Jeffrey Epstein: A Jewish Individual? Review of “One Nation under Blackmail”

One Nation Under Blackmail: The Sordid Union between Intelligence and Organized Crime that Gave Rise to Jeffrey Epstein (Volume 1 & 2)
Whitney Webb
Trine Day, 2022

Far from being an anomaly, Epstein was one of several men who, over the past century, have engaged in sexual blackmail activities designed to obtain damaging information (i.e., “intelligence”) on powerful individuals with the goal of controlling their activities and securing their compliance.”[1]

Jeffrey Epstein is dead and Ghislaine Maxwell is locked away in prison, and the thought-makers of our world seem keen to let the more explosive parts of the scandal dissipate from the public consciousness. As far as the mainstream media is concerned, Epstein and Maxwell were little more than well-connected socialites who ran a sex-trafficking ring for the rich and the powerful, and the focus has shifted instead to the criminal and civil cases seeking to achieve redress for the victims of sexual abuse.

On occasion some newspaper articles will mention the hidden cameras littered across Epstein’s properties, others the reams of CDs and hard drives found within them during the FBI raids. Altogether missing from the Netflix documentaries (Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich [2020] and Ghislaine Maxwell: Filthy Rich [2022]) or the articles that spend their time narrowly focusing on the links between Epstein and Bill Gates, is the acknowledgement of the true nature of Epstein himself and the ultimate purpose of this sex-trafficking of minors — a sexual blackmail operation.

Not everyone is cowardly enough to let these controversial aspects lie untouched, as the newly released two-volume book One Nation Under Blackmail by independent reporter Whitney Webb seeks to blow wide open this media-enforced blackout. Utilizing primarily open-source information (that is, publicly accessible information such as books, newspaper articles and government reports),[2] Webb’s book delves into the life and times of Jeffrey Epstein and his deep ties to Jewish billionaires and Israeli intelligence. The intersection of sexual politics with Jewish power has long since been of interest to this writer, and the case of Jeffrey Epstein is easily one of the most damning instances, as evident by the large amount of popular interest in the story. A selection of other books on the Epstein/Maxwell case has appeared in bookshops over the past two years, but a cursory glance through their pages and at their appendices, where the words ‘Israel,’ ‘Jewish,’ and ‘Zionism’ are conspicuously lacking, shows you how surface-level they are in comparison to Webb’s book.

As Webb details extensively throughout the first volume, using sexual blackmail[3] to achieve political ends is far from being an Epstein innovation; it is almost certainly a tactic he learned from others in the murky world where crime meets intelligence. Nor is it something exclusive to Jews. But one can’t help but notice a consistent ethnic pattern in the known major perpetrators of this sort of behavior in Western countries. I have previously written about the Australian variety, where Jewish underworld figure Abe Saffron acquired compromising pictures of prominent Australians (more often than not with underage prostitutes) and leveraged this for his own nefarious ends. Webb (in Chapter 2: Booze and Blackmail) outlines in detail the blackmail operations run by mob-linked figures Lewis Rosenstiel and Roy Cohn from a bugged suite at the Plaza Hotel in New York. Other non-Jews that Webb identifies as running parallel schemes, such as Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi or Craig Spence, were likewise deeply enmeshed in the same circles (Khashoggi in fact worked for Israeli intelligence).

Ultimately what is most frightening about the Epstein case, and what makes it stands out from the rest, is the sophistication of the operation, the high profile of the targets—from sitting US presidents to senior members of the British Royal Family—and the extraordinary lengths gone to in order to protect Epstein and avoid the true nature of his activities being exposed. It was as if there was something important at the heart of it all, something worthy of being protected by those in power, with lots at stake lest it be brought into public view. On a number of occasions Webb points to the underreported comments attributed to Alex Acosta, the attorney who gave Epstein his infamous plea deal in 2007, who allegedly told the Trump White House transition team that he backed off upon being told that Epstein “belonged to intelligence.”[4] At every stage where Epstein came under scrutiny, from his first legal conviction, to his second arrest and the questionable circumstances of his death, and even in the post-mortem coverage of his indiscretions, forces seemingly moved in the background to obscure and obfuscate, to clean up the mess and avoid as much detail be allowed to come to light as possible.

Like many books published by small dissident publishers with limited resources, both volumes would have been improved with editing for a more streamlined narrative, as neither makes for easy reading. Without a familiarity with the major events and actors described throughout each densely-packed chapter, the connections and the significance of the interactions between people are sometimes difficult to comprehend. Webb’s sources are conveniently compiled in endnotes at the conclusion of each chapter, and she uncovers a level of detail that makes it a worthy resource for your bookshelf that you will inevitably return to when trying to remember a name or make sense of a connection. Nevertheless, as this review concludes, the book falls short of providing a satisfying answer to the questions that readers of The Occidental Observer would go into it having, and shies away from responding to the most glaring aspects of the Epstein case of all.


The central thesis of the book is that there has historically been a connection between organized crime and intelligence agencies in America, where the two are in some cases so intensely interwoven in their activities that it is difficult to tell where one ends and the other begins. This thesis, Webb claims, allows us to understand the nature of Jeffrey Epstein and his mysterious life, and that Epstein is one of many such nefarious actors who have operated on the margins of legitimacy. Volume 1 begins in the first half of the twentieth century, where Webb argues that the first connection between intelligence and organised crime was forged in America during the midst of World War II, in an undertaking known as Operation Underworld. This collaboration, specifically between the National Crime Syndicate (an alliance between the Italian and Jewish mobs) and the forerunners of the modern intelligence apparatus, came out of a sort of national security necessity that reaped geo-political dividends and continued after 1945 and into the Cold War.

Though intriguing, many of the chapters of Volume 1 deal with events and personalities of more limited relevance to the main Epstein blackmail story, covering the web of intrigue and scandal surrounding things such as Watergate, the BCCI, the China Lobby, and more obscure events like Billygate and Koreagate. Those chapters dealing with the spiritual forebears of Jeffrey Epstein are the ones that provide the most context and are the most enlightening to read. Webb presents a wealth of information about the history of the Jewish mob and other powerful Jewish figures during the middle years of the twentieth century, when wider Jewish political and cultural influence was beginning to solidify within America and the West. The cast of Jewish characters implicated in major American criminal, financial and political scandals, especially those with a direct line of descent to the Epstein blackmail operation, is staggering: the Bronfman family, Roy Cohn, Bruce Rappaport, Meyer Lanksy, Lewis Rosenstiel, Marc Rich, Max Fisher, Edmond Safra, and Robert Maxwell.

