Jews Who Deny Jewish Guilt for Soviet Crimes Will Go To Hell

A couple of weeks ago, Jewish conservative Dennis Prager went “death con 3” against Nick Fuentes. Although he didn’t produce a quote or a source, Prager accused Fuentes of claiming that a mere “few hundred thousand” Jews were killed in the Jewish Holocaust rather than the canonical figure of six million. The shamelessly manipulative title of his article says it all: “If Holocaust Deniers Don’t Go to Hell, There  is no God.” It’s as if Dennis Prager has a direct line to the Big Man Upstairs, and is informing the unfortunate Mr. Fuentes of the toasty place waiting for him once he buys his Nazi farm in the sky.

The article was certainly a lazy piece of White shaming. Prager could not spare an insult for Black “death con” coiner Kanye West who last month trumpeted his denialism more noticeably than did Fuentes. Prager basically called Jewish Holocaust denial a sin and a lie. He said it was anti-Semitic. He dredged up quotes from Generals Dwight Eisenhower and George Patton, who witnessed actual Jewish suffering and death at the end of the Second World War. Then after a For Dummies summary of anti-Jewish atrocities and a tragic personal anecdote which may or may not have happened, Prager damns Fuentes’ soul to eternal hellfire.

I wonder if Prager’s editor or his readership realize how pernicious this article is. If someone is going to Hell anyway, how much of a sin would it be to strip him of his rights, or incarcerate him without trial, or even kill him? That would be nothing compared to what God has in store for him. It fact, it would be doing God’s work here on Earth. Was Dennis Prager inciting violence against Nick Fuentes? Was he giving the old wink-wink, nudge-nudge to people who might oppress him? Or was he using the Jewish Holocaust like a carrot and stick to coerce Christians into not annoying the American Jewish elite?

See, goyim? Repeat the words “six million” a bunch of times and ya got it made. And if you don’t, well, not only will we make your life be a living Hell, but after you die, you’ll face the real thing.

Either way, it was gob-smackingly arrogant on Prager’s part to assume the role of supernatural traffic cop, determining who gets to go where until the end of time. Does this mean that a person who thinks a mere half million died will be banished to a deeper circle of Hell than someone who sticks to the still-scandalously low tally of 4.5 million? Note also how Prager is directing traffic away from free inquiry. He’s not encouraging people to examine the data and come to their own conclusions. Instead, he and God are pronouncing the mainstream Jewish Holocaust narrative as gospel. Question it even in good faith, and lose your soul.

Well, since one bad turn deserves another, I think I will relieve Monsignor Prager at the intersection of Heaven and Hell and start directing post-reaper traffic in a wholly new direction: If you’re Jewish and you deny Jewish complicity in the formation and atrocities of the Soviet Union, which wasted over 80 million lives over 70 years, then you are evil, you are going to Hell, and you really shouldn’t be too surprised when people start resenting you for it. It’s that pesky little anti-Semitism thing—which never seems go away, does it?

Here is a brief bullet list of things Jews everywhere should feel guilty for (and unlike the sanctimonious obscurant Prager I will provide sources in case anyone wishes to investigate further):

  • Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn describes many 19th century Russian Jews as energetic organizers of revolution. These Jews were, radical, violent, and unstable people who did not shy away from becoming “detonator[s] for the revolution” in both a literal and figurative sense. Contemporaneous sources claim that anywhere from one quarter to one half of all left-wing radicals in pre-revolutionary Russia were Jews. (Two Hundred Years Together, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Chapter 6, unofficial translation published at
  • Jews were vastly overrepresented among the Bolsheviks taking part in the October Revolution. Vladimir Lenin himself attested that the presence of so many intelligent and well-connected urban Jews “saved the Revolution at a difficult time.” (The Jewish Century, Yuri Slezkine. Princeton University Press, 2004. p 155 & 224.)
  • Solzhenitsyn describes how the first Soviet secret police, known as the Cheka, was not only disproportionately Jewish but thoroughly dedicated to terror. It routinely meted out the death penalty without trial, and murdered innocents by the thousands. In striving towards its goal of the “physical extermination of all servants of Czarism and capitalism” the Cheka annihilated entire villages. In the Crimea from 1917 to 1921, which became known as the “All-Russian Cemetery,” the Red Army, led by the Jew Leon Trotsky and his Jewish subordinates Ephraim Sklyanksy and Jacov Sverdlov, murdered between 120,000 and 150,000 people. (Two Hundred Years Together, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Chapter 16. Columbus Falco, translator)
  • Solzhenitsyn demonstrates how overpopulated with Jews the early Soviet administrative leadership was. This includes the politburo itself and various executive committees, central committees, and revolutionary congresses. (Two Hundred Years Together, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Chapter 18. Columbus Falco, translator)
  • In 1932 and 1933, Lazar Kaganovich, Stalin’s Jewish yes man, was instrumental in the deportation and incarceration of over 268,000 Cossacks and other villagers in the Northern Caucasus. (The Black Book of Communism, Courtois et al. Harvard University Press, 1999. pp 162-163)
  • In 1932, the Jew Naftali Frenkel oversaw the construction of the White Sea-Baltic Canal, and worked to death around 200,000 gulag slaves. Jews made up the majority of the camp’s chief overseers. (Stalin’s War Against the Jews, Louis Rapoport. The Free Press, 1990. p 44)
  • Jews were overrepresented in the murderous Soviet security apparatus during the Great Terror of the 1930s . 42 of the NVKD’s 111 top officials were Jews, and 12 of the NKVD’s 20 directorates during this time, including the gulag system, were headed by Jews. Over two million people lost their lives during the Great Terror. (The Jewish Century, Yuri Slezkine. Princeton University Press, 2004. p 103 & 254.)
  • “An Israeli student finishes high school without ever hearing the name ‘Genrikh Yagoda,’ the greatest Jewish murderer of the 20th century, the GPU’s deputy commander and the founder and commander of the NKVD. Yagoda diligently implemented Stalin’s collectivization orders and is responsible for the deaths of at least 10 million people. His Jewish deputies established and managed the gulag system.” (“Stalin’s Jews,”, Sever Plocker. YNet News, 2006)
  • From 1925 to 1933, the Jew Filipp Goloshchyokin ran the forced collectivization in Kazakhstan, causing a famine known as the “Goloshchyokin genocide,” which killed between one and two million people. (“The Kazakh Famine of 1930-33 and the Politics of History in the Post-Soviet Space”, Elena Volkava. The Kennan Institute, Undated)

