box?”

      Here’s a suggestion: How about all the amateur revisionists and academics/intellectuals who fill up the Internet start using their REAL NAMES. When thousands, and later hundreds of thousands, of truth-tellers & truth lovers stand up bravely and denounce Jewish lies without fear or trembling, THEN and only then the Jews will begin to fear, and we will free ourselves.

      I believe this could work miracles. I believe too many of us have forgotten how to fight back, and why it’s necessary.

      • Tim Folke
        Tim Folke says:

        Good point! As Dr. Pierce often (and correctly) said, the reason most of us do not use our real names is this: fear of economic loss. Yes, courage – coupled with financial independence – is needed.

        As an amazing historical figure once said, “He who first demands of fate a guarantee of success automatically renounces any idea of doing a heroic deed”.

        • Barkingmad
          Barkingmad says:

          There won’t be financial independence, even if you are now a millionaire, when the govt colludes with bankers to freeze or outright pillage your bank account if you have said or done bad things. Now, suppose you have some precious metals in your possession (e.g., gold). They can prevent a gold buyer from doing business with you. And so on and so forth. They will block you from every imaginable angle until they have achieved holodomor V. 2.0.

          But none of these possibilities would prevent me from trying to get rich anyway. Rich is way better than poor or middling.

      • Karl Haemers
        Karl Haemers says:

        The Jews already fear. They are the most paranoid race on Earth. Because of this fear, they frantically attack anyone who says anything they deem ‘wrong’. Or they send neo-Communist thugs from Antifa and the FBI after people. People go to prison for ‘holocaust denial’, and with the new law in Canada, more will suffer this fate who use their real names and speak truth.
        First, let us collect a Legal Defense Fund, then select people strategically to use their real names and denounce the holocaust as a hoax. Others have done this without a LDF, such as the Schaefers, and while noble, it might have been masochistic. Although withholding the truth is also masochistic, and so we have our dilemma.
        Let’s call it the “Honest History Legal Defense Fund”. The HH will freak them out!

      • Karl Haemers
        Karl Haemers says:

        I just saw this on a white identity Telegram group:

        “They got me good. Found out where I worked and posted it all over their faggy Antifa twitter pages. Then they flooded my work with phone calls and emails demanding they fire the racist Nazi working there. My GM held out for a little bit but when they started flooding the business’s Facebook page with bullshit 1 star reviews saying the place has blatant racists and Nazis working there, they caved and fired me. The 2nd place didn’t hesitate at all when they found me again. All it took there was a few phone calls complaining and a video of me wearing a Proud Boy Fred Perry shirt.”

  12. Timothy Murray
    Timothy Murray says:

    Butz wrote on the collapse of the Donation of Constantine forgery in his part 2 of supplement 2 of his work. He described its endurance as “established” truth and “accepted fact” for many, many years. Then, he describes the collapse of the fraud.

    Intellectuals, such as those here at TOO started the work and created the critical mass of evidence needed to topple the fraud. The passage gives me great confidence !

    I will be looking for the predictable articles on the need to question and confront rising anti-semitism in Japan.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      Have they ever burned books in Japan? We know a German student group hauled the pornography out of the Institute for Sex Research co-managed by Magnus Hirschfeld and burned it in the Obernplatz.
      If they try to suppress this book in Japan, it will only become more popular, I suspect. Ikuo would know better the environment in Japan.

  13. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    The article reminds me of the time in the 1950’s that all of AFD was read to my Primary School class. At 10 years old we were already being brainwashed in Yankee Controlled Western Europe, sorry, I mean the Free World. Of course, the Glaubenjuden control the USA.
    During one indoctrination the teacher said that when the German Giant broke through the plywood Anne told him to be quiet because she had to write two more sentences. He crouched in the hole with a foot in each room until she gave him permission to move.
    I asked why she didn’t run away and the teacher said that she was much braver than me.
    The class laughed. The teacher and half the class were white invaders from London. I disliked them as much as they disliked me.
    My village was small with a population of 800. A month before harvest a field of corn was ripped up so that 100 houses could be built for the London families to make way for 100 invader families in London. I read recently that the current invaders are being housed around the country, with less housed in the cities.
    After Europe was defeated in 1945 the late David Rockefeller sent his friends ( he did have a few, not many, one of them told me this ) around the World to bully governments into creating multicoloured nations, according to one of my students.
    All nations must drone on about the AFD and holocaust, of course.
    The Americans forced the Europeans out of Africa, causing the starvation of millions of Africans, created the Cold War and much of the misery since WW2. One must keep the Uncle Toms in the Congress happy, not to mention Thoroughly Modern Milley.
    TOO should blame the USA more for our current problems

  14. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Thanks Karl and congratulations on being a part of the book.

