The ‘‘Leading Against White Supremacy Act of 2023’’

Sheila Jackson Lee, a Black radical activist Congresswoman from Houston has introduced a bill in the House that would criminalize thought crimes, and in particular it would criminalize sites like The Occidental Observer, but also the much more mainstream Tucker Carlson. This is because it includes “replacement theory” as a possible motivation and would apply to anyone who writes or talks about replacement theory in a public forum so that someone seeing it online could be inspired to commit a crime as a result (say, assaulting an immigrant). In such a case, the writer or talk show personality would be considered a co-conspirator.

This is chilling to say the least and would obviously gut the First Amendment if upheld by the courts. Rep. Lee has denied that the bill would only apply to White people on the ground that, say, a Black person who expresses concern about replacement theory could also be indicted, either as committing the assault or as writing about replacement theory in a way that might motivate a crime. It goes without saying that Democrats (there have been many) who are quite positive about White replacement would not be indicted.

I have been informed by a reliable source that Norman Moon, the judge in the Charlottesville cases, ruled that defendants can be held to have conspired with people they never met and didn’t even know. Since  Moon is a federal judge, his ruling presumably has precedential value. This is astonishing and frightening.

Therefore, if replacement theory is deemed to be as dangerous as ISIS ideology, for example, and you support it, you could be held to have “conspired” with someone like Peyton Gendron, the guy who shot up the Buffalo grocery store, since he cited the theory. This would especially be the case if  the next Gendron can be proven to have read your site and praised your insights.

Tucker Carlson has mentioned replacement theory on his show and got in big trouble with the ADL. See: “Tucker Carlson Doubles Down on Replacement, Explicitly Mentions White Replacement, and Targets the ADL’s Hypocrisy(!).” So it’s not surprising that he is furious about the bill. These are excerpts that appear to be from a transcript of his January 17 show:

Sheila Jackson Lee is famous in Washington for being the single most obnoxious member of Congress. Now, that’s a title that, as you can imagine, has many contenders, but Sheila Jackson Lee stands alone. Don’t you know who I am? she once screamed at a flight attendant in the first-class cabin on a Continental flight. I am Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. Where is my seafood meal?

In the 1990s, during a visit to NASA, Sheila Jackson Lee demanded to see the flag that astronauts had planted on Mars. When gently informed that no human being has ever been to Mars because it’s very far away, Lee flew into a rage. She accused NASA of racism and pointed out her membership on the “science committee” in Congress and so on. We could spend the entire hour on Sheila Jackson Lee stories and it’s tempting.

On Capitol Hill, she’s known as the queen and not in a good way, but what’s interesting is that nobody ever talks about the congressional district that Sheila Jackson Lee supposedly represents. It’s mostly inner-city Houston and it could use some help. Lee’s district has a poverty rate almost twice the national average, all the usual markers of civilizational decline—high crime, bad schools, low social cohesion, drugs.

Now, Lee has served in Congress for nearly 30 years, but it’s hard to think of a single thing she has ever done to improve the lives of the people who elected her. She doesn’t seem interested. Instead, Sheila Jackson Lee has devoted her entire political career and her entire life to a single cause-shrieking about White racism. That’s what Sheila Jackson Lee does for a living. Here’s a selection:

JACKSON LEE: Institutional racism and systemic racism taints and spoils the way that America treats in one instance, African Americans and other instances, minorities. 

JACKSON LEE: The dastardly impacts of White nationalism, White supremacy and outright racism. 

JACKSON LEE: Racism is a national security threat.   [continues with more examples] …

Racism, you see, is a national security threat. It’s a national security threat. Really, Sheila Jackson Lee? Tell us how racism is a national security threat. Speak slowly. We’ve got plenty of time, but of course, she won’t do that. She’s got no argument. She’s got no facts. She doesn’t even have a sincere belief in what she’s saying. It’s absurd and she knows it and by the way, Sheila Jackson Lee doesn’t want to protect a country she despises from national security threats. Why would she want to do that?

No, that’s not the point. What she’s doing here every day is leveling a racial attack, a blood libel, against an entire group of Americans while simultaneously pretending to be the victim of attacks from that same group. Stop hitting me, she howls as she punches you in the face. It’s such a common tactic at this point, used constantly by Al Sharpton, by the ADL [again mentioning the ADL; definitely getting over the target], by so many others that you may not even notice it anymore, but it’s still disgusting. It’s still immoral. It’s still divisive. … [quotes the ever-pliable Joe Biden who will say or do anything to keep his career going. Even the Jan. 6 riots was “about White supremacy.”]

Of course, it’s far more than divisive. It’s a harbinger of how White people are going to be treated when they lose power as a result of replacement. Can there be any doubt that activists like Lee and the ADL wouldn’t hesitate to genocide Whites if they had the power to do so—as the Bolsheviks did in the USSR at a time when Jews were a hostile elite? And they’re doing everything they can to get that power. Replacement is a central part of their strategy

Speaking of blood libel, because that’s what it is, protesting the 2020 election result is the same as slavery, as the KKK. It’s the same as murdering Martin Luther King. It’s all White supremacy, declares Joe Biden without defining the term. Now, you may recall when Joe Biden said that. You probably dismissed it at the time as ridiculous, as the rantings of a senile partisan and, of course, that’s what it was, but you should also keep in mind that Joe Biden did not say that by accident. It wasn’t an ad lib, off the cuff. No, his staff signed off on that speech. They wrote it. They read it before he read it.

And they wrote it for a reason. When the president of the United States identifies a threat to this country, his many federal agencies, the biggest in the world, swing into action to neutralize that threat. That’s how the system works, as Joe Biden’s staff well knows. So, in fact, when Joe Biden likens you to al-Qaeda or the Klan, it’s not a small thing at all. It has implications. So, here’s Sheila Jackson Lee from last week in a not unrelated clip calling for the renewal of the Patriot Act. Watch.

JACKSON LEE: remember after 9/11 when we all worked together to ensure the protection of the American people through the Patriot Act and dealing with the FISA courts. We worked together because truth is important.

Well, it’s kind of strange if you think about it. Why would Sheila Jackson Lee, a self-described liberal, find herself last week praising the secret government courts that liberals once opposed passionately on the grounds that those courts could be used to destroy the constitutional rights of Americans without anyone knowing about it? Secret courts? Liberals were against secret courts and now the chief liberal in Congress is strongly for secret courts. What’s going on here? Why?

Well, because those secret courts turn out to be a highly effective way to silence the critics of the Democratic Party, to silence those so-called White supremacists Joe Biden’s always yelling about, not all of whom, by the way, are White. You don’t have to be White to be a White supremacist. You just have to oppose the agenda and of course, Sheila Jackson Lee knows that very well and that’s why she wants to renew the Patriot Act indefinitely and there are enough dumb Republicans that she may be able to, but Sheila Jackson would like to go a lot further than that. Lee has just introduced a bill called the Leading Against White Supremacy Act of 2023. …

Now, it’s not an exaggeration to say this single bill would do more to criminalize speech, previously constitutionally guaranteed speech, than any other piece of legislation that has been proposed in the entire history of this country. …

Anything can be White supremacy, but the bill does specifically point to something called replacement theory, White supremacist ideology. If you engage in either one of them, you go to federal prison possibly for a very long time. So, all that’s required under this piece of legislation, which is not being laughed out of Congress yet, all that’s required is that your political opinions “could as determined by a reasonable person, motivate actions by a person predisposed to engaging in a White supremacy inspired hate crime.”

So, what would qualify as a felony under this law? Well, virtually everything, but among them would be pointing out the Democratic Party politicians, including Chuck Schumer, the leading Senate Democrat, have long bragged that they are flooding this country with immigrants in order to change the demography to maintain political power for themselves.

They’ve said that many times. They’ve written it. They bragged about it on camera, but if you notice it under this bill, you would be criminally responsible for the violent acts of people you have never met and you would go to jail for terrorism. Now, what’s most interesting about this bill is that it’s race specific. Nothing in Sheila Jackson Lee’s legislation would apply to, say, Black supremacy or murder sprees by people who aren’t White supremacists, the massacre in Waukesha, for example. So, that means that Democratic Party politicians can continue to say whatever they want with impunity.

The First Amendment still applies to them, but not to anyone who doesn’t vote for them. That’s the definition of tyranny. It’s horrifying. It’s a direct attack on the Bill of Rights, on our core freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. government for 250 years. We shouldn’t be surprised by this, however, because it’s consistent with what Biden has promised, has promised the day he got into office and the promise was that race blind justice, which is the entire foundation of the rule of law in the West, has been for centuries, is done.

