On Scottish Nationalism

Re the Quilette article “A Demagogue Departs,” the author overlooks one reason for the success of Scottish nationalism and the Scottish Nationalist Party, to-wit: the fact is that Scottish nationalism (unlike, say, Spanish, French, German, Italian or Russian nationalism) is supported by the worst elements of the international globalist establishment.
The SNP is rumoured (probably correctly) to have enjoyed the covert support of the Soviet Union before the fall of Communism, as was the case with the IRA.
The SNP was not and is not a movement of romantic Jacobites just as the marxist IRA is not a “Catholic” movement but a marxist movement replete with its own “Republican funeral” services from which God is banned.
The SNP was run by Marxists as I witnessed several decades ago when several of its representatives paid a visit to Atlanta, Georgia, to chat up locals who think they are Scottish.  The “Bonnie Prince Charlie” fans met up instead with a set of gritty anti-monarchical Marxists, an encounter that ought to start even the most atrophied brain thinking.
The SNP is a way to undermine not only Britain at home but Anglo-Saxons (and the majority of Scots are Lowlanders who have been speaking English since the seventh or eighth centuries) everywhere.
For this reason it is adored and glowingly reported on in the pages of The NY Times.
By carrying on about now utterly irrelevant “issues” arising from things like the Battle of Culloden, the SNP has served the interests of non-European aliens by picking at the scabs of family feuds that have not the slightest relevance to the present problems facing European people in Scotland and throughout the globe.
Naturally, the enemies of our religion, race, culture and civilization would want to encourage “Scottish” Nationalism especially in the form of a party that wants to welcome Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus and Nigerians to Scotland but wallows in hatred of the English whom the party wants expelled.
Some “nationalism” that is!
Like most Americans whose family has been here for several centuries, I am something of a “mutt” in terms of European heritage…Scottish, English, German and French in that order.
But Scottish is my largest component by far and I grew up in the Church of Scotland.
As a bastardized child of the Diaspora I cannot speak for real present day Scots but I can speak for myself when I say that I am not keen on Scottish nationalism. Period.
I do not want to consign Milton and Shakespeare to alien status while colonizing Scotland (and America and Europe) with Third World settlers.
And I certainly wish people in the Auld Country would scorn this preposterous thing calling itself “the Scottish Nationalist Party” which is determined to replace the people of Scotland with non-European aliens.
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  1. Billy Thistle
    Billy Thistle says:

    Don’t think I have Scottish blood despite the thistle in my name. I’m American w/ English, Irish and French ancestry. But have been beyond Hadrian’s Wall on 3 occasions, 2 to do w/ my devotion to the band Big Country and once to the highlands to visit the stone circle at Callanish. The earliest version of Big Country had a member, Pete Wishart who later joined Runrig and became an MP for the SNP. Both bands wore the culture of Scotland on their sleeves. Their music would not be mistaken as products of globalism and I believe they’ve been relegated to provincial status by the media accordingly. From what I can tell the SNP started w/ nationalist aspirations and succumbed to globalist pressure as time went on.

    • Vilhelmsson
      Vilhelmsson says:

      Never thought I’d find another Big Country fan here of all places!

      For a VERY long time now, ‘Culture’ as applied to Scotland, has been just another product to be advertised, bought and sold. Genuine unadulterated, organic Culture here is almost completely dormant. I say ‘dormant’, rather than ‘extinct’ because Culture being the unconscious expression of the collective racial soul, I believe it still lives, sleeping deeply, in the dusty, quiet recesses of the native soul. Being an admirer of the thought of Stuart Adamson – via his lyrics, of course, you probably already came to that conclusion yourself.

      • Billy Thistle
        Billy Thistle says:

        I guess naive v cynical forms a continuum. I oscillate. Depends on the subject.

