On the Khazar theory, again

Given the interest in the Khazar theory of Ashkenazi origins, an article in today’s New York Times is of interest. The population genetic and cultural evidence has never supported this theory, but the new research adds to the verdict.

The study, published on Wednesday in the journal Cell, compared DNA extracted from the teeth of 33 men, women and children buried in the cemetery with DNA taken from hundreds of modern Jews from around the world. Previous studies have shown that modern communities are a genetic mélange, with Ashkenazim the world over carrying essentially the same collection of DNA sequences.

But the medieval remains tell a different story. They show that European Jews at the time came from two divergent gene pools.

Each group shared the same genetic ancestry, dating back to a small founder population that most likely emigrated from Southern Europe and reached the German Rhineland at the turn of the first millennium. But the DNA analysis also revealed a genetic divide among the skeletons, which could have several explanations. In one scenario, both groups originated from the Rhineland. One branch then stuck around the region, while the other headed east to modern-day Poland, Czech Republic, Austria and eastern Germany.

Alternatively, Eastern Europe might have been settled by a different population of Jews who then mixed to a limited extent with their Jewish neighbors to the west.

Either way, the two groups remained fairly isolated from each other for generations, as evidenced by their discrete genetic lineages.

Thus population genetic studies on Ashkenazim show genetic commonality “the world over,” and this study finds that the two different lineages nevertheless “shared the same genetic ancestry” prior to splitting off and then reuniting. Note that the second alternative mentioned essentially states that the two populations that later reunited started out as a single ancestral group of Jews.

The article also highlights a reality of medieval life — that  towns and other jurisdictions often invited Jews in the hopes of getting some of the money they generated, essentially a way to exploit their own people.

The existence of an east-meets-west community in Erfurt is also supported by the historical record, which includes detailed accounts of a violent pogrom on March 21, 1349 — a Saturday. Angry mobs entered the local synagogue and attacked Jews in the midst of prayer. Few, if any, survived.

After the massacre, Erfurt’s leaders took possession of property and belongings. They even collected on debts owed to the murdered Jews. But just five years later, the need for lost tax revenue prompted the city to invite Jews back.

They came from far and wide. Tax records show names denoting origins from all over Europe — including some from distant cities that had experienced their own antisemitic upheavals. “In the middle of the German-speaking lands, this was the place to be at the time,” said Maria Stürzebecher, a medievalist who is the curator of the Old Synagogue Museum in Erfurt. At least, that is, until 1453, when Jews were forced out again.

And, although the new arrivals became one group, they preferentially went into business with Jews from the same area they came from, showing that genetic distance is important even in within-Jewish contexts, likely because it promotes trust, as discussed in Ch. 6 of A People That Shall Dwell Alone.

Preserved documents on money-lending practices show that the Jews from each subgroup largely formed business alliances with members of their own kind, according to Maike Lämmerhirt, a historian at the University of Erfurt and a co-author of the study. But both groups prayed in the same synagogue. They all cleansed in the same ritual bath. And, ultimately, they all lay side by side in the same cemetery.

And over the centuries, they intermarried.

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  1. Strange World
    Strange World says:

    This is basically confirmed by the result presen-
    ted at the end of this documentary: The two false
    twins, who significantly “found” each other and de-
    fine themselves as Jewish, are genetically closer
    to each other than all other pairs of false twins.

    What can mean only that this “species” grows up
    by inbreeding a genetic variation poverty which
    presumably develops / strengthens highly dis-
    advantageous qualities opposite all of us gentiles.

    By the way also remarkable that homo (GB) and
    homo (Poland) “find” each other. Now there is on-
    ly the exciting question, where in the world our
    personal individual, but genetically unrelated “twin”
    is and what kind of life he leads. Only one thing
    seems (luckily) certain: not in Tel Aviv or Jew York.

    • Ron Chapman
      Ron Chapman says:

      G’day Pilgrims,
      The woods are full of people calling themselves Jews, claiming advantages because of disadvantage, and being given credence, prominence and dominance as a result. For instance, although Germany is a Christian derived nation, Jews control it and ensure that its population subsidises a tiny Jewish local population AND global Jewry by taxing Germans to provide free armaments to Israel and so-called reparations to lying Holohoax survivors everywhere.

