My Journey to the Homosexual Question

Five years ago, Andrew Joyce wrote a compelling three-part series of articles on “The Alt-Right and the Homosexual Question” (published at His articles comport well with what I have already concluded about homosexuals and their place among White racialists, especially if a White ethnostate or an American redoubt were to ever emerge in the Pacific Northwest.

In his articles, Joyce addresses and refutes several arguments raised against confronting the homosexual question. This is a sensitive and difficult subject for many, no doubt. Some would prefer not mentioning it at all, while others say we should gladly welcome White homosexuals regardless of their sexual proclivities because, after all, they’re White.

My intention is not so much to rehash Joyce’s thoughts, but to explain in my own way why I believe homosexuality is a deviant way of life and behavior. At its core, it violates the natural or created order of things, that it’s destructive of the family unit which is the foundation of any nation and of Western civilization itself, and that homosexuals in America have been weaponized by the Bolshevik Left to disrupt and ultimately tear apart the fabric of America (quite successfully I might add).

I wish to clarify that my criticism of homosexuals and today’s “gay rights” movement are general in nature. They are not intended to apply to every individual gay man without exception. There are, obviously, nuances, various shades, and differences among homosexuals. They are not a completely monolithic group as some might think. Yet there are enough similarities and consistencies among them so it’s legitimate to do some sober evaluation and criticism. I have described in this article only what I have witnessed, experienced, and deduced after many years of observation.

Growing Up in Hollywood

For almost fifty years my father had a business in Hollywood. He was part of Hollywood’s movie industry, mostly indirectly by providing equipment that might be used on a movie or television set. Amateurs and upstart production companies would purchase various items they might need for their films. His two large warehouses were near Santa Monica Boulevard and Highland Avenue which at the time were at the epicenter for gay prostitution.

As a result, I grew up around some Hollywood celebrities and people who were in the industry. A disproportionate number of them were homosexuals. My exposure to them led me at an early age to form opinions about gays, none which were positive. Although I didn’t quite have a framework in which to make sense of it all, I gradually discovered how strange, deviant and deeply disturbed so many of them seemed to be.

I recall driving to work with my father on the weekends and traveling down Highland Avenue in Hollywood only to see Transvestites swishing about and gesticulating wildly on the sidewalks pretending to be women. I was not only appalled by it, but I wondered how anyone could be so self-deceived. My father never spoke harshly of them, but he did mention on a couple of occasions how screwed up in the head they were.

The homosexuals I encountered were a mixed bag. Some of them were quite normal and I was not even aware of their sexual preferences until much later. They were very much “closeted” and didn’t go about announcing their gayness as many are prone to do.

Others were obviously gay by virtue of their effeminate mannerisms and some of the common stereotypes usually associated with them. They made sure everyone knew it too. Such effeminate mannerisms are ways that homosexuals signal to their own kind and distinguish themselves from the heterosexual majority.

Several of them were repeat customers of my father’s business, and he developed friendships with a good many. The thing that over time stood out the most about the gays I encountered was how seemingly catty and volatile they were. Even though they appeared “normal” and quite together on the outside, they seemed deeply disturbed inside. There was just something ‘off’ about them.

The unusually high sex drive reported about gay men was something I witnessed at times. Other employees and I would often find them in an alley engaged in sex next to a dumpster that we used daily. We had to order them to leave or threaten to call the police on many occasions. Years later I was told by a nurse who worked at a hospital AIDS ward that one of the most difficult tasks in her job was keeping the male AIDS patients out of each other’s beds!

Part of my duties at work was to pick up the lunch orders on certain days when the boss paid for everyone’s lunch. I was sixteen at the time and I didn’t drive. It was very common, however, to get propositioned by men as I was walking to the restaurant to pick up food we ordered.

One place in particular, Arthur J’s, was only a block away and we sometimes ordered food from them. Although I was not aware of it at the time, Arthur J’s, according to a blurb in Gay L.A., was “a phenomenally popular all-night hangout where gay people flocked after the bars closed. Arthur J’s was thought by gay men to be a great place to score. Aristide Laurent, who was a regular in the 1960’s, recalls that the sexual carryings-on had been so rampant in the men’s room at Arthur J’s that the waitresses were ordered to toss a cup of ammonia on the floor hourly so the fumes would preclude anyone from spending more time than was required to use the toilet” (“Queer Maps”).

On one occasion I walked over to Arthur J’s to pick up the lunches we had ordered. When I entered the restaurant, the place was filled with gay men as they gawked at me and made lewd comments. This was in the mid-1970s where many of them wore leather vests and huge mustaches — something right out of The Village People. It was so creepy and uncomfortable that when I returned to the office, I told my father that I would never go there again.

Homosexual Males: A Volatile Lot

My opinions about homosexuals were only confirmed as I got older. I worked security at the ‘Seven Seas’ nightclub on Hollywood Boulevard in the early 1980s. This was the nightclub owned by the late Eddie Nash who was a convicted money launderer and drug dealer. Many believe that Nash was the mastermind behind the Wonderland Murders, although he was never convicted for these crimes.

‘Seven Seas’ was a wild place. It was frequented by teenagers, young adults, and there were plenty of seedy characters always hanging around. A couple of the people who ran the place were gay, and they made sure to bring around their gay friends. One man who appeared to be in his mid-40s always arrived there on the weekends in his Porsche. He was often accompanied by a very young male who I thought to be around 15 or 16 years old. I later discovered that this same male teen brutally murdered his ‘sugar daddy’ while he was sleeping when he learned that he was seeing another boy.

Years later, when I attended the police academy, we had a sheriff’s homicide detective address the class. He worked in the city of West Hollywood which the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department patrolled. This city has a huge gay population, and many consider it the ‘Castro District’ of Los Angeles.

Of the many important things he shared, he told us that murders committed by gay men against their lovers were almost always easily discoverable because of the level of intensity and brutality committed by the perpetrator. It was all very personal. Inordinate levels of jealousy and rage always played a significant role. This is because homosexuals are known to be extremely promiscuous, much more so than the average male heterosexual might be. Sexual fidelity to their ‘partners’ is a rarity among gay men, and when their already unstable unions are violated by unfaithfulness, it frequently results in horrific mutilations and death.

Dangerous and Perverted Sexual Practices

All of us in various ways have our sexual preferences, our unique tastes (so to speak). We succumb in our weaker moments to temptations and lusts, many that we would be ashamed to admit. It’s part of the human condition. The flesh is indeed weak, and it’s a struggle we all must endure (some more than others).

Yet among gay men, the sort of sexual activities they routinely engage in is far beyond the pale of anything that might be deemed “normal.” Aside from anal sex, they engage in fisting, rimming (anus-to-mouth), urolagnia (getting urinated on and drinking urine), coprophilia (sexual stimulation from feces), bug chasing (intentionally infecting oneself with HIV through sex with an infected male), gift giving (intentionally infecting another male with HIV through unprotected sex), and an array of strange sexual practices. Group orgies are also very common among them. Gay men are known to have sex anywhere and anonymous sexual encounters with other men is what many of them prefer.

Is it any wonder, then, why so many gay men in America and Britain have skyrocketing levels of STD’s and are ridden with unusually strong strains of gonorrhea? The infections also tend to spread faster among them because they change partners more quickly. They are also more likely to experience gonorrhea in their throats (see the BBC News article by James Gallagher, “Super-Gonorrhea’s Spread Causing Huge Concern,” April 17, 2016; the article also notes that homosexuals “tend to spread infections a lot faster simply as they change partners more quickly.”).

These people, in general, are neither physically nor mentally healthy when one considers their lifestyle. Some surveys have revealed that rates of depression, suicidal thoughts, various phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorders, as well as drug and alcohol abuse were significantly higher among homosexuals than heterosexuals. How can it not be when one is addicted to the most extreme and dangerous sexual practices imaginable?

The Unnaturalness  of Homosexuality

Most of this, of course, is blamed on an “intolerant” society that refuses to accept homosexuals as they are. I don’t believe this for a minute. I’m very much inclined to see it as stemming from the unnaturalness of homosexuality itself. The unnaturalness of homosexuality is plainly evident in that homosexuals are not able to procreate through anal sex. The drive to continue our species is both natural and strong among humans. Since homosexual sex is unable to perform this most basic biological act, it is automatically disqualified from being seen as either healthy, normal or natural.

Moreover, the anus is not meant for sex. It is meant to extract waste and is riddled with bacteria and germs. A good many of the STD’s that infect gay men are the direct result of playing around where they shouldn’t. Constant penetration of the anal wall inevitably creates tears where bacteria and diseases gain entrance into the bloodstream. Anyone who thinks is healthy needs to have their head examined.

All of this is so obviously misguided, yet society is constantly bombarded with messages of how perfectly normal and acceptable homosexuality is. Like the transgender lies the media propagandizes us daily with, so also the propaganda promoting homosexuality and gay marriage is nothing more than beautifully packaged lies.

Pederasty Is Common Among Homosexuals

Since homosexuals cannot procreate, they must recruit. ‘Pederasty’ (sexual relations between men and boys) has been historically common among them, a practice that that’s easily traced to ancient Greece and Roman cultures and beyond. While there have always been homosexuals in every society and culture, it has not always been accepted or tolerated. It’s my impression that homosexuality tends to be more prevalent in societies that are in decline. It should surprise no one that ever since the sexual revolution began in the 1960s – coupled with gay rights and today’s transgender movements – the U.S. has been on a downward spiral.

In the early 1960s, a series of short films were produced to educate the public about the predatory nature of homosexuals who sexually targeted lonely and fatherless boys. These films were introduced not because of some personal hatred toward gays, but because homosexual grooming was so prevalent in big cities such as San Francisco (where playgrounds for children often have signs barring single men). People today mock such films, but this is only because they have been so propagandized by the media and gay advocacy groups to believe that gay grooming is a false and unfair accusation.

Gay activist organizations in the U.S. gladly permitted NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association) to partake in gay prides throughout America for many years. Yet it was only when pressure came upon gay rights groups to distance themselves from these overt pedophiles that they finally banned their presence from their parades. It was accepted, however, for such a long time as being part-and-parcel of America’s gay rights movement because most homosexuals fully supported sex with prepubescent and teenage boys.

They will not admit this openly, of course, since it would tarnish all their public relations campaigns. They know that most Americans might be able to tolerate two adult males engaging in sex, but this would not be the same sentiment when it comes to man-boy sexual relations. Either way, there is little sense in denying what both history and reality itself reveals – namely, that large numbers of homosexuals prefer to have sexual relations with young boys. Those who tell you otherwise are either lying or grossly ignorant.

Here’s an 11-year-old drag kid known as ‘Amazing Desmond’ who was featured on Good Morning America. Watch as the audience applauds this very confused and manipulated boy. That this would be aired on national television shows what a morally bankrupt nation we’ve become.

Gay Advocacy Groups Engage in Propaganda and Coercion

We must ask ourselves: How sane could any social or political movement be when its entire identity revolves around their sexual preferences and practices? Despite what gay activists might say, their message to the world is really about who they like to have sex with, and why society should fully embrace them. Doesn’t that itself seem bizarre? Can you imagine the level of absurdity that would result if heterosexuals erected organizations and developed nation-wide campaigns to convince everyone that they like having sex with those of the opposite gender? It would be strange indeed, in part, because having relations with the opposite sex is perfectly natural. Such efforts would prove nothing other than what everybody already knows.

Yet homosexual activists and apologists must bend over backwards and engage in great leaps of logic to convince us all that what they do sexually is normal and something we should accept. And what they cannot always accomplish by persuasion, they try to accomplish by coercion, legislation, media manipulation, Hollywood sympathy films, as well as demonizing their opponents and all of society.

For instance, in 1973 the American Psychiatric Association (APA) removed the diagnosis of “homosexuality” from the second edition of its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM). Prior to that, since its first edition in 1952, “homosexuality” was classified as a mental disorder. This change, however, did not occur as a result of new scientific discoveries, but because gay activist groups intimidated and pressured the APA to toss it out. This has been exhaustively documented by Dr. Jeffrey Satinover in his book, Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth (Baker Book House, 1996), and in a 2007 article he authored titled, “The ‘Trojan Couch’: How the Mental Health Associations Misrepresent Science.”

Homosexuals Oppose Traditional American Values

The family itself must be vilified by gay militants. Traditional marriage must also come under attack and perverted from its original meaning. And for what purpose? So that no one will ever point out the patently obvious truth that man-on-man sex is unnatural and unhealthy.

I suppose one might be inclined to support the gay agenda if gays themselves lived in ways that were moral and circumspect. But often they don’t. Yet they are often the first and loudest to condemn traditional values. Their ‘heroes’ are the likes of Harvey Milk (gay politician), RuPaul (gay drag queen), Larry Kramer (radical gay AIDS activist), Andy Warhol (eccentric gay artist), Pete Buttigieg (openly gay U.S. Secretary of Transportation), and Ellen DeGeneres (lesbian talk show host) to name just a few.

They are celebrated in America only because the country has become unmoored from its traditional moral values.

One might also be inclined to support gay rights if gays themselves were big supporters of Heritage Americans (Whites) and their interests as well as traditional American culture with its strong family values and love of country. But they haven’t and never will because homosexuality is itself rebellion against the natural order. They will always seek to undermine anything that supports normalcy and the marks of traditional society and culture(s). The comparably few that might not are outliers, the exception that proves the rule.

Gays in America largely support left-leaning and overtly cultural-Marxist policies. They are the darlings among liberal Democrats. The brunt of their activism aims at weakening and destroying traditional American institutions such as the family. They infiltrate our public-school systems and propagandize our children with their pro-gay messages. They do so because they rightly recognize that societal acceptance of gays will be easier with each successive generation so long as they are permitted to influence and recruit young people with little parental resistance.

It’s important to understand, then, that gays in America are not about conforming to the essential or characteristic customs and conventions of the greater majority. They are not content to merely be accepted and tolerated in society. No, they must be “celebrated” and told how their sexual proclivities are just as good as heterosexuality. In some cases, we are even told how homosexuality is superior!

Depending on what survey one chooses to believe, gay men comprise only about 4.9% of the overall U.S. population, and yet they influence and dictate a disproportionate amount of American federal and state policies that favor them. This includes enormous federal funding for gay causes and healthcare associated with their high levels of STD’s. The MSM unashamedly supports them. The entire medical establishment stands behind them. Our colleges and universities have established policies that penalize anyone who dares to say something negative about homosexuals, lesbians and transgenders. Yet homosexuals in the media continue to portray themselves as “victims” of a “homophobic” society?!