        So you’re a Scot of viking ancestry. I know BC were big in Scandinavia and Germany. They had an uphill battle against the music establishment/press. I remember trying to buy their second album in a small, hip record store and being told by the snooty clerk that they looked like the Marlboro Men. The left hated them w/o listening to them. The bagpipes sound and tartan image sunk them forever as being uncool to hipsters.

        • Vilhelmsson
          Vilhelmsson says:

          In my opinion, Steeltown is essentially at heart an unintentional British Nationalsocialist album in it’s lyrical content. Notice I say ‘British Nationalsocialist – much like Robert Carlyle, for example.

          I think much of Adamson’s lyrical approach was no doubt deemed ‘suspicious’ by the record labels. I think of songs like Flame of The West, The Great Divide, Just A Shadow, The Teacher (a personal favourite, i can totally relate to the burning desire to know everything in order to unlock the perceived secrets of the universe!), Song of The South, In Your Homeland, Over The Border, When A Drum Beats, Promised Land, Keep On Dreaming, The Hostage Speaks, Republican party Reptile, In This Place, The Selling of America, What Are You Working For, Chester’s Farm, etc.

          Record labels want rock bands to either be left-wingers like U2 or Rage Against The Machine or to be constantly singing about ‘romance’, sex, lust and personal anguish.

          • Billy Thistle
            Billy Thistle says:

            Your knowledge of the lyrics of obscure BC songs is astounding. Steeltown is most fans’ favorite album, tho I don’t get the NS reference to Robert Carlyle. Reference to the Teacher reveals a Gnostic calling. I can relate. Shouldn’t we continue off site? jamiethistle@webtv.net

    • Jabby Dodger
      Jabby Dodger says:

      It completely capitulated to globohomo in 2014, after a few years of teetering on the brink. Indeed, at the time of the Indyref, the leaders of all four parties were homosexual.

      I think this direction was taken initially in the aftermath of devolution, to show the world how tolerant and diverse Scotland ‘was’, in the face of an insecure, post 9/11 world- basically whatever WM did, “we’ll oppose”.

      The SNP/Greens hegemony has embraced all of the WEF transhumanist outlook, hence the tranny crisis which ultimately did help to remove Burney (one for the Rab C. Nesbitt fans), but a litany of fraud was also left behind- details of this, remarkably absent from even the UK red-top newspapers. This fraud won’t and doesn’t matter to the hardliners on gay/tranny/attack helicopter rights, nor those hellbent on a second referenda- it’s the world which has got it wrong, and only “people of Scotland”, not ‘Scots’ as Sturgeon could barely spit out of her lesbian cake-hole who have any idea of what’s right.

      They even tried the former FM, Alex Salmond, on phony sexual assualt charges, from which collusion with Lord Advocate Wolfe he miraculously survived prison- under Eck the Fish, independence was actually quite a sexy, fringe prospect with a heavy leaning upon traditional Scottish resources and above all, values.

      The potential replacements include an embryo named Kate Forbes, who is Church of Scotland (and i believe Scottish, in its purest sense) to the marrow- she has also spoken against womb-based infanticide as murder, and against faggotry in marriage. The chief opponent is a bile-spewing Muslim currently ‘in charge’ of what is a fiscally independent NHS Scotland, run down to the bare tyres on the hospital trollies, who in his last post cost almost £38m worth of wasted, useless boats to serve the islands.

      Would he permit his ‘children’, a term i use loosely, to pack fudge or to chop off body parts, within his much-loved Koran?

      Open and shut? You’d think. But Scotland is the only place in the world where Muslims, Jews, the gays, the trannies and anyone else who wants to be, can unite in wails of “DISCRIMINATION” with impunity. At least there are Patriot Action, AfD, Front Nationale elsewhere- if you oppose any of the tales of suffering of those mutually-loathsome groups of evil bastards and weirdos, you’ve had it.

      Add to the fact that during the great Wealth transfers of 2020-21-22, disguised as a health crisis, Scotland was the last place in Europe to have measures in place. They didn’t get me then, either.

