Red Ice, March 17, 2023

I was on Red Ice Flashback Friday yesterday. Great show. Accessible here:


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  1. Valkoinen Kuolema
    Valkoinen Kuolema says:

    I saw this live. All was good til Kevin MacDonald went off the rails at the end with boomer Cucker Tardson Fox Jews talking points suggesting there was something outrageous about Ukrainians liberating their own territory from moskal mongolian savages. The 1991 borders of Ukraine confirmed by democratic referendum and agreed to by Russian Federation in the 1994 Budapest Memorandum, wherein Ukraine surrendered its nuclear arsenal in exchange for security guarantees from the UK, USA, and Russia, include all of Donbas and the Crimean peninsula. Crimea is non-negotiable. Donbas is Ukraine. Crimea is Ukraine. If it it needs to be fought to the last Russian…good riddance to bad rubbish.

  2. cowicklow
    cowicklow says:

    It was a treat to see you on REDICE TV, perfect forum for you. Stay strong, and everyone else – subscribe to REDICE TV!

  3. Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy says:

    Aha: Mr. MacDonald covered nearly 500 miles of beeline from Oregon to Idaho to sit in Henrik’s studio. Good show (I’ve been watching for an hour so far), should definitely take place more often in this combo, also considering Mr. MacDonald’s age (even if he seems downright youthfully fresh and awake for his almost 80 years). Anyway, it is always much more attractive and entertaining when two people of different generations communicate and exchange ideas.

    • Space Cowboy
      Space Cowboy says:

      Article shown in your talk (min. 90): “You Must Not ‘Do Your Own Research’ When It Comes To Science.”

      Quote: “Unless we start valuing the actual expertise that legitimate experts have spent lifetimes developing, ‘doing our own research’ could lead to immeasurable, unnecessary suffering.” (Yeah, especially when it’s about WW2, Jews, Israel and their/its hoaxed “origin myth”!)

      Of course, a (son of a) “Jewish postal worker”. This ontological impossibility (oxymoron) is obviously so “cockamamie” that it is still used today only in quotation marks!

      “Starts With A Bang” (Siegel). It would be just “astronomically” fantastic if this whole hocus-pocus of a soon day ends with a tremendous bang! The self-portraits chosen by the author Siegel himself are obviously intended to depict his seriousness in the most unadulterated way.

      The old tall tale of the infallible “experts”. There was a time when heretics who disproved the “experts” that the Earth was “a disc in the center of the universe” were burned at the stake, still recall dat, Jewboy? “Trust the science” (and Soros-sponsored “fact checkers”)!

      As if “science” (or what he considers to be as it) has not been corruptible for a long time and does not act in the interest of multinational pharmaceutical conglomerates, but exclusively in the name of humanity. This Siegel thing is about as “credible” as his tribal bro who gets a kick out of being mistaken for “God”.

  4. Marcus Baskett
    Marcus Baskett says:

    Thank you Professor KM. Too bad henrik is (((one of them)))
    Why? Because (((they))) won’t permit us talking just amongst )))ourselves((( about our own future.
    inference?? Well because it should be the other way around having a TOO Show & News and looked at it (hypothetically) at that angle, there would be No reason whatsoever to have Henrik as a guest but there’s Every reason to have DKM on any show but here especially so henrik can dominate the platform with anger popularity and doomsday propaganda. Just another way to camouflage that he is there to confuse issues and basically disrupt us from gaining some footing for our return to independence from the enemies of nature. Professor KM you look great dude! Sharp looking. It’s good to see you like that again. Let a Well spring of contentedness be yours!

      • Marcus Baskett
        Marcus Baskett says:

        I believe Henrik is astroturfing for white culture preservation interests. I seriously doubt that I’m the only person to have doubts about his integrity and sincerity, relative to his obviously well funded and managed channel. Hope my comment didn’t come across as patronizing. Certainly not my intention.

        • James
          James says:

          Your argument does not really make sense. It is illogical to assume everyone in our sphere who is successful to be “one of them”. Its quite obvious by the donation and producer count that redice is funded by fans not some external entity. Hendrick does at times lean into ‘anger porn’ a little too heavily but in my opinion that’s simply his niche. Though I would love a TOO show, the outlet itself is more intellectually oriented and funding/interest will reflect that.

