Giorgia Meloni as Italian PM

The rise of Giorgia Meloni and her coalition of the right has struck fear into the hearts of the EU and the left everywhere. God forbid that a political movement arise that would challenge globalist dogma. As Ursula von der Leyen, head of the European Commission said before the election, “If things go in a difficult direction— and I’ve spoken about Hungary and Poland—we have the tools.”

So  Meloni has definitely made the right enemies. I was quite impressed about her statement on identity, which flies in the face of globalist dogma and reflects what sensible people on the right have been saying for some time.

“Please answer me these questions. This is about what we are doing here today. Why is the family an enemy? Why is the family so frightening? There is a single answer to all these questions. Because it defines us. Because it is our identity. Because everything that defines us is now an enemy for those who would like us to no longer have an identity and to be perfect consumer slaves.”

“And so they attack national identity, they attack religious identity, they attack gender identify, they attack family identity. I can’t define myself as Italian, Christian, woman, mother. No.”

I must be citizen x, gender x, parent 1, parent 2. I must be a number. Because when I am only a number, when I no longer have an identity or roots, then I will be the perfect slave at the mercy of financial speculators. The perfect consumer.”

“That’s the reason why. That’s why we inspire so much fear. That’s why this event inspires so much fear. Because we do not want to be numbers. We will defend the value of the human being. Every single human being. Because each of us has a unique genetic code that is unrepeatable. And like it or not, that is sacred. We will defend it. We will defend God, country and family.”

Those things that disgust people so much. We will do it to defend our freedom, because we will never be slaves and simple consumers at the mercy of the financial speculators. That is our mission. That is why I came here today.”

“Chesterton wrote, more than a century ago… ‘Fires will be kindled to testify that two and two make four.’ Swords will be drawn to prove that leaves are green in summer.'”

“That time has arrived. We are ready.”

And from another speech:

“Yes to natural families, no to the LGBT lobby, yes to sexual identity, no to gender ideology, yes to the culture of life, no to the abyss of death, no to the violence of Islam, yes to safer borders, no to mass immigration, yes to work for our people.”

Of course Islam and the rest of the immigrants have no problem with their very strong racial/ethnic/religious identities—encouraged by elites throughout the West. It’s only Europeans who are condemned for having them—obviously a losing proposition long term.

Some on the right have criticized Meloni because she and the rest of the right have adopted very pro-Israel attitudes and are firmly on board with supporting Ukraine against Russia.

And to be sure, she has pictured her movement as center-right. From the Guardian:

In a video message issued on Wednesday, Meloni, who leads Brothers of Italy, a party with neofascist origins, said the Italian right had “handed fascism over to history for decades now” and “unambiguously condemns the suppression of democracy and the ignominious anti-Jewish laws”.

In the video, spoken in English, French and Spanish and directed at the foreign press, she said Brothers of Italy was nowadays more akin to “the British Tories, the US Republicans and the Israeli Likud”.

It would be great if she was really as nationalist and ethnocentric as Likud, but I suspect it’s merely a ploy to gain legitimacy by invoking Israel. And we all know how worthless the Tories and the GOP are.

But I am optimistic. Politics is the art of the possible, and if she had openly come out against Israel, deporting migrants, or in favor of Russia she would never have the opportunity to really change things. And of course there will be constraints from outside. The hostility of the EU is obvious and it does have considerable financial power over member states. And Italy is already in dire financial straits because of its debt, and the worsening economic condition around the world will certainly not help.

But it’s encouraging nonetheless. There is now also a coalition of the right in Sweden, but it seems to promise little or nothing worthwhile. The Swedish Moderates sound like typical American Republicans, even promising to exclude the Sweden Democrats from ministerial positions.

After Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson admitted defeat and conceded the election to a coalition of right-leaning parties, conservatives across Europe are celebrating. The Scandinavian nation, which was once one of the most left-leaning countries in Europe and well-known for accepting the most refugees per capita during the 2015/16 migrant crisis, has made a radical turnaround.

Of course, the reasons behind this turnaround are well known despite heavy censorship in the country. The utopian multicultural future envisioned by many Swedes has come crashing down over the last few years, and as Remix News has exhaustively documented, the shootingsmurdersdrug dealingclan crimeattacks on womenhonor killingsrandom assaults, and rising sexual crimes have left the once-peaceful nation shell shocked. The deteriorating security situation even led Germany’s top-selling newspaper, Bild, to label Sweden the “most dangerous country in Europe.”

Out of the turmoil of the last years, the Sweden Democrats have emerged as the second-largest party in Sweden with over 20 percent of the vote. As a result, much of the domestic and international media are openly acknowledging the much maligned party is the biggest winner of the entire election.

However, there are a number of challenges ahead, and the conservative party will have to walk a tightrope to succeed during a troubling time for Europe. For one, despite the party’s enormous victory, a version of the cordon sanitaire remains in effect. Historically, all parties refused to work with the Sweden Democrats, and in truth, all the parties in the new government will do their best to maintain that policy. That means that despite the Sweden Democrats being the biggest party in the new four-party right-wing government, the SD’s leader, Jimmie Åkesson, will have no opportunity to become prime minister. Instead, that right will go to Ulf Kristerssonwho leads the Moderates party, which saw only 19.1 percent of the vote, an embarrassingly low result for what was once the “mainstream” conservative party in the country.

Even more importantly, the new government plans to lock the Sweden Democrats out of any ministerial positions [despite being the largest party in the coalition]. That represents a major check on the party’s power and ability to influence policy. If the Sweden Democrats are not careful, they risk having little power in the new government while still being shouldered with the blame if crime levels continue to rise, immigration continues unabated, and inflation and a recession wrack the Swedish economy over the coming year.

Still, things are moving in the right direction, if only slowly. As an incurable optimist, I still think there are good things on the horizon.