  2. conrad gaarder
    conrad gaarder says:

    So right. As Nigel Farage has long asked, what kind of nationalism is it that wants independence from the UK, but has no objection to Scotland being ruled from Brussels, and, being an English-speaking country, being obliged to “welcome” Pakistanis, Arabs and Africans?
    This is just what happened to Ireland.

  3. Lancashire Lad
    Lancashire Lad says:

    It’s not surprising that globalist thinking is present in Scotland, as everywhere else. Does Sam Dickson think that the USA should go back to London rule because much of its political establishment is globalist?


    Once while attending the highland games my girlfriend and I found a stack of telephone poles to sit on and eat our lunch. While eating, my girlfriend wondered out loud if the poles we were sitting on were cabers. I said no, no man would be able to lift such a pole much less throw it. They turned out to be the cabers, much to my amazement. The tournament was entered by 3 or 4 gentlemen but all of the contests, including the hammer throw, were by Roy, a real highland specimen. It breaks my heart to see such men beholden to England and the victims of immigration.

  5. Owen Hayes
    Owen Hayes says:

    We have a law in the UK called the Trade Description Act what a pity it does not apply to political parties.
    The Conservative Party conserves nothing. The Labour Party does not represent the working man and woman. The SNP, are totally Marxist nothing nationalist about them at all.

  6. Angelicus
    Angelicus says:

    Very good article that explains something that only absolute nitwits ignore; unfortunately, there are too many of them.

    Yes, the SNP is as nationalistic as the “Sinn Fein”, another vile and obnoxious Marxist=Globalist creature financed and supported by the JWO (Jewish World Order, let’s stop beating around the bush and let’s call things by their names. Stop using that stupid pathetic and meaningless label NWO)

    Both entities explote the imbecility, ignorance and hatred of the worst elements of the Scottish and Irish people, promoting hatred towards everything English. At the same time, they welcome enthusiastically the most disgusting specimens of the Third World, particularly in Ireland. That is civic/traditional “nationalism” for you. Any subhuman who carries a British or European passport is as British, French, Dutch, Italian, etc as those whose ancestors were born in Europe a thousand years ago.

    BTW, I would like to mention someone else who, although he does not advocate unrestricted immigration (in other words: invasion) and in fact, has always spoke against it, he NEVER raised the issues of racial and cultural genocide carried out relentlessly against the people of Great Britain. I am referring to that fake called Nigel Farage, a perfect example of “controlled opposition” who is the darling of that pseudo-patriotic channel called “GB News”.

  7. David Halladay
    David Halladay says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments.
    I live in the Western Isles of Scotland, a strong SNP holdout. I am also a “blood and soil” nationalist who rejects entirely the hollow civic nationalism proselytised by the SNP. My heritage is Irish (Celtic) and Anglo Saxon paternally; Scottish maternally. My Scottish ancestry is Celtic and Nordic, this region having historically had Viking settlements. This heritage gives me some valuable insights and a right to comment on the subject with some authority.
    The origins of the SNP bears little resemblance to the present incarnation. My opinion is that the SNP was infiltrated and usurped by leftists/Marxists in the same manner as so many other institutions were. “The long march through the institutions” was verbalised by communists as a slogan from the 1960’s onwards. This is attributed to a German communist, Rudi Dutschke who took this cue from Italian communist Antonio Gramsci who lived at the turn of the 20th century. The Frankfurt School ran with this idea throughout the 20th century.

    I digress. The aims of the SNP, once one looks beyond the hyperbole, is simply to tow the line of the various interest groups behind the NWO agenda. The simplest litmus test is this, as others have pointed out correctly: What kind of nationalism opens its borders to the world, the result of which changes the demographic content?