Some argue that homosexuality has a genetic or biological (e.g., hormonal) basis. Others argue that it’s largely environmental. Whatever the case, the rise of homosexuality to mainstream status in America has proven to be disastrous to the health and future of America. Any social movement that centers its existence on their sexual proclivities – especially those that throughout history have been condemned by almost all societies and cultures – will prove to be of no worth if that same nation desires to survive. Homosexuality produces only sickness and death, as is plainly evident in the AIDS epidemic and the insane levels of sexually transmitted diseases among gay men. And while there may be individual homosexuals who can add value and benefit to society (often seen in the arts), as a group committed to sexual deviancy, they are unable to do so.

The Jewish Role in Advancing Gay Rights

The disproportionate Jewish role in advancing gay rights is well-documented. Jews are quite proud of their role in all of this. They have been on the frontlines in the struggle for homosexual acceptance and have both orchestrated as well as funded the contemporary gay rights movement in the U.S. and Europe. Activist Jews such as Franklin Kameny, who is considered by some to have been the gay rights movement’s Rosa Parks, Edie Windsor, and Thea Spyer; Windsor and Spyer were at the center of a landmark case that struck down the federal bar on same-sex marriages; and many others took a leading role in normalizing homosexuality and in advocating for special rights on behalf of gays.

Back in 2013, Vice-President Joe Biden openly praised the important role Jews played in legalizing same-sex marriage when he was speaking before a Jewish American Heritage Month reception hosted by the Democrat National Committee: “Vice President Joe Biden is praising Jewish leaders for helping change American attitudes about gay marriage and other issues. Biden says culture and arts change people’s attitudes. He cites social media and the old NBC TV series “Will and Grace” as examples of what helped change attitudes on gay marriage. Biden said, “Think — behind of all that, I bet you 85 percent of those changes, whether it’s in Hollywood or social media, are a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry.” Biden says the influence is immense and that those changes have been for the good. He says Jewish values are an essential part of who Americans are” (Josh Lederman, “Biden: Jewish Leaders Drove Gay Marriage Changes,” Associated Press, May 21, 2013).

Biden’s words proved embarrassing to some Jews who thought his admission fed into stereotypical Jewish “canards” that Jews promote liberal and detrimental social policies. Jews, of course, want to take credit for creating and implementing their Utopian values on the nation, but if anyone dares to claim that these values are deleterious, they are quick to denounce such ‘noticing.’

Like Blacks in America, gays have been weaponized by Jews against traditional Americans. This is not because Jews have historically supported homosexuality. In fact, Judaism throughout the centuries has been opposed to it and the Jewish scriptures explicitly condemn such practices. Jews largely support gay marriage and gay rights because they erode the moral fabric of traditionally Christian America . These practices also help to destabilize the nation so that White racial solidarity could never threaten them as it once did in Germany under National Socialist control. This explains in part why Jews are always quick to create and bolster radical social movements that prove ruinous to the racial and cultural health of Whites.


If America were to break apart, a confederacy of sorts in which politically conservative Red states were to secede from the Union, Whites would be wise to never allow homosexuals positions of influence and power. This doesn’t mean they should be persecuted solely because they are gay, but only that campaigns to normalize and promote homosexuality should be outlawed. Gays who are “closeted” and who keep their sexual proclivities private should be left alone.

However, the minute gays are given a sympathetic platform and permitted to propagandize among us – especially if they were to target our children – there should be harsh penalties. Failure to do so will cause White Americans to fight the same social and political battles all over again.

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  1. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    Some gays are ok, at least Quentin Crisp told the truth:

    “I wish to clarify that my criticism of homosexuals and today’s “gay rights” movement are general in nature. They are not intended to apply to every individual gay man without exception. There are, obviously, nuances, various shades, and differences among homosexuals. They are not a completely monolithic group as some might think.”

    Or in other words, hate the game, not the players?

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      From this comment, and others you have made, Emicho, I suspect you are gay. A gay “nazi”. Yes, that really explains everything about you, and even the behavior of the moderator toward you.

      This is not intended as an insult, or a slur, but only a sincere observation.

      Thank you, thank you, thank you RockaBoatus, for the best article of the year on TOO, so far. YOU are a winner!!

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        That’s a brilliant comment Carolyn, we should have more comedy on this site.
        I really don’t care what any stranger ‘suspects’ about me, especially not some menopausal stranger who can’t even argue. And I’m not going to tell you if you are correct or not just to wind you up, as we both know from past experience, winding you up isn’t hard.
        You’re also calling the moderator gay too? So the moderator figured out I was a gay Nazi before you did and that’s why . . . er . . that’s why what? What has the moderator got to do with anything?
        Don’t worry, I don’t expect a reply, these interactions we have never really go well for you, do they?

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          “I really don’t care what any stranger ‘suspects’ about me, especially not some menopausal stranger who can’t even argue.”

          If you don’t care, why did you reply? And what would be the “argument?” I only made an observation or deduction about you based on what you write.

          What does menopause have to do with it? I can tell you — nothing. Your attacks on, and extreme put-downs of women – you always specify “white women” – those very ones who would further increase the white race IF white men wanted to have anything to do with them — which you go out of your way to discourage — are revealing. Anonymous posters think that they can fool others, but it’s not true. The real person and intent behind the words always shows itself eventually.

          I will point out that I don’t notice others backing you up, It doesn’t seem like you have much support here. You should have “some” at least, don’t you think? It’s a hot potato no one wants to touch … on this site. But I think they should.

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            “If you don’t care, why did you reply?”
            – To let you know.
            “And what would be the “argument?” I only made an observation or deduction about you based on what you write.”
            – I’ve no idea what the “argument” is, I see you’ve now took my advice and given up attempting to argue with me, now you just make little bitchy “observations”. This is good, stick to your level.
            “What does menopause have to do with it?”
            – Oh, quite allot, it messes with female brains and makes many incapable of rational thought, as amply demonstrated here for all to see by yourself every time you come at me.
            “Your attacks on, and extreme put-downs of women – you always specify “white women”
            – Correct, because after the Jews, white women are by far the greatest problem facing our society. Does anyone really imagine without the white woman problem we couldn’t deal with the ethnics in about 5 minutes? I’m sorry you take this personally(I’m not actually), but who in their right mind would take offence from an anonymous rando on the internet? That’s that change of life thing I was talking about doing it’s work.
            “those very ones who would further increase the white race IF white men wanted to have anything to do with them”
            – You ever wonder why white men are absolutely sickened by white women these days? Because women have went all in on the Jewish mind poison of feminism.
            “Anonymous posters think that they can fool others, but it’s not true. The real person and intent behind the words always shows itself eventually.”
            I don’t even really know what this means, and I doubt you do either. Who am I trying to fool? If I put my real name on this site I could be doxed and lose everything, but it doesn’t really surprise me you don’t understand this, we’re not exactly dealing with a high intellect here, a rational person, are we?
            “I will point out that I don’t notice others backing you up, It doesn’t seem like you have much support here. You should have “some” at least, don’t you think?”
            – But I thought you just wrote the moderator supported me, because he was a gay Nazi too? You can’t have it both ways.
            And why exactly would I want simps congratulating me on what I write? Men don’t need this pathetic confirmation they way women do.
            And half the things I post here are deliberately provocative to get a reaction and make people THINK. Why post garbage everyone agrees with? I’ll leave that to you. Men understand this.
            “It’s a hot potato no one wants to touch … on this site. But I think they should.”
            I don’t really understand what this means either. Are you trying to encourage other commenters to prove me wrong because you lack the ability to do so? That’s pretty pathetic Carolyn, but is just the sort of thing a woman of your age and err, issues, would come out with.
            It’s extremely unimpressive that I humiliated you in a similar way ages ago, I did warn you not to try again, as you’re way out you’re depth here. But what do you do? Wait a couple of months and them come back calling me a “gay Nazi”. This is off-the-charts childish. And I though you liked Nazis?

            Go on Carolyn, have another go . . .

            – Note to the moderator, please allow this to be posted, I know bitch-fights aren’t encouraged, but they *can* be quite entertaining sometimes.

    • Swan
      Swan says:

      People should stop using the terminology assigned to us by our conquerors. Gay means happy, not Sodomy. At a minimum, we should use neutral words like “homosexual”. Just a thought….

      • Titus
        Titus says:

        I concur, my dear Swan, the correct term is sodomy, a dreadful practice, and painful too!

        I don’t want to sound impolite, but this post and replies smell like aids to me.


      • RockaBoatus
        RockaBoatus says:

        Thanks, Swan, for your comments. I understand where you’re coming from and in a sense, I don’t completely disagree with you.

        However, I’ve chosen to use the term “gay” in the parlance of today’s culture and way of speaking. It still conveys the group I’m referring to without having to empIoy epithets or scorn. I use the term “homosexual” in more or less a clinical way to describe them.

        I suppose I could use the expression “sodomite” or other terms of derision, but this would simply irritate many of my readers which would likely cause them to miss more important issues raised in the article. The minute one employs incendiary expressions, the target audience is automatically turned off (at least in most instances). Enough of what I write about is controversial, and it makes little sense to add more fuel to the fire.

        I’d rather use neutral or common terms that everyone understands rather than those that will do nothing more than irritate the reader.

        Does this make me guilty of “using the terminology assigned to us by our conquerors”? Yes, I suppose so. But perhaps the better question is: How well do I wish to communicate to my readers? Am I able to still convey my thoughts without having to resort to insults? How will it benefit the points I’m trying to convey by using what many people view as degrading and vulgar language?

        • Swan
          Swan says:

          The point of vulgarity causing more harm than good is well taken. However, we should keep in our minds the relationship between words and consciousness. I.e. thoughts. For this reason, when I say “Holocaust ” I say ” What’s been come to be known as the Jewish holocaust”. Among strangers I say homosexual, not gay. Among fellow travelers it’s something less polite. And it should be emphasized to never use vulgarity like n&&%ger even in private if you may be recorded.

  2. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    Thank you, RockaBoatus, for a courageous article on an unpleasant subject.

    Anything that opposes Natural Law should be rejected by our folk. And, anything that poses a threat to White children should be rejected by our folk and dealt with appropriately. A people that does not protect its children has no future.

  3. Zeus
    Zeus says:

    As someone who is ‘gay’ (I am sorry for announcing this as I do not like to do that I just wanted to give another perspective), I sadly have to agree with lots of what you say. I liked how you acknowledged that it is not completely uniform at the beginning of your article. I would say there are two major groups of gay people. One group is exactly how you describe them – deviant, hypersexual, and weird. They are the loudest and most times very gross. The other group is otherwise normal (minus the gay part).

    How do I describe this other group? They like to be left alone. They do not announce their sexuality. In most cases, they don’t identify who they have sex with as their identity. They will work hard, go home, and not commit crimes. Many in that group are not hypersexual, they will NOT do anonymous sex. They will meet up with people at coffee shops and get to know them for a while before they do anything. Many are very supportive of White causes (as you mentioned. Remember Gays for Trumps?). I find it sad this group has to be attacked because they otherwise like to contribute to society.

    The deviant group (I realize some will call all gays deviant no matter what but just go with me here) will attack the normal gay group, and call them sellouts, racist, and homophobic. Milo is not an example of the ‘normal’ group. He is narcissistic and weird. Hollywood is probably the worst place to experience gay people because you are getting the worst of the worst. Go to less gay places unlike Hollywood or San Francisco and gay people become more normal and down-to-earth. It’s like if your only experience with women was at brothels going up, you would think all women are hoes (no pun intended). Or if your only experience with men is damaged soyboys, you would think all men are like that.

    I think the homosexual question is an easy scapegoat. There is obvious deviant behaviour of many gay men (and gay women, they are just as hypersexual and deviant but I never hear that in these posts. Or the amount of deviancy heterosexual people get into). Do the older people who write these articles not realize how many sex partners young heterosexuals have? That’s not because of gay people. People are upset about mass immigration changing their country. They are upset there are not enough white babies being born. They are upset at being attacked for being white and being proud of who they are. Anytime you might think things will change with a politician or new political party, things just stay the same. Nobody seems to have your back. I get it, attacked the weirdness of many gay men. They are weird and I do not support their behaviour either.

    The reason why I still support the white cause despite many people hating homosexuality is that this is what I believe in. I support my family’s heritage and I support western civilization. Sure, attack me because you don’t like gays, but that doesn’t change the more fundamental part of who I am, which is a white man who supports his country and fellow brothers and sisters. That is something I think we find common ground in supporting.

    • lol
      lol says:

      As long as gays continue to attach themselves to white people in racial terms, nobody will feel compelled enough to move a finger to achieve an ethnostate, peaceful separation, or anything of the sort. The motivation is just not there. You’re not normal and never will be.

      • Captainchaos
        Captainchaos says:

        It seems to me you’ve got that ass backwards. Wouldn’t a change in the political dispensation be necessary before all the queers could be curb-stomped? Which brings up another point, it seems that according to RockaBoatus stomping the queers is a first priority while Red State secession is a distant afterthought. And of course as a Christard he’d outlaw abortion for negroids. As I’ve stated before, WN is presently just a grab bag of retarded hobby horses.

        • RockaBoatus
          RockaBoatus says:

          Here’s something you might want to think about:

          (1) I have no interest in “curb stomping” anyone let alone homosexuals. You didn’t read my article carefully enough if this is the conclusion you’ve reached.

          (2) If you had carefully read my prior article on voting, including the comments I’ve made to my detractors, you would have realized that I’m completely on board with Red State secession.

          (3) You use epithets against me such as “Christard” because you’d rather be intentionally offensive rather than courteous and reasonably-minded. The old saying about catching a lot more flies with honey than with vinegar still hasn’t resonated with you.

          If you really want to reach our people and not just engage in purity spiraling, you might want to think about another approach.