This list is hardly comprehensive, but I’m sure it’s enough to demonstrate that unless Dennis Prager also insists we not deny Jewish complicity in the above, he has no room to lecture anyone on how to get into Heaven or Hell.

The double standard here is that Jews get a free pass on collective guilt while White Christians do not. And yes, gentiles have their fair share of guilt from the early Soviet period. But not only were Jews overrepresented among the worst Soviets, but without them, according to Lenin, the most murderous regime in modern history up to that point would never have existed at all. How could any Jew not feel at least a little bit guilty over that?

One can argue that I take the same For Dummies approach Prager does, and then chide me for not digging deeper for nuance. Perhaps this or that particular Jew was not as guilty as he seems (as is probably the case), or perhaps circumstances were a bit more nebulous than I portray (as reality often is). I happily concede this. On the other hand, when gentiles try to ascertain similar nuance with the Jewish Holocaust—and perhaps wish to revise down that six million figure a smidge, or question some of the dubious scholarship surrounding Auschwitz, or note that Amon Göth might have been maligned just a tad in Schindler’s List—they meet with belligerent resistance from Jews like Prager. And Prager is one of the more moderate ones. So if gentiles are prohibited from investigating the Jewish Holocaust for humanizing nuance, why should any gentile give a whit if Jews try to do the same with the Holodomor and the Gulag Archipelago?

Finally, one can argue that the large number of Jews killed by the Soviets (1.5 million during the Stalin era, according to Louis Rapoport) balances out the Jewish perpetrators of the above crimes. The Jewish people, therefore, should be exonerated. If so, then the much larger number of White gentiles killed by the Nazis during the Second World War must also balance out whatever atrocities the Third Reich committed. Such an argument exonerates White people from their sins just as the Jews exonerate themselves from theirs. This should also force Dennis Prager to stop using the Jewish Holocaust as a weapon to control his political opponents.

He should probably stop doing that regardless, lest one day he realize that the person most likely going to Hell is him.

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  1. Sorel McRae
    Sorel McRae says:

    Good article. Two sincere, not rhetorical, questions:

    1. Interesting reductio ad absurdum at the end. Does Rappaport actually argue the hypothetical premise? Anyone else?

    2. You mention the Holodomor in passing but I would like to know if you (or anyone else) can point me to any analysis of the distinctive role (if any) that Jews played in it. I know of Kaganovich, but not much more. Filipp Goloshchyokin is new to me and I’ll look it up. Were the famines of Kazakhstan and Ukraine part of the same effort?


    • Birhan Dargey
      Birhan Dargey says:

      the J6 circus is finally over. After more than a year, $30Millions, and endless TVhrs..they will refer Trump for Criminal charges..Nixon II. An UNselcted, illegal, inconstitutional INmoral Committee,,and yet its fake narrative stands. why? This a watermark event in American History the Triumph of JEWdocracy/Sorocracy in the USA congress. Can Turmp turn a losing event into a winning$$ campaign just to spite the jews..raise a Trump Dfense Fund$$, a nation wide RED MAGA rallys for TRUMP ??? hope he makes another ton of$$

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      Treat yourelf to IMAGES OF THE HOLODOMOR on the net and a plethora of eye witness reports. Even a film clip of men throwing corpses off a series of rairoad box cars, into an adjacent depression.

      Starvation by the hundreds of thousands, while British freighters loaded grain in Kherson, to earn foreign exchange to assuage the masses of the urban proletariat.

      In one of the net videos the designation for a meat patty, made of human flesh is mentioned, but I couldnt make it out exactly. Children ate their mothers and vice versa. Legs, arms, even heads were proffered for sale. [ Photos ] There is a photo of five starved, dead boys in a room, robbed of their clothes traded for some edible seeds. Corpses littered the streets.