    I believe the fake nationalist fervour, stoked by faux anti Westminster rhetoric becomes an effective tool to diffuse the energy that might otherwise bring about useful action. Nicola Sturgeon is a classic example of a demagogue, drunk on power that she is allowed to have, facillitated as it is by others higher up the food chain.

    The SNP has become something resembling a cult. Being anti-SNP where I live is tantamount to heresy. It is impossible to lift the veil from the eyes of the acolytes. The Great Replacement is creeping into Scotland just as surely as it has to Ireland, with the full facillitation of the SNP led Scottish Parliament.

    I predict that the race baiting, anti-White, Humza Yousaf will be the approved replacement for the departed Ms. Sturgeon. With Rishi Sunak in NO. 10, one might be then led to think that the globalist cabal is rubbing our nose in the Orwellian doublethink that the “conspiracy theory” of the Great Replacement is not happening, despite what one’s senses and faculties might otherwise say, and by the way, thumbs up, great job guys!

    At this point I feel like a man amongst the ruins of a once functioning society, watching it fall, piece by piece. There are solutions but time is running short. The masses still sleep, fattened for slaughter by bread and circuses. Led by the nose from one false narrative to another. It amuses me to observe that the worst examples of herd mentality wear septum rings.

    My apologies for some semi-incoherence, it’s late. I will say this though, there is a silent majority despite what the media tells us, who reject the nonsense pushed in recent times. The sleeping giant needs to awaken.

    Let me end by simply saying, yes the SNP sucks. It sucks at the teet of the Babylonian Whore. It is no longer serves the nation but instead, it serves the interests of the international hyenas.

    • Veronica
      Veronica says:

      Very well-said, sir. I am grateful for your eloquence, cogency, passion, and willingness to bear witness to what you see, the evidence of your own senses rather than what the mobs, parrots, and powers-that-be insist is the truth. And I share your grief over the racial/cultural carnage that is occurring in our European homelands. Like myriad other USans, I am a mongrel or mutt, comprised of several European blood lines, mostly Irish, Norwegian, German, and Scottish. I visited Ireland in my 20s and my eyes and soul were refreshed by seeing a completely white population; I was too young and naive, however, to have interpreted the ominousness of some of what I saw in Belfast–murals dedicated to Nelson Mandela, the meme “The Irish are the niggers of Europe.” This identification with blacks concerned me but I didn’t fathom just how far these sentiments would go. Alas, my heart is now wailing like a banshee over the loss of another ancestral homeland.
      I hope you are right about the silent majority; indeed, I pray that Europeans and European-Americans will wake up and swallow the so-called “red pill” while there still may be time.

      • Angelicus
        Angelicus says:

        First: You are NOT a mongrel because your ancestors belong to the great North-European family which comprises Celts, Scandinavian or Nordic and Germanic people. Therefore, there is a harmonious blend of different ethnic groups closely related.

        A mongrel (in human terms) is a person who presents two (or more) completely different and opposite bloodlines (i.e.: White/Asian, Asian/Black, Black/White, White/Semitic, etc) there we have a terrible conflict because there is no connection possible to either race or culture of his/her mother or father since the poor person is the by-product of a toxic genetic combination.

        I am not saying this person will necessary be a bad one but he/she will NEVER be able to fully identified with one ethnic group or culture since he/she does not fully belong to any of them; and that, quite logically, leads to resentment. That is why racial hygiene is so important.

        Second: Regarding that crap of “The Irish are the niggers of Europe” I remember being used in the film “The Commitments” (1991) directed by that British liberal bastard known as Alan Parker. In fact, in one scene, one of the members of the band stops playing and looking at the camera says “I am black and I am proud”. Can you image something more disgusting?

        BTW, Alan Parker was responsible for another hateful, virulent anti-White film called “Mississippi Burning” (1988) which I am sure many readers would remember.

        PS: A perfect example of the aforesaid is the tennis player Naomi Osaka who, when is convenient to her, she is Japanese, and when is not, she is Black. On the other hand the vile media insists that she is loved and accepted as Japanese by the people of Japan but it is not true. The Japanese have not been corrupted to the disgusting degree that we have been; they don’t like mongrels.

