Project Veritas shows how the liberal-left system works in elementary ed.

Notice the administrator is gay, Black kids are exempted from “anti-racist” and trans ideology, and parents are kept out of the loop–despite his concerns about sexualizing children and surgeries of children; hiring is rigorously policed, etc.



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  1. Pat Kittle
    Pat Kittle says:

    PV should’ve followed up: Why are Blacks exempt [from woke brainwashing]?

    Why don’t drag queens do “Drag Queen Story Hour” in Black schools?

    This homosexual “Asst. Superintendent of Curriculum” knows damn well what would happen, but he’s (at best!) too cowardly to confront the obvious.

    One more sleazy cog in the (((Great Replacement))).

    • Aiden Lake
      Aiden Lake says:

      Sexual dimorphism is more marked in Negrids than Europids, and the females are more intelligent.

  2. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    Thanks to Kevin for bringing this and earlier revealing videos from Project Veritas to the attention of TOO’s habitués.

    Surely there will soon be an announcement that Assistant Superintendent Casamento is being put on indefinite paid leave because his less-than-wholehearted support of trans surgery shows a worrying lack of empathy with the needs of trans youth and conflicts with the core values of the departments of education in Albany and Washington, DC.

  3. Monoculture
    Monoculture says:

    “Young & Naive”: there is probably no more apt self-description! Whoever is (and remains!) like that is promoted and courted by the state media.

    He is even allowed to ask (supposedly) “uncomfortable” questions (which hurt nobody) regularly in the so-called press conference of the “German Bundestag”. This must be finally the ultimate proof of a real “Wehrhafte (defensible) Demokratie”! [irony off]

    Who is Mr. Young & Naive’s guest today?

    This promises the most exciting entertainment, and that even in English. Description:

    “We are back at the ‘Ocelot’ and meet the German-Israeli philosopher Omri Boehm, whose book ‘Israel – A Utopia’ has just been published. Omri was born in Haifa in 1979, studied in Heidelberg and Munich, and works as a philosophy professor in New York.

    Omri will first talk about his background: How did he grow up as a Jew in Israel? What attracted him to philosophy? Why was he in the secret service instead of the military? What did he experience during that time? Did he do things he is ashamed of today? When was he first in the occupied Palestinian territories? What did he witness as a youth about the occupation?

    We talk about Zionism: What does Zionism mean to Omri? Should Germans be Zionists? Can he understand why Palestinians see themselves as anti-Zionists? What role does the occupation that has lasted since 1967 play in today’s Zionism? Why has the Nakba never been heard of in Germany?

    Why does Omri advocate Jewish self-determination instead of a Jewish state? Why does a Jewish state clash with a democratic one? Is Israel a democracy? We talk about apartheid, Jewish settlers and the reality in the occupied territories.

    It’s about Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu: Why is it so hard for us to talk about a right-wing radical? Why is the largest governing party radical to the right? Is the Likud comparable to the AfD in Germany? Why is the current state of emergency due to Corona dangerous?

    Finally, Omri’s one-state solution: Why is the preferred two-state solution an illusion? Why is it still being held on to? What does this have to do with climate change? How can a bi-national state for Jews and Palestinians look and function? Why does Omri use Haifa instead of Tel Aviv as a model? What could be the name of the joint state? And why should Germans deal with the Middle East conflict?”

    “In the second interview we talk about his current book ‘Radical Universalism. Beyond Identity. Universalism as a Saving Alternative.’ as well as the situation after the election in Israel.”

  4. Monoculture
    Monoculture says:

    The “Legacy” of the Mass Murderer with the strange name:

    Even his website, where he refers to himself as “CEO”, “operator” and the like, is still online. He posted a sensational success story about his consulting business on LinkedIn four hours before the attack: “After over two months, I can determine from my sales report that my book has a 100% satisfaction rate. No returns, however there are samples or used in the market. That is quite an astonishing record! Who else has a 100% satisfaction rate?”

  5. Monoculture
    Monoculture says:


    Prof. Rieck, specialist in game theory, thinks Hersh may have been misused to discredit the all-too-clear suspicion of American perpetration. Moreover, the theory with the nutshell “Andromeda”, which is implausible in his eyes, could at the same time be a signal to Ukraine that America is losing patience with Zelensky endless claims. Approximately in the same way as rulers in the Middle Ages showed their torture instruments only briefly as a warning, without having to use torture themselves.

    Ultimately, America’s reputation as a “NATO partner” is at stake. NATO would be deprived of any basis for trust if the truth were revealed. Moreover, it is about the enormous insurance sum for the damage to be prevented if the culprit turns out to be the state respectively its military. Furthermore, he will discuss why perpetrators cover their tracks by constantly creating new scenarios, even the most implausible ones, which in the end stand “on an equal footing” with the original hypothesis. This principle is called “burying” (in chaos).

    It is also about giving a new “spin” to the original hypothesis, so that the disinformed end up completely confused. The spy technique of the “limited hangout”, the intentional propagation of false facts by the perpetrators while partially admitting the truth (known from poker game), manipulation of search engines, use of “troll factories” and much more are also discussed. Unfortunately, this vid is in German, but by activating auto-subs in the Youtube settings, even those who do not know the language can follow.

    Even BILD (Springer half owned by the Jewish KKR) asks:

    Sailing yacht “Andromeda”

    Launched mission “Pipeline” on THIS nutshell?

    The theory about an allegedly pro-Ukrainian special commando that carried out the attack on the gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea by sailing yacht is becoming more and more dubious.

    Now it comes out: It was a 15-meter-long boat, the “Andromeda”, from which five men and one woman allegedly carried out the attack on September 26, 2022. Chartered from Mola Yachting in the resort of Breege on the island of Rügen.

