Why White Nationalists Don’t Want a Red Wave

Originally posted on Counter-Currents, reposted on November 11, 2022; reposted with permission.

It is Friday, November 11th, 2022, and if America is the greatest nation in the world, why do we still not know the final results of Tuesday’s midterm elections?

Two things, however, are clear.

First, we knew going in to this election that no matter who wins, the losers will regard the outcome as illegitimate, because each half of the electorate regards the other half as too dangerous to hold power. This means that an American people no longer exists. Instead, there are two hostile nations — or, rather, many hostile nations arrayed against each other in two blocs — sharing the same territory and government and creeping toward the realization that separation or bloody conflict are their only long-term options.

Second, we now know there was no “red wave.” Instead, both parties will remain about equally balanced, which means more gridlock.

This is too bad for Republicans. But for White Nationalists, this is the best outcome, for three reasons.

First, the Republicans were counting on pure backlash politics to sweep them into power. They were counting on the public voting against the dastardly Democrats, so they were not interested in giving the people anything or anyone worth voting for. That would require the courage to court controversy. It would also require making promises that they would then have to break. Why do any of that when a backlash can put you in power with a blank check to do whatever your donors want? Hence, the Republicans fielded a horde of bland centrists, including large numbers of non-white and female diversity candidates. Wouldn’t you love to have listened in to the Republican conclaves that decided to run the babbling, moronic gridiron groid Herschel Walker? In short, the red wave was standard Stupid Party shenanigans. It should not have been rewarded by the voters, and it wasn’t.

Second, what White Nationalists want in a candidate is someone who caters to our interests: principally, upholding white standards in all areas of politics and culture and working to halt and then reverse white demographic decline. Barring that, we want candidates who will inject our issues into political debates, as Trump did by questioning the value of immigration and economic globalization, and who will enact legislation that will help slow the Great Replacement, particularly immigration controls.

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In this election, I was rooting for a few candidates who were more nationalist and populist than the Republican mainstream: Ron DeSantis, who won; J. D. Vance, who won; Blake Masters, whose race at this time is still undecided; and Joe Kent, whose race is also at this point undecided. I would welcome a red wave of Republicans like them, who deserve to win. Maybe in 2024, there will be more candidates like them.

Third, the wrong kind of red wave would actually be bad for whites. Under Joe Biden, millions of whites have been radicalized. They now recognize that the Left is an implacable enemy committed to the degradation, dispossession, and ultimate destruction of white America. But they do not fully see what a weak and traitorous opposition the Republicans are. Thus, a red wave would make these people feel safe again. It would lull them back to sleep. This would allow the Great Replacement to continue unabated, but under Republican leadership. But the failure of the red wave and the continuation of partisan gridlock will keep these white voters angry, agitated, and receptive to our message. That’s the best possible outcome for White Nationalists.

The most plausible objection to my position is that even bad Republicans can be useful in culture war issues like abortion. For instance, without Mitch McConnell, Merrick Garland would be on the Supreme Court and Roe v. Wade would still be law. Setting aside the questions of whether or not Garland would be less dangerous on the Supreme Court than in the Justice Department, and whether the Roe victory aided or hindered Republicans at the polls, I just don’t care about conservative culture war issues like abortion, trannies, or drag queens in libraries. Normie conservatives have those battles covered. Let them spend their political capital. We need to save ours for what matters most. Because if white people go extinct, I don’t really care if the brown people who inherit the Earth have abortions or prayer in school. By the same token, if white people could be saved, I would not care if they were still fighting about abortion and other culture war issues a hundred years from now.

My greatest fear is not being ruled by crazed Leftists, since they can only hasten the end of this system. Instead, my worst nightmare is that Republicans will crack down on crime, improve the economy, focus on conservative culture war issues, and turn dissidents into pathetic, dog-like plan trusters — all while failing to halt the Great Replacement; indeed, while putting it on firmer footing. The only thing worse than Left-wing, multicultural chaos is an orderly, stable multiculturalism — which is precisely what Right-wing civic nationalists promise us.

That includes even the best Republicans. But we have to be clear about our motives. I don’t support such people because they ultimately want what we want. I support them because they might help us get what we want, in spite of themselves, for instance by injecting our issues into political debates and by supporting policies that interrupt white demographic decline. These are genuine steps forward, genuine victories, and unlike the accelerationists, I don’t think we win by losing. We only win by winning. Ultimately, though, we won’t win with Republicans, because they simply don’t care about white people, so they will not create or restore white homelands. That task falls to White Nationalists.

If white Americans had a country of our own, we would of course support law and order, patriotism, and sound economic policies, as well as healthy families and sexual norms — precisely because they make a country stronger. When anyone publicly supports these values — even Republicans — we should of course give our verbal support. Sometimes we should even vote for them. But let’s never lose sight of the fact that America is controlled by anti-whites. It is their system now. Until we can replace them, anything that makes their system stronger makes us weaker.

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  1. jun kadres
    jun kadres says:

    This is a good point. I was struggling with whether to even bother voting next time and this clarifies it.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      Acknowledge that ” White Christians ” is an oxymoron since Christianity , with only a few minor exceptions , has at best not demonstrated any especial interest in preserving the racial integrity of White cultures and at worse has been all too often neutral or antagonistic about “saving” White cultures from extinction in this world and in this life here and now .

