Putin’s Narrowing Options

Early in this war, Russia’s hawks talked openly of the possible use of tactical nuclear weapons. That talk has begun anew.

A desperate Vladimir Putin is a dangerous Vladimir Putin, and there are signs Putin’s situation in Ukraine may be becoming desperate.

In the last week, the Russian army in the Kharkiv region of Ukraine was driven out of some 2,200 square miles of territory, according to the Ukrainians, whose soldiers are now two miles from the Russian border.

The Kharkiv battle was a rout for the surprised Russians who tore off their uniforms, threw down their weapons and fled, some on stolen bicycles. For Russia, it was the worst defeat of the war.

That Moscow sustained a stunning setback is attested to by the news that Russian nationalists back home have begun to grumble openly about Putin’s management of the war he launched on Feb. 24.

Where does Putin stand now?

He is in the seventh month of a war he launched last winter, and he appears to be headed into this coming winter with no victory and no end to the war in sight.

His early offensives, while successful north of Crimea and in the Donbas, failed to capture Kiev, Kharkiv or Odessa on the Black Sea, Ukraine’s three largest cities, which were Russia’s strategic objectives.

Putin’s gains in the Donbas are the one great prize he has. But his army is now demoralized and on the defensive. The momentum of the war has shifted in Kiev’s favor.

Western and, in particular, the U.S. weapons Ukraine is being provided have proven devastating to the Russian forces, whose losses in tanks, armor and troops are major.

Thousands of Russian soldiers have been killed, wounded or captured. Putin has no available reserves in Russia without imposing conscription to replace them.

The Ukrainians now appear to be guaranteed an endless supply of the modern U.S. weapons they have used to decimate the Russian army.

The present prospect for Putin is thus no victory, no end to the war, no end to the weekly casualty lists of dead, wounded and missing, a continued stalemate now, and the prospect of eventual defeat ahead.

Could Putin survive perceived defeat in a war he launched, and the personal, political and national humiliation he and Russia would sustain from such a defeat? Would Putin be able to survive that and remain president of Russia after 22 years in power?

In short, in a war history will call Putin’s War, the tide is turning against the Russians, and Putin faces the prospect of having been the ruler who launched Russia’s least necessary and lost war.

What are Putin’s options?

The first is to stay the course, cut off oil and gas exports to NATO Europe, and hope Ukraine’s losses and Europe’s hardships this winter compel Kiev and its allies to accept a truce that allows Russia to retain some of the new territory it has gained since Feb. 24.

The problem with this course of action is that it is Ukraine’s army that appears to have time on its side now and the wind at its back.

The alternative to a war that lasts as long as the Ukrainians are willing to fight to drive the Russians out is for Russia to escalate and win, and force an end to the fighting.

How could Moscow do this?

First, Putin could raise the stakes, say we are at war with NATO, call up Russian’s army reserves, as in World War II, and conscript enough new soldiers to replace those already lost.

Second, there is the Grozny option, the devastating artillery, air and rocket assault the Russians visited upon the Chechen capital to bring an end to a separatist moment in 2000.

But would the Russians, before the eyes of the world, do to Kiev or Kharkiv what they did to Grozny a quarter century ago?

Beyond the Grozny option, there is the nuclear option.

Russia has thousands of tactical atomic weapons, the largest such arsenal in the world, and the threat to use, or the actual use of one or more of these weapons, would raise the stakes in the war exponentially.

Early in this war, Russia’s hawks talked openly of the possible use of tactical nuclear weapons. That talk has begun anew.

The basic question comes down to this:

Would Putin threaten or use nuclear weapons to prevent a defeat and humiliation for himself and Russia? And, if so, how and where would he use them? And how would Kiev and the West respond?

America, Britain and France are all three both NATO and nuclear-weapons states. But none has a vital interest in the outcome of this Ukraine war to justify a nuclear war with Russia, even if Russia resorts to first use of such a weapon.

The longer this war goes on, and the sooner the Russian bleeding becomes intolerable to Putin, the more likely it is that he will escalate, rather than capitulate and accept defeat and humiliation for his country and himself, leading to his removal from power.

Again, a desperate Putin is a dangerous Putin.

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  1. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    As has been said, there are always two sides to a story.

