Russia Has No Strategy For Winning This War

If you look at and analyze the Not-War on the strategic level, well, you can’t help but come to the conclusions and talking points presented by the pessimists. If you’re honest, that is.

But the narrative has now shifted and the discussion is being framed on the tactical level. That is, the events around Bakhmut are what the Russian news and the commentators are talking about now. But the action around Bakhmut is a tactical one. There are three levels to military operations, at least in the Russian school.




And if you were hoping for a quick conclusion to the Bakhmut offensive, well. I’ve got more bad, but totally predictable, news for you.


The founder of Wagner PMC Yevgeny Prigozhin denied the information about the encirclement of 1.5 thousand Ukrainian soldiers near Bakhmut (Artemovsk). His comment is published by Prigozhin’s press service in the official telegram channel. He noted that the Ukrainians are putting up strong resistance and Bakhmut (Artemovsk) will not be taken in the near future.

“In all directions, the enemy is becoming more active, pulling up more and more new reserves. Every day, from 300 to 500 new fighters approach Bakhmut in all directions. Artillery fire intensifies every day,” said Yevgeny Prigozhin. He drew attention to the inappropriateness of positive promises that will not come true in the near future.

At the moment, fierce battles are being fought near Bakhmut (Artemovsk). Serious losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Bakhmut were reported by the American media, 360 TV channel reports . Yevgeny Prigozhin said that the capture of Bakhmut would be the key to Russia’s victory in the Ukrainian conflict, the National News Service reports . Acting head of the DPR Denis Pushilin said that the Russian military surrounded 1.5 thousand Ukrainian soldiers near Bakhmut .

Contrast this with the early days of the war where entire swaths of Ukraine were being colored in on maps and shared by Russia pundits and bloggers. Now, they’re coloring in fields and factories and little farms. And they’re trying to keep the same level of hype going as when they were talking about entire provinces being taken. Or, perhaps they will show videos of tank getting blown up. Or platoon of soldiers getting a grenade dropped on them from a drone. Very interesting footage, don’t get me wrong. We are seeing a different kind of war — a mix of WWI trench warfare and mini-Stalingrads.

But it is undeniable that a certain “zoom-in” has occurred. At best, we’re talking endlessly about towns that have been fought over for months now.

Having a discussion about the tactical level of things is a worthy pursuit in its own right. But not when it is presented in the context of a bait and switch. That is, we were promised large scale offensives. However fierce the fighting is in Bakhmut, it doesn’t take away from the fact that everywhere else on the frontlines, we are at a standstill. Furthermore, people are drawing conclusions about the state of the war on the strategic level based on tactical level data.

They’re also making mistakes about developments on the operational level.

I will give you a concrete example of what I mean. Bakhmut, even if taken, will not be exploited on an operational level. That is, there is no follow-up planned. I have been saying this for months now. There are no large concentrations of tanks and reserve troops to throw at the enemy once Bakhmut, a key point in the Ukrainian defensive line (or so we are told), finally falls to Ukraine. And now we have confirmation that Bakhmut isn’t falling any time soon by the man leading the fighting there. So, here we have confirmation that, Wagner, working largely alone, is unable to either tactically or operationally secure a win on this front.

If Bakhmut actually were an important point in the defensive line and had to be taken no matter the cost, then you would see more resources committed to the area. Again, there are no significant resources being committed by Russia to achieve either a tactical or operational victory in the area. But if we take into account that Bakhmut is a political objective being pursued by Wagner to improve their standing in the political pecking order at home, then the situation suddenly becomes clearer. This may also shed light on why Wagner’s troops have been loudly attacking First Deputy Minister of Defense Gerasimov for not supplying them with ammo that they need. Progozhin is feuding with the Minister of Defense Shoigu and may have even attempted a soft coup against him.

Bakhmut then, was supposed to be a feather in Wagner’s cap, not a turning point for the war.

This ties neatly into our discussion of the strategic dimension of the war effort. In the early days, we saw a clear strategy reflected by large troop movements, rapid breakthroughs and consolidation of territory and so on. Since then, we have seen very little of the same kind of warfare. There was a successful advance in Donetsk, but it ran out of steam and the gains were reversed by the counter-offensives of the Ukrainian army in the fall.

And after that, we well and truly saw nothing resembling a coherent strategy from Russia at all. Only feuding among its feudal commanders and an attempt to hold a defensive line. At the moment, there are no large concentrations of fresh Russian forces anywhere, except perhaps, in Belarus.

We have no idea what Russia’s plans are on the strategic level.

Some have floated the idea of attrition warfare — that is, that the Russians are focusing on simply killing as many enemy soldiers as possible and not on securing key objectives or territory. Putting aside, for a moment, that this is a horrible strategy, there is little to indicate that this is, indeed, the strategy being pursued by Russia. Again, Bakhmut, where Russia is engaging in a brutal grinding action fighting over buildings and factories block by block, is literally the opposite of the supposed attrition warfare strategy. Wagner was sending men to take fortified enemy positions head-on. In any war, occupying a fortified defensive position is a force multiplier or a buffer for the defenders. If the goal is attrition warfare, why go on the offensive against fortified positions?

It doesn’t make a lick of sense.

Furthermore, for this attrition warfare strategy to make sense, Russia would have to be killing far more men than they are losing. But, according to the data that we have now, Russia lost more men in the early days of the war because of the risky operations that they were conducting. Then, using their superior artillery, they began to kill more Ukrainians than they lost, true. However, going on the offensive against fortified positions should have evened out the balance in the other direction again.

I believe that the evidence points to Ukraine quickly approaching 100k military deaths by the anniversary of the start of the SMO and Russia lagging behind, but not by that much. And I will revisit the topic on the one-year anniversary of the start of the Not-War.

If the strategy is to engage in attrition warfare, then simply do the math yourselves. How many years of fighting will it take at this pace to destroy the Ukrainian army, which stands at 700k now, at least, and whose numbers continue to climb and which, in theory anyway, could easily draft another million men? And, of course, their ranks are being supplemented by Western mercenaries all the while. Poland openly admits to training tank crews and sending officers into Ukraine and so does NATO.
So, yes, there have been some tactical victories in Bakhmut. There have been no successful Russian operations since the smooth retreat from Kherson though (if you want to count that) and nobody can actually point to a cohesive strategy being pursued by either the people in charge of the battlefield or the home front.

All of this points to the fact that Russia’s elites have no stomach for this fight and a deal is being worked out through backroom channels.

If, on the strategic level, the goal is to engage in attrition warfare, then it simply isn’t working fast enough.