      I shall never forget the photo of a ca. 12 year old girl, robbed of her clothes, so emaciated, that she had to hold onto a post for said photo. Intelligent, attractive face, filthy hair, but with an expression, as if to say, ” why in hell did you do this to me, I should be at a school dance ! ”


      Walter Duranty, that Pulitzer winning mislabelled journalist in an effort to suck up to his Jewish publisher of the NY Times, and in turn his Jewish readers, who had termed the Bolshevik Revolution OUR THING, wrote 13 articles for them, completely misrepresenting the Jew-lead Red Terror of Stalin,and the Holodomor.

      The Germans, by comparison, much closer geographically, politically and culturally. remembered only too well their own
      800,000 starved to death as a result of the Royal Navy’s blockade of the continental ports, to pressure the Germans at Versailles. [ The number of victims, pursuant to their own RN White Paper ].

      FOREIGN ARMIES EAST, the Wehrmacht’s eyes and ears to the East, was cognizant of Stalin’s plans, corroborated by Suvorov. It was not criminal to initiate Operation Barbarossa under this situation: it would have been criminal NOT to. initiate it.

      Germany paid a heavy price for saving all of Europe from Stalin’s International World Communism; now gnawing on the entire West.
      I can personally witness to that.

      • Sorel McRae
        Sorel McRae says:

        Thanks, but I wasn’t asking if the Holodomor took place. I was asking for “analysis of the distinctive role (if any) that Jews played in it.” I already knew of Kaganovich. Mr. Quinn enlightened me to Filipp Goloshchyokin’s role in a similar famine in Kazakhstan around the same time. Surely there’s more to it than that.

        Again, I’m looking for Jewish *culpability* and *Jewish* motivation here, not affirmation that it happened and was really, really terrible.

        • charles frey
          charles frey says:

          I profusely apologize for my verbosity. I thought you might check some of these sites out to determine the identity of the perpetrators you seek by yourself. My serving tray is out for repair.

          Contact the Hoover Institute, since he led the US 20,000,000 effort to alleviate the hunger in all of Russia.

          Another promising source would be The Canadian Ukrainian
          Congress, since, understandably, they keep that bee in their bonnet.

          Don’t ask either one for a list of Jewish perpetrators, but broadly for books on Stalin’s policies and their administrators. The books may cite names in their index.

          If Michael Hoffmann is still active, he may be of more direct help, as may CODOH or even Irving.

          After succeeding with such a list, I would only be too pleased to read it here.

          Merry Christmas !

    • Swaytonious
      Swaytonious says:

      One could merely lean on the fact that new jews equals no bolsheviks.. or nazis for that matter.

      Another argument that can be made is that jews contributed to the German war effort in the camps which killed many people all in a miserable attempt to save their own lives.

  2. Chris
    Chris says:

    Perfectly wrought article. Thank you. I can only add my feeling that, you’re dealing with psychopaths here. “Arguments” are as meaningless as straw with them.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      And directly into the faces of their main rabbis in their cultural/religious HQ in Moscow, by Putin.

  3. George Kocan
    George Kocan says:

    I wonder, will people who deny the most important event in the history of the world, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, go to Hell?

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      George, treat yourself for Christmas by keying in SPAIN GOT TALENT UKRAINIAN DANCER.

      A beautiful, precocious 8 year old, exceedingly talented dancer, as refugee in Spain. A brief but incomparable performance and interplay with the also teared-up judges.

      Charles, of previous, personal communication with you here.

  4. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    One hopes some day in the future a test question in school history class will be:
    ‘Please name your favourite Jewish Holocaust story and give your reasons why?’
    Death by masturbation machine is obviously a great favourite, but there are so many they give a fascinating glimpse into the mania of these people.
    Different coloured smoke designating the different Jewish nationalities after they’d been cooked is good, as is the croaking like roosters up trees until they fell down dead. But for me it has to be the tale where so many Jews were killed and packed tightly into this pit in the ground, actual geysers of blood came spurting back up.
    I like this one because it isn’t just something absurd plucked from the sky, nor is it sexual or ridiculously stupid, but has a sort of internal logic a low-IQ shameless liar could convince himself would be believable. On their own these tales demolish the myth of Jewish intelligence.
    As much as the tales tell us something of our lovable tribe, maybe our own personal favourites can tell us something of ourselves too?

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      01 Surely, the most hilarious magic machine is the thirty foot diameter, heavy duty round metal disk lowered and raised by a center piston.

      02 Only a person who has never ever held a wrench in his hand, or never connected a 120 volt plug, could invent this obvious crap. You quickly learn, that water and electricity don’t mix.

      03 Over a hundred inmates at a time, would be placed onto this disk, which would then be electrified and submerged entirely into a tank of water below the disc, of course electrocuting one an all.

      04 Said disk would then be raised on its center piston, laden with corpses and once again be electrified.

      05 This time ’round the disk would be super heated to the point at which all corpses would be cremated into ashes.

      06 The disc would then be tilted, emptying the ashes into a collection of lorries and carted off.

      07 Nano seconds after electrified submergence the fuses or breakers woul naturally blow.

      08 The design alone, supported by incredibly complicated pneumatic pressures and design for the tilting and impossible circuits would have detracted from the design of tanks to compete with the Russians’ then superior T – 34.