In Chapter 3, “Organised Crime and the State of Israel,” Webb underscores that much of the support given to the Zionist paramilitary groups that operated prior to the foundation of Israel—in the form of smuggled arms and funding—came from criminal networks. Canadian-Jewish liquor barons the Bronfman family, who participated in bootlegging during prohibition, financed the purchase of weapons for Haganah troops. Other Jewish mob figures with Zionist sympathies donated large sums and aided the Zionist cause during Israel’s formative years. This criminal collusion was, in Israel’s case, ongoing throughout its history and was “baked in at the very foundations of, not only its intelligence services, but the origins of the state itself.”[5]

Chapter 9, “High Tech Treason,” introduces us to Robert Maxwell, British media mogul and Israel’s Superspy, another figure of importance in Epstein’s younger years, who jumped almost seamlessly between the roles of organized crime associate and intelligence agent. Webb explores Maxwell’s involvement with the Eastern Bloc mob, including when he lobbied Israel to grant Semion Mogilevich an Israeli passport, allowing him access to the US financial system, and the PROMIS scandal, whereby Maxwell helped Israeli intelligence sell bugged computer software to governments and corporations around the world.

When MI6 attempted to recruit Maxwell for the service, it concluded, after conducting an extensive background check, that Maxwell was a “Zionist—loyal only to Israel.”[6]

Chapter 10, “Government by Blackmail: The Dark Secrets of the Reagan Era,” brings Volume 1 to a close, where many of the cast of disreputable characters revealed in earlier chapters come home to roost during the Reagan administration and the Iran-Contra scandal. The familiar figure of Roy Cohn appears again as a “political fixer” for the Reagan campaign, but Webb notes that Reagan’s intimacy with powerful Jewish figures with organised crime links goes all the way back to the very start of his career, with his mentor Lew Wasserman, the long-time president of Hollywood’s MCA, Inc. and “arguably the most powerful and influential Hollywood titan in the four decades after World War II,” acting as a political patron.

Roy Cohn meeting with President Reagan and Rupert Murdoch in the White House, circa 1983


Volume 1 sets the stage for Volume 2, where the interwoven networks of people introduced come together to contextualize the world that Epstein sprang from. Webb covers the underreported early years of Epstein’s financial career in the 1970s and 1980s, which are filled with just as much criminal intrigue as his later years as sex criminal, including his role as a “financial bounty hunter” allegedly working for Saudi billionaire Adnan Khashoggi. His years as an investment banker at Bear Sterns, where he was seemingly brought directly into the company by Alan Greenberg,[7] sat for many years under a cloud of suspicion that he participated in an insider trading scheme carried out by the Bronfman-owned company Seagram. Epstein’s involvement with Steven Hoffenberg in what was at the time the largest uncovered Ponzi scheme in American financial history, Towers Financial Corporation, is yet another fascinating detail largely ignored elsewhere.

How and when Epstein was inducted into the world of intelligence cannot be accurately deduced, but Webb offers a number of potential scenarios, relating to his proximity to people such as Maxwell and Khashoggi. Elsewhere she points to the direct relationship Epstein seemingly had with the highest levels of the Israeli government. Former Israeli Prime Minister and military intelligence figure Ehud Barak, another close Epstein associate, claimed that he was first introduced to Epstein by none other than Shimon Peres.[8] Webb pins the beginning of the sexual blackmail scheme to some point in the early 1990s, around the time Ghislaine Maxwell latched onto Epstein following the death of her father.

Chapter 18, “Predators” deals with the nuts and bolts of the operation, exploring in detail the various methods both Epstein and Maxwell used to recruit and procure girls. Sometimes it was through friendships with the owners of modelling companies, other times it was as simple as Maxwell approaching a girl on the street and recruiting them for “massages.” Even literally purchasing underage Slavic girls from Eastern Europe was apparently a possibility for Epstein.[9] Their relationship with Les Wexner (Epstein was Wexner’s long-time money manager) also proved fruitful, using their connection with the popular Victoria’s Secret fashion chain—a brand owned by Wexner—to pose as recruiters.

Webb first came to my attention when she conducted an interview with Maria Farmer, considered the earliest Epstein victim to report him to the authorities. The interview is long, upwards of three hours, but well worth a listen, especially when Farmer begins to discuss how she was treated by the powerful Jewish figures surrounding Epstein:

I don’t know any White supremacists, but I know a lot of Jewish supremacists…They made is very clear that I was a servant [to them] because I was White.[10]

Farmer may be unfamiliar with the word shikse, but it perfectly describes how Epstein and Maxwell considered these young gentile girls ensnared in their net of abuse. The supposed “trope” of the Jewish man lusting after the shikse finds in Epstein yet another real-life example, with underage blonde girls being his victim of choice when satisfying his own urges. Former Ghislaine Maxwell friend Christina Oxenberg, quoted in the book from an at-the-time anonymous source, relayed a conversation she once had with Maxwell about who these women were that she was “recruiting.” Maxwell reportedly dismissed them with ease: “They’re nothing, these girls. They are trash.”[11]

On the other side of the operation was of course the hidden cameras and the recording equipment. The presence of these hidden cameras in Epstein’s properties is independently confirmed by a number of eyewitnesses, court documents and early newspaper articles that detail this curious addition to Epstein’s properties, and the existence of the CDs and hard drives to store the footage is a matter of public record, including from the latest FBI raid of Epstein’s New York mansion in 2019:

Per photographs taken at the time of the raid, hard drives were found inside a safe forced open by the FBI and numerous large black binders were found in a closet that contain “CDs, carefully categorized in plastic slipcovers and thumbnails with photos on them.” When shown in court, the “homemade labels” were redacted, as judge Alison Nathan had ruled that they contained “identifying information for third parties.” Did that information involve only the names of underage girls, the names of blackmail victims, or both?[12]

The FBI conveniently lacked the warrant to seize these items, and upon returning four days later with the correct warrant, the CDs and hard drives were gone. They were later handed over by Epstein’s lawyer, but having not had the chance to view what was on them, we can only assume that this was more than enough time to delete any incriminating files.