Many pessimistic pro-Russian analysts have already come to this conclusion and point out that a new strategy is necessary. That Russia needs to fight this war like wars are normally fought. Russia needs to focus on seizing territory and strategic objectives, on breaking through enemy lines and then enveloping their positions. More men and equipment are needed to achieve decisive victories that can then be followed up on and the war concluded more rapidly, not strung out, with the number of dead steadily rising and progressively more and more of the Ukraine left in smoldering ruins.

By narrowing in our focus on the tactical level fighting over a barn in Bakhmut or Ugledar, we lose sight of the strategic goals of the war.

The initial goal of the SMO was to quickly take back Ukraine without undue bloodshed. Now though, the nightmare scenario has been realized. The neocons got their protracted war and it is bleeding the Slavic peoples dry. The West has had to spend a lot of money to keep it going, true, but a lot of that money is being stolen to line the pockets of the same politicians who wanted the war in the first place. Yes, the average Briton or German has gotten poorer as a result of this holy Crusade for Liberal Democracy and the sanctity of Ukrainian borders, but the politicians have only benefitted. And in a Liberal Democracy, that is all that matters, really.

The criticisms of Russia’s overall strategy can be extended to the Russian home front, which has not been readied for war. If the goal is to kill 1 million Ukrainian soldiers over 10 years, there have to be enough shells, at least, being made in Russia. The only problem is that there aren’t. Supply problems have already started and no new factories are being opened in Russia to supply the front. Meanwhile, Russia has not made a play to establish a dollar-less world. Russia hasn’t even divested from globalist organizations like the WTO or the WEF. Furthermore, many of the same pro-Globalist forces in the Russian government, who we had good reason to believe would be fired, at least, remain at their posts.

So, yes, there have been some tactical victories in Bakhmut. There have been no successful Russian operations since the smooth retreat from Kherson though (if you want to count that), and nobody can actually point to a cohesive strategy being pursued by either the people in charge of the battlefield or the home front.

All of this points to the fact that Russia’s elites have no stomach for this fight and a deal is being worked out through backroom channels.

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      • KT-88
        KT-88 says:

        Call me when Putin nationalizes the Russian Central Bank. This looks like a bankers family feud to me with the ethnic cleansing of Ukraine and subsequent swamping with immigrants to be a primary goal. State owned Russia Today’s comment section has Breitbart level censorship. They are certainly not fighting for freedom of speech. I guess the only good that might come out of this is the occupational governments of ZioNATO will probably start to come down soon.

          • KT-88
            KT-88 says:

            I hate liars. I suppose the FED is owned by the US government too right? Your statement is demonstrable false but what is curious is that the RCB owners appear to have been scrubbed from the internet since the start of the Ukraine war.

      • Crush Limbraw
        Crush Limbraw says:

        Patriot? The only American patriots I know keep repeating “God bless America!” as if it’s still 1950. Their blindness to today’s reality is a curse, not a blessing.
        While I have read and archived Rolo before, today’s post seems I’m reading DaNYT!

    • NeNavalnyi
      NeNavalnyi says:

      “Rolo Slavsky” is quite obviously a “Russian” American, brought, raised and nurtured in the US, who thinks he is a “Russian patriot”, but in reality is a typical Joe who was fortunate to be given by his parents another language and some culture which he now uses to position himself as knowledgeable about all things Russian. All pretty mediocre, IMO, aside from his pieces on Christianity, mysticism etc. He’d do much better if he focused on that, his “analysis” of present events and the Soviet period are shallow and influenced by bitterness of a cultural in-between: “Ни Богу свечка, ни чёрту кочерга”. Stick to Yaldabaoth, dude, people need this more)))

      • Victor
        Victor says:

        On the contrary, as a Russian patriot from Russia, and not a pro-Western liberal like you, I am very interested in Rolo Slavsky’s reports on Russian affairs and the war in the former Ukraine.
        IMHO, his analysis of current events quite clearly reflects the mood of the majority of Russians who support even more decisive actions by President Putin in Ukraine.
        I confirm that Americans may well trust Rolo Slavsky’s reports. Come on, Rolo!

    • LeZSeZ
      LeZSeZ says:

      “We have no idea what Russia’s plans are on the strategic level”.
      True, one does not.
      But, what one does know is this.

      Narrative Collapse – – –
      Only when the last American artillery shell has been fired in The Ukraine, only when the last Ukrainian soldier has been killed in The Ukraine and only when the last of Ukrainian state territory has been irretrievably lost from The Ukraine will The Americans and Europeans finally realize that God Favours Russia . . .

  1. Ole C G
    Ole C G says:

    WHAT IS YOUR VANTAGE POINT of OBSERVATION entitling You to any credibility ?
    I have followed what is happening in Ukraine meticulously since 2014 .. from my European Observation Post
    I do not agree with You at all .. and believe that either You are a Ukrainean Mole or you are pissed of due to lack of attention.. Your statements on Russian Losses are wildly exagerated .. as far as I know … and lets see where this ends .. I believe Russia will prevail and reach its targets which should be to amputate the former Ukraine to an eastern / rich and valuable part including Odessa and a Kievan Rump state worth NOTHING …In reality Ukraine will cease to exist ! …. THAT .. will be the end outcome ..I believe

    • Birhan Dargey
      Birhan Dargey says:

      The author of this article ignores History…the Russians LOST 20Millions people during WW II…Russians Spiritual/Civic/Religious Historical them this phoenix like resiliance..I personally think that Putin should had turned the Ucranian (Donetsk/Donbass/Crimea) into Nationalsits Miltias…teh second option is TAKE/Hold the Petraeus strategy in Irak…Take the territory and hold it…and declare Victory..

  2. hf147
    hf147 says:

    “Compare this to early in the war”

    Sure… in Mariupol there were 10.000 Ukrainian soldiers.
    In Bakhmut they have between 40 to 90.000, depending on who you ask.
    And now compare this to the middle of the war, were Kiev was actually able to launch offensives or when HIMARS were able to hit russian ammo depots.
    And what is “fast enough”? Who defines what is “fast enough”? If we are talking about attrition warfare, then the only thing that counts is who loses more, and we don’t have any reliable data for that… but the fact that many Western Wunderwaffen just vanished, like the Javelin and NLAW that are nowehere to be seen nowadays… tells me that attrition is working. It is just slow.

    I don’t want to sound like a shill. But you have to be realistic here.

