David as Goliath: The Contradictory Complaints of a Kruddy Jewish Komedian

The competition would be intense, but if there were an international search to find the world’s most repulsive and irritating Jew, my money would go on Britain’s very own David Baddiel (born 1964). He’s a highly successful comedian who combines minimal talent with maximal smugness. He’s overweight and oily and, like Harvey Weinstein, he has one of those obnoxious Semitic beards that look like fungus growing on a turd. He spoke out passionately for pornography in his youth and his Twitter bio consists of the single word “Jew.” I think the k-word would suit him much better. Even the very philo-Semitic shiksa Julie Burchill finds him repulsive. She’s likened him to a “severed afterbirth” and alleged that: “The U.S. has done, is doing and will do more damage to this planet and its people than Nazi Germany, fascist Japan and David Baddiel put together.”

David Baddiel and his facial fungus (image from Wikipedia)

That line from Burchill is far funnier than anything Baddiel himself has ever come up with, which is perhaps why he was so upset by it. The Guardian promptly issued an apology: “In Julie Burchill’s column, Weekend, September 16[, 2000], she bracketed together David Baddiel, nazi Germany and fascist Japan. We wish to apologise unreservedly for the distress caused to Mr Baddiel and his family by this article.” Twenty years later, he was still complaining about what Burchill had said: “I can’t think of anything more extreme than that.” In other words, David Baddiel is a comedian who can’t take a joke. He’s also a graduate in English Literature who can’t recognize hyperbole. He can’t compose a balanced or graceful sentence either, as you’ll learn if you have enough masochism to try his best-selling polemic Jews Don’t Count (2021). In the book he complains bitterly that the left doesn’t recognize Jews as victims, doesn’t work to rescue Jews from oppression, and consistently portrays Jews as belonging to the privileged White majority. The irony is overwhelming. BaddieView Postl himself is a shining example of a highly privileged Jew who has enjoyed success far beyond his merits thanks to his Jewishness, not his “whiteness.” His unfunny comedy has been richly rewarded and broadcast to millions, decade after decade. His badly written Jews Don’t Count was lavished with praise, chosen as a “Book of the Year” by the London Times, and will soon appear as a television documentary broadcast to more millions. But Baddiel still thinks of himself and other Jews as victims. He’s a Goliath who fondly imagines that he’s a David, bravely facing the overwhelming power of gentile prejudice in a cruel and uncaring world.

Leib and Let D.I.E.

Well, let’s look at a recent example of a Jew “not counting” and see if Baddiel’s ideas can explain it. In August 2022, the veteran American photographer Annie Leibovitz was harshly criticized for taking some poorly lit photographs of the Black Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson. Annie had sinned against the sacred principles of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity (D.I.E.) and the verdict of the Black journalist Tayo Bero was blunt: “Leibovitz’s photographs are what happens when Blackness is seen through a white gaze that is incapable of capturing its true beauty.” Got that? Leibovitz was deploying the “white gaze.” And when Leibovitz used Abraham Lincoln as “the focal point of the first image,” she was allegedly “projecting a white savior narrative.” Got that? Leibovitz was acting as a “white savior.” And all this set a stark contrast with Leibovitz’s work on behalf of her own race: “when white people are her subject, Leibovitz manages to capture them beautifully.” In other words, Leibovitz is a White racist who consistently fails to find one of the “many ways to capture Black women’s beauty.”

Annie Leibovitz deploys her “white gaze”

This criticism of Leibovitz appears to be an excellent example of how “Jews Don’t Count.” That’s because she’s not White but Jewish — and proudly so. But no Jew rushed to correct the claims that she is White. However, imagine if she were being praised as a great “white photographer” and as a shining example of “white artistic genius.” Jews would shriek with outrage. She’s Jewish, not white, they would insist. But for Jews like David Baddiel, she doesn’t count as a Jew when she’s being condemned for failing to treat Blacks with sufficient reverence. All at once it’s acceptable to “erase” her Jewishness and “bracket” her with the oppressive White gentile majority. What is going on? Well, it isn’t explained by Baddiel’s theory of how “Jews Don’t Count.” But it is explained by my theory of Jews as Schrödinger’s Tribe. In a famous thought-experiment devised by the Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger (1887–1961), a cat is simultaneously alive-and-dead until the collapse of a quantum wave-function. In the reality of Western politics, Jews are simultaneously a minority and not-a-minority, depending on what best suits the interests of Jews.