Epstein Schmoozing with elites. Left, from left: Epstein, Alan Dershowitz, Steven Pinker, unidentified man, and Larry Summers, presumably at Harvard. Right: with Ghislaine and Bill Clinton

Much has been made of the relationship that existed between Epstein and Donald Trump before they allegedly fell out with each other in 2004 over a property dispute in Palm Beach, Florida, but as Webb exposes in Chapter 16, “Crooked Campaigns,” Epstein and Maxwell had a far more politically intimate relationship with President Bill Clinton that coincided with his time in office and his early post-presidency years. Epstein visited the Clinton White House 17 times, and was apparently a prominent figure in the formation of the Clinton Global Initiative, which saw Clinton as a regular passenger on Epstein’s infamous plane, the “Lolita Express.” Webb refers to other attempts of sexual blackmail against Clinton, including in 1998 when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu apparently threatened Clinton with tape recordings Israel had obtained proving outright that he had a sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky, using them to pressure Clinton to pardon Israeli spy Jonathon Pollard.[13] It seems the Clinton White House, which was seeking a peaceful solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict, was of key interest.

Chapter 21, “From PROMIS to Palantir: The Future of Blackmail,” finishes off Volume 2 with the chilling insight that perhaps one of the reasons Epstein’s sexual blackmail operation collapsed was because it was allowed to collapse—it had become outdated and irrelevant. The advent of the permanent internet connection has brought about opportunities for far more widespread and even more intimate forms of blackmail, instead conducted and collected via electronic means. A technological panopticon whereby the cameras once placed by Epstein throughout his properties are instead now placed by big tech and social media companies in our own homes, omnipresent in our lives. After his 2008 conviction, both Epstein and Maxwell seemed to be shifting away from sexual blackmail and were making inroads in Silicon Valley and mixing with data-harvesting IT companies. Epstein’s previous ties with higher-ups at Microsoft and his financial support for John Brockman’s Edge Foundation gave him an in with plenty of big tech leaders, and he had re-branded himself as a tech investor, starting a company focused on collecting genetic data. Ghislaine’s siblings in the Maxwell family also have pedigree in the tech industry going back to the 1990s. As noted by Webb, “in a world where blackmail is overwhelmingly electronic, people like Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell become liabilities to be silenced, rather than assets to protect.”[14]


Upon finishing Volume 2, I found that many of the questions raised by Webb still remained open. Who or what is “the system” that enabled Epstein and protected him from justice? If so many people knew, why was there such an institutional resistance to speak out about Epstein? And the most important question of all: what was goal behind collecting this sexual blackmail? Why were Epstein and his benefactors trying to control these victims? Unfortunately, Webb’s book does not provide a satisfying conclusion.

Webb does not shy away from pointing the finger at Israel or from discussing wider Zionist motivations and groups like B’nai B’rith. However, she stops frustratingly short of the obvious conclusions. Granted the reluctance is one that all those knowledgeable on the Jewish question are familiar with, and perhaps she simply avoids the discussion for the sake of keeping her book on Amazon and appealing to a wider audience, rather than have it be relegated to the ADL’s banned book department. But for an answer to the questions most readers are likely after, we are given nothing more than a few measly sentences concluding that the Epstein operation was instigated by Israeli intelligence and that those in the “power structure” and “the system”—the same people that made Epstein untouchable—have now strengthened their stranglehold over America. Ultimately, readers are given the impression that this blackmail was collected as control merely for the sake of control, power merely for the sake of power, without a deeper underpinning goal.

Upon being challenged during an interview by Jewish podcaster Adam Sosnick on the obvious Jewish identity of the key players, Webb retreats to the safe position: By referring to Israeli intelligence or Jewish criminals, one is not referring to all Jewish people, and one cannot conflate the Epstein network or powerful billionaire Zionists with the whole Jewish community, or ascribe any wider group motive to them. Sosnick also exhorts the listener to avoid speaking of groups and instead only of individuals, lest it breed hate.[15]

One is of course allowed to speak of the Chinese or Catholics or Russians in general terms and in a political sense as behaving out a sense of group identity and a sense of group interests, and it is sophistry to claim that the speaker is referring to every single Catholic in the world or every single Russian in the world. Regardless of which sociological theory of power you ascribe to, what is clearly being referred to is the organized community, the power structure that represents the wider in-group and operates towards a unique ingroup goal. In the case of the Russians, this is currently Putin and the Russian state apparatus, supplemented by the Russian military, media and business elite that do not dissent from achieving Russian strategic interests as determined by the state apparatus. For Catholics, it is the Vatican and the international network of dioceses, bolstered by the Catholic Universities, think tanks and charities. People are not forced to declare “not all Catholics” when dealing with the allegations of a cover-up of child sexual abuse within the church.

When one speaks of the Jews, it stands to reason that the same scenario should apply. That is, it quite reasonably refers to the organized Jewish community, including organizations like the ADL; the powerful figures in Israel and in the diaspora, as well as the religious and intellectual leaders, the business figures and the lobbying groups. Sure there are dissenters and outsiders, and of course there is internal debate and a difference of opinion on the best means for meeting its goals, but the organized Jewish community exists just the same, and remains firm in its fundamental goal of ensuring the security and survival of the Jewish people and the state of Israel.

Herein lies the problem for Webb and the reason behind the demand to treat Epstein as a mere “Jewish individual.” The network of powerful Jewish figures and institutions chronicled throughout Webb’s book is a network that is intimately connected to Jeffrey Epstein or to his blackmail operation: Robert Maxwell, the Pritzker Family, Larry Summers and Alan Dershowitz, Ehud Barak and Israeli intelligence, the world’s wealthiest Jewish families that formed the Mega Group (the Bronfman, Lauder and Wexner families). The list goes on and on. These are not powerless fringe figures or outsiders who are scorned by Jewish leaders or the wider Jewish community. They are the leaders of the organized Jewish community, some of whom practically direct Jewish-American cultural, political and even religious life. To remove them from the equation of power would be the equivalent of removing half of the highest-ranking members of the Vatican from the Catholic Church or leading members of the Chinese Communist Party from the Chinese state.

