Policing in the Era of George Floyd: Advice for White Officers

I recently watched a YouTube video that featured a Boise Idaho police officer interacting with two young Black males who were suspected of peeking into cars after midnight which violated a curfew law for minors. They also allegedly matched the description of suspects involved in several vehicle burglaries. This incident occurred in November of 2019.

In the body-worn camera footage, both males were seated on the curb while the officer was trying to get information from them. None of them were handcuffed at this point. The two suspects were verbally chipping away at the officer, although it was comparably mild to what I’ve seen and heard on many other police body-worn camera videos.

The officer, seemingly annoyed, engaged in a verbal dispute with one of the males who was swiftly kicked to the ground when he tried to stand up. The officer ordered this same male to cross his legs as a means of gaining greater control of him. When the male suspect refused the order, the officer handcuffed him and walked him to the rear of his patrol car. It was at this point that the handcuffed suspect kicked the patrol car causing the officer to throw him to the ground. After striking a sign when he fell, the handcuffed suspect began to scream and screech in order to create as much chaos as possible at the scene.

This is a very common overreaction among Blacks when detained or arrested by the police. They do it to gain sympathy from any gullible observers and to make themselves appear as victims of “racist white police officers.”

White Officers Must Adjust to the Racial Climate of the Times

My point in highlighting this incident is not to critically dissect everything that went wrong at the scene, but to illustrate how seemingly large numbers of cops throughout the nation still do not understand the times we are living in. They have not yet adjusted to the political and racial climate of much of the nation in their policing styles. They are caught up in a mindset that is at least twenty years outdated.

What was once generally permissible or at least moderately tolerable in terms of use of force among cops two decades earlier is completely unacceptable today. The times have indeed changed — and yet, many street cops still don’t seem to understand this. They have failed to shift with the tone and mood of how the public expects officers to conduct themselves. Whether we like it or not, officers will get little support from the community they serve if they are seen as disrespectful, officious, or heavy-handed.

This seems like such an obvious and even unnecessary thing to point out, yet I wonder at times whether the average police officer really understands it and the implications. Simply watch the various incidents involving cops on YouTube which records the demeaning attitude and conduct of officers who know full well that they are being recorded on video! How could they be so brazen and seemingly unaware of the public backlash that will occur? I attribute it to arrogance, probably because they’ve gotten away with it throughout much of their career.

Have Officers Forgotten the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics?

Created in 1957, the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics expresses beautifully how officers are to conduct themselves, the level of professionalism they are expected to exhibit regardless of whatever personal biases they may carry. They are to treat the public they serve with respect, civility, and fairness in all they do. Such expressions found within it as: “I will keep my private life unsullied as an example to all and will behave in a manner that does not bring discredit to me or to my agency. I will maintain courageous calm in the face of danger, scorn or ridicule; develop self-restraint; and be constantly mindful of the welfare of others.” And “I will never act officiously or permit personal feelings, prejudices, political beliefs, aspirations, animosities or friendships to influence my decisions. With no compromise for crime and with relentless prosecution of criminals, I will enforce the law courteously and appropriately without fear or favor, malice or ill will, never employing unnecessary force or violence and never accepting gratuities.”  This conduct was codified so that each officer knew what was expected of him or her.

Yet does any of that seem to mark the caliber of today’s officers? Granted, many officers throughout the nation conform well to the standards outlined in the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics. But I suspect that a good many do not as is evident in the many police body-worn camera videos available on social media. Far too many officers, it seems to me, have little knowledge of what can and what cannot be done within the limits of the law. They act as if their authority is limitless. They have forgotten everything they were taught about constitutional law during their academy days.

What is it about cops in the age of George Floyd who haven’t yet learned to tone down their rhetoric and conduct when dealing with Blacks — or anyone for that matter? This is especially so for the White officer wearing a body camera so that every word and deed is going to be scrutinized by their own department, the DA’s Office, as well as by the defendant’s civil rights attorneys?

These two young Black males featured in the video above were proverbially yanking the officer’s chain, but he was too caught up in the moment to realize what was being done to him. He allowed them to dictate how things would turn out. He reacted quite predictably as they wanted. How did engaging in a pissing match with two juvenile minority suspects benefit this White officer? It clearly didn’t, and he was lucky things didn’t turn out worse for him.

Boise’s Interim Police Chief, Ron Winegar, called the video “troubling” in an internal department staff email. Winegar later told the Idaho Statesman newspaper in an interview that “the police department’s internal affairs office reviewed and investigated the incident, after being notified by a supervisor and watch commander. The investigation found that “the sum of the conduct depicted in the video was clearly unacceptable,” Winegar said. . . . Winegar added that corrective action — which could be anything from counseling to termination — was taken. He declined to specify what kind. The investigation was closed in April 2020, mayoral spokesperson Maria Weeg told the Statesman in an email” (Alex Brizee, 3/2/2023).

The lesson here is that as a White cop, you’ve got to be smarter, more discerning, and wiser than the criminals and the defense attorneys they employ.

