Multiculturalism, brainwashing and psychological abuse


It seems that in the 1990s, training in multiculturalism could involve brainwashing or psychological abuse. How true is this of today’s anti-racism training?

Cornell in the 1990s

Almost thirty years ago a student at Cornell wrote to its president about what he saw as the brainwashing techniques used to spread the ideology of multiculturalism, or anti-racism as it might be called today, at the university, which he compared to those used by cults.[1] His letter reminds us how peculiar are the ideas that have been being pressed on us all this time, it throws light on the behaviour of anti-racists on social media such as Twitter, and shows how thrilling it can be for White people to believe that they have behaved abominably. We might also wonder how common today is the student’s independent-mindedness.

According to Jonathan Bloedow’s letter, he first encountered multiculturalism when he attended an event arranged by a Resident Assistant that had been advertised as for Whites only.[2] She had brought in two professors to lead a discussion about race, stereotypes, prejudice, power and privilege. When the professors’ ideas were challenged from the floor, the discussion became quite tense.

Afterwards, Bloedow and a friend continued the discussion with some students who agreed with the professors and tried to persuade the two to accept ideas that seemed to get more and more bizarre. Their argument relied on defining racism as prejudice plus power, on which basis they said that all White Americans were racist regardless of their actions or beliefs. When the anti-racists realised that they could not effectively counter their opponents’ objections, something strange happened. In frustration two of them told Bloedow and his friend that their problem was that they were thinking too much from here, pointing to their heads, instead of from here, pointing to their hearts. Bloedow wondered why both young women used the same words and gestures, which he had never heard or seen before, and surmised that they had been affected by a common source. He later spoke to other student multiculturalists, one of whom even followed him in to dinner and sat down with him to explain his new-found belief system.

Cornell University

Bloedow noticed that all the discussions of multiculturalism in which he had taken part had several things in common. Most striking was the peculiarity of the beliefs themselves and the simplistic nature of the explanations of complex social problems that were offered. Secondly were the formulaic phrases used. Not only did every student multiculturalist express the same ideas, they usually expressed them in the same trite words. Again Bloedow thought that this belief system must have a single source. Thirdly the multiculturalists’ ideas were new to them. They had only acquired them at Cornell. Fourthly, they were all very excited about their new beliefs. Like religious fanatics they displayed an almost frenzied devotion to them, which Bloedow found odd given the simplistic nature of the beliefs. Finally, they gave no sign of thought, seeming to have accepted the ideas without putting them through their minds. Something seemed to have snapped in them psychologically, letting the ideas in and changing the students permanently. In one case, when a couple with whom Bloedow had been good friends learned that he edited The Cornell American, which had presumably questioned multiculturalism, they were outraged and refused ever to speak to him again. When he greeted them in the street they ignored him, thinking him too evil to acknowledge. Bloedow became all the more interested in what was happening—and disturbed by it.

Suddenly everything fell into place for Bloedow when he remembered hearing of this phenomenon before. He had once attended a lecture given by someone from the Council on Mind Abuse about cults, brainwashing and mind-control, where the speaker had said that a principal aim of brainwashing was to get people to stop using their minds and start thinking with their hearts. He had explained how mind-controllers try to get people to see their minds and rational thought as their enemies.

Bloedow talked to a fellow student who had recorded his experience of multicultural training, which matched Bloedow’s own. The other student said that at the start of one session, trainees were told no fewer than four times not to think about what they were about to hear but to feel it. When the student had countered the claim that “Whites walk down the glistening sidewalk of life with everything handed to them on a silver platter” by saying that he knew White people who had lived in poverty, the other students had turned on him and screamed that he was an evil racist.

Now seriously concerned, Bloedow set out to discover all he could about brainwashing and mind control, learning among other things that mind controllers train people to respond to dissenters with harassment and abuse but to accept them warmly if they recant. When he read out parts of a book about brainwashing to his fellow student, the latter was shocked to see how accurately the book described what he had experienced. Bloedow’s scepticism gave way to the conclusion to which everything was pointing, which he found quite frightening.

He noted that all the students he came across who were possessed by the new belief system had been converted in one of three situations, the main one being the course “Racism in American Society”, taught by the chair of the Africana Studies Department and another professor. He learned that the university was thinking of making this course mandatory for all first-year students, something true of no other course.

It was later suggested to him by the former director of the Cult Awareness Network that Cornell resorted to mind-control techniques because it had only a short time in which to change students’ minds.[3]

Jane Elliott in the 1990s

A famous “diversity trainer” active at the same time, who has won the National Mental Health Association Award for Excellence in Education, is Jane Elliott. She began her diversity training in 1968, appeared on the Johnny Carson show and has had several documentaries made about her. One from 1996 was recently shown online.[4] Apparently she relied on psychological abuse rather than brainwashing, although psychological abuse can be an element of the brainwashing process.

When signing trainees in to a workshop, she either placed or did not place a large yellow collar round their necks. Those with collars waited in one room, the others in another.

In the uncollared room, where most trainees were Black, she explained that she had separated trainees by the colour of their eyes, putting a collar on those with blue eyes. She was going to attribute to the blue-eyed trainees every negative trait that had been attributed to Black people so that they would learn how it felt to be non-White, she said. She told the brown-eyes that the blue-eyed waiting room contained just three chairs for seventeen people and laughed. She had had the heating turned way up there. A blue-eyed person must have come in to ask if it could be turned down, because she said: “It’s hot in there? Well, then it’s probably smelly, isn’t it, because White people smell a lot, don’t they?” She wanted the blue-eyed trainees to be uncomfortable, she explained to the brown-eyed ones.

Still in the brown-eyed waiting room, she suggested that IQ tests were biased against Black people because they tested “something that they know virtually nothing about”. But IQ tests don’t test knowledge; they test the ability to see and extrapolate patterns. Jane Elliott preferred to describe a question of aptitude in problem solving, such as the Raven’s Progressive Matrices (which is a non-verbal test of abstract reasoning) as a question of knowledge. She told the brown-eyes that they would be given a test that they would pass because the test itself gave them half the answers. This would resemble the way in which White people outperformed Blacks in IQ tests because White people are given the answers on a plate. Black trainees smiled, looking forward to outdoing the blue-eyes, who would presumably take a different test, which they would fail.

She seemed to think that the reason Black people did poorly in many ways was that White people expected little of them, a theory George W Bush alluded to when in 2009 he referred to “the soft bigotry of low expectations”, sometimes known as the theory of the self-fulfilling prophecy. Expect something of someone and they will do it. If only life were that simple! Teachers could raise whole classes of dull children to the top of the academic league just by predicting that they would get there. People with no ear for music would start singing in tune if only someone prophesied that they would.

Another explanation suggested by Jane Elliott of the fact that Whites exceeded Blacks was that they were in power and had set things up so that they would remain in power. They won every game because they had invented the game and set the rules. What chance therefore did a Black person have? This was the Great Race Conspiracy Theory, which says that Whites connive to keep Blacks down. It is a classic conspiracy theory because no one has found any evidence of the conspiracy, which must therefore be going on in secret. Nor can the theory account for the abundant evidence of White people trying to help Black people in every possible way.