      09 For pure Disney-like entertainment, I much prefer the best-selling ” true life autobiography ” of the Jewish girl who escaped from a transport and was raised by wolves for two years.

      • Gnome Chompsky
        Gnome Chompsky says:

        Mr. Frey,

        I always enjoy reading your comments.

        I sent an e-mail message to a U.S. friend that had a list of the absurd claims, but it wasn’t comprehensive. Does a partial version already exist? What is really needed is a list with references to the claimants. In all of the absurd claims I read, the statement of the absurd claim is backed by a citation by an actual Jewish person or Jewish people making the claim.

        A consolidated list with references and quotes would be a good resource. Admittedly, I should have thought of and started collecting it before tonight. Other things came first, and of course the lazy and incorrect assumption that such info. will remain in place. I think though, given their hubris, time for collecting the claims, quotes and sources should be ample.

        As an off-topic, we had a short exchange on eye cataract from injury, I have only had surgery on one eye so far, so have the full one-eye cataract experience you described.

        Salut par moi.

        • charles frey
          charles frey says:

          Spielberg continued the collection of German misdeeds by adding 16,000 videoed interviews with the former inmates, including a great number of depositions.

          This is kept by the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, available, I believe, via the net, for a reasonable fee. Better set at least six months aside.

  5. conrad gaarder
    conrad gaarder says:

    I’m not sure what to think about Prager.
    On the one hand, he does often say that leftists are destroying everything good, and that most Jews in America are leftists.
    But he never suggests that it all may have anything to do with Judaism and Jews, and has never, as far as I know, mentioned the name Kevin MacDonald on his radio program.
    So, I sometimes get the feeling that he’s doing a bit of a soft-shoe act, if you know what I mean.

    • Not Important
      Not Important says:

      He’s just a jew snake masquerading as a christian to grift from gullible boomers. A tale and act as old as time.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Gatekeeper and controlled opposition. They attract naturally right-wing people for the sole purpose of diverting them away from anything that might achieve anything, get them to accept the latest leftism up to a certain point that never stops shifting left and keeps them away from anything that mentions the Tribe’s role.
      It’s a pretty basic tactic. Lenin said if we must have an opposition then it’s best we lead them ourselves. There’s nothing new here. The Protocols spoke about having their people in every part of the political dialog left to right to gatekeep.
      Peter Hitchens is the best at it in Britain, he objected the other day to being called right-wing, claimed he’s a Social Democrat, when he’s also stated that his politics from the right, to Polly Toynbee on the left, should be the only space politics should be allowed to be discussed in Britain.
      He has never, ever helped anyone to his right and joins in liberal denunciations of them. No doubt he does this because he also doesn’t want the competition, but it’s really because that’s his main job.
      He stated that so many New Labour Blairite types, unlike him, won’t talk about their Trot past because it is still important to them.
      When I reminded him of this on twitter and asked if he doesn’t speak of his Jewish heritage for the same reason he blocked me.
      He’s also never acknowledged any interaction with the British secret police, and ridiculed the idea that he might work for the spooks himself even although he went from resident correspondent in Moscow to resident correspondent in Washington DC, and has travelled to half the nations on earth including China and North Korea.
      He also has a loads of children who all went through private school, despite his only income being as an opinion writer for a national newspaper. Maybe you could afford it on that, I don’t know, but I do know if you’re given that platform for decades then you’re obeying what the state tells you.
      These guys are worth following because much of their content is good, it has to be for them to be good gatekeepers, but in general they’re a plague and traitors to those they claim to represent. At least your average lefty either believes in it or is just grifting, which is no-where near as bad, and no-where near as harmful to normal people’s interests.

    • Chris
      Chris says:

      This is the point where Judaism shapeshifts from being a race (anti-Semitism”) into a religion. Of course the “religion” has 57 varieties and you can always pick the one that allows you to say, “See? Not all Jews are like that.”).

  6. Karl Haemers
    Karl Haemers says:

    A fine argument, which will be lost on deranged Jews.
    “White gentiles killed by the Nazis during the Second World War,” should still be laid at the feet of Jews, since the Germans did not want war, tried to avoid it, but according to James Forestall, Joseph Kennedy, Neville Chambelain, Chancellor Hitler himself, Thomas Dalton and many others, it was Jews who forced WWII upon the world, primarily to kill white Christians.

    • Desert Flower
      Desert Flower says:

      I don’t know if it was primarily to kill Christians, or that was just a bonus (to them), but I think you are correct from what I have been reading these past few years. The Germans did not want war.

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        01 The Germans indeed wanted war: if only according to American renowned so called historian William Shirer.

        02 This month in 61 you could buy a copy of LOOK magazine, for 25 cents, as one of seven million subscribers.

        03 Its front page had a huge swastika hovering over North America, with his lead article, IF HITLER HAD WON WORLD WAR TWO.

        04 One can only guess about how many of its well-informed 7 million American readers would have been aroused by his statement about THE TALL, BLONDE GERMAN SS OFFICER RAPING THE HELPLESS AMERICAN FARM GIRL.

        05 Given the fact, that Hitler couldn’t even make it across the English Channel, Shirer’s informative article wouldn’t make you shake with fear: at best make the helpless farmer’s daughter’s loins quiver: increasing circulation.

