Regarding the Op-Ed of Aleksey Pavlov On the “Chabad Neo-Pagans”

A higher-up in the Security Council of Russia penned a op-ed in which he said that Chabad, the premier representatives of organized Jewry in the Slavlands, was up to no good.


A Russian official has apologized after his deputy published an op-ed that referred to the Chabad-Lubavitch movement of Orthodox Judaism as a “neo-pagan cult” striving for “global domination.”

Top leaders of Chabad in Russia, who have been navigating a fine line in their relationship with the government during the country’s war on Ukraine, criticized the column published last week in a state magazine as antisemitic.

Russian chief rabbi, Berel Lazar, who is part of Chabad, called the column “a piece of vulgar antisemitism.” His top deputy warned that the column heralded “a new era in Russia’s relations with Jews.”

In the column, published in the Argumenty i Fakty weekly newspaper, Aleksey Pavlov, secretary of the Security Council of Russia, a government committee of experts, spoke of the need to perform “desatanization” in Ukraine, which Pavlov claimed had hundreds of neo-pagan cults. He included “the Chabad-Lubavitch sect,” as he called it, on a list of various religious groups that he said proved his point.

Mr. Pavlov, who has not been fired yet.

Look, first and foremost, we need to understand that people are confused. This is because there is a lot of confusion in society. This is especially true in the Slavlands. There are also too many hard, uncomfortable truths and shallow, ego-serving half-truths and lies eager to step in and offer people a cop-out nowadays.

People in Russia still don’t really understand what happened with the “Russian” Revolution.

They don’t understand what happened in the 90s with the collapse of the Soviet Union.

They don’t understand the West and who runs it and why. Case in point: lower-level spooks at least think that the Democrats like Russia and that the West is run by Fascist Nationalist Conservatives.

There is no comprehendible meta-narrative that society can get behind. Only ideological chaos and lots of informational shum (noise). As a result, you get Russians trying to explain things, but using idiosyncratic language that other Russians don’t really get or use let alone Westerners.

Calling Chabad a “neo-pagan” cult in an op-ed dedicated to attacking neo-paganism and associating it with Satanism and the Third Reich is a very strange way of wording things. Most people would characterize Chabad as a hardline Orthodox Hasidic Jewish organization with a lot of power in the Slavlands, including Russia. I suppose you could make the argument that invocation of Metatron in their rites is neo-paganistic? That is, because Chabad incorporates parts of Kabbalah (inverted and perverted Greek gnosticism that the Jews stole), and Kabbalah practice involves invoking angel-like entities … yeah no, the logic is too strained and I give up trying to make it work.

What Pavlov was really trying to do was to single out Chabad as a particularly problematic sect and by doing so not offend other Jews. The Chabadists incorporate Kabbalah, the Talmud and the Old Testament into their religion while other groups of religious Jews rely on differing combinations of these source materials. All three are examples of Jewish supremacist literature.

Bizarrely, despite calling out Chabad, he refused to make the obvious observation that the ruling regime in post-Maidan Kiev has been almost totally neocon. Twisting himself into pretzels, he decided to characterize Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Victoria Nuland’s (the yenta who organized the overthrow and the power arrangement afterwards along with her Jewish husband) pet poodle, as a “Scientologist” and blamed his belief in Hubbard’s sci-fi LARP for the situation in Ukraine.

This is, to put it mildly, yet another example of willful blindness regarding the giant Hebrew elephant in the room.

He doesn’t look like a Presbyterian, does he?

Furthermore, Yats claims to be Greek Catholic and not a Scientologist. As an organized force, the Greek Catholics in Ukraine are rabid Russophobes who hate Orthodox civilization. Regardless, adopting a religion doesn’t change your blood and does nothing to divert the Jewish ethnic grievance agenda.

Let’s go back to the original article about the security council man who called out the Jews.

Nikolai Patrushev, a high-ranking official for the security council, said in a statement issued Friday that the column did not represent an official government position.

“I apologize for the op-ed, which contained several erroneous statements about the followers of Chabad-Lubavitch,” read the statement. “This interpretation represented only Alexey Pavlov’s personal point of view and in no way represents that of the Security Council of Russia. Talks have been had with the writer of the op-ed.”

Pavlov was, if anything, a bit befuddled by the situation. More sober minds clearly understand that the modern conspiracy against Russia is almost entirely spear-headed by the Chosenites, who appear to be motivated by an ethnic and religious hatred of Russia.