Jane Elliott saw “cultural bias” everywhere, sometimes where it was bound to exist, sometimes where it could not. “We use culturally biased text-books, we have culturally biased pictures on the wall”, she said, without explaining how a book or picture could fail to reflect a culture. According to her, our maps were also culturally biased, although what shape a continent might be on a culturally unbiased map she did not say.

But she made the purpose of the workshop clear to the brown-eyes: “For two and a half hours we are going to make these people look inferior and feel inferior”. Clearly this was a sadist who particularly hated White people.

In the workshop, where the blue-eyes sat on the floor while the others sat in chairs, she described White people as slow, unmotivated and lazy. How was this supposed to reflect reality? It must have been extraordinarily rare for a white person to describe a black person in this way to his face. Yet Jane Elliott relished doing this to white people. The Black trainees loved it.

The delighted Jane Elliott: Hating on White People

Posing with one of her delighted trainees

Some of her less of delighted trainees, with collars

She told those with collars that they would be treated “the way they have treated other people for a lifetime”. Even assuming that she meant White people in general rather than her White trainees in particular, how many White Americans had ever actually mistreated a Black person? The scenario was a product of Jane Elliott’s imagination, drawing on largely mythical but culture-wide dramatic categories.[5]

If Jane Elliott had really wanted the White trainees to know what it was like to be Black, she could have asked some Black trainees to stand up and tell them, in which case how many would have said that they were commonly abused? She was pushing the idea that Black people habitually suffered at the hands of Whites without a shred of evidence that it was true. The main purpose of the workshop seemed to be to gratify her love of insulting and humiliating White people.

She did at one point invite Black trainees to speak, not about being Black but specifically about their “stress”. One said that he had been unable to rent a house because, he was told, it was occupied, and he had later seen a White couple going into it: not a very persuasive example of persecution. A woman said that she was one of only two Black teachers at her school: hardly a major problem, one would have thought, let alone a case of mistreatment. The impression was reinforced that Jane Elliott’s idea of Black suffering inflicted by Whites was a fantasy.

This stubborn attachment of many White people to the idea of Black suffering recalls the time that in the Jim Crow era a journalist interviewed a Black man who had been refused admission to a hotel. “What did you do?” asked the journalist breathlessly, perhaps hoping to hear that the Black man had had to sleep on the street. “Went to another hotel”, he said.

Anti-racism training today

It would be interesting to know how the anti-racism training courses employees must undergo today compare to the brainwashing or psycho-torture sessions held in the 1990s. It would seem from the websites of companies offering such training that they might differ in three main ways.

First, whereas in the 1990s “multicultural” or “diversity” training aimed to get it across to White people that their society was riddled with racism, today this is taken for granted. For example, a prospectus from Equality and Diversity UK states that its course aims to “support delegates to understand the role of White privilege in racism” and help them “learn more about racism both the covert/overt [sic], including Subtle Acts of Exclusion”.[6] The existence of “racism”, “White privilege” and these “subtle acts” is presupposed rather than asserted. The course also aims to “support delegates to understand … White fragility and White saviourism”, thereby presupposing the existence of these things too. For anyone who might wonder what they are, the course will “give delegates the language … to tackle uncomfortable conversations”, as though without such jargon one would be unable to talk about race or whatever is supposed to be meant by “racism”. Yet it seems that some courses still find it necessary to inform trainees that all Whites are racist, as seen in the following picture.

All White people are racist, says this happy, edifying woman[7]

Secondly, today’s courses do not seem to advocate feeling rather than thinking but seem to be presented as almost academically respectable. Anti-racism now appears so confident of itself that it can pose as the product of rational thought and observation. Today’s courses also present themselves as caring. With White people’s interests at heart, they want to help them and support them in their efforts to overcome various afflictions of which they might have been unaware.

Thirdly, today’s courses modestly refrain from assuming that they will turn every White trainee into an anti-racist. Rather, they stress the concept of “allyship”, whereby those who do not become anti-racists will at least become their allies so that whatever anti-racists do, they will be behind them. Thus should it turn out that the thrust of anti-racism is to attack White people, their society and their culture, its new allies will also attack White people, their society and their culture.

Perhaps readers who have attended anti-racism training recently will tell us about it in the comments section below.

[1] The letter formed the main part of an article entitled “Does Cornell Use Brainwashing?” which I downloaded in 2001 and can now be accessed at:  Unfortunately it does now record the author’s name or the date of publication. I would guess that the letter, if not the article, was written in 1994. It cannot have been earlier since it mentions the Waco incident, which occurred in 1993, nor can it have been much later since it refers to multiculturalism as something new.

[2] Resident Assistants at Cornell, apparently called house advisors or junior counsellors at other American colleges, were senior students employed by the university to live among younger ones as “the extension of the administration into residential life”.

[3] The former director of the Cult Awareness Network was Ron Loomis.

[4] Blackpilled, March 5th 2023, “INSOMNIA STREAM: STUPID CUNT EDITION”,

[5] Dramatic categories are mental devices for perceiving events, which can make it easier to believe in myths than facts. “Certain unverbalized assumptions about what must be the case can often defeat what actually is the case,” wrote the philosopher John Searle when discussing the student uprisings at Berkeley in the 1960s. He gave as an example of a dramatic category: “oppressed minority wins struggle for justice against reactionary authorities”. This contrasted with “oppressed minority engages in pointless battle with authorities for something they are prepared to give anyhow”, which was not a dramatic category and so no one could see events in those terms. See John Searle, 1972, The Campus War, Harmondsworth: Penguin, pp. 73-77. The unverbalised dramatic category that Jane Elliott drew on and promulgated was basically that Whites were horrible to Blacks.

[6] Equality and Diversity UK, no date (downloaded March 2023), “Anti Racism Training Course”,

[7] Source: VICE TV,

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  1. Veronica
    Veronica says:

    Excellent piece. I read many works on brainwashing as a youngster and concur that this is what is taking place with the DEI tyranny. Indoctrination: the process whereby one is taught to accept beliefs without being able to criticize them or critically evaluate them. Evidence of DIE indoctrination might include questioning white privilege, CRT, the 1619 Project and then having the cultic leaders and their acolytes reflexively call you a racist. A person versed in logical fallacies may be able to recognize this as an ad hominem attack but ad hominem attacks are powerful emotionally charged ways of shutting people down and many, even those of us who are familiar with this technique, find ourselves feeling sheepish and defensive. Reading this piece has made me want to go back and re-read some of the literature on cults and brainwashing. Robert Jay Lifton’s study of “wash brain” in the Chinese cultural revolution is a worthy work, though Lifton would probably deny that what is happening now is basically the same thing.
    I’m a student at Portland State University and recently I received an email which featured an article entitled “Thinking Critically About Reverse Racism,” by a white female (who else?) I nearly laughed out loud at the misappropriation of the phrase “thinking critically.” The gist of the article was, you guessed it, racism toward whites, “reverse racism,” is impossible. No, dear, it is not impossible but please do remove the qualifier “reverse.” It is simply racism and racism toward whites abounds.

  2. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    When I am called a racist, I thank the person for their compliment, adding that racism is simply preservation of one’s own kind – one of the foundation stones of Natural Law.

    If my accuser is still willing to engage in meaningful dialog, I add that true diversity can only be accomplished if everyone – regardless of race – practices racism.