        06 I seem to recall, that this abject expert/idiot also included Hitler’s secret map for his plans to conquer all of South America, via the US.

        07 Said secret map was purportedly snuck out of the Reichskanzlei, but in reality invented out of nothing, for garnering war support, by none other than William Stephenson, THE MAN CALLED INTREPID, with his British Security Co-ordination [Counter Intelligence ] HQ in NYC.

        08 Those NYC cartographers were too lazy to lay out Hitler’s intended invasion routes and merely copied the overland routes of existing commercial airlines.

        09 Hitler envisioned Germany as a hegemon of a European Union.

        10 Suvorov, in his THE CHIEF CULPRIT, lays out the vital reason for our misadventure in the East, pursuant to the then most recent released documents and his personal engagement, as a senior member of GRU. [ Annapolis, etc. videoed lectures on the net ].

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          “Hitler envisioned Germany as a hegemon of a European Union”

          Correct, but not like our EU. It would have left France and Britain out of it because she desired these two nations to continue their oversees empires for 2 reasons, woldwide stability, and to prevent the USA from gobbling it up(or the Soviets pre-Barbarossa). America was strong enough, Europe’s entire history is about balances of power.

          • charles frey
            charles frey says:

            No, certainly not like ” our EU “. which countenances uniformed IDF officers formally lecturing its Members. Under the shadow of NATO, which is always headed by a US General Officer. Who, in turn, is commanded by the intellectuals at the DOD, of Afghanistan fame.

    • Bernie
      Bernie says:

      Just take a close look at Ukraine today, another war for profit for Jews while at least 120,000 Ukraine Military are DEAD and close to half a million wounded. That neither includes civilians or indeed Russian military.

      Brought to us by Jews who infest the US State Dept. Viki Noodelman (aka Nuland) and a 1,000 others, Zelensky using the expression, ‘see you again in Crimea’, as if Putin is going to let THAT happen. What will happen is Ukraine will become a landlocked mini state completely de-fanged militarily and Zelensky and his henchmen will all be hanged (after a quick trial) in Kiev.

      But not before perhaps over a million (or WAY more) White Christians are killed as entire cities are without power, heating, water and food thanks to the Jews once again. Hitler, Goebbels et all, were right.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        What is the big deal about Ukraine being a landlocked state? I get it’s better to have access to a port, but NATO ship all their supplies in through Poland.
        Switzerland and Austria are landlocked and they do OK.
        If it’s about exporting the famous grain, they’re going to lose half or more of that land anyway, can’t they just put it on a train to a friendly port?

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      K.H “. . the Germans did not want war, tried to avoid it, but according to James Forestall . .”

      Forestall comes across in the histories as an honest man a good guy and true patriot.

      This is a spooky picture, with his fellow Irish Catholic, it’s said taken while he was President :

      Both murdered by the same people, for basically the same reasons? Probably.
      You have to admit so many of these guys did what they could to warn us.

  7. Scipio Africanus
    Scipio Africanus says:

    These “conservative“ Jews such as Dennis Prager and Ben Shapiro are nothing more than Controlled descent. That corner both sides of of the debating stage, such that The boundaries of discussion remain in Jewish interest. The only decent Jew is one who calls to attention Jewish malfeasance.
    I have no doubt that these Bolshevik revolutionaries if necessary will do the same thing to us that they did to the Russians.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      Not ” will do to us “, but ” have been doing to us for some time ” !

      At least for the previous 165 years, since Bismarck, who had the biggest ears in Europe during his chancellorship, opined, that THE MONEY POWERS OF EUROPE DEEMED, THAT AMERICA WAS GETTING TOO BIG FOR ITS BRITCHES AND HAD TO BE CUT DOWN, : referring to the Civil War.

  8. Pat Kittle
    Pat Kittle says:

    I rarely mention this, but I am the God of the Jews, and I never authorized this Prager chump to speak for Me or make My Decisions.

  9. Marcus Baskett
    Marcus Baskett says:

    If you’re going to point out specifics of the group whose transgressions would have to be (and certainly are in the case in question) predicated on mountains of deceit, we shouldn’t need to quote their words to their own group as reliable accounts of any given situation(s). We either believe them, or we don’t.
    With all due respect.
    -“The Jewish Century, Yuri Slezkine. Princeton University”
    To me It’s confusing to attempt to use their own statements as any proof of fact in support of our defense. I don’t mean to be snarky it’s just that we can overcome this issue but it requires scholarship on our own side of the street and anything less is playing into their hands again. Thanks for a great article and informative read, all things said.

  10. John Alder
    John Alder says:

    I seem to recall that General Patton wrote to his wife that the jews in the concentration camps belonged there and the war was fought to turn them loose on society? When somebody yammers to me :But what about the six million jews? I stun them by saying WHO CARES?! Some actually agree with my response. 😊

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      During 63-64 I worked at Patton Barracks, Building 13, Us Army in Europe, Intelligence HQ, in Heidelberg.

