The Strange War, Part 3 of 3

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At the restaurant

Relaxed and satisfied, Lyoha enjoyed the long-awaited Tandoori chicken curry, traditionally washed down with Kopparberg strawberry cider. As you can see, he wasn’t misleading Vinodh about his love of Indian cuisine. Olya, Lyoha’s sister who sat opposite Lyoha, was concentrating on the king prawns served to her just a couple of minutes ago with some kind of salad. Her husband Kevin ordered himself just a plain curry, washing it down with beer, and their little son Oliver, who has not yet turned a year, had to sadly stare at the giants, sitting fastened on a high chair. From time to time, distracted from the conversation, each of the adults, including Lyoha, made faces at Ollie to help him pass the time and not be completely bored in the restaurant.

Previously, Lyoha was absolutely indifferent to children, he even slightly disliked them, but since his nephew came to this world, everything changed. He began to see in them (although so far, only in his nephew) something warm, sweet, and even angelic. Taking another sip of cider, Lyoha made a face at Ollie. Ollie, sparkling with his grey eyes, smiled back, and Lyoha was simply taken away by his innocent and defenceless smile. Lyoha muttered to himself—Oh, dear Olliechka, I hope nothing bad will ever happen to you, God forbid, fate will not offend you … and at the same time, an inner voice reminded Lyoha that those captured Russian boys from the video who are now maimed and brutally tortured by Ukrainians were once also the same angels as Ollie. They were no less loved by their mothers, fathers, aunts and uncles, their own children. … And how all their hearts must bleed now. His inner voice continues to whisper— … don’t forget that Ukrainians, their mothers, their fathers, their children now have the same suffering; moreover, they suffer and cry quite likely also in Russian.

Lyoha’s mind registered this argument, but the heart remained deaf to it.Yes, they are brothers, but 8 years ago they turned out to be descendants of Cain. They need to be dealt with before any reconciliation with them!

The first half hour of the conversation was essentially small talk, Lyoha had not seen his sister, Kevin and Ollichka since the beginning of February. They’d spent the last few weeks in Gibraltar, where Kevin had his own waterfront villa, and in an age of remote working, Kevin now liked to spend at least part of the winter season there (but what kind of winter are you talking about in South East England?). They discussed Gibraltar, discussed Spain, discussed England, discussed Ollichka’s progress (how he walks, what he now eats, what he is able to say in English and Russian), they even discussed COVID, but did not approach the hottest topic. Britons are typically sensitive and cautious, and Lyoha and Olya were already up to date on the topic as they talked frequently with their parents on the family chat on WhatsApp, and would not have told each other anything new. However, when it came to dessert, Kevin, slightly drunk, decided to speak out—like, you know, he feels sorry for Russia, again she was unlucky with the elites, tyranny, Stalin, Tsarism, the Iron Curtain, Imperialist Mindset, 1984, ….

Lyoha held back, held back, even smiled politely with the corners of his mouth, and then interrupted Kevin and said to him in Russian, looking into his eyes:

– Kevin, VSHIVY TY MUDAK, ZAVALI YEBALO, POSHYOL NA HUI SVINYA, I VAPSHE ZATKNIS, BLYAD! (Kevin, you lousy asshole, shut your trap, fuck you, you swine, and just shut the fuck up, cunt!)

Since Kevin met Lyoha’s sister already in England, and since in terms of foreign languages he was a typical lazy Englishman, he did not understand a word Lyoha said. He did not even bother to learn the curse words in Russian.

  • Kevin: Sorry, Liosha, what did you say? Olya, could you please translate?

Lyoha’s sister tensed up, and although she shared Kevin’s position, because, unlike Lyoha, she grew up as a typical ‘Moscow liberal’ (she was younger than Lyoshka and spent her formative years attending a prestigious school in central Moscow while living with their parents at Rostovskaya Embankment, barely remembering life at Tekstilshiki). Not being a fool, she decided to immediately put an end to an absolutely unnecessary (especially in front of the child) and potentially problematic dispute:

  • Olya: Basically he’s saying, Kevin, that you’re too remote from this matter to give any valuable judgement.

Olya looked into Lyoha’s eyes, and from the sparks in her eyes, Lyoha realised that he had to quickly agree with his sister. Kevin could be an asshole, maybe a dumb asshole, but he is Ollychka’s father, and Ollychka is an angel.