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            It’s very admirable the way you defend your positions Mr Rock, but the Captain is trolling you.
            I only mention it because it impresses me the way you answer us commenters, but if you keep reacting to obvious nonsense like: “I have no interest in “curb stomping” anyone let alone homosexuals.”
            I fear this is the sort of thing that encourages folk to just ignore what people write underneath their pieces.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Hey Zeus, were you born that way or were you ‘recruited’, by being abused or whatever as a young’un?
      I always thought ALL gays were just born that way but some people say they’re ALL ‘recruited’.
      As a gay yourself, if it’s a mix, what would be your estimate of the percentage either way?
      Also, I respect the fact you don’t make what you do in the privacy of your bedroom and with whom the defining issue of your identity. Doing this is weird and cultish, and would never be understood by those in the past. I don’t understand it now, except as an attack on our people.
      The likes of Quentin Crisp used to long for the days when engaging a ‘hook-up’ involved the excitement & danger of getting caught, while his reasons for being against the homosexual revolution were just about the same as Mr Rock’s and ours, because it’s not natural, basically.
      We were bombarded with gay propaganda when I was at school, to such an extent that I was truly worried right up until I was in my late teens that I might become a homo one day. Not because I ever felt attracted to men, but because I thought it was something that just came over you . . . perhaps that’s not the correct phrase . . I mean, it was something you had no choice in, that’s what they told us. Just because I wasn’t gay as a kid or teenager, no-one told me I was then immune from the affliction for the rest of my days.
      So if I’d been at school in current era, I’d be worrying if one day I’d wake up and realise I was born the wrong sex.
      It caused me worry, I felt if I was gay I would be disgusted and hate myself, not massive worry, but it doesn’t matter, I could have totally done without this stupid, pointless thing growing up.
      It’s so cruel what the left do to our kids.

      • Thomas
        Thomas says:

        I’m gay. Being homosexual definitely isn’t something you can choose, much less something you’re recruited into.

        If you were like most typical gay men, you may have been subtly different in some ways even as a child, before you knew or were exposed to anything about this, then during puberty you would have been overcome by attraction solely to other guys instead of girls. There’s no choice involved and nothing you could do about it. You may recognize how women are the fairer sex, perhaps even be more sensitive to this, but it’s like your mental switch for romantic/sexual attraction is wired to respond to men instead of women.

        I don’t doubt LGBT acceptance and normalization can lead to more men experimenting with things like homosexuality, but it’s definitely mostly innate, and there will always be a small fraction of the population born that way.

        I think Zeus is absolutely correct. Right wingers are understandably upset about the way the left flaunts sexual deviance, and there are definitely obnoxious gay/LGBT people. But this is a product of a system that doesn’t accurately represent how a sizable number of “normal” gays act or, for instance, what would happen if the few gay people were tolerated in, say, a homogenous white ethnostate.

        It’s unfortunate many American right wingers are incredibly hostile to homosexuals, it is what it is I guess. There’s no logical reason homosexuality should naturally dictate that one “rebel against the nuclear family,” identify against one’s own race or support mass immigration.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          Thank you Thomas, your reply is most appreciated.
          Just like hard-core racists, I believe the response to those afflicted with these issues should be with Christian compassion.
          It can’t be easy for you guys.
          You may not believe me, but I reckon your haters have their own issues. Not saying it’s ALL projection, but it’s probably something they’re dealing with.
          Thanks for illuminating these things for us, as it’s not a subject we much concern ourselves with.
          If we can have Jews and women in our movement, then surely gays shouldn’t be a problem, just treat them the same way, with care and away from any position of responsibility or influence.
          – P.S. Has anyone else noticed how all Mr Rock’s articles generate loads of comments? He seems to have a rare ability to hone in on what interests us.

        • Karl Haemers
          Karl Haemers says:

          I’ve long wondered when these “normal” homosexuals would organize and denounce the Jewish-led Gay Rights Movement, outraged that it would dare to use them and their reputation against traditional Christian America. Maybe they have, but I haven’t seen it much. I did see a statement from a lesbian group that it accepted the institution of the family and wished it no harm. Perhaps these lesbians wanted to adopt, since obviously they could not conceive children of their own (artificial insemination aside). Would the clear statistics that show children raised in same sex parent families have more negative outcomes deter them? Should it? Yes, I would say so.

    • Lord Shang
      Lord Shang says:

      That’s a fair comment, though you – or your type – does pose a conundrum. I have a neighborhood acquaintance with whom I’m friendly who’s a very clear queer (not that he advertises this via fashion choices, but the moment he starts talking … you know). Yet, he’s a fanatical Trump supporter, and close to a white supremacist (he harps about black crime in our area more than I do). Frankly, I prefer his company to that of most of my coworkers, who are nearly all disgusting progressives (albeit mostly straight).

      Alas, I don’t think there will be a place for you guys in the Ethnostate. It’s like the conservative Jews I know. Very, very solid guys – I mean really excellent human beings, far better than the bulk of whites I know (so many of whom are a) less intelligent, and b) much weaker of character, even including racial character, than these guys). I would go to bat for them (because loyalty is a virtue, one strong in me – which is partly why I’m so prowhite), as I would also stand up for my (only) gay friend.

      But when the s*** comes down, I think the wagons will get circled hard, and all “exceptions” within the prowhite movement will get jettisoned of necessity. Yes, there are good Jews – but can the Ethnostate afford to take on such risks? Same with the gays. The risk is dissension and disunity within the “herrenvolk”. I could explain why my particular Jewish friends would be great additions to the Ethnostate (and in themselves they would be). But the quality whites who are also antisemites would object – and there are far more prowhites who are antisemites than there are prowhite Jews. The situation is similar with the gays. I’m sure there are some ideologically excellent gays, persons whose only negative trait (from a rightist-Occidentalist perspective) is their homosexuality. But there are tons of prowhite Christian conservatives who would object to even a “laissez-faire” policy towards gays – and the Ethnostate is going to have to be far more mindful of the sensitivities of these vast hordes of conservative white Christians than those of the tiny number of Far Right gays. It might not be fair in a good, white-American individualist sense, but when the crisis comes such that the Ethnostate becomes viable, we’re going to need “all hands on deck” – and part of being on deck will be provisioning for the future. And in that, the child-bearing, pro-family Christians are infinitely more valuable (as well as numerous) than the non-reproducing, individually-atomized gays. That is, a white, family-centered religious ethnoculture, even if not especially ideologically racially conscious, is much more racially valuable than any gay subculture could ever be. And one price for getting those white Christians on deck will likely be an across the board anti-LGBTQ set of policies.

      Of course, I would favor some form of protection or remuneration for those persons who were allies of the folkish whites in our Time of Troubles, but who whose very beings preclude their admission to the Ethnostate. I’m a fair man. But fairness also has a future dimension. And for the longer term survival of the Ethnostate, it would be best if only straight, white Gentiles could gain admission.

  4. George Kocan
    George Kocan says:

    Proponents of homosexuality claim that the condition is genetic and therefore “natural.” The evidence for this seems weak. On the other hand, the prevalence of Jewish leadership in homosexual politics suggests that perhaps such genes do exist. I surmise that the inbreeding which has characterized the history of the tribe may have led to disproportionate homosexuality in the population. This of course does not make it normal. It is as normal as Tay Sacs disease and Turret’s Syndrome, afflictions which also afflict the Jewish population.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      You meant to write Tay-Sachs disease and Tourette’s syndrome.

      The second syndrome you referred to, Turret’s syndrome, has little or nothing to do with Jews. It is peculiar to lookouts, watchmen, and other people (many of them in the military) whose work, performed mostly at night, obliges them to spend a lot of time standing relatively motionless in high places that are often exposed to the full force of the elements. Brrrr.

  5. Larry S
    Larry S says:

    Homosexuality, abortion and maybe the Covid jab (infertility, miscarriages) all to keep Whites from reproducing.

    • Ron Chapman
      Ron Chapman says:

      G’day RockaBoatus,
      Thank you for your excellent discussion of homosexuality.

      I think we need to remember that any society that embraces homosexuality is committing societal suicide. As homosexuals cannot reproduce the species they depend on heterosexuals for survival. Suggesting otherwise is absurd.

      Homosexuality reverses natural sexuality, i.e. it inverts reality. Inverting reality is demonic because it negates and destroys spirituality. Taken to its logical conclusion homosexuality causes individual and communal death because it eliminates the spirit; the spark of Creator consciousness that enlivens everything.

      Historically, in our era, the denial of spirituality can be traced back to Cain and his offspring who emerged from antiquity in the form of Canaanite societies that became the Phonecians who then morphed into the Pharisees and neo-Pharisees, aka the Khazarian Mafia (KM) who called themselves Ashkenazis and now call themselves “Jews”, although they are not, as Christ Jesus said 2000 years ago. Jesus also said that the Pharisees’ father was the father of lies.

      The KM’s speciality is ‘not speaking the truth’.
      To comprehend the intentions and actions of the KM in our world we need to study their laws as set out in the 63 books of the Talmud. Applying the KISS principle, the guts of their creed is set out in Cain’s Will which the Talmud states thusly:
      “Five things did Canaan charge his sons: love one another (ie members of your own tribe), love robbery, love lewdness, hate your masters, and do not speak the truth.” Pes. 113b.

      Eustace Mullins says:
      ‘The Will of Canaan has been the Canaanites’ prescription for all of their operations during the ensuing three thousand years since the testament was given. Today it remains the operating instructions of the Canaanite heirs, who presently control the World Order. At the same time, it remains unknown to the peoples whom the Canaanites continue to rob, enslave, and massacre.
      (Eustace Mullins, Curse of Canaan. p16:

      The key to the success of Canaan’s current heirs – the Jews – is their ability to “NOT SPEAK THE TRUTH”. Jewish rhetoric and activism on homosexuality, Lesbianism, Feminism and Transgenderism epitomises their efforts.

      Accordingly the Jews seek to invert all genuine Christian derived moral values in gentile cultures. For instance Ashkenazi banksters have convinced us that worthless debt tokens are money i.e. wealth; and that grossly harmful, non-procreative sexual activities are positive, virtuous and beneficial. They aren’t.

      Apart from dysfunctional child rearing; demonic homosexual grooming, propagandising and child sexual exploitation; the only other obvious influence on the human psyche that may contribute to humans being attracted to same sex sexual activities seems to be the fact that every reincarnating human being typically incarnates alternatively as a biological male and then as a female in an endless sequence. Perhaps it is possible that individuals incarnate with subliminal karmic propensities that tend to attract them to same sex partners because of their prior incarnation as the opposite biological sex.

      Whatever the truth is though, seeking to fulfil unnatural sexual tendencies, karmic or otherwise, cannot benefit the individual or the societal milieu in which s/he finds him/herself in a current incarnation.
      Peace and Blessings,

  6. Sandy
    Sandy says:

    The homosexual question certainly opens up a can of worms. Back in the 80’s when the company I was with went bankrupt the homo accountant helped me out by getting me some phone work from his homophobic brother and we became friends and I would frequent his place where we watched the TV series “All Creatures Great and Small.” The question, though, is where is their place in “the movement?” Organized Homosexuality, like Organized Jewry, or any other organized group against our way of life doesn’t really have a place in our “Disorganized Whiteyland.”
    As our movement is about “whiteness” I say we welcome them but restrict them from making policy decisions, educating our young or positions in the church but leave them free to buy and trade and live their lives. Afterall, this mania for same sex attraction is hopefully a passing fad or the end of our civilization. Something, sure is wrong.

  7. SimpleMale
    SimpleMale says:

    As I see it, if any homosexual sincerely values European Group Selected ethno-nationalism, then he must understand that his homosexuality is a genetic/biological defect, and while requesting to be allowed to live in a prospective European ethno-nationalist nation, he must sincerely believe in working to find scientific ways to remove homosexual genes from the population, such as by screening people to see if they carry unexpressed recessive genes for homosexuality and legally preventing them from reproducing. If the homosexual agrees with these things, then I think it would be humane and an acceptable level of altruism to let the homosexual live out his childless life in an ethno-nationalist nation – after all, it’s not his fault that he was forced to be born by his parents, even though he carried homosexual genes.

    Anyway, in my future vision of a eugenic/transhuman nation, eventually all offspring will be synthetically created in offspring manufacturing factories, and humans will lose the genes causing an innate desire for coitus; it will no longer be pleasurable. At this point, the arguments of heterosexuality versus homosexuality will be obsolete.

    The author mentions that homosexuals seem emotionally defective in other ways too, such as being neurotic, sociopathic, and having very high sex-drives. This would be predicted by Dr. Woodley of Menie, since mutations for maladaptive behaviors often occur together.

    quote: “For instance, in 1973 the American Psychiatric Association (APA) removed the diagnosis of “homosexuality” from the second edition of its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM).”

    I read that China did the same thing. So much for Richard Lynn’s prediction of China becoming a eugenic nation.

    In the end, homosexuals are Individually Selected Genetic Sociopaths, so yes, they will aggressively oppose any Group Selected population and their collective behavioral traits.

    • Parmaviolets
      Parmaviolets says:

      I’m a bit sceptical about the concept of a homosexual gene.

      A lot of people that later seemed to decide they were homosexual did have children (I’m just thinking of Oscar Wilde off the top of my head, but other non famous homosexuals too), but were their children necessarily homosexual?

      But I’d have thought that generally homosexuals would be the ones less likely to have children throughout most of history due to not wanting to, or avoiding, having sex with the opposite sex.

      This IVF for homosexuals is extremely recent and has only really been done by a very small number of homosexuals (in the grand scheme of things) in very recent years.

      And I have suspected that the recent increase in homosexuality among young people in the last few years is down to the aggressive marketing of it in the media and even certain schools.

      And even people like Oscar Wilde, did he decide he was gay because of the sort of people he stated hanging around with, and he liked to be a bit daring and felt that this was a way he could try and be more daring…?

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        “And even people like Oscar Wilde, did he decide he was gay because of the sort of people he stated hanging around with, and he liked to be a bit daring . .”

        That’s what I think. About your homosexual in the past – today is a totally different story, they’ve exploded in number due to the propaganda of these times, but also I reckon because in Wilde’s day only half of children survived past 5 years old or whatever, the healthy ones in body(& presumably mind).
        Lot’s of heteros were into all sorts of weird sexual things(even before Jewish porn exploded this phenomenon), could your Wilde types just be a part of this group, with homosexuality just an extension of other exotic sexual interests?
        Those like Crisp, who you can tell at first glance are homos, are a different lot. But they have existed all through history too. And were tolerated, indulged, even celebrated in a way, totally contrary to today’s propaganda that lies they were all hounded to death.
        As for Wilde, I read the only reason we all know his name these days is BECAUSE he was gay, and therefore a Hero Of The Revolution. Certainly ‘The Picture Of Dorian Grey’ is a classic, but I couldn’t tell you anything else he wrote.
        Tell you one thing though, our little community of Jew haters and White Nationalists is pretty clueless on this subject going by the comments so far, which is probably a good thing.