Case in point: Jamie Raskin, a Jewish Congressman from Maryland, recently made a shocking statement about why he supports the war against Russia. It’s all about destroying a country dedicated to traditional Christian values—World War Trans:

And this:

Moscow right now is a hub of corrupt tyranny, censorship, authoritarian repression, police violence, propaganda, government lies and disinformation, and planning for war crimes. It is a world center of antifeminist, antigay, anti-trans hatred, as well as the homeland of replacement theory for export. In supporting Ukraine, we are opposing these fascist views, and supporting the urgent principles of democratic pluralism.

This is quite the escalation in rhetoric. It’s one thing to openly hate on Russia for not being a Liberal Democracy and for historically always preferring the far better political model of Authoritarianism, which Joe Biden has routinely done. It is another to take another step forward and admit that this is about the Jews’ obsession with pushing rainbow flags (the literal Biblical symbol of the covenant that their God Yahweh wants to impose on the other nations of the world under the Noahide laws [Genesis 9:13]) on a hapless peasant population.

The episode is notable because of the force with which Jewish leaders inside and outside Russia responded. Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February, Chabad’s leaders in Russia have walked a fine line amid a crackdown on free speech in the country. They refrained from the open embrace that many other religious leaders showed — and that Moscow’s former chief rabbi, who was not part of Chabad, said he faced pressure to demonstrate before he fled the country. Instead, they have expressed displeasure about the war while not denouncing Russian president Vladimir Putin and while continuing to serve Russian Jews, even as tens of thousands of them have left amid deteriorating conditions there.

And now, a few words on Chabad. Like most groups of organized Jews, they use legal warfare against those who stand up to their power. For example, a group calling itself “Citizens of the USSR” got wind of what Chabad preaches about the goyim — that we ought to be slaves, and, in some cases, outright killed if we pose a threat to the Jews’ plans — started a protest action in which they entered a Chabad building and started demanding that the rabbi start explaining why they were running a blatant Jewish supremacist sect. (FYI, the Citizens are a group that insists that the USSR isn’t over and that a Judeo-Mason conspiracy runs the Russian Federation out of London).

Sadly, I can’t find the video on YouTube anymore.

Things did not turn out well for the group in the end. They were arrested on the grounds of an alleged assassination plot on a rabbi. No money was offered to the hired killer, only, allegedly, a knife and some nylon stockings and a position as head of the future, newly re-instated KGB of Krasnodar Krai. Several members of the organization were arrested and it was banned in Krasnodar. That is the standard narrative, but the truth of the whole unsavory matter was much, much darker, as the Jews themselves admit.

Here, listen to them gloat about what they pulled on these hapless peasants.


Authorities in Russia staged the death of a rabbi as part of a sting operation that ended with the arrest of two alleged terrorists who are said to have ordered to have him killed.

The operation has been ongoing since last year, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs revealed last week. The ministry neither named the suspects, who were identified only as being 60 and 70, nor indicated when they had been arrested.

Two old people with nostalgia for the USSR were entrapped by secret police working on behalf of the Jews.

The suspects are leaders of an extremist group known as Citizens of the USSR, which does not recognize the dissolution of the Soviet Union, according to the ministry.

Last year, members of that movement began targeting and threatening the Jewish community of Krasnodar, a city in southern Russia, the ministry said. Murder was among the threats.

An undercover counterterrorism agent approached the suspects and offered to kill Rabbi Aryeh Leib Tkatch, chairman of the Jewish Community of Krasnodar, if they accepted him into their ranks as a senior member. The suspects agreed and a police makeup artist worked with Tkatch on a photoshoot in which his death was staged.

The poor bastards didn’t know what the hell even happened to them. Typical entrapment plot.

The agent presented the photos to the suspects as proof he had done their bidding. They were arrested after giving the agent certificates accepting him into their ranks as a field commander, the ministry’s report said.

Sickening stuff. False flags and hoaxes to terrorize the goyim.

