The Change We Need Will Not Occur Until We Have Nothing Left to Lose

The recent mid-term election results which many people predicted would be a “red wave” throughout the U.S. proved at best to be a red drizzle. It was not what many political conservatives wanted although, in fairness, the Democrats lost several seats in the House of Representatives where the GOP will have a slim majority.

Many have rightly wondered why there wasn’t a greater displacement of Democrat incumbents when Biden’s presidency has been such a dismal failure? What didn’t the American people see?

We are now facing a serious recession, and things don’t look like they’ll improve anytime soon. Crime in our major cities is at skyrocketing levels, and seemingly none of our elected leaders want to face the reality of Black criminality. Our southern border is daily overridden by illegals, and the current administration is simply processing and busing them to various cities throughout the country (landing many of them in the Whitest parts too!).

We are also engaged in a proxy war on behalf of Ukraine against Russia – a country that has largest nuclear stockpile in the world (approximately 4,300 compared to America’s 3,600 nuclear missiles). Why would any rational nation instigate conflict with another nation that not only has a larger nuclear arsenal, but which in the end could lead to the extinction of all human life? Despite Trump’s faults, none of this would have occurred under his presidency.

Yet apparently half the country refused to eject incumbent democrats who, along with President Biden, are largely the source of so many of our national problems. The republicans, of course, have their own set of troubles. But they are not bent on radicalizing the country as the democrats are.

How, then, could Americans not see what is so patently obvious?

I’ve tried to make sense of this, and I keep coming back to the hard truth that most Americans are still too wealthy, well-fed and comfortable. They have not yet felt the consequences of their voting decisions. Their voting thought process is very much theoretical and ideological. Little if any of it is down-to-earth, real-life, and practical. It’s nearly impossible for many Americans to think their vote will lead to destructive consequences that will directly affect them and the entire nation when they still have jobs, can still meet their mortgage demands, take their annual vacation, purchase a new car, plan for their retirement, and still have food on the table.

It’s easy to virtue signal when one is not required to sacrifice anything of themselves. It’s easy to support the violence that Black Lives Matter thugs and Antifa engage in when it’s not occurring in one’s own city. It’s easy to support progressive social policies when one is detached from its immediate consequences and has the wealth and resources to move somewhere else if necessary. It’s easy to support open borders policies when one is not directly impacted by illegal aliens and the sorts of problems they bring. Wealth, comfort, and the generally American good life can easily lull us into a false sense of security, a feeling that we are immune from the impact of our voting choices.

This is perhaps the greatest problem with accumulating wealth, materialism, and having abundance. It blinds us to reality. It clouds our vision from the truly important things in life. It’s not that possessing riches is a bad thing by itself, but only that it has negative intoxicating effects when we allow them to consume us.

This may partly explain why so many Americans failed to vote against Democrats in this most recent election. Their lives, apparently, had not been impacted by Biden’s buffoonery, poor decisions, and failed leadership. The Democrats took no responsibility for the economy, their handling of the Covid pandemic, nor for the burning and looting that occurred in the Summer of George which they spurred on as a means of ridding the nation of President Trump.

And that’s where the crux of the matter seems to be. When voters do not directly feel the effects of their poor voting habits, there is no reason to believe they will change them. Yet the substantial change in outlook that we envision for White Americans will likely not occur until massive numbers of our people have suffered great losses in terms of finances and overall comfort. The kind of lifestyle they’ve become accustomed to must be radically altered if we expect the greater majority to hear our message.  

When their pensions are reduced or taken from them altogether, when they can no longer afford their mortgages, when they’re denied employment because they are seen as the “White oppressor class,” when everything they have worked for has been taken from them, when they feel a complete sense of despair – then and only then will their eyes start to open in ways we have envisioned.

Their noses must be rubbed in the feces of ‘diversity’ dogma, and most need to experience being robbed and beaten by a Black thug on a public transit bus before they will come to their racial senses.

Whites will not come to our views en masse based on racial statistics. They will not do so no matter how much evidence we provide proving Jewish political power, influence and cultural subversion. No matter how much we expose Democrat corruption, they will not believe us. The deception is much too deep among White Americans, especially when one realizes that we have been daily propagandized to hate ourselves and our country for the past 70 years.

Take away their comforts, however, including their wealth, their sense of security, their personal safety – and then the pitchforks start to come out. But not until then. We are still much too comfortable. We still have too much food on our tables. We still have money (although even that is starting to diminish). We are still supportive of the very ‘system’ that hates us and seeks to replace us. We haven’t seen the ‘Beast’ for who and what it is.

Yet this is what it takes to awaken a people who have been daily demoralized since the end of World War II. This is what it takes to awaken Whites who have willingly allowed themselves to be duped by endless wealth and materialism. This is what it takes to open the eyes of White people who believe that Blacks and illegal aliens are “just like us.” This is what it takes to racially motivate Whites addicted to Black sports and mind-numbing entertainment.

Inconvenient facts either don’t matter or matter very little to a people who are so gullible as to believe that “all humans and cultures are equal.” These kinds only learn by being stomped on, by feeling the boot on their face – and even then, there are no guarantees.

Yet this is probably what needs to happen. Wealth and comfort won’t do it. Only the sobriety that poverty, denial of rights as Americans, “cultural enrichment” that come from Black beatdowns, the complete collapse of the American dollar, the loss or reduction of our 401k retirement plans, and the like. This will accomplish what no racial crime statistics or racial IQ data could ever do.

The German people did not come to their senses regarding the parasites among them until the end of World War I (e.g., the great ‘stab-in-the-back’).  It was only after suffering poverty, great monetary loss, and starvation that the German people came to their senses. It was only after Germans were forced to beg, and to sell themselves and even their children as prostitutes that they started to awaken from their prior slumber. It was only after their currency became worthless that the German people began to see what they should have seen years earlier.

I fear this is what must happen to White Americans if they are to change their current predicament. I do not wish it. I don’t want to see anyone suffer. But it seems inevitable since nothing else has awakened them. And it will be all the more difficult because of the massive numbers of non-Whites imported in recent decades.

So, as much as I was disappointed by the mid-term elections, I realized that not enough White people throughout the nation have suffered in the ways I have expressed in this article. When this occurs, the scales over their eyes that currently cloud their vision will fall off (at least for most).

This is because most White liberal Democrats and racially naïve Republicans still possess a sense of personal survival. Granted, many of them do not, and they will fall by the wayside. But most do. The problem is that this inherent sense of survival has not yet been fully tested.

But that day is rapidly approaching.