  3. Peter
    Peter says:

    I am sure they must have considered this and it probably takes up too many resources, but it is about 600 miles from Brest in Belarus to Odessa on the Black Sea. Anything coming from NATO to Ukraine by land has to come over that part of Ukraine. Of course, 600 miles is a lot of territory but I suspect Russia has a big air force. If Russia could cut off and destroy any deliveries made over that border then Ukraine would be cut off from military hardware being sent from NATO.

  4. Chad F. Simard
    Chad F. Simard says:

    The partition of Ukraine along the Dneiper, which protected the Russians in Crimea and Donbas, was suggested as a peaceful compromise solution at the outset of the Russian incursion, but there are those in Moscow and Kiev who prefer to make a blood-soaked desert and call it peace.

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      Dneiper would be ideal, but Russia wants no ocean access. So, at minimum, it might take the coast. However, it doesn’t feel like Russia wants much more territory, really.

      The problem, as I weakly understand, is partly that northeast Ukraine isn’t terribly fond of Russia. However, coastal Ukraine is fond of Russia. So, who knows?

      • B. Rockford
        B. Rockford says:

        Russia historically requires a warm-water southern access. The genetic attrition of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia is not much to cheer about. The possibility of nuclear devastation from Warsaw to London is the one outcome to avoid at all costs.

        • Weaver
          Weaver says:

          I’m not happy about the war. I’m of British descent, have no side here. I’m American but sometimes use British spelling when spellcheck allows due to Webster being a Yankee.

        • Weaver
          Weaver says:

          To clarify one thing: Russia seems to somewhat want the entire coast, to make Ukraine into a rump state. Anyway, it doesnt matter whether my original comment is fully understood.

          The best young men are being killed, on both sides. Young women, and men, have left, will not return. I’m not happy about the impact.

  5. Richard McCulloch
    Richard McCulloch says:

    Col. Douglas Macgregpr, Scott Ritter and Larry Johnson are in my opinion the most reliable sources for analysis of the military situation. Macgregpr and Ritter estimate the size of the Russian army has more than doubled since September, from 370,000 to circa 800,000, and that circa 600,000 of these are committed to the Ukraine conflict. But the great majority of these have not yet been committed to combat, i.e., to the front lines, but are instead massed into three large concentrations behind the lines, with 100,000-150,000 in Belarus northwest of Kiev (old spelling), 150,000-180,000 in the south in Zaporizhzhya oblast, and 100,000-150,000 around Belgorod northeast of Kharkov (old spelling). The formations in these concentrations are configured and equipped for decisive offensive warfare with circa 2,800 tanks, 3,500 armored infantry fighting vehicles, 300 attack helicopters and the usual generous Russian inventories of artillery and air defense systems of all kinds. Macgregor and Ritter believe that the Russian preparations, build up and training are now essentially complete and anticipate the near future will bring the largest military offensive the world has seen since World War II, likely on multiple axes of advance from the three concentrations. Regarding the concentration in Belarus northwest of Kiev, Macgregor says it is ideally positioned to push south through the oblasts of Zhytomyr and Vinnytsya west of Kiev to link up with the Russian garrison in Transnistria, thereby cutting three-quarters of Ukraine off from the West.
    Since September, while the Russians have been mobilizing and preparing their heavy striking power in the three concentrations behind the lines of contact, the brunt of the fighting on the line has been born mostly by the private Wagner group and the Donbass militias, supported by lighter regular forces of army airborne units and marines. This has been an economy of force operation to tie down and attrit the Ukrainian forces, initially in defensive fighting but more recently by small scale incremental offensive operations, such as around Bakhmut, which have been very successful in performing their purpose.
    A couple of weeks ago the Russian Ministry of Defense released figures stating that their military fatalities to date, including the Wagner group and the militias, were circa 14,500. Macgregor had several weeks before estimated the number at 15,000-23,000. He estimated Ukrainian fatalities as at least 157,000 and probably closer to 200,000, while Ritter said they could be as high as 300,000.
    This is of course pretty much the opposite of the narrative promoted by the mainstream media and politicians across the political spectrum, in which they are so heavily invested that if Macgregor and Ritter prove to be essentially right they should be irreparably discredited. That will be something to enjoy. Time will tell.

    • willful knowledge
      willful knowledge says:

      ROFLMAO. Macgregor, Ritter and Johnson, PA. haven’t gotten a thing right since the beginning.

      • SimpleMale
        SimpleMale says:

        Very interesting. I myself have never found something so humorous that it caused me to get off my chair, sit on the floor, and roll back and forth on my buttocks while vociferously laughing, engendering bodily tissue damage of such a large magnitude that my buttocks detached from my pelvic bone.

        There is an illusion that has been created, perhaps by Putin’s media department itself, that Putin and Russians are a genius people, and as such, their military strategies should be of a genius level. However, I will re-post something that I wrote in the past:

        Let us remember that Russian Slavs are the genetic “backwaters” of the Europeans. I speculate that Putin has been paying Western writers to create an allusion that Putin and Russians are a genius people. But, in reality, Russia has not produced any geniuses. All the great Earth-changing geniuses have come from the Western Europeans, Greeks, and Italians. Yes, Russia has a few notable “geniuses,” such as musicians such as Tchaikovsky. But most come from Europe. Even Russia’s nuclear technology came from Ashkenazi spies stealing them from the USA. Richard Lynn says Russia’s median IQ is 96. I speculate that it may be lower, perhaps similar to Ukraine’s median IQ of 90. But, this is just conjecture on my part. Think of the brain drain Russia could be experiencing, with all the people on the right side of the IQ distribution leaving Russia for the West, similar to the brain-drain of India. Russia is also being constantly flooded with low IQ Sociopathic Central Asians. And the less intelligent Russian Slavs have higher fertility than the smarter ones.

        International professional entertainer Edward Dutton has hypothesized that Russians actually have genetics that make their personality similar to that of Sub-Saharan Africans:
        The Psychology of Slavic People: The Evolution Behind All the Stereotypes About the Slavs

      • Dirk Manly
        Dirk Manly says:

        Other than everything that contradicts the lies coming from London, Washington DC and the lame-stream media fake news.

  6. Chris
    Chris says:

    As long as Russia can keep the war going, it wins, because it keeps Ukraine out of NATO (as a defensive alliance, Ukraine can’t join unless the war ends and new borders are recognized). The Ukrainian buffer against NATO troop installations is maintained.

