Jews prominent defenders of Drag Story Hour

From New York Jewish Week.

As right-wing protestors descend upon Drag Story Hour events across New York, they have frequently been met by a loosely connected movement of counter protestors that includes many progressive Jewish groups.

Since September, right-wing activists have routinely protested Drag Story Hour events, where a person dressed in drag reads to children. The aim of these story times, according to the founder of the Drag Story Hour New York chapter, is to promote literacy while giving children positive queer role models.

At the Queens Public Library in Jackson Heights on Dec. 29, at least five members of the Proud Boys, a far-right extremist group, showed up to harass people attending a story session. Those protestors were met by hundreds of activists from the other side, many of whom are Jewish. They included members of Jews For Racial and Economic Justice, Outlive Them, United Against Racism and Fascism and other other organizations.  …

Farber told the New York Jewish Week that last Thursday there were at least 300 people defending Drag Story Hour at the Queens library branch, from all ages and backgrounds. Farber added that “there are a lot of Jews” doing the behind-the-scenes work, the organizing and the outreach that goes into “pulling these defenses off.”

“Jews are so heavily represented in the left,” Farber said. “There’s been a reinfusion of energy on what people call the Jewish Left. There are people getting self organized into small groups that do take political action into what they believe is needed to create a better world.”

Sophie Ellman-Golan, communications director for Jews for Racial & Economic Justice, another prominent activist group that’s defending Drag Story Hour, told the New York Jewish Week that it’s important “to drown out fascists and neo-Nazis” by showing up in solidarity.

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  1. Sandra
    Sandra says:

    They always destroy their host cultures. That is what psychopaths do. They are genetic psychopaths.

  2. Karl Haemers
    Karl Haemers says:

    Yes, but why depict Proud Boys as a “far right extremist group?” I opened the link, and that is the ADL’s depiction, but people reading this essay who do not open the link would not know that. To say Proud Boys “harass” people at these disgusting events is most likely ADL-speak as well. I’m proud of Proud Boys for protesting these vile wretched displays in front of children, and I think they should be depicted better in our writings.
    I do realize Proud Boys were infiltrated and co-opted at the top levels and participated in the set-up false flag honey trap “capital insurrection” on 1/6. Maybe their presence at DQSH is similar? Whatever, someone needs to do it, and if it’s not us, more power to Proud Boys.

    • Captainchaos
      Captainchaos says:

      The Clown Boys are 100% kosher Feds. Anyone who becomes involved with them is being pre-fitted for an orange jumpsuit. Just stay away.

  3. Karly
    Karly says:

    One wonders if Jewish schools in the US invite Drag Queen Story Hour or do they just wish to corrupt non-Jews?

    See this drag queen strip for the children. This is very common. White liberals and Democrats believe in this too.

    Click here for a Christian Network’s report:

    • Rusty
      Rusty says:

      Hitler was appalled at the debauchery,, homosexuals, druggies, drunks and everything if not more than we see today. He rose to power and eliminated all the perversion in Germany. Family values was part his plan, and for years Germans lived a moral life.

      • Redpill Boomer
        Redpill Boomer says:

        When I read Mein Kampf, I was intrigued by Hitler’s frequent mentions of “Jewish degeneracy in the theater” but was disappointed that he gave no examples of what he thought was degenerate. I guess that way the reader was free to imagine whatever perversion came to mind.

        • PvtCharlieSlate
          PvtCharlieSlate says:

          I’ve also read Mein Kampf. In it Hitler makes references to political parties and politicians with the assumption that the reader would need no further information about them other than their names. His not describing the perversions is likely the same.

  4. Harry Warren
    Harry Warren says:

    The website ‘UK Column’ (supposedly run by British patriots) tells its gullible viewers that jews are not the problem.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      They shouldn’t do that, though they’d just get straight banned if they blamed Jews for anything so it would be better if they just didn’t mention the subject at all. But they might be getting pressured to say whatever, they probably are.
      Doesn’t really matter, UK Column stays close enough to the truth that it’s viewers will figure things out for themselves, they don’t need told.
      Jews are pretty invisible in Britain compared to the USA. I remember Sacha Baron Cohen went on Jonathon Ross and was trying to explain an antisemitic joke(as in the joke was on the antisemites), the mainstream audience hadn’t a clue what he was talking about and didn’t know at which point to laugh.
      In America you can put a star next to Biden’s entire cabinet, in Britain it just ain’t like this, there would be absolutely zero traction trying to convince average Britons we are ruled by Jews, as they simply can’t see them. It’s more like we are controlled by the Jewish mind poison, enforced by plenty of white true believers(becoming progressively more female as the years go by).
      You can really see why feminism is so important to them, why Andrew Tate is such a threat to them, why they push this crap worldwide pretty much at the expense of anything. It’s way more important than the gay stuff, you only get that once you’ve activated enough females politically.

  5. PvtCharlieSlate
    PvtCharlieSlate says:

    FYI: recommend reading –

    Judaism’s Strange Gods by Michael Hoffman / www dot revisionisthistory dot org

    Against Our Better Judgement by Alison Weir / www dot ifamericansknew dot org

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Israel Shahak – Jewish History Jewish Religion, The Weight Of Three Thousand Years

      Would turn a Quaker antisemitic. It’s what woke me up.

      Shahak was quoted in mainstream publications all over the world. He also died just two months prior to 9/11, which I find far too much of a lucky coincidence for the Zionists.

  6. Pat Kittle
    Pat Kittle says:

    Do these DQSH (((parasites))) pull this crap in Hasidic schools & synagogues?

    Or ghetto schools?

    If they do, I’ll accept the idea that however repulsive they are, at least they’re not knowingly promoting (((White genocide))).

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