  • Lyoha: Indeed, indeed, Olya. Sorry Kev, you probably get that we’re all quite anxious.

Kev nodded in understanding, and after five minutes the conversation turned back to a related topic, where Kev shared his amazingly valuable opinion that now politics in the Western world will return to calm and equilibrium, as now stupid populists will not win anywhere! He was probably tempted to say that the reason is “that Putin has become the ultimate Hitler, which means that the new Trumps will have no one to look up to,” but he restrained himself. After finishing another tirade, he put on his mask, embroidered with rainbow colours, and went to the toilet.

Making sure that Kev was out of sight, Lyoshka grinned slyly at his sister.

Olya said: Lyosha, thank you for controlling yourself!

Brother responded to her: That’s alright, what are your plans for Easter?


At Lyoha’s flat

While smoking a joint on his balcony for a better night’s sleep, Lyoha listened to an American podcast of the dissident rightists, who took the noble position that they consider what’s happening a tragedy —”essentially Whites killing other Whites.” Unfortunately, it was now much harder to listen to their “analysis,” and after another remark like “Eastern Ukrainians are drawn to Russia, and Western Ukrainians are drawn to the West,” Lyoha decided to switch to something else.

No, it’s nice, of course, that at least these guys are still rooting for Russia, and despite their love for the moustached man, they consider Azov and Ukrainian nationalists to be ‘fake fascists’ (because what kind of real fascist will have the support of the US, the EU, global LGBTQP+ community, and even the ADL and on top of having a Jewish president?), but, as you know, their knowledge is outdated by at least eight years, and no matter how pleasant their Russophilia sounds, in the absence of successes at the front, listening to their praises of our country and Putin is tantamount to deceiving oneself.

As a result, Lyoshka eventually moved back to consuming predominantly Russian historical and political content, which he deliberately tried to avoid while living in England for the past ten years. Not because of some kind of self-hatred, but simply because he believed that he was building a new life in a new place, and therefore the problems of his new society should concern him much more than those of his homeland. Lyosha tried to think of himself as a “White European,” but in the end … it appeared that he remained who he always was—just a Russian, for better or worse, that’s it.

Lyoshka’s red eyes were starting to stick together from looking at the hard faces of the greying Soviet or pro-Soviet (or most correctly pro-Russian Autocracy) gentlemen on his laptop’s screen. Everyone used to laugh at them for almost thirty years, calling them “stupid dogmatic sovki,” however, in the end, it was them, and not some fashionable synthesizers of “Westernism,” nationalism, and liberalism, who turned out to be right, trumpeting all these years that “we must build back our autocracy like during the USSR; don’t rely too much or not rely at all on the Western goods, their supply chains, their technology and even the internet! What if we go to war with them one day and they cut us off from everything in one click?; and even saying that “the West might do the unthinkable—expropriate the 1990s expropriators of Russia, if that would suit their plans one day.” And these guys were considered insane for not believing genius theories that countries with McDonalds don’t go to war with each other.

Lyoha was gradually falling asleep on the sofa. It was a little after eleven, but then suddenly the dialogue of the elderly gentlemen coming from his headphones was interrupted by a call.

Who’s calling? — Lyoshka mumbled. Ahh, Kolyan, alright, then I will pick it up, fine.

  • Lyoha: Hello Kolyan, why are you still not asleep, isn’t it 2 am back in Moscow?

At the same time it was still not too late here in London, and Kolyan was a close friend from the brightest years of his life. They talked about these years with each other more and more, concluding that the time period between 2009–2012 seemed to be a lost paradise. No Ukraine, no sanctions, no Brexit, no Trump, almost no racial issues, no viruses, no wars… either in the West or in Russia. Just live for yourself, finish university, find a career or start your own business, find a girlfriend, find a hobby—and live your life just like everyone else. Ha! How dull, unexciting, boring, predictable and static the world seemed at the time.