        • Parmaviolets
          Parmaviolets says:

          There are some homosexuals I’ve met that just look gay before they even introduce themselves, but I’ve only encountered this rarely and I do wonder if it’s mostly down to posture and the way they (perhaps choose?) to carry themselves etc.

          The only other Oscar Wilde play that springs to my mind off the top of my head is ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ which I was about to say is a bit of a comedy and farce, then I checked Wikipedia and seen that’s exactly what they described as.

          I think Oscar Wilde was mostly known for his comedy and silly (but often true) comments from characters in his plays.

          I suppose he was quite camp even before he started having relations with other men.

          I think one of his subsequent boyfriends dad accused him of ‘posing as a sodomite’.

          There are some camp men that none the less appear to be heterosexual, e.g I know of one guy that’s camp and has a wife and nine children.

          Whether he is just ‘in the closet’, I couldn’t possibly know.

          I don’t know if there’s really a gay gene, have they been able to find much evidence for it?

          I wouldn’t be surprised if homosexuality was mostly just something people choose, often due to certain influences in their lives, whether intentional (like the excessive propaganda we’ve all been getting through the media and even schools in recent years) or not intentional, e.g some poor boy just ends up being raised around a lot of silly women.

          I remember the gay/cross dressing comedian Paul O’Grady who used to do a comedy routine dressed as a drag queen called ‘Lily Savage’ and in an interview talking about were he got the idea for Lily Savage, he said I just grew up around a lot of ‘strong women’, but you can tell by his Lily Savage act rough yet tartily dressed, loud/foul mouthed women might be more accurate…

          I could have guessed he was impersonating someone or some people in particular with his act…

        • Violets
          Violets says:

          There are some homosexuals I’ve met that just look gay before they even introduce themselves, but I’ve only encountered this rarely and I do wonder if it’s mostly down to posture and the way they (perhaps choose?) to carry themselves etc.

          The only other Oscar Wilde play that springs to my mind off the top of my head is ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ which I was about to say is a bit of a comedy and farce, then I checked Wikipedia and saw that that’s exactly what they described as.

          I think Oscar Wilde was mostly known for his comedy and silly (but often true) comments from characters in his plays.

          I suppose he was quite camp even before he started having relations with other men.

          I think one of his subsequent boyfriends dad accused him of ‘posing as a sodomite’.

          There are some camp men that none the less appear to be heterosexual, e.g I know of one guy that’s camp and has a wife and nine children.

          Whether he is just ‘in the closet’, I couldn’t possibly know.

          I don’t know if there’s really a gay gene, have they been able to find much evidence for it?

          I wouldn’t be surprised if homosexuality was mostly just something people choose, often due to certain influences in their lives, whether intentional (like the excessive propaganda we’ve all been getting through the media and even schools in recent years) or not intentional, e.g some poor boy just ends up being raised around a lot of silly women.

          I remember the gay/cross dressing comedian Paul O’Grady who used to do a comedy routine dressed as a drag queen called ‘Lily Savage’ and in an interview talking about were he got the idea for Lily Savage, he said I just grew up around a lot of ‘strong women’, but you can tell by his Lily Savage act rough yet tartily dressed, loud/foul mouthed women might be more accurate.

          I could have guessed he was impersonating someone or some people in particular with his act…

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            Yeah, I remember ‘The Importance Of Being Earnest’, I thought it was crap.
            Wasn’t it the Marquess of Queensbury’s kid he got jailed over?

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          … our little community … is pretty clueless on this subject going by the comments so far …

          Generalizing from sparse and sketchy data—viz., the comments so far—tends not to be helpful. Community members, whether clued-in or clueless, might have any of several excellent reasons for holding their peace.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            Calling the commenters at TOO “our little community of Jew haters and White Nationalists”, making it possessive with “our,” is disturbing, even disgusting, coming from “Emicho.”
            In the first place, the comment quality here has nosedived in the past 5 years. Most quality commenters have abandoned this sinking ship already.There is no point in appealing to them bc they’re just not in listening range anymore.

            In the second place, are there “White Nationalists” here anymore? What is a White Nationalist? What do they stand for? It’s truly become an impossibility in these days. I respect RockaBoatus and the thoughtful intelligence behind his writing but that’s about it anymore. There is very little to respect in the “comments” section; I keep telling myself to stop reading it altogether. One day I’ll do it.

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            In the first place, the comment quality here has nosedived in the past 5 years.

            Has it ever!

            I have implicit trust in KM, however. Once in the past, when his patience was tried so sorely that he shut the site down to comments for more than a year, TOO continued to publish articles of the highest quality, articles that positively influenced undecided opinion among literate and observant whites—or at least it did in those quarters where brainwashing had not succeeded in permanently closing minds.

            In short, I have no doubt that Kevin is monitoring activity here far more closely than you are or I am. Besides, comments are mere scribbles in the sand. The sooner that every commenter faces that fact, the better it will be for the site.

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            Poor Carolyn, we’re all such a disappointment to her.
            Although if the standard used to be so much better, then what on earth was *she* doing here?
            Maybe if Jesus was her idol instead of Adolf Hitler, she may be able to understand when people jest.
            I’m not just a “gay Nazi” but “disgusting” as well! Do we get examples of this? Does she explain why?
            Of course not, just a sad, bitter old women struggling with old women issues.
            Why not tell me, I’m so wrong, so “disgusting”, “gay” and a “Nazi”, why not give an example of why I’m these things?
            Nah, didn’t think so.
            You want to know what a ‘white nationalist’ is? Could it be someone who advocates for a nation of whites? I’ll even let you in on a secret, there’s this thing called ‘the internet’ where you can cheat by looking things up, pretending you knew the answers all along:
            But please stay with us in the comments Carolyn, you are 1) great for a laugh, and 2) you prove with every post the general standard of females, especially WHITE females, the absolute worst on planet earth, as they’re the only ones(with notable exceptions, not including you) who actively harm their own race.
            You may think your heart’s in the right place, but you’re a walking talking example of why we’re all better off without your typical female petulant gibberish and inability to argue, or even defend yourself.
            I was going to say, you really should be learning by now not to mess with those out of your league, but of course, *old dogs* are incapable of learning new tricks, no?
            – I’m not being personally mean, I just like provoking you. It’s fun.
            So don’t leave us Carolyn, you can’t debate, you’ve never said anything original or of interest, but you are good for a giggle. Which in many ways is even better.
            You strike me as one of those broads who enjoy humiliation, you seem to seek out guys who’ll indulge this fetish of yours, just like battered wives hone in on their abusers.
            This is for you, to show my appreciation for all the laughs you’ve given me:

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            Thanks Mr Ross, this idea that gays aren’t ‘born this way’ is something I only became aware of recently.
            The modern gender-bending phenomenon towards children is definitely to confuse them about such things, but added up with all the other things, including desensitising them to the most bizarre sexual kinks from Jewish porn, maybe it is to turn the population gay.

  8. Lady Strange
    Lady Strange says:

    Yes, there are many similarities between homosexuals and Jews in their behavior towards society.
    The same activism  to impose their presence and their claims.
    Both being considered as pariahs in ancient times (relatively.Their exclusion and so-called persecutions being highly exaggerated – another common point).
    How could a society be healthy with pariahs at its head? No wonder everything is upside down.
    An amusing detail is that in the capital where I live, the Jewish Quarter is juxtaposed with the Gay Quarter. It seems that the Jews have  made sure to surround themselves with homosexuals so that they would be the first targets in case of repercussions. I don’t know if it’s true, but what can we think of a people, its psychology and its courage if it feels the need to hide itself behind a wall of effeminates?

  9. Angelicus
    Angelicus says:

    Excellent article. Another pathetic attempt of the homosexual mafia/lobby to glorify its members and their “lifestyle” is to pick on certain great writers (Oscar Wilde), composers (Tchaikovsky) or artists (I cannot think of anyone fitting the bill in this case but Michelangelo, the homosexuals’ favourite PR figure, was NOT homosexual), as if their extraordinary achievements were due to the fact that they were homosexuals.

    The same ridiculous and/or idiotic ploy has been used by some fanatic vegetarians to promote their agenda (i.e.: quoting some famous or illustrious figures who happened to be vegetarians).

    The only criticism that I would make is the use of the word “gay”. We must not use the enemy’s language because by doing so we legitimate their speech. This nice, old English word has been hijacked and corrupted by these degenerates a long time ago. If someone describes himself as “gay” we must tell him “You are not gay, you are just a pervert”.

    Here is an interesting article about the etymology of the word “gay”:

    • James Clayton
      James Clayton says:

      And you’re aware that MERRIAN-WEBSTER and ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA are now part of the mainstream media of so-called news and entertainment machine. As if the organization that shows WIKIPEDIA, like the ADL and SPLC up first on searches wasn’t too much already.

      It is going to help to provide solid easily accessible sites to which one may link to explain terms. Local government uses a lot of other than English-as-a-first-language clerical and other gatekeepers with whom it helps to explain what some terms we take for granted mean. MERRIAM-WEBSTER with all its features so easily accessible have helped. Many are good-natured, doing their best, and establishing good relations ourselves helps with many business and professional contacts. We encounter more Whites with chips on their shoulders in such positions because they don’t seem to grasp the importance of not drilling holes in the hulls of their own boats. And I agree with you about the importance of being precise in essays and blogging but no unnecessarily letting our own bitterness get in the way of what we must do to survive the best we can. I try not to blog in such a way that I’d be embarassed to have my own close kin, local police, fire & paramedics, and the courts know its me. And not using a war name but my own helps me remain as positive and not unnecessarily unpleasant as I can manage to be. It also helps me to keep in mind that many are simply misguided rather than intentionally our enemies: not to donate to their causes but to perhaps behave as if we are simply reporting on what others do and that if it is they who find that offensive then they ought to consider what it is that they are doing that’s embarassing then they ought to reconsider it. Jared Taylor and his, I think, are good at this observing and reporting in perspective. My best to you…

  10. Tucker
    Tucker says:

    “One might also be inclined to support gay rights if gays themselves were big supporters of Heritage Americans (Whites) and their interests as well as traditional American culture with its strong family values and love of country. But they haven’t and never will because homosexuality is itself rebellion against the natural order. They will always seek to undermine anything that supports normalcy and the marks of traditional society and culture(s). The comparably few that might not are outliers, the exception that proves the rule.”

    Excellent point, Rockaboatus. Which leads us to all ask why are Jared Taylor and a number of other supposedly ‘pro-White’ activists and podcasters sucking up to Greg Johnson of Johnson, I will admit, has posed many very solid arguments over the years to bolster the pro-White message for White racial survival, but in the end, Johnson and a good number of his website writers are all flaming homosexuals.

    E. Michael Jones, who’s own views on race are moronic beyond any sane comprehension, has correctly criticized Greg Johnson’s incredibly ignorant support for Ukraine as being evidence that Johnson supports Zelensky because they are both fudge packers and Zelensky (being a jew) is 100 percent in favor of subverting Ukrainian society and White European Christian morality and culture and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, promoting homosexuality in order to reduce and lower the birth rates of White Europeans. Putin, of course, is a rare White leader who correctly understands what this jewish agenda is all about and so he refuses to allow homosexual perversity to become mainstreamed in his nation. Yet, Greg Johnson gets invited to speak at allegedly pro-White conferences and his articles and books are promoted by these same pro-White websites?

    I used to be a regular listener of the Political Cesspool radio show, but James Edwards decided to morph into the unbelievably obnoxious Sean Hannity clone and became an obnoxious motor mouth who constantly interrupts his co-host and any guest he might have on his program – so, I no longer listen to that show. But, unless I am mistaken – Greg Johnson has been an invited guest on that allegedly pro-White radio show. What does that tell us in the pro-White
    movement who are deadly SERIOUS about the long term survival of White European people, when the very people
    we look to as the leaders of our movement are opening cucking to and embracing this jewish promoted sexual deviation that guarantees the death of our race of people?

    • RockaBoatus
      RockaBoatus says:

      Thanks, Tucker, for the kind words. As for Greg Johnson, I think the reason he has been so well received in the White racialist movement is because he has produced excellent material defending our viewpoint. His website ‘Counter Currents’ is outstanding, and it features many good writers.

      A few years back Greg Johnson did publish an essay “Gay Panic on the Alt Right” in his book, ‘In Defense of Prejudice,’ explaining why White Nationalists should not be alarmed by the presence of homosexuals in the movement. He stated at the end of the article the following: “This brings up the question of the proper role of homosexuals in “the” movement. Again, I can only control my little corner of the movement, but my view is that White Nationalism should be “straight but not narrow,” meaning that we should uphold and defend heterosexuality as the norm but also recognize that not everyone fits that norm. But as long as homosexuals uphold healthy norms and have something positive to contribute, they can and do make our movement stronger, if we stop worrying about it” (p.130).

      I find his quotation above to be a more nuanced or tempered position that I find plausible. However, contrary to what Johnson thinks, Whites should be “worrying about it.” In other words, while it’s true that some homosexuals can benefit our movement, they can only do so by NOT emphasizing or propagandizing on behalf of their sexual proclivities. Since homosexuals have at least a fifty-year history in America of engaging in radical campaigns that seek to cram their ‘lifestyles’ down our collective throats, we have every right to view them with suspicion until they prove otherwise.

      Johnson has also published other brief essays on gay marriage and homosexuality which Andrew Joyce has responded to quite excellently I might add. I highly recommend Joyce’s three-part series of articles on homosexuality that I mentioned at the beginning of my article.

      I don’t agree with everything Johnson has written on this subject, but in fairness, I don’t view him as a militant homosexual. He doesn’t seem to be making a big issue of it either which may explain why he has generally been well-received among White racialists.

      My view is that homosexuality should NOT be viewed as ‘normal’ and as no different than heterosexuality among our people. It should always be seen as perverted, unnatural, and deeply aberrational.