  7. SimpleMale
    SimpleMale says:

    I posted the following at Unz Review:

    Is my IQ too low to understand things? Because my understanding is still the same, which is that this war is no longer about trying to retake Ukrainian lands conquered by Putin in the short-term, but rather this is an ethnic war, where the goal now is for the Ashkenazim, by a process of genetic attrition, to collapse the Russian Slavic gene pool over a period of, let’s say, the next fifty years. This is the same strategy as described in “Culture of Critique” by Professor MacDonald. So, 20, 000 young fertile men dead, Russian Slavic females reproducing below fertility replacement, intelligent Russian Slavs fleeing Russia for the West, Russian Slavic travelers being assassinated around the world, Putin having to import millions of genetically primitive Brown immigrants to keep the economy stable, etc. All this adds up to a slow genetic attrition of the Russian Slavs. And, the Ashkenazim themselves suffers no casualties or genetic harm. Israel is expanding quite nicely, and the Hasidic/Haredi population is exponentially increasing quite nicely. Lot’s of these public speakers (on Putin’s payroll?) talk about loss of resources and lives of Gentiles, but this is not an issue for the Ashkenazim. They have billions of Gentiles to use up before their resources start to become scarce.

    So, I think that the Ashkenazim may slow things down a bit, opting for a slow and steady loss of life and property of Russian Slavs. For example, the Ashkenazim seem to be doing a sufficient job killing Russian Slavs and destroying their property just using the HIMARS. They just need more long range missiles that can target all the way to the East coast of Russia. And Putin stated that he cannot locate HIMARS in Ukraine to hit with missiles because they are constantly moving. I used to have this belief that Putin possessed some type of advanced satellite technology that could identify any target them in real time, but I guess my understanding of military technology that currently exist was highly inaccurate, the result of my very low General Intelligence.

    So, what if the Ashkenazim kept up a slow and steady pace of HIMARS attacks on Russian Slavs for the next fifty years? Consider the slow and steady Ashkenazi war on Palestinians – a slow and steady genetic attrition.

      • Dirk Manly
        Dirk Manly says:

        Of course you knew it would happen because
        1) it’s true
        2) it’s pertinent to the discussion.

        Your Ashkenazi feefees do not constitut a right to censor the discussion, nor even engage in concern trolling.

    • Lady Strange
      Lady Strange says:

      This is once again overestimating the so-called “askhenazi ” intelligence. What I only see is a neocon clownery. Like in Irak or Afghanistan.
      ( The cowardice pretending to be strategic genius is typically askhenazi, though… As this galimatias )

      Not that the Russians or the Ukrainians are perfect, it looks like a real mess on both sides.

      • Dirk Manly
        Dirk Manly says:

        It’s not intelligence, it’s just treating everyone who isn’t one of them as horribly as possible.

  8. Jamila
    Jamila says:

    I agree with all the above who think that Slavski is a shill. He is not a patriot – he is a Westernized Russian who probably hates Putin. These are the people who are described as a fifth column of sorts. The reality on the ground and the understanding of the war is given by people such as Scott Ritter, Col. Douglas MacGregor, Garland Nixon all americans with either a military or a police background. The Duran give updates about the situation on the ground as well as an analysis in political terms. Slavski is not an expert and is merely projecting what he thinks should happen.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      I agree with all the above who think that Slavski is a shill. … Slavski is not an expert and is merely projecting what he thinks should happen.

      Whether Slavski is a shill is still, I think, an open question, although the already abundant evidence in favor of your conclusion continues to grow. That he is not an expert, however, now seems inarguable.

      Second thoughts about his early articles suggest that they looked pretty dazzling not because he was especially insightful or comprehensive in his outlook but simply because he had access to more data than most other writers did. In other words, he served a purpose.

      Slavski and other people who lack the moral sense to grasp that war is, ipso facto, an inherently bad and undesirable thing are unlikely ever to appreciate the constraints of conscience that Vladimir Putin plainly experiences. In that the Jews who already rule half the world and are desirous of ruling the rest consider the very presence of a conscience to be something that works to their advantage, there seems daily less hope that sound judgment will ever again be the basis upon which the so-called West makes war or seeks peace. Absent such judgment, predictions as to how Jewish America’s Ukrainian provocation will end might as well be cryptograms from Delphi.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        ” Slavski and other people who lack the moral sense to grasp that war is, ipso facto, an inherently bad and undesirable thing “…

        I suppose you believe fleeing as cowardly sheeple , in the face of an enemy that will eventually catch up with the herd and kill it , is inherently good and desirable because the alternative to fleeing is obviously to fight back and thus make war against a bloodthirsty enemy .

    • ariadna
      ariadna says:

      I could not agree more. Even of he is not a “shill”he functions as one because his hatred of Putin blinds him.

  9. Biden's Balloon
    Biden's Balloon says:

    After all, the honorable Mr. Zayas has been able to contribute with his research (to a certain extent) to the rehabilitation of the German people. More was simply not possible in the “established” (i.e. by the narrative defined by Jews) historiography.

  10. Steve Brenner
    Steve Brenner says:

    Rolo Slavsky has written articles at The Saker blog. I appreciate his viewpoints, agree or disagree is immaterial. If he’s a disillusioned patriot, he’s hardly alone. We have all chafed these past 8 years for Russia to aid the Donbas civilians. In February 2015, after the Debaltsevo encirclement, the people’s militia could have advanced as far west as they wanted. Merkel and Hollande hustled their asses to Moscow to beg Putin to do something. And he did, the advancement was halted; didn’t want to offend the western partners and colleagues, don’t you know. Eight years later he starts a war in which he doesn’t want anybody to be hurt. Germany and EU still bring run by pedigreed nazis, everyone says ‘mother Russia’ will correct this. I don’t know if the GS talks in these terms: the long-awaited winter offensive (just wait till the ground freezes, we got these weapons), has become the much-anticipated spring offensive (just wait till the mud dries out, we got these weapons). A bunch of people getting killed, for what? It looks like groundwork being laid for new oligarchs, a kinder, gentler oligarchy. You can read about this at John Helmer’s site, in English, no need for auto-translate, or whatever. Putin can’t, won’t, live without USD. There will be a new Ice Age before the dollar is displaced. Everyone says Putin doesn’t bluff. In 2017 or 2018 Putin was accused of plotting to ‘march on Kiev’ by the west. Mr Putin said, if we March on Kiev, Ukraine will cease to exist as a state. That is still the endgame, I suppose. Probably no one expected Washington to donate twice Russia’s defense budget, in just the first year. There’s more where that comes from. Americans don’t care as long as they got their NFL Sunday Ticket, wings and a 6-pack. More bodies, too, Americans don’t care how many are killed, as long as it’s somebody else’s. The outcome is in doubt, that seems to be Mr Slavsky’s concern.