Using the phrase “the Jews” cuts the Gordian Knot at the heart of Webb’s attempt to understand Epstein, whom he was working for, and how he so effortlessly moved among the elite strata of society, why it was covered up, who stood to benefit from this blackmail operation, and what its ultimate aim was. With those two words, all the jumbled euphemisms of “elites” and “Zionists” melt away, and the confusing mix of organized crime and intelligence, legitimate and illegitimate enterprises seemingly working in unison with each other starts to become intelligible. The ease with which Epstein and Maxwell abused and then dismissed these young girls as mere “trash” makes more sense when you know the meaning behind the word shikse (an unclean abomination). The reason for the legal cover-up and the inhibition of the mainstream media to run the story, even when they have no direct connection to the Epstein network, is obvious when you know who the proprietors of most mainstream American media outlets are, and with whom both cultural and institutional power in the US now lies. All this interwoven association is merely two sides of the same coin—a system constructed to ensure the security of Israel and the survival of the Jewish people. To talk openly about Epstein’s true activities is to talk openly about the nature of Jewish power, and for that reason alone most will not do so, for fear of the Jews. In all, Webb has picked up the puzzle pieces and assembled them neatly on the board, but she refuses to take that final step back and honestly contemplate the picture she has pieced together.

What are we to make of the institutional silence and protection, and the dishonest shifting of the narrative to a mere sex-trafficking ring? What can you conclude from the attempt to declare anyone who dares point out the clear ethnic goal at the heart of this vile sexual blackmail operation an anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist? The only reasonable conclusion is that Epstein functioned with the support and backing of Jewry’s most powerful figures, and that the organised Jewish community is willing to conceal a criminal conspiracy of frightening proportions if it serves to benefit the Jews or would otherwise negatively affect them (by creating more anti-Jewish sentiment) if the American public knew the truth.

Had Epstein’s personal indiscretions not become too big to ignore and had it not all unravelled so spectacularly due to the pressure of the #MeToo movement, would Epstein also have been buried in honor like Robert Maxwell, with Israeli Prime Ministers and dignitaries lining up to give a tearful goodbye to yet another faithful servant to the Jewish people? If he had been released early from a prison sentence, would he also have been welcomed back to Israel with open arms like Jonathon Pollard? Epstein had already once been professionally rehabilitated by Jews after his first conviction, there’s no reason why it couldn’t have happened again.

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[2] Webb does on occasion rely on interviews she conducted with figures close to the Epstein story such as Ari Ben-Menashe and Maria Farmer.

[3] As distinct from simply bribing someone with sex with a consulting adult, or honey pots traps, a tactic as old as time—think Samson and Delilah or modern versions such as the honeypot trap that captured Mordechai Vanunu.

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  1. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    The so called Jews of today are only Europeans of the Jewish faith, who, according to one of our greatest historians, David Irving, were called Glaubenjuden by the National Socialists in Germany.
    They had every right to live in Europe because they are Europeans.
    They have always been a nuisance and unless they behaved they should have been kicked out of Europe.
    According to some of my ancestors who were Sephardi Rabbis, today’s Jews were created in Europe by conversion, which my ancestors did not approve of. My ancestors would have nothing to do with Eastern Jews. The conversions occurred in Europe during the Middle Ages.
    Finally, in Queen Victoria’s glorious days, the last real Jew in my family married a member of the Eastern Jew tidal wave that hit Western Europe. After that we were no longer Jewish.
    These unwanted people were only allowed into the UK because Jew Banker Mr Cassel paid the degenerate KE7th gambling debts.
    Mr Cassel had a degenerate daughter, Edwina, who gave birth to a bastard by negro Paul Robeson in Buckingham Palace. It was flown to Egypt and left with a family it resembled while the defeated British were sitting on the beach in Dunkirk.
    Hitler only wanted peace.
    The Americans, who mattered, only wanted war, like today.
    The degenerate Eastern European Faith Jews, who have ruined civilisation, hate everyone else, especially the Americans and Christians, of course, and worship money, of course.
    The Convert Jew side of my family know the very abusive things the Convert Jews call the Americans. They would never tell me. I would tell the Americans and said if this caused trouble I would say ” I’m a Jew. Get down on your knees and kiss my feet.” My Aunt asked me what would happen if he refused to kiss my feet so I think it is safer for me not to know the very abusive things some of us call the Americans.

    • Emicho
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      You’re right, KE7th was a real piece of work, everything he touched turned to sh*t.
      It’s just a rumour and I know of no hard evidence for it, but he’s Churchill’s double. Winston also looks nothing like his father or his mother.
      They’re similar in loads of other ways, too many to mention here.
      Would also explain his charmed life, we’re used to politicians failing upwards – it wasn’t like that in those days, but somehow it was for Winston.

    • Weaver
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      Aren’t the “Americans,” the ones “who mattered” as you say, also Jewish? The US South wanted war, bc I guess we enjoy fighting; but FDR had a different motive. After WWII, the US was the last standing economy, total victory. That seems planned; certainly the destruction of the British empire was planned.

      Trotsky was backed by US Jews. The Russian royal family, I’m told, was refused entry by the Brits. Those “Brits” might well be directed by Jews also. Stalin seems to have wanted conquest also; and he defeated the Jews in Russia. So, they don’t always win.

      It all sounds like Burnham’s Machiavellians book. Those who want power, who are willing to do anything to obtain it, get power. I was talking with some Russian at RT, before the Ukraine war, who told me they drove Jews out. I told him those same Jews, the criminals he complained of, run the US. From this book, it looks like I was right. They clearly run Ukraine again.

      Amusingly, Middle Eastern Jews are intermarrying with Ashkenazi in Israel. So, there might become very few “real Jews” as you describe them.

      Most Jews I grew up around were friendly, but I did go to school with a part Jewish boy who very clearly hated white Southerners and Germans. He was geeky; his brother told him to pick on someone at school to prevent being picked on himself. That sort of strategy amazed me. No one else thought like that. There was a white at the school who read Nietzsche and Satanic Bible, had others reading it and even doing seances. No one else had any content; we were just kids.

      This was when I was at private school, which highlights how private isn’t necessarily better than half black public school.

      I’ll just put these books on my list of: “books I need to read to become educated.” Maybe one day I’ll achieve that level. It sounds essential that a person understand some things about the world. Maybe a summarized version of Webb’s book could be published online, to go meme-viral?