The new model? South Africa. That’s the new model. South Africa—a country we never talk about because no one wants to admit what’s happened there over the past 29 years.

Tucker then advocates a color-blind concept of the law but correctly claims that such a conception is alien to the Democrats but that no one on the right has complained about it—which I doubt since I regularly see talking-head conservatives complaining about race-based benefits. And he states that race-based law is “immoral”—a good strategy because White people are particularly prone to act on their moral principles. Obviously there is not even an inkling on the mainstream right that White people should have special rights—as is the case with Jews in Israel.

But the bottom line is that “Democrats, including Sheila Jackson Lee, have decided that their opponents are terrorists and they’re terrorists because of their race and once you’re a terrorist, what do we get to do? We can take all your stuff. We get to seize your assets.” And put you in prison for a very long time.

The fact is that because of replacement, the left has demographics on its side. Does anyone seriously believe that millions of illegals that Mayorkas is letting in will be outraged that their new government allocates benefits to people like them on the basis of their race? Won’t happen.

I don’t seriously think that this bill will be signed into law in this Congress, and the conservative-majority Supreme Court would very likely find it unconstitutional. But one wonders what will happen when—inevitably it would seem, short of a cataclysm—the Democrats regain control of all three branches of government. See you in prison.

The essential parts of the bill:

A conspiracy to engage in white supremacy inspired hate crime shall be determined to exist— (1) between two or more persons engaged in the
planning, development, preparation, or perpetration of a white supremacy inspired hate crime; or (2) between two or more persons—

(A) at least one of whom engaged in the planning, development, preparation, or perpetration of a white supremacy inspired hate
crime; and
(B) at least one of whom published material advancing white supremacy, white supremacist ideology, antagonism based on ‘‘replacement theory’’, or hate speech that vilifies or is otherwise directed against any non-White person or group, and such published material—(i) was published on a social media platform or by other means of publication with the likelihood that it would be viewed by persons who are predisposed to engaging in any action in furtherance of a white supremacy inspired hate crime, or who are
susceptible to being encouraged to engage in actions in furtherance of a white supremacy inspired hate crime;
(ii) could, as determined by a reasonable person, motivate actions by a person predisposed to engaging in a white supremacy inspired hate crime or by a person who is susceptible to being encouraged to engage in actions relating to a white supremacy inspired hate crime; and
(iii) was read, heard, or viewed by a person who engaged in the planning, development, preparation, or perpetration of a white supremacy inspired hate crime. …

Mass shootings and other hate crimes motivated by white supremacy have been increasing in frequency and intensity. These heinous and virulent crimes are inspired by conspiracy theories, blatant bigotry, and mythical falsehoods such as ‘‘replacement theory’’. All instances must be prevented and severe criminal penalties must be applied to their perpetrators.


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  1. White woman
    White woman says:

    Tucker needs to leave Fox and go full bore against the forces that are destroying our country and that everyone knows about but won’t dare talk openly about.

    Time is wasting.

    • RockaBoatus
      RockaBoatus says:

      I think Tucker should stay where’s he’s at and push the envelope even further in exposing the Globo-Homo system. This way he will continue to have an even wider national influence on ‘normies’ who are just starting to have their eyes opened.

      Tucker should probably not leave until they force him out. Remaining on the mainstream and hugely popular FOX News will continue to give him a massive audience. This will work out for our good in the long run, and bring more Whites to our cause.

      It’s amazing that Tucker has been allowed to say the things he has for the past several years. Granted, he doesn’t say all that I would like him to, but in an age where telling the truth is a revolutionary act, I’d say he’s done pretty well so far.

      Based on the kinds of topics he’s already publicly addressed (e.g., the Covid scam, Russia-Ukraine war, the ‘great replacement,’ immigration, WEC, etc.), there is good reason to think he will continue to expose our Leftist elite overlords.

        • TJ
          TJ says:

          The obtuse have an excuse- they be born that way.

          BTW Sheila is not black- she is . . .part black, and part ___

      • Floda
        Floda says:

        Tucker isn’t likely to go elsewhere soon. His boss, Lachlan Murdoch, is roughly the same age and about 20 years ago as a young son of a billionaire seeking to make it big teamed up with James Packer and several Jews and set up a Telco called ‘Onetell’ in OZ.

        When this collapsed it turned out young Lachlan and James (also the son of a billionaire) each lost $500 Million AUD (about $0.73 USD) There was considerable acrimony involved and a media circus. One of the Jewish partners finished up purchasing and residing on a remote Island accessible only by Helicopter. The speculation was Packer’s Dad, KERRY Packer was not the sort to let his son be humiliated and ROBBED by anyone.

        I suggest young Murdoch has never forgotten this episode and is 100% Jew wise. He is letting Carlson use his undeniable talent as loose as he can without actually NAMING the Jew. I look forward to the day Tucker goes full circle and points out just how deeply this unrepentant tribe of murderous shysters have sunken their grappling hooks into the Unite States and its Satellites.

        • Val
          Val says:

          you poor unknowing sheeple. you need to awaken to facts. the loss of money is always a scheme for the tribe to gain more that you know nothing about.
          murdock is a tribe member as is tucker. tucker isn’t going anywhere for awhile. he is there to ensure you think and believe fox is conservative
          remember, oh that’s right you’re blind, the tribe plays both sides to herd you in the direction they want you to go.
          wake up.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        Exactly Mr Rock, of course he should stay where he is, especially when he sais things like this:

        “What she’s doing here every day is leveling a racial attack, a blood libel, against an entire group of Americans while simultaneously pretending to be the victim of attacks from that same group.”

        He might have well have said this woman cries out in pain as she strikes you. Is anyone really in any doubt as to what Tucker is saying here?

        30 years in congress, done nothing for her district, I wonder if she’s a millionaire? And does anyone really imagine this lady drew this bill up? Or could it perhaps have been a certain ethnic group that owns her and is hostile to the very people who’s land they’ve prospered in?

    • Al Ross
      Al Ross says:

      Once Rupert Murdoch dies , Tucker will be gone faster than Mohammed at a Bar Mitzvah .

      The Murdoch son set to take the reins at Fox is as woke as Wakanda.

      • Floda
        Floda says:

        Sorry Al, but you’re talking about Lachlan Murdoch’s brother. I forget his name, but remember him as a modest fellow, with much to be modest about. Lachlan is made of sterner stuff, I’d bet he and Tucker are singing from the same hymn sheet.

  2. Captainchaos
    Captainchaos says:

    Of course the best response to this legislation is to keep voting Republican. Keep obsessing about covid vaccines, Russia, Holocaust denial and where homos prefer to put their fun-sticks. That will prove to be an effective strategy in countering White genocide. Never for a second consider Red State secession.

    • RockaBoatus
      RockaBoatus says:

      Actually, this website and others (including their respective commenters) have frequently addressed the issue of secession. It’s an important matter, no doubt, and one we should continue to address and strategize about.

      However, we need to be careful that we don’t become a one-trick pony in which we hammer one issue to death and thereby neglect other important matters vital to the health of Whites and their survival.

      It’s important to recognize that our enemies employ a multi-pronged attack on our people, and there is a need to address each one of these (e.g., immigration, LGBTQ issues, BLM, the JQ, low White birthrates, the Fentanyl crisis, and the list goes on).

      Ten years ago, secession was rarely discussed in any serious way. Most Whites had simply not evolved in their long-term thinking to consider such an option. There was not as much disgust and distrust of the federal government as there is now. And this is why it’s becoming a more discussed possibility than previously. Things have changed, and I suspect we will see even more change. But we still have a long way to go.

      Whites have not yet reached a point where they can unite and work together in seceding or forming such an alliance. The vast majority of our people are still in ‘normie’ mode.

      In the meantime, it does little good to focus exclusively on secession when there are still many other issues that Whites need to ferret out. We ought to work on secession, then, without ignoring other concerns.

      In fact, those very concerns such as the nature and place of homosexuals, immigration, what constitutes a marriage, drug usage, the extent of free speech, and the role and place of women are all things that Whites will have to seriously think through and strategize over anyways if we were to find ourselves seceding from the Union. It’s much wiser to have a framework and some carefully developed strategies at this point in time, than to simply wait until we have the secession that we want.

      Again, this is why it’s vital to address other issues than merely secession at this point.