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  1. chevChelios
    chevChelios says:

    She is pro NATO and pro Israel. How is a tool of the globalists a threat to them? She is playing the role of captured opposition. Same old, same old.

    • Servenet
      Servenet says:

      The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing-but-the-Truth can NEVER emerge from the mouths of politicians in the Western world, not even from the dog catcher. To confess Jewish predation and parasitism and the primacy of racial identity is foundational and a true nationalism and reversal of the globalist death-spiral will never occur until there is leadership that does so. Meloni identifies HERSELF…as a Jewish shill. It never ends.

  2. Robert Henderson
    Robert Henderson says:

    The general reason why racial and ethnic differences result in hostility between different groups is simple: homo sapiens is a social animal.

    Being a social animal requires members of the social animal group to use signals, both physical differences such as smell or physical differences and/or behavioural changes such as the use of calls to allow other members of the group to identify who is and who is not within the social group.

    Human beings require such signals, and especially behavioural ones, to allow other humans to identify a group member. Of course humans are better at the recognition game than any other animal. David Hume put forward the idea that a human would identify with other humans up to a point. For example, an Englishman travelling in China would welcome the company of another Englishman first, then the company of a Frenchman, then the company of a or German more than he would a Chinaman .

    Finally, however much liberals claim physical race is of no consequence humans give the lie to this in racially mixed societies by disproportionately take taking as sexual partners those of the same general racial types. This is unsurprising because there is such huge physical differences, for example, between the Nordic type and African pygmies.

    • David ASHTON
      David ASHTON says:

      True, the difference between a European Nordic and an African pygmy is huge, and in practice mating between them is in any case geographically unlikely. However, race crossing in western societies, notably the US and UK, is occurring on an unprecedented scale. There is little doubt that culture change and political pressure are encouraging this development, any possible biological or social drawbacks having been left under-investigated since the late 1960s, and are currently taboo.

      • Robert Henderson
        Robert Henderson says:

        In Freakonomics Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner cite a study made of a US dating site (the full story is on pp 80-84). The site is one of the largest in the US and the data examined covered 30,000 people equally divided between San Diego and Boston. Most were white but there was a substantial minority of non-white subjects.

        The questionnaire the would-be daters had to fill in included a question choice on race as “same as mine” and “doesn’t matter”. The study compared the responses by white would-be daters (those from non-white were not analysed) to these questions with the race of the emails actually sent soliciting a date. The result in Levitt and Dubner’s words was:

        “Roughly half of the white women on the site and 80 percent of the white men declared that race didn’t matter to them. But the response data tell a different story The white men who said that race didn’t matter sent 90 percent of their e-mail queries to white women. The white women who said race didn’t matter sent about 97 percent of their e-mail queries to white men.

        “Is it possible that race really didn’t matter for these white women and men and that they simply never happened to browse a non-white date that interested them?”

        Or, more likely, did they say that race didn’t matter because they wanted to come across especially to potential mates of their own race as open-minded?” In short, around 99% of all the women and 94% of all men in the sample were not willing to seek a date of a different race. How much stronger will be the tendency to refuse to breed with a mate of a different race?


  3. John D. Alder
    John D. Alder says:

    Archbishop Vigano gave some good advice to the winner in Italy , encouraging her to keep her word and not betray her people as all previous governments have done. It won’t be long before we know. Fingers crossed –

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      I agree that it won’t be long. You and Kevin and I should know before the year is out whether hope has any foundation.

      I am struck by the fact that Signora Meloni has evidently read Chesterton. I find it hard to credit that anyone joined at the hip to the Jews would ever read Chesterton, let alone cite him in a major public address.

      • Robert Henderson
        Robert Henderson says:

        The sceptics about a rightward turn in Italy are overlooking one thing: shifts in politics by nations operating in working within some form of representative government rarely make rapid radical alterations to the status quo . What can happen is that serious change can occur peacefully where there are growing numbers of states with politicians responding to their populations wishes. simply because they fear losing control. In the end the old regime is swept away. .

        Electorates of countries as pc as Sweden are repudiating leftist internationalism because the consequences of mass immigration into First World countries is a disaster. Third world immigrants do not assimilate and never will do. It is not a matter of right or left politics but a fight for survival both culturally and as a people.

        Thirty thirty one

        Thirty thirty one
        And the pogroms come
        Because no public one
        Would heed the thrum
        Of Nature’s drum
        Beating ever on
        Before each one
        The tribe must come

        • Curmudgeon
          Curmudgeon says:

          I am one of those skeptics, but for a different reason. Meloni’s “because we will never be slaves and simple consumers at the mercy of the financial speculators” and similar references, put her where the “real” left was 50+ years ago. Similarly, the Sweden Democrats statement on immigration is more liberal i.e. “right” than Sweden’s immigration policy under Social Democrat Tage Erlander. The “real” left has always been opposed to immigration, seeing it as a tool of capitalists to suppress wages and working conditions while creating new “markets” (consumers) for their products, which includes food and housing.
          The political labels of 50 years ago do not apply. The globalists are shapeshifters and have infiltrated any party with a chance of forming, or in Italy’s case, being part of a government.

          • Robert Henderson
            Robert Henderson says:

            When you say the real left who are you including in the term?

            It is certainly true that union members individually (and the working class in general) have always been overwhelmingly against mass immigration but that does not to my mind make them the real left .

            Then there is the intelligentsia whose behaviour has been a wonderful and never failing example of Robert Michels’ iron law of oligarchy .

            Your definition of “real left” please?