      Question: How can one, let alone three million individuals, survive a holocaust with some of them still living 77 years thereafter? And why does/did Germany provide compensation for millions of those ostensibly “Holocausted” as well as special benefits to the parasitic minority of the said ‘ethnic’ group who choose to live in Germany or elsewhere, rather than in their alleged homeland which they stole from real Semities in Palestine?. Ethnic Germans don’t get two policmen to guard their institutions day and night as happens for all pseudo ethnic Ashkenazi synagogues and other Jewish institutions? WHY is that?

      That ridiculous situation emerges from the successful covert manipulations and machinations of ‘name stealing’ Talmudists who claim to be the said persecuted ethnic minority while covertly controlling Germany and our world.

      Arguably Jews are not a genetic group. They are an ideological construct. A disparate collectivist group of manipulative, materialist, individuals whose Talmudic leaders have mind controlled the rest of the group to believe that they are god’s chosen people and hence entitled to treat outsiders (ie about 8 billion humans beings on this planet) as cattle to be used and abused at will. Because adherence to Talmudic ideology determines membership, Jews can be of any genetic background although their peculiar ideology tends to confine membership to those indoctrinated from birth. Converts are accepted when convenient.

      Accordingly, as Talmudism is an ideology, adhering to it doesn’t magically infuse you with special DNA causing you to become a special racial group called “Jews”.

      Not all self identifying Jews are Talmudists but the lies and machinations of the global supremacists who call themselves Jews but are not, as Christ Jesus predicted, provides incredible political, societal and material benefits to those who choose to be, or believe, they are Jews. And so humanity gets endlessly regaled with HoloHoax stories and half-truth bullshit stories like this one.

      This article states:
      “Previous studies have shown that modern communities are a genetic mélange, with Ashkenazim the world over carrying essentially the same collection of DNA sequences.
      But the medieval remains tell a different story. They show that European Jews at the time came from two divergent gene pools.
      Each group shared the same genetic ancestry, dating back to a small founder population that most likely emigrated from Southern Europe and reached the German Rhineland at the turn of the first millennium.”
      Note that this vague “scenario” could include emigration from Khazaria which was in south eastern Europe where a Talmudic society actually existed but this article deliberately fails to mention it. Moreover historical narratives indicate that the Rus, the Byzantines and the Muslims pressured the Khazarian empire from the 11th century onward, and the Rus and the Byzantines had destroyed Khazaria in the 12th Century AD. History also records that the Khazar leadership (ie the real satanic Talmudists) dispersed along with their rank and file in that time. This New York Times article vaguely implies that the dispersal occurred sometime after the ‘turn of the millennium’.
      Koestler and historical accounts indicate that the Khazars migrated north west and remained cohesive and Talmudic. However, it seems reasonable to suppose that, being wealthy merchants, some Khazar leaders went elsewhere, probably unencumbered by large numbers of ordinary Khazars.
      Note that around the time that the Khazarian Talmudists came under pressure from the RUS, the Byzantines and the Muslims, the Black Nobility started to appear in Venice. Thereafter the Venetian empire arose and took over the trade with the Mongols in the area in which Khazaria had dominated. Moreover the Venetians began infiltrating the Vatican, funded the Crusades to sack Constantinople to weaken the Byzantine empire enabling Venetian fleets to capture Mediterranean and Black Sea ports and to dominate trade with the Mongols as well as banking and trade in Italy, Germany and the Mediteranian and Black Seas. Their modus operandi was similar to that of the Khazarian empire but more sophisticated, maritime and effective; arguably a natural progression.

      After King Phillip IV of France and the Vatican took down the Knights Templars in 1307 AD, the Venetians dominated Europe’s banking and gold, silver, grain and slave trades.
      The Venetian Black Nobility moved their operations to Portugal, then Holland and finally London after the decline of the Mongol empire and the discovery of the New World caused the centre of gravity of global slave and other trading to segue into the Atlantic and beyond.