      • Captainchaos
        Captainchaos says:

        You make this seem as though this were oh so complicated. It isn’t. Most people are retarded human sheep who will do and think as the powerful tell them to do and think. It is only a question of figuring out how to get power. Afterwards, all solutions to whatever problems you care to name may be made compulsory.

        What is your strategy for getting power? Do you have a better strategy for obtaining power than Red State secession? If so, let’s have it.

        • RockaBoatus
          RockaBoatus says:

          I’m sorry, but this is a lot more “complicated” than you give it credit for. You’d have to first get a sizable number of Whites who would be willing to do it. We haven’t even begun to arrive at that point yet. Then you’d have to get an alliance of representative states willing to secede. That would be a major feat in itself. Then you’d have to stave off the federal government that will use every conceivable apparatus, funds, and influence to prevent it (perhaps even military force?).

          Federal funding would likely be cut off from many of these same states which would push them into panic mode. All the while, the MSM would condemn and demoralize anyone or any group that would support such secession. Hordes of American sheeple will believe everything they’re told too.

          The problems that secessionists would face would be massive. However, if there was enough support and funding for it, it’s a real possibility. I don’t want to write off secession because I very much want it to occur. But we must think soberly and carefully about the real-life problems we would encounter and find avenues around them.

          But understand this: Much of it is dependent on the mood of the country, and whether Whites are distrustful of their government enough and fed up with it. If Americans are well-fed and basically comfortable, then I simply don’t think it’s going to work. The pitchforks won’t come out until White Americans have nothing left to lose. The Left will probably be the impetus to push us to that point.

          Thus, the likelihood of secession won’t occur until dramatic societal shifts and a widespread change of attitude takes place.

          History has a way of surprising us, so secession may take place in ways neither you nor myself have contemplated. Anything is possible and we ought to be open to it.

          In the meantime, Whites needs to use whatever resources and time that we now have to prepare for that day, and to think seriously and strategically how secession might occur, what laws would govern us, who would be allowed citizenship, and what would be allowed and not allowed in such a multiple state alliance.

          I can’t give you any easy answers, and I certainly wouldn’t be able to do justice to the subject in a brief comment thread such as this one. The good news is that there are people much smarter than you and I who would be able to ferret out the finer and more practical points of secession if it were to ever occur. Such persons will arise among our ranks if we ever get to the point where secession becomes a real possibility.

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            Red State secession …” is a lot more “complicated” than you give it credit for. ”

            Captainchaos is on the right track . A secession and subsequent establishment of a WN ethnostate sanctuary for Nordics in the Pacific Northwest region is the slamdunk only hope for Nordic/White racial preservation . However , it is easier said than done .

            A WN ethnostate sanctuary for Nordics

            ( with a BILL of RIGHTS protections against historicly proven inevitable abuses of political powers exercised on individuals )

            is the only way to lawfully get rid of wannabe emperor tyrants such as Sheila Jackson Lee .

            Establishing a WN sanctuary would be a very appropriate opportunity to resurrect and upgrade the world gold standard USA Constitutional BILL of RIGHTS protections ,
            for individuals against abuses of governmental powers ,

            that was established by a group of “dead old white men” in 1776 .

          • Weaver
            Weaver says:

            CC is nearly always mistaken in his recommendations. He used to call for “reconquest.”

            Keep in mind that secession would be illegal, could get one in jail. Charlottesville protests didn’t amount to much productivity (counterproductive).

            Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, VI, Puerto Rico each have secession cases.

            The best a person can do is to have children and raise them well. Websites like this one have also published amazing articles. Whites used to be brainwashed into socialism vs capitalism. We’re much more sentient now.

            Moving to a white state like Hungary could be good, but Nick Griffin was thrown out there.

            One key thing to remember is that if Jews can compete, whites can compete. We just have to change our social structures, adapt. And whites need to quit having kids with non.

          • Weaver
            Weaver says:

            Eventually secession might become feasible. In theory whites should pursue money and power, as Jews do, and have many children, as some Orthodox Jews also do. Opportunities open that way.

            There’s actually a group of Jews that has maximal children and lives on welfare in the US. Anyway, it just starts with one person, one family, one community to take up any of dozens of strategies.

            Whites have the Amish at least. There have been very strong pushes to make them marry non, but the Amish are some of the whitest.

            But there are different strategies. It’s not a matter of “IQ.” It’s a matter of thought and nuance. A person just has to put in the time to see what’s possible. Often my posts here are too hurried, partly because some arent posted; but if a person just spends time on politics, everything becomes apparent.

            VDARE has a crazy castle… in WV I believe. It seems to want groups to go there. Nick Griffin has several books on how to survive what’s coming. Griffin recommends blue collar work that leaves a man free. Burnham would say to pursue the managerial elite jobs. Richard Spencer, if he’s not a fed, likes that approach. David Duke seems to have good sense on foreign policy, showing the world that we’re the good guys rather than falling into the future trap of being blamed for US wars. Ramzpaul speaks on the idea of secession. James Edwards tries to educate listeners. Every individual there matters. It’s all positive. We likely need to lose and suffer more before things improve, but moving to Russia or South America might also be good at some point. Provided a person is allowed to have children and raise them well, there is hope.

          • John D. Alder
            John D. Alder says:

            According to Armstrong Economics(Not a White nationalist site but extremely accurate) by 2032 the USA will be coming apart and breaking into seperate countries. Armstrong says we can’t save or refirm the corrupt system so people must decide what to replace the system with. Golden opportunities are just ahead folks !

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        Victories in the issues you raised and the other ones you didn’t, will bring you guys all the closer to succession, as nothing succeeds like successive successful successes. (sorry, couldn’t resist that)
        This will din it into the normies how little in common they have with the liberals – which I think they already understand, it’s persuading them they’re dangerous enemies that will bring you closer to your goal.
        This might seem a dumb question but do you guys intend to take normal, ‘conservative-type’ blacks and Hispanics with you to your white ethno-nation?
        I don’t see what the problem with this would be.
        You could use them just to get the thing done(the hardest part), then enforce separation, pay them to leave or just kick them out afterwards.
        I know the white nationalists don’t like the blacks and all that, we ain’t massive fans of our Muslims over here, but truly the real problem for us both is white liberals. We could live together fine if our types were in charge, say like the way it was in colonial India and Africa, it doesn’t take much imagination to figure out how to make them behave themselves.
        It’s the Jews and their white liberal proxies that sic the ethnics on us and cause all the misery.

    • Al Ross
      Al Ross says:

      If red state secession had a fighting chance of success , both in its establishment and in its continuance , then Whites might well find it attractive.

      However , we now live in a malodorous , Judeo – Global Village in which anyone from anywhere can live among Whites , except Whites.

    • Lord Shang
      Lord Shang says:

      I have supported white conservative secession for decades. How does voting GOP impugn or undermine support for secession? Any prowhite who does not vote GOP is a moron. Of course, the GOP is predictably lousy, but the Democrats are astronomically worse (as this post indicates). I do agree that what not just the GOP but the Right, including the Racial Right, have been obsessing about recently (especially the anti-vaxxer nonsense) is mostly unhelpful to our macro-plight. Secession is the only hope for any of white America to survive.

      • Captainchaos
        Captainchaos says:

        As I imagine it Red State secession is a ploy to put a crowbar between ZOG and as much people and territory as can be managed. WN would be but one faction in a broad coalition supporting it. The goal is to neuter ZOG by depriving it of men and material. Then WN will have a lot easier row to hoe.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          “The goal is to neuter ZOG by depriving it of men and material”

          They’re finding plenty in Ukraine and Poland. And the way they invent, fund and operate White Supremacists in this theatre shows how much they fear this ideology.
          Hopefully it metastasizes & comes back to bite them like the Mujahedeen, the last time they pumped radicals for their own purposes.

  3. Garry T.
    Garry T. says:

    These africans hey enemy of the white race they or she knows whites are being replaced and then she want’s to put everyone who speaks out regarding an pbvious genocide in jail and be treated as ISIS terrorists.

    I quote her:

    “antagonism based on ‘‘replacement theory’’, or hate speech that vilifies or is otherwise directed against any non-White person or group, and such published material—(i) was published on a social media platform or by other means of publication with the likelihood that it would be viewed by persons who are predisposed to engaging in any action in furtherance of a white supremacy inspired hate crime”

    Write to as many congressmen and congresswomen to stop this anti freedom of speech your future may depend on it.

    Once a bew white culture has been estableshed and new ideology is in place the infor,ation will be spread.