          • JM
            JM says:

            @Robert Henderson
            “When you say the real left who are you including in the term?
            It is certainly true that union members individually (and the working class in general) have always been overwhelmingly against mass immigration but that does not to my mind make them the real left .
            Then there is the intelligentsia whose behaviour has been a wonderful and never failing example of Robert Michels’ iron law of oligarchy .
            Your definition of “real left” please? ”

            It’s a class and ethnic question. But working class power was manifested not just outside the leftist parties. The working class positions found their reflection within the leaderships and policies of the parties as well as in society as a whole. The shifting of production away from the West drastically decreased the social weight – social power and influence – of the Western working class – partly by numerically and morally devastating their core in manufacturing industry and transportation – NOT school teachers, clerks, “hospitality workers” and the like) who have replaced them.

            Some of the social democratic parties opposed non-European (even non-British) immigration. The Communist Parties opposed immigration restriction based on race. None of them (Social Democratic and Communist) advocated open borders ‘then’.

            But ALL of them do today. This transformation was greatly assisted by the changed social composition of the politicians and leaders of the parties from working class to middle class – lawyers, academics, school teachers et.c.

            There are numerous examples that could be given filling out the above.

            I wouldn’t say that Michels’ Law was of value in describing the takeovers of left parties which have real material causes and aren’t simply the victim of some a-historic ‘iron law’ of history.

          • Weaver
            Weaver says:

            As I understand him, Marx was not left wing by your definition. He wanted free trade and open borders, to destroy what was conservative, traditional. Marx wanted a global movement, a race to the bottom in wages and standards leading to global revolution.

            Regardless, Meloni talks like I do, excluding foreign policy. I’ve always read “right wing” things. The left you reference might have just been a construct created by the mass media.

          • JM
            JM says:

            “As I understand him, Marx was not left wing by your definition. He wanted free trade and open borders, to destroy what was conservative, traditional. Marx wanted a global movement, a race to the bottom in wages and standards leading to global revolution.”

            Please give some quotes that inform your ‘understanding’ of Marx. By ‘the working man has no country’ he meant, not open borders but no loyalty of the rulers of the country, the Capitalists and ‘THEIR’ nationalism. You find no advocacy of Open Borders in Marx or in Marxist parties, certainly before the Russian Revolution after which Jews – AS JEWS (albeit in crypsis) – became more prominent. Before then it was e.g. normal to talk about – say – the Jew Money power, the Jews being recognised as a kind of caste. There was a lot of Marxist writing on this – even as late as the late 1930’s. All of this was accelerated greatly after WW II. Today Jews have complete hegemony over the Left…it’s now the Globalist Left. This Leftist hatred and subversion of the foundations of the Western nation state is Jewish, not Marxist. And in it they have the support of the New Class, predominantly non-Jewish, but like the middle class historically, crafted and fed to meet the needs of Imperialism, through whatever phase it is passing, in this case, Globalising Imperialism. It stands to reason that such a program would not have mass appeal in the quietly patriotic, grounded in reality working class, the subject of most Marxist political activity. And indeed, the Globalist Left has no working class following today.

            When they were a mass party, the French Communist Party had 1/3 of the popular vote and controlled a huge number of city and town councils in France. In this role they opposed anarchic immigration (Open Borders) and were attacked by those elements to the left of them (a universally Jewish influence) for this. Even today, the Hungarian Communist Party supports the immigration policy of Orban, thereby recapitulating the – implicit – Communist policy when in power. I will leave my examples there but believe you me, these aren’t aberrations.

            BTW, attack the (((Russian))) revolution all that we may, ‘Putin’ is a product of the powerful, ruthless, State apparatus that grew out of it, an apparatus that was (became) at root, highly nationalist, protecting the borders and property of the state with tenacity. Had the revolution that preceded it (after the fall of the Tsar) remained, Russia would have been more powerfully Jewish, rather like the USA, where power is underpinned most strongly by the ownership f key property and instruments of propaganda. Just a thought on the ironies of history.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        I was surprised by the Chesterton quote as well, it’s presumably a Catholic thing.
        If there was a Protestant superstar living in Italy’s glory days no doubt he’d be a household name to us, and we’d know certain things he said.
        If she starts to quote Hilaire Belloc we can be even more hopeful.

      • David ASHTON
        David ASHTON says:

        Despite a slight excess of alliteration and paradox, Chesterton is a joy to read, even by religious critics – his theological prose, his vigorous poetry, and his brilliant fiction, notably the unintentionally prophetic “Flying Inn”. I personally disagree with his “take” on eugenics, but his views on Jews and Zionism strike me as balanced and reasonable. He died in 1936 long before his friend Belloc who wrote in more detail on those subjects.

    • Servenet
      Servenet says:

      She’s already “outed” herself – as a Jewish shill. We saw this scenario play out a mere seven years ago, right here in the good old JewSA. We were all excited and desperate for this Trump person to actually do what he PROMISED a thousand times a day. Only, like Meloni, to cue us from THE VERY BEGINNING that he was but a Jewish agent. It never changes.

      • John Alder
        John Alder says:

        Let us also keep in mind that Governor Desantis told a bunch of jews in south Florida the first time he ran for the office that if elected he would be the most pro Israel governor in America. But a few cheap bumper sticker slogans and White nationalists forget his pro jew stand and swoon over him as they do with Trump and. the Q nuts crowd.

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        Servenet — Donald Trump is not a Jewish **agent.** You have no direct evidence, only speculation and circumstantial factoids that are the same with every American President. I wonder if you would be so comfortable saying this if you were not anonymous? I don’t hear it from anyone who is not anonymous.

        • JM
          JM says:

          @Carolyn Yeager
          “Servenet — Donald Trump is not a Jewish **agent.** You have no direct evidence, only speculation and circumstantial factoids that are the same with every American President.”