Dangerous questions about Jews

Jews are a minority when they want to cast themselves as victims of oppression, but not-a-minority when Whites are being criticized for unfairly dominating Western institutions and culture. When a self-righteous non-White claims that publishing or science or finance or law is “too white,” Jews do not point out that, in fact, Jews are vastly over-represented in those fields. For example, every Chair of the U.S. Federal Reserve was Jewish in recent decades and Jews occupy a vastly disproportionate number of seats on the American Supreme Court. By keeping quiet about this over-representation, Jews are allowing themselves to be portrayed as “white” and ensuring that it will be genuine Whites who are displaced by racial quotas. They are also avoiding potentially dangerous questions about why Jews are over-represented. If we’re all the same under the skin, it follows that in a fair society every racial group would be represented in exact proportion to its share of the population. The “over-representation” of Whites is used as proof positive that we don’t live in a fair society. No, we live in a society where, for example, the innate genius of Blacks is crushed and denied expression.

That’s why — according to leftists — no Black has ever won the Nobel Prize for Physics or the Fields Medal in mathematics. The Black genius is there, but the White justice isn’t, because White men have unfairly dominated those fields and excluded countless deserving Blacks (and women) down the centuries. Or so the leftist narrative goes. In fact, of course, Jews have won awards and made huge contributions in physics, mathematics and other intellectually demanding fields out of all proportion to their tiny share of the population. How could this have happened in Western societies replete with minority-excluding White male Christian bigotry?

Rejecting racial reality

That’s a question that Jews don’t want to be explored, because the obvious answer is that White Christian bigotry isn’t so powerful after all. When an allegedly oppressed minority has intellectual gifts, that minority can flourish in the West. But Jews don’t want their intellectual gifts to be explored either, because that would explode the leftist lie of innate and absolute human equality. It’s no coincidence that Jewish biologists like Stephen Jay Gould, Richard Lewontin, Leon Kamin, and Steven Rose — all  professors at prestigious universities — have led the fight to deny the existence and importance of race. They’ve insisted that the brain has been miraculously exempt from evolution even as human beings have migrated into hugely different environments and maintained isolated breeding populations over millennia. In fact, those Jewish race-deniers are lying to protect Jewish power. Different races of human being haven’t simply been evolving in isolation for millennia, they’ve been interbreeding with different species of the Homo genus and acquiring new genes that affect cognitive function. Homo sapiens interbred with Neanderthals when they migrated into Europe and with Denisovans when they migrated into Asia. Meanwhile, Homo sapiens was interbreeding with other now extinct hominids back in Africa.

In other words, Whites and Blacks and Yellows haven’t simply evolved to be cognitively and psychologically different: they’ve interbred to be different. That’s biological reality, but it contradicts one of the two big lies of modern leftism. The first lie is that of equality. Leftism preaches that we’re all the same under the skin — Blacks and Whites, men and women, gays and straights all have exactly the same potential and are capable of the same high achievements. The second lie is that of inequality. Leftism preaches that, in the West at least, majorities are innately evil and minorities innately virtuous. The contradiction between the two big lies of leftism doesn’t weaken the ideology or embarrass leftists. On the contrary, it empowers the ideology and emboldens leftists. Jews like David Baddiel and Stephen Jay Gould are at the heart of the anti-White lies just as they are at the heart of White-hating leftism.

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  1. Dan Baron
    Dan Baron says:

    “they’ve interbred to be different.”

    I think that’s wrong, and it should be

    “they’ve intrabred to be different.”

  2. Mad World
    Mad World says:


    “Professor Gottfried” says that the only real danger is the rise of (leftist) totalitarianism. Not a word about the daily genocide of the white race by invasion. He deliberately distributes side blows against Kevin MacDonald (“believes in a group evolutionary strategy of the Jews”) and Greg Johnson (“talks about Jews and Hitler”).

    He says he has an acquaintance in Regensburg who complains about 300-pound tattooed Netflix-consuming women; besides, he says, German women are totally masculinized. He and his interlocutor Hood stick to the usual pure status quo description practically until the last minute, which almost has something of self-victimization about it: “Everyone is against us! Why only! We haven’t done anything bad!”

    He says he would write for German newspapers (except for a recent article in “Junge Freiheit” haven’t discovered much from him in German yet), but the poor editors would already be persecuted by German state for cooperating with the (Jew-friendly/kosher) AfD. Of course, there would be enough “far-right” publications in Germany that Mr. Gottfried would not write for because they question his ethnic kinship.

    The monologue of the Jew Gottfried is revealing in that it shows what his task is: to dispel emerging anti-Jewish “conspiracy theories.” Ultimately, he correctly spreads the same unspeakable baloney as his kindred spirit Paul Craig Roberts, who warns against the evil “Nazis.” Who are those in America who equate Trump with Hitler and thus evoke violence against whites, Mr. Gottfried? Surely they are not Jews like Ms. Levin?


      • Mad World
        Mad World says:

        Thank you, Carolyn. Here is something inte-
        resting you’ll not hear about in the (((MSM))):


        Ilya Doronov: “Did we build the Nord Stream 2 pipeline for no reason?”