    Back in the late 70s’, when I was in high school, we were shown a film of the “holocaust.” It showed decomposed bodies piled on top of each other. Of course I now know that those bodies were most likely victims of typhus. Remember, this was the late 70s. They used a projector and film reels. There was no internet to just flick on. Where did they get the film? The only other times they used projectors was to watch movies to be critiqued. Of all the death and destruction of WW2 throughout all of Europe, why choose only to show what supposedly happened in “concentration camps?”

    We also read, ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’. ‘Why are we reading this, I thought?’ The professor had been to Russia and he would glowingly tell us how wonderful it was, how everyone shared everything and how happy the people he met were while they were waiting in line for food. “Everyone was together,” he said. He stated that Russia was ‘the future’. I can’t remember if he was Jewish, or not.

    “The Jews are the masters of lies. They are the scum of the earth.” ~ Schopenhauer

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      Thank you. It was a joy to contribute to this work. Ikuo is the main man here, and deserves our appreciation. Editor Dalton as well for managing the entire project.

      I too remember the “audio-visual aid” session in 6th grade, where we watched a holocaust horror movie. I now think it was child abuse to tell this grimly horrifying story with graphic detail, and not even process the experience the children had watching it. No one asked us any questions, no teachers or adults checked in with us to see how we were feeling, no one asked the next day if we had had any nightmares. Child abuse!

      I especially like Schopenhauer’s honesty.

  15. Keith Harbaugh
    Keith Harbaugh says:

    Please forgive me for asking this question here,
    but the more appropriate pages for asking it all seem to have their comments closed.

    John Doyle Klier has written two significant works on the “Russian pogroms” (listed below) that do not seem to be available as ebooks.
    Are any of readers of this willing and able to make them so available?
    Or are, in fact, e-versions available?

    Pogroms: Anti-Jewish Violence in Modern Russian History [Cambridge University Press: 2004]

    Russians, Jews, and the Pogroms of 1881–82 [Cambridge University Press: 2011]

  16. Pip
    Pip says:

    “The Enemy Is Listening!”
    What Did the British Intelligence Service Know about the Holocaust?
    Christoph M. Wieland

    In his book, The Ultra Secret,[1] published in 1974, author Frederick W. Winterbotham revealed, for the first time, that the British Intelligence Service was able to eavesdrop on almost all German military radio communications from a very early date, shortly after the outbreak of World War II. As a captain in the Royal Air Force and officer of the Military Intelligence Service, Winterbotham supervised the work of the Government Code & Cipher School in Bletchley Park, where cryptanalysts cracked the “Enigma” code used in German cipher machines to scramble messages transmitted by the German army, navy and air force.
    Seven more years were fated to pass by before the public was permitted to learn that Bletchley Park personnel were capable of far more than simply reading written German military messages. In 1981, cryptanalyst Francis H. Hinsley published the second volume of his book British Intelligence in the Second World War.[2] Hinsley’s book revealed that the British Intelligence Service also eavesdropped on radio signals transmitted by the German police, SD and SS. This enabled the British to obtain not only reliable information on events behind the Russian Front, but on events in the German concentration camps as well.
    On 19 May 1997, the British government transferred the decoded documents in Bletchley Park to the Public Records Office in London, thereby making them accessible to the public for research purposes.[3] Oddly, only a very few Holocaust historians were interested in the information on the concentration camps. The reason for this astonishing lack of interest is presumably due to the following remark by author Hinsley:

    The messages from Auschwitz, the largest camp, with 20,000 inmates,[4] mention disease as the chief cause of death, but also include references to executions by hanging and shooting. The decoded messages contain no references to gassings.[5]

