More noticing: The “Intellectual Dark Web”

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  1. Strange World
    Strange World says:

    A young Canadian seems to be haun-
    ted by a tragic fate (nevertheless, he
    says goodbye to his audience with
    “God bless” every time, you only ha-
    ve to believe in it strongly enough).

    Here he builds a cabin together with
    his dad, a short time later the father
    dies of a heart attack (vaccination?).

    They use machines from a company called
    “Woodland Mills,” which sounds kinda Ger-
    manic (Waldlandmühlen/Waldland-Mühlen).

    Two years earlier, his mother died of pneumonia.

    In addition, his (?) daughter’s mother,
    who looks somewhat Indian, has survi-
    ved (apparently benign) brain tumor.

    This Swede looks like a soy boy, but his cre-
    ative power should not be underestimated!

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