        Vladimir Putin: “No, we do not build anything for no reason. We received the necessary technology and we did our work properly. If necessary, we will put Nord Stream 2 into operation. If this matter is of interest to you, I can talk about it in more detail, however, I would prefer not to waste time on it.”

        Ilya Doronov: “No, you said a lot on the topic, you said we were ready and the pipeline had been built.”

        Vladimir Putin: “Nord Stream 1 is practically closed, and everyone is saying: ‘Russia is using its energy weapon.’ More nonsense and rubbish. What weapon are we using? We supply as much gas as our partners need, as much as they order. We are not pumping gas into the air but supplying the amount ordered. We fill the orders that we receive.

        What has happened? The operation of one of the two gas pipelines running across Ukraine was suspended by Ukraine for a made-up reason, alleging that there was no control over it. They closed it themselves. It was not us who closed it, Ukraine did it. This is my first point.

        Another pipeline, Yamal–Europe, runs across Poland. Poland imposed sanctions on this gas pipeline and suspended its functioning. Was it us who did this? No, the Poles did it. The Ukrainians did it and the Poles.

        Regarding Nord Stream 1, our German partners have agreed that all technical aspects of Nord Stream 1, including the maintenance of gas-pumping turbine units, are subject to British law because – I myself was unaware of this and learned about this from Mr Miller – Gazprom had to sign a contract for the maintenance of these units made by Siemens not with the Siemens main office but with its subsidiary based in the United Kingdom, which slapped sanctions on Gazprom, and agreed to repair the turbines at a Siemens plant in Canada.

        What do we have to do with all of that? Canada finally took it but yielded to numerous requests coming from Germany and gave it to Germany, whereas under an agreement with a Siemens subsidiary in the UK, the turbines were to be shipped straight to St Petersburg. Logistics arrangements have changed and the contract has to be revised. The British-based Siemens subsidiary will not even respond to Gazprom’s inquiries.

        You can take as many photos with the turbine as you want, but give us the documents, for crying out loud. This is our property. We need to understand the legal status of this property and its technical condition. They give us nothing but chit-chat.

        The last turbine is now out of order, so Siemens representatives came to look at it. There is an oil leak, which is an explosion and fire hazard. There is no way for the turbine to remain operational given its current condition. Give us the turbines, and we will turn on Nord Stream 1 overnight. They do not give us anything. They say we are weaponising it. What are they talking about? They themselves messed things up big time and are now not sure what to do about it. They drove themselves into a sanctions dead end.

        There is only one way out. In Germany, people are rallying to turn on Nord Stream 2. We are supportive of the demands by German consumers and we are ready to turn it on as early as tomorrow. All we need to do is press the button, but we are not the ones who imposed sanctions on Nord Stream 2. It was done under pressure from the United States. Why is it exerting pressure? Because it wants to sell its gas for a pretty penny. We are aware of the position of the former US administration as well. They said, ‘Yes, we sell at a higher price, but let them buy ours because we offer them protection.’ Let them buy then if they choose to. We will sell our product.”


        • Captainchaos
          Captainchaos says:

          Everything to the left of far right is in the process of committing political suicide – no assistance required. It is a beautiful thing.

          In the next five years France and Germany will tip to the far right and America will be on its way to Red State secession. Once these things occur it will be game over for the Jew World Order.

      • Weaver
        Weaver says:

        Paul Craig Roberts should not be disrespected. That’s extremely strange to attack him. You can go to his site, read his articles. He calls out Neocons as Jews, talks about race. He’s very open. If his use of “Nazi” as a slur against authoritarian policies in the US isn’t liked, the content itself should be judged.

        Content is what matters, not this window dressing.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          These folks on our side getting upset about others using ‘Nazi’ as a slur are boring beyond belief.
          Everyone who’s ever been a part of the Old Left uses fascist/Nazi interchangeably, and it has nothing to do with German National Socialism.
          It just means ultra-authoritarian. Or as George Orwell said about ‘fascism’, simply something that is not desirable.
          All right-wingers should know this by now, and if using these words wakes up semi-normies who were of the now non-existent Old Left, then that’s all to the good.

      • Mad World
        Mad World says:

        Jared Taylor introduces each of his videos
        with the following sentence: “The internet
        is making sure NO-ONE sees my videos.”

        This already constitutes a wanton
        insult to the intellect of his viewers!

        Since “the Internet” makes it possible for
        Taylor to say this nonsense in his videos,
        according to strict logic it can’t be the In-
        ternet that wants to make sure that nobo-
        dy sees his vids. So who’s it exactly (despi-
        te your demeaning pandering), Mr. Taylor?

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      You don’t like Paul Craig Roberts? He talks about Neocons, warns whites are under attack, and questions WWII history.

