Intelligence Community Developing AI Tool To Unmask Anonymous Writers

A large percentage of TOO writers use pseudonyms. This is chilling indeed, but not surprising in the Biden administration.

By Jack Hadfield of Valiant News.

Intelligence Community Developing AI Tool To Unmask Anonymous Writers

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  1. Chris
    Chris says:

    You can’t rely on “Muh Free Speech”. Eventually they are going to break through your anonymity. Ultimately, the only security you have is to live in a country where your un-PC thoughts are not un-PC. The only country on Earth that fits that description that I knew of is Russia. They dont give a hang … about Woke.

  2. Mad World
    Mad World says:

    Michael Stürzenberger delivers one of his hundreds of police-protected anti-Islamic diatribes in Flensburg. The best (and at the same time funniest) moment of this ridiculous event that in which an old bearded Muslim confronts “Stürzi” with the crucial question (in English): “How much Geld (money) the Juden (jews) give you?”

    His artificially indignant answer is always the same: He defends “democracy, Jews and homosexuals from the Islamic attack”. Moreover, he sees himself in one tradition line with the “White Rose” (a student resistance group against National Socialism).

    Flensburg btw., beautifully situated between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, is the northernmost city in Germany with a high percentage of Danish inhabitants. The fact that the city (similar to Oldenburg in Lower Saxony) still has this beautiful face today is due to the fortunate circumstance that it was spared from the “Allied” terror bombs. It was the seat of the last government of the Third Reich.

    Stürzenberger is an avowed Zionist and main operator of the anti-Islamic website “PI-News,” which defines itself as pro-American and pro-isreal. Stürzenberger points out that a terrorist attack in Mumbai turned him into an activist, killing his best friend Ralph Burkei, a shady Munich media entrepreneur:

    “In 2004, the son of the civil engineer August Burkei was accused of having transferred the company West Net AG, which belonged to him until the end of 2003, to a person from the milieu of so-called company morticians. Immediately after the takeover, the entire management board was relocated to France and could no longer be reached by creditors. Six-figure bad debts were the result. In 2005, Burkei and C.A.M.P. TV hit the headlines on suspicion of surreptitious advertising on German television.”

    His father August founded a construction company in the 1950s, which later became part of the Canadian WSP Group, now called “WSP Deutschland AG”. The Burkei name is found in connection with the supply and completion of structural engineering equipment for Larry Silverstein’s newly constructed World Trade Center complex. This means that Stürzenberger is connected to both Larry Silverstein and the 9/11 bombers in a Zionist network through his best friend’s family.

    All of this was broken down (among other things) by Oliver Janich in a video that is in German, but most of the snapshots of the articles shown are in English, giving even the English-speaking viewer an idea of the context.,-Israel—Michael-Stu%CC%88rzenberger_1_kompr:4

    Janich has meanwhile been detained in the Philip-
    pines by the “State Security”, background unclear.

  3. Mark Gullick
    Mark Gullick says:

    I have never written under a pseudonym, not in 20 years, and it has cost me two jobs and several acquaintances. The standard response is, “but I would lose my job if they found out that was me”. Then choose your job or writing. You can have one or the either but not both.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” Then choose your job or writing. You can have one or the [other] but not both.”

      Apparently so .

      The USA is back to antebellum square one on the slavery issue . Either you let your employer dictate your political discourse activities outside of your job or you get booted onto an unemployable blacklist with no income .

      If a state such as New Hampshire for one does allow termination of employment “for no reason” ,
      then any such terminated employee
      should by law be granted “for no reason”
      an adequate basic income since
      “all men are created equal”
      ( which means that an employer and an employee are presumed to have equal standing in a court of law )
      according to the Declaration of Independence preamble of
      the law of the land known as the U.S. Constitution .

      Otherwise , the vital issue of terminating a livable income
      “for no reason”
      ( a statutory power to terminate which is granted to an employer by the State of NH ) would be solely determined by an employer without regard for any statutory power of an employee to maintain a livable income “for no reason” at the expense of the state which is presumably obligated , with regard to the DoI preamble of the U.S. Constitution , to create an equity in the legal standings of the employer and employee . After all , does state government not exist to secure an “unalienable right” , with regard to the vital issue of a livable income , for an employee to have equitable statutory legal standing with an employer ?

      Will the world ever realize that preliminary democratic political activities ( including also unhindered – not unhinged – discourse ) , other than mere voting , are essential for a progressive politics that is in turn indispensable for accommodating commensurate technological progress needed for future generations to
      thrive-n-survive beyond the

      {{{ Solar TOTAL Extinction Event }}}

      whereby all humanity extant here on planet earth will perish forever into the abyss of the

      DOOM of OBLIVION .

      • chris
        chris says:

        what did you mean by: “The USA is back to antebellum square one on the slavery issue .”


        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          A comprehensive modern contemporary definitive essay , on the analytic philosophical slavery issue , needs to be published . Such an essay is traditionally known as a “treatise” which is way beyond the scope of this comment .

          Suffice it to say , if you will , the U.S. Civil war-spawned 13th Amendment did not abolish slavery when it is basicly understood to be
          [ownership/control] of another human . The 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution abolished the important legal formality of “ownership” which , in obvious retrospect , only impinged upon an ability to “control” another human which is by far the greater pragmatic essence of slavery ; where the abolishment of “ownership” did not even come close to abolishing the much greater remaining “control” part of slavery .

          Moreover , you would know much about the perennial slavery issue if you understand that statutory employer termination of employee “for no reason” is a modern contemporary inverted act of enslavement that would be neutralized and remediated when the state compensates a “for no reason” terminated employee with a livable basic income or suitable employment in order to fulfill its presumed obligation to create equitable legal standings ( “all men are created equal” ) , if none exists , of the employer and employee when an employment vital resource such as a life-sustaining income is at stake .

          Further elaboration is beyond the scope of this comment .

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Then choose your job or writing. You can have one or the either [!] but not both.

      In other words, those who don’t write in a manner acceptable to (((the monitors of acceptable opinion))) should identify themselves in a manner acceptable to Mark Gullick.

      So freedom is to consist in having a choice of whom one will take orders from?

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