All the virtue signaling, Black worship, and Jew obeisance will largely end when White Americans have real issues to be concerned about – namely, where their next meal is going to come from, how to pay their costly mortgages, how to secure employment, affordable health care, and not being robbed my marauding Black criminals in their cities.

There is, however, still some good news that came out of the mid-term elections – namely, the continuance of government gridlock which would largely prevent Democrats from accomplishing all they want. Greg Johnson at the ‘Counter Currents’ website explains:

“The wrong kind of red wave would actually be bad for whites. Under Joe Biden, millions of whites have been radicalized. They now recognize that the Left is an implacable enemy committed to the degradation, dispossession, and ultimate destruction of white America. But they do not fully see what a weak and traitorous opposition the Republicans are. Thus, a red wave would make these people feel safe again. It would lull them back to sleep. This would allow the Great Replacement to continue unabated, but under Republican leadership. But the failure of the red wave and the continuation of partisan gridlock will keep these white voters angry, agitated, and receptive to our message. That’s the best possible outcome for White Nationalists” (“Why White Nationalists Don’t Want a Red Wave,” Nov. 11, 2022).

If the Democrats continue their campaign to destroy America by crashing its economy, by ignoring or excusing soaring crime rates, by promoting the most deviant and soul-destroying social trends, and by seeing “white supremacy” as their greatest threat, then it’s possible they will make life for all of us so unbearable that a republican presidency is practically guaranteed.

The only question is: Will White Americans learn anything from it?


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  1. Sylvia
    Sylvia says:

    Great article.

    But I do wonder if patriotic White Christians as a group are suicidal.

    Maybe no amount of deprivation or crime will convince them to not swallow the lies of the Left and corporate media.

    When mobs of minorities enter their homes, loot, and rape, maybe Whites will just say to themselves that they have to accept a more degraded lifestyle. They may even revel in their new lowly status as the nice, liberal thing to do.

    When things get really bad here Jews may simply move to Israel. I wonder how many of them have their cash stashed overseas.

    • RockaBoatus
      RockaBoatus says:

      “But I do wonder if patriotic White Christians as a group are suicidal” – Thanks for the kind comment. I don’t deny that White Christians in the U.S. are part of the problem since so many of them are “Christian Zionists” and are just as cucked on racial matters as White liberals. But that’s slowly changing.

      There is a growing acceptance among White patriotic Christians of racial realities, and many of them are seeing for the first time in their lives that the federal government itself has morphed into a tyrannical Beast that can’t be “reformed” or “saved.”

      The mood has changed among White patriots throughout the nation. The kinds of racial truths we spoke about just 7 years ago is much more acceptable today. Even the JQ is starting to make a public breakthrough, and a growing number of Americans are listening.

      Remember as well that White American Christians in large part hold very conservative social and political opinions. They are more aligned with our values than with the values of White liberals on most things. Christians don’t beat up people when they discover they believe differently than themselves. They don’t go around seeking to get other Americans fired from their jobs (unless a public-school teacher is hell-bent trying on trying to shove LGBTQ “values” down the throats of her students!). They are naive on racial matters, no doubt, but they are more inclined to hear our message than some liberal U.C. Berkeley graduate.

      So, as you and many TOO readers are aware, this is not a time to be in total despair. Granted, we are living in a dark era, and I suspect it will get worse. Yet we are also living in an exciting period too in which the Jewish cabal and the self-destruction of liberal social policies are seemingly starting to reach their end. People can only take so much insanity before they rebel, and the entire system implodes.

      I would also add that there is still a sizable portion of Christians in America who refuse to identify with “Christian Zionism.” These are mostly Protestant Reformed churches, Reformed Baptist churches and Christian Theonomists who have written extensively against Scofield Dispensationalism. A growing number of evangelicals are also starting to question and challenge the State of Israel’s treatment of the Palestinian people. When this occurs, there starts to grow an inevitable suspicion of Israel and of Jews themselves. This is why Jews work so hard to prevent the slightest degree of sympathy toward the Palestinian people on social media, mainstream news, and throughout our American universities.

      All of this shows that a shift is occurring among American Christians that’s very different from a decade prior. Granted, it’s not yet where I would like it to be. But there’s a growing confidence that among White Christians in America, a change in perspective is taking place.

      • Karen Conley
        Karen Conley says:

        Thank you for your kind words about Reformed Churches. I am Reformed, a five point Calvinist. Most people don’t understand or even try to understand Reformed theology, instead, they criticize it and claim that we are intolerant. No, we just speak the truth.

  2. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    The writer of this fine article correctly states “I’ve tried to make sense of this, and I keep coming back to the hard truth that most Americans are still too wealthy, well-fed and comfortable.”

    Quite true! Fear of economic loss, more than any other single issue, is the reason why many writers and most commenters on this TOO website either do not use their real name or their full name.

    As the title of this essay succinctly points out, most Whites still believe they have too much to lose.

    As has been said, ‘While our friends, relatives and coworkers may despise us for what we do, our descendants will despise us for what we did not do’.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      …” and I keep coming back to the hard truth that most Americans are still too wealthy, well-fed and comfortable. ”

      They are at the apex of the boom part of the boom-bust economic cycle that is also known as the beginning of “the jew’s harvest” when financial slaughter houses open their doors to huge inflows of transferred wealth from mostly the middle classes . The worldwide 1929 Great Depression will soon become the second greatest on record jewish harvest .

      Sufficient dedication to the

      {{{ P r i m a l – P R I M E Directive }}}

      for humanity to thrive-n-survive beyond the

      {{ Solar TOTAL Extinction Event }}

      effectively puts an end to the inordinate economic slaughter of “the jew’s harvest”.

      {{{ The Primal-PRIME Directive }}}

      was previously called

      {{{ The PRIME Directive }}}

      and also

      {{{ The PRIMAL Directive }}} .

  3. Chris
    Chris says:

    Rings true. But I worry about the plethora of examples of family members of white murder victims “forgiving” the murderer and being willingly enlisted by shitlibs to publicly denounce bigotry and “those who would exploit our tragedy”.

    Maybe not even being victims of minority depredations would be enough. Maybe the lessons are so deeply absorbed that they cannot be dislodged by even pain/the will to live?

  4. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    Another big ass Bingo, Rockey. The clueless White milk herd is still ambling about in the land of make believe, oblivious to the encroaching dangers.

    Meanwhile, it’s vital to build an informed White leadership cadre to prepare for the coming debacle. The disbelievers, deniers and dispossessed will need the counter-revolutionary leadership that ethnically motivated groups like the National Justice Party, and others can provide.

