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The Problematic History of the European Union: Review of ‘Eurowhiteness’

Eurowhiteness: Culture, Empire and Race in the European Project Hans Kundnani Hurst Publishers, 2023 Eurowhiteness is one of those books that immediately catches the attention of a “racist”. With a bright orange cover and a title like Eurowhiteness displayed in large block letters, how could it not? Curiosity compelled me to take it down from […]

On the Nature of Racial Slurs

Is it ever ok to use the so-called ‘N-word’ in a scholarly context? This year, a university tutor in Australia found out the hard way that the answer in our current political climate is probably no. Whilst teaching an undergraduate class on Ethnic Identity at Monash University, tutor Gary Lacey used the word ‘nigger’ numerous […]

The Inevitable Republic: Should White Australia Ditch The Monarchy?

As the vote on the Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum looms, Australian dissidents and other supporters of White Australia should also begin casting their eyes to the next item on the left-wing constitutional amendment agenda: a second referendum on whether Australia’s constitutional ties to the British monarchy should be severed. Prime Minister Albanese publicly poured […]