          This isn’t proof that he is a Jewish “agent”, but Trump’s backing in the Jewish community and from Israeli channels, prior to his election to the Presidency, was astronomical. At that time a conspirativist collected evidence of this support and it ran into hundreds of instances of support by US Jewish individuals of influence as well as extensive citations of support from influential Israeli and US Jewish sources. He certainly covered his arse in that department, to say the least. And so did they. Establishing whether Trump is an “agent” is a far more difficult task, there being different degrees of the job description, from “complaint friend” to one who’s on the payroll.

  4. RockaBoatus
    RockaBoatus says:

    In spite of Giorgia Meloni’s pro-Israel stance and support of Ukraine in its war with Russia, there is still hope. Do we really believe that every candidate or political appointee must adhere to everything we believe, including the JQ and the Holocaust narrative?

    We may have awakened to these issues, but this is not the case with most westerners. Yet look where we have come in America, including in some European nations, where illegal immigration and Islamic immigration are discussed openly by White conservatives. Even Black criminality is pretty much conceded by these same conservatives.

    There is a societal pushback taking place, and while it’s not perfect nor ideologically correct at every point, many ‘normies’ among our people are starting to take notice and question things. As usual, this sort of thing takes time. It trickles at first, but eventually the floodgates open.

    Just think where Whites were seven years ago

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Mr Boatus always provides great comments.
      “There is a societal pushback taking place, and while it’s not perfect nor ideologically correct at every point, many ‘normies’ among our people are starting to take notice and question things.”
      This is bang on. These folks, Trump, the Italian chic – create the *energy* that our eventual redeemers while spring from.
      It doesn’t actually matter if the don’t ‘do’ anything. It’s still too early for that, though things are certainly speeding up, we won’t have that long to wait.

      • Servenet
        Servenet says:

        Wrong. And your comment is naive. If Meloni simply kept her stupid mouth SHUT regarding all things Israel and Jewish I would keep my own shut about her. BUT…here she is in full-throated Trump-like fashion signalling that she is maximally philo-Semitic, iow, she is a mere shill just like that lying backstabber we pushed over the line in ’16. Time for you to get a clue.

        • Weaver
          Weaver says:

          Some suspect she has no choice. She is tolerated only while she voices such positions. I don’t claim to know.

          What I do find surprising is Dr. Malone on gettr voicing anti-war positions, including criticism of Meloni. Imagine if Putin came out against the vaccines after supporting them…

          If Maloni were anti-empire, she might influence East Europe, among others. Maybe it would be good.

    • Max
      Max says:

      I think she’s making a political calculus. Her main goal is to stop immigration and preserve Italian identity.

      Talking crazy about Jews would just confirm the fascism narrative and it would be game over, full front assault by other conservative politicians and the EU. It’s a third rail and we can’t discuss it openly, yet. Not supporting Ukraine would also be suicidal. There are already many thousands of refugees in Italy and I’m sure she would rather assimilate blond Ukrainian women than African men. Italy is also deep in debt and imports 75% of its energy. She needs to keep the EU money flowing at all costs. She needs to keep the lights on and for the Italian economy to be at least stable for her to have any future.

      In other words, she hopes she can win on the immigration front by being an ally for issues she cares less about. Poland has already shown this to be a successful strategy. They blocked migrants in Belarus and the EU whined but ultimately didn’t do squat because they need Poland as an ally.

      • Weaver
        Weaver says:

        Nationalists in Europe are being used for GAE, though. There are costs. They trust US groups like the CIA far too much, and we see the fighting in Ukraine.

        Also, foreign policy elsewhere is bad for Europe. Europe basically forces Syrians and some other Arabs to relocate, often with Europe as the only hopeful location. Europe is forcing its own conversion to Islam and is reforming the MidEast into a radical, almost ideological in its abstraction, Islamic Caliphate.

        The foreign policy is very harmful, just less obvious in its harm.

  5. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    The rich in India call their politicians wogs (Wily Oriental Gentlemen, a British term for usually dishonest Indian business men).
    One of my uncles was valet to a Mr. Elsworthy who was very kind to my family which had fallen on ” Hard times”. Mr.Elsworthy left my uncle $10 million. One of the Warburgs, at the beginning of the 1920’s told my uncle to stay in NY. My uncle returned to the UK and was wiped out in the Wall St. crash. My Aunt told me he couldn’t sleep for two weeks.
    Mr.Elsworthy had an apartment in Dover St and was visited at 10am one day by President Wilson with three advisers.
    Mr.Elsworthy and my uncle were sitting in armchairs when the doorbell rang. My uncle stood up and straightend his clothes. After this he began a very slow walk to the front door
    so that the President was made to wait on the doorstep. He then led the President and advisers slowly along the corridor and across the room while Mr. Elsworthy continued to sit in his armchair. When they stopped and faced him he stood up and shook hands. President Wilson was then briefed while my uncle stood in the corner of the room listening to everything because Mr.Elsworthy had decided to turn some of my family into Americans.
    The briefing took about 45 minutes and then the President thanked Mr Elsworthy and said he would see him in Versailles. Mr Elsworthy said ” You will not. All my life I have associated with gentlemen and I am too old to change the habits of a life time and become acquainted with the likes of you”.
    My uncle stepped in after Mr.Elsworthy had been fired and escorted the President to the front door.
    Politicians do what the banks and very rich tell them,or else
    A useful peasant told me that 200 people control the UK who, with their relations,including part Americans, make up the 5,000 strong upper class.
    My family tried to change things during the General Strike.When I die my family will be extinct because of this. I am 80 years old and will soon be dead. Good luck!

    • ChilledBee
      ChilledBee says:

      I always enjoy reading your personal stories. I find them quite fascinating. The fact that you have revealed your age gives them even more credibility. It’s a shame that more seniors like yourself do not put their heads above the parapet. What have they got to lose? Imagine if they started talking out loud about certain matters and naming names instead of taking them to their graves with them.