  5. Anonyma
    Anonyma says:

    The problem is there is no real sense of being a unified Volk among white Americans as there is in Europe.

    White Americans are hyper individualistic and see themselves as individuals who come together to create economic prosperity rather than as a unified ethnicity with shared interests. This has made them easy prey for highly collectivist ethnocentric outgroups like Jews who form coalitions with other hostile out groups with deep rooted grievances against whites – like blacks and Hispanics.

    I can’t see you white Americans voting your way out of this at this stage. There are simply too many non whites in the US who all vote Democrat.

    Your only solution is either secession or a revolution. Otherwise the fate of white South Africans should serve as a model of what will happen to you if you hand over power and resources to your enemies.

  6. Birhan Dargey
    Birhan Dargey says:

    YES..Even though GOP victories were possible thanks to more than 60%+ WHITE voters the GOP/RINOS HATE white Christian deplorables. There are many lessons after the 2022 (s)ELECTIONS..1) Most people in the USA accept the MSM jewish media version of REALITY, a fake narrative that nevertheless is accepted by most Americans even the GOP leadership. Inmediately after the 2022 elections the MSM set the narrative agenda: blame Trump for all bad, MAGA is losing, etc. BUT Most MAGA candidates won, GOP MAGA won the POPULAR spite of that WE dont see huge Victory parades for the GOP winners?? the GOP is not celebrating its gains but is accepting the MSM narrative of its losses thus demolaralizing its base. 2) The GOP/MAGA urgently need an alternative MEDIA national apparatus to rival CNN/MSNBC/CBS/ABC/NPR even FOX…such media would wipe out all MSM in a single year. 3) Sadly the USA Elections are becoming like Olympics professional sports. IT doesn’t who the best competitor is..what matters is who is taking the best drugs/ who is doing the best CHEATING. DEM political actvists publicly mocking the GOP/MAGA said IT clearly..we are cheating..because we want to win..USA elections is about raw unscrupolous power..The BLUE MODEL of tyranny means that DEM dominated states will enshrined CHEATING methods to keep power like CA NE OR WA NY etc. 4) YES WHITE gentile Americans YOU are alone. It seems that unless whites develop their RACIAL CULTURAL CONCIOUSNESS they won’t survive. Such task is probably impossible in a jew dominated nation..any/all expressions of WHITE consciousness political/social/cultural/ECONOMIC will be labeled and persecuted/prosecuted as White racists supremacists terrorists..WHITE people will never be allowed to have their own PARTY/Lobby/PAC/Media/Institutions/Culture/ …as the Franfurt/Salinsky jewish school/ideology pursues is WHITE CHISTIAN GENOCIDE..CRT.. they seem Unstoppable…Will WHITE Christian Evangelical (zionists) stop worrying$$$ about the survival of Israel and focus on their OWN survival??

  7. todd hupp
    todd hupp says:

    Bankman-Fried is an example of the aggressive infiltration of the USA financial system and government by Jewish operatives. He was a regular “advisor” to Biden/Klain at the White House and major donor to progressive candidates. It is being reported the Ukrainian Jewish President has been using American cash aid to purchase bit coin from Bankman for secret distribution back to certain USA progressive and pro war operatives. The American public does not seem to perceive or understand the Jewish takeover that is occurring.

    McCarthy-a Christian white- may be able to curtail this ,somewhat, in the House. Yet the Senate will be controlled by Schumer; while the Biden Administration remains solidly Jewish.

  8. Michael Fury
    Michael Fury says:

    Even as rising, rain-redolent wind

    And the distant trembling it carries portend

    For the wary the coming of storms

    Whose energies the most terrible bombs

    Cannot rival, so for men in those days

    With sense intact the time to agonize

    Was past, the facts these lines belabor

    Unmistakable signals to prepare.

    As a man prepares his family home

    To face the hurricane, their wisdom

    Shaped all that remained in their favor

    For that imminent, momentous war

    That would decide the future, the fate

    Of the infant not yet risen to his feet.

  9. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Very good Rock, thanks.

    It’s a combination of so many things. The herd mentality of about a third of the population will always have its effects.

    Just to note. The top three donors for 2022’s mid-terms were:
    1. George Soros
    2. Sam Bankman Fried
    3. Michael Bloomberg.

    And we all know what racial group they belong to.

    In regards Bankman-Fried, the collapse of his “Crypto Exchange” FTX, is turning out It seems, to be one of the biggest money laundering schemes of all time. Fascinatingly enough, it is all tied into the top layers of the Democratic Party and Ukraine. FTX was basically transferring money from investors and depositors to it’s sister company, Alameda Research, they were then trading it, sending it to Ukraine, and then Ukraine was kicking money back to the Democratic Party. I haven’t spent that much time looking into it but as I have, everyone involved – Jews. For as far as the eye can see.

    Here is a story on it from Fox, Jesse Waters which is of course msm. They don’t mention the Jewish involvement in the the whole thing but all you have to do is watch and anyone with a pulse can put two and two together. There are video’s on Gab going more into the Jewish involvement but I don’t have time right now to go and look for them at the moment. You will definitely get the picture from this msm piece though.

    Also, if you look at an election map of New York, and Illinois, you will see that both states, are almost all blood red, except for the cities. I kid you not. So how are we loosing to Democrats? Democrat party donations, all coming from the Jews have a lot to do with it.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      Good points. It is a fact that whenever there is a financial loss, there is an equal financial gain, though usually the losers are numbered in the thousands or more and the winners in perhaps a dozen or less.

      Yet the media never mentions this, whether it be the ‘crash’ of 1929, 2008, or the “Crypto Exchange” FTX.

      It takes little imagination to figure out why the winners, or even their very existence, is censored by the media. After all, who owns the media?

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        Harvard’s Larry Summers’ second Jewish rape of Russia, under his Washingtom mandate to privatize the Soviet economy, falls under your first paragraph.

        Ably assisted by his close friend and Harvard Economics Professor, Moscow-born jew Shlifer; managing their Moscow staff in luxurious offices; amply remunerated and encouraged by US taxpayer-funded meals and junkets.

        First. 1917, then Summers, now Zelensky.



        Save a round of laxatives and WATCH THIS LIVE.

  10. HamburgerToday
    HamburgerToday says:

    Blaming White people for the failure of the GOP to craft an effective electoral strategy is like blaming the audience for not paying to see a film this badly written, badly shot and whose characters say how much they hate the audience.

