E. Michael Jones on the history Roe v. Wade as Jewish privilege, Jewish subversion of the Catholic Church, etc.

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    • Pat Kittle
      Pat Kittle says:


      I don’t want to get in a pissing match with you, but it’s equally true that anyone who opposes abortion & does not adopt, raise, love, & pay for all the unwanted babies is a diabolical hypocrite.

      • Gerry
        Gerry says:

        @ Pat Kittle

        Diabolical Hypocrite.

        I was just a teenager some 46 years ago now working in a Restaurant when the owner came into the kitchen a Greek lady who was beside herself in laughter and disbelief and saying to herself and any who cared to listen, I thought i have seen and heard everything in this life but this?” I said to her whats up? Joe {not his real name} who was a military firemen from a nearby airbase and came into the place every other day for a pizza had confessed to this lady after she asked him why was he so depressed? Joe confessed to her that three girls had approached him telling him he he was the father of their baby! One weekend is all it took for him to impregnate three girls?

        He was a single guy, handsome, great job, and a Frenchi from Quebec I believe. A man who had it all but skinny he couldn’t put on weight that’s why he was always filling his stomack with our pizzas and the owner got to know him. lol

        He was a consummate partier, every weekend having a great time lol until the day showed up when he impregnated three girls! The Greek owner was beside herself in disbelief, she just couldn’t believe what she was hearing being of course from a country where nothing like this would ever occur. This was Canada however, and given this guys status we figured well, he certainly did, the girls tried to catch him as a husband!

        You know at one time widows and orphans were created as a result of misfortune and God made it very clear to the ancient Jews never to allow the cries of them to reach His ears. Likewise in the NT we are told to look after the widows and orphans. But when widows and orphans are created for no other reason than a good joy ride and boys are just that boys not real men how does one go about dealing with this?

        As a Christian believer and just 19 years old the questions that flew around in my head are just too numerous to list here. I’d imagine to for a guy like him his family were probably Catholic being from Quebec. And ah, science wonderful science where we can enter the womb with a scalpel and solve the mistakes?

        And hey if you think this is a one off just two years ago at work I met another frenchi from Montreal who as I learned in the truck told me he had a daughter back there who was 13 years old? As I told him wow you don’t look a day over 20 how old are you exactly? 28 years old and then he confessed to me further he had more other children by other girls all of whom he had walked out on? Nice eh?

        O, no I replied too myself not again, here we go again!! He was also running form the law as one of the girls brothers he attacked. A 28 year old man with no career job prospects, complaining his wages was only barely 16.00 an hour really and here he was shacked up with another girl and wanting to live the good life in BC on the river doing or trying to do river cruises with a dilapidated boat he was refurbishing?

        For me though as a believer in Christ it raises so many questions because before God and the Church this man is responsible now for all three girls and the babies. But faith and God doesn’t factor into much and whats gets looked to to solve this? Science of course and the removal of the fetuses because who wants them if the father could care less or runs out on them all?

        Hmm , bankers like the Warburgs and Rothschilds who see the welfare recipients piling up do you ever wonder if they think too themselves as if we are going to pay for their sins? they were or were from Rabbincal families yes?

          • Tom
            Tom says:

            Your “argument” is stupid and old. It’s up to fathers and mothers to care for their children. Pointing out one’s murderous irresponsibility does not obligate anyone opposed to abortion to fix the mistakes of others.

          • Pat Kittle
            Pat Kittle says:


            I respect the honest concerns of anti-abortionists.

            But in the real world, people have babies they don’t want. You feel it IS your duty to make sure they get born.

            But whatever horrible fates await the unwanted babies after they’re born IS NOT your responsibility.

            You decide when your responsibility begins & ends. How is that not conveniently arbitrary on your part?

    • Bob
      Bob says:

      Isn’t it generally the minority children? We could have already had a race war by now. Let’s ban all abortion and get this over with.

    • joe
      joe says:

      even if it’s diabolical degenerates having abortions? you brain dead xtians are all the same. wanting to ban the abortions of psychotic killers, who are only going to grow up and kil you. your insane.

  1. N. J. Casper
    N. J. Casper says:

    @ JeremiahA
    Isaiah 44.24.
    Psalm 139.13
    See “The Jewish Case against Abortion,” JPLF, online
    It is possible to support eugenic contraception and oppose the extermination of all sentient and viable unborn humans.

  2. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    Science says that faith is just conjecture because God can’t be observed to exist!

    Headlines — Three powerful earthquakes have struck Mexico on Sept. 19 — in 1985, 2017 and now 2022.

    To much of a coincidence to be a coincidence? yes/no?