        • Veronica
          Veronica says:

          Thank you for the correction, sir. I did see both films mentioned but it was so long ago that I don’t remember much about them. My awareness of racial differences goes back a long way: I was born and raised in Los Angeles county and was among the first generations of children who were forcibly bussed from the San Fernando Valley to Los Angeles at the behest of Maxine Waters. My parents, who were not affluent, had to scrape by to put me into a private Christian school in 6th grade so that I wouldn’t have to be bussed to South Central. Many people I have known and loved were savagely attacked by blacks none of whom were prosecuted. One friend and neighbor was stabbed to death outside of our grocery and the murderers went free because they threatened the life of the eyewitness. I guess the point I am trying to make is that blacks are not only different but that all of our institutions cover this up and force us to accept the false narrative that blacks are unfairly accused of and convicted of crime when in reality there are many more black-on-white crimes than even FBI statistics can keep track of.

  8. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    Scottish nationalism could be positive if it focuses Scots on their own lands as opposed to reacting against the English. Scots are fine with voting for foreigners provided they mostly remain in England.

    Dougie MacLean is an incredible song writer. Some songs: Homeland, Eternity, Little Ones Must Walk On, Solid Ground… Lot’s of excellent songs. I don’t really see a difference between Scots and English. I am part Scot and part Ulster-Scot, among other parts of Britain.

    • Billy Thistle
      Billy Thistle says:

      Thanks for turning me on to Dougie McClain. He’s the real deal. Reminds me of Canadian folk hero, Stan Rogers. Of the 2 rock bands I mentioned Runrig is more interesting from a nationalist pov. They sing a third of their songs in Gaelic.

      • Weaver
        Weaver says:

        Celtic Woman’s “The Voice” and Show of Hands’s “Roots” might interest you. I very much like both of those musical groups.

        Grave Digger’s “Rebellion” is good in the live video with Hansi Kursch of Blind Guardian, the latter having many amazing songs.

        Unrelated: Mes Aieux’s “Degeneration” is pretty good, French Quebec.

        • Billy Thistle
          Billy Thistle says:

          Love that Roots song by Show of Hands. Rousing. It reminded me of another UK folk rock group, Oysterband. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coZl9YubhIE The problem w/ folk music is that it’s been subverted like every other Western institution. Most of its performers are liberals or worse. That Grave Digger performance brings up the folk metal genre which because it’s metal doesn’t have the leftist bias. As long as metal bands don’t devolve into Satanic vocals/lyrics, it’s a fairly based enclave. Whether one can tolerate the thunder and bombast is another hurdle.

          • Weaver
            Weaver says:

            I want to say Show of Hands got in a little trouble for that video. It includes lands claimed by the Cornish. However, my understanding is the band is from that region of England.

            Without looking into it, I suspect we get the song “Cousin Jack” in tribute to Cornwall. So, I suspect that’s the apology, in a sense. Show of Hands is some sort of principled “leftist” group, perhaps some overlap with Roger Waters of Pink Floyd. Waters has defended Assange, which is wonderful.

            Show of Hands does not like the British Empire, doesn’t like the BNP, as I understand.

            If you’re interested in country or other genres, I have some favourites there. Sabaton for metal, Alabama for country. Musicians are often not the most virtuous of people, but they can produce good songs. Some classical music I’ve come to like, though much of it sounds dead to me.

          • Billy Thistle
            Billy Thistle says:

            I’d say Oysterband are also principled leftists. I’d venture they’re to the left of a lot of their audience who wanted Brexit. Woody Guthrie is the prototype for the old school folky Marxists. They sing about the working class which implicitly, tho never explicitly, is White and want to convert them to the proletariat Internationale rather than become dreamers (sleepwalkers) as in the Globalist anthem, Imagine.