      • John Alder
        John Alder says:

        You are so correct ! Much talk creates the impression of greater acceptance of our agenda and gives courage to others. We dare to say out loud what others only say around the dinner table. I’m 68. What have I got to lose by naming names and speaking about jews and third world invaders?

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        I like the recollections too, we’re just not sure if they aren’t all just made up.
        Though it doesn’t really matter, no point wasting a good yarn by telling the truth.

      • Gene Harris
        Gene Harris says:

        This is so true. I say this a lot to whoever will listen. There is a dying generation of people with stories to tell. When you see these people, engage them. They need to tell their stories and we damn sure need to listen.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      5,000 yeah? According to Trollope, and he would know, in the late Victorian period the aristocracy of Britain was 10,000 strong, with a core of a thousand ‘blue-bloods’.
      I get why the media don’t point things like this out, but I’ve never understood why more normal people don’t make an issue of how mediocre our elite is these day, IN COMPARRISON to the past.
      If the ruling elite in America in the 1770’s produced the Founding Fathers, and the population was about four million, with 3 or 4 hundred million or whatever it is now, why can’t America produce anything similar? 100x the population, but cannot produce one man of a similar calibre and it’s exactly the same in Britain, Europe too by the looks of it.
      Everyone moans about how crap our ruling elite is, we moan about how they’ve sold out to Jews and let an alien race exploit the people they should be exploiting. We want the old exploiters back!
      But it should be put to the elite straight how utterly pathetic and worthless they are compared to basically all their predecessors going back hundreds of years.
      One or two, perhaps more, of the elite in Elisabeth the I day created Shakespeare. What has today’s accomplished?
      It would be good to get an answer to this from them.

    • Ralston Ridgeway
      Ralston Ridgeway says:

      An excellent story .I enjoyed it so much.
      Why such interest in the British Royal Family in the US ?
      The Ango – American establishment controls us .

  6. Leo Grellede
    Leo Grellede says:

    She is of the RIGHT as I am a camel. She has joined the ASPEN INSTITUTE filled from masons and pro-Israel puppets. Pro USA, pro mandatory vaccination, she abide by the EU vision of the EUroidiots. She spoke against the euro currency then she has denied what she had said before. She is in the hands of the System but the “advisors” in the backstage have been creating a perfect dummy luring the Italian people always ready to swallow something useful for the stomach. It’s a fantastic staging with all actors -Van der Layen in primis – reciting the movie “good guys” against “bullies. But they all agree everything. Clap clap Meloni, you deserve the Oscar for the – comic – movie.

  7. Chris
    Chris says:

    The revealing phrase of Meloni is “say no to the violence of Islam”. Libtards see *all* organized religion as having a history and theological basis for violence (except Judaism). And of course the main problem with Islam is that they don’t belong here, violent or not. And Jews know this.

    I see Meloni as a Jewish pressure-release valve. Granted, a release of huge gasket-blowing potential, but still nothing more than a pressure release. Jews apparently believed that things in Italy were heating up and Meloni was better than the alternative and that they still held on to all the essentials with her: Islamophobia, Russophobia, EU, & Israel. What do they really care about internal Italian social policy?

    The only thing that gives me pause is the Chesterton quote. A Jewish speechwriter would not have quoted Chesterton.

    • Captainchaos
      Captainchaos says:

      It is quite the opposite. Things are beginning to spin out of control for the Jews. It’s going to be fun watching the Jews helplessly flailing about as their life’s work goes down the drain.

    • Lady Strange
      Lady Strange says:

      In France we have the security valve ” Eric Zemmour ” as you cleverly referred to, ( even better , a north African Jew ! ) who quotes Maréchal Pétain or the well_known Jew hater King Saint Louis 🙂 so nothing stops them…

  8. Ronehjr
    Ronehjr says:

    I don’t expect mainstream nationalist european leaders to be able to be openly anti-semetic yet, but it is a bad sign that they still have to be so bombastically pro Isreal. This is probably an indicator that they will likely be co-opted in the fairly near future, if they haven’t been already.

      • Mad World
        Mad World says:

        One must imagine: The foreskin of a
        king would be worth a fortune today.
        Who knows what the Jews did with it.
        Did they preserve it in formaldehyde,
        or did they eat it in aspic out of pure
        lust for power?

  9. John
    John says:

    Now we will see what the Italians are made of, yes, this is not about Meloni, she needs to fear the Italians if she does not do her duty of protecting & saving the Italian ethnicity (we will see if the Italians are going to throw their nation away like the British, French, Swedes are doing). This whole thing with the so-called refugees was a setup, this has always been an invasion & conquest plan. Globalists & traitors like Ursula von der Leyen need also to feel fear from THE EUROPEANS, traitors will find no safe harbors.
    Meloni must do the following immediately:
-1) close borders.
-2) commence repatriations.
-3) amend the Italian Constitution to state that Italy is the homeland of Italians in perpetuity & must be always no less than 95% of its demographics.
If she does not, then, she will have betrayed the Italian People & Italians need to act quickly in saving Italy for Italians because the invasion is nonstop.

  10. Deb
    Deb says:

    It remains to be seen how Giorgia Meloni’s position as PM will play out. I applaud her for having the guts to speak out in favor of the family and in opposition to the ridiculous ideologies spinning us in circles world-wide. I have not yet heard any other candidate, anywhere, speak out as she has done. For that reason, I will consider her a success until proven otherwise.

  11. Seraphim
    Seraphim says:

    It smells strongly of a ‘limited hangout operation’. I am afraid that not the ”very pro-Israel attitudes” and being ”firmly on board with supporting Ukraine against Russia” are the feint, but the appeals to ‘god, country, family, anti-vaxxism…’. I wouldn’t be surprised that she would go to Kiev to pledge her allegiance to the piano playing organ.