      One fascinating thing is Snowden tweeted how he lived away from certain threats, like American and British, ah, agents I guess. He seems to avoid cameras, has to be careful about microphones. I dunno that most people could survive such a situation as his, with a family!

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        ” It sounds essential that a person understand some things about the world.”

        Have no doubt that one such essential understanding would be that as designated by the author Whitney Webb ___

        ” The Sordid Union
        between Intelligence and Organized Crime ”

        in the Westernworld .

        However ,

        it is also essential to understand

        the fundamental reality about the world

        and life ,

        which underpins any possibility ,

        for humanity
        and especially for Nordics/Whites ,

        to maintain a pragmaticly realistic potential

        for survival beyond any extermination event

        at any future time anywhere

        in an infinite universe ,

        is that sufficient adherence to this simplified

        {{{ PRIMAL-PRIME Directive }}}

        which is to

        create / develop / employ

        sciences / technologies / arts

        that are needed now by humanity

        and that will be needed by their progeny

        for them to escape perishing forever

        into the abyss of the

        DOOM of OBLIVION

        that awaits all future humanity worldwide

        is the only pragmaticly realistic way
        for progeny to thrive-n-survive
        beyond the inevitable

        {{ Solar TOTAL Extinction Event }}

        which is the [ one and only ]
        for all humanity worldwide

        since ___

        1 ) it is GUARANTEED to commence at some not yet determined , by astro-physicists , definite time in the future

        2 ) there is no other extermination event
        that is GUARANTEED to occur before
        the current { Prime Concern } as designated above

        3 ) no other specified event/process
        is GUARANTEED to exterminate
        all of humanity ,
        extant here on planet earth ,
        as it commences .

        A new religion may be required
        to facilitate sufficient adherence to
        or accommodate fulfillment of

        {{{ The PRIMAL-PRIME Directive }}}


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      We know that Israel now requires genetic testing to become a citizen.The European and American Jews qualify.Jews are not white Europeans.

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      It was actually Grenadian singer Leslie Arthur Julien Hutchinson with whom she had a child with – not Paul Robeson. He died penniless but Lord Mountbatten paid for his funeral and headstone. Perhaps, just like his wife – he too, was fond of the exotic. Both Mountbatten and his wife were Bi-sexual. The antics of these so called Royals back in the day would make today’s royal scandals seem extremely mundane and positively vanilla.

      • Edward Harris
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        Thank you for the reply.
        I have heard that later Edwina was banging away with Nehru while Lord Mountbatten was being buggered by many young Indians
        Do you know what happened to the child?
        Churchill’s daughter Mary was living with a Windian when she became pregnant by him and he later gave her a kicking which put her in a hospital for 2 weeks. The child survived but where is the man or woman now?
        A Royal Prince had a girlfriend long ago.She was wobbly black bodied with a sphere of frizzy hair, a large lower back and a large upper front. She was ugly as sin. It amused the people who lived in the village his family owned.
        They would fly to London on Friday, land in the back yard of a house stolen from the Church, attend parties, buy more dope and fly home on Monday. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday they would stay in bed.
        The happy pair were going to be married but the potential bridegroom was accidented before this could happen.
        I do not know what happened to the potential bride.
        I believe that in the Confederacy his behaviour was termed Natural Urgence. It produces most of the nuisances that plague the USA today.

      • Edward Harris
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        I have already replied, but I am not sure if you received it.
        Mary was Churchill’s good daughter
        Sarah was Churchill’s naughty daughter who liked the darkies
        as did Edwina

  2. Panzerknacker Fridolin
    Panzerknacker Fridolin says:

    KGB officer Vlad promises his Israeli buddies not to harm a hair on their tribal bro Zelensky’s head. This makes absolute sense. After all, the whole conflict is not about the most valuable Jewish “individuals”, but only about worthless Slavic canon fodder, which should obligingly slaughter each other.

    • Junghans
      Junghans says:

      I’ve long wondered why Zelensky hadn’t been taken out yet, with available GPS missile targeting etc. He’s obviously being hept there for a purpose.
      If and when he does get whacked, it’ll probably be by the betrayed Ukrainian military itself.

  3. kerdasi amaq
    kerdasi amaq says:

    Is it a legitimate question to consider whether there is a connection between the collapse of Epstein’s operation and the corporate funding of Black Lives Matter?

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      I dunno if this helps, but I’ve seen the claim that Netanyahu and Ehud Olmert were in some civil war; Epstein was ruined due to that. If that’s true, it’s likely in Webb’s book.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      For good reason, Webb is frequently featured at UNZ REVIEW. Ask her in her Comments section, or personally.

  4. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    I know that I am unpopular in saying this, but the problem I have with Ms Webb and others IS the “open-source information (that is, publicly accessible information such as books, newspapers articles and government reports)”. Books, newspaper articles, and government reports are all designed to shape a narrative. Interviews, like testimony, are opinion.
    I’m not going to suggest that Epstein and Maxwell are innocent, but there is much more going on here than meets the eye. From the start of this fiasco, I have been questioning how these underage girls got passports without parental consent. Even passengers on private jets have to go through immigration control. What kind of parent would allow their child to travel with people, whom they barely knew? As for the trafficking itself, in large cities like New York, there are dozens of pimps with underage girls under their control, and the police know it’s happening, yet no one seems to care about it.
    Even the tactics used to prosecute Maxwell were unbelievable. A third party goes before a court seeking access to civil suit documents involving Maxwell, and is successful. I was involved in a dozen or so wrongful dismissal cases. Every settlement contained a provision that all documents and details about the case were to be sealed, and both parties forbidden to speak about it AS A CONDITION OF SETTLEMENT. If the lawyers my employer practised that, I cannot imagine the lawyers Maxwell used did not do so as well. Yet the court ordered the unsealing while leaving the rest of the settlement in place. I’m not even going to touch on serial liar Virginia Roberts and the media giving credibility to her “victimhood”.
    Trafficking underage girls? Almost certainly, but victims? In the 1980s my daughter told me that a couple of classmate girls were “chipping” – part time prostitutes to earn money to buy a used car just after they got their drivers license.
    There is much, much more to this than Ms Webb thinks, and it most certainly isn’t what she thinks it is. The prosecution and media circus surrounding this was designed to hide the real story.