    On the other hand, if my accuser has a libtardian meltdown, I simply say “Hey, you sound vaccinated!”

  3. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    Welcome again to the land of Zog, a racial dystopia run wild. Ms Elliott was obviously either a Jewess, or a deranged White libtard, afflicted with acute Negrophilia. I believe that Gustave Lebon analyzed this type of depraved mindset 120 years ago, or so.

    • Birhan Dargey
      Birhan Dargey says:

      I am truly scared for our childrens future. The LGBT CA alliance is advocating that in the near future all Hospital Maternity Newborn children wards WILL be mandated/obligated by LAW to produce at least 30% TRANSGENDER babies and/or lose Public Tax funding…in other words a baby boy/girl born in 2030 and radomly chosen by a statistical function will have his genitalia/PENIS/breast/uterus removed permanently upon BIRTH without PARENTAL Consent..and without legal/religious/moral remedy.

  4. Dr. Rock
    Dr. Rock says:

    Racism and White Supremacy is so pervasive, so obvious, and so pernicious, that it literally required a White Woman to teach blacks all about it; Boy, that must sting!
    I don’t have much sympathy for whites that succumb to this “anti-racism” brain washing. If they are dumb enough to sit in on these struggle sessions, and simple enough to be sold a bill of goods that is less convincing than an Amway elevator pitch, then I guess they are the types of lemmings that would have fallen for something else, anyway, whatever that might have been.
    I’d add too, for the generations that were steeped in the “self-confidence” movement, i.e. everyone gets a trophy, I don’t how they get duped in a two hour “you should now hate yourself” seminar. I recognize and realize that it is mostly because they weren’t raised with a real religion, or rock solid belief systems, so their empty vassal souls are yearning for something to fill that void, although I’d assumed they all filled it with vacuous TV star worship, or empty headed consumerism, but apparently there was still room enough for some feckless self-hatred and negro worship.
    Remember, we are talking about a generation, or two, of kids that barely understand anything about the real world, and they basically care about it even less, so I don’t know how many of them can even comprehend the concepts behind all of this tripe they are being fed, but apparently, uncritical belief in “something” is just within their intellectual framework? Seems hard to believe- they don’t know history, biology, sociology, or science, but they can get convinced that “systemic racism” is a real thing? Something so incredibly abstract and unprovable?
    Ergo, it’s got to be “faith”, because it isn’t the soft brain’s ability to comprehend abstract theories.
    Plus, and this must be a huge component (and why so many of these converts are semi-affluent, coddled, rich kids, from lily white suburbia), nobody with any actual “lived experiences” around real living American blacks, believes in any of this horseshit! Why? Because watching blacks wreck their own lives, consistently, and deliberately, leaves absolutely no room for systemic racism to have caused any of it.
    Their self-destructive, anti-social, and anti-community behavior, is self-evident, and proof positive of every REAL TANGIBLE difficulty that they face.
    You don’t need any phantoms, or boogeymen, or abstract theories- it’s all right there, in your face, hourly, daily, yearly.

    The answer, i.e. solution, for all of this, for blacks, whites, and every mutt in between: Find God, and realize a higher purpose, rather than staying fixated on the trials and tribulations of Man. You’ll be happier, more fulfilled, and less likely to indulge in immoral idiocy, which is a reward unto it self.

    • jank
      jank says:

      The 2 quadrillion dollar derivatives market is a ponzi scam and must come down. 2 quadrillion dollars of securitized debt. 2 quadrillion dollars is 580 years of the world GDP! Got it? They have drained all the wealth they can from amalek and are looking for an out. The cultural maelstrom jews have created here is solely to spark a massive BACKLASH. They want a civil war so they can slip out the back door during the mass famine. What did sun tzu say?
      loot a burning house.

  5. Desert Flower
    Desert Flower says:

    A couple of years ago, in an online “sensitivity” course (required by employer), this point was made (which I wrote down, so here it is verbatim):
    “You know that gut feeling you get when something isn’t right? Most often, our intuition, or gut, knows when something is ethical or unethical. But it’s not just about the feeling, it’s about obligations to yourself, your colleagues, and your organization.”

    And I thought at the time, well, my gut feeling/intuition tells me this mandatory online training is discriminatory against ethnic Americans/European Whites and our cultural norms, and it is wrong. Furthermore, they expect me to lie about things that are obviously untrue (a man is a woman, and if you don’t acknowledge that, you are insensitive and unethical). Lying is unethical, and being forced to lie to keep your paycheck is unjust and inhumane.
    Anyway, my obligations are first and foremost to my family (and by extension, my people), not to the organization or the organization’s employees (colleagues) and their needs and desires.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      Individualist Primary Principle ___

      Never join ANY group or organization of any kind unless it is mostly congruent with your vital interests ; and do not remain matriculated in a group or organization that fails to maintain a net positive benefit to YOUR vital interests .

      The purpose of anti-White racist brainwashing is to marinate your mind in order to produce ideologicly compliant output that is palatable to the jewmasterss .

  6. Desert Flower
    Desert Flower says:

    When I read this sentence, I thought of Jews and (for example) the entertainment industry, which they did indeed invent and set the rules:

    “Jane Elliott also suggested that another explanation of the fact that Whites exceeded Blacks was that they were in power and had set things up so that they would remain in power. They won every game because they had invented the game and set the rules.”

    I don’t sense that most European Whites are brainwashed, but are cowards and confused. There are the Believers, the ones running and pushing the training, but most in my “sensitivity” training courses were not brainwashed. They needed a paycheck.

  7. B. Rockford
    B. Rockford says:

    Gustave LeBon’s works are almost all worth reading today.
    DIE is a totalitarian cult promoted systematically across the Anglo-European sphere rom its Race, Gender, Class predecessor initiated by Herbert Marcuse & others.
    Good modern guides to its technology are the books by Michael William, James Lindsay and Charles Pincourt.
    More informative and effective than simple-minded and monocausal Jew Jabber.

      • B. Rockford
        B. Rockford says:

        I recall the Chakhotin Three-Arrows book as an anti-Nazi tract. There is also a well-known book on propaganda by Jacques Ellul, and in recent years many studies from various angles have appeared on social psychological control with the use of technological communication.
        I note that Oxfam also now wishes to revise the English language itself. “1984” again.
        We have to protect our young people.

        • jank
          jank says:

          Yes, this 1940 book, written by a russian communist, aimed at national socialist germany, was on the wrong side, so, take the insights for what they’re worth. There really isn’t a lot of material on psyops because its been highly classified. You certainly won’t learn about how societies are being manipulated in college/grad school. For an interesting history and current state of these OSS/CIA social manipulations read Christopher Simpson’s Science of Coercion, available free here:

          • B. Rockford
            B. Rockford says:

            There is a lot of material, apart from recent books, on this if you “search the scriptures” in cyberspace or fringe mags like “Nexus” or even David Icke’s videos. But you need to treble-check everything as is the case also with conspiracy theories (especially those including our old friends). Disinformation can also warn unintentionally but indirectly about dangerous possibilities.

  8. American friend
    American friend says:

    Another major cause is old-fashioned *cowardice.*

    Note the women’s swim teams who put up with “transgender women” (actually men) competing against them and winning.

    If they just used the *Leftist* tactic of boycotts and disobedience, that trans insanity would stop or be greatly reduced.