This, however, is starting to become an article on the state of Semitism in Russia, which is beyond the scope of what I wanted to cover for today. I do promise an article detailing the power of Jewish censorship in Russia soon though. In short, you can speak out openly about the Jews and you have a lot of leniency from the government to do so even though you may find yourself less employable than before. Also, despite the rightward turn and “basification” of Russian society in recent months, the needle has not moved on the Jewish issue, despite what the hyperventilating headlines allege. This is a HUGE problem and yet more proof of the fact that this looming showdown with NATO isn’t being taken as seriously as it should be. The Russian people need to learn the truth about who threw the coup in St. Petersburg, who ran the Gulags, who starved the Russian southwest, who then broke up the USSR and looted it, who orchestrated the coup in Kiev, who pushes America to war against Russia now and who wants Russians broken, destitute and dead and think its funny.

Few speak about the Jewish problem, even among the right, sadly. It’s considered bad taste. Trust me, I’ve tried to get them to start talking about it, but they resist me and call me a sovok for trying to spread my so-called conspiracy theories.

Seriously, the state of Semitism and counter-Semitism in Russia is worth a separate post.

Anyways, it’s rather strange that Pavlov called out Chabad in particular. Of all the organizations of organized Jewry, Chabad is the strongest in the Slavlands. Those memes of Putin having allegedly “sold out to the Jews” being spammed on the internet all feature him smiling and spending time with Berel Lazar, who is affectionately known as “Putin’s Rabbi”.

But you know who else Berel is close to? The Chabad-attending Kushners. And we all know how that worked out for Trump and his country.

Both Trump, Hitler, and, maybe Putin as well, appear to have fallen for the Jewish trick of “mitosis” by which the Jews divide into factions and pretend to want to cut a deal with the goyim against another faction, supposedly a rival Jewish faction. Hitler made friends with the Zionists against the Bolsheviks. Trump with Chabad against the New York Times Jews. And Putin with Chabad too, supposedly against the Neocons in the West.

Point being, usually politicians or bureaucrats only kick down as opposed to punching up. Why Pavlov decided to pen that op-ed is anyone’s guess. His boss soon had to apologize for him regardless. Encouragingly, he wasn’t fired on the spot, which is extremely telling. Put simply, the Jewish mafia, while powerful, does NOT have as much power in Russia as it does in the West, or in Ukraine for that matter.

If I wanted to, I could have honed in on the fact that it’s been 5 days and a prominent anti-Chabadite hasn’t been fired from his position. That, by the standards or our days, is a victory, friends.

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  1. Sorel McRae
    Sorel McRae says:

    I’m pretty sure that Tucker was *paraphrasing, not quoting,* Raskin. (Despite Tucker’s saying that Raskin “said that out loud,” Raskin’s words have no quotation marks in Fox’s transcript. Nevertheless, quite a few on the internet are taking it as a genuine quotation. There’s even a meme!)

    It’s not an unreasonable *interpretation* of what Raskin actually said in his press release, which you quote, but I have yet to see any video, hear any audio, or read any evidence that Raskin literally *said* what Tucker attributes to him.

    If anyone else has, please post. I hate to see people I generally align with look stupid but I don’t mind admitting error myself.

    (Sorry for all the “*”s. I don’t know how to do italics here.)

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Living, as we do, under the thumb of a regime that refers to an open-door stroll into the Capitol on January 6, 2021, as an insurrection, there is little, if any, justification for characterizing as “stupid” the very reasonable connection that many people discern between what Representative (((Jamin Ben Raskin))) stated in his October 25 press release and the ardent desires of his malicious Jewish heart.

      The usual so-called fact checkers of the sycophant media have all declared Raskin innocent of any anti-Christian bias—what a surprise!—but Raskin himself hasn’t deigned to address the confusion, if that is indeed what it is. Of course, since anything this typically clumsy politician is likely to say would make him and his fellow Christophobic Democrats look even worse than they do a week prior to an important election—one wherein the falsification skills of (((the vote counters))) might well be sorely taxed—staying silent might be the smartest thing Raskin has done thus far in this century.

  2. Rudy Stanko
    Rudy Stanko says:

    Good article. On point. the Jews control Putin as well as Trump, and they lead Biden with a ring in his knose.

  3. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    In this article, Rolo Slavski, adopting rather a superior tone, spends as much time mocking Pavlov for his perfectly reasonable call for desatanization in Ukraine (cf. Jn 8:44) and his unexceptionable characterization of Chabad and related Jewish organizations as neopagan cults as he does in telling readers why he, Slavski, thinks the Jews are bad and why we should all agree with him rather than with Pavlov.