    This will stop a lot of it.

    Just like hate speech laws in many european countries.

    Engage community members spread the worg online /twitter, telegram the like even facebook…

    Talk to friends and family STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT….

    Bideb is maybe antifa affikiatef sustect so but wgo knows.

    This is dangerous and part of the war on whites…

      • James Clayton
        James Clayton says:

        Consider concentrating on Sheldon Emry’s Billions for the Bankers… (available via which opens with this quote, which fuels all of this including the REALTY industry:

        “If the American people ever allow private banks
        to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them (around
        the banks), will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless
        on the continent their fathers conquered.”
        -Thomas Jefferson

        MSM isn’t “main-stream media” but such problems have taken on a life of their own:

      • Garry T.
        Garry T. says:

        Yes we would.

        Not even most jews wanted to give africans in the USA affirmitive action they got it anyhow by THEMSELVES.

        Look at the half asian whowas a founder of the EU the Kalergi plan to mix whites with noggloids a.k.a. africans.

        And in Sweden there was an asian who started an anti racist spy organisation called expo also a newspaper that certainly got support from jews but anyways.

        Or look at the non whites non jews in antifa who wants to genocide the white race. the document has been published on the western chauvinist telegram channel (former official proud boys channel).

        Or former prime minister of Sweden Reinfeld who was part subsaharan african and aggressively pushed immigration of non whites.

        In fact tje jewish leadership were fiercely against race mixing see the bible and the killing of the jew who maried an arab woman in a tent or whataever and the dude became a high priest highest level for the achievement.

        It was nut until many jews became racially nixed that they started to push policies that leads o racial mixture for white populations. hence one approach cab be to view it as the mixing between some jews and africans that apparently happened like 8500 years and has lead to apparently a majority of jews being like 4 % subsahaan african and like 8 % arab has worked as a hijacking of GOD’s choosen people so that many of them push anti white narratives.

        Hence what you see with many jews might be the african in hem speaking so to speak.

        But I see many many different reasons for why many jews act the way the do and I respect many jews it’s no on a personal level for me. I think many jews do great hings and many jews are pro white certainly not anti white and these jews tend to be whiter it is my impression but I suppose it is individual.

        Regardless as I live in a multiracial regin I can tell you africans are the most murderous evil species on the planet. Jews are not close. Gypsies are also worse than jews they kill to steal travellers also. Gypsy jews are also very very very bad abd dabgerous and they have power capital contacts and murder to steal and stay in power.

        Jews I don’t know some are nice some are less nice. Yes certainly thei interpretation of common policies by aggressive individuals do pose a threat…

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          “Yes we would”

          Yeah it would be problematic but something we could deal with.
          Races aren’t designed to live all mixed up together, if left alone(without Jews) they self segregate to the benefit of all.
          So Mr Reasonablewhiteguy is correct.
          Highlighting certain opportunistic ethnic pets of the Jews doesn’t disprove this.
          If the Jews weren’t financing and promoting these types, they’d soon no doubt find some other avenue of opportunity.
          In fact, if the fame, respectability and money was in hard-core racism, you reckon you wouldn’t find it would be these exact same ethnics you speak of pushing that ideology?

          • Garry T.
            Garry T. says:

            This is naive.

            First I suggest you read my post in full then do some basic research or check out the things I pointed out, like the antifa, politicians with african background, the half asian who was a founder of the EU, the expo asian and so on.

            Most countries are shitholes pour nd everyone want’s to liv in the west.

            The ottoman empire invaded europe and caused race mixing and stole away the oldest white daughter from families in europe to the harems.

            An american president suggested to afro americans that the USA would buy land in south america, brazil for the former slaves and afro american leaders REJECTED they wanted to stick around in the USA.

            You see half of africas population wants to live in europe.

            In my country racially mixed people who are part gypsies, travellers and maybe even a bit jewish own lika most of the industry.

            Gypsies part travellers have hijacked and used secret societies and the freemasons to tacemix the elite and capitalists of the west with gypsies and travellers.

            Africans are very much organized on race with many pro-african organizations in the USA that connect with african organizations in Europe and african countries. This has probably been happening for a long time but was probablu acellerated with Obama.

            The part gypsies and africans controll secret services to a degree that they are used to steal from white people.

            So in fact you are wrong.

          • Peter J.
            Peter J. says:

            Well well after arabs looted and attacked Germans in berlin an arab wrote in a German newspaper:


            An article on the subject was published here:


            This is in Swedish but I am sure you can translate it with a translation tool online if you are interested in the original text.

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            To Garry T –

            “First I suggest you read my post in full then do some basic research . .”

            I did read your post in full, and I do try to do research, but I don’t remember you saying anything interesting or original about antifa or Kalergi. I answered your point about these mullato politico opportunists.
            We’ve obviously got different ideas of what constitutes a ‘shit-hole’ country, any damn fool could make a case the entire Western World is on a one-way ticket to shit-hole-ness.
            Obviously not EVERYBODY wants to live in the West, or else they’d all be here, there isn’t really anything stopping them. You also say only HALF of Africa wants to live with us, so which is it?
            There are parts of South America, Africa, Asia and no doubt the Arctic and South Pole that are like utopias compared to some of the total messes you get in our nations.
            I’m sure you’re correct about the Ottomans, but I’ve no idea what it has to do with anything I said.
            I know about Liberia as well, the nation free African Americans set up and began enslaving the natives.
            The rest of your paragraphs just gave me a headache to tell the truth, gypsies run the secret services?
            Well, it’s an opinion I suppose. And I’m all for original theories, no matter how kooky they may seem, but I just don’t see what any of this sort of thing has to do with what I wrote.
            You seem to be debating me, but also a couple of other people who presumably live inside of your own head.

          • Garry T.
            Garry T. says:

            well well emicho this is an answer to you.

            I stated several facts regarding a fromer primeminister Fredrik Reinfeldt and the kalergi plan which you will find info easly online about.

            Part gupsies (whites mixed with gypsies) and tattare or travellers people mixed with them are like most likely 16 % of the population.

            They have a lot of power and money and secret services are one facto.

            They stick together on race are extremely etnocentric abd anti white.

            In fact in Sweden the state castrated around 3’500 tattare or travellers. The third director of the race biological institute wrote regarding these travellers in the Nordic region that their aggressive sneaky lying false stealing behavior is eminent even with small mixture with them or the like.

            And I am not a fan of this institution in general but regardless.

            Stindberg wrote a book where the enemy is a tattare or tarveller o part gypsy or the like.

            In Stockholm there is a football team the largest in town counting followers and alot of the followers are part gypsy or travellers. The other teams used to shout “tattare” a their supporters at games.

            One could I suppose if taking a racialist point of view consider them a great threat regarding racial mixture with whites.

            I just present facts. looking blindly at jews is simplistic and does not give a full picture or explanation regarding workd events.

            racial mixture can if one takes that approaxh.

            Did you find the antifa document that I referred to where they state that the non white non jews in hat organization wants to take out the white race?

            Did you read about the Kalergi plan.

            Did you check out the policis regarding politician Reinfeld?

            How else you gonna get a full picture.

            Did you check who founded the expo magazine in sweden, that was an adopted asian now it’s run by travellers.

            As fpr the freemasons there are many books and texts on the subject and I do think such organizations push racial mixture it seems quite obvious if one studies what hasbeen written about them and their own texts.

            There is a book called “Tattarplågan” for example published in Sweden that deals with travellers. Author:

            Carl-Martin Bergstrand

            There was a documentary on Swedish television regading them called “från tattare till traveller”:


            The ottoman empire or arabs or Iranians invading Europe (greece abd spain & eastern europe and southern france) has nothing to do with jews. Yet has led to racial mixing.

          • Garry T.
            Garry T. says:

            Personally I dothink with many ews it’s a combination of historic facts and persecution and the like combined with the bible hence their culure and other cultural factors maybe combined with racial factors due to mixing with other ethnical groups. Where the ethnicity factor would then also play in and amplify cultural and historical factors.

            With people who are part gypsy or travellers or part african probably to a greater degree ethnic factors but I do not know I’m not ab expert and it seems the science can’t give full explanations yet so.

  4. Garry T.
    Garry T. says:

    Some errors in a huryy in the spelling should be.

    Once a new white culture has been estableshed and new ideology is in place the information will be spread.