      I dunno whom you would like if you don’t like PCR. He’s a legend.

  3. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    With regard to genius, hard work and also just devoting oneself to “glorious” professions where you can win awards is a big part. Thomas Edison said “genius is 99% perspiration.” Most are just lazy. Ford said thinking was the hardest sort of work.

    We tend to say Einstein was greater than Edison only because the media tells us it’s so. The media and other authorities pick and choose, to a degree, just who is “great.”

    A second issue is that of “excellent sheep” who excel on tests, can’t think for themselves. On paper they look excellent indeed.

    If someone is wanting glory, he can move to a city, which is where most Jews live, and write up some theory on dark energy and dark matter. People cheer those on, but the current theories aren’t very good. If you’re an excellent electrician or repair man, no one might appreciate you; but if you write on dark matter, you might win some award – assuming such awards matter.

    Edison would still be more impressive to me. Europeans, English, northwest Europeans, “Americans,” whatever “we” are here can do a lot, individually, if we choose to. But it requires work. And politics is usually just entertainment, more akin to idleness, not always of course.

    Jewish power is in their religion more than in individual IQ. And they just got lucky with the mass media coming to be the most powerful force in our societies for a time. If one group worships power while another gives it away, the former wins. The Jewish god is power. They worship their supremacy over others. That’s their religion.

    • Armoric
      Armoric says:

      Not only was Einstein a genius, he was the most German of the Germans. To say otherwise would be racist. When he arrived in the USA, it is only with a heavy heart that he wrote president Roosevelt a letter suggesting that his fellow Germans should be nuked.

  4. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    A literary column in The Times, a TV show, a major book deal, it’s depressing and a waste because Mr Langdon is correct, David Baddiel has literally zero talent. Nothing. Just a huge chip on his shoulder. And it’s our fault.
    Many Jews are entertaining, we can all think of them, I’m thinking of Mark Levine on FOX, his views are nuts, but it is funny the way he revs himself up on indignation at leftist antics. Well, it’s funny to me when I see it maybe twice a year or whatever, I doubt I could handle it every week.
    Baddiel? Nowt. No humour, no charisma, no patter, nothing.
    He’s most famous for singing the Euro 96′ English football anthem, which was written by Ian Broudie of The Lightning Seeds.
    And the only reason he was on that track was because he hosted a late night football show that was carried by Frank Skinner, who was an actual talent.
    Baddiel wasn’t seen as a Jew by the British public, we all presumed he was just the straight man dork. The unfunny one. With the exception of Cockneys, normal British people don’t really register Jews on TV(& and all the other bloody places). If you asked the average Brit from anywhere but London what a ‘Jew’ looked like, they’d describe a strange, pale, alien, Orthodox creature that gives them inexplicable chills if they cross their path and they’d prefer not to think about it actually.
    Baddiel is just a dork, a leftist maybe, a liberal elite, not any different from the rest of these oppressors.
    Part of the frustration of the Left, which is maybe where Baddiel is coming from, is that it should all be over by now. They’ve won everything, they’ve conquered every last cultural institution, the schools, the entire political class, even what they would call ‘capitalism’. What else is there for them to do? What is left?
    Yet still the people drag their feet and won’t get with the program.
    Imagine our ideas had captured what the Left has, yet still we could barely get half the population to agree with us, despite controlling 100% of the information they receive.
    We all know they aren’t going to be doing any self-reflection anytime soon, the only thing or way left is to start hurting us, there isn’t any other option.
    This goes for them all, Jews, globalists, liberal elite types. The way they tear down our old statues and jump on them, we should be glad of those statues for now, because it will be us next. There is no other way this can go.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      The people of ‘muh holohoax’ kvetching that no-one allows them to be ‘victims’?
      It’s just too much.

    • Atreides
      Atreides says:

      You coined it: though leftists have won the culture war, they’re sniveling and shrieking more than ever. I reckon that they’re addicted to what members of the Chosen Tribe would dub as ” kvetching”.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        Right, for the rabid wolf pack snapping and snarling at your door, how many of your children do you have to throw out before they’re satisfied?
        Can it be truly be possible Republicans/Conservatives actually do not understand this principle? Is it beyond them?
        Even as it is demonstrated and proved in real time, year after year, decade after decade?
        Are some of them, who present as normal humans you would trust with a knife and fork, or a pair of safety scissors, really this mentally retarded?
        When Lenin states the leftist strategy in historical stone for all time: “You probe with bayonets: if you find mush, you push. If you find steel, you withdraw.”

        • Weaver
          Weaver says:

          Things are very bad, but there will be safe places to work and live. Income opportunities are very good in areas of the economy.

          One coming threat is that any who oppose the powers that be will have bank accounts closed, digital currencies canceled.

          However, we still have the Internet. One strategy is to encourage those in power to act emotionally, make mistakes. We want to decentralise power, hinder the potential for abuse.