    • RockaBoatus
      RockaBoatus says:

      Thanks HT. I’m not blaming Whites for the failure of the GOP, but for so many of them not discerning what we are now facing in America. Millions of White Americans are still supportive of the Democrat Party, a party that has explicitly declared its hatred for White people. The anti-White rhetoric spewing from our government and its complicit media is undeniable.

      How can they not see this unless their collective heads are deeply buried in the sand? Thus, nothing less than a serious wakeup call in the form of poverty, suffering, loss of income, the collapse of the American dollar, and direct racial attacks on Whites seems to be the only thing that might do it. No guarantees, of course.

      Granted, the GOP is nothing to largely rave about, and there is much to criticize about the party. But when you have only two political choices, it seems to me that at least for the time being it’s probably best to side with the Republican Party so as to slow our nation’s downward spiral.

  11. Heinrich Metelmann
    Heinrich Metelmann says:

    Will Whites really be capable of revolt ? This question is of paramount importance. I am not convinced they will be capable.

    • RockaBoatus
      RockaBoatus says:

      They may not. Yet, it’s amazing what people are capable of when their backs are pushed up against a wall and they have no place to turn. This is, I fear, what must happen although I would be glad if never occurred.

      Consider, however, how a growing number of Whites have come to our position, including the many Whites throughout the nation who are now listening and discussing racial matters they would have never entertained just seven years ago.

  12. Pat Kittle
    Pat Kittle says:

    “Russia – a country that has largest nuclear stockpile in the world (approximately 4,300 compared to America’s 3,600 nuclear missiles). Why would any rational nation instigate conflict with another nation that not only has a larger nuclear arsenal…”

    The nuke tally is a relic of the 1st Cold War, which someone likened to two men standing in a basement up to their knees in gasoline, arguing about who has more matches.

  13. Bill White
    Bill White says:

    This article overlooks the occurrence of vote fraud. The 2020 election outcome was flipped due to vote fraud. This probably happened in some states in 2022 as well.

    This said, it is true that large numbers of Whites are still under the “anti-racist” ideological spell. But this article also overlooks the effect of censorship. Most White people have never heard voices like ours. They have not heard the facts about Jewish power, what actually happened in history. the statistics that establish the racial realist case, etc. So it is not the case that the majority of our people are simply still too comfortable and therefore choose anti-racist virtue signaling over survival. Rather, many of them have yet to hear the facts and arguments that would disabuse them of their illusions due to the censorship of dissenting voices from the mainstream media and social media.

    Another reason we are not doing better in getting through to our people is that we do not have a credible organized political movement and leadership to point to with a well-thought out alternative political vision of our own. Our message is still too focused on what is wrong with current society rather than on what we would replace it with. We need a credible, attractive, positive program which we could implement if we were to achieve power.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      It is unfortunate that your apt and insightful perspective will probably not attract even a tenth of the interest that it should. The conventionality of the article’s author’s “wisdom” is a cul de sac, however attractive many readers may find it.

      The problem of vote fraud is one that the author is virtually blind to. He seems barely even to be aware of its significance and extent, let alone care about informing himself about it. An attitude of indifference with respect to a central factor of political function, especially as the United States moves ever closer to being an unapologetic police state, ipso facto undercuts the bona fides of a man who manifests such indifference. Nothing intellectually and morally sound can come of counsel founded upon culpable ignorance.

    • RockaBoatus
      RockaBoatus says:

      “This article overlooks the occurrence of vote fraud” – I’m sure there was some degree of voter fraud. There always is when dealing with the Democrat Party. The question is whether there was a sufficient amount of voting fraud so as to completely thwart the will of the American people? Or were the results a reflection of the increasing division among Americans on social and political issues? Voter fraud must be proven and not merely asserted.

      “So it is not the case that the majority of our people are simply still too comfortable and therefore choose anti-racist virtue signaling over survival. Rather, many of them have yet to hear the facts and arguments that would disabuse them of their illusions due to the censorship of dissenting voices from the mainstream media and social media” – Thinking that giving race-realist facts and arguments to Whites “would disabuse them of their allusions” (a point I addressed in my article) is rather naive in my opinion.

      Your argument assumes that Whites simply need good information, and then they’ll realize how wrong they’ve been and come to our side. Sorry, but it hasn’t happened in the past and it won’t happen now. Huge numbers of Whites are unable and unwilling to think carefully and critically about the things we believe. The anti-White propaganda we’ve been fed as Whites for the past 70 years has practically morphed into a religion which few Whites dare to blaspheme. Even if many of them concluded that we were right, they still wouldn’t say or do anything about it because they don’t want to be disliked, de-platformed, or be criticized by family and friends. Far too many Whites want to be liked by others rather than be valiant for the Truth.

      Some of your other comments are solid and I would agree with them.

      • Bill White
        Bill White says:

        “The question is whether there was a sufficient amount of voting fraud so as to completely thwart the will of the American people” I recall watching Red Ice’s election night coverage of the 2020 Presidential election. When I turned it off to go to sleep around 1am Trump had enough of a lead that it was virtually impossible for him to lose. Then the Antifa Overnight Express showed up through the night at election centers in Detroit, Milwaukee, Philadelphia and Atlanta and delivered box load after box load of absentee ballots, all for Biden. This was enough to flip the four states involved. Arizona’s results were flipped as well. This was enough to change the election outcome.

        Civ-Nat “conservative” Dinesh d’Souza’s film *2000 Mules* made a convincing case for the election being flipped due to massive ballot harvesting alone, without even taking into consideration the massive number of fraudulent absentee ballots.

        I haven’t seen any data about the 2022 election yet but I’d be surprised if there hadn’t been massive vote fraud here as well. Vote fraud has been institutionalized by now.

        “Your argument assumes that Whites simply need good information, and then they’ll realize how wrong they’ve been and come to our side.” I’m not assuming that it will be this simple. When people have been subjected to massive brainwashing all their life, and to question their brainwashing is to risk losing their career and friends, it will not be enough for many people to hear the truth spoken once or twice for it to sink in.

        It remains essential for the facts to be presented accurately and clearly. But for this to have an effect the truthful voices must be heard much more frequently and loudly to challenge the constant stream of lies and psyops. Most people are busy with their personal lives and are not scholars in the habit of reading and critical thinking. So they are vulnerable to psychological warfare programming. Rather than simply dismissing these people as hopeless I recognize that they are victims of psychological conditioning and that to get through to them it will be necessary to break through the “anti-racist” spell that renders them impervious to common sense reasoning by persisting in speaking truth and skewering the lies.