    But no, they’re sissies.

    Most women just sit and take these outrages (with some exceptions) even though we are told how “strong” women supposedly are these days. I fail to see their strength.

    Most good Americans simply will not stand up to LGBTQ, the Jewish lobby, Neo-cons, and Antifa/Black Lives Matter.

    The cure: Some good old American courage.

    Where are the military men and veterans who are being subjected to LGBTQ/BLM and deadly Neo-con wars?

    White Christians should be ashamed of themselves.

    • JM
      JM says:

      @American friend
      “Another major cause is old-fashioned *cowardice.*”

      The video said that the people trapped by the unholy bitch were sent there by their employer with the threat that if they didn’t conscientiously carry out the full course they’d be fired. Like with so much that is female power, it really was non-existent but had the powerful forces of the State or employer, or both, behind it. That’s why the people – not just females, but males too, bowed to her vileness.

      This hyper-intimidation reminds one of State-Employer backed intimidation to force the vaxx on people in (almost) all European-based nations in the “Pandemic”.

      The responses are far more than the result of cowardice. In fact for the (rightly) sceptical, a certain courage was required in trading the perceived great personal risks off for the right to work and support ones’ family or whatever. The more sceptical, the greater the courage required.

    • RegretLeft
      RegretLeft says:

      I cannot possibly disagree with you. But do understand the full cost of “courgage” for those U Penn women: you are 21, your parents will, in a year, have 250K at least invested in your education. You say ONE (courageous) thing and your chances of getting into law or business school drop to near zero; as do your chances of big corp, fed gov jobs/career. And you are shunned by nearly the entire campus community. I could go on. So you look at your feet and curl your toes and then go out to the student dispensary to re-fill your anti-depression script.

      I would say parents were much better positioned to show courage; few, but some, did. And I think a couple of the female swimmers did end up writing a letter of protest to the NCAA.

      • An Armenian American
        An Armenian American says:

        Sorry, but I must agree with American Friend about cowardice.

        It’s also about laziness.

        Back 15 years ago there was HUGE national and worldwide news that the ADL and other Jewish groups had been denying the genocide of Christian Armenians committed by Turkey.

        As a result, the ADL was being battered and thrown out of American cities.

        The ADL was on the run. Articles galore in major papers.

        Did the anti-ADL crowd on the Right (and Left) join in the very successful Armenian American campaign and batter the ADL’s hypocrisy and try to kick the ADL out of MORE cities?


        They all sat on their hands in what was a successful campaign that could have been infinitely more successful.

        That’s an example of cowardice and laziness that did not need to be. It was blindness too.

        There is no other explanation.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” The cure: Some good old American courage.”

      Nope .

      Courage is important but not a cure .

      The only remotely probable cure at this point would be a miraculous Nordic/White epiphany of a dire need to establish a USA Pacific Region WN ethnostate sanctuary for Nordics — before it is too late .

      Nordics/Whites have no capacity to spontaneously rise up and defend their racial interests . They need powerful leaders and powerful organizations to defend and promote their vital interests ; they have neither and continue to be softly genocided , except for Ukraine war deadly genocidal deletions , into an eventual footnote of world history .

      • Mr. Tarantino
        Mr. Tarantino says:

        If being critical of Jewish American power is so hopeless and even impossible, then please tell us how Kevin McDonald and some others have been so successful?

        The answer is that too many others are lethargic and lack courage whereas Kevin MacDonald is the opposite.

        Why not post comments on mainstream media which tactfully point out Jewish groups’ power?

        Why not call in to talk radio and question why Israel is supposedly an ally?

        Why not join the Proud Boys or show up at their demonstrations and send them donations?

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          Prof KMac has courageously and successfully kept this vital TOO website up and running . That is his great achievement and he does not need to do anything else in my firm opinion .

          Obviously ,

          …” being critical of Jewish American power is ” … not impossible .

          However ,

          being optimistic about Nordics/Whites ability to prevail ,

          without an established WN ethnostate sanctuary for Nordics
          ( most of whom are politicly retarded ) ,

          a globalist ILLuminati genocide ,
          facilitated by the UN ,

          is not reasonable .

  9. SpaceCowboy
    SpaceCowboy says:

    From 2021

    “The Mazsihisz, as a Jewish group, firmly believes that all people are inherently pure and their emotions do not make them unclean,” the statement read. “No one should be labeled impure, be discriminated against and certainly not outlawed simply because of their orientation or identity. Such classifications destroy social cohesion and our sense of belonging.”

    That makes perfect (((sense)))!

  10. SpaceCowboy
    SpaceCowboy says:

    Translation of

    (Picture caption top right: “American soldier”)

    Twice Rome 1938:

    “It is forgotten today that the human race is only one comprehensive Catholic race.” Pope Pius XI, on whom the new pope had a strong political influence, on July 29, 1938.

    “There is a difference of races perceptible to the senses…” The beginning of the statement of the Italian Ministry of Popular Culture and a group of Italian university teachers on the racial question (15. 7. 1938).

    For centuries the Church kept the peoples ignorant of the entities: Race, Blood and Ethnicity. As late as 1935, priests in Germany publicly declared at Catholic congresses that a Catholic German was closer to a Catholic Negro than to a non-Catholic German. For the Catholic, therefore, it was not an offense to commit racial defilement with a Catholic Negro or baptized Jew. In contrast, it should be “disgrace” and “mixing” if a Catholic German married a non-Catholic German! For the Church, therefore, even Jewdom is a purely theological matter.

    • JM
      JM says:


      Nothing has changed. This bears a striking resemblance to the very public ideas of E Michael Jones (an Opus Dei acolyte?) an apologist for the immigration policy of the Vatican.

      The Roman Catholic church has no objection at all to the flooding of the West with fake refugees. It has powerful organisations that support their alignment with the Globalist project.

      The numerous organisations of the Catholic Church in Western countries are run and staffed mainly by laity, with well remunerated ‘CEO’s’. Other Christian churches have similar arrangements. And they’re all on the government teat.

      Who needs Jews when you’ve got modern Christian churches? Of course it’s well documented from whence the main settings arise, though this should not prevent anyone from seeing who their allies are.

      No doubt a lot of the problems encountered by the Meloni government (insofar as they are conscientious on this issue) in stopping the tide arise from this well organised subversive force.

    • SpaceCowboy
      SpaceCowboy says:

      @Franklin Ryckaert

      Very right! Yes, I also think it is high time to ask the all-holy Lord Jesus personally whether his so-called “kingdom of heaven” demands from us “evil whites” in all seriousness the tribute to all our misfortune to give up our entire race and let it disappear.

      Perhaps not all of us agree to sacrifice all our descendants on the cross of a superstitious Semitic desert religion? If he affirms this, we finally know where his “priorities” (and possibly also his origin-related intentions) lie.

      Then we can separate in the good, because I myself reject it strictly to have to meet in his “heaven” exactly those Negroes and Jews which I had to endure already here on earth also again in his “heavenly kingdom”, even if all the “multicolored” murderers, thieves and rapists wear then only white angel robes.

      PS: Mr. “EMJ” is however also highly suspicious to me!

