Book Review of Culture of Critique with Mark Collett


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  1. Strange World
    Strange World says:

    Kevin means the toxosplasmosis, from which allegedly half of the world population is afflicted, by the contact with the carrier domestic cat. The elimination of all borders is also a suitable analogy to the cancerous ulcer, in which a self-destructive cell growth (comparable with the construct of the EU) starts by the destruction of the cell borders.

    When Kevin says the brain was taken over or programmed by Jews, this reminds me of the movie of the “big city neurotic” Jew Woody Allen: “The NASA-like mission control center in a man’s brain is seen” (Oscar Beregi as Brain Control, see his father of the same name for his Jerwishness).*_(*But_Were_Afraid_to_Ask)_(film)

    Somewhere in the film, the director also shares his apparently most secret fantasies with the unsuspecting audience by way of a scene in which a manic group of Hitler Youth greedily wait in circles in a locked room to rape his leading lady.

    As far as the vampire thesis is concerned, the ritual of Jewish circumcision, which is so central to Jews (and highly outlandish to our ethical sensibilities), is already an analogy, not to mention the way “kosher” food is produced.

    One must also automatically think of the film “The Fearless Vampire Killers” by Jew Polanski, the vampire portrayed by Jew Ferdy Mayne. Jew Alfie Bass perfectly portrayed his fellow vampire in the role of Yoine Shagal. “Professor Abronsius, formerly of the University of Königsberg” was supposed to be a kind of Einstein-like mad genius.

    Whether the meanwhile untouchable authority Einstein was really an exceptional genius and not rather a cunning plagiarist and swindler, about that many doubters are not quite as sure today as the Jews would like to be.

    Mr. Polanski himself shares the fate of many of his peers with a sexual preference for underaged girls. Somehow the end of his pregnant wife Sharon Tate is also an exemplary fate in the circle of people like him or Epstein.

    Supposedly vampires are at home in Transylvania, perhaps the Transylvanian Saxons can tell us who is really meant by this? After all, the disgusting Jew Baron-Cohen (presumably for cost reasons) also moved the production of his laughable trash work “Borat” to Transylvania.,_D%C3%A2mbovi%C8%9Ba

      • Slovak
        Slovak says:

        Yes, check the youtube link from “GovloverMD” if you already havent. It is the same video with timestamps in description, including the part about Lynn’s studies.

        Personally I dont take this guys conclusions as a gospel, but certainly food for thought.

  2. Strange World
    Strange World says:

    The post-menstrual “head of the EU”
    can’t deny her American heritage, and
    says Brits have always been totally shit.

    A day to celebrate for Ireland, which never
    stabbed Germoney in the back like their
    pernicious supposed “cousins” next door.

    The only true & real Celtic
    Dana shows us the future:

    Krautcrap stole Dana’s phrasing

    It’s high time for a new old song!

    This Mr. Nice Guy apparently
    even stole Daryl Hall’s visage.

  3. GovloverMD
    GovloverMD says:

    I want to order a physical copy of this legendary book. However, there is a small flaw. The high Ashkenazi IQ idea is easily debunked. See this very well made video for explanations of the poor quality and erroneously generalized studies.

    I’d love to see an article on this from you guys, as this myth has been recently propagated in another article on this site (including a claim of IQ 111 Ashkenazis).

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