    For those who have a working knowledge of Russian and Ukrainian, as well as access to otherwise censored news sites from those countries, one will see that the conflict is pretty much going the way the Russian Federation wants it to go,

    • todd hupp
      todd hupp says:

      Tim is correct.There is a huge barrage of pro Ukraine propaganda being unleashed by the West/Western media.Russia wants and may obtain the coastal areas.A line will seperate the two countries per WWII Germany.

  2. M Green
    M Green says:

    I am sorry to see Pat Buchanan degenerate into the same fiction mode that inspired Ursula Vendercrazy a few days ago to declare Russia on its last legs, dismantling microwaves and refrigerators for chips to keep their fighter jets afloat https://www.youtube.com/shorts/t-Wwk5yoCF4. The Russian troops were withdrawn from Kharkiv several weeks before the well-known and well-advertised Ukrainian counter-offensive because they no longer served a strategic function. There was no Russian effort to defend the position: the retreat was orderly and deadly. Several thousand Ukrainian soldiers were killed and no more than a handful of Russians troops suffered casualties. It was a disastrous and pointless advance for the NATO-Ukraine forces but it made good headlines. Putin has no interest in capturing and holding territory as such aside from liberating the Donbass: as stated from the start Russia’s goal is the destruction of Ukraine’s military and its Nazi contingent, after which the Ukrainian territory will be used as Russia decides. Clausewitz, not USA-Iraq.

    Putin has implemented his next step and announced its expansion. Russia destroyed 4-5 Ukrainian power/energy stations to warn the Ukrainians and their Nazis against their continued nearly decade-long terrorism against the ethnic Russian civilian population of Ukraine. I mean the daily routine murder from 2014 through Febrary 24, 2022 of five or so ethnic Russian civilians in the Donbass through constant military assault on civilian infrastructure in violation of the Minsk agreements; Myrotvorets, the on-line kill-list of civilians who effectively tell the truth about Ukraine and that recently wrote “Liquidated” after Darya Dugina was assassinated in Moscow, and that now targets a 13-year old girl from Donbass amongst over another hundred children “13-year-old on Ukrainian gov’t kill list speaks out” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7eEgb8WHLY (whose website is earmarked from Langley Viginia); and most importantly the Ukrainian attempts to blow up the Zaporizhzhya NPP while pretending that Russia—who occupies it since March—is doing the bombing. That the Western media and the IAEA support this fiction does not show how isolated Russia is, but how out-of-touch with reality they are, Mr. Buchanan included.

    Russia avoids nukes and has no need for them at this stage. Russian policy is to use them only as a last resort if the Federation’s survival is threatened, or in response to an attack by nuclear weapons or comparable weapons of mass destruction. Russia has already expanded the SMO to include Counter-Terrorism and will soon make a public announcement of this fact. This will allow targeting of key Ukrainian officers and perhaps politicians responsible for the terror Ukraine has waged against its ethnic Russian civilian population since 2014. If that does not suffice Russia will shut down Ukraine as a functioning country, and do so short of declaring war, and do so without full mobilization because it wants to maintain a viable economy. The desperation Buchanan writes about is his, and the neocons, and the globalists, not Putin’s. We are supposed to cheer on Ukraine and its Nazis in the name of freedom and waste more billions needed at home. Better to take off the false crown of global hegemon, do something to save what is left of America and make peace with a multi-polar world.

    • Chester Nixon
      Chester Nixon says:

      Bravo, M. Green; your comment was better and more informative than the article. I was shocked to discover these absurd talking points came from the esteemed Pat Buchanan, who is likely informed (or misinformed) by the same lying perverts who inform all aspects of the Central Government of the US. I had all this time assigned malice to groups like the January 6th Committee, but if Pat Buchanan can be this badly informed about the premier and most serious geopolitical event of our time, it makes me wonder if these people really are gullible enough to believe that Joe Biden actually won the election, and the supposed crimes alleged to have been committed by peaceful protestors that day actually occurred. A prospect perhaps more frightening than the possibility of a nuclear war (which I doubt we would win) is the idea that the incompetent junta running the US Central Government might actually BELIEVE the imbecilic things they are saying, and the chaos we’re experiencing are the result of them trying their level-best; truly terrifying.

