Gregory Hood on the End of Australia Day–and Australia

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  1. KAREN
    KAREN says:

    Meet the people responsible for the “civilization” that existed prior to the arrival of Europeans. Stone age tribes, no machines, no agriculture, no buildings or roads. I am so sick of the constant gaslighting. Why do people buy into this?
    I recommend that you use the playback feature to speed up the film. You won’t miss anything.

  2. Ron Chapman
    Ron Chapman says:

    For some real background on early Australian history and relations between early Anglo-Celtic settlers and Aboriginal people see eg:
    Australian History: Settlers and Aboriginals part one

    Australian History: Settlers and Convicts part two

    Sources: The myths of frontier massacres in Australian history, Part I
    The invention of massacre stories

    The myths of frontier massacres in Australian history, Part II
    The fabrication of the Aboriginal death toll

    Why There Were No Stolen Generations (Part One)

    Why There Were No Stolen Generations (Part Two)

    Chris Gards YT channel:

    THIS is Australia today: I am… Australian –;read=216056

  3. Biden's Balloon
    Biden's Balloon says:

    The name of the Jew Ehrlichmann means
    “Honestman”: “During World War II, John
    Ehrlichman was awarded the Distinguished
    Flying Cross for his service as a B-24 naviga-
    tor with the U.S. 8th Air Force for 26 missions
    over Germany.” These are not crimes against
    civilians, of course, but “collateral damage
    unavoidable for the victory of democracy.”

    Youtube has literally become Jewtube. Stuffed
    with highly effective propaganda for the Jews and
    otherwise largely useless garbage for the goyim.

    If you compare the state of this platform to
    that of 10 years ago, there has been a creeping
    change (“transformation,” Yascha Mounk) that
    has enacted 24/7 continuous influence and ma-
    nipulation to the detriment of the white race.

    It already says in the “holy” books of the Jews:
    Overpower your enemies, but do it unnoticed!
    Jews are masters of subtlety and deviousness.

    The very few “consumers” of this highly toxic
    poison ask themselves decisive questions like:
    What ideological goal/emotional response do-
    es this film intend to achieve, and by what me-
    ans (choice of images, words, and sounds)?

    This person with a British accent, who arouses
    my suspicion, calls herself an “amateur historian”.
    She has her “enlightening works” subtitled in four
    languages and administers her poison with an in-
    gratiating voice and the attitude of “humanness”.

    She is interested in detail in the biogra-
    phies of “Nazi mass murderers and sadists”.
    Moreover, she harbors strange “messages”
    in her films that appear only by the second,
    but did not escape my highly alert mind.

    I captured one of them with the trimmer,
    which is only two seconds long. First a Star
    of David appears, which changes to a Sata-
    nist symbol, which then changes to impa-
    led skulls (set the playback speed to 0.25).

    • Robert Penman
      Robert Penman says:

      That is extremely interesting thing about the “messages” that appear for a second in the YouTube videos, uploaded by the woman, you mention at the end of your post. I wonder just how many YouTube creators use this sort of “massaging”? Maybe you could employ your keen eye to start a list of them?

      • Biden's Balloon
        Biden's Balloon says:

        This task would be impossible for me in terms of time, since I am already beyond middle age, Robert. But there may be people or websites that understand “hidden messages” in web content.

        It has been known for a long time that the LGBTQ community, for example, includes their perverse “trigger signals & symbols” in movies for children. A very perfidious insidious scam.

      • Biden's Balloon
        Biden's Balloon says:

        Regarding the Vice article: Of course, messages do not make hair grow or eye colors change (or do they?). What I can confirm is that the content of a medium does influence consciousness.

        I, for example, regularly dream of the words a video contains in the limbo states of the night when I fall asleep under headphones. Even depressive tonalities of music can affect the mood and lead to nightmares.

        That’s why it’s important to check what content a medium has before falling asleep. Doctors also advise against consuming negatively colored and upsetting films (horror, thrillers, etc.) shortly before falling asleep, because you “take them into your sleep”.

        It is also known, for example, that violent criminals such as terrorists sometimes consumed certain media content for years before their deed, which triggered their deed and finally manifested itself in an action-triggering impulse. Just as high-performance athletes mentally anticipate their victory through autosuggestion (affirmations).

        After all, it can’t be any other way. Very receptive and irritable children’s brains are influenced by all the transsexual garbage that affects them daily, which ultimately leads them to believe that they are in the “wrong body”. Allegedly, already one third of our youth is afflicted or infected by this delusion.

        Or take the deliberate ideological influence on the Hitler Youth, which represented completely opposite values. This lead to the fact that even nippers still believed that they had to “defend the homeland” when the war had already been lost for a long time. Inferiority can be persuaded, but also delusions of grandeur.

        In the end, one convinces oneself of almost everything, health and illness, addictions and neuroses, strength and weakness, success and failure, forgetfulness, confidence, hopelessness, and so on. Religious beliefs, which in my opinion are a superstition related to delusion, speak a clear language.

        Mostly, self-harming attitudes are based on certain “must” beliefs (“I always have to get terribly upset when others ignore me!”). Those who do not question these patterns may of course remain trapped in them for life, because they are not conscious of them.

        Of course, this raises the all-important question of the extent to which we are ourselves at all, or merely a melange of beliefs adopted from other people. At this point, of course, the Jew, eloquent and psychologically trained as he usually is, comes into play. This is where he can exert his destructive influence most effectively.

        • Biden's Balloon
          Biden's Balloon says:

          Some Christians may object that it cannot mean anything bad in principle to represent “love” as the highest-ranking value in life. Unfortunately (or for a good and justified reason?) this form of “universal” love stands in the most blatant contradiction to evolution imaginable.

          “Love” is a warm and welcoming bonding feeling generated by biochemical processes, which should primarily apply to our own kindred. It is my firm belief that the Jews have reoriented this natural attachment-preserving urge in us into a self-harming perversion.

          An example: a young white student is not interested in the old gentleman who has been lying dead in his apartment next door for two weeks. Instead, she travels to New Guinea to “save endangered primitive peoples.” A typical case that takes place like this at any time in one of our anonymous big cities.

        • Biden's Balloon
          Biden's Balloon says:

          …in other words, their cursed “humanism” has led us to neglect and disrespect ourselves. The insanity of wanting to “save the world” is undoubtedly of Jewish origin.

          • Weaver
            Weaver says:

            To some extent, I want to save the world from such humanism.

            Jews and others want all peoples to intermarry. Christianity used to ban consanguineous marriages to such an extent that it seems the wealthy would travel to find brides. Any sort of groups were thusly discouraged or outright banned. That might be partly why Europeans are so closely related today.

            Jews want heritage and group identity for themselves but for no others.

            Eventually consanguineous marriage was tolerated past the 8th degree. So, 8th cousins. Places like Iceland couldn’t find such mates, and I doubt the poor ever could.

          • Biden's Balloon
            Biden's Balloon says:


            An interesting topic. Probably the Icelanders are the most purebred Europeans (and the Japanese the most purebred Asians).

            “The total fertility rate of the Faroe Islands is currently one of the highest in Europe. The fertility rate is 2.409 children born per woman (2015 est.).”

            But even these islands are already infected with the virus of Jewish “cosmopolitanism”.

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