      Also , Whites could begin to assert racial independence and sovereignty by not continuing to follow the black lead in designating a race with a color label and instead start referring to themselves as “Nordics” rather than a color noun ; especially since the racial differences are more than mere skin color .

      • luke2236
        luke2236 says:

        Your handle is certainly apt ‘monkeytalks’ , as only a monkey or a (((troll))) would try to make this assertion. Christianity IS, and always has been , a White man’s religion and absolute Truth. IF you actually cared – which I doubt – you might actually READ the Bible and see that it describes the White race perfectly, identifies us as true, ancient Israelites and tells us plainly to be a separate people. It describes our correct governmental system also, tho none bother to heed it.
        Christianity – TRUE Christianity, not the oxymoron ‘judeoChristianity – is our people’s only hope and way forward.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          The vast majority of Nordics ( aka Whites ) are hopelessly politicly retarded . You do not appear to be an exception since Christianity facilitated or did nothing significant to oppose the genocidal existential threat against Nordics . Have you ever read any books other than the Christian NT ?

          • John D. Alder
            John D. Alder says:

            Books by biblical scholar Bart Ehrman reveal the bible to be nothing more than a collection of jewish myths , legends and superstitious nonsense.

        • Blenda Richter
          Blenda Richter says:

          “The heaviest blow which ever struck humanity was Christianity. Bolshevism is Christianity’s illegitimate child. Both are inventions of the Jew.”
          -Norman Cameron and R.H. Stevens, trans., (Oxford, 1953), Hitler’s Table-Talk, p. 7
          “Socialism is only a degenerate form of Christianity. In fact, it preserves a belief in the finality of history which betrays life and nature, which substitutes ideal ends for real ends, and contributes to enervating both the will and the imagination.” ~ Albert Camus

  2. John Alder
    John Alder says:

    Excellent points made ! For far too long Whites deluded themselves into thinking they were buying our side time but it turns out we were buying time for our enemies which is why we are where we are now. Trump recently accepted a baubel from the Zionist Organization of America and told them he was with them all the way. He clearly offers Whites no hope. We really must stop settling for less.

  3. Karl Haemers
    Karl Haemers says:

    “…law and order, patriotism, and sound economic policies, as well as healthy families and sexual norms — precisely because they make a country stronger.”
    We all what this is, don’t we? Fascism! Is it time yet for the 3rd Position? How bad does the gridlock sell-out have to get to make the right-wing voters agitated enough to vote 3rd Position? I say the time is now.

    I have serious misgivings about Vance. Isn’t he a philo-semite and cuck?

  4. Sorel McRae
    Sorel McRae says:

    I would say the greatest danger is any outcome that encourages greater neocon war provocations. Aside from the attendant mass death and destruction, normies can’t understand and don’t much care who is really responsible: if “the country” is at war, they will rally around the flag like moths to the flame, lemmings to the cliff, sheep to slaughter, etc., whether it is in Europe, Asia, or the Middle East. Unfortunately, even the “better” Republicans on Ukraine are mostly worse on China and none (except Thomas Massey of Kentucky) will stand up to Israel.

    U.S. imperial collapse, like that of the Soviet Union, seems to be the only “solution.” It will be rough but I see no way around it but through it. In the meantime, we should do whatever we can to oppose all U.S. military adventures abroad no matter what shiny objectives (e.g., Ukrainian nationalism, Taiwan/Tibet/Uighur independence/autonomy, Kurdish separatism, etc.) they opportunistically manipulate and pretend to support.

  5. Seamus B.
    Seamus B. says:

    1st step: make yourself, your home, and your loved ones a Hardened Target against crime. Next, practice Freedom of Association by surrounding yourself and surrounding your family with like-minded Europeans/Whites. The old dictum ‘keep your friends close, your enemies closer’ still applies and means keep your finger on the pulse of the degenerate world outside your home. You don’t need cable or satellite subscriptions to do this. Just radios and the internet. Cancel those subscriptions which only lull us into complacency. Discuss these things with your White like-minded family and friends. Keep your mind active and challenged, keep your body active and challenged. These are first steps.

    ATBOTL says:

    During this election season, I was sickened to see so many people who claim to be white nationalists shilling for the GOP, even shilling for a Turkish citizen muslim named Mohammed because he ran as a Republican. I saw “white nationalists” getting angry at white people for not wanting to vote for a foreign muslim. Absolutely sick.

    This fence sitting has to stop. Many of the de facto leaders in the pro-white movement act like GOP operatives trying to turn out the vote. It didn’t used to be like this. When I became a white nationalist over thirty years ago, I joined a radical movement that was was 100% anti-establishment and militant.

    It’s outrageous that an article like this would need to be written. The pro-white movement need to do a lot of soul searching about how it turned into little more than a Republican Party fan club.

    • John D. Alder
      John D. Alder says:

      You are 100% correct ! We must stop settling for less and stop grasping at straws and deceiving ourselves into thinking those political whores are on our side. They should all (including Trump and Desantis) put a letter U in a circle on their campaign material. It’s called truth in advertising.

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