          Anyway, if the US gets bad, people can move. Just focus on your career and family. If you get distracted by politics, you might not make the money you need. Those with money have rights in this world. Those without it often do not.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      All this nothingness — words adding up to nothing.

      “Baddiel wasn’t seen as a Jew by the British public, we all presumed he was just the straight man dork. […] normal British people don’t really register Jews on TV(& and all the other bloody places). If you asked the average Brit **from anywhere but London** what a ‘Jew’ looked like, they’d describe a strange, pale, alien, Orthodox creature […].
      Baddiel is just a dork, a leftist maybe, a liberal elite, not any different from the rest of these oppressors.”

      Baddiel in truth looks as Jewish as any Jew I’ve ever seen! More ‘Jewish’ than a large segment of Jews, for sure. He has all the most common Jewish facial characteristics – the drooping nose, the smallish mouth close under the nose, the extra long ears, the squinty, weak eyes (the opposite of a sharp, direct gaze). I first learned from Thomas Mann’s novel “Joseph and his Brothers” that this distinctive Jewish countenance came from Jacob’s first wife Leah. Leah was homely, in just that way; Jacob, whose seed became the Jewish nation, only married her so that he could then be in line to marry her younger sister, the more appealing Rachel. But he had 10 sons with Leah, and only two with the less fertile Rachel (Joseph and Benjamin) – accounting for the prevalence of the Leah-look among Jews. The Leah-look is a combination that comes across as repulsive to a gentile (even some Jews, apparently!).

      There are millions of Jews marked with the Leah-look; it’s the most typical or easily recognized Jewish face.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        That’s amazing you could so mis-read that Carolyn, it’s almost as if English is your second(or fifth?) language.
        If you don’t want to make yourself look ridiculous here, you really must take a breath after you read something before responding in a tantrum. This is such an extremely *female* thing to do, I am sorry to say.
        Let me explain in simpleton-speak: Most British people have no experience of ‘Jews’, Jews don’t live in(or anywhere near) working class communities in British regional towns and cities. A few might work here and there, and you or I could spot them as Semites who belong back in the desert, but to the average Brit(except Londoners, there’s so many down there, they’re wise to them), they just merge in Brit’s heads as the ‘other’, a middle-class or elite person who because they aren’t black or Pakistani are presumably white.
        ‘Middle-class’ British is not middle-class American remember, it’s utterly culturally different from normal working people.
        British politics has plenty of Jews, most with obviously Jewish surnames, but to British people they are ‘white’, because they don’t broadcast their Jewishness, and our do you think our media explains it to the average Brit?
        So how exactly are working British people supposed to know what a Jew is?
        Ask you or I what a ‘Jew’ is, and we would go straight to these cryptic David Baddiel types, our cruel overlords. But ask a normal Brit and his mind would go to the black-clad, hatted, orthodox types who really do stand out. They’ve seen them about the place. Well probably half think they are Muslims. I’m serious.

        That was a nice story about Racheal and Leah, I’m sure there is something to it, and your website is brilliant, but it’s much more fun replying here when I actually get to DEFEND a point I make(I do make a few, many contentious), and not just repeat myself for the slow-witted kids at the back of the class.
        “All this nothingness — words adding up to nothing.”
        Look, even if you do disagree with someone, I really don’t know why your first words must be to insult what they’ve wrote. You must know by now you’re just going to get wrecked back(see above).
        I’m not offended and I don’t mind, don’t get me wrong, I quite enjoy the gutter-fights, but I’m good at it, you ain’t.
        Plus, ridiculing rude people on comment sections hopefully improves their manners in future. Just you call me master, you’ll pick it up.
        The moderators should be thanking me.

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          Nice try, you supercilious Scot. I ‘got’ exactly what you meant (the same as you repeat here, so unnecessarily). Your insufferable male chauvinism doesn’t work; you’re not that smart — oh, I do recall you said you were a high school drop-out. So why should anyone believe you can speak for the English, and all British people? ‘David Baddiel doesn’t look jewish to Brits, oh no, they think he’s just another straight-man dork (whatever that is supposed to mean) on British TV.’

          “Insult what you wrote?” Impossible. Along with not being funny (and you try), you are a powerless fuck, so don’t threaten me.

