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The Strange War, Part 3 of 3

Go to Part 1. Go to Part 2. At the restaurant Relaxed and satisfied, Lyoha enjoyed the long-awaited Tandoori chicken curry, traditionally washed down with Kopparberg strawberry cider. As you can see, he wasn’t misleading Vinodh about his love of Indian cuisine. Olya, Lyoha’s sister who sat opposite Lyoha, was concentrating on the king prawns […]

The Strange War, Part 2 of 3

Go to Part 1. Corporate livestream Hmm, so now these ‘two minutes of love’ at work will go on forever or something? After all, there is not enough pro-Ukraine propaganda in the media or on the Internet! – Lyoshka mumbled to himself agitated, staring at the screen of his laptop, from which a senior boss […]

The Strange War, Part 1.

Early May 2022, London. 7:00 am, the alarm rings Lyoha rubbed his eyes and immediately opened the Telegram app on his iPhone. London and Moscow have a couple of hours time difference, which means that by now since last night, something has already happened in the lands of southeastern Rus’. Every morning for Lyoha now […]