    • Dirk Manly
      Dirk Manly says:

      You mistakenly believe that Russia NEEDS any foreign currency, based on the erroneous assumption that Russia NEEDS to import anything.

      This is absolutely wrong, as Russia has such an abundance of EVERY economically and militarily important natural resources that 2/3 of Siberia has never been surveyed by mineralogists or geologists. Russia has the capacity to make anything and everything that they need. The only thing they import are luxury goods (women’s shoes and purses from Italy, cars from Germany) for those who want to spend extra money, and some tropical fruits such as avocado and bananas. They obtain necessary amounts of citrus from nearby countries such as Kazakhstan, who are as friendly with the Russians as The relationship between the U.S. and Canada.

  11. Bismark28
    Bismark28 says:

    Mr Slavski’s observations appear reasonable. For unknown reasons the Russian government is preparing for a stalemate of unknown duration. Possibly because Russian political and military leadership have concluded that they can’t hold additional seized territory without later risking a nuclear war. NATO also has serious limitations regarding this conflict. Their public declarations that the Russian government must be overthrown is ludicrous. I would guess some sort of demilitarized zone with an armistice that recognizes current lines will be part of a temporary agreement.

  12. Bismark28
    Bismark28 says:

    Every now and then one finds a nugget worth reading on the internet. This writer is one of them. I went through some of his earlier articles to get a line on his thought process. He’s a somewhat impartial observer with emotional ties to his home country (likely Russia). I highly recommend reading his thoughts (possibly because I agree with his observations). Though somewhat pessimistic about Russia’s current direction, I think the Russian leadership will eventually realize this conflict is personal. That being some of them (Putin and his people) have been targeted for removal. Given that past targets have not fared well (Hussein & Qaddafi) he may soon realize that this conflict has to be taken very seriously and escalate Russia into a war economy. If defeated Russia will end up as a colony and Putin (who knows?) may wish he’d made different choices. I’d also add that China is unlikely to stay uninvolved should Russia face defeat as it isn’t in China’s interest to see Russia as a cats-paw of the western governments.

    • Kevin MacDonald
      Kevin MacDonald says:

      Thanks for that. People who say Rolo is not a patriot are simply wrong. A patriot can criticize the nation or movement he is part of. I am a White advocate. Does that mean I can’t criticize the movement or others in it?

      • Weaver
        Weaver says:

        I do nothing but criticise. I’ve been at war with the Paleos and WN since I first posted online many years ago. I’ve refused to fit into any boxes, even if my own ideas have their problems also.

        Somewhat it seems to me that we’ve been in Plato’s cave, manipulated pre-Internet. So, I really value free discussion and feedback. We’re somewhat alive again due to the Internet, like some ancient race breaking free.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          ” We’re somewhat alive again due to the Internet “…

          Good point .

          Unfortunately , it will be a very short-lived resurrection unless Nordics/Whites quickly establish viable options and effective defenses for their vital internet communication assets before the globalist ILLuminati jewmasterss decide to target and neutralize those Nordic www communication assets .

  13. SimpleMale
    SimpleMale says:

    One thing I find interesting about Ukraine and Russia is that in Ukraine, it’s ethnic Ukrainians that are fighting and dying, not Zelensky and the Ashkenazim. And in Russia, it’s Russian Slavs that are fighting and dying, not Putin and his elite allies. So, Ukrainian soldiers can choose to turn their weapons on Zelensky, and the Russian soldiers can choose to turn their weapons on Putin, thus ending this Ashkenazim vs. Putin war. But, the soldiers instead just choose to fight and die, destroying their nations and themselves. The world Gentile population just choose to prop up the Ashkenazim on their bloody backs. So be it – it’s all part of evolution – survival of the fittest.

    • Ron Chapman
      Ron Chapman says:

      I disagree, SimpleMale.
      The Talmudists have attacked the rest of humanity for millennia and, in the guise of the Khazarian Mafia have controlled and used rank and file Ashkenazim to attack humanity for over a thousand years.

      Putin and Russia’s leaders aren’t simply prosecuting a private feud with Ashkenazi leaders, rather the SMO is designed to eradicate the Khazarian Mafia (i.e. the KM aka Talmudists*) from their original homeland and current Ukrainian HQ. The KM use the Ashkenazim in Israel, the Vatican, London, Washington DC, Wall Street and everywhere else, to subjugate, enslave and destroy “the goyim”. Putin Xi and leaders of the Global Alliance military all over this planet are currently eradicating the KM and their minions and enablers everywhere else.

      * Talmudists are agents of demonic parasites that have infiltrated our world using the KM to eat away at rational human thought, spirit and governance for millennia. The KM are their predominant current agents.

      Eustace Mullins brilliantly exposed Talmudists (pretend Jews) as being occult Canaanites, i.e. heirs to the “Will of Canaan” bequeathed to his children by Canaan, Shem’s wicked nephew. Eustace Mullins says the Will is only found in the Talmud: ‘.., where it is presented thusly:

      “Five things did Canaan charge his sons: love one another (ie members of your own tribe), love robbery, love lewdness, hate your masters, and do not speak the truth.” Pes. 113b.

      Eustace Mullins also said:
      ‘The Will of Canaan has been the Canaanites’ prescription for all of their operations during the ensuing three thousand years since the testament was given. Today it remains the operating instructions of the Canaanite heirs, who presently control the World Order. At the same time, it remains unknown to the peoples whom the Canaanites continue to rob, enslave, and massacre.
      (Eustace Mullins, Curse of Canaan. p16:

      The key to the success of Canaan’s current heirs – the Jews – is their ability to “NOT SPEAK THE TRUTH”.

      The Khazarian Mafia parasites use ethnocentric, nepotistic, monopolistic trade and acquisition of wealth to create banking and other corporations used as mechanisms to control governance, religions, the military, the MSM, science and technology, academia, schooling, cultural institutions and virtually everything else.

      Today our world is drowning in a Talmudic ideological soup from cradle to grave. THAT is the problem and it cannot be solved by tinkering at the edges. The KM have to be eradicated root and branch. That is what Russia is doing in Ukraine where it is rooting out child sexual trafficking and adrenochrome production; body part extraction and selling (which is one reason the Zelensky regime wants to keep the slaughter going); bio-weapons development and manufacture; drug and gun trafficking; and money laundering, all on a global scale.