  12. Mad World
    Mad World says:

    The nickname of Frau von der Leyen (supposedly her ancestors were prominent Americans, whether they also owned slaves?) Flintenuschi. She received the mocking names during her time as defense minister after it became known that various rifles were inoperable.

    Translation from a German lexicon of terms: It derives from the word Flintenweib (“shotgun woman”) , in German colloquial language a derogatory term for an imperious, uncompromising and ruthless woman who has a big ego and calls the shots in her relationship.

    The term “Flintenweib” has a surprising origin. In the 1940s, Soviet women fighting for the Red Army were used as images of the enemy and disparagingly dubbed “Flintenweiber” by Nazi propaganda. Even today, “Flintenweib” is a derogatory term for women in the army. Even women who hold a gun in their hands are disparagingly called “Flintenweib”.

    The expression stands for an outdated view of the sexes. In this view, it is undesirable for men that women use weapons or fight. More generally, it means that a woman is dominant and ruthless for their goals. This can be accompanied by feelings of powerlessness in men. The expression had a connotation that these women were cruel, cold-hearted and just not gentle and feminine at all.

    The Flintenweib propaganda was intended to spur German soldiers in battle to defeat these women in order to restore “normal” gender relations. For Nazi propaganda, in fact, “Flintenweiber” were a sign that in the Soviet empire the ratio of the sexes had tilted. In Nazi Germany, women did not fight at the front, but were employed in military hospitals, with the Red Cross, and as secretaries. Women at the front or as soldiers were rarely if ever accepted among German soldiers.

    The “Flintenweib” represented a transgression of gender roles. For here a mixture of typically male and typically female roles took place. For some men, it was inconceivable that women would fight with a weapon in their hands, as well as that they would defeat and dominate others.

    For the first time the expression “Flintenweib” appeared at the end of the First World War. German soldiers fighting against the Russian Tsarist Empire encountered female soldiers at the front. For them, too, “Flintenweib” was already a derogatory term equated with “furie.”

    As many as one million women fought for the Red Army during World War II. Many Soviet women who fought for the Red Army did so voluntarily. Some were forcibly recruited. Women who left home and farm to defend their homeland at the front were greeted on their return, some with displeasure, others as heroines.

  13. Mad World
    Mad World says:

    The absolutely credible “horror story” of a
    Dutch woman with a Jewish grandmother,
    gratefully taken up by a Jewish journalist.

    “Polish concentration camps”? Such a thing
    is not allowed to exist “officially”! Wait: We-
    ren’t all the “death camps” found in Poland?

    Half of Blitz deaths caused by friendly fire?
    That sheds a new light on their victim myth.


  14. Mad World
    Mad World says:

    New book: Encyclopedia of political symbols – The power and meaning of political symbols

    Political symbols have an effect. But their powerful meaning for politics and society is a mystery to many.

    It was a sad low point for most of us when the rainbow flag of the homosexual movement was hoisted on the Reichstag building in July with the permission of the Bundestag presidium on the occasion of ‘Christopher Street Day’. This is nothing less than a political demonstration of power: here, symbolically, ruling left-wing politicians show how they dominate discourse and public law,” writes publisher Dieter Stein.

    “The rainbow flag, however, is only one of countless political symbols that influence our societies more profoundly than we often realize. We encounter such symbols at every turn, and the controversy over whether to show or hide a sign is part of everyday political life.”

    Until now, a comprehensive reference work on symbol politics has been lacking as a serious source of information. Historian Karlheinz Weißmann fills this gap with his encyclopedia of political symbols.

    Over decades, Karlheinz Weißmann has compiled a comprehensive text and image archive on the study of symbols. This unique collection of material forms the basis for his book. On more than 600 pages, it contains over 200 articles on the various symbols. Over 1700 illustrations illustrate their diversity.

  15. Mad World
    Mad World says:

    Time travel: Hitler’s Yacht, the Nazi Ship of State

    During the Nazi era, Adolf Hitler had his own yacht: the “Grille”. A clock still reminds us of it today.

    The “Grille” was a gift: originally, the German Navy had ordered her as a lightly armed ship. But then Adolf Hitler received her from German industry in 1935 as “Führer’s yacht”. The 135-meter-long “Grille” was considered the ship of state of the German Reich and was made available to the Nazi leadership for propaganda and representative purposes. Many rooms had been specially designed for Hitler. At the same time it was a warship, with anti-aircraft artillery and guns.

    Adolf Hitler had his own cabin on board. But he got seasick and did not like to be on the ship unless it was glassy seas. Nevertheless, the “Grille” was frequently used, for example by the second man in the state, Hermann Göring, who was also called “Reichsfischfuttermeister” in the navy – because of his frequent trips to the railing in heavy weather – and also had his own cabin on board. During state visits, she was considered a representative ship of the German Reich and was used, for example, for the visit of the Italian King Victor Emanuel III or the Olympic Games in 1936.

    In 1945, she was secured by the British in Norway as “spoils of war” and sold to a businessman a year later. Eventually, the ship was taken to New York, where tourists could visit her for an entrance fee. In 1951 the “Grille” was finally scrapped. For a long time it was said that all that remained of the ship was the toilet.

    Klaus Härtel from Kiel is the grandson of Hermann Just, who was commander of the “Grille” from 1942 to 1944. In his living room hangs the clock from the officers’ mess of the “Führeryacht”. In addition, he has kept other things from the ship. Most important to Härtel, however, are his grandfather’s memories of his life: Adolf Hitler’s rooms were furnished quite spartanly. The study, bedroom and bathroom together were only 18 square meters in size. The desk and bookcase were made of sheet metal, the same material as the bed in the bedroom. In his memoirs, Korvettenkapitän Hermann Just goes on to say that his own commanders’ quarters were much larger and better furnished.