        It is censorship plus massive propaganda plus economic dependency on the enemy (and subsequent vulnerability to “cancellation”) that creates the anti-racist spell. Granted that it will not be easy to break this spell.

        Where I think I disagree with you is in your apparent assumption that the opinions of White people who have succumbed to this brainwashing are their genuine opinions formed after due consideration of the facts presented in a fair and full public debate. In fact there has been no such public debate because our voices have never been allowed a fair hearing. Instead, most White people’s opinions have been shaped by propaganda and psychological conditioning like that carried out by the post WWII “mass communications clique” as Andrew Joyce called them in his excellent article “Modify the Standards of the In-Group: On Jews and Mass Communications”

        We should never lose sight of the fact that many of our people’s opinions have been shaped by con-artistry, not genuine persuasion. So we should not write off our people as simply innately pathologically altruistic. They are victims of brainwashing, not suicidal fools.

        The truth is still what sets minds free, even if this is not easy to accomplish. We have to be persistent and not give up hope. The more people that wake up, the easier it gets to wake up still more. At some point, the red-pilling attains critical mass and then goes viral. That is what the censorship is intended to prevent. We are now making steady progress. Kanye and Dave Chapelle have fired the latest salvos to help the process along. This will red-pill White people as well as Black.

        I see more reason for hope in gathering numbers of red-pilled White people reaching critical mass than in accelerationist fantasies of hardship finally breaking the anti-racist spell over White minds.

        • RockaBoatus
          RockaBoatus says:

          Thanks Bill for your thought-provoking response. You made some valid points that I would generally agree with. But by way of clarification, I’ll make a few brief replies.

          1. I’m aware of Dinesh d’Souza’s film “2000 Mules” which makes an interesting case for massive voter fraud, but not necessarily a conclusively proven case. Other conservatives have had issues with it as well. The problem is that while one can indeed point to instances of apparent voter fraud that are circumstantial in nature, this is not the same as wholly proving one’s claims without a shadow of doubt. Could Dinesh successfully make the same case in a court of law and have it upheld (assuming that the participants are truly neutral and objective)? I tend to doubt this.

          The subject matter is complex, and with states having different voting laws, it’s nearly impossible to conclude with any definitive certainty. I’m inclined to agree with Dinesh, but then I recall how generally stupid and self-deceived Americans are in relation to social and political matters. The dumbing-down of Americans for the past 50 years has been effective and well played.

          2. “We should never lose sight of the fact that many of our people’s opinions have been shaped by con-artistry, not genuine persuasion. So we should not write off our people as simply innately pathologically altruistic. They are victims of brainwashing, not suicidal fools” – Yes, of course, and I had pointed this out in my article. I’m ‘writing off’ some or even a sizable number of them, but not all of them. As I pointed out in my article, most racially naive Whites will be forced to see things as they are because of their innate sense of personal survival.

          Yes, of course, we should seek to reason with racially gullible Whites. Whoever said we shouldn’t? At the same time, we must face the depth of our people’s level of deception which no facts, no amount of information – no matter how persuasively it might be presented – will convince them. They will not likely come to our position until they first experience the sort of tribulations I mentioned in my article. And even then, many of them will still refuse to acknowledge that which should be patently obvious to them. The degree to which people are self-deceived and cemented in their thinking staggers the mind.

          3. In spite of what you might think, I too am hopeful for our people. I am not an “accelerationist” as I don’t want nor intend to accelerate anything. I’m simply pointing out a real and possible scenario that Whites may likely face, a scenario that’s based on human nature, and not one that’s limited to trying to ‘red pill’ them based mostly on Black crime statistics, racial IQ comparisons, and information such as that. We should employ all reasonable and effective methods to help awaken our people, but the harsh realities of adversity often prove more effective.

          • Bill White
            Bill White says:

            (1) The election fraud in 2020 would have been readily provable in a proper investigation. This investigation was, of course, not conducted, anymore than a proper investigation of the 9-11 Israeli false flag black op, the Israeli attack on the USS LIberty or the Israeli assassination of JFK was conducted.

            The fact that there was election fraud should be obvious from the box loads of absentee ballots showing up in the early morning hours after the election in Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia and Atlanta in sufficient numbers to flip the states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia from Trump to Biden. The final result was 306 electoral votes for Biden and 232 electoral votes for Trump. The four flipped states together cast 62 electoral votes. If these votes had been added to Trump’s column then Trump would have won the election with 294 votes to Biden’s 244.

            (2) I take exception to your description of Americans as “self-deceived.” No. They have *been* deceived, if deceived is even the proper word for such a massive protracted campaign of indoctrination and psychological manipulation as White Americans have been subjected to over the last half century and more.

            We are in an undeclared war by other means in which the enemy has used financial dominance and media control to deploy sophisticated psywar tactics. Most Americans are oblivious to this fact, though many of them are now aware that something is terribly wrong. They have not done this to themselves.

            (3) You say that “the harsh realities of adversity often prove more effective” than red pilling with racial realist and historical facts. There is another dimension you haven’t mentioned, which, like the will to survive, is also is a matter of human nature. I refer to the social-psychological phenomenon of most people being unwilling to go out on a limb and adopt an unpopular position, especially one which has been tarred with associations of moral opprobrium and which might bring negative personal consequences.

            The existence and public visibility of a core of White people who have freed their minds, kicked over the traces, and forthrightly asserted their right to have their own homogeneously White homelands without disaster befalling them would make other White people feel free to do likewise. The presence of these White people who had articulated what other White people could feel to be a fair assertion of *our* rights, would psychologically liberate or empower through example those other White people to follow suit. Instead of being more or less uncomfortable at being perceived as “racist” they would feel rightfully empowered to assert our own group rights, just like the other ethnicities and races do. They would see that they were not alone and that other White people would be standing next to them behind the barricades. There could also then be expectations of mutual aid, including in practical economic matters.

            (4) Not only do White people need some leading exemplars to blazon a path which they could then feel free to take themselves, they need this path to be morally justifiable.

            Kevin MacDonald has pointed out how White people in particular among the races tend to be individualists who form moral communities based on reputation and adherence to universal values. White people tend to be low in ethnocentrism. It is only when they realize that they are confronting ethnocentric collectivist groups in ruthless competition for resources and power that they might be spurred into their own ethnocentric collectivism. In *Separation and its Discontents* KM cites the examples of the Late Antique and Medieval Roman Catholic Church, the Spanish Inquisition and 20th century German National Socialism.