            I don’t catch your references to Jack and Cornwall, but know about Sabaton. That genre, Power Metal, is decidedly right-wing. You can be sure the Zios keep an eye on it. Sabaton because they’re popular had to kiss the ring and did some kind of anti-Nazi song.

            Songs and bands don’t need to be pure ideologically for me to enjoy them. Whether their private lives are exemplary is of even less concern, but I do appreciate the courageous stand that Roger Waters takes. Has Billy Brag endorsed him/Palestine?

  9. Mark Gullick
    Mark Gullick says:

    George Orwell told a friend – Trelawney, I think – to refer to Scottish people as Scotch as it annoyed them. There has always been an animosity between the countries just as there is between Serbia and Croatia, or Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Quite right too. But why is there this Westminster obsession with preventing Scottish independence? The Scotch do very well out of the English taxpayer, we would be better off without this dangling limb. Rebuild Hadrian’s Wall, not to keep the English out but to keep the Scotch in.

    • JoaoAlfaiate
      JoaoAlfaiate says:

      It has been suggested to me that in the Scottish Independence Referendum the wrong country got to vote….

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      When, this century, the English adopt Arabic as their official language and Sunni Islam as their religion, will they still be “English” or something else?

      • MR M W GULLICK
        MR M W GULLICK says:

        Who cares? I moved to Central America 7 years ago. Curiously, I am a journalist, and have more chance over doing jail time in London than I do here, just for what I write.

  10. Armoric
    Armoric says:

    There are two things: 1. Scottish separatism / 2. the Jewish problem.

    The crucial question is whether Scottish independence would impede Jewish power and the race replacement agenda. I think it would. Dickson says that the SNP leadership is all for race replacement, but so are the “English” Conservative and Labor parties. I don’t think the SNP will stay in power for long if Scotland becomes independent. SNP voters don’t want to be replaced. Scotland is often described as a country of hopeless leftists, but until a few decades ago, it used to be seen as a country of hopeless reactionaries. I think independence would help them build an opposition movement to race replacement.

    According to an article in The National Scot (headline: ‘Almost four in 10 Labour voters back Scottish independence’) only 5% of Scotland’s ‘Conservatives’ backed independence in 2021. This gives a false impression that independence is not a conservative idea. In fact, you are not a true conservative if preserving your national existence is not your priority.

    Dickson: “Scottish nationalism (unlike, say, Spanish, French, German, Italian or Russian nationalism) is supported by the worst elements of the international globalist establishment.”

    Actually, Jewish power supports centralism and is opposed to Scottish independence and to every deep-rooted White identity. I’ve read on this blog that there has been a lot of intermarriage between English elites and Jewish interlopers. I guess that was less frequent in Scotland. The problem of centralism in Western countries is made much worse by its Jewish dimension. The BBC is a good example of that. But even if the Jews did not exist, Scotland should not expect its interests, and especially not its identity, to be defended in London.

    I don’t think the SNP leaders have intermarried with Jews, but even so, the reason for their wokeness is Jewish influence. It’s the same problem everywhere. Jewish networks have bought Western media and politicians. They have taken control of the banks, courts of law and universities. As a result, intelligent discussion has been driven out of the public space. These same networks help to rig elections and prevent investigations. They run smear campaigns against the best European intellectuals and have sent a number of them to prison for denouncing Jewish power. And they have infiltrated everything with their race replacement obsession. As a result, woke people rise to the top.

    The left no longer cares about low-wage earners, it’s about importing more diversity.
    The right no longer cares about the middle class.
    The church no longer cares about transcendence.
    Environmentalists no longer care about nature.
    Schools and universities no longer care about teaching things.
    Advertisers no longer care about increasing sales.
    Capitalists no longer care about maintaining the industry.
    Intellectuals no longer care about making sense.
    Artists no longer care about beauty.
    The SNP leaders no longer care that Scotland remains a White country.