      I drove to the nearby site where a US Army truck rammed his command car, which killed him a few days later. Such was the price he paid for his comments and their fear, that he may run for president.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      A small Commission from Washington even arrived in Germany, to assess and counter the problem of former inmates mugging, killing and raping Allied uniformed personnel.

      Patton would certainly have bee apprised of this problem, given his letters to his wife: likely instrumental in calling for said Commission.

      One can perhaps make allowances for the former inmates’ hate for their erstwhile jailers, but they could certainly differentiate the uniformed Allied personnel, THEIR LIBERATORS, whom they victimized anyway.

      Perhaps at least that element was in camps because they were simply human, criminal trash.

      • Flo
        Flo says:

        And didn’t that fraud, Elie Wiesel, boast that after being released from their work camp he and a few friends took great pleasure in raping German girls? This was after he was given the choice between evacuating with his German captors and staying behind to await the advancing Soviet forces. He chose the former.

  11. Tim Heydon
    Tim Heydon says:

    Given the strictures on ‘Holocaust denial’ it is interesting to note that Israel refuses to acknowledge that the murder of the Armenians and others around the early 20th Century was a deliberate genocide.

    The leaders of the Jewish community in what is now Turkey at the time actually supported the architect of this agenda. Contrast this with Jewish claims that the Pope could and should have done more to help the Jews.

    The Pope did what he could knowing that if he went too far, there might well be repercussions on the Catholic Church in Germany and elsewhere. The Nazis had sent Priests, especially Polish ones to the concentration camps.

    The Jewish leaders thought that they should support the Turkish authorities or it might be their turn.

    The contrast in rather similar circumstances couldn’t be clearer: While the Jews supported what the Turks did to the Armenians and other minorities such as the Greeks, the Pope opposed what the Nazis were doing to the Jews.

    Jewish leaders also went in a delegation to Ukraine to protest at the description of the Holodomor as a genocide.
    One gets the impression that they wanted to preserve the specialness as they see it of the Holocaust, because the Jews are of course ‘special’. In fact there have been 20 genocides involving millions since 1950. We never or rarely hear anything about any of them.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      01 The Jewish delegation to the Ukraine, to protest the designation of the Holodomor as a genocide, would have been more productive at the European Parliament, which, LAST WEEK, overwhelmingly passed a motion by its Polish MEP, to designate the Holodomor as just such a genocide.

      02 I don’t think. that the three Kaganovich [ = son of Cohan ], brothers, and dozens of their household name tribesmen, played any role in their discussions leading up to their near-unanimous vote.

      03 Peripherally, but quite unmistakably, PUTIN WAS CAST AS TANTAMOUNT TO STALIN: the real reason for their belated, ahistorical moralization.

    • Flo
      Flo says:

      The chief rabbi of Rome — named Zolli if I remember correctly — converted to Catholicism after the war. He took “Eugenio” as his Christian name in honor of the pope and all he’d done — very quietly — for the Jews.

  12. Follin
    Follin says:

    Jewish Americans (and others) are also committing the #crime# of ruining America by their advocacy of mass illegal immigration over the southern border.

    If Jews believe in such immigration, why don’t they advocate for Israel’s opening its borders in a similar way?

    Answer: Because they want to ruin America but want to preserve Israel.

    This isn’t very American of American Jews is it?

    And yet they persist.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      Well said. I wish all Whites would understand the 100% truth of your comment. Especially, those Whites who have children to protect from the Evil Ones.

  13. Wayne Lusvardi
    Wayne Lusvardi says:

    What if you’re not a holocaust denier but a holocaust relativizer? Yes, some (exaggerated) number of concentration camp internees died but the real question was, was that number in greater proportion than the Germans died of typhus, a high mortality condition associated with wars and famines? Some 50 German cities were carpet bombed, crops burned, potable water cut off, electricity black outs, etc. for all of Germany at end of war. Eisenhower herded some 1.5 million German troops into a flood basin along the Rhine River and starved them to death – a blatant war crime for which the holocaust served as a cover up. Eastern German women and children were all raped by Russian soldiers. In western Germany some 300,000 rapes reportedly occurred by the Allies. But the (emaciated) women in concentration camps, many of them Catholic, were spared the rapes. If the Holocaust was a holocaust why weren’t the women raped and tortured? Why were there hospitals and orchestras in some of the western camps as shown in many photos? The relativization, contextualization and proportionalization of the Holocaust seems to expose it for what it was – the mass death of those in the camps from disease at about the same proportion as the Germans suffered but without the rapes. So, Christians can condemn the deaths in the camps but can’t forget the equal condemnation of proportionate deaths of Germans, Catholics, Gypsies and civilians outside the camps and war crime against captured German soldiers. But Prager seems to want a special status for losses of a certain ethnic group in the camps which reflects the difference between the tribal-ethnic religion of Judaism and the universal religion of Christianity. But then Prager makes the claim that Judaism is not tied to blood and tribalism. It doesn’t square with truth.

    • Ron Chapman
      Ron Chapman says:

      G’day Wayne and everyone,

      Christ Jesus said that the Pharisees and neo-Pharisees were LIARS like their demonic father. The fundamental LIE is that they aren’t ‘Jews’, most of them are Khazars (a Japhethite heritage group derived from Esau’s line that combined with Cain’s progeny in the north Caucasus – ‘Gog and Magog’). There were no ‘Jews’ in Jesus’ time, they were Judahites and Benjamites. The name ‘Jew’ was created by the Khazars around 1775 as part of their concealment of their origins and to create a basis for their intended stealing of Palestine from real Semites.