    Klaus Härtel still maintains the clock from the “Grille’s” officers’ mess today. When Korvettenkapitän Just relinquished command in 1944 due to health problems, he simply took the clock with him. It was wartime and official channels were not always followed. Härtel says the watch is very reliable. He says you have to wind it up every day, but it continues to consistently show the correct time. For him, the “Grille” is also not “Hitler’s yacht,” as many call it today, but simply his grandfather’s ship, of which he always spoke with enthusiasm.,zeitreise3782.html

    • David ASHTON
      David ASHTON says:

      Hitler’s “fear” of the sea contrasts sharply with his pleasure in flying. It is sometimes ascribed to being nearly drowned in boyhood.
      He of course has been described as a tool of Jews or even partly Jewish himself.
      There is no limit to apophenia where They are concerned or alleged to be concerned.
      So, what of Meloni? Or Hungary, or Sweden, or (nearly) France, or (possibly) Spain? Is half a pagnotta worse than none or is it always a matzo in disguise?
      Let’s see what happens. If she checks race replacement effectively, “Paris is worth a mass” (or even a routine pilgrimage to Yad Vashem)? [I can hear poor old Pierre having 40 fits and rushing to his “je vous l’avais bien dit” response, at that suggestion!]

      • Mad World
        Mad World says:

        “The term Apophenia was coined by psychiatrist Klaus Conrad (a “former physician in the Nazi Party”). Interesting. “The human endeavor to discover or construct meaning and significance in chaos”. This ability seems to have been largely misdirected or abrogated by Jewish “values”: An uneducated Negro of military age does not signify approaching danger but triggers brood care behavior in the (mostly childless) white women.

        For me, it is exactly the opposite of Hitler: Since I know what corpses from airplane crashes look like, which created in me a lasting distrust in aviation technology, I no longer board any of these iron birds. The opposite at sea: I have almost euphoric ecstasies on a rocking hovercraft at wind force 9, while all other passengers lie seasick under the tables, cling to the railing, or use their vomit bags.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        “Hitler . . . of course has been described as a tool of Jews or even partly Jewish himself.”

        Where’s Mrs Yeager when we need her?

  16. jeff miller
    jeff miller says:

    My instincts tell me that she is the careerist type who will more or less sell out to keep the powers-that-be placated and jockey for her own Vogue cover shoot. Another red flag: she voted against Croatia’s admission to the EU and advocated taking some territory back (that nowadays has a tiny Italian minority)… petty historical grievances at a time when Italy is drowning in third-worlders shows her priorities. After losing WWII, Italy is lucky to retain Trieste and Gorizia, whose very names are non-Italic in etymology.

    • Dr. Tom Sunic
      Dr. Tom Sunic says:

      The same is true for the northern Italian province of Alto Adige (South Tyrol) with half a million if its German speaking citizens. Prior to WW2 NS Germany generously handed over the region to Mussolini. G. Meloni does deserve some credit though for openly denouncing the Yugoslav communist dictator Tito and his mass killings/expulsions of Italians 1945 from the Croat Dalmatian coast. She is causing, however, some concerns among Croats nationalists, let alone among govt circles in Croatia for her earlier statements that parts of Croatia’s were once part and parcel of Italy. The irony of history is that traditionally very pro-German radical Croats profascist expat nationalists the “Ustasha”, in the 1930s, contrary to early pro-Yugoslav NS Germany, were trained and equipped by Mussolini’s Italy. Their chief Dr Ante Pavelić spoke and wrote perfect Italian. During WW2 Croat troops, however, had very serious disputes with the Italian troops over how to combat the communist guerrilla and the Serbian pro-Yugoslav and pro-Western anticommunist rebels with the German Wehrmacht frequently obliged to step in and mediate conflict between the two or the three of them. BTW Before WW2, Croatia’s major port Rijeka , “Fiume” , was largely populated by Italians and italianized Croats. In 1919 Fiume was the first poetic fascist, albeit short-lived city-state in Europe – allowing free use of narcotics and abortion on demand ..

  17. Kevin MacDonald
    Kevin MacDonald says:

    LA Times today:
    Does that mean Italians support fascism?
    If history is any guide, one constant in recent political elections is that Italians vote for change, with a desire for something new seemingly overtaking traditional political ideology in big pendulum shifts, said Nathalie Tocci, director of the Rome-based Institute of International Affairs.
    Tocci said the Brothers of Italy’s popularity in 2022 was evidence of this “violent” swing that is more about Italian dissatisfaction than any surge in neofascist or far-right sentiment.
    “I would say the main reason why a big chunk of that — let’s say [25% to 30%] — will vote for this party is simply because it’s the new kid on the block,” she said.
    Meloni still speaks reverently about the MSI and Almirante, even if her rhetoric can change to suit her audience.
    This summer, speaking in perfect Spanish, she thundered at a rally of Spain’s hard-right Vox party: “Yes to the natural family. No to the LGBT lobby. Yes to sexual identity. No to gender ideology.”
    Back home on the campaign trail, she projected a much more moderate tone and appealed for unity in her victory speech Monday.
    “Italy chose us,” she said. “We will not betray it, as we never have.”
    Winfield writes for the Associated Press.

    • Brian S. Rockford
      Brian S. Rockford says:

      Almirante was closely associated with Mosley after WW2. His Italian partners in the National Party of Europe were not working also for intelligence services, unlike the “conservative nationalist” Adolf von Thadden (Germany) and the ideological maverick Jean Thiriart (Romania).

  18. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    It’s a step in the right direction. I believe that like the changes Sweden, LePen’s party in France has its largest representation in government that its ever had.

    Keep an eye on the Arizona Governors race coming up in November. If Kari Lake can pull it off, it will be a big win for us. She certainly seems like a no nonsense Nationalist, but like Giorgia, we’ll just have to wait and see.