    The present article is intended to summarize the information obtained at Bletchley Park on events in Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Despite Hinsley’s unambiguous statement, British Intelligence Service information continues to give rise to a multiplicity of interpretations and speculation, just as before. At the same time, the question of what the British “knew about the Holocaust” always takes priority over everything else.
    As shown by the Bletchley Park documents, the commandant of Auschwitz had to file a report every single day. With the exception of Sunday, these messages consisted of daily reports on population [Bestand], arrivals [Zugänge], and departures [Abgänge] from the concentration camps. For over thirteen months, from January 1942 to January 1943, the British Intelligence Service followed up and decoded these reports from Auschwitz Concentration Camp to the SS Head Business Administration Office [SS-Wirtschafts-Verwaltungshauptamt] in Oranienburg.
    The decoded messages enabled the compilation of very exact statistics. The radio messages from 28 October 1942 – taking a single day at random – reveal, for example, that Auschwitz Concentration Camp contained a total, all told, of 25,298 inmates: 18,754 men and 6,544 women; including 10,755 Jews, 8,822 Poles, 1,369 Russians and 1,578 Germans. It was also learned that there were exactly 787 Zugänge and 168 Abgänge on 28 July 1942; Zugänge referred to the arrival of new inmates; Abgänge referred to deaths, executions, releases and inmates transferred to other camps.
    These daily radio messages also contained additional information related to Auschwitz. Thus, it was reported, for example, that Jewish watchmakers were being transferred to Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp; that Polish workers could only be sent elsewhere [verschickt] after release from quarantine; that British POWs were considered to be urgently needed to work as kapos; and that efforts were being made to locate a successor to the then-acting garrison doctor by September 1942.
    With regard to the Holocaust, the Abgänge were naturally of particular interest. In actual fact, the monthly number of Abgänge in the year 1942 fluctuated in an unusual manner. While the number of Abgänge normally amounted to approximately 2,000 inmates per month, there was a great increase in these figures in July, August, September and October. For example, 8,352 Abgänge were reported for the month of August 1942.
    As is readily apparent from the radio messages, this unusually high number of Abgänge was due to a typhus epidemic at Auschwitz.[6] Typhus, sometimes also known as “camp fever” is, as is well known, transmitted by fleas and lice; under poor hygienic circumstances it will inevitably appear in almost any such camp. According to the decoded radio messages, it took the Auschwitz authorities approximately four months to bring the epidemic under control. The numbers only fell back down to the average figure of approximately 2,000 Abgänge per month in November and December 1942.
    Dr. Eduard Wirths
    Auschwitz Concentration Camp, as mentioned above, had requested a successor to their current on-duty garrison physician in August 1942. This successor, who took over in his official capacity on 6 September 1942, was Dr. Eduard Wirths. In his notes, Wirths left a vivid report on conditions in Auschwitz at that time:[7]

    I found inconceivable inmate conditions. There was no running water, no working toilets, no way to bathe. The barracks lodging the prisoners were overfilled and there was a shortage of beds. There were masses of lice all over the floors, clothing and inmates’ bodies. The walls were black with fleas. The condition of the inmates was simply unbelievable, emaciated to their very bones, devoured by vermin, with dead bodies lying around between living inmates. Hundreds of dying inmates were taken away, but sometimes they lay around among the living for days.

    It was obvious that the epidemic would spread to the guard personnel as well. The Bletchley Park intercepts reported, for example, that, on 4 September “the entire camp was subjected to quarantine”[8] and “in October, 11 SS-Men were hospitalized with suspected typhus.”[9]
    Wirths succeeded temporarily in bringing the epidemic under control by building additional barracks, infirmaries, installing additional drains and water pipes, latrines and targeted use of measures intended to combat infection:

    Through the chamber of physicians [Ärztekammer], we applied for permission to distribute white bread and milk. Instead of polluted drinking water, I took care to distribute drinks such as coffee and tea. I ordered the organization of field kitchens for working inmates, due to the great distances between the worksites and their living quarters and commissaries, which meant that otherwise the workers would get no hot food all day. When the construction of field kitchens was impracticable, I had hot food delivered to the work sites by vehicle. I requested permission to allow recovering inmates to gather wild vegetables, medicinal herbs. At the same time, I wanted Jewish women confined by the camp administration to be able to move about in the open. I requested rest for physically weakened inmates, even the construction of entire rest departments.[10]

    Dr. Wirths’s struggle against the epidemics must have been a real labor of Sisyphus. Obviously, fresh cases of typhus arrived in the camp with each new rail transport. Thus, on 28 January 1943, Bletchley Park issued a report to the effect that “there were 36 cases of typhus among the inmates arriving on 22 January.”[11]

    In the summer of 1942, the first Polish and Jewish reports appeared[12] alleging the commission of mass murder on an industrial scale in Auschwitz. According to these reports, 2,000 inmates were being killed in gas chambers every day. Since the number of Abgänge reported amounted to approximately 2,000 inmates per month, and not 2,000 inmates per day, the British Intelligence Service rejected these reports as war propaganda. Thus, the president of the British Joint Intelligence Committee, Victor Cavendish-Bentinck, on 27 August 1943, wrote that the reports from Poles and Jews were devoid of all basis in fact:[13]

    The allegations of mass executions in gas chambers are reminiscent of the atrocity stories from the last war, according to which the Germans were processing corpses into fat – a grotesque lie, which was immediately unmasked as pure propaganda.