    Excellent work by the way by Mr. Kevin MacDonald to lift this issue.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Just a response to the above so you don’t imagine I’m ignoring you or aren’t capable of it.
      I said I liked your theory about whites being deliberately polluted(?) with garbage blood for nefarious reasons, but it’s still a massive leap to say they do this then all these half breeds now work in sink together, based on shared blood?
      Brothers can share two parents and be the bitterest of enemies. Look at Russians/Ukrainians, or the Papes’ and the Prods’. Often the closer related they are, the deeper the division.
      This site’s description is a euphemism. It’s really about the Jew problem. People come here because they’ve come to the conclusion the ‘Jews'(Talmudists/Khazars/whatever) are the problem. Just like if you believe the main issue is some interdimensional alien force, you frequent David Icke’s site. I like Icke, he may be correct, but he doesn’t tell the truth about Jews or WWII, the founding event of the present regime. I’ve never found this site to deliberately lie about anything.

      It’s also no use stating some left-field theory then diverting folks to websites if they don’t agree. If you understand all this, YOU explain it in argument and debate(to be fair which you are also doing). Just don’t expect people to fold the second you direct them to a half dozen studies. You want me to answer all those studies here?
      YOU tell us why we’re wrong, keep doing it, keep winning arguments, maybe you are right but you’ll have to prove it.
      I like the blood-spoiling argument because whites are the only group who are obviously NOT mixed with all sorts. They are also the one group who’ve produced such remarkable talents & advances, consistently.
      It makes massive sense others would envy this and look for ways to end this forever.

      • Dave H.
        Dave H. says:

        Well I do think Garrys point was that it is usually a combination of ethnicity factors such as mixing or ethnic bonds combined with HISTORY, environmental factors & CULTURE.

        Hence a combination of factors,

        This site does not only have articles regarding “jews” whom many do not see as a omogenious ethnical group any more. It has also dealt with issues such as blacks and music and litterature also the author of the anti white proposal in thi article is an AFRICAN of the subsaharan kind.

        And even if only a part or half of mixed people work with anti white policies it seems to be enough to facilitate what many call a holocaust on whites.

        Regardless of whom is doing it, it is a disaster and only analyzing whom originate from one cultural mileu and not other ethnical groups i in my view a disaster.

        Was president Kennedy whom changed immigration laws and ended segregation a traveller / part gypsy he could certainly be so I have heard people say they think he was fo reasons. If so was he motivated by his non white background? If so probably so. Gypsies aint had it easy.

        Mr. Kevin MacDonald has written about gypsies also if you have read his work…

      • Dave H.
        Dave H. says:

        I do think also Garrys point is that iy matters greatly beween individuals what causes their aanti white behaviour. in some cases it is mixing in some cases it is history in others culture or pressure from other ethnical groups or conflict.

        Hence many factore where they may interplay to various degree of course and where this can lead to catastrophic consequences for whites,

        Especially when enough people from varius groups act anti white.

        Thi is certainly a weakness with tidays societies in formerly whie counries.

  5. Garry T.
    Garry T. says:

    This will not only criminalize speaking out against replacement or genocide but also “hate speech”. She writes:

    “or hate speech that… is directed against any non-White person or group, and such published material… published on a social media platform or by other means of publication with the likelihood that it would be viewed by persons who are predisposed to engaging in any action in furtherance of a white supremacy inspired hate crime”

    Sopublishing anything regarding replacement or “hate speech” will make you a terrorist because someone who could commit a “hate crime” could read it.

    So like spreading the truth would be terrorism.

    Wake up folks act.

  6. John Alder
    John Alder says:

    One can hear the clanging as they forge new chains to shackle us with. Secession will become the only viable option for those who wish to remain free. INDEPENDENCE FOR DIXIE ! FREE FLORIDA !

  7. Dr Tom Sunic
    Dr Tom Sunic says:

    The expression “hate speech” is semantic nonsense and lexical aberration. It originated on US campuses, late ’70s and was subsequently largely promoted and embraced by Jewish left-leaning and crypto-Bolshevik activists. Now this vague expression has become widespread in European jurisprudence resulting in tortured, unspecific, vague and ludicrous translations – and hefty fines for non-conformists and heretics. As mandatory mimickers of diverse US ukases the Germans translated “hate speech” into the bizarre and un-German compound noun “Hassrede”. Ibid for French judiciary with its translation into the surreal and ubuesque “discours de la haine”. This neologism is part and parcel of the totalitarian liberal lexical arsenal which would make LF Céline laugh. Why not push for our “love speech” for a change?

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      “The expression “hate speech” is semantic nonsense and lexical aberration.”

      Great point doctor, it’s total gibberish because how can any earthly being know if someone is speaking from ‘hate’? We don’t make windows into men’s souls.
      Think that was attributed to Old Queen Bess 500 odd years ago. And people still imagine we are evolving as a species? Perhaps we are, just backwards.

    • K M Landis
      K M Landis says:

      Good observations. In the real world, there is no such thing as “hate crime, “hate speech” or “systemic racism.” Those are communist fantasies and inventions.

      There is such a thing as “systemic stupidity”, however. The US has degenerated into an Idiocracy. Britain, France and Germany too. And our so-called universities are now institutes of perversion and degeneracy. Magnus Hirschfeld would be ecstatic. The US is much worse now than the Weimar Republic.

  8. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 Sheila Jackson Lee was born of Jamaican parents in Queens NYC, where she attended the Jamaican HS; then graduated from Yale in Poli Sci, and Law from the U of VA.

    02 Initially she served in Houston on its City Council.

    03 Houston is home for several night clubs of ill repute. Its CLUB ELITE, features open group sex among its city’s DIVERSE population.

    04 I looked up its HABIB website while researching GEORGE FLOYD’S professional appearances there, under their genre of GEORGE THE LANDLORD; i.e. sex in lieu of rent.

    05 Check it out, but only if you have a strong constitution.

    06 While her proposed federal Act is self evident, I did not run across any possible Houston Municipal Law, she may have proposed/passed, because of her repeated accusations of racial abuse of her valued constituents. Or perhaps she saw no need to curtail their abasement at the CLUB ELITE.

    07 You may also be surprised, but shouldn’t be, given her Ivy League pedigree, that she initially, fullthroatedly defended the First Amendment on the Floor of the House. [Video]

    • K M Landis
      K M Landis says:

      Not only is Sheila Jackson Lee a Black Supremacist, but she’s a pervert too, like George Floyd. These two ideologies go together. She is against real free speech, while supporting porn. Porn is Jewish free speech.

  9. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Off the top of my head, this is definitely a cause for concern Kevin and thanks for bringing it to everyone’s attention. And Kudos to Tucker also.

    However, I really wouldn’t worry about it too much. Yes, with the way things are going, anything can happen but as you state, we do have a majority, conservative Supreme Court, and a young one at that. I highly doubt that any of this insanity that this wacko Lee is touting would ever get as far as becoming law. As Tucker asks, ‘how do you define a “white supremacist?”’

    One thing that might happen, is that because of all of the insane transgender, lgbtq madness and all of the rest, and also how it hurts our children especially, the country, not too far from now, could swing very far to the right, much farther than Trump. Let’s hope!

    Here’s the YouTube link for the Tucker episode.

  10. Birhan Dargey
    Birhan Dargey says:

    It is truly amazing that the voices that deny r white Replacement Theory, are also the same voices that celebrate declining white population demographics. They are pushing openly for White Genocide, ending whiteness, etc. So denouncing RTheory is terrorism, White Supremacy..,but clebrating it is not. It is disheartening that Traditional/Conservative/Nationalists AMERICANS are uncapable of ORGANIZING a political/social/cultural/ECONOMIC counter movement, specially through electoral initiatives locally/state/federal levels. The Conservative RIGHT has never been abale to match the level of organazing that the LEFT has built from collectives/digital/media/NGOs, to loverwhelmed the population. The conservative Right has a large (millions) of potential supporters (market)..but they fail to ACT. Today the (white) Conservative America First still leaderless/UNorganized/divided/isolated and mainly afraid to speak/publish/write/and afraid to ACT politically legitimately above and beyond the GOP. For example Rep Sheila Lee (D-TX) how secure is she in her congressional district? can she be impeach/recall/reboke/removed.??? IF denying the Holocaust is tantamount to criminal terrorism…why is that calling for White Genocide isn’t ?? Debating the Homosexual question, sexuality, race/IQ is a WASTE of time/energy/….Whites should be debating their FUTURE in the USA in the coming century…to elect white and other conservatives to school Boards/Counties/State/federal offices…

    • John Alder
      John Alder says:

      In the book White Power by George Lincoln Rockwell there is a chapter titled:Fifty Years Of Failure wherein he explains why conservatives have failed and continue to fail. That chapter provides plenty of food for thought. Let not fear keep you from reading it.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        ‘Conservatism’ is ‘failure-ism’. A ‘conservative’ is a synonym for a ‘loser’.
        All conservatives ever do is protect whatever the previous generation of conservatives fought against.
        When liberalism is ridiculed and mocked, nothing happens, they don’t care. It’s just a cope for natural right-wingers without the stones to be proper right-wingers.
        Imagine if all the energy and talent that goes into owning the libs went into humiliating conservatives, wouldn’t that be a more productive use of energy?
        Make being a conservative shameful, and force normal people(non-liberals) into either embracing the cold hard right -wing truths, or just not be involved at all.
        Conservatives do more harm than good, we’d be much better off without them.