      Since 1775 the Talmudic Khazarian Mafia, have expanded their dominance of banking, and of gold, silver and slave trading etc to encompass most of the planet and her population. THAT situation is being reversed as we speak, with Trump, Putin, Xi and a global military Alliance removing the Talmudists (however described) from power in Ukraine and globally. When that is accomplished, Talmudism and Jews will cease to exist as the incentive for people to call themselves Jews will cease with it.
      Peace and Blessings,
      PS: the Western Roman empire ceased to exist several centuries before this article suggests “Jews”appeared in the Rhinelands. Moreover, if “Jews” travelled up the Rhine river to establish their small genetic enclave in the Rhineland they would have had to sail from the Mediterranean, around Portugal, Spain and France and through the English channel to the mouth of the Rhine river then up that river. Alternatively they would have to have travelled through Italy, Switzerland, Austria and upper Germany or France and Germany to get there. Travelling across country from Khazaria through Hiungary to Germany would have been easier.

      The genetic issue is a typical Talmudic “red herring” promulgated by those whose ‘father was the father of lies’. By their fruits you shall know them. Talmudism is a mind set. You don’t have to be born a “Jew” to be a Talmudist.

      • Strange World
        Strange World says:

        One sees it again with the “world soccer championship”: The “German team” is an absurd conglomeration of “players” from all continents bribed with millions.

        “Germany” has sunken to become just a phrase without meaning, a “label”, a deceptive package, an empty shell, with which nobody can identify anymore. The Jew calls this “progress”.

        Whoever rejects this is nonsense is an “old-fashioned discontinued model from yesterday” that “has not yet fully learned and understood the signs of the times”.

      • Céline Lagacé
        Céline Lagacé says:

        To Ron Chapman : Your article is a breath of fresh air and I thank you very much. I have noticed that in english the only term in use to designate people linving in Israël is «Israelis». In French there are two different words : «Israélite» which are the people who lived in the Kingdom of Israël at the beginning and then in Judea Kingdom when Samaria had been invaded by Assyrians and many were deported in 722-720 bc., the ones who remained eventualy went to the Judean Kingdom and then there was the Babylonians 597, 587 story and Cyrus in 537 who sent them back but many remained in Bablylon. The other term used in french is «Israélien» which designates the modern Jews who as you said could be converts from everywhere. An other thing, when the Rus invaded the Khazarie some Kazarian Jews became Russians and eventualy became the Bolchevicks and the others who went to the West became the Ashkenazies who invented «Altneuland» the Sionnists. Furthermore, you then come to the encounters between Jews and Jesuits, «The tragic Couple» from Robert J. Bast which leads us to why Pope Francis is a Jesuit. Since Vatican II, the Vatican has become «the Synagogue of the Jews. Even the bank of the Vatican belongs to them. Etc. etc. It is a very long story that leads us to what we are living today. Somebody should write a book to join all the dots of this important history that rules the world for too many centuries. Unfortunately I am too old! Excuse my english! Cordialy, Céline L.

  2. LarryS
    LarryS says:

    Is it now confirmed that the Jews of today are not the physical descendants of Jacob or the Judeans of the time of Christ?

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        It is at least ten years, perhaps longer, Kevin, since you first discussed and linked to genetic and other evidence that pretty conclusively puts to rest the Khazar-origin claims for the ancestry of present-day Jews. Yet far from hamstringing theorizing about the matter, let alone putting a dent in stubborn insistence from several quarters that the Khazar case remains unrebutted, the evidence as often as not simply gets ignored and pushed away by Khazarian true believers much as typical five-year-olds might push away a dish of creamed spinach served up by Mom.

        Readers of Boswell’s Life of Johnson will recall the occasion where the younger man asked the elder his opinion of certain French metaphysicians. Johnson replied: “Truth will not afford sufficient food to their vanity; so they have betaken themselves to error. Truth, Sir, is a cow which will yield such people no more milk, and so they have gone to milk the bull.”