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            That’s it honey, you’re finally getting it, I’d have thought an old dear like yourself would know how to argue by now, but again, you would do it much better if you’d taken my advice and took a deep breath first.
            Otherwise, you just make it too damn easy:
            “I ‘got’ exactly what you meant”
            Well then why did you answer as if you didn’t? Please explain? But we both know you won’t.
            “Your insufferable male chauvinism doesn’t work”
            Oh come-come my stroppy little shrew, I think we can all see demonstrated it’s worked exactly as intended. Or why else would you have flew into another b*tch-rage and hit me with this gibberish?
            “I do recall you said you were a high school drop-out. So why should anyone believe you can speak for the English, and all British people?”
            Only an unhinged lunatic would imagine anyone can speak for so many people, and only a complete moron would imagine I am even claiming too(that’s you by the way).
            All anyone does is give their opinions, we are all free to take what we want from these.
            “they think he’s just another straight-man dork (whatever that is supposed to mean)”
            You mean you don’t know what a dork is? Or you don’t know what a straight-man in comedy double act is? Well if you don’t know that at your, err, vintage, then I ain’t going to explain it to you, but it’s really abysmal tactics advertising your ignorance like this.
            You are proving my point, I know you are not this thick, it can only be that feminine rush of blood to the head that has you making all these dumb statements.
            So I repeat again for your benefit, take a breath dearie, once you’ve calmed down, you won’t embarrass your self so much. In time, you’ll thank me for this.
            “you are a powerless fuck, so don’t threaten me.”
            Threaten you? Are you high? Have you been overdosing on your change-of-life medications again? Where did I threaten you? Show me?
            As we both know, again, you can’t, so perhaps best stay away from the keyboard when you’re drunk or whatever it is that’s screwing with your thinking.
            I did warn you tangling with me was just going to make you look ridiculous.
            You can create a good website, but you cannot argue.
            And you especially cannot trade insults either, this is not your forte, all you are doing is giving me even more ammunition to humiliate you.
            Keep going all you want, I can do this till the cows come home, you haven’t got it in you to lay a glove on me.
            I’m not boasting, just stating a plain fact.
            I’m sorry you find this so painful coming from a high school drop out, but as it does, what does that say about you? Truth hurts, don’t it?
            But go ahead, knock yourself out, let’s see what else you got in ya. I’d advise against it, but if you’re a sucker for punishment, as you seem to be, why not have another go? Better yet, see if you can find a man to help you out, I think you need one, in both senses of the word.

  5. Birhan Dargey
    Birhan Dargey says:

    Nobel in Literature for Bob Dylan,,? Nobel Peace for Obama a week after declaring war on Irak?? Oscar/Emmy for Obamas TV productions? Piss Christ/Turd Virgin, according to Jews ..great works of ART. gay Batman/Pinnochio/ as part of the Jewish lgbt new ART/History. Frida Kahlo/jew a mediocre painter in her days..Now bigger more talented than Diego Rivera(muralists)Pulitzer for Hillary Clinton.I imagine a comedy skit about a Rabbi that during circumcision cuts and swallots the babies penis..and whole brawl breaks up to recover the penis..then the lawyers come into the picture..of a jewish pro/animal rights activists must perform Komoros..

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      I remember a great photo when the blacks rioted in summer, 2020.
      It was night-time, a bunch of hooded-thugs were hanging around a half burnt-out police car, with one of them triumphantly on top of it.
      Where was the law you may ask?
      Actually it was represented in the picture, in a giant billboard above the action advertising a ambulance-chasing, no-win, no-fee lawyer. With an almost ridiculously Jewish name.
      It was so funny, I couldn’t believe it was real, how could so much of modern America be summed up so perfectly, and so unintentionally in a single shot?
      The thing was published unironically in some MSM publication.
      I kick myself to this day I didn’t capture and keep it.

  6. superfluous man
    superfluous man says:

    Claims of victimhood by victimizers are common these days but they all take their cue from what Jews have done to Western Culture. That a peculiar and tiny tribe is so immensely wealthy, influential and powerful is something we are not allowed to notice even as that tribe rubs our noses in it.

    Remember, it’s very badthink to notice what they are up to and even worse to express any criticism of it. About the surest way to be banned from any mainstream organization or website is to openly notice the organized behavior of the Jewish elites.

    Whatever you do goyim, please don’t notice that a majority of your most powerful oppressors, victimizers and exploiters are Jewish, rest assured it’s just a coincidence.

    And you’re still an anti-Semite no matter how much crow you eat or how many times you apologize on bended knee.

    They don’t forgive and they never forget.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      “They don’t forgive and they never forget.”