  11. Johnny
    Johnny says:

    I wish South Africa was brought up more often. South Africa and like Lauren Southern’s documentary Farmlands gives attention to the plight of White farmers in South Africa. Tucker has brought this up a few times, but I wish it would be brought up more. Otherwise our future here may be like White South Africans were in the 1990’s. “Since the 1990s, there has been a significant emigration of whites from South Africa. Between 1995 and 2005, more than one million South Africans emigrated, citing violence as the main reason, as well as the lack of employment opportunities for whites.”

  12. Johnny
    Johnny says:

    A few other interesting tidbits on when the government turns against a White minority. South Africa’s current laws. “The new phenomenon of white poverty is mostly blamed on the government’s affirmative action employment legislation, which reserves 80% of new jobs for black people and favours companies owned by black people (see Black Economic Empowerment). In 2010, Reuters stated that 450,000 whites live below the poverty line according to Solidarity and civil organizations, with some research saying that up to 150,000 are struggling for survival.” This fact as well. “At the end of apartheid in 1994, 85% of South Africa’s arable land was owned by whites. The land reform program introduced after the end of apartheid intended that, within 20 years, 30% of white-owned commercial farm land should be transferred to black owners. ” I just see way too many parallels to South Africa going on right now with Biden’s government, and this horrible media and Democratic party we have in power right now.

  13. W. Poe White
    W. Poe White says:

    “White supremacism” is a Jewspeak code phrase meaning “resistance to White dispossession and gradual genocide through demographic swamping.”

    It possesses the instrumental utility of intimidating and demonizing the targeted population into silence, self-doubt and demoralized passivity while providing a facade of justification for the police state suppression of resistance to what is really naked conquest, albeit accomplished by Sneaky-Pete Fabian tactics.

    Such Orwellian gaslighting is a psychological weapon deployed by Jews and their Globalist fellow travelers in the Judeo-Globalist conquest of the West.

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      To some extent, Jews are being honest. The US was dominated by WASP Yankees. They ran things and still have some power as useful idiots. Jews led a slave revolt, replaced the Yankees.

      Yankees wanted so badly to be on top, crushed the South, but they didn’t know how to rule. Jews armed with knowledge of European history just came in and took the crown. The mass media looks to be the primary tool, or usury/central banking.

      “The last will be first, and the first last.” Jews take the poor in society and replace the top with those poor. These new elites are grateful for the empowerment, loyal. WASPs don’t understand this, because Anglos believe in capitalism.

      Aristotle argued the best defence would be a large middle class. Instead, Republicans used to defend wealth gaps.

      There also seems to be considerable corruption in the US, now. So, the people on top aren’t just hard working innovators. Separately, the “managerial elite” seems just smart enough to do its job, not “the best and brightest.” If the elite were the best, they might threaten Jewish power. This is why we see elites in the US as “excellent sheep.” They’re really just useful idiots.

      There’s a saying that a cashier is wanted who is smart/capable enough to do the job, not smart enough to steal. Similarly, cops are picked who aren’t the brightest, perhaps for this reason. So, it isn’t necessarily the brightest who excel, at least not always. A person might be too bright, or perhaps not bright enough to hide it.

    • Robert Penman
      Robert Penman says:

      W. Poe White, you have very clearly pointed out what is going on. I think all of us, who know what is going on, become active in waking up as many people as we possibly can. We must be able to come up with strategies and ideas on how to fight this.

      One thing I constantly tell people, wake up anyone of any race you can about the Jews. Keep in mind, the Jews have used other races to try ruin us, and then enslave what is left. Therefore, let’s turn the tables on them by waking up people of all groups to the Jews. This strategy, if done on a wide scale, would take some of the pressure from Whites and place it on the Jews. On top of that, it is also for the long term benefit of non-Whites who won’t continue to be enslaved by the Jews.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        Yeah good luck with that strategy, when I bring up here the N.O.I. is wise to Jews(& an encourages blacks to behave & separate from whites) I basically get called a race traitor.
        Not that I’m bothered personally by this, it’s just seems an irrational bad reaction & makes you wonder if white advocates care more about race than truth.
        If they do, they’re setting themselves up for guaranteed failure & being the next generation of controlled opposition.

        • Robert Penman
          Robert Penman says:

          As soon as I hear someone say “race traitor”, I generally know I am talking with a knuckle dragging idiot. I have had success in waking up people from different racial groups about Jews. A driver I had for a trip a year or two ago, was all ears, he wasn’t White.

          I believe very strongly in waking up anyone about the Jews. How could it possibly hurt? It is humanity as a whole who must be saved from these people, and Whites are part of humanity.

          • Johnny
            Johnny says:

            I like your strategy because, they have always tried to pit other groups against us. Heck the ADL, Deborah Lipstadt, and Jason Stanley make articles literally saying Blacks and Jews should unite against the evil whitey. If they are this heartless to put White children into harms way, why is it so evil to play their game? The ADL has tried every dirty trick in the book to demonize us with no ounce of fairness or compassion.

  14. K M Landis
    K M Landis says:

    There’s no use denying it. The Great Replacement is government policy. It’s a fact, which Sheila Jackson Lee enthusiastically supports, because she is anti-American and anti-White. This Negress wants to censor the truth, by labeling it “hate” speech. This bill proves it again.

    Many White “progressives” also endorse The Great Replacement. They are weaklings, like the Eloi in the novel, The Time Machine, by H G Wells. They get eaten by the Morlocks. Eloi are in denial and too decadent to resist.

    And, of course, the Jews support it too. The genocide of the White race has been their goal for many years. Censoring the truth about it is one of their methods.

    • W. Poe White
      W. Poe White says:

      “of course, the Jews support it too”

      Jews are the original authors of the Great Replacement policy and the principal forces agitating for its accomplishment. If Whites are behaving like Eloi and Blacks like Morlocks, in both cases this is largely a product of long-lasting and deep Jewish influence and power. Jews have long wielded their money power and their control over media and education to brainwash and psychological manipulate both Blacks and Whites.

      Jews gained predominance within the US ruling elites after the culture war of the 1960s and were very influential and powerful long before that. Any genuinely White members of the US ruling class who didn’t toe the Jewish line were purged from the ranks of effective ruling class actors.

      Blacks like Sheila Jackson Lee are tools. The initiative for the Great Replacement does not come them. Nor does it come from treasonous ethno-masochist Whites. It comes from Jews. If Jews were not here, none of this nightmare would be taking place. If Jews were somehow removed from the scene the spell would be broken, and it wouldn’t even take long.

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      Jews believe they can remain on top. Bill Kristol openly said he wants new foreigners to enter who won’t be so lazy. He hopes new immigrants will be loyal to him and the empire in exchange for citizenship. More people means more resources for war.

      There aren’t enough resources globally for everyone to have a good life. NumbersUSA makes this clear with the gum ball video. So, immigration can ruin the future standard of living in the US, but it’s still an improvement for many foreigners.

      Perhaps free trade, and shipping our jobs overseas, would have been better than attracting so many to the US. Employers naturally want cheap foreign workers, just as masters want slaves. It would have been better for the jobs to leave than for so many people to enter.

      • W. Poe White
        W. Poe White says:

        “Jews believe they can remain on top.”

        It’s quite plausible that Jews will be able to remain on top into the indefinite future. They could do this by controlling wealth, the means of production and sophisticated technologies as the leading element
        of the ruling class of a totalitarian Globalist Technocracy. Competent, ambitious people of all races willing to conform to the system either out of ideological conviction or opportunism would likely not be hard to recruit. The Jews would then have a kosher rainbow second-tier elite, like the Outer Party which Winston Smith belonged to in Orwell’s 1984, to provide the system with its technicians and functionaries. The core elites, analogous to Orwell’s Inner Party, would consist of the most elite among the Jews and perhaps some especially fervent and intelligent non-Jews.

