Fundraising, and a Change of Address

First, I want to thank people who are contributing or have contributed in the past. You make this whole operation possible.

But things are tough in the economy right now and most people’s investments are tanking. So it’s not surprising that donations to TOO have declined, making it more difficult to pay writers and the web hosting service. But there are probably some who could begin contributing or afford a bit more. So that’s it. Think about it.

The second thing is that the mailing address for checks has changed. As of October 31, the new address is:

The Occidental Observer
285 W. Prairie Shopping Center
Ste 285
PMB 115
Hayden, ID 83835

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  1. Strange World
    Strange World says:

    The double nature of Aquarius is that he can deal with people like no other. He sees himself as a social being. He likes to listen to other opinions, but then often decides at the last moment out of an “inexplicable impulse” against the group expectation, then he can breathe freely again, he has just freed himself from the constricting expectations of the community. He is a manic consensus rejecter. At that moment he has proven to himself that he is really independent (in-di-vidual). Others will interpret this as “antisocial” or “lacking connection to wholeness”, so what.

  2. Strange World
    Strange World says:

    When the Internet came along in the 90s, I also chatted with Americans. I had a strange experience. Although I did not speak their language as a native speaker, these people were often completely inferior to me mentally. And this despite the fact that I shared my first apartment with a highly intelligent American woman from Chicago.

    This could only mean either that they were incredibly stupid or that I was incredibly brilliant. I decided as almost always for the golden mean. One could deduce from this that the German language enables one to find one’s way in English more skillfully than the native speakers themselves, because they lack the intellectual tools.

    One can express oneself considerably elaborated in the English language. But in translations I often notice that the English version leaves out certain filler words, which is very unsatisfactory. A Russian once said, “The German language is not the property of the Germans, it is world cultural heritage, it belongs to all of us!” That was probably the most appreciative compliment I ever heard.

  3. Strange World
    Strange World says:

    I think Germans like Americans. But they are “angry” with them, that has historical reasons. The reason is that America is a wonderful country, but we never wanted to become America, we wanted to stay ourselves. It is something that is not publicly addressed, but nevertheless finds its expression through certain antipathies. Are Americans guilty of imposing their “culture” on us, by which they themselves are destroyed? Perhaps this culture was never viable because it has no historical roots at all. The truth is that the Germans do not “envy” the Americans for their Jewish-infested “culture”, but for their freedom (still remaining and not completely abolished by the Jews).

  4. Strange World
    Strange World says:

    “America” sounds so big, so wide, so free. It sounds like adventure, self-made existence that could never be realized in small, narrow Europe. The wet dream of every conqueror. In the Wild West a crazed bandit and desperado and at the same time a business-minded entrepreneur. Pure individualism, no peer pressure whatsoever, money alone rules.

    Now it turns out that America is suffering from a tremendous disease, an immune deficiency.

    This is unfortunate and we Germans suffer with you. We all know that it is not “America” that is plunging the world into unrest, chaos and despair. It is so-called “Americans”, who do not belong to any European ethnicity, but who nevertheless dominate America to the core. But these Jews want their guilt to fall on you, they stick their label on you.

  5. Martin Webster
    Martin Webster says:


    Yes, we are all feeling the pinch in the current circumstances.

    You say TOO pays writers for their contributions. I can only say that the publication of a few of my articles on your web site a few years ago was more than sufficient payment. I felt honoured. Not that your star writers’ efforts are not worthy of financial reward – their professional/academic researches and writing skills are tremendous. By contrast I am a non-academic enthusiast.

    I expect TOO has been stricken off the list of Pay-Pal’s clients. How are payments to you from overseas to be made?

    I hope your notice enables TOO to realise the funds it needs and deserves.

    Good luck,

    Martin Webster

      • T.Gilligan
        T.Gilligan says:

        What is the most secure method of payment to you, (of say £50) from this reader from London, GB?

        • Kevin MacDonald
          Kevin MacDonald says:

          Not sure; a wire transfer via my bank would not work. I suppose you could send cash to the mailing address–people have done that before. Can be anonymous and so far as I know, nothing has been stolen in transit.

          • Strange World
            Strange World says:

            The key to our well-being lies somewhere else entirely than wanting to constantly point out, “Look, another Jew is behind this!”

            This is a dead end, of which the Jew is quite aware. You see nevertheless that this interests nobody! It goes on exactly as before.

            (By the way, I think Ron Unz is a fraud.)

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