    The first historian ever permitted to examine the deciphered messages from Bletchley Park was Richard Breitman. In his book, Official Secrets: What the Nazis Planned, What the British and Americans Knew,[14] published in 1998, Breitman made serious accusations against the Allies. As indicated in the translation back to English of the German translation of his book – State Secrets: Nazi Crimes Tolerated by the Allies [Staatsgeheimnisse: Die Verbrechen der Nazis – von den Alliierten toleriert], he accuses the British and Americans of having known about the Holocaust from the very beginning, but of deliberately concealing this information. In particular, he accused Cavendish-Bentinck of rejecting the “Information from Polish and Jewish sources as invented.”[15] This accusation is, however, entirely unjustified. Why should Cavendish-Bentinck have accorded credibility to unreliable reports when he was in possession of reliable radio messages from Auschwitz itself?

    That Cavendish-Bentinck rejected the credibility of reports from Polish and Jewish underground sources is all the more understandable when one reads some of the documents cited by Breitman. Thus, for example, he reports that “a Polish underground courier who had succeeded in escaping to London” had made the following statements on Auschwitz Concentration Camp:[16]

    I lived a few weeks in Auschwitz.[…] Based on the information which I gathered, together with my own observations, I can assure you that the Germans used the following killing methods. A) Gas chambers: the victims were forced naked into the chambers, where they suffocated. B) Electrical chambers: these chambers had metal walls. The victims were driven inside and then killed by high-voltage electrical current. C) The so-called pneumatic hammer system: a pneumatic hammer designed to kill by means of pneumatic pressure.

    Is it really so remarkable that Cavendish-Bentinck considered such reports unworthy of belief? Obviously not. Any similar report would be immediately rejected as false, even today.

    But there is more: According to information provided by “a Polish woman with the code name Wanda,” “98% of all arrivals at Auschwitz were gassed.”[17] Auschwitz was a forced-labor camp suffering from a severe shortage of manpower, as the officials at Bletchley Park well knew. Why should Cavendish-Bentinck lend the slightest credence to the allegation that 98% of all inmates were gassed immediately after their arrival?

    The British Intelligence Service had every reason to consider the decoded radio messages of the SS the most reliable source of information on events in Auschwitz. In view of the available data, it was, therefore, furthermore assumed that the local mortality rates amounted to approximately 2,000 per month, instead of 2,000 per day. According to the figures reported by the SS, there were exactly 52,996 Abgänge in the entire year of 1942. The unusually high number is, as stated above, attributable to the series of typhus epidemics which can easily be proven to have broken out in the late summer of 1942. If there had been 2,000 deaths per day in 1942, the number of Abgänge would have amounted to at least 730,000.

    The figures decoded in Bletchley Park obviously caused confusion among historians. The official number of Auschwitz victims amounts, as is well known, to 1 million. But how is it possible to arrive at such a high figure based on the SS radio messages deciphered by the British Intelligence Service?
    Enigma Machine
    In an attempt to shore up the official figure of Auschwitz victims, Breitman claims that the number of actual victims were subject to particularly severe measures of official censorship and confidentiality when reported by radio:[18]

    Strict secrecy was still maintained within the SS, regardless of Enigma. Top secret information was still transmitted by courier only.

    This allegation is really not very convincing. Why should the mass gassings at Auschwitz not be reported through Enigma when the mass shootings on the Eastern Front were reported through Enigma, i.e., in precisely the same way? Regardless of whether it was a matter of mass executions in Riga, Minsk or Kiev – oddly, Breitman’s book constantly proves its points based on the reports from Bletchley Park, which the author obviously considers reliable.

    Just how arbitrary the above allegation by Breitman really is, is made clear, last but not least of all, by the fact that the Germans entrusted Enigma with information of crucial, even decisive, information on their maneuvers, such as the current position of U-boats or the exact dates involved in future German air attacks.
    Obviously less than completely convinced by his own arguments, Breitman resorts, only a few pages further on, to another explanation. Here, he states:[19]

    The statistics only include inmates who were registered in the Auschwitz camps.[…] The statistics nevertheless lack all mention of Jews who were selected for the gas chambers immediately after their arrival.

    What is the evidence for this assumption? As Breitman himself had already stated, “Himmler wanted to know how many inmates were released, and how many died, in each.”[20] But if Himmler ordered the camps to report the number of deaths, why should the commandant of Auschwitz withhold this same number? Breitman’s assumption appears to be a purely ad hoc hypothesis intended simply to enable the writer to continue clinging to the official number of victims at Auschwitz.