    Since it is plain that Pavlov has no quarrel with, shall we say, a completely secular critique of Jewish activity in Ukraine (presumably in Russia, too), is it asking too much for Slavski to return the favor? Or is tolerance of a Christian perspective even on Jewish malice and perfidy too bitter a pill for him to see in the marketplace of ideas, let alone to swallow?

    • Sorel McRae
      Sorel McRae says:

      Also, for all its fumbling awkwardness, consider what an improvement this anti-Satan approach is to the usual Russian anti-“nazi” rhetoric–as if a bunch of skinhead Azov LARPers are the second coming of the Wehrmacht! I mean if you went strictly by numbers, the Aryan Brotherhood would constitute the largest “White Nationalist” movement in the United States but a swastika over a meth lab does not a national socialist make. I’m not a very spiritual person (though I aspire) but, even so, I think “demonic” much more accurately captures and describes the essence of Zio-Globohomo from top to bottom and in between than “fascist.”

  4. todd hupp
    todd hupp says:

    The Ukraine war is very definitively a Jewish “project.” within the largely Jewish Biden government. Specifically Victoria Nuland, Blinken et al. aka “pop cons.” Nuland was the chief organizer of the Iraq invasion which was done at Israel’s request; using false pretense.
    Trump ran as essentially the anti Jewish US takeover candidate. Big error inserting Kushner into the WH(per General Kelly, Navaro et al.)
    The upcoming USA midterms are- in many ways- a referendum on left wing Jewish influence on American government and the destruction of traditional American Christian culture. The GOP is becoming the White Christian party.

    Note: the new GOP House leadership suggest Ukraine funds will be curtailed.

  5. JM
    JM says:

    In all fairness to those who read the essay and criticisms of it, it is essential that the text highlighting Petrov’s position be available here, So I, with the permission of the Site Editor, post the GT translation of it so that readers can form their own opinions as to the merits or otherwise of Patrov’s assessment:

    “What is cooked in the “witch’s cauldron”. Neo-pagan cults gain strength in Ukraine
    Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 43. What is their cat’s business 26/10/2022
    Plot Russian special operation in Donbass and Ukraine

    With the continuation of the special operation in Ukraine, there is more and more evidence that the greatest atrocities in the territory of Donbass and in other Russian-speaking regions of Ukraine have been committed for many years by fanatics blinded by ideas that are far from common sense, morality and traditional religious teachings.

    Alexey Pavlov, Assistant Secretary of the Security Council of Russia, told AiF about this. VIP sectarians — Since the 1990s. in Ukraine, the number of adherents of religious sects multiplied. A powerful impetus for this was the coup d’état in Kyiv in 2014. The executors, who were placed in positions of power by Washington, carried out the tasks that were pouring in from across the ocean. One of them is to reformat the minds of Ukrainian citizens, to force them to abandon centuries-old traditions, to ban the real values that are carried by the Orthodox faith, Islam and Judaism. Using network manipulations and psychotechnologies, the new authorities turned Ukraine from a state into a totalitarian hypersect. Moreover, those in power in Kyiv were the first to turn into militant fanatics, whose views are directly opposite to the views of normal people. Unconditional surrender of the Nazi criminals of the Azov Battalion in Mariupol to the Russian army. Idols did not help the Azov people to defeat the Russian soldiers. Most of the Nazis were destroyed. According to the teachings of the church, idols are images of demons, and pagans are satanists, while the souls of unrepentant idolaters go to hell after death. Idols on the temple “Azovstal”. To whom and how did the Azov militants pray?

    More For example, who became and. about. Oleksandr Turchynov, President of Ukraine after the coup d’état, is the pastor of the Word of Life neo-Pentecostal church, a branch of the Boston Christ Church movement, which has a single word for Donbass, Odessa, Kharkov, Zaporozhye and other regions of historical New Russia – “death”. The first “post-Maidan” Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk is a Hubbardist, a follower of the Church of Scientology, banned in Russia as a totalitarian sect. Igor Kolomoisky is a Lubavitcher Hasid, Chabadist, an adherent of the ultra-Orthodox religious movement. The main life principle of the Lubavitcher Hasidim is the superiority of the supporters of the sect over all nations and peoples. A number of other Ukrainian oligarchs also belong to this movement, in particular Viktor Pinchuk, the son-in-law of the second President of Ukraine Kuchma, the author of the book “Ukraine is not Russia”. Self-appointed “wizards” How could Orthodox Ukraine turn into a breeding ground for sects? As early as the beginning of the 20th century. the spiritual inspirer of the future OUN* Dmitry Dontsov stated that the provisions of his ideology do not require proof – either you believe in them, or you are an enemy.