            White people want – perhaps *need* – to feel they are morally justified in order to be spurred to their most profound efforts. Not only this, we really desire to be inspired by a positive vision of what could be accomplished rather than pursuing a merely selfish one.

            That is why it is necessary for there to be a leading core of White people who articulate a pro-White political program which is both pragmatic and which our people can feel to be morally just – and if possible even positively beneficial to others as well as to ourselves – so as to be able to galvanize our people. Then our hearts would catch fire at last.

            (5) Nevertheless, I will still agree with you that survival necessity has the potential to galvanize us as well.

            For me, it is a combination of survival necessity and a sense of how much better things might be for us and for others as well that lights a fire in my heart.

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            Agreed .

            In the meantime , a WN ethnostate-like sanctuary in the USA Northwest region needs to be established with assistance for all Nordics whom need to evacuate from their potentially lethal socio-political residential environment .

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          ” When people have been subjected to massive brainwashing all their life, and to question their brainwashing is to risk losing their career and friends, it will not be enough for many people to hear the truth spoken once or twice for it to sink in.”

          Superb observation .

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        01 I distinctly recall a video, taped from a ceiling position over a ca. 3,000 square feet, ground floor vote counting room, which was cleared before noon for the rest o the day, BECAUSE, A FLOOR ABOVE – A TOILET WAS FLOODING.

        02 After said floor was cleared of counting personnel for the rest of the day, the uninterupted tape showed SEVERAL personnel returning and buisily tabulating.

        03 Any idiot could boot the fragile, 3/8th valve , feeding the toilet tank of the now conveniently life-endangering toilet, a floor above. Any building janitor would know the location, in the basement, on the adjacent street side of the incoming main feed for the entire building and turn it off until he locates that floor’s specific disconnect. .

        04 HOWEVER, you can steal incomparably more votes by manufacturing false narratives, CENSORSHIP, and de-platforming, by DISINFORMING the voter months BEFOREHAND.

        05 Contemplate last week’s display of a map of the US, with Mandarin lettering, displayed in the House, originating from Hunter’s LAPTOP FROM HELL, used to proffer US drilling rights and EVEN refineries to Peking !!!.

        06 Throw in innumerable, amusingly transparent false flag operations, both large and small, and you will conclude, that there is no methodological light between the STASI and the fifteen selected US Intelligence Chiefs who witnessed falsely against Trump: STEALING VOTES from the GOP !. Shameles LIGHTS UNTO THE WORLD: in reality, setting it alight !

  14. Bernard Till
    Bernard Till says:

    I disagree about the root of the problem. I think that people are fully aware and they do NOT want the current regime
    and its’ economy wrecking policies.
    I strongly believe that the left cheated, and will continue to do so because the GOP is both weak and stupid.

  15. MisterBlaine
    MisterBlaine says:

    Americans have been able to live an exorbitant lifestyle, relative to the rest of the world, due to the hegemonic power of the US dollar as global reserve currency. This lifestyle includes massive military spending, and a comfortable existence for at least half of its population. As long as the US dollar maintains its powerful position, not much of anything will really change. Why should it?

    • RockaBoatus
      RockaBoatus says:

      “Feminism is the root cause” – Feminism is one of many causes, but I would not say it’s the “root cause.” Our current national demise is the result of a plethora of factors which includes massive amounts of Jewish cultural subversion, illegal immigration, racial hostilities against Whites by minority groups, endless neocon wars, radical and revolutionary social movements that have eroded our civility and national identity, the breakdown of the family, and the complete radicalization of our young people.

      Feminism, then, is just one of many socio-political movements in America that has led us toward the path of destruction. Granted, massive numbers of our White women have been specifically targeted by radical ideologies, but so have huge numbers of our men.

      Personally, I think that had our White men fought strongly against the wave of feminism that spread throughout the U.S., we likely would not have seen as many tatted, blue haired screeching females as we do now.

  16. Grant
    Grant says:

    It’s the same in the UK. The institutions have either been infiltrated or are being gutted from within by identity and race politics. We are in a disgusting state of disrepair. The notion for some in the UK is to establish our own institutions. A great aspiration and vision but what do we lose in the interim decades while these new institutions establish themselves for the political right and the nationalists is my worry. I’m addition, the right is far too fragmented in my opinion. Although most whites and nationalists agree on 80-90% of issues we still seem divided by the 10-20% we disagree on. For example the influential bloggers and commentators agree on many issues but diverge from time to time, that then results in ‘camps’ of followers. While we refuse to agree on the majority of issues and refuse to work together because of some smaller issue we will remain weak.

  17. Albrecht
    Albrecht says:

    I fear that when the people will begin to suffer as described in your article it will be too late, the damage too big. Only a revolution or a civil war could provide real changes.

    • RockaBoatus
      RockaBoatus says:

      You may very well be correct. A bloody revolution, unfortunately, is probably what it will take since the Left never gives up power without lots of bodies piled up. I hope it doesn’t happen, but human history reminds us that violent revolution is usually how things change after all other efforts have been exhausted.

  18. Ron Chapman
    Ron Chapman says:

    G’day RockaBoatus,

    I disagree with the implication that USans didn’t see the need for, and vote for change. Arguably this election was obviously stolen as were the 2018 and 2020 elections. Arguably also, a majority of USans must now SEE that; and realise that the existing political system is dysfunctional and must change if the nation is to survive. That will enable Trump and his supporters to start revealing the truth about everything and have most USans accept it, which should obviate the need for an overt military takeover or civil war.
    Peace and Blessings,

  19. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    “Wealth, comfort, and the generally American good life . . ”

    No-one doubts this exists for millions of solid middle class Americans. If you take away the freedom of the homesteaders out West, they say this ‘good life’ for the hard working masses began with Ford paying good wages, then after a merciless depression, the USA looted the British Empire and established a worldwide regime of it’s own in the wake of WWII, the bein peasants got thirty years of advancement out of this before losing ground ever since.
    Ignoring all the mayhem the USA has inflicted around the world, and the brutal way it treats those who fall out of the middle class, which the bein peasants cannot be blamed for, this is reasons given as to why America is a ‘good country’.
    It’s not really got anything to do with democracy or liberty which when examined closely mostly turn out to be spooks. Though it’s produced some great culture, the cumulative effect of it has been extremely negative.
    How many people has China lifted out of poverty, without all the evils & cruelties of the American system?
    Maybe Americans do need to suffer more, but I’d guess they’d just put up with more. All Asians know their people are being victimised horribly by blacks, yet still mostly vote for the party that enables it. This is not logical, but mass suffrage democracy was never logical, so how exactly would Americans suffering change their minds?
    History is full of examples of people toiling in serfdom for hundreds of years until something jolts them from the outside. The American(and our) only hope is the Eurasian axis breaks the stranglehold, until then things will continue to get worse and worse, as the masses are manipulated and beaten-down at a similar speed to ensure there is no rebellion. If this is what has happened so far, it’s the best guide to what’s coming.