  3. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    Scott Ritter and Colonel MacGregor would disagree with Pat Buchanan. They know there are NATO boots on the ground in Ukraine and have an undeclared war with Russia and are lighting fires in Armenia and Kazakhstan. The tactics used by Russia up to this point have been primarily to avoid infrastructure damage. The Chechans are now being re-deployed, and infrastructure is now a target. Paul Craig Roberts has been saying for several years that Putin and Lavrov cannot believe that the Wolfowitz Doctrine of provocation is alive and well in Washington and the psychopaths running it have no intention of stopping. The Special Military Operation was doomed to fail because the Russians think (thought?) that there were normal people in Washington. Roberts suggested they should have invaded and crushed Ukraine after Vikki Nudelman’s 2014 coup.

  4. Mad World
    Mad World says:

    Through cumbersome algorithms, I managed
    to translate this speech of a wise tribal leader:
    “Our rocket technology is far superior to yours.
    We can even hunt gazelles with it! We have al-
    ready traveled 1 million years ago on pyramids
    to the Andromeda Nebula. You dirty evil pale
    faces are and remain primeval subhumans!”

    • Gerry
      Gerry says:

      @ Mad World

      O the Madness yes… read and weep

      America To The Rescue

      On June 5, 1947, George Marshall, Secretary of State spoke at Harvard University, outlining a plan to rebuild Europe. congress accepted the plan and authorized $12 billion for Europe, but this only the beginning. eleven billion had already been given to Russia under “lend lease.”
      Soon it seemed that almost every nation on earth was standing on the doorstep of Washington. None seemed to
      apologize for their appeals for loans or outright gifts.
      Friend and foe alike went away with his requests granted, whether he was worthy or unworthy.
      For my own interest I had recorded the roll call of countries who came knocking on America’s door asking for aid and receiving it:

      Austria $ 1,170,100,000
      Belgium-Luxembourg 1,935,200,000
      Denmark 822,200,000
      France 9,423,600,000
      Germany 4,993,900,000
      Berlin 127,000,000
      Iceland 62,600,000
      Ireland 146,200,000
      Italy 5,517,000,000
      Netherlands 2,416,000,000
      Norway 1,024,500,000
      Poland 509,400,000
      Portugal 370,600,000
      Spain 1,470,300,000
      Sweden 108,900,000
      United Kingdom 8,668,300,000
      Yugoslavia 2,132,400,000
      Burma 93,900,000
      Cambodia 263,600,000
      Republic of China 3,894,500,000
      Indochina 1,535,000,000
      lndonesia 558,000,000
      Japan 3,462,500,000
      Korea 4,486,600,000
      Laos 301,200,000
      Malaya 21,800,000
      Philippines 1,555,700,000
      Thailand 571,800,000
      Vietnam 1,895,900,000
      Greece 3,073,500,000
      Iran 1,012,500,000
      Iraq 65,300,000
      Israel 709,100,000
      Jordan 230,900,000
      Lebanon 86,100,000
      Saudi Arabia 46,600,000
      Turkey 3,094,900,000
      United Arab RePublic 295,000,000
      Yemen 11,300,000
      Afghanistan 145,700,000
      Ceylon 65,300,000
      India 2,383,900,000
      Nepal 39,400,000
      Pakistan 1,255,700,000
      Argentina 460,500,000
      Bolivia 191,700,000
      Brazil 1,376,500,000
      Chile 364,600,000
      Colombia 249,500,000
      Costa Rica 68,700,000
      Cuba 52,000,000
      Dominican RePublic 8,800,000
      Equador 84,300,000
      El Salvador 10,000,000
      Guatemala 117,400,000
      Haiti 80,400,000
      Honduras 34,900,000
      Mexico 600,000,000
      Nicaragua 42,500,000
      Panama 58,600,000
      Paraguay 39,500,000
      Peru 334,300,000
      Uruguay 72,300,000
      Venezuela 73,300,000
      West Indies 11,500,000
      Ethiopia 115,000,000
      Ghana 4,000,000
      Guiana 3,800,000
      Liberia 73,300,000
      Libya 154,000,000
      Morocco 194,700,000
      Nigeria 6,200,000
      Somali Republic 9,100,000
      Sudan 44,100,000
      Tunisia 135, 200,000

      By 1962, America had given away over $80 billion. But the giving did not end. Soon it was 100 billion, and then 200 billion. Deeper and deeper America sank into debt. Prior to World War I, we prospered like no other nation on earth.
      Our national debt was only $2 million. Now it was so great that it would take a path of dollar bills reaching to the
      mnoon 70 times to pay it. The interest alone on the national debt was costing the American public $500 per second.
      Cries of “Unfair!” were increasing in volume and number from those who understood the unbelievable truth of
      America’s bankruptcy.
      By signing seven treaties, America was pledged to assist 43 countries of the world whose populations represented
      almost 1/3 of the world’s total population.
      In less than a quarter of a century following World War II, America had scattered over the world enough wealth
      to equal the total worth of 50 of the nation’s leading cities.