    • Stella Hemingway Bernard
      Stella Hemingway Bernard says:

      Whether the underage girls “gave consent” or not isn’t relevant.
      What matters is that this was a Mossad honeypot designed to catch VIP’s in compromising positions so they could then be manipulated on behalf of organized jewry.
      It is true that some teen girls don’t need much of a push to engage in sex, and a bit of cash can open their legs…..but that doesn’t make it legal.
      Also, it’s likely that many of the VIP’s willingly allowed themselves to be taped to be able to climb the ladder of power, almost like an initiation ritual.
      In any case, it’s just more nose shenanigans, and the girls are not to blame.

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        01 Girls were lured with offers of meanungful employment in the West and Israel. Most often flattered with modeling carreers.

        02 Eg, once in Israel, they ended up in brothels, literally as indentured slaves, since their passports were collected by their organized pimps.

        03 Decades ago, as a tour conductor for a German company I stayed for weeks at a motel north of Sunny Isles, Florida. I noticed a very attractive Ukrainian girl, who had a permament private room.

        04 After ten days of observation, I ascertained, that she was being handed about among the senior staff and some guests.

        05 Having been a tour conductor for several years, I was familiar with the movement of tour guests and their luggage. They were always bussed to the departure air port together.

        07 Only at this motel was their luggage collected and shipped to Miami International separately.

        08 There were plenty of flights from there directly to any number of German destinations. However, they all landed in Spain and Portugal, before transferring to Germany.

        09 Spanish and Portugese Customs and Immigration inspections, particularly with returning tourists, were perfunctory at best.

        10 A geat number of drug seizures at those airports made it into the press. It was established, that these drugs were removed from passenger luggage before it made it onto the pick up belts by its owners.

        11 I inferred, that this was the reason for having picked up said luggage separately from that motel, and that motel not alone: affording the opportunity to insert the drugs.

        12 One may assume, that the separate transport, adding unnecessary cost to the comapany, was handsomely offset by that approach.

    • ChilledBee
      ChilledBee says:

      “Trafficking underage girls? Almost certainly, but victims? In the 1980s my daughter told me that a couple of classmate girls were “chipping” – part time prostitutes to earn money to buy a used car just after they got their drivers license.”

      Just because they bought a used car means that they cannot be seen as victims – even though you had a daughter the same age as “these prostitutes”.I find it very sad that you would think that way as a father.

  5. Panzerknacker Fridolin
    Panzerknacker Fridolin says:

    This Galloway thing multiple times pronounces
    “Auswitsch” instead of Auschwitz within a few
    minutes. Which is unmistakable proof of having
    dealt with history in depth. However, he suc-
    ceeds in pronouncing “Untermensch” flawlessly.

    Of course, as a great friend of China, it would never
    occur to him to mention e.g. Mao’s 80 million victims.
    Who might have been the backers and masterminds
    of WWII? Probably the same ones who are responsib-
    le for the “Ukraine war” (and almost all other conflicts).

  6. todd hupp
    todd hupp says:

    One does wonder how Epstein was able to acquire his wealth as a math teacher at a school run by AG Barr’s father.

    • Koggus
      Koggus says:

      “He became acquainted with Alan Greenberg, the chief executive officer of Bear Stearns, whose son and daughter were attending the school. Greenberg’s daughter, Lynne Koeppel, pointed to a parent-teacher conference where Epstein influenced another Dalton parent into advocating for him to Greenberg. In June 1976, after Epstein was dismissed from Dalton for “poor performance”, Greenberg offered him a job at Bear Stearns”

  7. Panzerknacker Fridolin
    Panzerknacker Fridolin says:

    Time for romance. It still exists, real love. At
    least, that’s what the British public used to
    think regarding one of their “showcase” coup-
    les named Ben & Vanessa. Ben is an African
    “singer,” and Vanessa is a Jewish granny. You
    can’t get more British than this combination.

    A role model with image damage. Because
    Vanessa found out that her beloved mocha-
    brown Ben has eyes not only for her wrinkled
    legs, but also for other grannies. Now Vanessa
    is out of the game for the time being in her tire-
    less efforts to advertise miscegenation. A whole
    nation takes part and suffers with a broken heart,
    because the sorrow shared is the sorrow halved.

    Minnesang Jewish-African style: a love song
    as a surprise for her 60th birthday. How beau-
    tiful, it moves to tears. Who could think any-
    thing bad about it. We don’t want to get any
    more intimate than that, because what Ben &
    Vanessa have been up to behind closed doors
    for 16 years is supposed to remain their secret.

    • Panzerknacker Fridolin
      Panzerknacker Fridolin says:

      Speaking of Ben: Did Prof. Pe-
      terson also have a Jewish great
      grandma? Only his bosom pal
      Shapiro can reliably answer this.

      At least Jordan wants to let us
      know and share how much he
      still suffers from nightmarish
      visions related to his childhood-
      experiences, which finally urge
      him to process them in literature.

    • Panzerknacker Fridolin
      Panzerknacker Fridolin says:

      …speaking of Ben: Did Prof.
      Peterson also have a Jewish
      grandma? Only his bosom pal
      Shapiro can reliably answer this.

      At least Jordan wants to let us
      know and share how much he
      still suffers from nightmarish
      visions related to his childhood-
      experiences, which finally urge
      him to process them in literature.

  8. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    Today’s Jews are simply whites who converted to Judaism? That doesn’t make sense. Don’t Ashkenazi have different DNA. They have identifying physical traits that are different from Europeans. DNA is telling and Jews behave completely different from white people. If they were white Europeans it seems that many would have simply stopped being Jews and lived as white people over the centuries but that hasn’t happened and they’ve managed to survive as a tribe and have not been bred out. Israel uses DNA tests to determine if a person can become a citizen. Do Ashkenazi Jews not have Semitic DNA?

    Ask Whoopi Goldberg if Jews and whites are the same.

  9. Steven D
    Steven D says:

    The alternative media circles that WW finds herself in, alongside the likes of Corbett, TLAV, Derrick Broze, Bermas etc., are (to my knowledge) all afraid to “go there” with regards to the JQ, so it’s no surprise she stops short of calling them out specifically here in the book, and only referring to them as ‘corrupt individuals’ rather than explain the irrefutable link between the Jewish people and this kind of malevolent, wicked behaviour.