And so Lyoshka’s and Kolyan’s conversation went round and round again about their youth, the pills they then swallowed, the boys and girls with whom they hung out with. In the end they returned back to the most obvious and hot topic, where both comrades shared historical parallels that each of them sees—’If they won’t pull their shit together soon and we don’t win … then we are going to end up in such a mess, disaster and shame…that our homeland and even our nation may cease to exist!’—one was talking about the example of the three partitions of Poland during the eighteenth century, and the other one was talking about the annihilation of Germany and Volksdeutsche of Europe in 1945 (“But this time, it will be us on the receiving end”).

The guys chatted for about forty minutes, and at twelve o’clock in the morning in London, Leshka ran out of strength, and said goodbye to Kolyan, so he could go to bed—tomorrow is a workday after all.

He lied to his friend, of course, and still browsed the internet for about a half an hour after they ended their call.

Ah, let me check on our Ukrainian friends and how are they doingand Lyoha went to their You Tube and Telegram channels.

Russian war correspondents in Mariupol have recently shown a pagan temple with”wooden idols that they have built there. People say there were “larpers,” but clearly nationalistic Ukrainians were serious about what they do and they seem to be really good fighters too, unlike most Russian nationalists who continued to hide their fat bottoms on the other side of the screen, preferring to “fight” online rather than in the army.

But, as always Lyoha could not keep watching the Ukrainians for more than a few minutes. Yes, the Ukrainian language still sounded sweet, melodical and somewhat ancient Slavic to his ears but hearing it for the tenth time again from Ukrainianized Russians (a ‘Kyrylo’ Budanov, an ‘Oleksiy’ Danilov, a ‘Yevgen’ Krupin), who when the camera is turned off and they are in the trenches are still talking to each other in Russian, that “all Russians are fucking sub-humans and deserve to lay in the ground,” was pushing Lyoha to switch them all off and wish they would die soon. It did not matter how cool they looked with the Black Sun on their uniform or maybe a naughty Hakenkreuz tattooed on their skin compared to the Russian forces with their Soviet Flags, bearded Chechens and slit eyed Buryats. If you wish me dead, I wish you dead and I don’t give a fuck about your “based” aesthetics.

Lyoha finally turned off You Tube on his laptop and went to brush his teeth while staring in the bathroom mirror looking at the ugly face of Stalin from a 1930s Soviet poster stuck on the wall. “I know our moustache man was hardly a Russian nationalist and he buried lots of my people, but since the other moustache man was appropriated by the Ukrainians, and as they ALL hate our moustached man because he fucked them all over: their moustache man, the Ukrainians, the West, the Poles, (((Russian intelligentsia))), “Nazi” NATO shills; as an enemy of my enemy, Uncle Joe is my friend now!’—told Lyoha to himself when sticking the poster in his bathroom—the one that was bought long ago back in Moscow as a mere joke.

Right before closing his eyes and going to sleep Lyoha made himself check his work emails on his phone for a couple of minutes. Just a habit, you know.

He was pleasantly surprised to receive a number of emails from his colleagues with regards to his name change. A few Americans, a few Brits (including a couple of Blacks and Indians), a Frenchman, even a Pole and a Czech wrote to him all in the same manner—hoping that Lyoha’s family are doing well, expressing their worry about the situation and offering support to Lyoha. Each saying that they either worked in Russia for a few years or have some other attachment to Russia or Russians, and that they hope the situation will work out soon.

And how can I hate these English, Americans, Europeans if there are genuinely good people like these amongst them?…Argh…I can’t even really hate the Ukrainians…Is that bad?… Am I fucking terpila [pushover, a derogatory term coming from the prison world deriving from the verb ‘terpet’—to endure] like the Ukrainians call us? But what about the Western normies who are being pumped up with hate towards all things Russian every day? And how these good-natured Westerners might even change their position should their government actually declare a war against Russia? God, how entertaining it used to be to read about, watch and discuss those historical, bloody and heroic epochs, dreaming about living in them, but not actually living in them!’

And so ended another day of the war for Lyoha, that went on for only a month and a half, but felt like eternity.

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  1. Waldemar's Holy Spirit
    Waldemar's Holy Spirit says:

    Mr. Spicer has grabbed yet another “unexplored”
    crumb in a wrinkle of the Hitler myth: how British
    capitalists sought to “civilize” Nazism. How can this
    be? Nazis were, after all, if one believes the ridicu-
    lous rhetoric of such “patriots” like Dinesh D’Souza,
    in reality only excellently disguised leftists: commu-
    nists, Marxists, Leninists, Bolshevists and Stalinists?