        On the basis of the comments in this thread alone, I suspect it will be some considerable time before the Khazarian mob grows tired of milking its bull.

      • Michael
        Michael says:

        “Ashekanzi” is literally the name of ancient towns in north-eastern Turkey. These were traders along the ancient silk route. Then mass conversion in today’s Ukraine followed, explaining strong presence in Eastern Europe. No link to ancient Jews whatsoever. This new study is about 30 Jews in Erfurt in 14th century and doesn’t contradict this at all.

      • Michael
        Michael says:

        “”We conclude that AJs [Ashkenazic Jews] probably originated during the first millennium when Iranian Jews judaised Greco-Roman, Turk, Iranian, southern Caucasus, and Slavic populations inhabiting the lands of Ashkenaz in Turkey,” said the latest research, which has been published in the journal Genome Biology.

        “Our findings imply that Yiddish was created by Slavo-Iranian Jewish merchants plying the Silk Roads between Germany, North Africa and China.”


    • Céline Lagacé
      Céline Lagacé says:

      Thanks Mr. MacDonald for this excellent article. I have your book
      «Separation and its Discontents» which I read with great interest. To LarryS, true, only 3% of Judeans would still exist around the world and 97% are not, according to Shlomo Sand in is book «Comment le peuple juif fut inventé» (How Jewish people where invented). Some other sources:«La Treizième Tribu, L’empire Khazar et son héritage» by Arthur Koestler, «Les Khazars juifs, Les Juifs modernes ne descendent pas d’Israël!», by Jean Le Duc, février 2018. We have always to remember and keep in our mind that Jewdaism is a religion and not a race. that Have a nice day! Céline Lagacé

      • Douglas Rhodes
        Douglas Rhodes says:

        Hello Celine,

        I beg your pardon, should we qualify you’re suggestion we remember “Judaism is a religion not a race”? Assuming good faith , in a metaphysical and nominalistic sense Judaism is a “religion”. However, for simplicity sake we label the genetic markers and genomes that materially and categorically identifies this population as Jews regardless of religiosity. The referenced research was a genetic one and Dr MacDonald grounds his research in his field of evolutionary psychology and religion would be a epiphenomenal trait of the people defined by genetic relation and not however that religion is instantiated. I doubt they queried whether one was a reform or orthodox or atheist. They got a sample and trace mitochondria… Im not new to Dr. MacDonald’s work and not only have read his books but researched and read other sources as well… please let me know… Dr MacDonalds work has made it clear for me

        • Céline Lagacé
          Céline Lagacé says:

          To Douglas Rhodes
          Hi Douglas!

          Sorry I am late to reply. I will make it simple even though I have books from scientific authors. I will share you my experience. What the logic tells me : I was born as catho and french-canadien in Montreal and my passport is still Canadian and I am proud of it. Nothing shows that I am or was a catho as my religion and I do not consider myself as such anymore. I practiced my religion in a heterodox way for 65 years. Jews were all along my professional life and I became friend with some of them but they remained mysteries for me. In 2010 I retired and joined a Jewish community on FB and chatting on many subjects I realized that I did not know much about them except for what I learned or taught to me from the Bible and their traditions. Previously in 1987 graduating from a Bible study, I went to Israël on a Bible course on history and archiology with students accompanied by a post-doc scholar in A.T. from Mtl. University. Lets say I am a modest autodidact. So, when I retired, I wanted to learn more about the Jews’ soul and without knowing where I was heading, I started buying books and it became an intensive research along the way and that research lasted 5 years. Since then I became a theist and if I had to write a book the title would be, «From a passionate goy to a disillusion one». Back to your commentary, if a child is born, let say, in Iran from Muslim parents what will he be on his passport? An Iranian or a Muslim? I went shopping lately and I ask the cashier where he originated and he answered, I am an Iranien, never mentioned he was a Muslim. I went in Syria with an Orthodox Syrian and people there were all Syrians no matter the religion although most of them were Muslims. And it is like this all over the world. If you ask anyone where he was born, he will tell you the nationality recognized in his passport. Why should it be different for the Jewish people? For the ones who were born in Judeah they should be «Judean» as they were not all of Jewish religion in Palestine even in the Antiquity (before Christ). Shlomo Sand an historian and an emeritous professor at Tel-Aviv University in his book «Comment le peuple juif fut inventé» (How the Jewish Nation was invented) [My own translation] tells us that only 3% of the Jews in the world would have a Semite origin and 97% have not. Hoping that answers your question. Best regards, Céline