      • John Alder
        John Alder says:

        Well said! Why would I want to go to their heaven when it is onbiously populated with the biggest bunch of assholes who ever trod the earth? I once was christian but when it became obvious it required me to be stupid I wised up and walked away from it. All religions are made up by humans and they offer no proof for the wild claims they make.

      • Carole Roberts
        Carole Roberts says:

        @ SpaceCowboy
        Islam is a “superstitious desert religion”.
        Christianity began in fertile almost Germanic Galilee and developed in the Hellenic world.
        “Europe is the Faith” (Hilaire Belloc).

        • D. C. Reeper
          D. C. Reeper says:

          @ Carole Roberts & “Space Cowboy”

          The New Testament was written in Greek and used the Greek translation of the Hebrew scriptures. The theology of the Church was based on Greek philosophy and its structure on the Roman empire. How suited the religion was for the Germanic peoples is a matter of argument, but it certainly supported the farmstead piety of Europeans and their descendants in north America and southern Africa. Ironically, many white nationalists would prefer the OT 10 Commandments to the NT Cheek-turning ethic.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        ” Perhaps not all of us agree to sacrifice all our descendants on the cross of a superstitious Semitic desert religion? ”

        Superb observation .

        Unfortunately , most USA Nordics/Whites are too politicly retarded to be aware of any imminent sacrifice of their progeny on the alter of Talmudic Judaism .

        • John Alder
          John Alder says:

          We should all do what we can to discourage our people from attending church and to avoid tv bible thumping zionist con artists as well. Those bastards are filthy rich from spouting their poison to gullible people who are easily parted from their money, money they give to con artists who already have more money than their donors will ever see. Some of those viper preachers have a fleet of private jets. Close your wallets White people and do something productive on Sunday as opposed to listening to tripe and dropping cash in a basket.

  11. John the First
    John the First says:

    In my view, aside of the brainwashing and forceful imposition of the multiculti ideology, mass democracy leads to a low-brow egalitarian mono-culture, this is a depressing cultural prison, which might lead those who are sensitive of this egalitarian mono-culture to appreciate multiculturalism for the wrong reasons. It is a cheap substitute for much needed variation.

  12. John D. Alder
    John D. Alder says:

    Making what the left calls White racism more common can get those gullible woke sheeple to be forced to accept and tolerate it. We need to step up our activity to the point where they either give up or have a nervous breakdown. I try to be bold about my anti jew and pro White beliefs.

  13. Birhan Dargey
    Birhan Dargey says:

    Our Brilliant USA Dept of State envoy arrived in Gambia/Ghana/EGuniea. He was so happy to come and offer them a multimmlions aid package for local development. BUT then The US Rep them that to be eleigible for the aid they must legalize gay marriage/lgbt/crt/mulridiversity. So if you want the money you must let boy have anal sex with other boys. The USA Ambassador was almost lynched, and he got on a plane out quickly. The Russians/Rumanians/Polish/Bulgarians dont want that for their children either..thats why Putin is winning.

  14. SpaceCowboy
    SpaceCowboy says:

    Yellowed and tattered (2005)

    A book about Salvador Allende is causing a stir: Was the icon of the left an anti-Semite and racist?

    The library of the medical school in Santiago de Chile is a haunted place. Behind the reading room, a tiny elevator rides up through several deserted floors. Among shelves of yellowed anatomy manuals and a prehistoric X-ray machine stands a glass case filled with bottles of undefinable liquids.

    Next to the poison cabinet, a door secured with a padlock leads to a small room. There, a yellowed and tattered anthology is stored, including the doctoral thesis of the physician and later president Salvador Allende Gossens from 1933. The work is, it says, “public and available for anyone to see.”

    The first person to actually read the work is apparently the scientist Víctor Farías, 65, who claims in a book that it exposes an icon of the left in South America and Europe as a racist and anti-Semite, as a supporter of eugenics and forced sterilization.

    In doing so, the philosopher, who has taught at the Latin America Institute of Freie Universität in Berlin since 1974, has caused quite a stir – and not for the first time. In his book “Heidegger und der Nationalsozialismus” (Heidegger and National Socialism), he revealed embarrassing and previously unknown facts about the most German of German philosophers. Later, half of Chile was angry with Farías because in “The Nazis in Chile” he proved how deeply his homeland had once been influenced by Nazi ideas and Nazi emigrants.

    His new book is called “Salvador Allende: Anti-Semitism and Euthanasia.” It has so far only been published in Chile and Spain and aims right into the culture of remembrance. For Salvador Allende has enjoyed the aura of victimhood among the left-wing bourgeoisie worldwide ever since he was killed in a military coup in 1973.

    In Germany, too, high schools, streets and squares are named after him. The “revolutionary in a tailor-made suit” (“Frankfurter Allgemeine”) is present in many cities, much to the permanent annoyance of conservatives. And now this? The intellectual with the gentle eyes, who took his own life during the bombardment of the government palace Moneda – in reality a Nazi in disguise?

    With some points of view, the young Dr. Allende was indeed close to the fascism-infected currents of the first half of the century. For example, he propagated the view that mental illness, crime and alcoholism were hereditary. Thus, his diagnosis was that homosexuality was a disease that could be cured by implanting human testicular tissue in the abdomen.

    And: For Allende, southerners are incapable of moral action because of the hot climate. About Jews, referring to other research, this ominous dissertation says: “The Hebrews are characterized by certain forms of crime: Fraud, falsehood, slander, and above all usury.”

    Farías retains the credit for discovering these arguably time-bound views, which do not indicate that here is a man writing who would become an admired socialist. But he goes further in his well-known swing: He chides Allende for having remained faithful to this racism and anti-Semitism for a long time, at least into the Popular Front government of President Pedro Aguirre Cerda (1939 to 1942). There he was minister of health and pushed a law for the forced sterilization of the mentally ill, which admittedly never came into force.

    But it is also true that eugenics and racist ideas were part of the mainstream at many universities in Europe and America long before the Nazis seized power. In the U.S., researchers were already working with government approval on outright breeding projects at the beginning of the 20th century to seal off society against “undesirables.” Around 60,000 Americans – many of them epileptics, alcoholics and socially conspicuous members of the lower classes – were forcibly sterilized until the 1970s.

    American authors such as Edwin Black (“War on the Weak”) describe that the “worldwide U.S. export of eugenics” had much appeal. Social scientists in Brazil saw the opportunity for “whitening” the population. In Sweden, eugenics was discussed as a matter of course as a means to promote public health. That is why Chile’s leading daily newspaper, the conservative “El Mercurio,” of all publications, defended the dead Allende against his biographer: “Farías conceals the historical context.”

    The author in Berlin is not bothered by this. He was once a great admirer of Allende. He left Chile after the military coup in 1973 for fear of persecution, and in exile turned into a despiser of leftist revolutionary romanticism. He has the habitus of the scholar who, however, understands how to his theses powerfully for the sake of public effect.

    It fits into his picture of the true Allende that in 1972 he was not prepared to extradite to Germany the Nazi criminal Walther Rauff, who had slipped into hiding in Chile. Even interventions by the Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal with the president did not help at that time.

    Allende replied to him in a letter that he, the president, was not allowed to interfere in matters of justice. That was formally correct. For Chile’s Supreme Court had refused to extradite Rauff, who had headed the development of mobile gas chambers in the SS’s Reich Security Main Office, on the grounds of “statute of limitations.”