          • Marcus Baskett
            Marcus Baskett says:

            Darn, I’m gonna bite. Its illogical to straw man my comment into pertaining to “Everyone” but now that you did, come to think of it I actually think it’s a very good indicator of a creator’s basic motivation$$ and if such motivations or being satisfied… it is in the form of secured revenue stream and No One’s obligated to burden with the impossibility to make the enemy acknowledge evidence for what is obvious in that if Jews don’t approve of anything that falls into the category of a noun, it will be as has been constantly viscously and violently snuffed out in every conceivable way but without question revenue flow. So I disagree that it isn’t at least a pretty fair bet for place to start if one were to research for vetting purposes.

          • Johnny
            Johnny says:

            I agree about the anger porn. You will turn an audience off only being negative and saying everything is hopeless. Much better to try to have some problem solving and positive solution oriented shows also. Have some fun and humor as well.

          • John the First
            John the First says:

            The ‘anger porn’ is problematic, it is designed for sensation, but it is like junk food. It actually gives rise to the observation that a lot of people who are ‘defending traditional culture’ are themselves sorely in lack of culture. I do not blame them, they are deeply affected by what they fight themselves without being aware of it, its more subtle and accepted forms. In the case of those who use multimedia, their presentation is often downright alienating (the electronic music, pop music and electronic art which is accompanied with their presentation).

          • John the First
            John the First says:

            In one of the video’s on Red Ice, the topic was AI and chatGTP. In this presentation they showed images of what is actually computer generated pop art. Pop art is an art which is abstract and lifeless. Hendrick said that he actually ‘likes some of these images’, no doubt among his public there are also people who like some of it. So in this case we need critics who have a deeper sense of art, at least an idea of what is lifeless and soulless, and what is not. Not to impose a particular taste, but to distinguish between what is really lifeless art, and what at least is not lifeless.
            These people should realize that they are entitled to defend white culture, or even what can be called culture, but that they are not wholly representative, that they have their own blind spots.

        • What’s up Skip
          What’s up Skip says:

          This sort of accusation is easy to level at a slickly produced channel, but RedIce has been around for more than twenty years now, so why wouldn’t they have most of the wrinkles ironed out. Sure, they could be a front but your are not providing any evidence. Their presentation style is somewhat in the InfoWars vein but to my mind the content seems almost always to be honestly presented, with the wellbeing of the European peoples as its overriding goal.

        • SimpleMale
          SimpleMale says:

          It’s not hard to be well-funded, if one is useful enough to the audience. Consider Edward Dutton – he has 73,000 subscribers on YouTube. Now, if every one of them donated a measly two dollars just once a year to him, that’s a yearly income of $143,000. I think Red Ice had 100,000 followers on YouTube five years ago before his channel was banned. And regarding equipment, anyone can buy that stuff online. And all that special effects can even be done by kids using various free and/or purchasable software.

      • John the First
        John the First says:

        I would take it somewhat closer, it is not a critique on Henrik or his female collegue. Actually it is something which applies to about the whole right wing opposition. It is that if you look at the aesthetics of their presentations, the music, the imagery, there is often a lot of computer generated imagery and music, it is abstract and alienating. It belongs exactly to the opposite side, lifeless and soulles abstractions, dehumanizing electronic art, if even subtly.
        Now for people who are saying that they are defending traditional culture, they are sorely in lack of culture themselves. I do not blame them for it, we live in an era of artistic incompetence, and I do not expect them to be connoisseurs of high art, but then they should not impose their electronic music, machine beat pulse techno music, and techno images on us. They should keep the presentation plain and simple. And preferably use light colors. When we talk about culture, we are also talking about aesthetics, they should learn to be sensitive of what alienates, what dehumanizes, in that area too. We need to see beauty, or at least what is positive and healthy. They should keep their pop culture taste, and techno aesthetics at least for themselves. Pop culture is anti-traditional, globalistic.

  5. Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy says:

    “Pop superstar” Kylie flew to Düsseldorf from faraway
    Australia in a private jet to promote her wine collection.