      • Douglas Rhodes
        Douglas Rhodes says:

        I made an effort post and by the gods, Hermes did not deign to deliver my refrain: Jews are a genetic group. However or not they profess or perform the “religion” is not the question. I’m sorry if I missed your meaning by suggesting “we remember Judaism is a religion not a race.” Though depends how define a religion and you can’t disentangle Judaism from Jews. Though one may be an atheist, reformed, orthodox, etc the current year Jew nonetheless bares the genetic inheritance of the millennia

  3. Karl Haemers
    Karl Haemers says:

    Does this mean that Jews never originated from ancient Israel, anywhere in the Middle East, and so have no claim to their “Promised Land”?

      • Montmorency
        Montmorency says:

        But did they exclusively “moved up the Rhine”?
        Didn’t they also move across the Caucasus/Central Asia (and into Khazaria) and then south/west Europe?
        I’m thinking of the Radhanite Jews and the destruction of the Khazar Kingdom in the 10th century.

  4. dave facto
    dave facto says:

    That they all hold Ukraine (Khazaria) to be the most important country on earth has already proven the Khazar theory to be fact.

  5. Strange World
    Strange World says:

    “We’re obviously looking at Elon Musk unleashing a whole new era on Twitter where far right extremists and white supremacists are empowered,” said Dan Schwerin, the co-founder of Evergreen Strategy Group.

    In 2016, as Hillary Clinton’s director of speechwriting, Schwerin worked on an address about the far right, highlighting Trump’s retweets of antisemitic and white nationalist accounts — covered, at the time, like a strange distraction from Trump’s effective attacks on her campaign.

    “There’s more awareness of what’s out there than there was when Hillary sounded the alarm in Reno,” he said. “But it’s not like things have gotten any better. The only bright spot really, is what we saw in the midterms — that crazy doesn’t necessarily sell with voters.”


    Mr. “Schwerin” bears an ostensibly
    “German” last name, but there are in-
    dicators that highlight his true identity.

    The first indicator is the first name “Dan”
    (for Hebrew Daniel). That alone would
    not have meant much, so let’s now turn
    to his last name, which seems strangely
    “isolated” (at least to German ears).

    If he were named “Schweriner” (see
    Berliner, Wiener, Hamburger, Frank-
    furter, etc.), it would already be clear.

    Now I looked at the line of bearers of the
    surname Schwerin. It is noticeable that it
    almost never exists without the addition of
    the noble “von” with Aryan name bearers.

    What means that there may be (now and
    the isolated) people who have discarded
    and banned the “von” for ideological rea-
    sons in order to disguise their noble descent.
    Typical example: leftist idiot Jutta Ditfurth.

    So here are the examples of non-Ary-
    an bearers of the name Schwerin:

    • Chris
      Chris says:

      It also seems that the mere suffix “in” is a pretty good indicator. I know, I know, there are a lot of Russians that end in “in”. But they mostly stayed in Russia. The ones that you find in the West seem to be Jewish 80% of the time.

      • Strange World
        Strange World says:

        Of course, German names of persons or places
        like Schwerin or Berlin have Slavic roots. Predo-
        minantly to be found in the East (see Rostock,
        Leipzig or Dresden). But also all names with -itz
        (Chemnitz, Clausewitz), -ka, -ki, -ow and so on.
        The original “Prussians” were Slavs themselves.

      • Strange World
        Strange World says:

        Ultimately, “Yiddish” is also a rootless parasitic language, a mimicry that cheekily appropriated the root of the Germanic vocabulary, used it to pretend something it never was in reality. A kind of linguistic-spiritual cannibalism.