    All movements are now led by phonies who try to gain political points by going along with the Jewish replacement agenda. All dissenting voices are stifled. That’s how we end up with people like Biden, Macron, Sunak… How is the SNP any worse? I’m surprised that they have not given up on the idea of independence. It means they are not complete sell-outs. Scottish separatists who accept race-replacement may not be clear thinkers, but they are no worse than English conservatives who take a stand against Scottish independence and say nothing against race-replacement in England. The lack of political and logical consistency is due to Jewish intimidation. It’s much riskier to take a stand against race-replacement than for or against separatism.

    I like Caspar David Friedrich’s painting: Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog (1818).
    Wikipedia gives this description: “The hiker stands as a back figure in the center of the composition. He looks down on an almost impenetrable sea of fog in the midst of a rocky landscape – a metaphor for life as an ominous journey into the unknown.” / [It is a romantic masterpiece] “suggesting at once mastery over a landscape and the insignificance of the individual within it.”

    What that painting evokes for me is the idea of independence. It represents a man contemplating the world. He may be thinking about God, the meaning of life, and his place in the universe. Of course, we are not just individuals against the universe: every man should be part of a particular community that adds purpose to his life.

    But when a nation comes under Jewish domination, God is replaced by ZOG. The meaning of life goes out the window. Transcendence is forbidden. We no longer own our land and belong to a community. Instead, we belong to a hostile state bureaucracy. Even without the Jews, technical progress would facilitate social atomization and the domestication of people by an all-powerful state, but this is made much worse by Jewish power and the Jewish anti-White ideology. I think a good way to prevent the atomization would be to decentralize and keep things local. It would also give some protection against Jewish power.

    Scotland has 5 million people. It cannot be seen as a local community, but you expect less social atomization in a small country like Scotland than in a big 70 million people container called “the UK”. In the USA, some White people would like to recreate smaller communities so as to escape ZOG and live with compatible people. But it is much easier to try to preserve a country like Scotland, which already exists.

    There is an economic dimension to the question of separatism. The centralization of political power is linked to economic development. Very often, a capital city acts like a leech on the rest of the country. All inhabitants of the country pay taxes to finance public institutions in the capital. It may be universities and public research centers, for example. Public institutions cooperate in the development of private businesses located in the capital. Corrupt politicians award public contracts to their friends in local private companies. Some capitals has a monopoly on (((television))). This leads to an influx of money and people to the capital city. The capital’s high-tech industry is able to compete with foreign companies. If they lag behind, they will receive more government subsidies. Meanwhile, the rest of the country, with a lot of low-tech activities would need to be protected from the foreign competition, but is seen by “liberal” economists in the capital as unnecessary dead weight. My personal opinion is that Britain and France would be better off if a 50 meter high Trump-wall was built around London and Paris. In the current situation, it’s not just that we do not have the necessary protectionist measures. For example, our (((Western governments))) have been deliberately helping Jewish anti-White companies like Google and Facebook to build international monopolies. Why do we need paypal and airbnb?

    In the 1950s, we thought we were heading for a “civilization of leisure”. We knew that a huge increase in productivity was around the corner. What would be done with all that wealth? The productivity increase is linked to technical progress, automation, computers, the internet, free trade, economies of scale… It has increased wealth but has damaged society at the same time. I think the wealth could have been used to repair the damage. Instead it was used to finance race replacement and all kinds of parasitic activities. As the productivity keeps increasing, I think our Jewish rulers will ask more and more what they are to do with the remaining useless White population. They have shipped the industry to China and only kept the financial services. In Paris, I think that many people who used to have the same contempt for “the province” as some New Yorkers have for “the fly-over country” will be told that they too have become useless.

    My preference is that everything should be scaled down and kept local and independent. It may not be very cost-effective, but it will be less exposed to Jewish interference and there will be less risk of being told that we no longer serve a purpose.

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