    The “Andromeda,” equipped with a 75-horsepower engine, is said to have sailed from Rostock via Rügen to Bornholm to place at least 1,500 kilos of explosives on target at the gas pipeline – at a depth of 80 meters.

    The charter company remained silent on Friday, throwing BILD reporters out of the office. All that is certain is that the boat was searched by German investigators in January.

    Unclear, however: How should a commando consisting of a captain, four diving experts and a female doctor have pulled off such a complicated sabotage coup from aboard such a nutshell?

    ▶︎ Problem 1: the explosive devices! Three explosions would have required at least 600 to 900 kilograms of special military explosives for use underwater. The “Andromeda” has no crane to safely hoist such quantities into the water.

    ▶︎ Problem 2: Logistics! How could the allegedly Ukrainian sabotage crew have transported one and a half tons of explosives from army stocks through Poland and Germany without coming under the radar of secret services or police?

    ▶︎ Problem 3: The diving equipment! Experts, doubt that the “Andromeda” is equipped for this.

    How can divers plant explosives at a depth of 80 meters?

    How can divers place a 500-kilo explosive device unnoticed at a depth of 80 meters? DLRG diving physician Mathias Hölzl to BILD: “Extremely complicated! You need 30 liters of special gas mixture for one dive alone – dozens of bottles must have been on board.”

    Diving instructor Robert Röske (Dive Baltic Sea, Rügen) names another technique: “A repeat system that filters the breathing air through scrubber.” Problem: surfacing without nitrogen poisoning. “That takes four to eight hours,” Rösker knows. “Any ship that stays in one place that long will be noticed for miles.”


    “The story about the sailing yacht and Nord Stream blowing up is completely absurd. With this, the self-declared ‘quality media’ have finally disqualified themselves. A diving expert with the background.”

    “Defense technology expert Thorsten Pörschmann analyzes underwater drone images of the blasted Nordstream pipeline. He explores the following questions, among others: Whose signature does the blast bear? Who can do it? Is self-destruction a possibility? Is the damage repairable? How do you protect your infrastructure? Can a pipeline be used for underwater warfare? Why was a pipeline blown up in two places?” Interview, however, is already months old.

    This young “analyst” puts up all kinds of thoughts on the subject Nord Stream (see under “Archives”), but caution is advised because, as he himself points out in his profile, he also supplies leading MSM.

  6. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    I hope that anyone who is still looking at this thread will pardon this interruption of the flow of irrelevancies from the German roboposter who has more screen names than Bartholomew Cubbins has hats.

    As of March 10, according to two different ABC network affliates, David Casamento has received “administrative reassignment” while the charge that he made it his policy never to hire conservatives is investigated. Put otherwise, no mention has been made and no investigation is under way with regard to his grooming students in acceptance of his various sexual degeneracies. In addition, the ABC report linked to a video excerpt from a public school-board hearing. The only member of the public shown addressing the board members was a woman with a Jewish accent who spoke of her full support for DEI indoctrination and other aspects of the board’s anti-parent agenda.

    In other words, the media reports are completely falsifying the nature and scope of the corruption of both the school system and Casamento. What a surprise!*

    An online rag called the Daily Caller has also published a brief article about Casamento’s difficulties. Its author, a woman, seems at least implicitly to criticize Casamento for being insufficiently supportive of the child-mutilation aspect of the trans agenda. In short, the facetious remarks at the end of my earlier comment unfortunately constituted a largely accurate prediction.

    • Dr. Brahmachandra Digitata Equilibrada (erroneous wordsmith)
      Dr. Brahmachandra Digitata Equilibrada (erroneous wordsmith) says:

      (“You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm.” – Colette)

      Far behind the word mountains, far from the countries of vowelia and consonantia, live the blind texts. They live in seclusion in Scriptburgh on the coast of the Semantic, a large linguistic ocean. A small stream called Dictionara flows through their village and supplies them with the necessary Regelialia. It is a paradisiacal land where fried sentence fragments fly into your mouth. Not even the almighty punctuation rules the blind texts – a downright unorthographic life.

      One day, however, a little line of dummy text, her name was Lorem Ipsum, decided to go out into the vast grammar. The great Oxmox advised her against it, because it was teeming with nasty commas, wild question marks and sneaky semicolons, but the little blind text was not deterred. It grabbed its seven versals, slipped its initial into its belt, and set off. When it had climbed the first hills of the cursive mountains, it took one last look back at the skyline of its hometown Lettersville, the headline of Alphabet Township, and the subline of its own street, Lines Lane. Wistfully, a rhetorical question ran down its cheek, then it continued on its way.

      On the way, it met a Copy. The copy warned the blind text that where it came from it had been rewritten umpteen times and that all that was left of its origin was the word “and” and that the blind text should turn around and return to its own safe land. But all the good talk failed to convince it, and so it wasn’t long before a couple of sneaky copywriters waylaid it, got it drunk on lyrics and slogans, and then hauled it off to their agency, where they misused it again and again for their projects. And if it hasn’t been rewritten, they’re still using it.

    • SpaceCowboy
      SpaceCowboy says:

      Inventor of the “singing gentleman’s cake”: roasted frogs’ legs, flambéed slugs, rotten pigeon eggs and rancid foie gras refined into a palate-pleasing bouquet

      However, our somewhat eccentric neighbors love not only exquisite palate cuisine but also gential sensual pleasures (“French kissing in the USA”).

      All in all French “culture” remains a mystery. Has it any practical use? Is there a hidden message in it, even the solution to all our problems?

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