    Back in 1926, he published his conceptual work “Nationalism”, which preaches the extra-moral radicalism of hierarchical Nazism and a special, heated anti-Russian pathos, arguing that Russians supposedly do not even belong to the “reasonable person” species. RELATED ARTICLE Funeral with an axe. How pagan neo-Nazis impose their will on Ukraine The progenitor of Ukrainian neo-paganism was a certain Vladimir Shayan. In the 30s. of the last century, he allegedly received a “spiritual revelation.”

    Then, appointing himself a “sorcerer”, he put together the pagan sect “Native Faith”. During the Great Patriotic War, he joined the Ukrainian Nazis from the OUN, and later fled to Germany, where he continued to spread his teachings. His sermons were a standard vinaigrette for neo-pagans from ancient Slavic gods, Aryans and rituals invented on the knee. All this was seasoned with terry Ukrainian Nazism, in the best traditions of which Russia was considered exclusively as an occupier. Shayan’s ideas appealed to the collaborationist rabble who emigrated to the West at the end of World War II. For example, two centers of neo-paganism in Ukrainian have settled in Canada. But what was sown by Shayan gave especially abundant shoots precisely with the collapse of the USSR.

    The banner was picked up by Lev Silenko, who took on a sonorous pseudonym – Lev Tigrovich Orligora. During the war years, he worked for nationalists, and having fled to Canada, he wrote his creed in the form of a historiosophical tome “Great Faith”, created the RUN-faith (“native Ukrainian national faith”), laying in its basis a kind of “Ukrainian Empire”. It is not surprising that hothouse conditions have been created in the West for the source of this obscurantism, which, in fact, has nothing to do with paganism.

    By the beginning of the 70s. branches of RUN-faith existed in the USA, Canada, Great Britain and Australia. In the 80s. in these countries, not just communities of this sect appear, but even temples are being built. After 1991, branches of the organization began to appear in Ukraine. Its adherents regularly wrote letters to Presidents Kravchuk, Kuchma and Yushchenko demanding that Christian churches be closed and Orthodoxy abandoned. And the teachers of Lviv University went even further, having developed the program of the course “Religious Studies”, which included a deep study of RUN-faith. “Tatar-Mongols near the walls of Derbent”, artist Ismailov I.S. The temptation of ancient laws. Torture and killing of captives is a pagan past More This trend, along with other neo-pagan organizations.”

  6. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    All this stuff where Globo-homo blows up the pipelines, bombs the Kerch bridge(incinerating civilians), car-bombing poor Darya Dugina, doing all the hoaxes – Bucha, the theatre, etc and Russia never really responds shows that Putin knows his history.
    If I was a columnist and the latest of these atrocities went down, I wouldn’t jack-off my readership with fantasies of Spetznaz or Chechens or Kinzals let loose.
    I’d just tell them straight up nothing will happen in knee-jerk dip-shit retaliation, the real retaliation will be the winning of the war.
    Part of being strong, though knowing you are in a current weaker position than your enemy, is just to absorb these provocations and not make the mistake Hitler made.
    The RAF was bombing Germany for weeks before Hitler lost his patience, struck back, and straggled the British peace movement in it’s cradle.
    And for what? To make themselves feel better?
    All these pro-Russia accounts, Saker I’m thinking of, always give the impression Russia will take it’s time, and strike back in a 5d chess way with devastation, at it’s own choosing. Well that’s what the Iranians said about Soleimani, no?
    Russia and Iran cannot strike back because to attack NATO civilians would upset their Third World friends, and it’s just too ludicrously irresponsible to attack NATO militarily.
    I reckon even now, if it went full shooting war with NATO tomorrow, Russia/China would win, but Putin, like Xi & Hitler, isn’t a psychopathic maniac willing to kill so many of his own people when he doesn’t have to.
    The best response is to win the war, which Iran/Russia/China are doing in spades.