      Dr. Willard Cantelon The Day the Dollar Dies Logos International pgs 22-24

      By the way in light of the above and Schwabbi the great reset and its connection to Liberation Theology I’d say its a grave error in judgment. Liberation theology? yeah right and what ever happened to widows and orphans and not being polluted by the world? James 1:27

      • Mad World
        Mad World says:


        Immigrant neighborhood in London: “No, we don’t need a monarchy” (answers in English). The Brits themselves are not even consulted. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrXscbUdmtE

        Supposedly all these former “crown colonies” that these people come from want their independence. Which of course is a pure lie that without money from the UK they would quickly turn into ungovernable mountains of garbage.

        I recently saw a film about the island of La Reunion, where the Negroes have French citizenship from birth. They will never give up this privilege. Now also bad consciences of the whites are added by the Woke-terror, and the paying takes no end, until we ourselves have no cent left to pay the own gravestone.

  5. conrad gaarder
    conrad gaarder says:

    I saw Petraeas talking about this and saying the Russians would eventually withdraw from Crimea.
    He sounded like a guy out on the showroom floor determined to make a sale.

    • Tim Allen
      Tim Allen says:

      Awesome. The most astute social commentary I have heard recently was by a person trapped in the tranny jail, though not a tranny, she said the medical procedures were being depicted by those performing them in what could be best described as advertising. Same for the jew genius increasing his worth by 100 million dollars using the “gamma short” against bed bath and beyond as the company was forced to purchase stocks for their executives, most of the articles related to the story read like ads. Not so the cfos suicide, totally serious articles then. No mention about how he would be able to simply expose the whole scam.

  6. Mad World
    Mad World says:


    Wow. This guy desperately needs professional treat-
    ment before he gets even deeper into his delusions
    and comes up with the “idea” of shooting women.

    He’s at war with nature & has not been accessible to ra-
    tional thoughts for a long time. If he continues like this,
    uncle doctor will come with the straitjacket and he will
    be transferred to the closed area of a psychiatric ward.

  7. David ASHTON
    David ASHTON says:

    There is a de facto proxy war with weapons between US/UK and Russia. Maybe India, Turkey and possibly Hungary states could mediate a partition of eastern Ukraine with warm-water access as an alternative to a radioactive desert? Just an idea from an honest Englishman.

    • Gerry
      Gerry says:

      @ Mad World

      Worthy endeavor with an interested motive nearly always results in the exact opposite of what was intended. Thus, education aimed at producing literates for industry produces illiterates for anarchy. The more motorways the more accidents, the more psychiatrists the more lunacy, hypochondria burgeons with the health service and delinquency with remedial prisons.” Malcolm Muggeridge

      • Mad World
        Mad World says:


        Interesting thesis. It could be added: And the more smartphones you sell around the world, the more “refugees” you will have at your border one day.

  8. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    I tend to agree with Tim and M Green. From what I can gather, it would be hard to believe that Russia is ‘desperate,’ as Mr. Buchanan states.

    Plenty of folks from all parts of eastern Europe here in Brooklyn. I asked a Ukrainian guy if he thinks Ukraine can win. He looked at me and laughed.

  9. Captainchaos
    Captainchaos says:

    The Russian “army” is an incompetent disgrace whose ranks are fleshed out by rapists and common criminals. If you emptied out every trailer park in America, gave those yokels uniforms, guns and a week’s training you would be able to field a more formidable fighting force. It is an eternal testament to the towering racial superiority of the Nordic race. The designation of this military operation as “Special” was indeed apt. What would happen if a horde of retards gathered from the Special Olympics was sent to war? Now we know. LOL

      • Captainchaos
        Captainchaos says:

        Nordicism is not merely an ideology, it is also a scientific model of tremendous predictive power. Russia has all that land and accompanying natural resources yet compared to northwest Europe it is an under-developed shithole. Its military is a joke. Why? Because Slavs are racially inferior to Nordics; they are a bunch of vodka-swilling, criminally-inclined bozos.