    Another book on Bletchley Park and the Holocaust was published in 2004. Historian Nicholas Terry, in Yad Vashem Studies, published an article entitled “Conflicting Signals,”[21] defended the British Intelligence Service against Richard Breitman’s accusations: the British Intelligence Service had, in fact, according to him, discovered no clear evidence of extermination of Jews based on radio messages deciphered at Bletchley Park.

    First of all, Terry straightens out a misunderstanding on Breitman’s part. Of course, an order was, in fact, actually issued on 13 September 1941 prohibiting all further reporting of victim numbers by radio, but, rather, ordering that all such figures be communicated by courier only; but this order only applied to the three Higher SS and Police Leaders (HSSPF).[22] On 24 August 1941, Winston Churchill had made the mistake, in a radio address, of denouncing the mass shootings carried out behind the Russian front by the German Ordnungspolizei [NS regular police].[23] Churchill’s remarks remained, of course, very vague, but aroused the suspicion on the part of the head of the German Ordnungspolizei, Kurt Daluege, that the British had been eavesdropping on German radio reports. Daluege therefore issued an order to the heads of the Ordnungspolizei, deciphered by the British, prohibiting the mention, for the time being, of victim numbers by radio. In response to a suggestion by SS-Obergruppenführer Friedrich Jeckeln, the victim figures were not, however, deleted, but, rather, merely camouflaged, i.e., henceforth reported under the heading of “Action under the Customs of War.”[24]

    The decisive point is that the order issued by Daluege was addressed to the HSSPF, not the SS. The Auschwitz Commandant’s office therefore continued to report its Abgänge on a regular basis. On 28 January 1943, Bletchley Park even reported that the Oranienburg office issued an order to compile detailed statistics and to report the exact numbers of deceased inmates and new arrivals.[25]

    Like Richard Breitman, Nicholas Terry also alleges that the people murdered immediately after their arrival were not included in the lists of Abgänge because they were never registered, but were, instead, taken straight to the gas chambers.[26] This is, of course, entirely conceivable. But without a single document expressly ordering that inmates murdered in gas chambers directly after their arrival should not be reported, the assumption remains merely an ad hoc hypothesis.

    That this ad hoc hypothesis is merely a far-fetched assumption is easily demonstrated by reference to a very few simple considerations. How was the Reichsführer SS supposed to know how the “Final Solution to the Jewish Question” was progressing unless the commandant of Auschwitz regularly reported the fate of each individual incoming transport? It goes without saying that Himmler had to be informed of the numbers of inmates arriving at Auschwitz, being transferred to other concentration camps or being killed in the gas chambers. The SS Head Business Administration Office [SS-Wirtschaft-Verwaltungshauptamt] must have insisted upon exact statistics as well. Since it was responsible for all concentration camps, it would have needed to be informed, not only of the number of able-bodied, working inmates, but the number of unregistered, non-able-bodied inmates as well, even if only to justify the quantities of Zyklon B requested for the gas chambers as well as for the requested quantities of coke for the crematoria.

    Altogether, it would be a gross underestimation of German bureaucracy to assume that exact records were not kept of every procedure. At Auschwitz, not a single birth, death, delousing, release, punishment, execution, case of illness or cremation could occur without being reported to Agency Group [Amtsgruppe] D of the SS-WVHA in Oranienburg by the camp commandant’s office.

    Finally, Jürgen Graf and Carlo Mattogno have discovered numerous documents in the Moscow archives illustrating not only the extent of German bureaucracy, but the unlikelihood of any Holocaust as well. As one example, I would like to cite the report from Dr. Horst Fischer to Dr. Eduard Wirths. In a letter dated 13 April 1943, the camp physician Dr. Fischer at Buna wrote to the garrison physician Dr. Wirths informing him of the arrival of 658 inmates at Auschwitz Camp. Of these 658 inmates, 109, after a thorough medical examination, were found to be unable to work. And of these 109 non-able-bodied inmates, 25 were sent to one of the rest and recovery wards at Buna, 33 were sent to the inmate infirmary at Buna, and 51 were transferred to the much better-equipped inmate hospital at Auschwitz I.

    To sum up, the following facts may be considered established: The messages deciphered at Bletchley Park undoubtedly constitute one of the most reliable sources on the course of events during the Second World War. They provide information on undertakings of the German army, navy, and air force. They provide an insight into the events occurring behind the Russian front and the conditions in the concentration camps. Since the reports from Auschwitz contain no information on mass killings, the question of whether the British Intelligence Service “knew about the Holocaust,” can be answered with a single word: “No!”[27]

    In view of the fact that the messages from Auschwitz contain no mention of gas chambers or mass murders, the real question is: what was there really for anybody to “know” about? In other words: was there any Holocaust at all? Regardless of the general belief that hardly any historical event has ever been so thoroughly “proven,” one must, once again, expressly point out that, until the present, not one single material or documentary proof for the reality of any mass killings in gas chambers has ever been found. The only thing that exists, at most, is mutually contradictory “eyewitness testimonies” and “confessions,” which can, at least in the latter case, easily be shown to have been given under duress.