    We all want a Hitler, or Franco, or a Mussolini to come save the day which is not going to happen at the moment. Could it happen? With the tide starting to turn, however slowly, it’s definitely possible.

  19. Harald E Brandt
    Harald E Brandt says:

    As a Swede, I can testify that a lot of nationalists who voted for something more radical than the Sweden Democrats, still feel a tremendous “schadenfreude” as the left spirals into madness and are insanely furious because of the victory of the Sweden Democrats! There are even leftists who scream out that people with a non-Swedish lineage need to flee the country while they can, because there will soon be extermination camps built! 🙂 🙂

    We smile and enjoy! Despite we know very well that the Sweden Democrats are more or less cucks. They threw away their opposition to the EU; they switched to a Nato-positive position just to please the Moderates trying to be as good as any other liberal; they abandoned the word “nationalism” in favor of “open Swedishness” (i.e any racial stranger can be “Swedish” as long as they adopt the culture); and of course they worship Israel and the Jewish diaspora. (Although the general thinking (or belief), however, is that they are more radical than the official statements claim, and most SD people want to send Afghanis back to Kabul.)

    Despite the above, it is a good thing if the leftists (i.e most parties in the Swedish parliament, and all MSM, with J-owners such as Bonnier et al) go crazy! Schadenfreude strengthens us! It weakens the left!

  20. Brian S. Rockford
    Brian S. Rockford says:

    Almirante was closely associated with Mosley after WW2. His Italian partners in the National Party of Europe were not working also for intelligence services, unlike the “conservative nationalist” Adolf von Thadden (Germany) and the ideological maverick Jean Thiriart (Romania).

  21. David ASHTON
    David ASHTON says:

    Despite a slight excess of alliteration and paradox, Chesterton is a joy to read, even by religious critics – his theological prose, his vigorous poetry, and his brilliant fiction, notably the unintentionally prophetic “Flying Inn”. I personally disagree with his “take” on eugenics, but his views on Jews and Zionism strike me as balanced and reasonable. He died in 1936 long before his friend Belloc who wrote in more detail on those subjects.

  22. John the First
    John the First says:

    “Because each of us has a unique genetic code that is unrepeatable. ”

    Such an identification…, I find it rather tendentious. My genetic code is unique.. Such thinking in terms of genetic code is also part of the problem. The globalists could argue that they are gonna make your duh… ‘genetic code’ comply with their standards…
    For the rest, the narrative makes sense.

  23. John the First
    John the First says:

    “the shootings, murders, drug dealing, clan crime, attacks on women, honor killings, random assaults, and rising sexual crimes”

    Surely deplorable, it is gross and outdated these days. A considerable part of the democratic Western people, all having had a good education, have learned to practice delay of gratification, thus engaging in widespread higher level crime, corruption and stealing through an enormous multitude of creative ways is now the name of the game. Stealing through taxes also a much legitimized sport. Thus, such lower level crimes make the country look bad, it is all too much in plain sight, and unsophisticated. To fix the problem, these immigrants should get an education, so to learn to practice delay of gratification, and the raised intelligence and knowledge will allow them to engage in unseen, legitimized, creative and sophisticated forms of crimes. The whole apparatus of democracy will be creatively at their disposal.

  24. John
    John says:

    “To fix the problem, these immigrants should get an education, so to learn to practice delay of gratification, …”.
    There’s the problem right there, trying “[t]o fix the problem”, it is none of our business fixing other people’s problems. If we cared about our people especially our children we would not be interested in fixing other people’s problems.

    • Karlfried
      Karlfried says:

      “…it is none of our business fixing other people’s problems….”
      I think that you mentioned the main point. The main aspect with foreigners is not wether they are happy or not, wether they are friendly or not, wether they work hardly or not, wether they pay taxes or not.
      The main aspect is: “they” are not “we”, and if you have a large number of them, and growing, they will destroy our “we as we are, as we have been for centuries (in Germany for more as 1000years) and we as it should be for our children and grand-children.”
      With other words, it is a question of numbers, and for us it is a question of life or death.
      By the way, it is a question for us Germans/whites, not for the foreigners in Germany, because they have their homelands (Arabia, Africa) and there they will preserve their genetic “we as we are and want to be”. Only in the white countries the existence of the white people is in the process of going into extinction.

  25. Luke
    Luke says:

    Is anyone besides myself taking notice of how she decided to dye her hair blond (it was dirty brown in the past) and if the reason she did that was to help her set the hook in the jaws of Italians who are concerned about the Great Replacement of the native Italian people?

    She isn’t a very attractive female to begin with, but there is something about women with blonde hair that makes them more aesthetically appealing to Europeans. Was she trying to send a slightly subliminal visual signal to native born Italians to help buttress her promises to fight to stop the massive non-white invasion of Italy, perhaps?

    • Karlfried
      Karlfried says:

      Hello Luke, thank you for your question.
      Blond hair and blue eyes are not so old. They happened to come into existence 3000 years ago, bronze-age. They have no or little impact on the life with the very important exception that it is a big plus in the marrying-market. Therefore the gene for it it spread over large parts of Europe within a few centuries..
      Nowadays in large parts of Europe the standad type is dark blond or light brown. In Germany that type is called “Straßenköterblond” with the meaning that you see it very often.
      Also it has the meaning that the colour varies from blonder to browner, it is not a fix colour, but it is a range..
      Many women, especially in Germany, Poland, other slavic states tend to give artificial colour to their hair in order to avoid their standard blond-brown and to get a more distinctful colour.
      Very often they will be blond, but many will be black, because dark hair, light eyes and white skin is also attractive to German men. Starting from the same misch-masch-colour, some will get blond, some dark and many let their natural colour as it is, because German men like this also.
      Coming to an end, it is alway a big issue how a woman is showing her hair.

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