      Christ Jesus was not a Hebrew, and Israelite, a Pharisee, a Judahite, a Benjamite, a Levite or a ‘Jew’. The name ‘Jew’ was created by the Khazars around 1775 as part of their concealment of their origins and to create a basis for their intended stealing of Palestine from real Semites.
      Jesus mother was of Sumerian extraction and his father’s seed was provided by The Gabriel, Christ Michael’s executor of the Nebadon Universe.
      The Khazars converted (ie adopted the Talmud and began using it as their demonic ideology around 740 AD. It meshed well with their barbaric, bloody sacrificial practices and was used to pretend that they had converted to an acceptable religion so that they could use it to ward off attacks by Christian Russia, Byzantium and the Muslims who demanded that they stop their barbaric assaults on surrounding populations. They didn’t stop and their empire was subsequently eliminated. Some of the elite Khazars moved to Venice and developed the Venetian Empire and morphed into the Black Nobility. But the bulk of the Khazarian leadership together with most of the Khazarian rank and file population fled north west towards Poland and Germany . Thereafter the Khazar elite herded their general population into apartheid shtetls, villages separate from the surrounding Slavic and Germanic populations in order to indoctrinated them from cradle to grave with hatred of white Russians and all Christians; and Muslims of all stripes. That situation obtains today. Talmudists are programmed to see all Christians and in fact all goys (non Talmudists) as cattle to be used and abused at will. Of course they conceal that ideological bent for obvious reasons but Talmudism is their covert ideology which substitutes for a religion because 75% of ‘Jews’ are atheists and those who aren’t worship a vengeful, genocidal god who is no god at all.

      Arguably it is only the Talmudic Khazarian Mafia elite and their rabid, ignorant Mossad and sayanem henchmen who are the satanic destroyers of our world; the bulk of those who now think they are ‘Jews’ merely go along to get along, And why wouldn’t they? Their Khazarian elite has elevated ‘Jews’ to rulership of our world and saying you are a ‘Jew’ gets you many privileges as well as easy advancement in government, business, academia, and all desirable vocations and societal situations.
      BUT although ordinary ‘Jews’ are not really Talmudists and hence not demonic; they are still part of the problem in that, through invincible ignorance and culpable cognitive dissonance they tacitly support their Talmudic leaders. Without that support the Talmudists could not garner the numbers needed to influence politics and dominate global public opinion to the extent they need.

      Non-Talmudic ‘Jews’ are more responsible for our dystopian global situation than gentiles but intelligent goyem and even average gentile ‘Normies’ who go along to get along with what the Talmudists do in politics, business and everything else, are still culpable to varying degrees.

      But I digress.
      The Holocaust didn’t happen AT ALL. There were only about 3 million ‘Jews’ in German occupied Europe during WWII and the global Jewish population was greater after WWII than before it.
      Stalin, Churchill and others like ‘Bomber Harris’, allowed the Talmudists to concoct that LIE to conceal their own very real war crimes. Allied policy was to deliberately carpet and fire bomb German and Japanese cities in a concerted effort to kill millions of civilians. And they did. The totally unnecessary fire bombing of Dresden at the war’s end killed up to 500,000 German civilians. The Khazarian Mafia media has steadily reduced the Dresden death toll to 25,000 today. At the current denial rate it will soon be portrayed as a German False Flag event.

      After the Germans surrendered, Eisenhower et al deliberately starved and allowed to die at least eight million Germans between 1945 and 1950, including many refugees from central and eastern Europe and about 1.5 million POWs (
      Between 1945 and 1950 Allied troops raped millions of German women and girls, some of whom died as a result.

      There was NO Holocaust; NONE.
      Official meticulously kept German records of deaths in the German concentration camps were taken and concealed by Stalin and not revealed until after the Soviet Union ceased to exist. Those records indicate that only 271,000 ‘Jews’ died in the camps during WWII and most of them died of typhus. A total of 117 ‘Jews’ were hanged for crimes. At the end of WWII, many deaths there were attributable to starvation due to Allied bombing. Also, Eisenhower actually used stacks of German bodies caused by disease and starvation in one of the camps under Allied control at the end of WWII in propaganda films, falsely representing those bodies to be ‘Jews’.
      There are many Holocaust debunking videos including eg: Holocaust Deprogramming Course:

      Peace and Blessings,
      PS: Hell doesn’t exist except in our self created incarnational experiences in physicaliry. Those spirits who resolutely refuse to accept that God is love, and with full knowledge of what they do, refuse to live in loving harmony with the Creation and deliberately opt for uncreation, have their free will decision their decision accepted.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        I really appreciate your vitally significant and erudite historical narrative comments on the “Talmudic Khazarian Mafia”.