      Granted, some homosexuals may be able to contribute to our cause, and we should be thankful for this. However, since our movement seeks to promote a higher birthrate among Whites, stable marriages, including a rejection of cultural-Marxism and its accompanying degeneracy, we should make certain to NEVER permit a gay ethos within our movement. We should guard against it just as we do other destructive beliefs and values.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        I didn’t know much about Greg Johnston except he was well respected in WN circles, not circles I frequent.
        Then I found out he became a hard-core 100% Ukraine-stander! What the fook?!
        Anyone who lines up with Globo-homo, the neocons, Democrats, RINOs, every faggot on twitter and the treacherous European ruling elites behind Ukraine against Russia must have some serious mental issues.
        Maybe him being gay is it?

        • RockaBoatus
          RockaBoatus says:

          Regarding certain trolls that you mentioned earlier in one of my replies, I’ve responded to him specifically because he seems to follow me around trying to poison and distort my published comments on voting, Red State Secession, and abortion.

          Moreover, his comments also afford an opportunity to illustrate to others on how NOT to discourse with our people in terms of misrepresentation, purity spiraling, and in generally being mean-spirited toward those who are supposed to be on our own side.

          As I’m sure you’re aware of, there is a tendency among fellow dissidents to be rude, dismissive, and hostile toward each other. This breeds so much division and distrust among us. Is it any wonder why so often we are unable to unite in ways that we envision? They seem unable to discern that someone can have views that we may not personally agree with, and yet still be an honorable person. They seem to have no compass in realizing that in most cases we are not as far away from each other as we might imagine.

          • Captainchaos
            Captainchaos says:

            You seem to be a straight shooter and have the ability to speak to the common man. I want you to take point here on pushing Red State secession. It should be the central theme of everything you write. Don’t like queers? Red State secession is the answer. Don’t like vaccines? Red State secession is the answer. Want the Ukrainian war defunded? Red State secession is the answer. It’s got to be relentlessly hammered through the thick skulls of all the tards who frequent this blog. You do it, you take point.

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            I know what you mean, and the older I get the more right I think you are.
            When I first came to this site a couple of years ago, I thought it was fun to totally ridicule and humiliate those that insulted me just because they disagreed with what I said.
            I try not to now because, well, it’s not really the Christian thing to do, is it?
            In my defence, I did start this sort of thing arguing on leftist websites before I got banned from them all.
            My point to you was you’re just encouraging those that pester you, but maybe you’re actually just giving them(& others) a lesson in manners.
            I’m probably a bit rough on poor Carolyn(see above) when I shouldn’t be, but the damn woman won’t leave me alone and these types ALWAYS just take kindness for weakness, like all idiots.

      • Happy Tapir
        Happy Tapir says:

        I did enjoy the article for comedic reasons, but to answer seriously, it doesn’t matter if you propagandize or not, you are not going to alter the absolute number of homosexuals or other sexual paraphilias. They exist, simply put. We should utilize them as Jews do—they accept them, not allowing any fault line to be drawn within their coalition, and use them as an in to politically influence the gay community to their advantage. So should we. On the other hand, anyone who puts their “gayness” on display in such a way to divide and distract from the matter of white racial politics probably doesn’t take the cause seriously and should be avoided. Zman says that Greg supports Ukraine because one of those neonazi groups over there invites him to speak. Idk, I find his position odd too. I find a lot of females are drawn to counter currents as well.

        • RockaBoatus
          RockaBoatus says:

          “you are not going to alter the absolute number of homosexuals or other sexual paraphilias. They exist, simply put” – True, but I’m not trying to “alter” them or change them in any way.

          Instead, I’m trying to warn and give clarification to our people on why homosexuals should not be trusted, including why they should not be afforded positions of influence and power if a White ethnostate or a White American redoubt is every created.

          These kinds of questions must be faced by our people. We must think long-term, strategically and in very practical terms. We must ask some very uncomfortable questions too.

          • T.Gilligan
            T.Gilligan says:

            Britain’s post-war secret services weren’t just closet homosexuals (it was illegal to be homosexual until the late 1960’s in the UK) but closet communists to boot.
            Kim Philby, Anthony Blunt, and Guy Burgess were at Cambridge University in the 1930’s, where the left-wing pro-Soviet Union anti-establishment ideas were fomented.

        • Lord Shang
          Lord Shang says:

          Johnson has written some very persuasive essays as to why he supports the Ukraine in this conflict. You should read them. At least some of it comes down to the fact that Ukraine is a very white nation which is being invaded by a multiracial empire. My own belief has been that the US should work for peace; force Ukraine to accept Russia’s annexation of the far eastern provinces, which are majority Russian, as aprice for any continued US support; and extend humanitarian aid to white Ukrainian refugees. Otherwise, we should stay out. It’s not our fight, and prolonging the fight only gets more whites (on both sides) killed (as well as wastes US taxpayer paid for munitions).

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            “Johnson has written some very persuasive essays as to why he supports the Ukraine . .”
            – Can you link to them so I don’t have to go looking for them?
            You mean he has answers as to why he supports the side of Globo-homo? And a war that is chewing up hundreds of thousands of whites under a sick Jewish coup regime?
            With brigades and battalions funded by Jewish mafia dons that embrace the farce of neo-Nazism and outright Satanism?
            A nation desperate to join the EU, which guarantees all the people’s state assets get sold off to oligarchs, you get invaded by Muslims on mass and your children get gender-bended at school?
            THIS is what he wants, because . . . Ukraine is white(except for the ruling Jews) and Russia is multi-ethnic?
            This is un-hinged, but I’d like to see the argument. Russia rules these ethnics not because they have any great love for them, but because they must for defensive reasons.

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            Sorry Mr Shang, this reply is to T.Gilligan, above.

            I hated those traitors you mentioned as well, but the older I get, the more respect I gain for these Old Leftist types. Mainly because I’m comparing them to today’s leftists.
            I think(hope) we can all agree that the USSR had absolutely no intention whatsoever of invading Western Europe, their mass armies in Poland were to counter the West’s technological superiority.
            JFK himself explained that after WWII Russia was devastated and the last thing it needed was any more territory, especially not land occupied by a population brain-washed to despise them.
            All these traitors, and they were traitors, justified their treachery by saying they were only trying to balance the thing out, total Western(read American) dominance of the world was what scared them. Doesn’t it scare us?
            Hasn’t America’s behaviour since the Soviet fall proved these guys correct in their assessments?
            And how bad really was Soviet life in Eastern Europe? Every Pole I’ve ever spoke to tells me all their parents and grandparents said Soviet rule was much better than today’s Western domination.
            They had shortages yeah, but they also had intact families, low crime and jobs.
            No one really cares about high level corruption, an intelligent person accepts it’s just an unavoidable aspect of human nature. What people hate is the low-level, anti-social stuff, things our own elites either don’t care about, or think we somehow deserve because our ancestor’s elite were mean to foreigners.
            The non-Jewish(post WWII) version of communism seems like a sort of utopia compared to today’s West.
            -Again, I know this is off-topic, and is not exactly my hard & fast thoughts on the matter, I just raise it as a sort of exercise to get us thinking. We simply can’t believe ANYTHING our mainstream histories tell us about life behind the Iron Curtain.

      • Lord Shang
        Lord Shang says:

        Very, very well said, Rockaboatus. You do good work. May I be so bold (I may be violating online etiquette here) as to ask whether you write under any other “noms de guerre”? You actually remind of some people who do write for CC.

        • RockaBoatus
          RockaBoatus says:

          Thank L.S., I appreciate the kind words. I have never written for Counter Currents.

          Honestly, it’s so incredibly childish and stupid that I have to write under a pen name, but this is what the Judeo-Left has driven many of us to do. I hope someday that this will never have to be the case again.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            It’s not the case now. You are an older guy, what/who is going to “get you?”

            I think the first thing pro-White activists and writers need to do is to liberate themselves from ‘pen names’. (RockaBoatus is not even a pen name.) To stop being so damned afraid of “da jews’ must be the first step. When I came into this, in 2007, there were far fewer who used a fake name. Most everyone used their real name. What happened?

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” What does that tell us in the pro-White
      movement who are deadly SERIOUS about the long term survival of White European people, when the very people we look to as the leaders of our movement are opening cucking to and embracing this jewish promoted sexual deviation that guarantees the death of our race of people? ”

      It tells us that either those leaders are crypto-jews , or that Nordics/Whites in nearly all social categories are normally politicly retarded , or both .

    • Lord Shang
      Lord Shang says:

      Is Johnson in fact queer? Do you have evidence, or are you just speculating? You should never accuse somebody of something (being Jewish, queer, a criminal, etc, unless you have very strong evidence). That said, Johnson has won his place of leadership (along with Taylor, KMac, etc) in the prowhite movement by virtue of his brilliance, productivity, and willingness to deploy his talents relentlessly for the prowhite cause. How much else can you ask of someone?

      How do you know Zelensky is queer? I’ve never heard that. He’s married to a somewhat attractive woman. I suspect you dislike Zelensky simply because he’s Jewish. Granted, I don’t trust Zelensky, either, and suspect he’s as corrupt as Putin. The conflict seems to pit one bunch of oligarchs against another.

      Finally, who are the “good number” of CC writers who are queers? I’d like to know, as someone who comments there frequently. The only one I know of is James O’Meara. The masculinist and homosexual writer Jack Donovan has written a few pieces in the past, but he’s no regular there. I’ve never heard there were other queers there. Thanks for any replies.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        I think that the comparison you draw between Zelensky and Putin is invidious in the extreme and poorly informed to boot. The former is corrupt to the core, yes. If the latter is corrupt at all, he is so only in the sense and to the degree that corruption is an inevitable concomitant of the desire to govern or rule others.

        Every important nation of the formerly Christian West has become little more than a police state administered by the Jews and for the sole benefit of Jews. Like “democracy,” “peace with justice” has become a self-mocking term. Alien tyrants, not native people, rule everywhere, and what (((our rulers))) call peace amounts to a choice between perpetual serfdom and extinction.

        In this world, where the fictions of racism and anti-Semitism have replaced mass murder, treason, forsworn oaths and treaties, and deviant sexuality as the most shameful of sins and crimes, one might be forgiven for seeing Putin as virtually a Homeric hero—and decidedly not Achilles while he was sulking in his tent!

        If there is even a prayer that some sort of peace distinguished by a modicum of justice can yet be extracted from the Jews’ ongoing worldwide attack on independent nationhood—especially albeit not exclusively white nationhood—and, not coincidentally, on the Cross of Christ and those who follow it, central to it, I wholeheartedly believe, is the person of Vladimir Putin. If his struggle to maintain the freedom and sovereignty of his own country in the face of murderous Jewish assault is successful, every white person in the world will be the beneficiary. May God bless him.
        Anent the foregoing, this.

        • Lord Shang
          Lord Shang says:

          If that were what Putin was in fact doing – cleansing Ukraine of NWO oligarchs, after having already done so in his own country – I suppose I could support him, though I would still object to actions resulting in the needless deaths of so many whites. But you have no evidence that those are his motivations (and of course he has done next to nothing to restore white or Christian dominance to Russia itself). Most likely is that he sees himself as a Great Man, and wants to be remembered historically as the strong leader who took back Ukraine and forcibly reincorporated it within Russia – an act I think immoral, given that the Ukrainians deserve a sovereign ethnostate of their own (despite their folly in selecting that Zelensky creature as their leader).

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            You write like a man who is most comfortable when he is talking to himself. Why otherwise would you begin your reply with the implication that I am saying things that my own comment does not even hint at? Why do you then double down on this specious implication by claiming I have no evidence for the things I haven’t said?

            Could it be that your point is to establish your credentials as a mind reader, at least to your own satisfaction? That conjecture would certainly explain what follows:

            Most likely is that he sees himself as a Great Man, and wants to be remembered historically as the strong leader who took back Ukraine and forcibly reincorporated it within Russia.

            Perhaps this sort of thing passes for close analysis where you come from, but in my part of the world, it would “most likely” be seen for what it is: barstool talk from someone who is three drinks past his limit.

            “Most likely” indeed.

      • RockaBoatus
        RockaBoatus says:

        Thank L.S. You always make good comments. Other commenters and I appreciate that.

        Yes, Greg Johnson is a homosexual. I have not asked him personally, but this is widely known among racial dissidents here in the U.S. He has also written articles more or less defending it or at least explaining why he doesn’t think it’s a problem for a White ehtnostate.

        Again, Johnson’s not a militant gay from what I can discern. He doesn’t harp on it, and that’s a good thing. I may not agree with him on some matters (e.g., the Russia-Ukraine debacle, Covid-19, etc.), but this does not detract from the many good things he has published. As with anything in life, we must take both the good and the bad.

        ‘Millennial Woes’ also contributes at times to Counter Currents and he has been interviewed by Johnson as well on his podcast. ‘Woes’ can be very insightful at times, but his personal life seems to be a wreck from what I can tell. Perhaps things are better now?

        ‘Woes’ had some problems a few years back involving some sexual allegations made against him. I don’t know if the claims were true or not, but “Woes’ disappeared for a while from the dissident scene and later returned. I have heard that he’s gay while others claim he’s bi-sexual. I don’t know, and it’s really none of my business.

        My complaint, however, with people like ‘Woes’ has always been that we seem to have so many young and immature men in our ranks. Some of them are incels, unable or unwilling to hold down a job, seemingly few of them are married and have children, and there appears to be dearth of stable, mature men among us. Hopefully, this will change.

        • Lord Shang
          Lord Shang says:

          Thanks for the encouraging words, and the “inside” info re the proclivities of some notable white nationalist writers. I don’t know Millennial Woes, but I’m a great admirer of Greg Johnson. He doesn’t advertise his sexuality, so that aspect of his person is not an issue for me. I appreciate his work and activism.

          Maybe the reason we don’t have as many mature men as we need (I’m 61, but, alas, never married and no kids) is that many quality guys over 40 are very busy with career and family; over 50, many start having eldercare responsibilities, too. Political activism is either for professionals (the Left has the lion’s share of those in part because so many professors – subsidized by us private sector taxpayer/suckers – are “tenured radicals”, half “teacher”, half activist; ditto for many also tax-sucker-subsidized “non-profit” “workers”); for the very young (most of whom these days are woke-indoctrinees); or the old/retired. But wrt the latter, many of those may have normal age-related health issues, or may have just about given up, feeling America and the West are in auto-generated, full-spectrum decline. And in one’s final years, how many men of quality want to be “activist”? I know when I can finally retire, I do intend to support our cause, but, other than in my will, I will do so mainly as another “writer on the Right” at places like CC and TOO. I can’t see myself in my 70s or older out at very many highly contentious protests (except for anything gun-rights or anti-crime related). just don’t think the energy and passion will still be there.