    The response in Chile to Farías’ revelations has been moderate. There, Allende has since become a historical figure. The rehabilitation is as good as complete. The Christian Democrat-controlled governments after the Pinochet dictatorship had initially tried to silence Allende. Socialist President Ricardo Lagos, however, praised Allende as a humanist and statesman.

    On the 30th anniversary of his death, an Allende Museum opened in Santiago. Since then, an Allende Foundation has administered the estate. A summary of the doctoral thesis is also available there. However, the compromising passages are missing.

    Old friends of the assassinated president naturally consider the revelations to be ghouls. “Farías is engaging in a gigantic falsification of history,” claims Victor Pey, Allende’s 89-year-old companion. The spry old gentleman, a native of Spain who fled to Chile from the fascists after the civil war in the late 1930s, defends his friend on behalf of the family and the Socialist Party. Author Farías, Pey says, imputes quotes to Allende “that in fact come from other researchers. Allende was not a racist or an anti-Semite. His mother was Jewish.”

    A daughter of the dead man, Isabel Allende, who is a congresswoman for the Socialist Party and is not to be confused with the world-famous writer of the same name, says tersely of the revelations, “Personally, I won’t comment on the machination.”

    The author calls the accusations from the Allende circle “nonsense” and refers to the relevant passages of the doctoral thesis.

    The young Allende, by the way, received only a moderate grade for his academic efforts at the time. The tattered copy yellowed unread on the shelf for years. Now interest in it has awakened immensely. The library management quickly took precautionary measures. The work may now only be read under supervision.

    • B. Rockford
      B. Rockford says:

      @ SpaceCowboy
      An excellent contribution on Allende. Che Guevara made “racist” comments about blacks, and there is a rumour that Fidel Castro also started off with an interest in medical eugenics. Nancy Stepan’s “Hour of Eugenics” (1996) shows the different attitude in multi-racial Brazil from that in the white-dominated southern cone of Latin America.
      Misrepresentations and vilification of eugenics have exploded since the 1970s when it began to resume, along with racial science, a positive image, with the usual false link to “The Holocaust”. A more objective account is the “Oxford Handbook of the History of Eugenics” (2012). It was not a “war on the weak” but an effort to eliminate “weakness” from future generations. It had humanitarian supporters from Dean Inge before WW2 to Cedric Carter in post-WW2 years. An illustrative example of systematic woke destruction of national institutions is the incremental subversion of the Eugenics Education Society into a “forum” explicitly opposed to “ALL eugenic agendas”.
      As for Martin Heidegger, the Farias hysteria was neatly diagnosed by Luc Ferry & Alain Renaut, “Heidegger and Modernity” (1990), but I would recommend especially Charles Bambach, “Heidegger’s Roots” (2005). Of course, everything in Germany between 1933 and 1945 has to be condemned automatically because of “The Holocaust”.

      • Space Cowboy
        Space Cowboy says:

        Thank you for your informative comment. Yes, very true. By the way, it is also concealed that Marx thought very little of his tribal bros, after all he knew exactly what he was talking about. His “Capital” stops exactly there, where it would have been finally concretely gewörden, i.e. with this Jewish interest bondage (the interest is considered by the Jews as “Moses and the Seven Prophets”, thus the holy of holies). The Jew Einstein for example is supposed to have expressed himself disparagingly about East Asians.

        • B. Rockford
          B. Rockford says:

          @ Space Cowboy (again)
          Serious literature on the psychology and utterances of Marx, with respect to Jews alone, is enormous; and assessments are often contradictory. Anyone eager to climb this mountainous midden could start with the far from exhaustive analytical anthology by Julius Carlebach, and follow up with the studies by Nathaniel Weyl, Francis Wheen, Hal Draper, Jerry Muller, Sander Gilman, Robert Wistrich, Julian Schvindlerman, Bertrand Russell, and even the brief reference by Norman Lebrecht on neurotic paradigm changers. Saul Singer, “Karl Marx: A Self-hating Jew,” @, May 8, 2019 (online) is a quick guide, & Murray Rothbard, “Marx’s Path to Communism,” Mises Institute, September 6, 2012, online, is worth reading.
          The fact that his co-worker, researcher and financier Engels was not Jewish should be taken into account; and also comparison with Moses Hess and Ludwig Gumplowicz.
          Marx touched only briefly on the issue of international bank-lending and its Jewish connection, but this aspect of capitalism was in relative infancy in his time. Lenin is more interesting on this development.
          My favourite fairly recent refutations of Marxist theory are David Conway’s “Farewell to Marx” and Gavin Hitching’s “Karl Marx & the Philosophy of Praxis”, influenced by Schopenhauer and Wittgenstein respectively.

  15. Monoculture
    Monoculture says:

    “We (the white race?) need protection” sang a German-British duo called “Picnic at the Whitehouse” almost 40 years ago. A stomping rhythm and and exceptional shouter quality of the British singer.

    The German linnet operates the blue PPG synthesizer of Wolfgang Palm. The track combines American rock elements with European electronics. Even then: “What has this world become?” (yeah, what!)


  16. Donald C. Reeper
    Donald C. Reeper says:

    A few points in mitigation.
    1. The Catholic mission was to convert all nations, i.e. one faith for different peoples (Matthew 28.20; Acts 17.26; Revelation 7.9), unlike the woke world, i.e. different faiths for one people.
    2. Before WW2 there were keen RC supporters of eugenics, albeit with a proviso that compulsory sterilization should be imposed only as a criminal penalty. The Church itself bans some unions on biological grounds, such as incest. In theory miscegenation could be forbidden on scientific grounds; cf. Catholic Action Professor Luigi Gedda on BxW crossing.
    3. On Germany, see Kevin Spicer, “Hitler’s Priests” (2017); Wikipedia, “Karl Adam”, online
    4. In 1939 Pius XII issued an encyclical which said that the Church approves of enactments of a nation to safeguard its own “genius and qualities”.
    5. In 1953 the Catholic Code of International Ethics noted that “The differences between the various branches of the human family are so great that the fusion of races is not in any way desirable”.
    6. Romans 15.4: Exodus 20.12; Leviticus 19.19; Deuteronomy 7.3, 22.10, 32.8; Ezra 9.12,10.10-11; Nehemiah 13.3; Daniel 2.43.
    7. Teilhard de Chardin

    • B. Rockford
      B. Rockford says:

      @ Donald C. Reeper
      In 1929 the Paulist Father Bertrand Conway published an RC apologetics handbook, praised by NY Cardinal Archbishop Hayes.
      I select the following lines, without its qualifications, from his text: “The Catholic Church yields to no one in her zeal for the betterment of the race…If the spiritual good of mankind be added to the list of objects, the end of Eugenics would be identical for which the Catholic Church exists and works…. No one has the right to give existence to beings whom he cannot properly support, and who inevitably will become a burden upon the community….Due consideration for posterity demands that those who can bring into the world only diseased and defective progeny should forego their right to marry….It would certainly not be unjust to prevent mental defectives of the lowest grade from marrying….”
      The references include a recommendation that people of outstanding gifts and character should be encouraged to reproduce like kind.
      The above was given the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur.