      • Gerry
        Gerry says:

        @ Pat Kittle

        Yeah, I’m afraid so and why? Little knowledge of the Bible and whats referred to as Divine Communication I’m afraid.


    • Bob
      Bob says:

      Observation of the seasons is God too… how can it all be random? Atheists would have an explanation but it’s all too perfect the way where I live… that first day of summer is just a little hotter…bam ! Winter…it’s cold on the winter solstice. Seems highly engineered to me.

    • Bob
      Bob says:

      Sometimes I used to pray and the sun would come out from the clouds…it actually is observable that God is real. They say people who believe in ghosts always see them 😁

  3. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    I’m reminded of a Romanian Dumitru who while in the military during the Ceascesu regime was in charge of a foreigner who was under arrest. What was his crime? Smuggling Bibles into Romania. The Pentecostal missionary pleaded with Dumitru to let him go and after listening to his testimony of Christ Dumitru not only let him go but decided to follow Christ. Unfortunately for Dumitru this cost him his freedom going to prison where he suffered many injustices. The torture he received was such that he lived for the rest of his life with deformed bones in his chest face etc. He told us though how faithful God was to him and dispatched angels to him until one day one of the officers in charge came into his cell scared and said to him he was free. The commandant who was in charge of him they found him slumped over his desk dead for no apparent reason. Dumitru the guard said to him, God has avenged you, you are free to go.

    Dumitru though also testified to a remarkable miracle he saw with his own eyes. He had learned about some fellow believers who had been
    abandoned to the elements in a box canyon. Upon learning of their plight he decided to help them and after gathering some supplies and some friends they started out for their destination. To their horror though they had been found out by the authorities who weren’t too pleased and sent soldiers in hot pursuit. Dumitru knew that they would all be killed and as they neared the people in the box canyon they could hear the jeeps of the soldiers in the distance approaching and cocking their guns. It was then that an astonishing thing occurred. Rain began to fall and as they got closer to the people in the canyon the rain was just a light drizzle but turning and looking back at the soldiers in their jeeps in awe at the sight the rain turned to hail over the soldiers. They tried to get through it but alas the closer they approached the worse the downpour of hail. They watched in amazement as the soldiers were being pelted by stones of ice until they couldn’t take it anymore and retreated from the canyon. Dumitru turned to the people in the canyon as they all watched in disbelief the soldiers speeding out of the canyon all the while being pelted with hail! Dumitru then turned to us in the auditorium and said “God knows how to save his people!!!”

    God is indeed a military commander with His own weapons as the book of Job rightly teaches. Check it out:

    I often wonder if this shouldn’t be applied to what the bible teaches about climate change? I mean given what occurred with Bravo Company during the Iraq War and how they were stopped dead cold by a series of storms that came up from nowhere and it should be? As Fox tells it:

    “According to a radio newscast I heard while in my car during the Iraq war, a lone Moslem in the city of Baghdad had been screaming, “Hey, look what God is doing to the U.S. Forces.” Upon hearing this, I scoured the newspapers for any news about what this gentleman was talking about and came across a report about Bravo Company when they were some twenty-five miles from Baghdad. They were stopped dead by a series of storms that sprung up out of nowhere. The day had begun calmly enough, clear and sunny, but as they neared the city, they encountered a windstorm so fierce that it obscured the sun, turning the desert black. The wind was strong enough to batter and shake their tanks and personal carriers. After several hours, the sandstorm turned into a hailstorm with accompanying thunder and lightning. It turned the sand into mud, bogging down their vehicles and stalling their advance. They had to deal with the forming of a lake which almost swamped their vehicles.

    This is typical of how God Almighty works. The conditions of the Old Testament are literally coming back in the Middle East. Sadly, it took one lone citizen of the city of Baghdad—a Moslem, no less—to recognize it for what it was: an act of Almighty God. He, of all people, could see what others could not. No doubt this was due more to his acclimatization to that environment than his education in matters of the Bible or the Koran (assuming there’s anything in that book regarding the weather). In the desert, no one ever lives to see a hailstorm, in so abrupt a manner and over an army.”

    In the bible there are hundreds of scriptures which testify to this being the work of God but I will post one from Isaiah and the other by Job:

    “The Lord will cause people to hear his majestic voice and will make them see his arm coming down with raging anger and consuming fire, with cloudburst, thunderstorm and hail.” (Isaiah 30:30}

    “Have you entered the storehouses of the snow or seen the storehouses of the hail, which I reserve for times of trouble, for days of war and battle?” (Job 38:22–23)

    Now isn’t this interesting especially the one from the book of Job!!