          This is a tough hole older generations have left us in.

          I’ll keep my eye out for more of your writings in the future.

  11. Birhan Dargey
    Birhan Dargey says:

    This article gives way to so much vital debate: Conservativism vrs Gay rights, Is an Ethno/state possible in the Pacific NorthWest vrs FEDERAL control? Secularizing the Alt Right Class/civic public issues vrs privacy/freedoms (sex/mores/religion? .The main issue is that the GAY/LGBT movement has been like a NUCLEAR bomb for the traditional left. The Poor/Working/Middle Classes were left orphan, issues of UNIONS/wages/salaries/social benefits/30hrs fulltime pay/free universal education/health/3weeks off annually etc. went OUT the window…why?? to advocate for Dragqueen schools/gay/lgbt/child sexual mutilations??

  12. NoGheyLuv
    NoGheyLuv says:

    Zero Tolerance. Either you have a country or you have tolerance for homosexuals. That demographic always ends up dooming their nations.

  13. Ron Chapman
    Ron Chapman says:

    G’day Lady Strange,

    Arguably Jews’ and homosexuals’ behaviour towards society is ‘similar’ because Jews control, direct and fund the homosexual movement. It is a major Jewish initiative designed to destroy every healthy gentile society but especially white societies originally based on the vestiges of the teachings of Christ Jesus that were not distorted, corrupted or eliminated by the Pharisees and neoPharisees during the last two millennia.
    Peace and Blessings,

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Yeah the Jews pull the strings, invented ‘the movement’, provided the funds, the promotion in the media, etc.
      But it still wouldn’t be possible without the Jews most loyal standing army, white females. And their elite division or special forces – single Affluent White Female Liberals(AWFLs).
      The gay problem is just an off-shoot of the female problem, which of course is an off-shoot of the Jew problem.
      We all come to this site because we want to get to the heart of things, and we’ve all come to the conclusion that at bottom, Jews are behind every issue that is ruining our societies.
      So if you’re upset about teenagers mutilating themselves after a dose of gender-bending mind poison at school – because the tranny issue is just the continuation of the homo agenda – and you don’t believe it would be good tactics to bring Jews into it, then blame feminism.
      When you watch these drag queen story hour videos, it’s all white women who bring their kids, who’re providing the demand for this horror show.
      Just like it’s impossible to eradicate drugs by only going after the supply, you must do something to interdict the demand that these white women create for these kiddy drag shows.
      Just going after the trannies themselves will fail the way the ‘drug war’ failed.

  14. Ron Chapman
    Ron Chapman says:

    G’day Sandy,
    I disagree with the idea that humans should organise movements on the basis of “whiteness” or any other divisive basis. The reason that our world is such a mess is that the Khazarian Mafia (aka the Pharisees, neo-Pharises and Ashkenazis who now call themselves “Jews”) have used their divide and rule mechanism to divide and conquer the rest of humanity. Unless and until humans on this planet develop sufficient awareness (consciousness) to overcome the Jews’ mind control and social engineering that has implanted in our minds superficial distinctions about, race, colour and creed etc; and come to realise that we are all ONE in that we are all imbued with an element of Creator’s spirit, ie our life, personality, consciousness and free will, we will remain in the Jews’ demonically constructed dystopia which is designed to control, enslave, impoverish and eventually destroy us.

    Peace and Blessings

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      …”Jews’ mind control and social engineering that has implanted in our minds superficial distinctions about, race, colour and creed,”…

      Are you saying the concept of race has no substantive basis in any genetic realities ?

      The ultimate struggle is about who should have dominion of the vital resource known as [ christian sheeple herds ] regardless of whether races exist or not . Apparently the jewmasterss have won ownership rights to the sheeple herds in a long series of lethal competitions addressing that ultimate issue over a period of two thousand years . Most Nordics have heard about some of the most salient competitions and believe in the prevailing propaganda narratives about them and do not know what they were about in reality .

      All wars/competitions/struggles are ultimately over control of resources needed to fulfill the abundantly empirically verified purpose of human life which is to achieve FUN as previously defined in various T.O.O. commentaries . Obviously , christian sheeple were never likely to win any resource contest against more powerful and aggressive jewish collectives and their allies . Are “the jews” having more FUN than christianized Nordics/Whites ?

  15. James Clayton
    James Clayton says:

    Already cartoonish, the largest county in the United States (US) by land area is circling the drain in diversity, equity and inclusion comorbidities from litter including discarded tires breeding mosquitos, furniture and household appliances, and so-called homeless encampments. And now Empire want’s secede from California.

    Moneylending fosters classic real estate development corruption, so-called welfare including food, shelter, housing, Obama-phones and reparations for migrants increasingly from Haiti.

    See the easy-to-understand Billions for the Bankers Debts for the People on the private Federal Reserve System of “inflation taxation”.

    Consider moneylender’s minions with other duties that show better like fighting crime. It has an interesting photograph of flaming encouraged Los Angeles and Riverside Counties by San Bernardino County employees in uniform.

    Consider Lafayette Park adjacent to the Treasury Department and the White House, in Washington, D.C., has an interesting history.

    And the collateral eugenic effect of economical public capital punishment for the Jeffery Epsteins, Leo Franks, and those conspiring and passing fraudulent media of exchange facilitating criminal outrages.

  16. Transvaal Boer
    Transvaal Boer says:

    “All of us in various ways have our sexual preferences, our unique tastes (so to speak). We succumb in our weaker moments to temptations and lusts, many that we would be ashamed to admit. It’s part of the human condition. The flesh is indeed weak, and it’s a struggle we all must endure (some more than others).”

    I’ve heard this said by men and women, old and young, in every walk of life. I’ve never been able to understand it. Maybe I’m just the last man alive harbouring any principles.

    • Al Ross
      Al Ross says:

      The lack of principles shown by the Dutch Reformed Church in submissively acquiescing to the 1994 abolition of Apartheid might have been shocking to those who trust clergymen of any stripe.

      For hundreds for years de facto Apartheid had the supposed approbation of Heaven then ,suddenly , the Boers’ God changed his mind and , Hamitic Curse forgotten , racial equality was the DR Church’s neo – theological desideratum.

    • James Clayton
      James Clayton says:

      For a season, I had a physician who left South Africa he said because he believed aparthied was wrong. It was his religion however: Seventh-day Adventism, I’m convinced. Religious indoctination is effective and difficult to shake. If it contains logic-tight features like those who think differently are simply “of the Devil” and that one must shun them or die like them rather than experience eternal life, then it at least does not contribute to at least fostering cognitive ability. Nevermind that one should not be able to grasp disciplines like bacteriology, much less population biology generally without accepting evolution (or so it seemed to me). And this presumed honorable profession including some brain power kept him on-top-of his churchianity game and politics but he had not considered but had accepted, wrote doctrine to the point of discounting others who are not his brethren in his faith if not Africaners.

      How to strike a balance. James Edwards speaking at Jared Taylor’s annual conference discussed all the denominations in his part of the South. I marvel that some prolific producers of material are able to keep up and I try to forgive them for not being better in whatever particular area irritates me about them and see the overall. One I’m currently stuggling with is military men as arguably sometimes necessary versus the more one studies history and current events that theirs is about breaking things like infrastructure and other’s health and resolve, their will to resist.

      The family is at the root of grasping, leading, ruling, balance and humanity. The best of what I consider a bad lot are often maligned generals. Many with whom we have the most difficulty are so because whether it is their genetics or environment come from homes without a father and a mother that may be observed, imitated in some respects in their interactions, cooperation, and that perpetuate such disabilities. Its said that the best soldiers, in wartime, can make colonel but it takes a the best women– wives– to make general. And, in my experience, even generals specialist in important disciplines in times such as ours, in my life– my lifetime, end up with screwed up offspring because they’re away most of the time either physically or emotionally when they ought to be home modeling what their offspring ought to look for in a mate, a helpmeet.

      There is a syndrome I’ve encountered with even the best wives keeping the home fires burning, but not able to always model cooperation, teaching cooking, sewing, work ethic, reading, writing, and economics, with the results not having those who would replace the very best of them make good choices in premarital behavior and mate selection: its generals’ daughters. The sons tend to follow in their father’s footsteps for better or worse and that’s a good reason to avoid rather than perpetuate such cycles.

  17. Ron Chapman
    Ron Chapman says:

    G’day SimpleMale,

    I disagree with the proposition that there are homosexual genes. Arguably genes are mere blueprints that can be and are changed by environment including the state of mind (thinking and emotions) of humans. See eg: Bruce Lipton The Biology of Belief Full Lecture:

    The Biology of Belief: Here’s How to Change Your Reality:

    I also disagree with the proposition that humanity here will transition eugenically into a transhuman status. Arguably that transition is only possible if we lose our spirit, soul and free will and become cyborgs or zombies. Talmudists appear to be seeking to do that to gentiles, i.e. the rest of humanity, but they will fail and be eliminated from this planet instead.

    The adaptation and transformation of humans — and all life forms —won’t be accomplished chemically, synthetically, genetically and digitally as transhumanists appear to believe. Arguably transhumanists are a collection of individuals who:
    want to turn themselves into cyborgs.
    claim that they will upload their consciousness to the ‘cloud’/computer.
    plan to cryogenically preserve themselves in the belief that they will be cured in the future.
    believe in and use life-extension technologies.
    Their belief is that humans, in our natural state, are ruining the planet environmentally, politically, racially, etc, and that we are irredeemably and fundamentally flawed. Accordingly transhumanists presume that we must participate in our own evolution by physically modifying, adapting and remaking ourselves and our environment/world in order to survive in a changing environment. The fundamental error in this thinking is the presumption that we are merely physical animals rather than reincarnating eternal spiritual beings temporarily inhabiting and enlivening physical meat suits.
    Consequently, transhumanists appear to believe that humans — and all life forms — can and must be transformed by chemical, synthetic, genetic and digital means. Given that for almost a century quantum physics has shown that the Cosmos and everything in it is composed of myriad energies in the form of miniscule energetic thought particles (presumably emanating from the Creator) that variously combine to form apparent physical matter, transhumanist efforts seeking to transform us and our surroundings physically rather than spiritually are futile. We cannot repudiate egocentricity, greed, strife and warfare without growing spiritually.
    What transhumanists refuse to accept is that although we are indeed here to learn to transform ourselves, that transformation must be spiritual not physical. That is, it must be achieved by increasing our consciousness which requires growing in awareness about life, the universe and everything. Nothing is, but thinking makes it so. We live in a simulation.

    Thus our transformation has to be achieved by a gradual evolvment in consciousness as we become more like our Creator. That involves learning to love our neighbour (everyone and everything) AS ourselves (we need to learn to love ourselves in order to be able to love others) FOR the love of God (ALL that IS). That is a process that requires us to work at increasing our awareness of life, the universe and everything. It cannot be short circuited by manipulating genetics, chemicals, synthetics and technology.

    Our thoughts and emotions change our DNA genetic code and so the nature and substance of those thoughts and feelings are what determines our existence and transformation. Those who persist in mutilating their bodies or seeking to turn themselves into machines will have their decision granted and cease to be human beings.
    See also:
    LIE: Transhumanism is fringe and far in the future:
    Five ways Transgenderism is Transhumanism:
    Peace and Blessings,

  18. moneytalks
    moneytalks says:

    …” yet society is constantly bombarded with messages of how perfectly normal and acceptable homosexuality is.”

    Media bombardment is the main contemporary tactic of
    the gay jewmasterss collective agenda
    to attain dominion of the world .

    Employing language to muddle the minds of the Nordic masses began no later than their very successful subversion of the ancient biblical Tower of Babel colossal historic incident .

    Too many Nordics

    ( descendants of : Whites / Occidentals / Aryans / Euroman / Europeans / Indo-Europeans / Caucasians )

    are now ,

    after more than 2000 years of
    relentless mind-meddling by
    babylonian satanic jewmasterss ,

    hopelessly conflicted about sexuality .

    A miraculous Red State secession and
    subsequent establishment of a WN ethnostate sanctuary
    in the Pacific Northwest region ,

    with an upgraded world gold standard
    USA Constitutional BILL-of-RIGHTS protections ,

    [[ for all individuals ( especially Nordics )
    and not merely status quo protections for leaderships of corrupt institutions , corporations , political parties , and other corrupt establishmentarian organizations ]] ,

    against historicly affirmed inevitable abuses of
    political powers exercised upon individuals and
    stigmatized groups such as White male heterosexuals ,

    is perhaps the last chance
    to preserve the Nordic race
    from the on-going
    ILLuminati jewmasterss sponsored
    and UN facilitated genocidal Fabian extinction .

  19. Odin's left eye
    Odin's left eye says:

    Rock thanks for your thoughtful and detailed article. I agree with much of it.

    Consistent with Zeus’ comment, it’s sad that homosexuals as a group are attacked because many gay men are invaluable assets to normal society. I speak as a heterosexual White Nationalist who has been fortunate to know many gay men as friends and colleagues.

    Points that need to be emphasized include: the biological basis of homosexuality, the incidence of homosexuality in other animal species, and the psychological advantages of male homosexuality, e.g. creativity. In my view, homosexuality is a normal variation in sexual orientation, has societal advantages, and disparaging comments about homosexual men reveal naiveté on this subject.

    We should avoid the risk of promoting jews’ efforts to divide and conquer / rule, including on differences in sexual orientation. Consistent with your article, jews’ ruinous radical social movements (e.g. gay rights) are the problem. Offensive behaviour by their stooges are symptoms.

  20. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Thank you for this well written essay Rock.

    Being from NY, I have known and been around gay people my whole life. I also made the horrible mistake of attending a “prestigious” predominantly Jewish art school when I was a kid. My experiences are similar to yours Rock.

    In my observations, Jews are much more prone to homosexuality, bisexuality, and whatever lists of perversions there are. Probably the inbreeding.

    Like food, human sexuality is in the reptile part of our brains. It really should be no one’s business who we sleep with, or what our sexual proclivities are.

    However… You hit the nail on the head at the end; “The Jewish Role in Advancing Gay Rights”. Like race, Jews use homosexuality as a weapon to disrupt and destroy white, European races and cultures. They are now using this LGBTQ crap to replace Christianity. LGBTQ is the new religion.