  2. Waldemar's Holy Spirit
    Waldemar's Holy Spirit says:

    I am already very curious to read what is in books
    like “The Anglo-German problem”, “German prob-
    lems and personalities” and “How Belgium Saved
    Europe”. That was the thinking there 100 years ago.
    Isn’t Brussels, “capital” of the EU, also in Belgium?

    • Waldemar's Holy Spirit
      Waldemar's Holy Spirit says:

      The Belgian (Charles Sarolea) writes very well, he obviously saw himself as a mediator. From my perspective, there is indeed an insoluble Anglo-German conflict. (Of course, not so much among the generation diluted today by media globalism, but among those who still have something like a “national instinct”).

      The Flemings, who mostly understand German, represent a kind of “Anglo-German hermaphrodite product.” Although they, as a traditional colonialist, merchant and seafaring people, are culturally closer to the British, they cannot shake off their common past with us like an annoying evil.

      America, which, after all, feeds a large part of its population from German blood, has never possessed this animosity among Germans. However, there is an ideologically generated anti-Americanism that is established primarily in the left-wing intellectual sphere. They speak of “Americans” or “globalists” but, since their ideological blinkers forbid pronouncing it, actually mean “Jews.”

      It probably also has to do with the insularity of the British, who have no land border with Germany like, say, France. The Germans like to make fun of the British, the British like to make fun of Germany. This means that they serve stock prejudices, or, as they say today, stereotypes. The British have made their phony artificial language into a world language. Whether this is a blessing is rather doubtful from today’s point of view. While the Germans stand for concentration, the British stand for liberality.

      I always compare these irreconcilable, opposite-pole energies with two magnets which, although pressed with all their might onto each other, repel each other. Or with complementary colors. Colors that are too close to each other, like green and blue, red and orange, that is, have too great an intersection, “bite” each other, they feel the need, in order not to lose their identity, to separate themselves from each other, like too closely positioned neighbors who have reached a high fence between them.

      Celtic” Ireland, on the other hand, which is genetically more distant from the Germans, has always had German sympathies. England and Germany are like two hated brothers who fight their too-close similarity by pointing out each other’s differences. It is similar to Poland and Russia. Although these brother nations come from a common family, they hate each other’s guts.

      • Waldemar's Holy Spirit
        Waldemar's Holy Spirit says:

        It is most interesting that, as Sarolea wrote already more than 100 years ago, the East German “Prussians” (named after a Slavic tribe) were not genetic Germanic at all, as by the way also most Austrians. What calls itself “Saxons” nowadays has almost nothing to do with the Saxons of northwestern Germany, from whom the Anglo-Saxons emerged. In other words: We have to do it with the today’s “Saxons” who come from Dresden or Leipzig with fake Saxons.

        “The rulers of Meissen acquired control of the Duchy of Saxony (only a remnant of the previous Duchy) in 1423; they eventually applied the name Saxony to the whole of their kingdom. Since then, this part of eastern Germany has been referred to as Saxony (German: Sachsen), a source of some misunderstanding about the original homeland of the Saxons, with a central part in the present-day German state of Lower Saxony (German: Niedersachsen).”

        This is also the reason why the East German area is teeming with Slavic place, river and landscape names. The word Berlin, capital of Prussia, originated from a Slavic word (just like Dresden and Leipzig). The Berlin district Köpenick originated from the Slavic Copnic, which means “island place”. Probably Copnic is even the root of the name Copernicus and has nothing to do with “copper”. Yes even the name Kaepernick is probably of the same origin. The so-called “father” even has a rather Polish physiognomy.

      • Weaver
        Weaver says:

        People of British descent are diverse, just as are those of German descent.

        The urban Germans who moved to the US were left wing. No one likes such people, and I assume the disease among the English is this similar urbanity.

        I’ve been to plenty of supposedly “right wing” British sites where the people there are libertarian, futurist, and generally not right wing whatsoever. I assume such people are from London, Cambridge, wherever. But you also find some very good values among the Brits.

        We are not all trash. I’m from the US South. Everyone acknowledges our virtues. Germany was treated unfairly; get over it. Life goes on. Nietzsche is popular among Germans today; there’s not much positive in him. Y’all aren’t perfect either.