    • Soaring
      Soaring says:

      D. Reeper,

      Thank you so much for writing this information down. I have known for some time that most churches were highly nationalistic in the past. And things have only changed recently with infiltration and indoctrination. But I did not have stable facts to back my theory. I cannot tell you how refreshing it is to hear of such things as encyclicals that back my conclusions. It is comforting to know that there is still beauty and sanity at the heart of my church. It is draining to keep hearing how the church is a weaponized religion. If it were so, the internationalists would not have tried so hard to destroy Christianity in our culture by doing things such as taking prayer out of school and insisting greetings be “happy holidays” rather than “merry” Christmas. Just a few examples of their whole hearted attack on Christian culture in which they know is the foundation of Western civilization. What stands out most to me is Christianities’ value of life and freedom that was absent from so many other cultures from before the spread of evangelization. I see the correlation in Canada. As the population loses faith in God pagan values rise. For example, Euthanasia and assisted suicide for depression are becoming normalized.

  17. Ron Chapman
    Ron Chapman says:

    Just as society’s promotion or celebration of homosexuality is societal suicide so too, any society that doesn’t seek to prevent reproduction of seriously defective genes can be said to be socially suicidal. Arguably also, every community has a right/duty to prevent individuals from procreating if, through mental or other illness, they cannot raise offspring.

    • Aiden Lake
      Aiden Lake says:

      As the BLM/LGBTQIA+/WOKE crowd dominate the US, UK & EU, eugenics, like racial science and immigration control, are strongly opposed. Any hopes of controlling our own evolution, and promoting wisdom and health, are rejected, as primary schools promote same-sex activity ever more blatantly (more “chicks” for the “daddies” in gay argot) and other disabilities are celebrated as aspirational.

      So genetic engineering to create intelligent, healthy and moral offspring is to be prevented – unless, unless…the creation of mice with two fathers by “generating eggs from male cells” raises “the prospect of same-sex couples” having a “biological child together” (The Guardian Weekly, March 17, 2023, page 8). A woke exception. As one writer put it, forget the fictions about Dr Mengele and his musical dog – we now have the fictional Dr Moreau and his dysgenic monsters becoming reality

  18. John
    John says:

    Excerpt from Patriotic Alternative website:
    “Experts in the field of demography, including Professor David Coleman of the University of Oxford, predict that if immigration and fertility rate trends continue as they are doing, then the “White British”…”
    For the upteenth time, no need to type White w/British as it is redundant having those 2 words together. British People r European aka White. No wonder we r losing big time, we don’t even understand that British People r European. U c, the idiots that we r, by combining White w/British we r implying that non-Whites can b British – THEY CANNOT.

    • Terry Bull
      Terry Bull says:

      @ John
      This is an official census term (which cannot be prosecuted for racism) that distinguishes “White British” from “White Other” (Irish, Polish, Spanish). Other groups are not defined as British. So your comment, although sensible, is redundant.
      As for the Patriotic Alternative, its overriding obsession with Jews and foolish celebration of the Nazi wartime propagandist William Joyce are eclipsing its otherwise welcome championship of English, Scots, Welsh and Irish; a gratuitous kiss of death.

  19. JM
    JM says:

    @B. Rockford

    “Marx touched only briefly on the issue of international bank-lending and its Jewish connection, but this aspect of capitalism was in relative infancy in his time. Lenin is more interesting on this development.”

    Also the Marxist writers Kautsky and Bukharin and their writings on Finance Capital and “Ultra-Imperialism” (available free on-line).

    The “debate’ on Kautsky’s Ultra-Imperialism, which he saw as the product of the logical hyper-development of Capitalism where Finance Capital totally dominates in the form of a Global Cartel, occurred before and just after 1920.

    It was postulated by Kautsky, once the premier Marxist thinker, that this development had peaceful implications. Though also seen as a definite trend within Capitalist development by Lenin and Bukharin, it was denied as a possibility because the “contradictions” within Capitalism would cause it to be overtaken by revolution which would kill the development in the womb.

    So all were right and wrong at the same time. There was no overtaking of the development by revolution.

    But Ultra-Imperialism has well and truly arrived and is anything but peaceful. Contemporary manifestations of this are the decades long thrust to “Globalisation”, with its associated hyper-financialisation and the transnational investment company, “Blackrock”, which “owns or rather controls everything” and the banks and their highly monopolised corporations that control “everything” that moves, parties, politicians, the dissemination of propaganda and a subverted public morality.

    It is this latter development that makes possible the bizarre Jewish dominance of the West, though not as a primary phenomenon, but as a super-structural effect of their historic connection with Finance Capital.

    The modern “marxist” left look at all the developments arising from this and basically support it, in some cases, all of it, in others, selecting parts they like, as though selecting from a political smorgasbord. In so doing they attach themselves to the whole stinking deal.

    • B. Rockford
      B. Rockford says:

      Quite so, JM.
      Old Whiskers has been dead for exactly 140 years but he won’t lie down. He can always be used as the “great genius” of socialist revolution, while his main themes and his “analytic tools” have an endless protean serviceability for certain mentalities. The white metropolitan proletariat has been largely, if temporarily, replaced by its global equivalent, so the western so-called “expropriators” can be justly “expropriated” by the ex-colonised [see e.g. Robin Kelley, “Why Black Marxism, Why Now?”, Boston Review, February 1, 2021, online]. Hence, the “race, gender, class” groundwork moves into the final phase of this “egalitarian” triad. Imported cheap colored labor is seen as a spearhead of global revolution inside the fortress. In Britain, private equity take-over at one level – “Here to stay, here to fight!” street-politics at the other.
      To condense in paraphrase, Lenin’s “revision” (influenced partly by John Hobson, a critic of Jewish financiers) in “Imperialism, The Highest Stage of Capitalism” (1916): “Capitalism has arrived at a stage when commodity production has been undermined, and the big profits go to financial manipulation. Finance capital penetrates every sphere of public life regardless of the form of government and other details. Instead of the export of goods, the export of capital has become the typical feature. Capitalist combines divide among themselves, first the whole internal market of a country, and then expand into international cartels. Coupon-clippers then live as parasites on colonial labour, while the upper strata of the proletariat are corrupted by wealth and merge with bourgeois chauvinism.”
      How Alexander Helphand, Olof Aschberg and Jacob Schiff fit into that picture is one thing.
      The imminent global crisis of capitalism from the collapse of reserve lending is another.
      The cannon fodder of revolution is at hand and neo-marxists are already well-entrenched in the “superstructure” having already undermined the resistance of aristocracy, nation, family, religion and race.
      “Reaktion und Rotfront” – Es geht wieder los?

      • Barbara
        Barbara says:

        Would it have made a difference if we had kept the US government small and allowed it only to act according to its Constitutional duties and each state govern itself? Or would we still have the same situation with capitalism?

        • JM
          JM says:


          “Would it have made a difference if we had kept the US government small and allowed it only to act according to its Constitutional duties and each state govern itself? Or would we still have the same situation with capitalism?”