    Anything sexual, including sex education with minors and young children needs to be heavily penalized under the full extent of the law. This Transgender bullshit being pushed on our children and used against them and us needs to immediately stop.

    You know, in terms of our cause, I know a gay Asian guy who is the biggest conservative you would ever meet, a fierce constitutional conservative. Does a ton of work for conservative causes in NYC, which you could imagine is a very tough, up hill battle. Spends and donates a lot of his own money for conservative causes, why? Because half of his family was wiped out by the communists in his country back in the day. He absolutely despises the whole LGBTQ crap. I myself have also had discussions with him about the Jewish problem and have even shared TOO articles with him. He is always very open about the Jewish problem and receptive because he knows about Marxism and the horror of it first hand. So, people like him, we need him. It is, for the most part, not about sexuality.

    There was this meme going around on Gab awhile ago by this black guy about what the Jews do to, and how they use blacks. At the end he says that, “it’s really the Jews against everyone else.”


  21. Joe Webb
    Joe Webb says:

    “pink Nazi” is not addressed In these posts. Greg Johnson should be invited to do so.

    Queer trumps White Nationalism . Biology trumps Culture. I support a go-fund-me project for sending Greg Johnson to Ukraine and Zelenski.

    Joe Webb

  22. Mort
    Mort says:

    I think it is wise to remember that Europeans are inclined to individualism and require a certain amount of personal liberty to be content in life. I agree with the author’s conclusion but would prefer not to bring back curtain-twitching.

  23. Donn
    Donn says:

    Great article.

    Years ago I was flying home and grabbed a copy of a magazine called “Advocate” off the rack to read on the flight back. I was running late and didn’t have time to flip through it before buying it. I’d never heard of the magazine, but its title suggested it was about politics, current affairs, etc. Later, after boarding, fastening my seat belt and taking off, I pulled out my copy of “Advocate.”

    Ugh. What a jolt. The surprise of my life. It was a
    major homosexual magazine complete with lot of want ads in the back for sexual partners and stories about homosexual sex, orgies, demonstrations, the beauty of young boys, etc. Made me want to puke. That was in the 1980’s’ before globo-homo was so powerful and ubiquitous.

    As a very young lawyer I worked for a small l but elite law firm specializing in business law. The head of the firm invited me down to the bar in the building for a drink. After a while he started reflecting back on his career and described how he represented a defendant charged with solicitation or indecent exposure after massaging and manipulating his genital in the mens’ room. Ugh! It was a weird story that seemed oddly out of place. His firm did business and insurance law, not criminal defense. I was very young at the time and had no idea where this was going. Later I round out.

    The office Christmas Party was held at a banquet room and I was placed at the far end of the long table among a group of chattering peacock like young men. They seemed weirdly out of place at an “office party” of older, conservative like men, secretaries and I think one wife. They didn’t work at the firm and none appeared to be lawyers. They quickly noticed me however, gave me the once over (well twice and thrice over actually) and wanted to know if I was married! Usually it was women who wanted to know my marital status when I was a younger man. If older men inquired it was because they had a daughter, niece, grand daughter, etc., in mind. This was weirdly different. It made my skin crawl.

    Later I was discussing my reaction to the party and these young men with an older guy who was like the number two man at the firm. He was surprised that I was surprised. “Didn’t you know [the boss] is homosexual?” he asked incredulously. “Well no, I didn’t,” I stammered.

    He said well yes, he his and proceeded to fill me in about how the boss had been “caught” driving on Hollywood Blvd. with a 14 year old boy in his car and other stories. Everyone in the office knew this guy was a queer but me. When my colleague filled me in, the office party and the initial meeting with the boss made sense. He was “trolling” to see if I was a queer like him. Lots of other things made sense too. He was a vicious, dark ugly monster of a man who took pleasure in humiliating people who worked for him. Once at a staff meeting he went off about how younger lawyers were less qualified than his generation, and used a letter sent by me as an example. I had adapted it from a book of form letters given to me when I started there. It was kind of a boiler plate, fill in the blanks type thing routinely used. He went off in a rage about the grammar and syntax of a used by me, but drafted by him for use in his own firm with the intention of humiliating me in front of everyone else. I guess that was my punishment for brushing him off. . Of course everyone recognized the letter and had used it many times themselves, as I had. The others present kind of exchanged glances and discreetly rolled their eyes. They knew what he was trying to do and just shrugged it off. Everyone knew it was his form letter and he was just trying to humiliate me. Over time noticed he was ugly, vicious and once he bragged about how much he enjoyed pitting the secretaries against each other and starting fights among the office staff.

    Although I was initially unaware of the sexual dimension of this man and his “friends”, I realize more fully now what they were. Looking back, it makes my skin crawl. These people are predators, not victims and they take a weird pleasure in inflicting pain and making normal, healthy people feel uncomfortable.

  24. Christopher Caudill
    Christopher Caudill says:

    Great article Rockaboatus. It reminds me of the plot-line in the Sopranos, when Tony and his guys learn that Vito has been “catching” not “pitching.” In such a situation, the rules are clear – as Carlo says, “he’s gotta go!” Vito’s status as one of Tony’s best “earners” no longer matters; Vito must be liquidated. But Tony hesitates. His hesitation, very human and understandable and compassionate, sets in motion the chain of events leading to his own assassination. That plot shows in microcosm what is happening in the West regarding the homosexualist issue: our inner nobility, love of freedom and respect for individualism, turned against us by an agenda that is a monstrous brew of lies and implacable hatred. Which way Western Man?

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      Brilliant! Thank you Christopher Caudill! And you have a name too. You’re not afraid of being “doxed” (a fake “fear” in most who use it).

      What you’re written here is exactly what I hoped someone would express. I didn’t have the ability or memory to put it into words. I’m so grateful you have. Not a word too much or too little. You’ve presented the situation we’re in perfectly. MacDonald should put a gold box around it. We, and the majority of the White race, have become soft and weak … Very Weak. That is our entire problem. How to correct that is what we should be discussing, but really I don’t think there is much concern for “saving the White Race” anymore. I think Whites have become so weak, we Whites don’t even want to save ourselves anymore. Who to blame? THE MEN, of course. It started with them.
      We have to go back to Adolf Hitler to cure the problem. If anyone would read the entire Mein Kampf, they would learn what all the mistakes were that Whites made. We’ve now compounded them many times over. RockaBoatus needs to understand and take this into account. Red State succession is a fool’s fantasy and those who are promoting it are fools or charlatans.

      • RockaBoatus
        RockaBoatus says:

        Hi Carolyn! In your prior comments to me you wondered why I don’t use my real name and just step away from using a pseudonym. The plain answer is that I have other people than myself to protect and provide for.

        Though I am retired from law enforcement, I am still currently employed in another line of work. I wish to maintain some level of privacy or anonymity. I am not in the least ashamed in what I believe nor in what I have written for the past decade or so. But there is no reason at this point to intentionally stick my head out and risk all the problems that it brings. I have no interest in stirring up a hornet’s nest.

        Granted, if I’m doxxed, I’ll deal with it just as I do anything else in life. But, again, I feel no need to jettison my anonymity if I can help it. I respect and admire those, like yourself, who think otherwise.

        • Donn
          Donn says:

          Thanks for responding to the attack on you for using a pen name. LIke you I’m largely retired but still have some clients who would come under attack if my identity were revealed. Like you I have published and broadcasted under a fictitious name and like you I’ve been attacked for it. You don’t stop a runaway train by throwing yourself on the tracks in front of it. This movement has always had a few people with mean streaks who gratuitiously attack others and virtue signal by using their real names. Our enemies control the levers of power (for the moment) and we do what we can with what we have. None of us individually have the power to turn the tide and none of us is so strong that we can’t be crushed.

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          “But there is no reason at this point to intentionally stick my head out and risk all the problems that it brings. I have no interest in stirring up a hornet’s nest.”

          No reason? You wrote to someone above:

          “Honestly, it’s so incredibly childish and stupid that I HAVE TO write under a pen name, but this is what THE JUDEO-LEFT has driven many of us to do.”

          Now you say that you “wish” to maintain some level of privacy or anonymity, but if you are doxxed you “will deal with it.” It’s like, it would be manageable. You would prefer not to have any problems at all, but …

          So it’s not something you’re forced to do or HAVE to do, but a choice you’ve made so as not to have unnecessary trouble, which COULD occur (a possibility).

          Please believe that I’m not trying to trap you in something here, but am only wanting to point out that we say a lot of things (and we repeat what others say if it sounds good or ‘convincing’) that are not really correct or the truth. We change a choice into a necessity. We also say “There is no benefit” in using my own name (even tho I say I would like to) when, in fact there are benefits, one being how much it would strengthen and validate your arguments because you are standing behind them with YOUR OWN NAME, and to show that you are not afraid of ((them)).

          Everyone says they do it to protect their family members, but do family members really need that much protection? Have you asked them? The other side of the coin is that if 100 Internet users, or 30 TOO writers used their own names, it would make a huge impact on the credibility of this site. It’s all about credibility and MODELING for others.

          “I hope someday that this will never have to be the case again.” That day is now, RB, for all of us. Thank you for replying to me. I agree with pretty much everything you write and you need to consider yourself an important writer and spokesman for we beleaguered and lost Western Whites, and our fouled up culture. We need to know you by your name, your genuine name, and stand proudly with you. Thanks.

          • RockaBoatus
            RockaBoatus says:

            Thanks for your gracious comments Carolyn. I understand where you are coming from, but at this point we will simply have to disagree.

            Yes, both are true: On the one hand the Bolshevik Left has given many of us reason to write and comment under a pseudonym (mostly to protect our families as well as our income and employment). Yet, on the other hand, it’s sad and stupid that this has to be done, especially in a country where ‘free speech’ is supposedly valued. But these are the times we live in.

            Our enemies will stop at nothing to disrupt, antagonize, and deplatform us, as well as bankrupt each and every dissident if they can. I simply don’t feel compelled to hand them the rope by which they intend to hang me.

            These are all very personal decisions that each of us must make. We are all at different stages in our dissident journey, and some are not ready to quite take the leap that you and others have. Every situation is different. Therefore, to push someone to come out in the open when there are familial and monetary reasons for not doing so is not right in my opinion.

            Timing is everything.

            “Everyone says they do it to protect their family members, but do family members really need that much protection? Have you asked them?” – I have not had to ask them because I was already told by some very concerned family members years ago about keeping our lives private. I feel compelled to respect their wishes because what I say and do invariably impacts them. As you know, the Left is not content to merely attack and shame persons like me, but everyone connected or sympathetic to me. They will place pressure on my employer to fire me, including any banks or services I use.

            In no way am I ashamed because I wish to protect what I have earned nor because I want to maintain peace with my family and other close associations.

            Lastly, the cultural situation in 2007 is quite different than what we now have in 2023 where there is much greater hostility to our ideas as racial and political dissidents (especially from our government).

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            Of course you’re going to decide yourself what is good for you. But that’s just it: nowadays it’s always “what is good for me, personally” and not “what is good for my people as a whole.”
            This is so fixed in our (((culture))) now that we don’t even think to question it. It’s all about Me and Mine first. Almost as if it’s Holy Writ. I identify it as libertarian, which KMac embraces (just incidentally, not meant as any pointed criticism ). But libertarianism is completely self-centered.

            In my view, we need to engage in “truth” and facts backed up by investigation and evidence, not engage in long-winded *explanations* for our failure to take action, and why it’s the wrong thing to do. As you said, Timing is everything. Are you an expert on timing? Does anyone know the right time? It’s usually when you think of it, in my experience.

            We all excuse ourselves, but some more (or worse) than others. Hiding behind screen names is completely alien to what we claim to believe in/stand for as White culture. The National Socialists (led by Adolf Hitler) were the last of the real men, as I am able to see it, who *acted* in face of the Jews rather than cowering in fear or joining them. Read in Acts how afraid the apostles were of the Jews of their day. This is not new.

            In this Internet age we’re in, courage is out of style. It is not to be found! I don’t believe anyone here can tell me where it exists by pointing it out. We now talk, and talk, and talk, using our screen names, but actually AFFECT nothing.

            And yes, it is men’s job, it is not women’s job. Blaming women (from Eve on, for God’s sake) is the most despicable of cowardly acts I can think of, but this is all the fashion with today’s young (white) men. Any acceptance of this (and silence, unwillingness to respond is a form of acceptance) shows utter bankruptcy. Is there still any hope? I don’t know, but I realize the Internet (Technological) Age, which has come upon us very fast, has changed everything. Action is no longer a possibility. (((They))) are way ahead of us in knowing how to prevent it. I think we’re fucked.

            Yes, I am disappointed but that is neither here nor there. It won’t change anything, but at least I have said something about it.

            Best wishes to you, and thanks for your efforts.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        ” Who to blame? THE MEN, of course. It started with them.”

        Superb observation .

        Nordics/Whites are primarily descendants of rural cultures that historicly are predominantly nonpolitical ( voting enthusiasms are mostly irrelevant ) .

        The cosmopolitan jewmasterss noticed that most Nordic men were politicly retarded compared to city jew majorities ;
        so that predominantly heterosexual Nordic cultures would be easily fragmented and enslaved/conquered/dominated .

        Nordic men like Emicho do not seem to realize that immense jewish political power

        ( in particular , Mind-Kontrol operations especially involving covert satanic Nordic feminism empowerments and covert satanic Nordic heterosexual men disempowerments ) ,

        have broken or at least severely weakened and perhaps even irreversibly weakened the natural heterosexual bonds among most Nordic men and women ;

        and thereby , Nordic women are mistakenly blamed for the pervasive lack , especially among men , of adequate Nordic cultural political intelligence ( not mostly an IQ issue ) to viably defend against an inevitable Talmudic jewish conquest subsequent to an intellectual capture , facilitated by the RCC Vatican II Council of 1964 , of Nordic women .

        It all began with jewmasterss deceptively benign injections of linguistic confusions , into Nordic heterosexual cultural vernaculars , to weaken their cohesions and thereby accommodate various kinds of invasions and subversions for the eventual total deconstruction of Nordic cultures .

        • Swan
          Swan says:

          It seems to me that if women didn’t have the right to vote, politicians who support or allow mass 3rd world migration would not get elected. To the extent that men are to blame, it’s allowing women equality.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          “Nordic men like Emicho do not seem to realize that immense jewish political power”

          Thanks moneytalks, I always thought I was Anglo-Celtic but maybe Nordic is the same thing.

