Putin’s ‘Winter War’ on Ukraine

In the final days of this lame-duck Congress, before control of the House passes to Republicans in January, Democrats are expected to approve Joe Biden’s request for another $38 billion for the Kyiv regime, its army and its war. Passage of this legislation would virtually guarantee that the U.S. continues to finance this war and extend the fighting until spring.

Winter has often proven an indispensable ally of Mother Russia.

The impending winter of 1812-13 forced Napoleon’s withdrawal from Moscow, a retreat from which his Grande Armee never recovered.

The winter of 1941-42 sealed the ultimate fate of the invading armies of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich.

Vladimir Putin’s new strategy in the war he launched on Ukraine in February is to conscript the coming winter of 2022-23 as an ally of his failing army.

For weeks, there have been reports of Russian air, missile and drone strikes on power plants in every major Ukrainian city.

The false report that a Russian-fired rocket had landed in Poland, killing two civilians, came on a day when 100 Russian bombs, rockets, missiles and drones hit “infrastructure” targets across Ukraine.

It was the heaviest Russian barrage to date in the nine-month war.

Putin’s goal: As the Ukrainian army battles the Russian army in the Donbas and Kherson, the power grid upon which the Ukrainian nation and people depend is to be systematically attacked, shut down, destroyed.

Without electric power, there will be no light or heat in Ukrainian homes, hospitals, offices or schools. Without electricity, food cannot be preserved, stoves do not work, water cannot be pumped.

Without power, light and heat, Putin’s expectation is that the Ukrainian people, who have patriotically supported their army, will, in the tens of thousands this winter, be at risk of freezing to death in the dark.

Winter, from mid-December to mid-March, is the coldest and darkest of the seasons, and it begins in four weeks.

On Friday, CNN reported that, after the latest wave of Russian strikes, 10 million Ukrainians, a fourth of the nation, were without power.

“Russia is turning winter into a weapon, even as its soldiers flail on the battlefield,” wrote The New York Times on Sunday. “In a relentless and intensifying barrage of missiles fired from ships at sea, batteries on land and planes in the sky, Moscow is destroying Ukraine’s critical infrastructure, depriving millions of heat, light and clean water.”

Ukraine’s state energy company adds: “Due to a dramatic drop in temperature, electricity consumption is increasing daily in those regions of Ukraine where power supply has already been restored after massive missile strikes on November 15 on the energy infrastructure.”

The U.S. stance in this war is that the fighting stops and peace talks begin only when Kyiv says the fighting stops and the negotiations begin.

But Americans, whose support for Ukraine has been indispensable in this war, also need to have a voice in when the war ends.

For us, the greatest stake in this Russia-Ukraine war is not who ends up in control of Luhansk, Donetsk or Kherson, but that we not be drawn into a military conflict that would put us on the escalator to a war with Russia, a world war and perhaps a nuclear war.

Nothing in Eastern or Central Europe is worth a major U.S. war with Russia that could go nuclear and cost millions of American lives.

The Donbas and Crimea may be of great importance to Kyiv and Moscow, but nothing in these lands would justify a U.S. war with a nuclear-armed Russia, the kind of war we managed to avoid through the Cold War from 1949-1989.

The recent incident of the S-300 surface-to-air missile misfired by Ukrainian forces, which landed several kilometers inside Poland, killing two Polish citizens, is a case in point.

Hawkish cries for NATO retaliation against Russia, under Article 5 of the NATO treaty, revealed that America’s War Party is still very much with us and eager for the next confrontation with Putin’s Russia.

In the final days of this lame-duck Congress, before control of the House passes to Republicans in January, Democrats are expected to approve Joe Biden’s request for another $38 billion for the Kyiv regime, its army and its war. Passage of this legislation would virtually guarantee that the U.S. continues to finance this war and extend the fighting until spring.

Why would we do this?

The U.S. ought not dictate to Kyiv when it should move to the negotiating track to end this war. But we Americans do have, given our indispensable contributions to the Ukrainian war effort, the right to tell Kyiv when we believe that the risks of further fighting exceed any potential gain for us; and, if Kyiv is determined to fight on, to give notice that Ukraine will be doing so without any more U.S. munitions.

Great powers should never cede to lesser powers, unconnected to their vital interests, the capacity to drag them into unwanted wars.

The Polish missile incident, and the noisy clamor that arose for retaliation against Russia for hitting a NATO country, exposed the risks inherent in our many treaty commitments, where we are obliged to go to war for scores of nations, most of which are not remotely related to the security or vital interests of the United States.

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  1. JoaoAlfaiate
    JoaoAlfaiate says:

    Did the Ukrainian missile land in Poland accidentally or was it a planned provocation on part of Zelensky? His immediate response was to demand that NATO implement Article 5. And I don’t believe Zelensky has ever acknowledged that the missile was Ukrainian. Clearly Zelensky doesn’t care if he starts WW3. More US taxpayer money for this guy is a travesty.

    • hotrod31
      hotrod31 says:

      The part that I find really, really fascinating is … where does the USA, a country which is technically bankrupt, find the money to give to Ukraine for war? Is this some kind of magic trick that only the US is able to perform?
      Is there anyone out there who can show me how this actually works?

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        Yes, fortunately for all of us there is !

        READ PHILIP GIRALDI, recently at UNZ, for a most logical black money circle encompassing Democrats, SBF, Ukraininian state, and Zelensky.