  20. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    The change will not occur until us peasants understand that the rich ( former peasants) and the useful peasants are the enemy who loath us.

  21. ariadna
    ariadna says:

    I have to disagree:
    — I do not believe that “the hard truth” is that “most Americans are still too wealthy, well-fed and comfortable.” In fact most Americans are worse off than their parents were `and worse off than they themselves were 10-20 years ago.
    — I do not believe that even an increasingly intolerable amount of pain would make them have a sudden epiphany and understand who the culprit is. Most likely, divided and brain-washed as they are, half of them would blame it on one party, half on the other and some even on… Russia’s “brutal aggression on Ukraine.”
    There is neither a national nor a racial consciousness to provide cohesiveness. “America First” slogans are ridiculous in a country in which 26 of the states require an oath to defend Israel for applying to a public office.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Thank you. We are being told to accept a cure for an illness we don’t have. What’s more, the preachiness is becoming intolerable.

    • RockaBoatus
      RockaBoatus says:

      Most White Americans live ABOVE the poverty level. There are some things in which we very much have a higher living standard than previous generations of Americans. But wealth, prosperity, and comfort has indeed made far too many Americans soft, arrogant, disconnected from the real problems that are plaguing us.

      Yes, our economy is about to go belly up, inflation is increasing, and the America dollar is about to collapse, but even our poorest here in the U.S. do not have it as bad as the poor in most other countries. Americans are having to pay more for everything, and they are being inconvenienced. But that’s not quite the same as those older Americans who lived through the ‘Great Depression.’

      “I do not believe that even an increasingly intolerable amount of pain would make them have a sudden epiphany and understand who the culprit is” – I did not frame my argument as simplistic as this. Many Whites will not wake up no matter what occurs because their deception runs too deep. They are hopeless. My point was that loss of income, the crash of the dollar, and collectively feeling the effects of our poor decisions for the past 70 years will probably cause huge numbers of Whites to awaken and sober up to the racial realities we have preaching for quite some time. This is likely the only thing that will ‘red pill’ vast numbers of White Americans since nothing else has worked.

      Sadly, this is what suffering and hard times bring to humans – namely, a sobering reassessment of their lives and values. When this occurs, this will be a great opportunity for racially conscience Whites to seize.

      “There is neither a national nor a racial consciousness to provide cohesiveness” – Yes, of course, there isn’t now. Yet people’s priorities often change when facing hardships. Their values change. Their outlook often turns in a different direction. They tend to return to what’s really important in life. When their naive racial beliefs suddenly collapse as a result of a diversity beatdown or because they can no longer obtain a job due to their White skin, then and only then will reality set in for many Whites.

      The current ‘system’ that has us shackled must fall, including all of its foolish and harmful dogma. When this occurs, a growing number of Whites will then finally be more receptive to our message. But again, there are no guarantees.

  22. Karlfried
    Karlfried says:

    Do we need a majority of whites to become to be awake?
    To speak out loud and act so as a white man and women should do?
    If we wait for this, we will loose time and we will gain nothing. We must act today and we must use our own folk “as it is”. We do not have a better one, and it is very difficult to change it. In Germany, almost all of our philosophical or political leaders have aknowledged that fact. Among others I just name Luther and Bismarck.
    Within a folk (each folk) you have 98% cowards who will adapt to each and every situation, no matter how harsh the situation is. And you have 2% of clearly thinking and clearly acting persons who see and act the right way. There is no need to be very clever: In Germany in the cities you can see the results of multikulti in the open street. There is no secret about this.
    Now you might ask: how is it that the 2% will win? The answer is easy: We have the “right to live” on our side. This tops everything. This gives us strength and impact-power (in German: Durchschlagskraft).
    And the other important thing: We do not act against the 98%, but for them, for their live und for the live of their children. The 98% cowards are not the enemy. The enemy are the 0,1% who make the evil things, the 0,1% which silence the other 99,9%, up to now effectively. But in the very moment they loose oder are forced to loose their thight grip on the mass media, truth will come to the light of the day. (quote:) John 8:32: And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. (quote end)

  23. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    “It was only after Germans were forced to beg, and to sell themselves and even their children as prostitutes that they started to awaken from their prior slumber. It was only after their currency became worthless that the German people began to see what they should have seen years earlier.”

    Yeah, that and the out-of-control blood orgy, famines and show trials going on in their giant old foe to the East. I’ve always thought that had allot to do with it, there just wouldn’t be the fire and urgency on the right in Germany without that mortal threat looming over and among them.
    Yet they let the Germans vote themselves back to sanity, something tells me they ain’t gonna’ make that mistake again.
    Plus 1930’s Germans were allot tougher and in touch with reality than 2020’s Americans.
    At least Red Americans have the countryside, that’s exactly what you’d want in a conflict, and it’s not changing anytime soon. So it’s not totally hopeless.
    As much as civil wars are terrible and cruel and all the rest of it, though more cruel than 100,000 overdose deaths a year? More terrible than child trannies?

  24. LEH
    LEH says:

    Back in 1963 a professor at USC was mugged on the sidewalk just outside of the State House in Columbia, which is only two blocks from the USC campus. He was a short (5’3″), sort of dumpy, gentle little man who was born and raised in New Jersey but who had been teaching languages at USC for 15 years or more. He took many opportunities to tell his mostly Southern students just how backward they all were for resisting racial integration. His beating was a pretty bad and he sported bruises and a remarkable black eye for a week or two. The young Blacks who beat and robbed him certainly made a lasting impression. So much so that when he was able to returned to class the next week he announced in a loud voice, “Integration has gone too far. They’ve mugged me!”

    • RockaBoatus
      RockaBoatus says:

      Thank you. That’s the sort of thing that needs to happen to lots of racially naive, do-gooder Whites. Granted, not all of them will awaken like this USC professor, but I suspect a good many of them will. Racial virtue signaling goes to the wayside when one’s personal safety and preservation of life and family are at stake.

  25. Robert Block
    Robert Block says:

    Very bright, nice chap writing the article I’m sure but aren’t we destroying the village to save it?