    God is a military commander with his own weapons?

    Does this then explain what occurred at Fort Carson?


    Raises some serious questions does it not?

    Further to this a more serious question needs asking and that is given the scripture in the Book of Revelation about the coming war against God:

    “They will make war against the Lamb, but the Lord will
    overcome them because He is Lord of lords and King of
    kings-and with him will be His called, chosen and faithful
    followers.” {Rev. 17:14}

    could it be possible that with our amazing military someone will think to take on even God or what purports to be god by way of aliens which is all the rage today?

    Take for example the S-500 which could be used against meteorites. As I blogged about here meteorites will be used by God


    it again raises some serious questions or should!!

    And so this third “A” Acceptance wow if only military schools and colleges taught this maybe the fear of God as taught in Proverbs would go a long way to solving all of the sin and killing throughout the world? Perhaps then we would learn or experience the truth of the words:

    “It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.” (Hebrews 10:31)

  4. Mad World
    Mad World says:

    At the moment I am reading “Reflections on History” (1905) by Jacob Burckhardt https://b-ok.cc/s/Jacob%20Burckhardt. A wise man with mature thoughts in elevated language. It is a pleasure to read what he has to say. No one talks like that anymore these days. And that, although (or precisely because?) he is a recognizable universalist who vehemently rejects any provincial narrow-mindedness. At that time, one could still afford such an ornamental “cosmopolitanism”. An excerpt:

    “Intentions, however, are particularly prone to make their appearance in the guise of patriotism, so that true knowledge finds its chief rival in our preoccupation with the history of our own country.

    There are certainly things in which the history of a man’s own country will always take precedence, and it is our bounden duty to occupy ourselves with it.

    Yet it should always be balanced by some other great line of study, if only because it is so intimately interwoven with our desires and fears, and because the bias it imparts to our mind is always towards intentions and away from knowledge. Its greater intelligibility is merely apparent, and arises in part from an optical illusion, namely our own much livelier readiness to understand, which may go hand in hand with great blindness.

    Our imagined patriotism is often mere pride towards other peoples, and just for that reason lies outside of the path of truth. Even worse, it may be no more than a kind of partisanship within our own national circle; indeed, it often consists simply in causing pain to others. History of that kind is journalism.

    Vehement proclamations of metaphysical notions, vehement definitions of good and right, condemning everything outside their limits as high treason, may subsist side by side with the most platitudinous round of life and money-making. Beyond the blind praise of our own country, another and more onerous duty is incumbent upon us as citizens, namely to educate ourselves to be comprehending human beings, for whom truth and the kinship with things of the spirit is the supreme good, and who can elicit our true duty as citizens from that knowledge, even if it were not innate in us.

    In the realm of thought, it is supremely just and right that all frontiers should be swept away. There is too little of high spiritual value strewn over the earth for any epoch to say: we are utterly self-sufficient; or even: we prefer our own. That is not even the case with the products of industry, where, given equal quality, and due account being taken of customs dues and freight charges, people simply take the cheaper, or, if the price is the same, the better. In the realm of mind we must simply strive for the higher, the highest we can attain.

    The truest study of our national history will be that which considers our own country in parallels aqd in relatfon to world history and its laws, as a part of a great whole, illurnined by the same heavenly bodies as have shone upon other times and other peoples, threatened with the same pitfalls and one day to be engulfed in the same eternal night and perpetuated in the same great universal tradition.

    Ultimately, our pursuit of true knowledge will make it necessary for us to eliminate the notions offortune and misfortune in history. The reasons for this must be reserved for the last chapter. Our immediate task is to deal with the peculiar qualifications of our time for the study of history, which compensate these defects and dangers.”

    “Even Friedrich Nietzsche, who had come to Basel from Leipzig as Germany’s youngest university professor and was already considered a philological authority at the age of twenty-four, praised Burckhardt as ‘our great, greatest teacher’. Nietzsche often tried to engage in conversation with the older colleague and probably followed one of his lectures. Burckhardt, on the other hand, certainly saw the talent of the young Nietzsche, but politely kept him at a distance and probably could do little with his later philosophical works.” (Wikipedia)

    In a letter written to Nietzsche in 1874 Burckhardt has set down his aims as a teacher: “My poor head was never capable, as yours is, of reflecting upon the ultimate reasons, aims and desirabilities of historical science. Yet as a teacher and lecturer I think I may say that I never taught history for the sake of the thing which goes by the high-falutin name of World History, but essentially as a genera] subject. My task was to put peopJe jnto possession of that solid foundation which is indispensable to their further work if it is not to become aimless. I have done what I could to bring them to take personal possession of the past – in any shape or form – and at any rate not to sicken them of it. I wanted them to be capable of plucking the fruits for themselves, nor have I ever had in mind to train scholars or disciples in the narrower sense; all I aimed at was to make every member of my audience feel and know that everyone may and must take independent possession of what appeals to him personally, and that there is joy in so doing. I am well aware that such an aim may be condemned as fostering amateurism, but that does not trouble me overmuch. At my time of life, a man may thank Heaven if he has discovered some line of teaching for the institution to which he belongs.”