  7. ariadna
    ariadna says:

    This is a very important observation:
    “Both Trump, Hitler, and, maybe Putin as well, appear to have fallen for the Jewish trick of “mitosis” by which the Jews divide into factions and pretend to want to cut a deal with the goyim against another faction, supposedly a rival Jewish faction. Hitler made friends with the Zionists against the Bolsheviks. Trump with Chabad against the New York TimesJews. And Putin with Chabad too, supposedly against the Neocons in the West.”
    I think the Jewish tactic of feigned mitosis deserves a full essay all by itself.
    The extent to which the non-jewish leaders truly fail to recognize that alliance with one arm of the octopus to fight another, let alone the whole, is foolish varies. Trump’s intellect indicates he is easily fooled, aside from many other personal contributing factors.
    Hitler most likely never considered the zionists “allies” but thought he could use them to get rid of all of them.
    Putin’s predicament is the toughest. There is no way he can ever touch the sacred mythology of the “Russian” revolution, the impeccable morality of the heroic Red Army, or uncover the active Soviet participation in the creation of the religion of holocaustianity. Russia’s enemy for ever is “fascism,” like those powerful neo-nazis who control Ukraine…
    He can only do retail, pruning a Jewish oligarch here and there, who are “bad Russians,” not, God forbid, members in good standing of Jewish supremacism.

    • Sorel McRae
      Sorel McRae says:

      Excellent points, ariadna. If you’re on Gab, I would appreciate your cutting and pasting your comment to my Gab post on this article ( which also offers an expanded version of my comments, including the one Carolyn Yeager liked. (Thanks for saying so, Carolyn!)

      In reference to the Russian anti-“nazi” rhetoric, I added there: “I understand why the Russians do it. From their historical perspective and how much they suffered in WWII, that’s some mighty effective rhetoric for the domestic market. But internationally, I always assumed that they knew that calling everyone one opposes a Nazi is basically leftist schtick and the international left has been almost entirely co-opted by Jewish-dominated U.S. Imperialism by now. Yeah, a few cuckservatives do it too, defensively, along with D3R. But neither have any sympathy for the Russian Federation so, for international consumption at least, they might as well just drop it.”

      • ariadna
        ariadna says:

        Thank you. No, I am not on gab. Or FB, or Twitter or Sorry. I try to spare my presence on those media…
        You may, however, use it any way you wish without attribution. Or precede it by “as someone commented elsewhere on this subject,,,, ).

  8. Strange World
    Strange World says:

    Judenheit furious not to be ab-
    le to force everything under
    their thumb for just a few se-
    conds, as they’d been used to.

    (((Godley & Creme))) “Don’t wan-
    na be under your thumb forever”.

    There must be a defective gene in the
    Jewish genetic makeup which allows
    them to be so ignorant and to be con-
    vinced that everyone else is happy
    to dance to their pernicious tune.

    The only “thumbs” that Jews have to
    fear in this world, which has been ruined
    according to their insanity, are the thighs
    of a Ukrainian child-whore and the perma-
    nent danger that someone might get the
    impudent idea to expose their unholy
    “omnipotence” in front of everyone.

    That it would be a negro, of all people,
    was the last thing they expected. High
    time to stuff them spoonfuls of that bitter
    “medicine” into their gluttonous gullet,
    which they have been inflicting on all
    of us since their earthly appearance.

  9. Strange World
    Strange World says:

    This “award-winning filmmaker” is primarily con-
    cerned with disparaging and ridiculing the natu-
    ral and legitimate security needs of Europeans.

    He calls his shabby machination “Heimat” (a German,
    not a Flemish term), at the end a pensioner, whose
    trust he abused to make his own mark with the Juden-
    herrschaft, cleans his rifle and shows his Nazi medals.

    “Sam Peeters is a Belgian and British national.”
    A first clue to the true “identity” of this preten-
    ded Belgian. Another clue is his prototypical Stür-
    mer-like physiognomy (bulging lips, gross nose).

  10. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    This is great Rolo, thanks.

    I think it would be great if you write more about and teach about what really happened regarding the “Russian Revolution”, which of course as we all know was really just a Jewish supremacist takeover of that country.

    So much going on here in the states. Everyone needs to really look into the Kanye West and Kyrie Erving happenings which will reverberate for a long time to come. I heard that there are now websites/blogs, devoted to black Americans and the Jewish problem/question.

    Kyrie Irving was literally bullied into apologizing for some of his social media posts on Jews. Very sad in many ways.

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