      The KM’s core fraud and control mechanism is private corporate ownership of the creation and distribution of about 97% of the currency fraudulently called ‘money’ in most nations. That currency is created out of thin air by keystrokes on computers by privately owned banks that then fraudulently call the resultant book keeping digits ‘money’. The banks DO NOT create anything other than electronic digits. The banks then fraudulently label those digits as ‘money’ and demand that humanity must repay those digits using the fruits of their labour with some extra labour product added to cover the so-called interest (usury) they charge for placing the digits into borrowers’ accounts. To compound the felony, the banks do not create and provide to borrowers or to the monetary system, any ‘electronic digit currency’ to enable repayment of the interest they charge. That means there is always a shortage of “money” and eventually the system collapses as borrowers cannot afford to keep borrowing more and more “money” to enable interest payments to be made so that the system can continue.

      Governments captured by Ashkenazi banksters almost everywhere now use their government monopoly on force and violence to ensure that the populations under their control only use the Ashkenazis’ electronic digits to facilitate all of their transactions involving the transfer of goods and services. Anyone seeking to use commercial bartering arrangements or their own asset backed money or currency is threatened with prosecution, fines and even imprisonment.

      Being forced to use fiat bank debt tokens fraudulently called ‘money’ causes inflation because the banks MUST keep creating ever larger sums of currency via loans to enable payment of the interest on previously issued loans because they never create any electronic debt token digets to pay the interest they demand on those loans. Eventually the population can no longer afford to borrow and PAY the interest on further loans. Voila, the system collapses! That is happening now.

      The THEFT by banks is also facilitated by the subterfuge of governments legislating to gift “personhood” to KM created MEGA banking (and other) lifeless corporate entities that exist only on paper.

      Governments have unlawfully legislated to grant to corporations the inherent personhood status, rights and privileges gifted by the Creator to living human beings. In effect, government legislation purports to bestow equality with flesh and blood human beings upon lifeless corporations, granting to them equality with real flesh and blood spirit beings, and MORE; namely the ability to exist forever and in many places at the same time; and freedom from imprisonment for crimes they are used to commit.

      If humanity here is to survive, our world must eradicate the KM parasite and its pernicious albeit lifeless corporate agents. To do that all nations must clearly identify and NAME the parasite and eliminate the primary mechanisms it uses to suck the life out of this planet and her inhabitants.
      So, Putin and Russia’s leaders are not just fighting a private war with Ashkenazis.

  14. Ron Chapman
    Ron Chapman says:

    Arguably Russia and the BRICS achieved their primary objectives in the first weeks of the conflict when the West effectively sanctioned itself and destroyed the Petrodollar by stealing Russia’s foreign exchange holdings; and Russia occupied Mariupol and southern Ukraine south of the Dnieper.
    Russia’s role was to eliminate the Khazarian Mafia’s control and use of Ukraine for child sexual trafficking and adrenochrome production; bio-weapons development and manufacture; weapons trafficking and money laundering. In the process it had to prevent a Ukrainian military invasion, occupation and slaughter of Donetsk and Lugansk cities. It did that and in the process it eviscerated NATO’s biggest and most effective military force other than the US military.

    The refusal of the Khazarian Mafia to capitulate has prolonged the conflict and is causing the deindustrialisation of the EU; the demilitarisation of NATO; and exposure of blatant US chauvinism and military weakness. Further, the steady attrition of the Ukrainian military is not only demilitarising Ukraine but also it is gutting its Khazar indoctrinated, fascist (Nazi?) male population; and gradually eliminating popular support for Ukrine’s historically Germanic, anti-Russian Orthodox western religious elements.

    Once the debacle becomes sufficiently obvious the US military will bring Trump forward as the 19th president of the reinstated original republic of ‘these united states of America’ and he will, as he has publicly stated, end the Ukrainian conflict within 24 hours. That will mark the end of the Talmudists’ plan to make the Ukraine a Big Israel, as enunciated by Zelensky who is an Ashkenazi leading the Ashkenazi dominated Kiev regime which was originally installed by a Khazarian Mafia coup in March 2014:

    Russia doesn’t need to conquer the Ukraine militarily. That’s probably why it hasn’t.


  15. Ben Bache
    Ben Bache says:

    We call it the “war theater” because war exists to entertain the sheep. Most war consists of controlled demolitions and forced evacuation. I know, only a stupid, crazy person would question the reality of war, but there you have it. We have wars to control the internal populations of countries and to increase the power of the rulers.

      • Ben Bache
        Ben Bache says:

        Why do you say that? What do you know about me. I do know that only liars say they have seen action in war. I come from a military family going back generations.

          • Ben Bache
            Ben Bache says:

            I have read it. Smedley Butler. People fight wars for profit and power. The voting class goes along because they live mindless lives and prefer to live as slaves. Liberals want a mommy state that will hold them to its breast, while conservatives want a daddy state that will protect them from ill-defined terrors. Both voting classes have never become adults.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          Are all of the USA Civil War cemeteries filled with the corpses of soldiers whom died of mere malnutrition and never saw any others whom were killed due to war actions ?

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      That’s one aspect, yes.

      In the US, we go to war to enrich those who profit from war. No one monitors the money flows.

      Secondly, since war is wanted somewhere, we often destroy the enemies of Israel, the central bank, or those resisting the CIA, I assume.

      Without writing a long post, there’s more to war than what you say. The US loves how loyal and obedient Estonia is right now, for example. And by “US,” I mean part of the US.

      How Russia works and views the world, I couldn’t know. Russia seems to not want to lose its human capital. It needs workers to fund pensions, retirement. So, it would appear that Russia does not want war.

  16. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 I find it nauseating, that this wishy washy article would elicit 40 comments, while the previous, far more immediate and VITAL article by Cat McGuire drew merely 8 !

    02 Apparently it is of little interest to parts of the readership, that Biden’s and his Cabinet’s own CHEKA is imprisoning essentially innocent and often framed CITIZENS in its own GULAG, for identical reasons, facilitated by an, AS YET, very similar process.

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      It’s pretty normal and expected that Jan 6 people are persecuted. Look at Charlottesville.

      When has the law ever applied equally in the US? There are hundreds of such examples posted each year.

      Anyway, Tucker is showing J6 things, but that’s like with Elon’s revelations: Everyone already pretty much knew. Same with Covid vax. I spoke to an ophthalmologist yesterday: he told me he is seeing damage from vaccines.

      Only normies find all that interesting. Everyone else already knew.

      What’s exciting is how people are waking up.

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        01 Instead of replying to your equivocating, self contradictory nonsense at length, I shall enjoy a decadent Sunday breakfast in town.

        02 I also refer to your comment above, that the SU is not interested in warm water ports. Nor does ALL of Europe start ON TH EAST COAST OF THE ENGLISH CHANNEL.