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Burckhardt was still a man with a towering reputation for learning and insight—as one might say, his was a name to conjure with—when I was in college sixty years ago. I’d be surprised if Kevin’s reaction to seeing his name was different from my own.

      Happy reading. A copy of the “Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy” is still on my shelves. If only my failing eyesight permitted, I’d be taking it down now for a too-long-delayed second look instead of typing this comment.

      • Mad World
        Mad World says:

        Thanks for your kind reply, Pierre . I must
        confess, I had no idea of his existence un-
        til now. We are probably all too “America-
        nized” already, clear sign of cultural decay.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          At some point, every name comes as news to everyone (“Homer? Homer who?”). It’s not your fault that (((those who rule))) the country you have come of age in work to warp your mind, pervert your soul, and preserve you in the aspic of ignorance about your rightful heritage. Looking behind curtains you’re encouraged to ignore is one of several ways that you’ll discover other figures like Jacob Burckhardt.

          I regret being a bit short with you on another thread. I mistook you for something I now see you aren’t.

          • Mad World
            Mad World says:

            (And this despite the fact that I “lateral thinker” have already an above-average “general education”!) In our cities we have squares, streets and monuments whose names most people know only as landmarks. Hardly anyone knows what role these historical persons played in the creation of our own hometowns. It is as you say: The brains of our children are stuffed in schools only non-stop with useless left-liberal garbage, in the mistaken assumption that “infomation” means knowledge. Although it is exactly the other way around: All the flooding with stimuli only serves to distract from the facts that are actually important. That’s why our so-called “politicians” are also pushing to “digitize” school beginners. https://youtu.be/Vxjm_EFJTqg?t=79

          • Mad World
            Mad World says:

            By the way, it is significant that the only episode of the TV series “Mind and Brain” on Bavarian “Bildungsfernsehen”, which was created and hosted by brain researcher Spitzer almost 20 years ago, called “Spiders, Snakes and Strangers”, has completely disappeared from the web. All other episodes can even be viewed on Jewtube. In it, Spitzer used international studies and illustrative graphics to show that the fear of snakes and dark-skinned humanoids, for example, is innate and firmly anchored in our brains, i.e. it is indelible and can at best be overcome by deliberate influence. It is and remains part of our evolution. https://de.zxc.wiki/wiki/Geist_%26_Gehirn

            I still have the episode on DVD, but I don’t know of any platform where you can upload videos for free and without registration. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2663000/

            It was the same with a popular TV series from the 1970s called “Omaruru”, which actually has 26 episodes. PIDAX, a company that digitizes old films, has published only the first 13 episodes, because from episode 14 on, the theme was the slaughter of whites by Negroes, which no longer corresponds to today’s narrative of the evil white colonialist and the good Negro. In this way, the part of the truth that could rob people of the illusion of a false historiography simply disappears into the orcus of the “public service” film archives. https://de.zxc.wiki/wiki/Omaruru_(Fernsehserie)


          • Mad World
            Mad World says:


            Not knowing Burckhardt is no disgrace at all. And this despite the fact that he is depicted on Swiss banknotes (which I have never held in my hand). At most, one comes across the name if one is interested in Nietzsche.

            Homer was already known to me, even if only through the very “modernist” translation by Raoul Schrott. If you ask young people about Homer, they think he is a member of The Simpsons. The creator of this character, however, did not name him after the Greek founder of European poetry, but after his own father Homer Philip Groening.

          • David ASHTON
            David ASHTON says:

            @ P. de C.
            Not the only mistaken “ex cathedra” reprimand on other threads by an irascible egotist. I have hitherto been unable to respond to your personal abuse on TOO. The anti-Nazi Papal Encyclical you alleged that I had never read, for instance, was nearby as I wrote in its CTS translation, which states that Jesus took his humanity from the ((())) people and that their ((())) scriptures should not be discarded; I use the pointless “code” featured in your own pseudonymous effusions.
            Your other typically ad hominem remarks are likewise erroneous, sadly seasoned with an incorrigibly persistent paranoia rather than the effective rational criticism that Jewish activities require.