  10. August West
    August West says:

    This guy Bucannon must be smoking something or has this site be taken over by the chosen ones because what he wrote is not reality.
    The stench of rot in the West is making people insane, high, or just full blown evil.
    I say it’s a disgrace to allow such a crap opinion peice on here. Who’s running this show?

  11. JM
    JM says:

    I think Pat Buchanan is wrong in the first part as assessed by the two most authoritative and independent American commentators (Scott Ritter and Colonel MacGregor), but right in the last part of his essay.

    I follow this savvy Romanian. He has great insight into the Russian character and history, something lacking in most Western news sources.

    Russian transfers S-300 + S-400 systems from St. Peterburg to Ukraine front. Signs of depletion.

    • ariadna
      ariadna says:

      Your “savvy Romanian” is amusing with his 2-minute comments on daily news (as many as 10-15 a day) and his determination to find the jew in every woodpile (a search usually successful because that’s the way the bagel crumbles).
      His philosophy boils down to “everything I know I learned in communist Romania in my childhood”, which he applies to geostrategic concepts using colorful, mostly commonsensical but unavoidably reductive, illustrations like “imagine you have a neighbor who… “ Nevertheless a military expert he is not. If Russia moved some S-300 and S-400 from the St Petersburg area to Donetsk he is sure it is because they are short of those systems…
      He comments mostly on Ukrainian media and Reuters and does so with humor (complete with gestures and sounds). What he seems to have learned in communist Romania in his childhood is not to trust statements from either the Russians or NATO, which is a healthy skepticism as far as that goes but not a substitute for real analysis.
      Go here for a belly laugh not for “savvy” comments.

      • JM
        JM says:

        And very Eastern European too. ‘Yes…yes…yes my frrriend, of courrrse’. ‘Endearing’ I’d say.

        But on the missiles…did they move them? He’s the only one to assess it that I’d seen and he manages to tie it in with the bigger picture relevant to PB’s essay.

        On the issues of the ‘Russian mind’ and its critical importance in the looming crisis faced by all of us, I’d put my money on his kind of seat of the pants feel for the situation versus the War Games boys. But I follow both.

        • JM
          JM says:

          BTW, speaking of being betwixt and between, the Romanian behaviour in the recent attempted imposition of a Global Military-Police dictatorship was exemplary. The Police refused to enforce the (EU) Lockdown decrees on the citizenry. Half of the medical and associated professions were in a state of total scepticism and the vaxx rate was way below the EU average, all happening within an ocean of conspiratorial speculation that would put the UR to shame.

          God Bless ’em.

      • JM
        JM says:

        Just for the record, here’s Scott Ritter’s latest assessment, very similar to the far earlier one by Mr Seat of the Pants. Of course Pat Buchanan’s assessment of the motivation behind Russia’s likely willingness to use nuclear weapons is way wide of the mark. But that option is now being brandished in the face of the Neo-Cons and the captured West who won’t back off from their real open motivation, now publicly aired by the Russians.

        Putin issues DEVASTATING warning to NATO if they even try it – Redacted with Clayton Morris Sep 23, 2022

  12. Peter
    Peter says:

    I agree with the others here countering Pat’s assertion that Russia has had any serious setbacks. I have read and heard just the opposite. I don’t watch CNN or the other main news outlets. I do watch a few shows on Fox like Tucker Carlson. But I get most of my information from alternate sources that the mainstream media mostly refuse to have on like Col. Douglas Macgregor (PHD), former weapons inspector Scott Ritter and Youtube channels that I think are more reliable than the mainstream media. For reading material I like this website and unz.com. I can see how we have two totally different opinions among the population in the US as to what is going on.

    “But would the Russians, before the eyes of the world, do to Kiev or Kharkiv what they did to Grozny a quarter century ago?” The USA did to Iraq what the Russians did to Grozny before the Russians did what they did. Then the USA lied about WMD and did it a second time to Iraq in 2003. They also deliberately starved over a million Iraqis to death. They also destroyed Libya, murdering its people and oversaw the deliberate murder of Col. Gaddafi, a good leader doing a good job for his people. Then the USA continuously attacked Syria. Russia did not. They were an ally of Syria. Then we could add Afghanistan too. None of these mass murderous attacks created any outrage internationally probably because these countries are all enemies of Israel and the Jewish hand in the media meant there would be no outrage. This appears to be the case to a degree in Europe too and / or the restrictions put on certain countries in Europe (Germany, etc.) mandating they support Israel while the US murders Arabs. So the USA has much of the world’s media on its side while its industries and economy are collapsing. Europe has the same happening as it willingly destroys its own economies and causes hardship on its peoples by sanctioning Russia because they refused to stop the Americans (led by Jews) from provoking the Russia-Ukraine war.