        03 When Biden’s and his Cabinet’s CHEKA puts you in leg shackles at 03:00 some day, you can always object by telling them, that you are eminently informed on the Ukraine mess.

        04 After several years of isolated, chicanery-filled incarceration you may want to assess whether the Ukraine was of greater importance than your domestic vigilance.

        • Weaver
          Weaver says:

          I can’t very well have a discussion with you if you’re angry. I meant no disrespect.

          I’ve been an activist to some extent or other my entire adult life. I’m really pleased to see some improvement. When first I entered the scene I used to get yelled at that I couldn’t exist and that I had no other option but to vote GOP no matter whom was picked.

          I’m really enjoying the change that has taken place almost directly due to Trump and his criticism of foreign policy.

          While I’m sure I’m errant in some area or other, I’m quite good on the whole. It serves my interests to oppose US foreign policy. I continue to argue that the US should get out of the way, to allow other polities to commit atrocities instead of holding a monopoly on such behavior.

          I grew up watching as the US South I loved was destroyed. I used to hope for nothing more than to spit in the eye of those behind it. If I’m imprisoned or killed, that’s just life. We’ve been headed in this direction for some time. I’ve done what I could in my life and have no regrets.

          If I have truly erred it is just in dismissing Dr. MacDonald, and people like him, somewhat regarding Jews. I was wrong there.

    • Harald E Brandt
      Harald E Brandt says:

      Charles, I don’t think you can take “merely 8 comments” as proof of “little interest”, although it may certainly look meager. I would surely like to see the article spread to all “sleeping slaves” in both the US and in Europe. The MSM silence is absolutely “deafening”!

      I think I am as upset as you are regarding the US Gulag and the US version of the Cheka. It makes me furious! I can’t deny that it even fills me with hate. But as a Swede, I don’t feel l am in a position to provide much valuable comments. This is despite I have been to the US many many times, in the 70s, 80s and 90s. I may have had dreams about the “land of freedom”, but it has turned into a Soviet Union á la the 20s, 30s and 40s, but adapted into a much more economically profitable oligarkic totalitarianism run by Jews.

      At TOO, only controversial subjects result in lots of comments, such as this “Russia Has No Strategy…”. I have noted that another subject that always results in lots of upset comments and indignation, is if the subject is related to religion, Christianity in particular. People feel obliged to say things about that, despite the issue is not anywhere near as important as the Deep State run Gulag and repression of “thought criminals”.

      • Weaver
        Weaver says:

        No one cares to defend the activists at Charlottesville, but they weren’t treated well. James Fields was accused of driving into a group of pedestrians, but the details there are different.

        I’ve never really seen when the US didn’t have a Gulag, as you call it. One just learns not to draw attention. Call it lawfare, call it anarcho-tyranny, but the law has never been fair in my lifetime.

        White people are not equal in the US. Similarly, the law doesn’t apply to some. It’s just reality. It’s not some recent change.

        Jeff Sessions wanted a neutral DoJ, but when has it been neutral? Root issues are more important. Old people imported foreigners because they hate their grandchildren, basically.

        We’ll get a new Constitution in another decade or two.

  17. Biden's Balloon
    Biden's Balloon says:

    Sleepy Where-am-I?-Joe needs
    a German Boxer as a guide dog.

    The future American President, Vivek Ramaswamy,
    (“entrepreneur” and “capitalist”) was after all, just
    like Putin, a Young Global Leader, not unlike Rishi
    Sunak. What sounding names. Clown World leader
    go ahead, we’ll follow you! These “global leaders”
    are leading the world to the edge of the (not only
    economic, demographic & thermonuclear) abyss.

    I wonder who might make this selection? The
    assumption is that it is billionaire Rubinstein.

    Speaking of Selection: A young German “libertarian” named Philipp Anton Mende wrote a book called “Resistance: Why a battle of the genes rages between left and right politics”. He comes up with a ludicrous thesis:

    “There is an evolutionary psychological basis for one’s political stance that has rarely been talked about, although it can be supported by serious science from some of the most prestigious universities in the world. This book examines the thesis that there is a ‘left brain’ and a ‘right brain’ in the political sense, each consistent with biological processes and evolutionary developmental capacities.

    Why do people adopt different political ideologies? Why is it that intellectuals who are presented with the same facts and circumstances often cannot come to a common denominator? Why do aggression and contempt for the other side not infrequently resonate on both sides? What psychological undercurrents lead people to adopt right-wing or left-wing political beliefs, and where do they actually come from?

    A concept known from biology called r/K selection theory offers one answer. This book is the first to do a comprehensive examination of this groundbreaking idea in German. To do so, the author spent two years studying relevant literature and studies by scientists on every continent.

    The theory is that all populations tend to use one of two psychologies (strategies) to adapt their behavior to the presence or absence of environmental resources. In this context, the two strategies labeled “r” and “K” correlate with the psychologies underlying the political left and right spectrums in a remarkably accurate manner.

    Horst Lüning, a baldy plain-faced ex aircraft engineer who has gone bankrupt with his own company (and fanatically pretends that his wife’s whiskey shipping business is successful due to his is his personal contribution) is jubilant with euphoria:

    “In the animal kingdom, there are two fundamentally different strategies for reproduction and survival. The r-strategy: as many offspring as possible that are not taken care of. That have to get along on their own. Examples: Salmon, rabbits. On the other hand, there are species that follow the K-strategy and have only a few offspring and protect them, train them. E.g. wolves and elephants.

    Humans belong in principle to the K species. About basic genetic predisposition but also external influences (epigenetics), man sometimes becomes the r-type. The author proves scientifically in his book that especially r-disposed people show a leftist attitude. And this r-strategy leads with humans regularly into the socialism and thus necessarily into the downfall. Then again the K-types take the upper hand and lead mankind into better times.”

    Well, of course, socialism has worked before: with the non-sedentary primitive peoples until about 10000 years ago. Almost everything that today’s lefties want to implement already existed in a simple form back then.

    No private property, no money, no family, children are educated by the community, no marital fidelity, free sexuality, organization in councils, equal distribution of hunting booty. The whole world was a huge self-service store.

    The longing for this life has been burned ineradicably into our brain stem over eons. It is tasted again and again. Jesus himself triggered this longing in the Sermon on the Mount (“behold the lilies of the field…”).

    With settling down, one had to give up this paradisiacal life. For the peasant cultures the patriarchy was a compelling condition. Without ownership of the field, of the cattle herd, it was not possible. Without marital fidelity, property could not be held together over generations.