          “covert satanic Nordic feminism”

          No-one here brings up the Jew poison of feminism more than me!
          It’s been satanic since Eve.

          “Nordic women are mistakenly blamed”

          ‘Blaming’ women for ANYTHING, is as logical as blaming children or animals. There are of course exceptions, but of these you’ll find they’ve ALL had a strong masculine influence over them, be it father, husband or in the old days, the male run society.

          “the RCC Vatican II Council of 1964”

          Will no doubt be seen as big a defeat of our folks as WWII was.

          “It all began . . . . . etc, etc . . .”

          Yes, the kikes. We know this moneytalks. If we didn’t, what would we be doing here?
          Unless this is some sort of round-a-bout esoteric attack on Christianity, you’re going to have to be a little clearer.

          – As for those moaning everything was oh so much better in the old days, I think it’s better now. When I arrived here a couple of years ago, there was a spirit of death about the place. It seemed like everyone was 80 years old.
          A geriatric army, that’s really going to change the world.
          A bunch of old men trying to intellectually one-up each other . . what a jerk-off.
          And no-ones stopping you if that’s how you guys want to spend your retirement, no one’s forcing you to read the comments either.
          Most don’t anyway, & even less post anything. I’ll stick up for the average punter who’s eyes glaze over at the mention of Ulysses or Sophocles even if no one else will.

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            “It all began . . . . . etc, etc . . .”

            Yes, the kikes. We know this moneytalks.

            That paragraph in my comment , to which you allude , is not especially about “the kikes” WHO dunnit . It is especially about HOW “the kikes” dunnit .

            Knowing HOW “the kikes” initiate their attacks and eventual conquests of Nordic/(Anglo-Celtic) cultures is essential intelligence that young commanders should know about before attempting to win a war of emancipation from the steeltrap-like grip of “the kikes”.

      • Christopher Caudill
        Christopher Caudill says:

        Thank you Carolyn; a quick word on the nom de plume / nom de guerre issue: in July 1630 King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden entered the Thirty Years’ War, transforming the conflict and winning eternal renown as one of the great military commanders of history. His dynamic and fearless leadership was unquestioned (it led to him getting killed, though, at Lutzen in 1632), but perhaps as important as the King’s generalship was the combined-arms training of the relatively small Swedish army, allowing infantry and cavalry to man the cannons when necessary, the pikemen to fire muskets, etc. which gave them a huge advantage over the ponderous and slower-moving Imperial forces. In the same way, in our metapolitical battle for the survival of European culture and the peoples who embody it, we must “fight smart” and employ different tactics in different situations to master our enemies. The nom de plume is a powerful weapon in our arsenal – imagine the fear and agitation of our enemies, knowing that opposition to their evil plotting is everywhere, but like Sauron, they are not sure where to strike, and so they strike wide and before they are prepared. This is a great help in the process of awakening of all white people of authentic European lineage, that is now underway and cannot be stopped. Some, like the magnificent KMac, are out front and taking fire; some, like Rockaboatus, provide superb articles like this one from a covered position, reaching those with ears to hear from other perspectives. Of course, the day is coming when there will be no cover left for any of us – we’re all on a list somewhere, and bending the knee to St. George Floyd will be of no use – we have all been judged and condemned by the enemies of truth and justice. But for now we move together toward a better future, some of us publicly, some not.

        As for the homosexualist question, St. John Chrysostum says it best:
        “I affirm that these [homosexuals] are even worse than murderers: since to die even is better than to live under such insolency. For the murderer separates the soul from the body, but this man ruins the soul along with the body.” And this from the Russian Orthodox tradition: “Society itself rests upon the foundation of marriage and the family. Destroy the family, and you destroy the very foundation of society. When men and women turn their backs on one another, burning in their desire for same-sex activity, imagining that marriage is a sterile playground where adults can indulge their lusts, they take one of God’s most precious gifts to mankind, and they throw it back at Him, spitting on His whole vision of how things should function.” Rockaboatus, one of our best writers, deserves respect and thanks for tackling this issue in such a sincere and responsible way. When the average American can look at the photos of SA men burning the library of Magnus Hirschfeld’s “Institute for Sexual Research” and understand what was happening there, then we will know we are making progress. Truth, Beauty, and Justice are our guides.

  25. Rain as tears
    Rain as tears says:

    Wow, if this essay and all of the comments doesn’t teach what these words in Ecclesiastes 12 mean:

    before the days of trouble come
        and the years approach when you will say,
        “I find no pleasure in them”—

    What does that mean “I find no pleasure in?’ Well, in God’s Laws yes? We are called to “Delight yourself in the Lord and in His Laws” the scripture teach and why people don’t is something that God always looks to get to the bottom of. And if this essay and all of the comments don’t prove out the truth of “when you will say” and saying it now in the face of all that is true and holy is truly frightening stuff. Woe to us, and the all important verse in the entire chapter revolves around guess what? Climate Change!!!!

    “and the clouds return after the rain.” verse 2

    Good luck on trying to save Planet Earth with Carbon Credits!!!

  26. Cotard
    Cotard says:

    Quote from the book Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State

    The dual purpose of inviting selected politicians and VIPs to parties is not only to provide the sick sadistic lustful pleasure for powerful, despicable, likeminded criminals but more importantly to gain blackmail control over mostly key Conservative Members of Parliament. Former MI5 operative David Shayler has said that MI5 has fitted many of the Dolphin residences with one way mirrors and hidden cameras for the usual purpose of sexual blackmail. [436]
    Since security services headquarters are in close proximity, and a heavy influx of a spy presence at the Pimlico complex on the Thames has been well documented historically, [437]
    just like Elm Guest House, Dolphin Square pedophilia is also a sexual blackmail operation.A deeper look at how Shirley Porter, Jewish heiress daughter of Sir John Cohen, founder of Tesco supermarket chain, ran her Tory controlled Westminster council as a Kosher Nostra, illustrates the unholy marriage between London’s dirty trick politics and Dolphin Square’s flourishing cottage industry led by predatory pedophiles like Laud and Greer, supplying fresh young boy meat to dozens of degenerate Westminster VIPs. The queen honored Dame Shirley and her Tory council henchmen’s gentrified gerrymandering to push the homeless, unemployed and otherwise poor “riff raff” Labor Party voters out of Westminster to dominate a gay-Tory-pedo playground monopolizing control over both the Westminster borough and its Dolphin Square Tory pedophile ring. [438]
    In the late 1980s the district auditor busted her and her cronies’ illicit operation, rigging votes in the “homes for votes” corruption scandal, and charged her £42m for bilking council funds, of which only £7000 was recovered, seized from her belongings left behind in London. [439]
    Though disgraced publicly back in Britain, as a dual Israeli first citizen, it didn’t stop her from living the life of luxury in Israel with hubby Sir Leslie Porter, the Tel Aviv University Chancellor. In 2002 she shamelessly declared herself worth only £300,000, about one-thousandth her actual estimated worth, hidden in offshore accounts in Guernsey, British Virgin Islands and Swiss banks. Shirley surely made out like a bandit as the convicted fraudster eventually settled in 2004 with a £12m payment out of the total £42m she stole from Westminster council funds. [440]
    Originally an Oxford educated Jewish Laborite, Dr. Julian Lewis switched gears to cut his Tory teeth as deputy head researcher at his Conservative Party’s Central Office in Smith Square from early to mid-1990s before becoming the Zionist Tory MP for New Forest East in 1997, Esther R’s old stomping [alleged child burial] grounds. [441]
    As of 2015 the current chair of the powerful Defense select Committee, steeped in high finance and covert arms sales, MP Lewis has reportedly frequented Dolphin Square flats linked to pedo-sex parties. [442]
    According to abuse victims who were former residents of North Wales care homes, in addition to being victimized in North Wales (covered in Chapter 26), they also claim they were trafficked to sex parties at Dolphin Square as well as Hampshire County just west of London as part of a national pedo-ring tied to prominent Tories. A Scalawag Magazine article reporting the young men’s tragic fate contends:There have been many allegations that Hampshire County Council, through the influence of Derek Laud and his friend Julian Lewis, is a central player in a national paedophile ring supplying young boys from care systems to VIPs… The alleged victims of VIP abuse who died in the fire in Palmeira Avenue Hove (Brighton) in 1991 had also linked Laud, Lewis, and Greer, to the circumstances of the abuse they said they had suffered in care. [443]
    Other known Tory MPs with more than a passing connection with Laud, Greer and Dolphin Square orgies are Sir Edward Leigh, [444]
    Sir Peter Lilley, [445]
    Sir Michael Portillo, [446]
    Michael Brown, [447]
    David Nicholson [448] and Robert Banks. [449]

    [436] Christopher Spivey, “Harvey Proctor and the Dolphin Square Apartment Complex,”, December 17, 2018,
    [437] “Wimpole Muse, Chapter 2 – Dolphin Square”, September 21, 2016,
    [438] “Friends of Israel,”
    [439] Andy McSmith and Justin Huggler, “Sleaze Scandal Strips Dame Shirley Porter of her Title,” Independent, July 6, 2003,
    [440] Matt Weaver, “Dame Shirley Pays out £12m in Housing Scandal,
    The Guardian, July 5, 2004,
    [441] “Rita Ora and the VIP Child-Abuse Connection,”, February 2, 2016,
    [442] “Letter to the Noor Inayat Khan Memorial Trust,”, February 9, 2016,
    [443] “Nick versus Lord Bramall,”, January 1, 2019, [444] “Letter to the Catholic Union,”, February 10, 2016,
    [445] “Letter to Herts Aid,”, February 3, 2016, [446] “BBC Broadcaster Michael Portillo; Alleged Child Sexual Abuse,”
    scribd,com, January 27, 2016,
    [447] “Conservative Sex,”, October 10, 2015,
    [448] “David Nicholson MP,”,
    [449] “Julian Lewis, Harvey Proctor, Keith Vaz, Edward Leigh…,”, June 19, 2015,

  27. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    Very informative Sir, and the article overlaps much with Dr.E Michaels Jones says about the “Gay Disco” and the Jewish gallery owners who exhibit the photographs of Robert Mapplethorpe.
    I had a wry smile at the paragraph ‘Yet homosexual activists and apologists must bend over backwards and engage in leaps of logic’. And whatever that conjures in the mind.
    Here in East London, because of the substantial importation of muslim Pakistanis, homosexuals are very wary of displaying affection: sharia patrols are likely to attack them.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      “Here in East London, because of the substantial importation of muslim Pakistanis, homosexuals are very wary of displaying affection: sharia patrols are likely to attack them.”

      See? Muslims have their uses. I quite like the Adhan. I know it’s to wind us up and assert their dominance over us, but I’d rather live under Muslim rule than Jewish rule. What’s an agreeable call to prayer vs gender-bending our children?
      At least Muslims worship the same God as we do, not Satan like the Jews.
      Whites have nothing to be afraid of here, whites don’t really compute with Islam. It’s too daft.
      The Ottomans ruled the white Balkans for centuries, how many white Muslims were left when they were kicked out? None?
      Yes Christianity played a part in this, but if we are all going full Palestinian, and we definitely are, Muslims will force whites to wake up to our dire situation, and shame us into doing something about it.

  28. Sam J.
    Sam J. says:

    I strongly suspect that homosexuality is due to a parasitical infection of some sort. I think this from reading about and seeing gay behavior. I also have read of gay people taking Ivermectin and losing their attraction for Men. Of course, I can’t prove a bit of this. It would be interesting to do a study of homosexuals and give them Ivermectin and antibiotics and just see what happens. None of these have bad side effects. Fat chance anyone will officially try to do a study on this. If you’re gay and reading this why don’t you try it?

    • Titus
      Titus says:

      Hello kind Sir,
      I would suggest, for the sake of science and proving your theory, for you to get on good terms with a few of those homosexuals and try to catch that parasite, by any means possible, then, once you are turned into a homosexual yourself and enjoying all the gang bangs, chemsex, fistfucking and so on, use the ivermectin and antibiotics to get rid of the parasite and whatnot.

  29. Donn
    Donn says:

    Horrible story about two “married” queers who “adopted” two young children and are charged with sodomizing, filming, and pimping them out. Years ago in law school an assistant DA discussed criminal law, procedure and practice and the subject of sex offenses came up. He remarked, matter of factly, that male homosexuals were responsible for approximately 40% (!) of all child molestation cases. Years later I heard this same statement on conservative talk radio. Wow.

    Male queers make up less than 5% of the population, but commit 40% of child molestations? Kind of like black men, who make up 7% of the population and commit almost 50% of the murders and black women who make up 7% of the population and have 35% of abortions. Jews make up 2.5% of the population but control, directly or indirectly, almost every lever of power in the country.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      Hi Donn. Just wanted to give you a shout-out and say “I know you” and it’s good to see you commenting here. You were always a real friend to me, and I hope vise-versa. I love what you’re saying; keep saying it!!

      Our commenting sites are filled with our enemies trying to disguise themselves as one of us, but they’re easily recognizable by anyone who is “true-blue.” We must be on-guard and not tolerate them. Even call them out!, I’ve come to believe.

      • Donn
        Donn says:

        Hi Carolyn. Thanks for your gracious acknowledgement. My internet broadcasting debut was on your show ten years ago, in 2012 and I have fond memories of appearing on your show many times after that. Yes, you were a friend and a great voice in a great cause…the cause of white survival in a very hostile world of racial enemies.

    • Lord Shang
      Lord Shang says:

      Your stats are way off, buddy. Where did you get them? They’re more than a little out of date. Blacks commit something closer to 2/3 of all murders. And, no, 5% of America does not consist of male homosexuals; it’s more like .5% (only about 1% of people are “gay”, though I believe more than that number allegedly have had homosexual “encounters”; I’m not an expert on this, but I read widely across the conservative / nationalist / libertarian press, and have been doing so for 40+ years). I accept your stat re male queers and child molestation, though again, it might be too low. I’ve always heard that the majority of child molesters are homosexual.

  30. Harry Warren
    Harry Warren says:

    There’s a frank discussion of ‘F-words’ and their ways on the ‘Daily Stormer’ ( today – ‘Brave gay couple sexually liberates adopted sons, pimps them out to pedophile ring.’ Very informative.

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