    No leaders were visiting Baghdad while the US was pummeling it with bombs but we are told Ukraine is under attack by the mean Putin while foreign leaders visit Ukraine and stroll its main boulevard. It is obvious Russia has been holding back, not wanting to do what the Americans have no problem doing to Arabs. Russia has been fighting the war with both hands tied behind its back. They could level Kiev or Lviv in a day or two with conventional weapons, just as the US did to Baghdad and I don’t see any other option if Ukraine refuses to negotiate. They could do the same to the rest of the country in two or three weeks but they don’t want to do that, especially to their Ukrainian brothers. The US had no problems doing it to Arabs as our Jewish leaders like Madeleine Albright explained why it was “worth it”.

    I don’t see how Russia can win the war if they refuse to fight it. Their best option is to tell Ukraine they have two weeks to evacuate Kiev of every person there because Russia will completely destroy it on a specific date they will give unless Ukraine comes to the negotiating table where the first and foremost demand will be that they will forever remain a neutral country and won’t join NATO. Their other option is to see Kiev wiped out. Two weeks later another city will be chosen.

    The question is can Jewish media influence in the decaying economies of the west beat a superior military of Russia with China as its ally. I don’t think Putin has any choice.

    “War with Russia will end in 2030, Ukraine to lose 1/2 of its territory, EU collapses in 2030” Hungary’s Victor Orban. I agree with Prime Minister Orban unless there is a complete u-turn with EU foreign policy. The EU has it coming for bowing to the USA and the Jewish influenced media.


    • ariadna
      ariadna says:

      Excellent comment.
      The denouement may come sooner now that Donetsk and Luhansk have asked for a referendum to join the RF, because once that happens any attack on those territories will be an attack on Russia. Putin has stated that a such an attack changed the SMO into all-out war.

  13. ariadna
    ariadna says:

    I wish Mr Buchanan could read the comments by Tim Folke and M Green and seriously re-examine his complete misunderstanding of this conflict. Both of those comments are excellent.
    I could not disagree more with Buchanan’s received ideas peddled by the MSM that form his basic assumptions. For starters, Russia did not “fail” to take Kiev because that was never the intention. It was obvious even to strategy-naive observers that the long line of Russian tanks sitting for several long weeks around Kiev without budging were there to “fix” Ukraine defense troops allowing the Russian operations in Donbas to proceed without interference.
    Buchanan would benefit from listening to analyses by Col. McGregor, Brian Berletic (New Atlas), Dima (Ukraine Analysis), Larry Johnson (sonar 21.com) and Martyanov (smoothieX2) to help him understand that the Ukrainian “counteroffensive” that gained empty real estate previously vacated by the Russians, while needlessly and even criminally sacrificing thousands of their own soldiers was a disaster. No, the Russian did not ”flee,” leaving weaponry behind, it was a well-considered and well-organized retreat to redeploy and avoid pointless Russian casualties. The Russians’ aim in not to conquer territory but to destroy the Ukrainian forces.
    “Putin is desperate,” “Russia is losing” are blatant lies one would expect Buchanan to see through but he does not. When one’s understanding of war strategy is limited to the American ‘shock and awe’ model, the Russians’ failure to use it means “Russia is losing” to Buchanan.
    Perhaps Buchanan also falls for the latest anti-Russian propaganda of the “mass graves” the Ukrainians claim to have found where the Russians dumped the bodies of Ukrainians they massacred. Unfortunately they showed photos and videos of many graves with crosses and often he names of the deceased on them. Those were dead Ukrainian soldiers abandoned by the Ukrainians when they retreated the area. The Russians proposed to give them to the Ukrainians for proper burial but they refused. The Russians then tried their best to identify them and buried them with respect, placing crosses on their graves. Is that what happens when “massacres” are committed and the dead are dumped in mass graves?

    • Flo
      Flo says:

      Don’t be surprised if these alleged victims of Russian torture — or whatever today’s atrocity propaganda is reporting — turn out to be another Katyn Forest incident.

  14. Chris
    Chris says:

    I don’t know how the war’s going, Buchanan may be right, but all I know is, that if Russia doesnt win, we will have 1,000 years of Rule by Jews. There is no longer any force on Earth to stop Jews pushing globohomo into every crevice and pore of our lives.