        It is no (((coincidence))) that this “sociolect” contains particularly numerous word creations of the organized crooks and swindlers, a large part of which even found their way into German everyday language.

        In the German water Mr. Yid feels most comfortable, “like a million bucks” downright, that’s why he stole all his surnames there at the same time.

      • Strange World
        Strange World says:

        The dumb German Muchel is so “practical” for the Jew, because “he does not ask, but is incredibly capable and efficient” – today, however, (again) only in the global Jew economy. Of course, one could argue “purely logically” at first sight (i.e.: according to Jewish reading), that we here are all only parasites, too: after all, we live from the thematization of Jewish parasitism! The fundamental difference, however, is that we want to uncover and end the fatal parasitism.

        Because, unfortunately, we all too few enlightened ones know all too well that without our intervention the Jewish parasitism remains largely unnoticed or undiscovered by the broad masses, which are completely stupefied by the Jews, and can only be read off from its devastating consequences for all of us (thus also for our entire few descendants), which for most representatives of our kind can’t be traced back to their causal connections due to the perfected camouflage.

      • Strange World
        Strange World says:

        Apparently, there are exceptions for
        suffixes like -ow (Brimelow) or -kin.

        “Hank Marvin” from the Shadows, f.e.,
        his real name is Brian Rankin, whereas
        the Welsh name Marvin also ends in -in.

        The rather American-sounding name
        Hank is said to be derived from Dutch.

        Hank tried to make music “in
        a modern way” 40 years ago.

        Nice “groove”, but his “modern way”
        of singing reminds me of Bob Marley.
        “Groove” comes from da Negermusik.

        “We’re following the leader”, who
        might be meant by that? After all,
        Adolf has not existed for 80 years.
        Thinking strictly logically, it can only
        be someone who defines “fashion”.

        The keyboards are handled by a certain
        Harry Bogdanovs (buddy of Jew Knopfler),
        apparently a Latvian name (as indicated by
        the suffix), but derived from Slavic Bogdan,
        which in turn originally comes from Greek.

    • Chris
      Chris says:

      Boy… Jewish Revolutionary Spirit on full display in that article …. even the daughter of an Orthodox rabbi has it.

    • Strange World
      Strange World says:

      What salary might this third-rate writer
      be raking in for 200 lines of Jew non-
      sense at Vogue? I wonder if it compa-
      res to his lines for the Mrs. Clinton hu-
      miliated by a Jew in the White House?

    • Strange World
      Strange World says:

      He could have at least made it clear to
      his tribemate, Ms. Lewinsky, that it is a
      greater honor to marry a Jew like him
      instead of orally pleasing the President.

  6. DeDoc
    DeDoc says:

    I’m not sure why the Khazar Theory holds any traction at this point. It’s been demolished on so many fronts that it’s almost laughable to hold to it now. The whole genomic studies of both modern and ancient Ashkenazi Jewish remains have shown no East Asian admixture, which would be expected, if the Turkic Khazars were significant contributors to the Jewish gene pool. Indeed the above Cell article shows that even Turkish Jews look very Middle Eastern without any East Asian genetic influences.

    • VEL
      VEL says:

      Khazar theory continues to “hold traction” because:

      1) Christian anti-Semites like it because it seemingly denies a connection between the ‘chosen people’ of the Old Testament and most modern Jews;

      2) Anti-Zionists like it because it denies a connection between modern Jews and the ‘holy land’ of Palestine, and hence would undercut one ostensible justification for the displacement and dispossession of the Palestinians (which actually wasn’t much of a justification anyway); and

      3) Most people, anti-Semites included, are very dumb and don’t understand much about population genetics, or indeed history for that matter.

      • Larry S
        Larry S says:

        I agree with you to an extent. I am a Christian anti-Zionist but not an anti-Semite.
        I don’t know if the science is settled about the genetic origin of modern Jews.