      Exactly brother!
      Just think of the Jewish experience in America, it is ginormous, and though only perhaps a quarter or less of their time with the Russians for example, the imprint of this incredible time in America for Jewry in their hagiography going forward will probably dwarf that even of the Russians and Amaleks put together.
      It’s a law of nature as hard and fast as gravity, or the third law of thermodynamics, that the Jews will continue to run America into the ground, right until the moment they finally provoke the mother of all pogroms.
      Point being, Americans are going right into the book of ‘Blood Enemies of the Jewish People’ for the rest of time.
      No-one expects America to be a functioning nation 100 years from now, but American people will be around, and even 1000 years from now, when they aren’t, their name will still be being cursed to Hell on some new Jewish religious holiday.
      Perhaps one corresponding to the date American tolerance finally collapsed utterly, and they made some sort of response to the Jews for obliterating our civilisation.
      It’s all very sad, the only consolation is maybe, finally, humanity at large will develop some sort of *answer* to the Jewish Question.
      It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be *something*.
      No-body wants to exterminate them, even the Nazis didn’t want this. Even if you’re the coldest person on earth, it’s not human to just eradicate other people. At the very least, even if he’s a terrible person, no one wants that on their conscience it sullies a man.
      Like when the swordsman refuses to kill a helpless enemy by saying he won’t sully a good blade.
      Same thing with this hysterical Jewish charge that everyone wants to always kill them.
      Shut the f*’k up!
      It’s so ridiculous and absurd it hardly deserves a response, it’s just as stupidly insulting as every other Jewish/leftist smear against right-wingers. These never do make any logical sense, and can never be defended on logical grounds.
      We are never allowed to even raise the subject of Jewish power because somehow, someone might decide to turn them all into lampshades.
      It’s dumb. It’s an insult. It should never have been accepted.
      They’re basically saying to us: “You invited my people in when we were in desperate need out of the goodness of your hearts, we now live and prosper beyond our wildest dreams in your land, created with the blood, sweat and tears of your ancestors. You’ve trusted us to influence the life and fate of you and your children. But at bottom, we consider you all unhinged murderous animals”.
      That is the translation for the reason we mustn’t ever mention Jewish power, Jewish anything!
      This point can never be made enough!
      I despair our forebears put up with this before Jewish power was so absolute. To this day I despair over ‘right-wing’ or cuckservative gate-keepers enforcing this unbelievable slander and disrespect towards our gentle, civilised people.
      Jews are what they are, getting upset about them is as sensible as getting upset at the weather. It’s not like we weren’t given any warning, only every great man who made his name in every & any era, they all warned us about the Jews.
      Our civilisation is built on a religion where it’s stated plainly the Jews killed our Lord and Saviour, our actual God. And not just killed, but tortured and murdered in the most sadistic way possible, after a humiliation kangaroo court show-trail.
      And any man at any time these last years could have easily discovered the Jews boast and gloat over this to this day.
      There is no anger towards Jews in my heart, as their is no anger at cancerous cells, or plague-carrying vermin.
      But I believe it’s right and just a place is left open for righteous fury at those of our own kind, RINOs, cuckservatives, etc, who, along with ourselves, are alone responsible for this sorry state of affairs we find ourselves in.

  7. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    “The competition would be intense, but if there were an international search to find the world’s most repulsive and irritating Jew, my money would go on Britain’s very own David Baddiel.”

    We should all be naming our most repulsive Jews! And we call ourselves antisemites? This is a poor show. What sort of haters are we?
    No-one makes my skin crawl like Bill Gates. Is he a crypto-Jew?
    But I believe Gates was born female, and this is what is creeping me out, not the Jewishness. I base this on 1. Obviously the vibes he gives off, 2. His small stature, *especially* his head. The head is always the give-a-way with trannies, it’s the one obvious thing they cannot change(shoulder width too, but they hunch them backwards and stand at certain angles to the camera to pull this illusion. Wearing shoulder-padded jackets also seems to work, though I’m not sure why. If anyone wants a masterclass in how convincing this effect is, simply observe Tulsi Gabbard).
    If you ever see Gates next to three or four men, look how small his head is compared to the rest of them.
    I’d guess Gates was born some sort of hermaphrodite, and the parents went with a boy as he’s obviously been groomed since birth for part he plays now in the global mafia. I suppose back then, it would have made sense. So much for his old man knowing the future! A woman would have opened even more doors.
    Reason 3. His ex-wife is so obviously a bloke. Now that is how it isn’t done.
    ‘Melinda’ obviously transitioned as a full grown adult. What a mess. Tulsi did it as a teen. It’s good, but I can spot it. Then you have those that transition as children that are really impossible to know with actually studying them. The Kardashians are a good example but there’s many more.
    This is off-topic I know, but I cannot think of an abnormally repulsive Jew off the top of my head.
    But the question is a good one. I suppose George Soros, but probably just because he is 150 years old, and the blood of all those sacrificed children he’s drunk would wreck anyone’s looks, we cannot fairly blame Judaism.
    If it’s ‘irritating’ you want, there’s too many to mention. A better question would be Jews who aren’t irritating.
    I intend to think hard on this important subject of repulsive Jews, and report back to the community after serious discussion with relevant authorities.