    Yes. Whites are understandably complacent. Few are murdered by raging feral blacks, premiums for this risk are low. Ideally no one would be murdered by a raging feral black, I concede. But white lives prosper because white skills are essential.

    Millions of whites rode a couple of bull markets and a real estate bubble or two to significant wealth. They can order anything they want at Texas Roadhouse; they could eat every day at Olive Garden; they drive SUVs. They don’t care about statues of Robert E. Lee. Their main problem is controlling their weight with Texas Roadhouse and Olive Garden.

    No one stifles any speech they care to utter. Why would they want to hate? Why would they want to secede? They have inground pools and saunas. And we want to take these things away from them? Why?

    Yes, yes, unskilled whites, meth, oxey-yadda, bad teeth, deaths of despair. Avoid Iowa and West Virginia, you’ll be fine.

    Do we like white people or not? Because this system is working for a lot of them. Too many for a bastille-storm. Sorry January 6ers. The rest of us are fine.

    • RockaBoatus
      RockaBoatus says:

      “Yes, yes, unskilled whites, meth, oxey-yadda, bad teeth, deaths of despair. Avoid Iowa and West Virginia, you’ll be fine” – The meth epidemic among Whites has badly impacted more states than just Iowa and West Virginia. It has plagued Whites for the past three decades, and addiction rates are increasing throughout the U.S. To be indifferent about this problem is not a good thing.

      “No one stifles any speech they care to utter. Why would they want to hate? Why would they want to secede?” – That’s right, things are just peachy, aren’t they? Yet, speak against Jewish power in any public way for too long, and you’ll be de-platformed soon enough. Speak critically of America’s racial ‘pets,’ and you might lose your job. The real question is: Why wouldn’t Whites want to secede when the government openly declares their hatred for them, when they have been marginalized for decades, when anti-White rhetoric has become socially acceptable, when the federal government promotes programs that favor minority groups over Whites, and when they are becoming a despised minority in their own country via open borders and third-world immigration policies?

      Many Whites may indeed be experiencing the good life, but with the good life comes a whole lot of self-deceptions as your reply makes evident. The ‘everything’s just fine’ attitude is both wrong-headed and has contributed to the complacency that exists among far too many Whites.

  26. Rubytuesday
    Rubytuesday says:

    Jewish books are for the Jews,
    And Jew Messiahs too.
    But if you’re not of Jewish blood. How can they be for you?
    To make an Idol of a book,
    Is poison for the brain;
    A dying God upon a cross Is reason gone insane.
    Beware of all the Holy books And all the creeds and schools.
    And every law that man has made And all the golden rules.
    “Laws” and “rules” imposed on you From days of old renown.
    Are not intended for your “good”
    But for your crushing down.
    Then dare to rend the chains that bind And to yourself be true.
    Dare to liberate your mind,
    From all things, old and new.
    Always think your own thought,
    All other thoughts reject;
    Learn to use your own brain And boldly stand erect.

    Ezra #

  27. charles frey
    charles frey says:




    I shall make every effort, in sufficient time, to ascertain where, when and how to witness this revitalization of Barnum and Bailey..

    Walter Duranty, step aside: you’ve been superceeded as the symbol of a free press !

  28. RockaBoatus
    RockaBoatus says:

    “The problem of vote fraud is one that the author is virtually blind to. He seems barely even to be aware of its significance and extent, let alone care about informing himself about it” (Pierre de Craon) – No, not at all. In fact, I’m quite aware of voter fraud, and some elections have more of it than other elections. I believe there was enormous levels of voter fraud during the 2020 presidential elections, and I’m persuaded that there was plenty of it during the recent mid-term elections as well. I’m also very suspicious of the new electronic voting machines and some of the corporations behind them too.

    But the real issue is whether it was sufficient to completely overthrow the will of most Americans? Or is it a reflection of the great divide among Americans and, therefore, underscores the need for an amicable separation and secession among us? The country very much appears to be divided straight through the middle on social and political issues, so it’s very possible that our election results are reflecting that reality.

    In my former career and in my current position now, I deal with a lot of people from varying backgrounds. I am appalled at times how ignorant so many Americans are on matters of race and politics. The point being is that there are massive numbers of Americans who can’t see the truths we hold, won’t see them no matter what we say, and even more who simply don’t give a damn either way. These are the folks who vote.

    To simply carp that recent election results were due to mass voter fraud without proof or without a set of plausible arguments doesn’t help anyone.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      I’m dismayed by your persistent lack of undertanding, that incomparably more swing-votes were stolen in 2020, through amply pre-election, successful, well financed and so-called expert evidence against Trump, including that of 15 mendacious, careerist Intelligence Chiefs, than mere screwing around with machines and harvesting could ever have achieved.
      [ Greater detail in my similar reply above ].

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      As I noted in an earlier thread, Paul Craig Roberts has been looking at voting fraud with an intensity of focus that I urgently commend to the attention of the entire TOO community. Unlike RockaBoatus and a few others, Dr. Roberts has not put the cart before the horse.

  29. Karl Haemers
    Karl Haemers says:

    It is so obvious how Republicans can win elections easily, that they are obviously avoiding the campaign. Most likely, Jews won’t allow it.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      Do, please, share these easy steps below ! :

      [ a ]; ________________
      [ b ]: ________________
      [ c ]. ________________

  30. TheFeebleClone
    TheFeebleClone says:

    ” The GOP/MAGA urgently need an alternative MEDIA national apparatus to rival CNN/MSNBC/CBS/ABC/NPR even FOX…such media would wipe out all MSM in a single year.”

    Parallel institutions are the only long term solution. The fastest way to gain reach is to compromise integrity. This really is a long term project.
    When people get really hungry, the proverbial pitchforks come out, but institutional habits have a tendency to re-emerge even after “revolution”. The works current media networks to amplify reach
    When people get fed up, alternative institutions should already be ready, particularly in education. The boomers completely lost the plot on education. The ability of the young people to sift and absorb information relies on their education. Unless the young people get independent education, they will not think independently.

    Those building alternative media sources including Gab CEO Andrew Torba, Arkhaven books founder Vox Day continually hammer this message.

    Incidentally, Arkhaven was partly motivated by the corruption of Comics. Instead of griping, they started producing original material, as well as the great literature of the European tradition.

    I think we’ll be seeing film production before long.
    None of this will happen overnight. But what I have seen over the past 15 years. Considering ruthless censorship and lack of capital, its influence on culture is wildly out of proportion and impossible to ignore. The most successful use of pitchforks will not be goring malefactors, but cultivating renewal.

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