    The most reliable documents on Auschwitz – the Sterbebücher von Auschwitz,[28] the Kommandanturbefehle von Auschwitz[29] and the “radio messages from Auschwitz, deciphered by the Allies”[30] – contain not the slightest reference to mass killings by means of toxic gas. This is in addition to the fact that the number of victims reported by the British Intelligence Service largely coincide with the numbers of victims reported in the Auschwitz “Death Books.”

    As already mentioned, Auschwitz Concentration Camp reported a total of 52,996 Abgänge for the year 1942 as a whole. According to the “Death Books,” there are supposed to have been a total of 36,958 deaths at Auschwitz in 1942. The fact that the numbers of Abgänge is greater than the number of deaths, is easily explained, since the term Abgänge includes, as mentioned above, not only natural deaths and victims of execution, but also inmates who had been released or transferred elsewhere. It is therefore entirely conceivable that the number of 36,958 deaths given in the “Death Books” for the year 1942 is quite correct. The existing discrepancy of 16,038 could reflect the number of inmates transferred to other camps or released. Pending the discovery of a document unambiguously proving the gassing of thousands of human beings at Auschwitz by Zyklon B, we are perfectly justified in casting doubt upon the official version of the “Holocaust.”
    Translated from German by Carlos W. Porter
    [1] Frederick W. Winterbotham, The Ultra Secret (London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1974).
    [2] Francis H. Hinsley British Intelligence in the Second World War. Volume II: Its Influence on Strategy and Operations (London: Stationary Books, 1981).
    [3] BBC Holocaust Documents Released. 20 May 1997. Online:
    [4] The number of prisoners at Auschwitz grew continuously over the years. By 22 August 1944 the number of prisoners had grown to 104,891.
    [5] Francis H. Hinsley, op. cit., p. 673.
    [6] Bletchley Park Summary Reports ZIP/OS1 of 21 August 1942.
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    [12] The first report of extermination of Jews was presented in the so-called “Riegner Telegram” of 8 August 1942. On 8 August 1942 the bureau chief of the Jewish World Congress in Geneva wrote to the governments in London and Washington that it had been decided in Berlin to “exterminate with one blow” all deported Jews.
    [13] Bletchley Park PRO FO 371/34551 of 27 August 1943.
    [14] Richard Breitman, Official Secrets: What the Nazis Planned, What the British and Americans Knew (New York: Hill & Wang, 1998). All citations from this book are taken from the German translation.: Richard Breitman, Staatsgeheimnisse: Die Verbrechen der Nazis – von den Alliierten toleriert (Munich: Goldmann, 2001).
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    [27] Or better stated: the radio communications deciphered at Bletchley Park contain only information regarding mass shootings behind the front, but not regarding mass gassings at Auschwitz (Oder behutsamer formuliert: Die in Bletchley Park entschlüsselten Funksprüche enthalten nur Informationen zu Masserschießungen hinter der Front, nicht aber zu Massenvergasungen in Auschwitz.)
    [28] Staatliches Museum Auschwitz, Sterbebücher von Auschwitz (Berlin: De Gruyter, 1995).
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    Author(s): Christoph M. Wieland
    Title: “The Enemy Is Listening!”
    Sources: Inconvenient History, 8(1) 2016
    Dates: published: 2016-02-18, first posted: 2016-03-15 01:32:19

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    • Raeto West
      Raeto West says:

      I’d like to know if there’s evidence for Jew-Jew transmissions (presumably by radio) during ww2. Jews have a tradition of secrecy in synagogues and other organisations. If they chose to communicate across Europe to Moscow, Madrid, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Prague …. could they have been stopped? The immense pressures of propaganda have certainly worked with me. I only recently thought of this question.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      How much will Italian soccer fans put up with? I hope they won’t participate in this obvious political propaganda at their sporting events. It’s like Kapernick taking a knee during the anthem in the US. Many fans hated it.

  17. Tracey
    Tracey says:

    How can the truth about Jewish influence in US policies become known to the general public, including this fine book and an honest reckoning of the holocaust?

    How do we do this so that the readership is the average American?

    What public relations and media tactics can be employed?

    How to break through the wall of Jewish influence?

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      “How to break through the wall of Jewish influence?”

      I answered that question above in my reply to Mark Green.
      Carolyn Yeager says:
      August 28, 2022 at 8:56 pm

      What is your real name, Tracey? It’s only we, you and I, that can do it. Are you ready?

