Address Change Reminder

I am getting warning letters from the mailbox company about incorrect addresses and that the mail will be returned to sender. I think I screwed up originally—it has to have 285 W. Prairie Shopping Center in it, not 285 W. Prairie Ave. But in any case, the correct address is:

The Occidental Observer
285 W. Prairie Shopping Center
PMB 115
Hayden, ID 83835

So please correct the address you are using if it differs from this.

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  1. Panzerknacker Fridolin
    Panzerknacker Fridolin says:

    Do you already know Daniela (not Oberer, but) Niederer? I have to admit again that the knowledge of this highly praiseworthy “public personality” has been denied to me so far, and one actually wonders why the Jews denied me this sensual enjoyment until today?

    But what is the outstanding (or at least characteristic) of her “art” respectively her “talent”? I did not succeed – in spite of all concentrated mental effort – to find out this and to put it into words understandable for all. The only thing that actually opened up to my mind so far was that she apparently plays so-called “music” non-stop (whereby nobody can control whether she makes the selection herself). This highly professional job title is called “DJane”.

    Unfortunately, I became so bored after only a few seconds that I had to refuse any further attention to Fräulein Niederer (for the mere protection of my soul’s salvation). If there is actually one person in this world who can fully appreciate Fräulein Niederer’s art, then this is certainly Fräulein Monique from the Ukraine, although she is in direct competition with Fräulein Niederer.

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