        Most people would have no work and would be dependent on a UBI dole. Much of the work would be automated and carried out by artificially intelligent robots and other machines. Thus, a sizable portion of the population would be useless eaters, economically speaking. (How long would it take for the elites to get around to a thorough culling?)

        “Bill Kristol… wants new foreigners to enter who won’t be so lazy…. [and who] will be loyal to him and the empire in exchange for citizenship.”

        That’s the Neocon view of 20 years ago. It’s been left behind by the flow of history. The Jewish-led elites have an even more radical agenda today. Most people’s labor will no longer be needed. The principal utility of non-White immigrants now is for the Great Replacement. Jews will want these non-White immivaders to be anti-White and content with 21st century Bread and Circuses in the form of a UBI dole and Jewish-produced Kalergian Globalist junk culture (Rap, recreational sex, drugs, social media, TV, movies, thugz4life street violence, petty crime and, when it is sophisticated enough, virtual reality (which will prove to be the greatest and most devastating addiction ever).

        “Perhaps free trade, and shipping our jobs overseas, would have been better than attracting so many to the US.”

        Many jobs were sent overseas. Other jobs were lost to automation. The latter trend is likely to hugely continue until most people will no longer have work. But it wouldn’t have mattered whether the jobs were sent overseas or not. The Jews and their Gentile Globalist fellow travelers would still be carrying out the Great Replacement. This is a major policy imperative in its own right. Jews must already have had this in mind as they were agitating to change America’s immigration laws in the first decades of the 20th century. They accomplished this goal with the passage of the 1965 Hart-Celler Act.

        “There aren’t enough resources globally for everyone to have a good life.” Global population recently reached 8 billion. That amounts to less than a half acre of cropland per capita globally. It has been estimated that a quarter acre of cropland per capita is the lowest level at which there is secure capacity to grow enough food for everyone. (Vertical farming, hydroponics, synthetic foods, insects, algae and GMO soy would make it possible to feed many more people but at a terrible price in food quality and human health.)

        Global population was still growing at 1.1% annually as recently as 2017 according to the CIA. At 1% annual growth the population of the world would double in 70 years. Plainly the world cannot long continue on its present course.

        The Globalist Jews and their elite fellow travelers realize this. That’s part of why they are pressing onward toward establishing Technocracy. This is their “solution” to the problem of exploding population. Technocracy would allow for the provisioning of many more people than would be possible otherwise. At the same time, the abject dependency of the mass population on the system would make it readily feasible to cull the population as deemed necessary or expedient.

  15. Chris
    Chris says:

    Just my opinion: it’s 11:59 in America, if the word Jew is not in every sentence you utter, you’re going to lose. It’s not in every sentence Tucker utters. It was barely in one.

  16. John
    John says:

    Was watching several groups taking to the streets advocating reclaiming their homelands (known as Nationalist). They were met with ppl calling them “Nazis”. Y? I mean, that’s normal & in keeping with Nature, &, that’s pretty much how the world works:
    Israel is the homeland for the Jewish people – r they Nazis?
    Liberia is the homeland for the Liberian people & in fact to b a Liberian one must b at least an African aka black – r they Nazis?
    Japan is the homeland for the Japanese people – r they Nazis?
    Mexico is the homeland for the Mexican people – r they Nazis?
    Every ethnicity & every race has the right to have their own homeland. It is natural & normal – case closed.
    Additionally, all this anti-European aka anti-White did not happen when we had our own homelands.

  17. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    Whites need to figure where is safe. Russia supposedly takes in many central Asian Muslims now. It’s looking more and more like whites, all of us, are going to need to band together. Amerindians lost in North America due only to not uniting as a people. They could have easily taken Charleston, united.

    Similarly, it seems like Yankees used divide and conquer to defeat them in the North, apparently celebrating massacres even. Europeans are being similarly divided and conquered.

    Due to so much intermarriage with non-whites, there might no longer be a significant distinction among European nations. We might now just be one people who need to unite.

    If we can bring Eastern Europeans together, and away from Jewish control, maybe we’ll survive. No more brother wars. Ukrainians and Russians should refuse to fight one another. Poles should be sent to mental wards until they’ve calmed down to stop the war frenzy. No more wars, or we go extinct, all of us. It shouldn’t be possible for a white to be ordered to kill a white, and indeed whites shouldn’t be fighting anyone. We just need a polity where whites rule whites, where we have rights and dignity like every other people in the world.

    • Chris
      Chris says:

      It’s not going to happen until you tackle the Holocaust narrative. That’s the fulcrum of all anti-white power.

      (EMJ is tackling it in his next book, a co-authorship with a revisionist).

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” No more wars, or we go extinct, all of us.”

      There it is again ___

      the indefatigable sheeple yearning of the ages .

      Nordics ( aka Whites )

      are going extinct now at present

      precisely because they have by default

      consistently refused to militantly engage

      their warmongering globalist ILLuminati jewmasterss

      whom are successfully prosecuting

      a UN accommodated Fabian existential genocide

      against Nordics .

      Wars are fought by large organized adversarial complex groups of combatants whom are engaged in lethal competition to establish dominion over life-sustaining resources ;
      in particular ,
      the principal contested resource is
      usually [ humanity ] itself .

      Those whom refuse to engage in competitions ,
      for scarce pragmaticly finite
      life-sustaining resources ,
      eventually become extinct —
      one way or another .

      The main problem with wars is
      they tend to be poorly regulated competitions
      that often results in the value of
      incurred resource depletions

      ( including also KIA bodycount depletions )

      being greater than the value
      of attaining/retaining dominion
      over the contested resources .

      Another war veterans wisdom of the ages ___

      ” War There Will Always Be ”

      until such a time when and where
      there is no inveterate actual scarcity
      of any life-sustaining resource

      ( sheeple yearnings are irrelevant
      to that reality about scarcity ) .

      • Weaver
        Weaver says:

        I didn’t mean my comment as you’ve interpreted. When David Frum condemned “Unpatriotic Conservatives” for not wanting war with Iraq, Frum was in the wrong.

        Whites need to stop fighting and dying for Israel. And we shouldn’t be in support of harming Arabs. Turkey cuts off the water, Kurds steal the food, the US steals the oil —> Syrian Arab Muslims then move to Europe. White Europeans shouldn’t be forcing, or helping to force, Muslim Arabs to move to white European lands.

        I appreciate your comment, but I just didn’t intend what you interpreted.

        Similarly, in Ukraine, two European states are fighting. They shouldn’t be fighting. It’s divide and conquer. Europeans must refuse to fight other Europeans, at least under most situations.

        Regarding Nordics, who is Nordic? There aren’t many left.

  18. Michael Santomauro
    Michael Santomauro says:

    South Carolina is the first state to legally define criticism of Israel as “anti-Semitism”. According to the text of the measure, the definition of “anti-Semitism” will now include:

    *a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of anti-Semitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities;

    * calling for, aiding, or justifying the killing or harming of Jews; making mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Jews as such or the power of Jews as a collective; accusing Jews as a people of being responsible for real or imagined wrongdoing committed by a single Jewish person or group, the state of Israel, or even for acts committed by non-Jews;

    *accusing the Jews as a people, or Israel as a state, of inventing or exaggerating the Holocaust;
    accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or to the alleged priorities of Jews worldwide, than to the interest of their own nations;

    *using the symbols and images associated with classic anti-Semitism to characterize Israel or Israelis;
    drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis;
    blaming Israel for all inter-religious or political tensions;

    *applying double standards by requiring of it a behavior not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation;
    multilateral organizations focusing on Israel only for peace or human rights investigations;
    denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, and denying Israel the right to exist, provided, however, that criticism of Israel similar to that leveled against any other country cannot be regarded as anti-Semitic.


    • Robert Penman
      Robert Penman says:

      So, is there an organised campaign against this in that state? Or are people just going to post on sites such as this, and nothing more? (I am not suggesting this is what you are doing).
      When do people EVER fight back against these things?

    • dogismyth
      dogismyth says:

      Prove to me you are a semite and i will show you that there is no such thing as anti-semitism. Get it?

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      01 Consider, that Charleston, SC, is home of Jewish billionairess ANITA ZUCKER, fashionably engaged in ” PHILANTHROPY “.