        Perhaps SBF will be in jail instead and Zuckerberg is not mentioned, as before; but BlackRock is added.

        TOO, with its comprehensive connections and expertise would be well suited to tell all of us here, where, when and how to enjoy this resurrection of Vaudeville, live.

        [ Philip Giraldi is a retired, thirty years service analyst at CIA. Unquestionably he is kept current by remaining patriots there.]

        Forty years ago a disenchanted member of MI6 told a group of us, that rooms need no longer be bugged by microphone, susceptible to electronic sweeping. A laser-beam, directed at a window pane of any room, even at some distance, would be undetectable and more efficient at returning sound signals.

  2. Travis R
    Travis R says:

    This idea that the missile strike in Poland was inadvertent is silly. All the evidence on the table point to it being planed and carried out.
    Biden has created a monster. Lets see him control him now.

  3. Peter
    Peter says:

    I think this article is misleading. There would have been no war if not for the US. The US helped overthrow the Russian (and western) friendly Ukrainian government in 2014; the US says Ukraine has a right to join NATO; the US agreed to supply Ukraine with weapons for this war; and the US violated its agreement with the USSR in 1991 when it subsequently let former Warsaw Pact countries join NATO, surrounding Russia with enemies.

    • Roland Maruska
      Roland Maruska says:

      All good points. In addition we should not forget the treaty of friendship between Ukraine and Russia, one part of which forbade either country from allowing its territory to be used to the detriment of the other. That treaty of course was voided by our interference, better known as regime change. But don’t forget who controls our foreign policy: the Jews.

  4. Karl Haemers
    Karl Haemers says:

    Why should we believe stories of Russia hitting Ukrainian electrical infrastructure with missiles? It has the stink of standard war propaganda, since it inflicts harm and death on innocent civilians. That is actually something President Putin has announced from the beginning of the “Special Military Operation” was to be avoided. And why should we believe Russian military forces are “flailing” and failing on the battlefield? That too has been standard false propaganda since the beginning. What is the cited source for this? The Jew York Times! Please…

    America’s War Party is primarily Jews.

    • Dixie Serb
      Dixie Serb says:

      He has to make those talking points by the establishment, so he isn’t labeled as a ‘Putin apologists.’ But again Col. Douglas McGregor is quite outspoken (although persona non grata on the MSM including FauxNews). Or he is just ‘good ‘old red blooded American whose conditioning and duty to hate the Russians. The Zio-Western MSM coverage of this war has been comical as you pointed out.

  5. todd hupp
    todd hupp says:

    Russia recently floated a large war bond sale. Sold out in one day.
    The Ukrainian public may turn on Zelensky out of self preservation : Demand a partition settlement.
    NATO troops are not coming in. Ukraine troops are dwindling. Russian troops are expanding.

  6. Jack Hamilton
    Jack Hamilton says:

    I stopped reading after quack Buchanan said “Vladimir Putin’s new strategy in the war he launched on Ukraine in February is to conscript the coming winter of 2022-23 as an ally of his failing army.” I suggest he stop writing about matters about which he knows nothing. Perhaps he needs to read Larry Johnsons take on the Russian- Ukrainian conflict so he stops making an ass of himself!

  7. Ron Chapman
    Ron Chapman says:

    Russia’s Special Military Operation i(SMO) s a domestic Russian issue because Ukraine is still legally part of the Russian Federation. The SMO is designed to protect Russians in the Donbas and the rest of Ukraine from Ashkenazi organised genocide. It is also designed to protect Europe and the rest of the world because the Ukraine is a Khazarian Mafia HQ for bio-warfare research and money laundering as evidenced by the FTX debacle. It is also a Khazarian Mafia HQ for global child, people, drug, and weapons trafficking and a major child torture and adrenochrome production centre. Russia’s careful military operation to date has been designed in an attempt to limit injury to civilian Ukrainians and damage to civilian infrastructure. The vicious intransigence of Zelensky’s Ashkenazi regime has forced Russia to segue into a real war scenario.
    Russia will continue the SMO until its objectives are completed.
    Peace and Blessings

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      You’re entirely correct. Very simple, uninterrupted ” pattern recognition ” ever since the Maidan and Victoria Nudelman [ Nugent ], helpers and bottomless congressional purse.

      Boil the above over high heat for an hour and what remains at the bottom ?

      Talmudic-admitted, espoused and instrumentalized full-spectrum destruction of Christianity – camouflaged by an endless msm word salads bar !

  8. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 About two weeks into that war two RUSSIAN missiles killed several Ukrainians, two of whom were pictured next to their bikes.

    02 All missiles, HOWEVER, have what can only be described as birth certificates.

    03 A small stamp, identifying its date of manufacture, its specific make and model number and the manufacturers themselves, is embossed on each missile. Like the last warrantied battery you bought.

    04 After it was propagandistically milked for all it was worth, it was quietly and briefly conceded, that it was a Ukrainian missile, that, through electronic or fuel misfunction, fell short of its target.

    05 Recall, how on a news video, the arm of one of the ca. fifty aligned copses reached out to cover itself again from the cold when its shroud blew off.

    Zelensky’s professional film-maker geneus at work.

  9. kerdasi amaq
    kerdasi amaq says:

    The United States is funding itself by spending tomorrow’s tax revenue today. As long as their economy holds up; they have a near infinite source of funds.

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