  5. Mad World
    Mad World says:

    Dumb as hellshit: “(Our) Woman Of The World”

    White women will one day save the world
    from evil white male racism, if only because
    they have no racial consciousness and there-
    fore hardly ever give birth to “white” children.

    In the “hierarchy of victims” established by the Jews,
    they are directly below the white man, but fighting for
    second place with the POC-men. The white man is the
    basic evil that must be eradicated, he is Hitler (worst
    enemy of the Jews) & slave owner (Anglo-American).

    Sometimes there are disputes and the local “judiciary”
    does not know whether to rule for white woman (victim)
    or the raping Third World invader in case of conflict. Many
    ZOG trials disenfranchise violated white women (rape vic-
    tims or mothers of murdered sons). Even in “court”, the
    perpetrators mock the victims because they know these
    “courts” are systemically on the side of the perpetrators.

  6. Mad World
    Mad World says:

    I warn against drawing infantile “conclusions” from this simple realization like Andrew Anglin and accusing women as “evil”, “worthless”, “guilty” or anything else like that. Such a thing is UN-ARYAN and far from nature through and through! Women have contributed to our evolution just as much as we men have! A man does not complain like a whiny child and complains, but he takes the reins of action in his own hands!

    The woman is the Venus (love), the man is the Mars (war). Muslims know how important women are for their “victory”, therefore they do not let them out of their sight for a moment. But do we also want to be such fearful-jealous dogs like this genetically-degenerated vermin? There you go. The man is too weak when the woman is too strong. The equation is that simple. This is about growing up and taking responsibility.

    • Bob
      Bob says:

      Iranians are very Aryan… some are blue eyed white almost. Just not that president guy. So your wrong to say they are degenerate and all this. Islam is a good religion. They have alot of good things about them, same for Jews. I think the elites just keep us hating each other.

    • stu
      stu says:

      we are all products of jew psyops…it isn’t that women living within the spectre of jew programming are intrinsically evil, but rather the jew-controlled social system, the zeitgeist, the culture has made them so. If it’s western, it’s soiled by jew controlled media. Beyond repair? Depends how fast we can put national socialists in power and get these monkeys the fuck outta here.

  7. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    @ Dr. Jones,

    You know on a more diabolical front I often wonder if crucifixes shouldn’t be placed in hospital operating rooms? Why? Because of demonic possession and what would reveal themselves by gazing upon a crucifix? A possessed girl one of whom i had a personal encounter with the details of which could be taken right out of the pages of the book of Acts, under anthesia undergoing an abortion must be a pleasure beyond scope for these cursed creatures and they lust for more of it. That Mothman of Virginia is hard at work these days because they now know their time is short. What we are seeing is Spiritual Warfare and sadly so much of the Church no matter the denomination is being as Daniel said, “when the power of the holy people has finally been broken all these things will have been accomplished.”

    If you wish to learn more here is an interesting read https://mysteriesofcanada.com/bc/granger-taylor-the-spaceman-of-vancouver-island/#comment-80680

    Dr. Jones its good to see you still strong but alas the days are dark and getting darker are they not in fulfillment of Logos.

    Further I was surprised to see Birds falling dead out of the sky and Fish tens of thousands washing up dead. Why?

    A number of years ago I was told by God to open the bible to Hosea chapter 4 and read from verse 1 down to verse 14. Begin first by replacing the word Israelites in verse 1 with that of your own nation and read until I tell you to stop. I finished at verse 14 where it says a people coming to nothing. Do you understand what you just read God said to me? Yes, I replied. This is what you will give to every nation i send you to.

    Now imagine my shock Dr. Jones upon seeing newspaper headlines of the dying birds and fish and why? Because of verse 3 of course. I knew right away the judgment of the Eternal is arriving.

    One can reject the Talmud to their hearts content but woe those who reject the warnings and teachings of the OT. Isn’t that the single greatest problem of all. No logos in the hearts and minds of men and what little does exist is taken out of historical past, present and future context. Do we not need to change that sir?

    • Brian S. Rockford
      Brian S. Rockford says:

      @ Gerry
      How uniquely privileged you must feel among billions of people on the planet, past and present, to be singled out personally by the Creator for a private conversation about a few verses in a translation of ancient Hebrew scriptures; a chosen interpreter of the Chosen People!

  8. Bob
    Bob says:

    Made friends with an abortion doctor and he was one of the better doctors I ever met 😁 anyway, most funding goes to birth control… this is what makes the transsexuals and I feel like Jones and the others have been obfuscating us with this abortion talk. Abortion this and that. What about the birth control and what it’s really used for?

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