    Turks and Arabs are also welcome, because Muhamad
    Aldi now also carries Kylie’s preciousness on the shelf.

    But not where “a nightmare on Eller Street” took
    place and the Sharia police have already banned
    all alcohol consumption (under threat of death).

    Btw., Kylie proved her extensive knowledge
    of the German language already decades ago.

  6. Carolyn Yeager
    Carolyn Yeager says:

    Alright as far as it goes, but misses the mark as usual because both KMac and Henrik cannot bring themselves to address the REAL history which is the anti-Germanism from WWI onward, and the extreme lies told by the British about WWII (including about the Adolf Hitler government). These two are still swallowing half the propaganda as justified! Interesting that at the time of this videocast, the website “Jailing Opinions” published an exhaustive article detailing the WWII “White” European efforts to undermine White European sovereignty and dominance in the western world. Very much worth reading:

    The abundance of homosexuality and other sex perversion in White culture, and at upper levels, is more than apparent, which we prefer to ignore, along with a love of intrigue and dangerous lifestyles. Heinrich Himmler and AH sought to change this. I think both KMac and Henrik remain silent about the deeper problems we have partly because of their careers, which they see as at stake, but also out of personal preference. They are NOT the kind of actors our true salvation needs.

    The Hitler-Holocaust lies should have been stood up to from the very beginning. And yet they still don’t want to talk about it. We need to knock the hell out of the “Holocaust,” for example. It COULD be done if we had the will. To think it’s difficult is ignorance.

    • John the First
      John the First says:

      The devils, so to speak, do not mind about which ideology, whether it is the brutalism of Nazism, hell bent on discipline, glorious narratives about a people and their tradition, promoting health and fitness, using high art for its glory, beautiful glorious architecture, racial purity, etc., or the total opposite, to promote sickness, disease, deviance, promiscuity , ugliness, stupidity, and what more. The means are absolutely of no importance. Whether it is by means of the Nazis or another group, it is all the same.
      If the new method of gaining control over societies would not be the most expedient at this point in time, the contemporary NS fans could have their way. For now, naive NS fans have no psychopathic support, and this is not likely to change. The new method, same actors behind the scenes, have ditched the former method as exploited by the Nazi’s, even using their evil credits to fight everything which promotes health, fitness, beauty, etc, fooling the big public and elites, who think they are now aware from which corner evil will attack.

      The reason probably why there are no big actors in the public eye, taking the lead, like the extremely intelligent psychopath clan of the top Nazi’s, is that no one wants to take credit for the current method, because there is no glory in it. It is all shameful, idiotic, dumb and degrading, instead of brutal intelligent and glorious. Which is why everything is until now is concocted more or less behind the curtains.

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        You seem to be missing the point, and are content to string words together that sound familiar but add up to nothing.

        Do you deny anti-Germanism existed in White Europe, fomented by the British, from before WW1? See the articles here:

        I was commenting on something specific and factual, while your reply just throws half-baked ideas around. I am most concerned with the alleged and fanciful “Holocaust” of 6 million Jews, which at this late date, 75 years later, has been debunked from every angle, but “pro-White” men like KMac and Henrik pretend they know nothing about that. Not enough to say something, anyway. This “Holocaust” holds everything about Jewish power and White guilt in place, yet these two White activists skirt that particular issue. You also, I guess.

        The “Nazis”, as you call them, were not “brutal” — they were brutalized by their neighbors as they tried to assert their national rights. They were also not a “psychopath clan.” I challenge you to present the facts in proper context that would show these claims to be true instead of just anti-German propaganda you’ve picked up. Another article you, and everyone, should read is here: It’s shockingly straightforward and documented.

        • Johan the First
          Johan the First says:

          If assumed that both took upon themselves to investigate the works of holocaust revisionists, assuming they arrived at the proper conclusion that there is no proof for the holocaust, it means at least for those in Europe giving voice to it that it will will be highly likely that they will be put out of business, if not end up in prison. The idea could be: better half a business than no business at all? Its not that they will have the benefit of becoming martyrs, as hardly anyone will hear about it. You know yourself how fanatic the Jews are on the issue, and how gentile establishments are subordinate to them.

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