  15. Oughterard
    Oughterard says:

    The idea that the Russian state is run by one person is absurd. The entire Russian military apparatus would have agreed to a course of action unanimously, without the possibility of arbitrary course change. Putin is the head of state. There would be contingencies for all possible outcomes, including using Putin’s retirment to reset the situation. People are so easily fooled

  16. Jack
    Jack says:

    I am an American who chose to make my home in Odessa, Ukraine several years ago. My significant other holds a position in the Ukrainian government. Thus, I am privy to information as to what’s actually happening on a near “real-time” basis, rather than left to make specious speculations as does Buchanan.

    I suggest that Buchanan stop reading and believing the west’s “news”, i.e., propaganda. I could write a volume with respect to Buchanan’s bad information, but I’ll point out just a few:

    Buchanan: (Putin) “…failed to capture Kiev, Kharkiv or Odessa on the Black Sea, Ukraine’s three largest cities, which were Russia’s strategic objectives.”
    How, EXACTLY does Buchanan know what Russia’s strategic objectives were/are? Moreover, I challenge Buchanan to cite just one source of non-western bullshit propaganda in support of his assertion. Russia’s objectives have been clearly stated and re-stated, i.e., to demilitarize JEW-KRAINE & de-Nazify it, PERIOD!

    Buchanan: Putin’s gains in the Donbas are the one great prize he has. But his army is now demoralized and on the defensive. The momentum of the war has shifted in Kiev’s favor.”
    Once again, EXACTLY where does Buchanan derive information that the RF army is demoralized? Apparently, Buchanan is unaware that the RF routinely rotates its troops so that they remain fresh and to maintain good morale. The AFU has lost an order of magnitude of soldiers compared to Russia.

    Buchanan: “Putin has no available reserves in Russia without imposing conscription to replace them.”
    This is complete idiocy! The RF is using 10-12% of its troops, and has been using older hardware rather than deploying its most advanced weaponry. This is, reportedly, in the event that NATO/US/EU troops are foolhardy enough to take on the RF directly.

    It is very obvious that rather than do appropriate research, Buchanan has become intellectually lazy and brainwashed as are most Americans and EU citizens.

    There is no conceivable way Russia will lose to Ukraine, despite the extent of NATO/US/EU involvement. The west judges the conflict in Ukraine NOT by the loss of troops & equipment (demilitarization) but, rather, by territory gained/lost. Had Russia waged its campaign as does the JEW-SA’s criminal government, Russia would have taken all of Ukraine in a few days, millions of innocent Ukrainian citizens’’ live would have been lost & the people Russia is saving from western, Jewish tyranny would be forever alienated from Russia. The eastern & southern oblasts are comprised of mostly pro-Russians, speaking Russian and hoping to become part of the Russian Federation. Many here in Odessa have hung banners from windows & balconies which proclaim “Odessa is a Russian city”!

    I believe that the entirety of the Black Sea coast will become Russian Federation territory, and the pro-west people in the far west of Ukraine will be left as a rump sate or will be incorporated into Poland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, etc.

  17. Sam
    Sam says:

    Pat Buchanon has become a mouthpiece for the very NeoCons he has railed against in the past.

    Let me correct his “mistakes”.

    First, Russian Troops were almost entirely withdrawn from the area before the Ukrainian Offensive. Only some local police forces were in the area.

    Secondly, Russia hasn’t even started to attack the infrastructure of Ukraine.
    If/when that happens, Ukraine will be permanently in the dark, without running water.

    Third, Russia has only about 1/3 the number of troops fighting in Ukraine.

    Pat has betrayed us.

  18. SimpleMale
    SimpleMale says:

    It seems to me that the Ashkenazim is progressing quite well in the evolutionary replacement of the Russian Slavs. Russia’s government just released to the public the fact that the Ashkenazim has so far liquidated six thousand Russian Slavic soldiers in Ukraine. Russia then stated that they have liquidated sixty thousand ethnic Ukrainian soldiers. Russia’s government then followed this statement with the claim that the Ashkenazi people are a great people and that their race has much in common with the Russian Slavic Race. So, what the above shows is that while the Ashkenazim liquidated six thousand Russian Slavs, no Ashkenazi person has lost their lives. And as a bonus to the the Ashkenazim, sixty thousand ethnic Ukrainians have been liquidated, bringing the collective European race closer to extinction.