        However , your theological works of art such as this small piece as a postscript conclusion in your comment above ___

        ” Hell doesn’t exist except in our self created incarnational experiences in physicaliry. Those spirits who resolutely refuse to accept that God is love, and with full knowledge of what they do, refuse to live in loving harmony with the Creation and deliberately opt for uncreation, have their free will decision their decision accepted.”

        are nothing more than extraneous theological bombast that tends to distract from your otherwise valuable empiricly based narratives of historical realities that can be ignored , just like bombast , but ramifications of the realities cannot be [ avoided ] ( in contradistinction to “ignored” ) and thus is unlike avoidable vacuous ramifications of theoligical bombast that has no basis in reality .

        You have previously asserted in other comments that Khazarian financial global control networks are presently being dismantled . According to the essay at this link

        , the Canadian communist tyranny of Trudeau did not get your memo about the dismantling in progress . Most likely , none of the Ashkenazi global control plutocrats got the memo .

        Do you preach a new religion or your version of a renown established religion ?

    • Gnome Chompsky
      Gnome Chompsky says:

      You are forgetting the death rates from forced movements of German populations in the east, to include most of Prussia itself and many places further east.

      Also the running of true death camps for them by Jews. Often using the old reformatory and then forced labour camps of the NSDAP German state as the sites.

  14. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    As always, your writing on the Jewish role in the mass murders and other atrocities in Russia/Eastern Europe, committed by the Jewish perpetrators is very good and always much needed Spencer.

    We need to somehow get this history to the masses and in our schools. A tall order I know since we all know who controls those scenes.

    You’re going to heaven Spencer. And when you get there, Solzhenitsyn is going to give you a big hug.

  15. Joe
    Joe says:

    Brilliant, Spencer.
    Whenever possible in commenting on articles, I use the same reverse tactic on the (usually jewish) writers. The difference, of course, is that OUR side has verifiable truth behind it. (((Their))) claims do NOT. This is why we will ultimately win in the end. The truth is indestructible… no matter how powerful the propaganda used against it.

  16. Malcolm
    Malcolm says:

    Why look back 80 years when we can all see, in utter disbelief, the mischief and evil currently being perpetrated by members of the tribe in Ukraine?

  17. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    Most people(or our people?) reckon they call their fable ‘the Holocaust’ for Talmudic, mythical reasons about not-Zionist-enough Jews being deservedly sacrificially burned and Yahweh enjoying the smell etc, ect.
    Probably this is correct, though as we aren’t allowed an open debate to flesh out the truth we can’t be certain. If we ever get one, and I’m long dead, maybe someone who reads this could throw this theory of my own on the name into the mix:
    If space aliens observed WWII and were asked their opinion of it, they’d say the greatest crime by far, an off-the-charts war-crime of stupendous, unhinged savagery was the deliberate fire-bombing of the German cities full of innocent women and children by the Allies.
    Asked what they’d call this act, the aliens would say “don’t you call such things a ‘holocaust’ in your language?”
    A satanic crime is perhaps not complete until it is covered up with the most outrageous satanic lie, that the real ‘Holocaust’ happened to someone else.

  18. doug gerlach
    doug gerlach says:

    To all who can read a book look at the 1939 world almanac on world populations.The whole jewish populatation in europe was at 1 million.That included Russia.This is quoted in the book iron curtain over America,written by another General.General Beatty.Also i have been to the Dachau camp.The kreamatorium only had 2 stalls,hardly enough to cremate even a million in 6 years.That doent include other prisoners either?

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      Doug, are you by chance related to a Gerlach who attended the Lutheran private girls school or Internat at Hermannswerder in Potsdam ?

      My sister, Elizabeth, attended there during the early part of the War. For weekends and holidays she brought many, later wellkown girls to our home in Berlin. I vaguely remember Soraya, the daughter of a Persian emmisary to Berlin and later wife of the Shah of Iran, Also Renate von Ardenne, sister of the highschool dropout Baron Manfred von Ardenne, and later holder of 213 patents, Professor of Physics at Dresden University, taken by the Soviets to the SU until his release in 56 and return to the U of D.

      I distinctly remember her Gerlach schoolmate at our home as well, but dont recall her first name.

      I agree with you about Dachau. The only crime that occurred there was the summary execution of young Wermacht soliers whose units were torn apart in action and were regrouped to replace the regular guards.

      The camp’s US Major ordered the posting of a sign next to this alleged gas chamber, stating unequivocally, that contrary to rumors, there was never any such gas chamber at this location.

      Americans have an aversion for learning foreign languages, therefore most USArmy interpreters were Jews, with poetic license.

  19. Strange World
    Strange World says:

    Just compare the ridiculous name “Bundeswehr” (Federal Defence) with WEHRMACHT (Defence Might), plus this ridiculous FRG flag of the “Weimar Republic” (with piss yellow).

    “Deadly?” Especially for these idiots who throw away their lives for the Jews in shithole countries for a “multicolored Jew Democracy”.

    Elon M., “Savior of the Occident”? Hardly, rather enabler of the “multiverse”.

  20. Strange World
    Strange World says:

    The Jews claim that they themselves now have the “best tank in the world”. But I suspect their systemic lack of coherence was transferred to this “device” and will cause it to break apart in a direct stability test like their unmanned “moon probe”.

    Generally speaking, anything Jews dream up definitely ends in a crash landing, be it a space vehicle or a world monetary system.

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