    Our today’s leftists want to return in the last consequence again to the hunter/gatherer life. I think they are not aware of that.

  18. B. Rockford
    B. Rockford says:

    Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt has said yet again that Jews should leave Russia asap especially now that Israel starts giving military support to Ukraine.
    Where is all this going?
    The “evil axis” of Russia-China totals an area of 10,307,000 square miles – more resilient to a nuclear war than western Europe.

  19. moneytalks
    moneytalks says:

    It probably is obvious to most politicly astute Occidental Observer commenters , here at this website , that it does not matter if Russia has a strategy for winning the Ukraine war nor does it even matter if Russia wins the war or not because the globalist ILLuminati jewmasterss , whom have an agenda to acquire a world dominion , will actually prevail no matter what their global media propaganda narratives tell the world about who won .

    No one and least of all the USA

    has ever seriously attempted to defeat the

    Satanic Babylonian Canaanite Talmudic Jewmasterss
    ( also known as the Ashkenazi financial tribe )

    other than Germany

    which of course was severely defeated twice by the jewmasterss allied forces that also included
    U.S. Armed Forces in both WW1 and WW2 .

    In other words , as long as a war or conflict is not explicitly an attempt to defeat the jewmasterss and no matter who are the worldwide media proclaimed winners , the jewmasterss cannot lose .


    ( a generic label for predominant descendants of : Whites / Celtics / Aryans / Euroman / Europeans / Indo-Europeans / Caucasians / Occidentals /
    [ and perhaps closely related others not specified in this list ] )

    are mostly descendants of rural cultures that normally and historicly are nonpolitical

    ( where contemporary politics was practically invented , during the past 2000 years , by cosmopolitan jewmasterss )

    except for voting enthusiasms which are ultimately irrelevant to resolving the JQ .

    In particular ,

    USA Nordics were never taught by
    any preacher , teacher , or politician
    nor ever had any cultural transmission of

    this political truism

    first proclaimed by the jewish author Ayn Rand
    in her 1950s book “Atlas Shrugged” and herein
    paraphrased for better clarity of her intent ___

    You can ignore politics and
    you can also ignore the consequences ;
    unfortunately you cannot [ avoid ] the consequences .

    Therefore , most USA Nordics and likely most Westernworld Nordics are politicly retarded compared to their jewmasterss .

    Moreover , Christianization tends to make most people into political imbeciles that grudgingly or otherwise obsequiously acquiesce and sheepishly go along with their politicly sponsored jewmasterss exogenous social engineering legislation such as for example biological and social racial integrationism , Frankfurt School marxist CRT public school indoctrinations , woke leftist transgenderism public school indoctrinations , and so on .

    Obviously , tens of thousands of years of Nordic nonpolitical cultural existence no doubt have an effect on DNA transmissions to their progeny and likely make it nearly impossible for Nordics to prevail against the both soft and hard genocides of their satanic jewmasterss because of an egregious pervasive lack of any politicly commensurate DNA components .

    The best hope for USA Nordic racial survival is in a remotely possible miraculous epiphany for Red State secession and subsequent establishment of a Northwest pacific region WN ethnostate sanctuary , especially for Nordics , designed to prevail against inevitable satanic Talmudic jewmasterss infiltration , subversion , and eventual
    conquest of it .

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      Jews were thrown out of England, before being invited back in for funding two sides of a war. Jews were not in control of Europe before the French Revolution. Jews were removed from power by the Soviets, until the USSR collapsed. Putin once again seems to have opposed them a bit, opposed the “oligarchs.”

      They do lose, sometimes. They just keep returning to power.

  20. Ewiak Ryszard
    Ewiak Ryszard says:

    As can be seen, this war is being prolonged. What will the finale be? In the Book of Daniel we read: “And both these kings [Great Britain and Russia. (In 1882 British troops occupied Egypt. Great Britain then took the role of “the king of the south”. Around the same time, Russia expanded its influence in the region, which previously belonged to Seleucus I Nicator, and took the role of “the king of the north”)], their hearts (will be) to do mischief, and at one table (they) will speak a lie; but it will not succeed [neither of them will be victorious over the other (until the appointed time)]. Indeed yet (the) completion to (the) appointed time.” (Daniel 11:27) And this indicates that here we have a jump from antiquity to a short period before “the Lord’s Day”. (Revelation 1:10) And what was supposed to happen in the meantime? “And [the king of the north] will go back (to) his land with great wealth [1945. This detail indicated that after the previous victories Hitler will attack the Soviet Union and will fight to the bitter end]; and his heart (will be) against the holy covenant [Soviet Union introduced state atheism]; and will act; and go back to his own land [1991-1993. The collapse of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact. The troops from the Soviet military bases returned to their country]. At the appointed time [the king of the north] will return back [Russian garrisons will return to where they were previously stationed. And this applies not only to Ukraine. These military actions will expand to other countries. Not only the eurozone will break up, but also the European Union and NATO. Many countries of the former Eastern block will return to a military alliance with Russia], and come into the south [this will be the beginning of the nuclear war], but won’t be as before, and as later [these earlier military actions will not be transformed directly into a global nuclear war. This will only happen after the return of the king of the north, and the detonator will be ethnic conflict (Matthew 24:7)], then the dwellers of distant coastlands of Kittim [the distant West (US)] will come against him, and (he) will break down [mentally], and will go back.” (11:28-30a) This will be a mutual slaughter. This time it will be a world war not only by name. Peace will be taken from the earth and the sword of great power will be used. (Revelation 6:4) Jesus characterized it in this way: “a frightening things both and extraordinary (related to unusual phenomena) from sky powerful will be.” For this reason, there will be significant tremors along the length and breadth of the regions [of strategic importance] and famines, and pestilences. Some ancient manuscripts contain the words “and frosts”. The Aramaic Peshitta: “and will be great frosts”. (Luke 21:11) We call this today “nuclear winter”. In Mark 13:8 there are also words of Jesus: “and disorders” (lack of public order). The Aramaic Peshitta: “and confusion” (on the state of public order). This extremely detailed sign fits only one war. It won’t be Armageddon. “All these are only the beginning of the labor pains.” (Matthew 24:8, New Catholic Bible) This also is just the beginning of the “Day of the Lord” – of the time of God’s judgment. (Revelation 1:10)

  21. kerdasi amaq
    kerdasi amaq says:

    The beltway morons have hired the Ukrainian government’s army to wage a proxy war against Russia. It doesn’t seem to be working out as they thought it would. They either back off or double down.

    Russia has no obligation to run their Special Miltary Operation to flatter the perceptions of outsiders.

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