      02 She and her late husband controlled Canada’s centuries old HUDSON BAY COMPANY, whose holding company also owned upscale department store chains in the Netherlands, Germany and the US.

      03 Little wonder, that these laws originated in SC; also the home of Nikki Haley, the first female US Ambassador to the UN and SC’s first female, diverse Governor; who, coincidentally recently slyly announcd on FOX her 24 run for the presidency. ” MAY THE BEST WOMAN WIN !!! ”

      04 Also the Rules have been changed, making SC the venue of the first Primaries, giving her the advantage of being the first out of the starting gate.
      Let’s wait and see how this GOP female offspring of foreign born parents rewards her enablers.

      05 Zucker’s wealth may also explain the occasional reference to their Senator Graham as a RINO, given his positions on Ukraine and Israel.

  19. Gregory Walgreen
    Gregory Walgreen says:

    The “hostile elite” link in the “harbinger” paragraph set my mind off in all sorts of directions….Another great article Mr. MacDonald: Thank you

  20. dogismyth
    dogismyth says:

    What’s all the worrying about? Seriously??

    Who in their right mind would even consider anything out of the mouth of this lunatic black women? Do you really believe she is that powerful?

    So funny. I guess you are also worried about them coming for your gas stoves too!

    Ignore the riff-raff and stayed focused on the one or two issues that are key to the survival of the remaining sane population on this planet. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.

  21. Marcus Baskett
    Marcus Baskett says:

    I don’t want to live apart from blacks asians mexicans whites or even jews. Stop accepting bribes by the jewish bank mobsters thru the hoax of scarcity to our money system and everything will level out eventually or perhaps even quite swiftly.
    Radical Jewish agenda of convenience (ie “lets just silence the whites because it’s most convenient for us powerful radical jews) have retreated in the past few years from their outward and obvious aggressions to the non jewish populations in the USA – They’re “behaving” a little better in the past 10 -20 years. eg public Christmas Celebrating Decor has made a natural comeback since radical dipshit jews have cooled it on sounding off in loud protest about it’s “offensiveness” at se large echoey triple-A lobbies in the Bay Area & elsewhere.
    A stable and promising trajectory regarding our future comes with a price and contingency on restoring and maintaining our principles and value sets (things of which jews have enjoyed exorbitant gobs of wealth and safety directly as a result of, and if it is the jews that are the ones genociding us gentiles then they are in fact also killing themselves too, because they can’t make it in the real world, a world absent of the Gentile westerners holding up principled motives that sustain real prosperity & fairness yet, on the other hand we could very easily make it without them. It pisses them off inside to know this fact secretly, but they do. Hence their ridiculously absurd vain pride and race to high numbers. As we work for prosperity we’ve been working for the “prosperity” of the Jews only without reciprocation from them… something they not only would never do but never could do. We are terrific people and The jews are only doing what we allow them to continue to do. Challenge yourselves philosophically spiritually academically culturally temperamentally etc etc and the bad noise will reduce significantly, enabling confidence, pride and traction towards a better future. We gentiles are not done yet in this world we’re at an amazing time and opportunity to show the world and ourselves what we are yet capable of. We actually have a lot more “power” – the kind of power unique to just our peoples – then most realize. I know that my writing and grammatical abilities are matched only in odds than perhaps my insights…or, at least I hope so. Whatever, Thank You again Prof. Kevin MacDonald and peace brothers and sisters.

  22. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 Go to BITCHUTE FREEDMAN to listen to his entire speech at the Willard in 1961.

    02 On the same BITCHUTE page, you will also find ZUNDEL INTERVIEWS FREEDMAN. [ At an undisclosed apartment in NYC ]

    03 Even more valuable, in that it includes several other little or unknown tidbits. Even for the well informed. After all, he was principle Secretary to that gangster Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Morgenthau, Jr., and present at Versailles, etc.

    [ Regrettably difficult to understand ]


    04 Ironically the following video on said Bitchute page is an address by the Israeli Ambassador to the US, addressing the UN to push for a resolution for legislation to curb rapidly increasing international anti-Semitism. Of course he invokes the 6 million, while 3 million were deducted by their own side.

    05 During his UN address, this Israeli US Ambassador commends five Holocaust survivors, who have joined him there, as well as the also accompanying CEO OF PFIZER. [ curtail your illegal antisemitic smirks – or else !!! ]

    06 We MUST improve on the volume of the Zundel interview, to be able to spread this new information straight from the horse’s mouth !

  23. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    Colonel MacGregor says some very pertinent things quoting Soros starting at timestamp 11:30 at this link
    It’s an absolute must watch and listen!!!!

    I want to add as well these quotes from the work of Dr. Willard Cantelon:

    “The only escape from total destruction of civilization will be a world government, or we will perish in a war of the atom.”1
    —Harold Urey

    “In the field of atomic energy, there must be set up a world power.”2
    —Robert J. Oppenheimer

    “World government has become inevitable.”3
    —Arthur Compton Cantelon

    “One world Government is in the making. whether we like it or not, we are moving toward a one-world government.”4
    —Dr. Ralph Barton Perry of Harvard

    “Either we will find a way to establish world government, or we will perish in a war of the atom.”5
    —Raymond Swing to Albert Einstein

    “The secret of the bomb should be committed to a world government, and the USA should immediately announce its readiness to give it to a world government.”6
    —Albert Einstein

    “Sovereignty must go, that means also the interests which sovereignty protects must be recognized as outmoded in character and dangerous in operation.”7
    —Professor Laski of Oxford

    “We shall have a world government whether or not we like it. The only question is, whether world government will be achieved by conquest or consent.”8
    —James Warburg, February 17, 1950 before the U.S. Senate

    “It is necessary to discover a head capable of directing it, endowed with an intelligence surpassing the most elevated human level.”9
    —H.G. Wells

    “Let that man be a military man or a layman, it matters not.”10
    —Paul Henry Spaak, first president of the Council of Europe, planner of the European Common Market, president of the United Nations General Assembly, and one-time Secretary-General of NATO

    “Strong, one-man civilian control of America’s giant military establishment is vital to the nation’s wellbeing. The concentration of authority is inevitable.”11
    —Roswell Gilpatrick, Deputy Secretary of Defence

    Yeah, a One World Government and who exactly is going to be the leader of this One World Government? Hmmm, some further info from Dr. Cantelon:

    “I sat in Brussels in March, 1972, with my friend Cave Oliver, who had devoted 28 years to tirelessly working with the Atomic Enegry Comission. In recalling the first atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima on August 6,1945, we were impressed that it was the voice signal of the U. S. President, Harry Truman, that released that bomb from the B-29 that flew over Hiroshima on that memorable day. With knowledge of that amazing incident, we turned in the prophetic Scriptures, to the prophecies of John in the book of Revelation. Here the prophet not only spoke of a one world government , cancelling the old monetary currencies of the past and establishing a new number system, the prophet also spoke of a world leader, having the authority over the military power of the world, and declared,

    Power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations on the earth, [and he adds], He maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men.” Rev. 13:7,13

    If a man became head of a world government and possessed such power, surely it would be greater than what any man in history had ever possessed before him.

    What would happen if such power was invested in a man who should turn into a maniac like Adolf Hitler? Was there such a danger? Of course there was, and most sober minded leaders of government realized it. but man seemed to be caught between two undeniable alternatives. The old paths behind him pointed back to Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and 50 million dead from World War 2. The other path offered the forfieture of rights by individuals and nations being pushed daily nearer to a form of world government.

    Greenville Clark said,

    Perhaps it may take a few nuclear bombs and server al million deaths.

    Joseph Clark added,

    The people will follow when the leaders tell them there is no alternative.
    pgs 98-99 Canelon

    Russia, Russia? How far will they go to subject her is the frightening question i suppose yes?


    WEF TROIA says:

    She’s obvioulsy a white hater and she is targeting white people.

    Probably owned by some puppet master like Soros.

    Regarding why there are so many blacks on TV (as you closed comment son this subject):

    1/ Get the majority white population used to be replaced
    2/ demoralize the white as you rightly saw
    3/ brainwash the younger generations who frankly are so stupid already that I wonder how more dumb they can become (because they are ‘digital native’ that is machines think for them).

    BUT, I don not watch TV, I don not own an IDIOT BOX , so I wouldn’t be influenced by all the brainwashing going on there.

    And this is THE solution.

    Truth is elsewhere, distraction is waste of time, it makes us lazy and stupid, so why keep on watching TV?


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