          These developments within capitalism followed logically from its profoundly “progressive” character. They arose from the logic, for example, of the absolute need for capitalists to expand their operations in order to satisfy burgeoning markets at home and internationally, to borrow from banks. This modern borrowing had started in earnest with the need to finance the dominant forces needed to consolidate the nation states through wars, as well as to fund the mercantile phase of capitalism arising from the long time delays between purchase and delivery to the metropolitan country. This essential role of finance created its own “dialectic”, leading to the banks owning increasing shares in the once family company. The ambitions and resources of the now ascendant financial arm of capitalism of course grew and grew. It thrived on financing wars, peaceful capitalist development as well as economic depressions which offered the opportunity to acquire the assets of the bankrupt, with increasing monopolisation of productive industry following, the small fish eating the bigger fish. Before the Great Depression of the 30’s, there were over 100 automobile manufacturers in the US; after it, just five or six. The ambition of the bankers rose to the level of the issuance of the currency of highly advanced capitalist nations. They were successful, initially with minimal resistance.

          But to the core of your question. To answer this I’d say that the growth of the power of the State is a mixed blessing to the bankers and monopolists. On the one hand, it is needed to stabilize and prop up their system, but, also potentially poses a threat to their existence through anti-monopoly and anti-bank, legislative measures, up to and including wholesale bank nationalisation.

          Of course there is no way that a slimmed down “libertarian state” would be able to contain, would even wish to contain, the powerful law of capitalist development that has led to the current structures we now face throughout the Western nations. Powerful and determined government measures would have been required, up to and perhaps including, bank and monopoly nationalisation. This would have had to have been anything but peaceful as the very successful 1930’s German experience demonstrated where the power of international finance was by-passed. This latter, I believe, was the fundamental reason for making war on Germany: when defeated internally, they turned to war.

    • Aiden Lake
      Aiden Lake says:

      Karl Kautsky, “Rasse und Judentum” (1921 rev.ed.) is also worth reading along with Moses Hess “Rom und Jerusalem” (1862). Incidentally, a useful anthology of Jewish writings between 1880-1940 on identity is edited by Mitchell B. Hart, “Jews & Race” (2011).

  20. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    Another reason that I don’t think we can predict the future is because things in the future will be so different from the world we live in today. One thing that will be different is the money. I read that by July we will be forced to use a digital currency. The government will have complete control over all of your currency. You will be told what you can spend, where you can spend it and whether or not you can spend anything or your money is simply deleted.

    I’m no expert by any means as you well know. But whatever money anyone has in the bank should be spent on land, houses, vehicles, gold or anything else it could be spent on rather than leaving it in the bank for the government to change to digital where they have all control. When the change comes you will have no options but to take the digital money.

    But I don’t know what we’ll be allowed to own??? Again I’m no expert so obviously you should be trying to figure this out for yourselves and consider what should be the proper thing for you to do with your money.

    My state legislators are attempting to create a state bank and create our own currency but the problem is always the few who oppose these things. But we are already buying gold and I hope they are well on their way to saving us from the Jew fed.

    Israel got most of the money from the Silicon Valley bank that went bust. They took billions and put it in their banks. Congress sees no evil, hears no evil and speaks no evil. Should we bring our senators and representatives home and charge them with treason? I say yes. We should dissolve this government and institute a new one. They’re all part of the Great Reset.

    According to this article regarding propaganda we can see that it is in our Ivy League schools and those in control of our government come from those schools. Working class people and the middle class mostly oppose what is being done and we are the ones who supported Trump and who still support him. I personally don’t support him any longer because he never kept his promises and he moved our embassy to Jerusalem and turned our government over to his son-in-law.

    Kelsey Grammer has a new Christian movie out that is said to be very successful and has made a lot of money which shows that masses of Americans reject what is being done and long for us to take our country back. If only we had control of our public airwaves in order to organize Americans we could do something about the Jews and the white traitors who sell us out to them.

    • John Alder
      John Alder says:

      I have found Armstrong Economics to be an extremely accurate forcaster of whats coming and when as well as why. It’s worth adding to ones list of sources.

  21. Terry Bull
    Terry Bull says:

    Re Barbara’s reference to a Silicon Valley bank, does anyone here know – if this question is not “off thread” – whether or not the pension funds stolen by the late Robert Maxwell were transferred to Israeli armament facilities, or is this another “antisemitic canard”?

  22. JM
    JM says:


    “I read that by July we will be forced to use a digital currency. The government will have complete control over all of your currency.”

    We’ve got digital currency already and its use is extensive, but not yet complete (as you say).

    This economist is among the best on Finance. He demystifies it. This is his latest assessment of where the Western world is at:

    Conversation With Economist Richard Werner | The Plandemic Was Used To Usher In TOTAL CONTROL

    Bear with the video because it is extremely enlightening.

    Werner, a German, no Marxist, is deeply honest, in the modern context a great advantage because he carries none of the compromises of the modern ‘left’ with the power that rules over us all.

    BTW, there is a video called Princes of the Yen where he made his original discoveries. It summarises a book he wrote on the subject.

    • Barbara
      Barbara says:

      Thanks for the link. I intend to watch all of Werner’s videos on youtube and i tried to find his books but they’re all in German and no translations. Maybe I can begin to learn about economics because it’s a subject that puts me to sleep. But I do think that the Jew has made these issues difficult to understand and I once again just think about how wonderful life could be if not for the Jew who destroys everything they touch and they’re into everything. It’ll be nice to learn whatever I can from a good German man.

      He is saying that every policy that we now have is the opposite of what we should be doing and not even based upon science or reality. Thanks Jews.

  23. Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy says:

    Translation of a film review:

    The most important, ambivalent actors of the novel and their actions – in science fiction they are, among others, U.S. protagonists and their allies – do not appear in the film. Neither do white men. Instead, women and people of color try to save the world in the film.

    Thus, in the film adaptation, all of the white men who appear more prominently in the book have been canceled. The Norwegian protagonist Sigur Johanson, described in the book as an aging biology professor, is played by the much younger and colored Swedish actor Alexander Karim – changes to the plot included.

    It’s also richly bizarre that the only real identity politics subplot from the book around semi-indigenous environmentalist Jack O’Bannon, who in the book goes on a search for his roots between his Irish father and Native American mother, has also been canceled. O’Bannon is also a person of color in the film; apparently ZDF has its problems with “Indians”.

    On the other hand, the makers undoubtedly have a heart for women. Numerous white male characters in the book are suddenly female in the film, and as if that weren’t enough, the screenwriters immediately invented a white female protagonist in the form of doctoral student Charlie Wagner. We learn: In science – which is the main milieu in which “The Swarm” is set – there are no white men. Brave new world, and of course this also applies to love life. Heterosexual characters from the book are suddenly bi- or homosexual.

    But things have also changed in the larger geopolitical context. Criticism of the U.S. is apparently taboo today. The film doesn’t venture out of the closet, gets by without naming political causes and actors, a weak performance. In contrast to the novel, in which U.S. claims to leadership appear many times, the film seems as if a kind of bow had been made to the big brother from overseas.

    In the novel, a fantasy novel, it is, among other things, the U.S., the CIA, the president of the great Western leader country, Schätzing’s descriptions that show the American claim to leadership, complacency and powerful ruthlessness. The film, on the other hand, is bumbling along, transferred to Europe, from overseas there is not a word, not a picture, not an action, nothing to be heard. Why did Frank Schätzing go along with this? Who knows. At least the author is now venting his anger: “Cobbled-together nonsense.”

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