        As a Christian I believe that the New Covenant of Jesus supercedes the Old Covenant.
        Is Judaism a religion or an ethnicity? They like to have it both ways depending on which is more advantageous. Which way do you see it VEL? Do you believe in God, Abraham and Moses? If not, why do you care about the Jews?

        If being Jewish is only an ethnicity, then Zionism has no merit. Jews have no entitlement to the land of Palestine they once occupied for less than 500 hundred years almost 3 thousand years ago.

        Jews have always been an ethnocentric people to the disadvantage of all other people.
        I am not an anti-Semite for noticing.

        • VEL
          VEL says:

          Larry S: “Which way do you see it VEL? Do you believe in God, Abraham and Moses? If not, why do you care about the Jews?”

          I’m an atheist. I’m interested in Jews principally because of their hugely disproportionate power and influence on the West and on world history.

          Larry S: “As a Christian I believe that the New Covenant of Jesus supercedes the Old Covenant.”

          I agree that’s a better tactic than denying a connection between modern Ashkenazim and ancient Israelites and is a view that has scriptural support. But I do find it odd that anti-Semitic Christians would adhere to a religion that originated from a tribal Jewish religion and whose holy book includes the Old Testament, where the Jews feature as the ‘chosen people’ (though I take your point that you don’t identify as ‘anti-Semitic’, an obviously loaded and pejorative, and etymologically-inaccurate, term).

          Larry S: “Jews have no entitlement to the land of Palestine they once occupied for less than 500 hundred years almost 3 thousand years ago.”


      • richard jones
        richard jones says:

        I’ve always giggled at the concept of “christian anti-semites”… and the jews themselves must find it hilarious… christianity… probably the first and certainly the most successful ponzi scheme/cage they’ve ever fostered on the white europeans and the rest of the world

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          One of the problems with white trash nowadays is that even their slander is derivative and cliché-ridden.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Your puzzlement is hardly surprising, especially as all of the nonanecdotal evidence points away from the Khazar theory rather than toward it—at least, all of the evidence that is of higher quality than the sort peddled by “Holocaust survivors.”

      Some years ago—five at minimum, perhaps more—in a certain thread Tom Sunic replied sharply about another commenter’s use of what turned out to a fabricated quote in support of an argument. Tom’s opinion was that, given the enormous resources of our enemies and their readiness to use them, if we were serious about opening the eyes of the still-unconvinced to the extent of the problem that the Jews represented, we needed to bend over backwards to check our sources at all times and rely only on verifiable evidence in all matters, large and small. (I am paraphrasing from memory, not quoting, of course.)

      On the basis of your comment, I’d say that, like me, you agree with Tom Sunic. As earlier repliers to your comment have suggested, holding fast to a theory about Jewish origins that looks more fanciful now than ever before does indeed give the Jews occasion to laugh. The Jews laugh, however, not because of the sneering “reasons” advanced by the resident Christophobes, but because the mass of unrefuted genetic evidence has made those who continue to hold to the Khazar theory look like cranks—at the charitable best.

  7. Chris
    Chris says:

    The Khazar theory would have seemingly put them into too much of an agricultural or nomadic situation… situations in which Jews dont seem to thrive. At least the demolition of the Khazar theory correlates with what patterns we’ve witnessed concerning Jews as economic creatures: attaching themselves to the commerce or money of their host society. They needed the cosmopolitan Roman Empire, and then the buzzing and vibrant towns of the Rhineland, to do their “thing.”

    • Ron Chapman
      Ron Chapman says:

      G’day Chris,
      You say: ‘The Khazar theory would have seemingly put them into too much of an agricultural or nomadic situation… situations in which Jews dont seem to thrive. At least the demolition of the Khazar theory correlates with what patterns we’ve witnessed concerning Jews as economic creatures: attaching themselves to the commerce or money of their host society. They needed the cosmopolitan Roman Empire, and then the buzzing and vibrant towns of the Rhineland, to do their “thing.”’.
      Really? Sooo, the Bolsheviks couldn’t possibly have seized power in the Russian Empire because it was the foremost agricultural nation in the world in the early 20th century?
      Answer: https://rense.com//general95/truthaboutimpruss.html
      Parasites thrive on the work of others. Next you’ll be telling us that Jews (i.e. Ashkenazis) don’t control the US because the Mid West and Central California are full of farmers.
      Also, who doya think FED ‘the cosmopolitan Roman Empire, and then the buzzing and vibrant towns of the Rhineland?’ Manna from heaven? Empires march on their stomachs and parasites feed therein.
      Incidentally the Khazars ran an empire for hundreds of years. Their Talmudic leadership elite didn’t achieve that by just wandering around the steppes or getting their hands dirty digging it up any more that the Jews on Wall Street and in Washington DC spend their time personally wandering around Third World nations, genociding their populations and stealing their wealth.
      Peace and Blessings,

  8. Chase
    Chase says:

    Thank you for posting this, Professor MacDonald. “Given the interest in the Khazar theory of Ashkenazi origins…” would you be good enough to publish a summary of your thoughts or links to other articles on TOO that can provide some context? It’d be a nice balance to the word on the playground.

  9. Rubytuesday
    Rubytuesday says:

    I think that this “reality of medieval life” is courant. I think that it could even be in the way of getting anywhere on the jewish question. I can imagine that some among us (tax collectors) are very motivated to keep the population stuck in this “medieval Platonian cave” because maybe they would stop paying taxes after getting out of it. Perhaps this same medieval semantic trapping system is applied to legitimising state enforcement of interest collection on private loans.

  10. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    I am part Jewish and the article agrees, I think, with family stories:
    When KE1 expelled the Jews 1/4 left making such a noise that people thought that they had all gone. The leavers were stinkers and crooks and everyone was pleased that they had gone,including the good Jews. Some of my ancestors represented the England remainers until about the 15th Century at the Rabbi meetings in Jerusalem which were held every 7 years to plot against the rest of mankind. The family had been sent to England from the University of Parizfranz to set up Oxford University with the other Jewish families. The English insisted that they were included to humiliate their father who had become the French king and their mother who was the daughter of the leading Jewish family in France.
    When she became pregnant her father wrote to Jerusalem asking for advice. Jerusalem told him she was to marry an old Jewish teacher at the University of Parizfranz and her descendants would always be given a warm welcome in Jerusalem. There followed 2 pages of loathing and contempt for Christ, the Church and the whole human race except the Jews. The Jews said that the Gentiles would suffer for their hatred of the Jews although, in this case, I would call the relationship the opposite of hatred.
    My mother had me Jewd in front of 200 Poles who called themselves Jews. I was very well behaved while on the Rabbi’s lap, although my eyes moved a lot. I told my Mother that I was looking for the Emergency Exit.
    My mother told me our friends were looking forward to giving me a warm welcome in Jerusalem for my Bar Mitzvah. I told her that they gave Jesus a warm welcome in Jerusalem but what they do to you when you fall out with them worried me. If they did that to the Messiah, God knows what they would do to me.
    I declined the kind invitation of the Polish GlaubenJuden to move to Palestine.

  11. Strange World
    Strange World says:

    The Jews try to seduce you with the offer of total ignorant egoism: “Why are you so stupid and care about all the others? Surely you could live a good life in accordance with our rules!”

    These are the methods they use to return allegedly “those who got lost in the right-wing milieu” to “the right path of virtue.” If everyone thinks, what’s it to me, then they have achieved their goal.

    Apparently, there is an evolutionary trait of social responsibility that we cannot simply shake off like a pesky insect. The Jew, of all people, is the most aware of this fact within his species.

  12. Strange World
    Strange World says:

    Since the Jew knows that there is also in us this ineradicable characteristic and ability, he must invent all kinds of artificial world-saving substitute religions (climate protection) and communities (LGBTQ), in which “like-minded people” gather together, which serve completely absurd goals, intentions and purposes and in truth only distract from the actual evolutionary task. Thus, the energy that in truth was concerned with its own survival (and would at some point question the Jew and take aim at him) is skillfully dispersed and allowed to fizzle out in empty space.

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