  8. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    Sarah Churchill, daughter of Winston Churchill, married a “Jew” comedian Vic Oliver.
    She later lived with a negro in the Windies. He made her pregnant and while she was in this state he kicked her, breaking her jaw and causing her to spend two weeks in a hospital, although she did not have a miscarriage. I don’t know know what happened to WC’s daughter’s piccanniny.
    The people TOO calls Jews are usually Europeans whose families converted to Judaism long ago and are not related to the people who forced the Romans to murder Christ.

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      Jews are confusing. Ashkenazi are intermarrying with Semitic Jews in Israel. So, they’re becoming Jews anyway. They seem to be a small part Jewish in origin, but what they are is their business.

      I think reformed Jews don’t like Israeli Jews, increasingly. Israel is too Orthodox. They seem to be like a shell game, all sorts of different groups. I dunno that they even see one another as truly Jewish.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      “. . forced the Romans to murder Christ.”
      If you are being this pedantic why blame the Romans, wasn’t it just the individual soldiers and whichever carpenter made the cross?
      “The people TOO calls Jews are usually Europeans whose families converted to Judaism long ago . ”
      No doubt, the Pharisees killed Christ, and what we here at TOO call Jews are the exact same cult of blood-drinking, child sacrificing, diabolical freaks. They don’t wear robes but it’s the same energy. The same gods, whether they’re aware of it or not.
      Probably no one can say for sure if there is any straight biological link between our Jews and Biblical Pharisees.
      I’d just go by asking them: If they say they definitely are related, as they do, then I’d take it as red they aren’t.
      It’s not really all that important.
      And the man who wrote Darkness At Noon was a great man, it’s such a spectacular accomplishment you really get the feeling this guy was walking hand in hand with God/Truth. I go by what he sais on the subject.
      I think maybe I repeat myself here, but someone should make that into a film, aren’t there Christian filmmakers?
      The moral of that story is a dagger to the rotten black heart of revolution worship and leftism/progressivism/utopianism in general.
      Every leftist on earth would hate it. The tale is so simple, it would sell all over the world. Like the greatest literature it can be understood at opposite intellectual levels. It would lampoon certain current politicians, and certain current behaviours and policies of theirs too. The thing could be made for buttons, and would be a giant FU to the slime in Hollywood who have prevented it being made all these decades.
      Has anyone got Mel Gibson’s number?

  9. Armoric
    Armoric says:

    “the two big lies of modern leftism” (equality & inequality)

    These two lies are encapsulated in the Jewish theory of “anti-racism”, which should be called anti-whitism. The theory is that we are all the same, but race-replacement is a moral imperative. Of course, this doesn’t make sense. If A and B are the same, there is no reason to replace A with B. The Jews do not really say that race-replacement is an imperative. They usually say there is no replacement. But they go after anyone who resists the race-replacement program.

    Leftism means several different things. On the one hand, some people can be described as leftist if they believe in money redistribution but lack pragmatism and political coherence. That kind of attitude in anchored in our mentality and probably in our genes. Some people believe in redistribution because they are penniless. Others are motivated by a genuine ideal of equality. Some of us are hopeless leftists, others have only slight leftist tendencies. This is natural. On the other hand, there is also the Jewish “leftist” agenda that dominates our institutions and stands for race-replacement, sex-change, compulsory Covid vaccination and war with Russia. It is mostly a Jewish artificial creation. It relies on authoritarianism, conformism, and the manipulation of leftist minds, but it has little to do with White people’s natural leftist tendencies. Without the Jews, the leftists would not have any particular agenda, and they wouldn’t try to import the third-world into White countries.

    How do the Jews manage to impose their contradictory ideological tenets on Whites? For example, they won’t allow dissidents to point out contradictions and criticize Jewish power on TV. They rely on intimidation and censorship, not logical persuasion. It’s like a group of outlaws on their horses in a western movie. When the leader of the bad guys starts laughing out loud, everyone has to laugh stupidly. When he suddenly stops laughing, everyone suddenly stops. Whenever the Jews say they are White people, everyone agrees. Whenever they say they are victims of White people, everyone also agrees. If you disagree, you are in trouble. When a Jew decides to make a career as a comedian, it’s even easier: they use canned laughter.

    “Jews Don’t Count”

    Above all, Jews like to falsify the counting. Anyway, counting Jews is verboten. How many of them before WW2? After WW2? How many of them in the government, the media, the boards of directors of big corporations? How many of them pushing the Pfizer vaccine and war with Russia? Those questions are verboten.

    As goyim, our opinions don’t count. It’s like race: race doesn’t matter, we are all the same, yet we need to be replaced by non-Whites. Likewise, even though it doesn’t matter what we think, the Jews keep trying to extort our forced agreement. In courts of law, you see judges trying to sound people’s minds to determine if they believe in the six million. But what is the value of forced agreement? It is just as worthless as the phony awards, phony reviews and canned laughter used by Jewish stand-up artists.

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