    All of this shows just how genetically advanced the Ashkenazim are, and just how genetically primitive the Russian Slavs are. Not only did the Ashkenazim liquidate six thousand Russian Slavs and cause the liquidation of sixty thousand ethnic Ukrainians, but they also got the victim – the Russian Slavs – to state that the aggressor – the Ashkenazim – are a great people.

    And, the above deaths are just the soldiers. Thousands of Russian Slavic civilians have also been liquidated. The Ashkenazim have stated that they will for the next twenty or more years keep on saturating Ukraine with weapons and Gentile soldiers until every Russian Slav is liquidated.

    So, what is the genetics of Putin’s brain? Well, based on his behaviors, I hypothesize he is an extreme genetic sociopath who started this war just so his wealth and lifestyle can be maintained. I speculate that he was concerned that the Ashkenazim were going to destroy Russia’s economy, so he decided that dozens of millions of Russian Slavs should be liquidated in the hopes that the Ashkenazim would back off. But, Putin does not actually have altruistic sentiments for Russian Slavs, because all the laws he passed indicate that he does not value the preservation of the cultural and ethnic heritage of his people. And he lies to his people about what is really going on, who the real enemies are, and the true nature of race and ethnic conflict. He is also saturating Russia with new third-world immigrants.

    The Ashkenazim has seen through Putin’s nuclear bluff. Putin just now stated that he would defend Russia’s land by using nukes, if necessary. But, this is clearly a bluff because Russia’s lands would clearly not be defended in a nuclear war, since the Ashkenazim would also fire around 5,000 nuclear missiles into Russia. You see, if Putin was being honest, he would say that he would use nukes to destroy all life on Earth, including all Russians and Ashkenazi people, out of a sense of Russian Slavic ethno-religious honor, taking all humans to the Next Life to face Judgement by G-d. However, Putin is a genetic sociopath who has no innate sense of ethno-religious honor, so he is thus clearly bluffing, and the Ashkenazim are smart enough to see this. Thus, the Ashkenazim will continue to use conventional weapons to liquidate the entire Russian Slavic population.

    Putin just ordered a draft in the hopes that after he liquidates dozens of millions of his fellow Russian Slavs, he wealth and lifestyle could be saved. But, this draft, as I understand, has become very unpopular in Russia. Maybe this is because the Russians don’t really know what they are fighting for and who the real enemy is. Maybe they are starting to think that Putin’s claim that Russia is at war with National Socialists and Anglo-Saxons is false. Or maybe Russia’s population have genetically de-evolved into being too Individually Selected and R-Selected and don’t want to fight. Maybe they will overthrow Putin, or the Russian military will overthrow Putin. Maybe Putin will commit suicide, like Hitler supposedly did. Maybe it would be in the best interest for all Russians to commit suicide, since the Ashkenazim are going to pound them all to death with conventional missiles and explosives. If I lived in Russia, and I knew my fate, I would rather just painlessly end my life instead of waiting for an Ashkenazi explosive to land on me. Who knows for sure. My IQ is so low that I may not even be making any sense. But, it just seems to me that Putin must not be that bright, relatively speaking, if he thought that he could indoctrinate his entire nation to forget about ethno-religious nationalism and eugenics/transhumanism and to instead just focus on playing sports and eating MacDonald’s style hamburgers, and then expect this same nation to be able to defeat the Ashkenazim in war. The Ashkenazim already defeated Russia twice – first during the Bolshevik Revolution and then again during the Cold War. And back then, the Russian Slavs were more genetically and culturally healthy than now, yet they still lost. Yes, I think Putin is not that bright, perhaps even possessing some dementia at his advanced age.

    Another indication that Putin is bluffing about ever using nuclear weapons is that he has not spent years preparing Russia’s population for facing a retaliatory nuclear strike. For example, he has not asked all Russians if they are all willing to die in a nuclear war, provided that they take their enemies with them. Putin has not saturated Russia with underground radiation-proof shelters. He has not facilitated all home and apartment owners to build nuclear shelters under their houses or apartments. Putin has not provided all Russians with suicide tools to be able to painlessly and quickly kill themselves and their family right before the Ashkenazi nukes land on them personally so that no one would have to needlessly suffer. In other words, there is absolutely no evidence at all that Putin has any genetic inclination to be willing to sacrifice himself and Russia in a nuclear war.

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