        • Captainchaos
          Captainchaos says:

          The English are on average more individualistic, materialistic, moralistic and hypocritical than Germans. These differences are genetically based. That is why the English are more willing to sell out to Jews.

          If it wasn’t for the Germans that settled the Midwest and Great Plains America would be fucked, no questions asked.

          Btw, did you know that White Southeners consistently score much lower on the SAT than do White Northerners? Maybe there is something to that dumb Southern hick stereotype after all. Lol

          • Weaver
            Weaver says:

            I scored very highly without studying for standardized tests. I’m very good at tests, and I didn’t fall for the vaccine.

            I could probably beat anyone here on a general test. However, I doubt I’m the smartest. I just happen to be good at tests, and I try very hard on them.

            Excellent sheep are not excellent. Southern schools aren’t strong, but you wouldn’t understand why. I doubt you even understand what an excellent sheep is.

      • Weaver
        Weaver says:

        My theory on why so many “right wing” groups in Europe are so dreadful, especially the British groups, has two parts:

        1. Nick Griffin mentioned he’d have received support, money and media, if he spoke well of Israel, backed interventionist foreign policy, something like that. He of course did not.

        2. CIA. In some capacity, the US all but owns Europe. Britain is rich; Germany is rich. So, y’all aren’t allowed to go native.

        The very few people of British descent who are self aware and have 3 digit IQs are not anti-German. The “right wing” anti-German sites are run by monkeys who happen to be British. They do not have free will. You can’t blame someone’s pet.

  3. Waldemar's Holy Spirit
    Waldemar's Holy Spirit says:


    “Shocking studies: Could wind turbines trigger droughts?

    If climate extremists have their way, there will soon be no stretch of land in Central Europe that is free of wind turbines. And this despite their numerous negative effects on the environment. So far, bird, bat and insect strikes, shadow casting and infrasound have been the best-known arguments against wind turbines. But now a previously unknown one has been added: Wind turbines may even lead to drastic climate changes that can trigger droughts! Is the wind turbine craze really about environmental protection?”

  4. Waldemar's Holy Spirit
    Waldemar's Holy Spirit says:

    When the pc mainstream press speaks
    of “Romanians,” it usually means (soci-
    ally conspicuous problematic) Gypsies.

    But “Maestro” Holender also pretends to be Roma-
    nian. Multimillionaire Mateschitz (Red Bull) has ap-
    pointed him as “cultural attaché” on his TV station.

    “Endlessly showered with honors”

    We are indeed in a “conflict zone” (without, however,
    being allowed to call the REAL conflict by name). Thus,
    every ZOG station has installed its “influential” alibi
    Jew in order to be allowed to have a clear conscience.

  5. Mad World
    Mad World says:


    On websites like Count-Curry, Nietz-
    sche, Evola, and Heidegger fight for
    supremacy in frequency of mention.

    A funny detail occurred to me:
    If not even the Germans them-
    selves notice that they pronoun-
    ce the name Heidegger incorrect-
    ly (namely “Hei-degger”), how
    should everyone else notice?

    Correctly it should be pronounced
    “Heid-egger”. (It is also not called
    “Schwarze-negger”, but Schwarzen-
    egger.) Since Heid(e) means heath,
    Egge means corner or angle, Heid-
    egger therefore means Heathangler.

    “Egger is a German-language surname,
    which is common as a residential name
    in Austria, Switzerland and Upper German.
    With about 14,000 name bearers in Austria
    and about 15,000 in Switzerland, the name
    is one of the most common names there.”

    How often do you think a woman with
    the name “Heide Eggers” will be asked
    about the “Nazi-philosopher” in her life?

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      Evola has some good statements. I dunno that the other two offer much. One of the best statements by the Niet is that the spirited triumph over the strong, but what provides spirit? Not he, that’s for certain.

      You make Germans sound as bad as us ethnic Brits. Russel Kirk, GK Chesterton, Hilaire Belloc, Sam Francis, James Burnham, Aristotle: Far better starter list.

      Friedrich List is pretty good on trade, if wanting a German. I’m sure there are plenty of other Germans, but I know the people I’ve listed.

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