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      How can the truth about Jewish influence in US policies become known to the general public … ?

      This Herculean task can probably be accomplished only by means of the violent overthrow of the federal government, followed by the execution, long-term imprisonment, or deportation (in the case of Jews) of every officeholder of the first or second rank, the briefer imprisonment of all others whose complicity in various Jewish frauds can be demonstrated, and the permanent stripping of citizenship from every executive and judicial appointee and elected member of Congress, present and past, who sought or received monetary support or support in the form of publicity from Jews, who must now universally be regarded as agents of a hostile foreign power.

      The foregoing, which might serve to open the eyes of perhaps 5 percent of the population, would at least be a good start.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          Cleverly put!

          Of course, as others have noted, the (((US government))) effectively made Nuremberg a nullity when it began mandating the COVID kill shots for everyone in the country who needs to work to pay his own and his dependents’ bills.

          We have reached a point where no one with any authority in this country even bothers to conceal that law and justice consist in what he wants, irrespective of common law, statute law, or the Constitution—and the powerless citizenry can like it or lump it. Even Thrasymachus might have been taken aback at the utter brazenness of our ruling Jews.

          • Al-Khidr
            Al-Khidr says:

            I don’t think I’ve ever seen/heard anyone refer to Thrasymachus before, except for myself occasionally. To our readers, T was the “Strongman” early in Plato’s Republic who, replying to the question What is Justice? answered, “Justice is the interest of the stronger.” T is justly famous because I don’t think Plato’s (Socrates’) debating traps and tricks settled T’s hash at all, not 2500 yrs ago and not now. We in the mock democracies have always lived subject to the fun and profiteering adventures of a loose oligarchy wielding its power over our ecology and ourselves from the shadows behind their mass media/churches, their mass schooling, their command economies, their powers of lies and force, and of course their politicians. Thrasymachus was an honorable strongman. He stood before Plato and stated his case.

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            Al-Khidr: I’ve been a habitué of this site, as lurker and commenter, for almost fifteen years. I became a habitué in part because, from the outset, it was plain that at TOO, I was in the company of men and women who had learned a thing or two and had profited from their learning.

            That summation may be said to apply in spades to the site’s eminent host himself, as well as to a great many of the other contributors and not a few of the commenters, too. In terms of learning and insight, I am more beneficiary than benefactor.

          • Karl Haemers
            Karl Haemers says:

            This is a common misunderstanding. The Nuremberg Laws were different than the Nurenberg Code. The Nuremberg Laws were passed early on by the National Socialist government of Germany, in 1935. They included the German Citizenship Law, which defined both German and Jewish racial types, and restricted or allowed citizenship accordingly. Other Laws excluded Jews from excessive membership in certain professions and areas of ownership. The Nuremberg Code came after the war, when atrocity propaganda claimed to propose international law that would prevent Germans or anyone else from injecting blue dye into Jews’ eyes, or cutting off their hands and sewing them back on the opposite arm. This was of course pure atrocity stories and war propaganda, but the Nuremberg Code was presented to solidify the stories of German doctor atrocities.

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            Shame on me, Karl, for reading your earlier comment inattentively.

            I do know the difference between the Code and the Laws, although nothing in my reply gives an impartial reader even the slightest hint that I do. Your graciousness in reminding me of the distinction leaves me in your debt. I certainly wouldn’t have had grounds for complaining about a rougher reprimand!

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      Stonetoss comics. Look him up. That is how to have an impact.
      Babylon Bee is also amazing.

      To influence America, focus globally. We’re all interconnected now.

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      I wanted to post while I have time (just got over the flu):

      You use comedy, satire, and “memes”. Less is more.

      I believe I posted previously two examples, though I guess it was deemed off topic. And if this isn’t approved, that’s perfectly fine.

      In a sense, what is needed is “critical theory.” If people keep hearing that we’re not allowed to discuss something, eventually they will want to hear about it. When that happens, mention the book.

      Also, I’ve posted (not much) at some rather left wing sites, and they are often like children in never having heard right wing concepts.

      I could actually write a huge post on this, but focus on everyone. Everyone in the world is interconnected, and even some random kid can end up mattering.

  18. Karl Austin
    Karl Austin says:

    Let us say he proves the diary is fraudulent. The powers that be will still assign it as required reading for every high school in America. I had to read it in high school and then again in college.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      Yes, but you could have made an issue of it. Or just not read it, and perhaps fail the test on it. Or read it and then critique it in class –and accept the consequences. Maybe you didn’t know then what you know now, well then you could encourage today’s students, who have so much critical material at their disposal, to follow that path. As I said to Tracey, It’s up to us.