    It usually requires a leap of faith and often a Christian disposition to engage with the JQ, because without faith in God, it’s hard to label the Jews as what they are: haters of Christ, the Logos incarnate, who have the Devil as their father. Obviously there are many White nationalists that are often more secular who come to terms with JQ, but for example someone like EMJ is a step ahead of the rest IMO with regards to JQ, because of his faith, being able to link the Jews to all the events of the Bible, quoting St John, St Paul etc., and how it all leads into the present day due to Providence, rather than this all being a purely contemporary or isolated political/globalist phenomenon without much historical precedence or divine/spiritual influence.

    She is obviously very talented and skilled at analysing deep state corruption and I’m sure this would be an indispensable book to have for reference and to study events surrounding this case, but frustratingly there will never be the “big reveal” that we would hope to see, perhaps some of this is reasonable given the censorship concerns but also, considering she is discussing the case of two very prominent controversial figures, there is already enough of a risk publishing this material so going the extra step and really pursuing the JQ with all earnestness wouldn’t be going too much further, in terms of risking her reputation or ability to keep publishing.

    It’s hard to tell if she really believes that it is simply case of corrupt individuals or whether she hides her true feelings, perhaps she secretly might suspect there is something spiritual that ties the Jews together which sets them apart from the rest of us, making them more disposed to these kinds of illicit and depraved activities. If she can come to learn that the Devil exists and inspires evil in all of us but most especially the Jewish people, which sets them apart from the rest of us, then she may start to frame these issues in terms of “the Jews” rather than “this-or-that person was very wrong, and they just happen to be Jewish”.

  10. Panzerknacker Fridolin
    Panzerknacker Fridolin says:

    Race-defiler Galloway has invited like-
    minded colleagues to give free rein to
    their anti-German schadenfreude in a
    know-it-all manner. However, his quite
    justified question, how to explain the
    self-damaging idiocy of the Jewrica-lo-
    ving fake-“government” of ZOG-Germo-
    ney, is evaded even by the German (min
    15:48) or Chinese (min 30) experts, who
    join via screen. Perhaps, because this has
    something to do with the origin of the bi-
    zarre hat that Galloway never takes off…

  11. Harry Warren
    Harry Warren says:

    Can anyone suggest where I might buy these? Amazon list them but don’t seem able to actually supply them.

  12. SimpleMale
    SimpleMale says:

    Does anyone else wonder if Epstein really died, as opposed to quietly being shipped to Israel? Also, why was he even arrested in the first place? I thought that since he was an Ashkenazi person working for MOSSAD and the ethnic interests of the Ashkenazim, and since he had incriminating evidence on so many Gentile elites, no Gentile would arrest him. And since all Gentile elites already work for Ashkenazi ethnic interests and know who runs the West and thus whose “back to scratch,” why did they arrest Epstein? This all confuses me. What’s really going on?

    Ron Unz also wrote an article on this:

    “Legal” and “Illegal” are just words written on paper, and I don’t think it’s really that significant a thing to discover that the Ashkenazim may operate both “legal” and many “illegal” enterprises and endeavors. They follow a more organic rule of simply serving their ethnic interests, regardless of whether written words describe the behaviors as legal or illegal.

    Blackmail of European elites only work if they are already Genetic Sociopaths who have done something detrimental to European ethnic interests and don’t want the public to know about it because of fear that it will reduce their resources. And let’s say an actual Group Selected elite, due to a moment of weakness, did something that could be perceived as unethical by people, he would rather face the consequences, or even end his life, than agree to the demands of the blackmailer.

    Quote: ““They’re nothing, these girls. They are trash.”” In the case of abduction of Eastern European females, I don’t know if they are “trash”; however, those that were recruited from modeling agencies, well, are these females not already R-Selected, as opposed to traditional conservative church-attending Christians who embrace patriarchy and seek the life of home-makers under strong husbands, with several children each to nurture? This reminds me of the article here on how Marilyn Monroe was required to perform fellatio on all the Ashkenazi CEOs of Hollywood in exchange for career advancement. But, what type of a female seeks such a career in the first place, and is willing to acquire great wealth and social status in exchange for sexual favors? It’s the same regarding the victims of Harvey Weinstein – all his victims were females seeking Hollywood fame – in other words, Genetic Sociopaths.

    Quote: “Ultimately, readers are given the impression that this blackmail was collected as control merely for the sake of control, power merely for the sake of power, without a deeper underpinning goal.”

    But, anyone with enough inquisitiveness and General Intelligence to read this book will surely search the internet to find more information, which would bring them to relevant websites, such as this one and Unz Review.

    Quote: “What are we to make of the institutional silence and protection, and the dishonest shifting of the narrative to a mere sex-trafficking ring?”

    The internet has existed for about 25 years now with plenty of websites containing relevant information. If by now most Europeans have not taken the time to discover this website and similar ones, then I would argue that they are no longer genetically built to understand such things, or to even try.

    • Bob
      Bob says:

      I’m wondering how it could affect the Jesuit order types, who probably want young boys to be with. It doesn’t seem like that serious of an operation to me.

    • Bob
      Bob says:

      Peter Sellers as Oscar Wilde: ☺️ I really must be going…lol. this island seems to have a young boy problem… there’s not enough of them !!!

  13. Donn
    Donn says:

    I haven’t read either of the books, but I’ve seen Whitney Webb interviewed extensively in You Tube videos, which I strongly recommend. No, she didn’t name the Jews, but it’s pretty clear she is aware of them and intelligent people are increasingly reading between the lines. Her work represents an amazing piece of research and putting together the pieces. Her revelation that Epstein visited the Clinton white house 17 times was a real eye opener. These termites are very deeply embedded. Her work reminded me of the late Michael Collins Piper.

    • Bobby
      Bobby says:

      The mainstream conservative radio talk show host Jesse Kelly does an amazing job of covertly talking about Jews. For instance, he calls communism an ‘evil religion’.

      You might be interested in listening to him Donn.

  14. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 It is painfully apparent, that all of the above critics and doubters of Webb’s assertions, have not bothered to view the circa 1.5 hour video interview by her of Maria Farmer, nor the following Part 2 of Webb herself by another interviewer
    . .
    02 The present author, Cannon, has limited space here. Her interview includes the most relevant, innumerable names and their interconnections of her two books, totalling ca. 1,000 pages.

