Trust the Science? Project Veritas Stings Pfizer

Tucker Carlson’s take:


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  1. Forever Guilty
    Forever Guilty says:

    Well it appears that we (humans) got very lucky. The idea probably was to create completely new pathogen which human body never meet before. Create vaccine and treatment. Spread virus around and get total control of society.

    Simple If you have monopoly on treatment and prevention. However it was false start. It was probably half-completed virus which escaped Wuhan lab.

    So “they” started work to complete project. Never give up on new approach to hurt or enslave golym!

    “The next pandemic will get attention this time”

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      Some scientist was explaining how they were probably doing research. It doesn’t seem likely it was intentional. I’ve been following it for awhile. I read all these scientists and doctors. That doesn’t mean I’m right, but I’m usually right.

      Ron Unz has a theory you might like. Some say it was released in Iran and China, to harm them. Dr Malone talks of how the tech was tied to US defence, their hopes. Bill Gates might have been after just profit.

      The details matter in this sort of thing, and you have many individuals involved with divergent individual goals. So, it’s tough to solve without spending hours. Dr. Malone will make a tweet or a comment in a long video, then it’s gone. The various books on Covid look good, haven’t yet read any.

    • Heinrich Metelmann
      Heinrich Metelmann says:

      Yes, that is a good point. They talk way too much especially if they are excited with the idea if a new boyfriend.

  2. Sorel McRae
    Sorel McRae says:

    His post hoc defense, i.e., that he was just lying as all “normal people” do when they’re on a (homosexual) date, is also interesting. Even if true, it illustrates the inherent and dramatic instability produced by diversity hiring.

  3. moneytalks
    moneytalks says:

    That video shows a prime example of how the jewmasterss , whom own/control Pfizer Inc. ,
    inject a language confusion ,
    of the Pfizer newly minted term “Directed Evolution” with the globally notorious Covid-19 “Gain of Function” research ,
    to initiate a disruption of the public sheeple masses worldwide and normally myopic attention by confusing any suspicious concerns about current Pfizer research being involved with the notorious Covid-19 Wuhan virus gain-of-function
    mutation research .

    Make no mistake ,
    Pfizer’s “Directed Evolution” is their new term for the recently globally publicized notorious virus
    “Gain-of-Function” mutation research .

  4. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 Let’s wait and see how, when and why he will be terminated; as surely he will.

    02 JibbersCribbers, above, should watch the longer version, as aired by TUCKER last night. It shows Walker’s violent reaction when informed, that the entire interview was video taped.

    03 He called the Police; he was thrown across the restaurant’s room. to the floor, and repeatedly attempted to snatch the reporter’s iphone.

    04 Today is the 78 th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, by the Red Army.

    05 78 years ago, yesterday, January 26, when this news broke, they were still ca. 25 kilometers away from A 1 and 2.

    06 Albert Bourla, Pfizer’s much Israeli decorated CEO was born of Spanish Sephardic Jews in Salonika, Greece; which itself was ca. 50 % Jewish, by his own account on a Holocaust site.

    07 Walker [ with the only less appetizing face than Mayor Lightfoot ] referred to his [ Government enforced use of his company’s products income ] as a ” cash cow “.

    08 A cash cow that produces a net worth of 42 million dollars for the son of a Salonika tin potter must necessarily have a humongous udder. And why not: she grazes on the green of the general taxpayer, then shits toxically on every aspect of their culture.

  5. "Professor" MacDoofnald is a NIGGER!
    "Professor" MacDoofnald is a NIGGER! says:

    I have watched Ms. McCarthy’s videos several times, letting her impression sink in and asking myself, “What kind of person is this?” She practically never looks at the camera, but only looks at herself and likes her “coolness.” Psychologists who deal with borderline personalities despair of them. I cannot understand their urge to try to “cure” this incurable disorder.

    I think Ms. McCarthy is really suffering from her overly self-centeredness, which is also a prison of isolation for her. She will vigorously attack to the hilt anything that “threatens” her status quo. I also believe that this woman has been emotionally and/or sexually abused in her life, and therefore she has shut off any feeling from herself. She has no sparkle or life in her eyes, which are strangely cold and dull, and refuses to show any expression of personal affection.

    One could paraphrase her attitude as: The drawbridges of openness are raised as a protection against unbearable injuries. She does not understand that absolutely nothing fruitful in life will and can ever reach her, because she is blind and deaf at the same time. She interprets every approach as a “personal weakness” to be despised. Because she would never admit this weakness to herself. She is a psychopath who remains a stranger to herself and everyone else for life, like a distant planet.

    That is all her right and she should stay that way. The question that moves me is rather why this woman allegedly favors our classical German relationship model, which considers women to be fundamentally socially subordinate? She does not do this consciously. In Israel, someone like her with her radical egomania would be the absolute queen! I believe meanwhile, these people do not know at all, what they actually talk about, but it concerns to them to “radically set off” from the general public.

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