      If you did the above, you would be sure to find some fellow students who would at least come up to you and tell you they agree with you but are afraid to go against the grain. This will at least feel empowering and improve your current hopeless attitude.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        What is to be gained, Carolyn, by blaming adults for having once been children and for having kept a low profile in the classroom, as their parents doubtless wished them to?

        Surely any responsibility—and fault!—lies with Karl’s parents and indeed all Christian and other non-Jewish parents who sent their children to public schools and failed to pay adequate attention to the miseducation those children received.

        When the film “The Diary of Anne Frank” was released in 1959—I still recall reading a wildly enthusiastic review of the film in “Time”—I had never heard of Anne or of her diary, having had a Catholic upbringing and a grammar school education at the hands of Ursuline nuns, some of whom made no secret of their distaste for all things Jewish.

        As I was by 1959 no longer in the habit of asking my father about anything, I asked one of my sophomore-year Catholic high school teachers (I forget which) about Frank, the diary, and the film. He told me drily that it was a fictionalized account of a story whose basis in fact was questionable. That was enough for me to lose interest in it.

        The teacher then gave me some counsel that I have frequently repeated in the ensuing sixty-plus years. (1) Never assume that anything you see on a movie screen is true to life. (2) Be especially skeptical of anything preceded by a message worded “this is a true story” or “this film is based on a true story.” Liars tend to be especially insistent in their efforts to deceive.

        It was only when I got to college that I was exposed to people (i.e, angues in herba) who stated or (more effectively) implied that thinking ill of Jews was a mark of unsophisticated, thoughtless men and women. Along with many others, I took and ate that particular apple, from the effects of whose ingestion I started to recover only twenty-plus years later.

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          Pierre – Where have I ‘blamed’ anyone, incl. Karl Austin? I don’t see it; you are imagining it. I simply made suggestions, intended for the entire readership to see, including you, for what could be done in the case of ‘required’ reading. True, it’s not easy to do, but there are no EASY ways out for us. We’re too far gone for that.

          And realizing Karl A. would not have known then what he knows now, which is true for most of us, I did add we could all advise today’s students to question the book openly. It would put schools on the spot, would it not? How can they force a child or youth to read a controversial book without allowing or including the reading of a contrary viewpoint? Some real missed opportunities here that didn’t exist before revisionism. Of course, they didn’t think there WERE any contrary viewpoints at that time, either. But my point is that WE have to resist – fight back. Make waves. Even encourage our youth to do so. Carefully, and gently, of course.

          In my schooldays, neither Anne Frank’s book (or Elie Wiesel’s book) were on any reading lists. You say this major film came out in 1959 (btw, thanks for some of your personal history – I found it interesting). I graduated high school in 1959 so I’m 2 or 3 years ahead of you. Yet I have no memory of this book or movie from that time, although it must have come to my town and I was generally aware of feature films and academy awards then. I recall my ideal being Kim Novak! I definitely did not block it out. The “Holocaust” had not reared it’s ugly head in my school experience, though I was sensitive to the concentration camp issue and quite aware of the demonization of Adolf Hitler, from magazines and probably radio-TV. The absence of it in school may have been because there were a lot of German-named people, and also Catholics, in our community and very few Jews. I came upon my first Jews in high school, only a handful of them. But they stood out and I was more afraid of them than anything else! They appeared haughty, super-confident and rich. I never saw them as “just like everyone else.”

          Let me add that I’ve noticed a common belief among Catholic school-educated people that their education was superior to others. All my cousins went to Catholic grade school and high school. (If I had I might have ended up in a convent ! … a calling in which I assuredly would not have lasted, as one male cousin who was directed into the Priesthood did not last.) My youngest nephew sends his three sons to Catholic schools, and would not do otherwise although it’s a big expense and financially difficult for him. However, up to this point (they are 13 & 15), less worry about what they’re learning.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      When I found out my niece was studying the Diary in high school, I sent her a copy of the Faurisson essay in the form of a booklet.

        • Karl Haemers
          Karl Haemers says:

          Haha! My niece’s mother is a progressive vegan eco-feminist. No comment from her. My niece’s step mom is just reserved. She shifted away and stood behind the counter when I tried to offer her “Did 6 Million Really Die?” and I was accused of being “obsessed”. My brother was initially skeptical and thought I was nuts for doubting the holocaust, but he now has come around. He admits I was right and the holocaust is a hoax.

  19. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    This is excellent, ty. I agree with others that criticizing the WWII mythos / Jews doesnt solve everything, but it is a step forward. It is odd to not cheer real progress.

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