    03 Refer to Cannon’s footnote 10, to find his link to the above.
    After the completion of interview One, part Two is listed and even more worthy of watching. It takes a little patience to allow it to load and listen to the enabling advertising by the interviewer.

    TOTESJUDE says:

    As we all know, our ancestors had courage and common sense, therefore they always expelled or kicked the jewish rats who were trying to destroy our their societies from inside.

    Nowadays these cockroaches have infiltrated all our institutions. They own the banks, media and many rotten politicians. Some even mix with this vermin.

    Our forebears would have never tolerated that. They used to give them the boot as evidenced in this historical reminder:


    No other race has been more fought and expelled than the jews, there must be a reason for that.

    We all know the reason, they always try to take control of our societies and always destroy them from inside.

    This is the case now, 90% of our problems come from this fact.

    You even have pieces of shit like yuval hariri overtly planning the genocide and enslavement of humanity (targeting Whites and Christians first as usual).

    This is his verified email address: Don’t hesitate to show him that we will not let him keep vomiting his hatred on us.

    Time to recover our senses and give them the final boot!

    Starting by the Davos clique maybe?

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” We all know the reason, they always try to take control of our societies and always destroy them from inside.”

      Hindsight is perfect vision .

      Christianized Europe kicked jews out of their countries more than a hundred times over a thousand year period and kept letting jews back in for a repeat .

      The reason
      ( apparently unknown to most
      rank-n-file Christians )
      why European Christian countries re-admitted
      their exiled subversive jews and why the USA never exiled them to begin with is because ___

      Christianity normally
      is actually a sheeple-oriented religion
      of self-enslavement to the chosenhite jewmasterss
      ( otherwise known as “the jews” ) ; to wit ___

      Servants ,

      obey in all things your masters ”


      ( verbatim quote abstracted from :
      The Christian NT / KJV / Book of Colossians / chapter 3 / verse 22 )

      where “Servants” means [ slaves ] .

      • kerdasi amaq
        kerdasi amaq says:

        Having expelled the Jews, I’d guess that the Kings found that they had to re-admit them to get some sweet loans.

        …”Money makes the world go round, the world go round…”

  16. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 Webb, while being interviewed in Part 2, mentions despicable Hillary and Epstein maintaining a joint account in London, to facilitate Israeli payments for US top secret nuclear codes lodged at the White House.

    02 She employs the term Jew or jewish on several occasions.

    03 She cites a lengthy quote from a retired CIA agent, which gives an exact, complete account of the elites’ full spectrum attack. Lots to hear folks !

  17. Melanie Wizzer
    Melanie Wizzer says:

    Jews are not white. Jews have Middle Eastern DNA and they are cousins to the Palestinians
    they kill on a daily basis.
    The Ashkenazi did intermarry with high class Europeans to some extent (as a way to infiltrate and takeover)
    so they have a significant amount of white DNA, but I believe the genetic markers are still Jewish.
    They have always separated themselves from the host population, and that is why they exist today as a separate entity.
    In any case, organized Jewry is rabidly, relentlessly, insanely anti-white, and every anti-white protocol has been engineered
    by them.
    So, they seem to be destroying the very people who helped them to become successful.
    It really doesn’t make much sense.

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      Some of them seem to have had a strange cult belief that if a child is born to a Jewish mother, the child is Jewish, regardless of the overall genetics.

      So, it’s like a cult focused on power and domination. They would try to get their people on thrones and in powerful positions, even if the actual genetics were almost entirely European. It’s like Free Masonry. However, they obviously also marry themselves often.

      Many individual Jews seem confused and manipulated themselves. It’s a powerful social structure, however it works in detail.

      Jews are also influenced by us, for what it’s worth. Many of them, today, seem to see themselves as a race, as we do. And they try to prove themselves worthy of ruling by achieving the things we claim to value in ourselves. I mention this, because they seem weak and flawed, to an extent, just as is every other group of humans. They can be influenced, aren’t always the hammer, are sometimes the anvil.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” So, they seem to be destroying the very people who helped them to become successful.”

      That is why more people are beginning to realize that
      Christianity is suicidal .

  18. JM
    JM says:

    @Panzerknacker Fridolin

    “…Galloway has invited like-minded colleagues to give free rein to their anti-German schadenfreude in a know-it-all manner.”

    I disagree. The European speakers get to many of the nubs of the matter. Vile Green politics, the Covid racket, energy “madness” behind which lies deadly conspiracies…and so on.

    Cannot follow much of what the Chinaman is saying, but he comes across as a hackneyed Han diplomat who is rubbing his hands together at the asymmetry of the Globalists (Finance Capital) energy policy and the benefits from which accrue to China as a result of German (Morgenthau-inspired) deindustrialisation.

    • Panzerknacker Fridolin
      Panzerknacker Fridolin says:

      Your arguments are valid. I mean rather this “Germans are to blame for everything and plunder everyone else” attitude. Just think how much the so-called “German government” (in line with all the central bank criminals) has indebted its own people just for the payments to Greece and other southern European countries, without ever seeing the money again.

      The average Greek or Cypriot owns more wealth (assets, real estate) than the average German. Apart from the fact that Germany (first and foremost after the Brexit) was and remains by far the net contributor number one in the EUSSR. Ingratitude is the world’s reward: the more you pay, the greedier and more insolent the demands become.

  19. Swan
    Swan says:

    In the movie Once Upon a Time in America there’s a scene where they (Jewish criminals) photograph a cop having sex with an underage girl for blackmail. Sometimes they tell us their tactics openly . I bet that it’s also true that Meyer Lansky had compromising homosexual photos of J. Edgar Hoover as alleged.

  20. Karl Haemers
    Karl Haemers says:

    I was anticipating a review such as this. I would like to catalog every name Webb drops in the book and assign a percentage as Jewish. Would it be over 50%? 80%? How many is enough?

  21. Panzerknacker Fridolin
    Panzerknacker Fridolin says:

    The “universal” (capitalist)
    law of the Jew: “I never give
    anything, after all, nobody
    gives me anything either!”

    Roughly equivalent to the “logic”
    of an idiot saying to a stove: “Give
    me heat and I’ll give you wood!”

    Or a farmer to the field: “First
    show what you can do for me!
    Then I’ll think about whether
    to spread seed and fertilizer!”

    Goethe said, “Hand is washed only
    by hand, no taking without giving.”

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