You’ve got to expect that whatever you say and do on a department-issued body-worn camera is going to be used against you if you find yourself in a use-of-force incident, or in an officer-involved shooting. Anything said that even has the slightest hint of “racism,” or suggestive of a “racist motive,” is going to be used to discredit a White officer. They will scour the entirety of his social media comments, his Facebook page, and they will interview other officers and associates in hopes of finding a ‘white supremacist’ they can parade and shame before the public. There is no forgiveness or rehabilitation for such White officers in today’s racially obsessed society bent on destroying any vestiges of White America.

Never forget that soft-minded jurors are going to watch that body-worn camera footage. These folks are in large part sheep — simpletons who believe all they’re told in the mainstream media and on social media. They know little about the realities of police work. If they are White jurors, chances are they have been badly propagandized by current “diversity” dogma. Why, then, would any officer — especially a White officer — potentially raise the ire of a jury by getting into a pissing match with two Black male juveniles? Why make matters worse by throwing one of them onto the pavement which caused his head to strike a nearby sign? The suspect, after all, didn’t kick the officer, he kicked the patrol car. Big deal.

When I was a cop, I had suspects kick my patrol car on several occasions. They would also intentionally bang their heads against the protective metal grill that separates the front seat from the rear seat of the police car. So what? If they were stupid enough to harm themselves in this way, more power to them. The point is that kicking a patrol car upon being arrested doesn’t justify throwing a handcuffed suspect to the ground. The officer should have restrained him better and made sure to secure him inside the car while causing no physical injuries to the arrestee.

The primary officer involved in this altercation, Tyson Cooper, a nearly seven-year veteran of the Boise Police Department, appears to have gotten off easily in this case. His chief was unwilling to provide to the Idaho Statesman details about corrective disciplinary measures given to the officer, and he remains employed by his department. I doubt this would have been the same outcome if Cooper were employed as an officer in any big city, blue-state police department. He’s lucky that Idaho is a staunchly red state, and even though Boise has a growing politically liberal enclave, there is still a large population that supports its police officers.

You Get What You Give to Others

Prior to my retirement, I was a police officer for many years. For fifteen years of my professional career, I was a Field Training Officer. My specialty was to train new officers fresh from the academy how to do police work the right way. I taught them in practical ways how to handle emergency calls, principles of officer safety, how to conduct a thorough criminal investigation, how to interview suspects, how to get information from witnesses, including the policies of our agency, relevant case law, and how to have a long and productive career in law enforcement.

I taught each of the new officers assigned to me that they were expected to treat everyone with respect and dignity and that, contrary to what some sour or cranky veteran officer might say, it would never benefit them in the long run to talk down to people. Even the criminals in the city I worked for were treated fairly and respectfully because that was the culture of our department, one that I wish more agencies followed as strictly as we did. We all knew that our investigations would be hampered, and we would not get as far if we were demeaning and officious toward those whom we contacted. Arrestees were more inclined to give us confidential information if we treated them with common courtesy and civility.

None of this negated the truth that there are times when an officer must talk directly to people in terms they can understand. There is a time for everything, and police work is not always pretty. But these should be rare occasions, and never the routine way an officer should speak to people. I taught new officers that their approach with people should always be on a calm, low-key level unless circumstances dictate otherwise. I essentially taught them the “Columbo method” of contacting and interviewing people which at its core is unassuming and nonauthoritative. You talk to people as you would have them to talk to you. You still aim to have your questions answered. You’re still doing your investigative job as an officer. You’re just doing it in a subtle and inquisitive manner as opposed to one where you’re acting officious, threatening, or dictatorial. Time after time, this approach proved fruitful in my investigations.

More than that, I taught these same officers the principle that if there are going to be any mistakes, let it be the suspect who makes them. The perceptive officer realizes that he or she has the greater price to pay if they are caught doing something stupid or illegal to a suspect. That price is being sued and losing one’s home, one’s livelihood, or even a prison sentence. In an age where there is a greedy attorney on every street corner, and where Americans are ready to sue others at the drop of a hat, why would any officer negate or downplay such practical realities?

The sensible officer, then, knows he is always being watched. Even when he thinks no one is watching him, there’s always some citizen observing and possibly even recording him—likely a big reason why there is a huge upsurge of crime in big cities, as police are reluctant to do their job. There’s no real or guaranteed privacy when you’re attired in a blue uniform. More reason, then, to conduct oneself in a professional and courteous manner when interacting with anyone, no matter who he or she may be or what you may think of them.

Here’s another thing to consider. Just as a criminal defendant might try to portray himself as innocent to a potentially sympathetic jury, so also the smart officer plays to the jury in portraying himself as innocent too. The difference is that while the criminal defendant does his best to convince the jury after he’s been arrested and while standing trial, the officer does his convincing before and during any arrest.

In other words, his words, respectful demeanor, and professional and policy-abiding conduct at the scene of any arrest or use of force serves as his defense before the jury. What real need is there to persuade a jury that the officer’s actions were justified and without malice when they can watch the body-worn camera footage for themselves and see how the officer conducted himself throughout the entire ordeal?

Granted, there are no guarantees because any body-camera footage must still be filtered through someone’s interpretation of the events. I’m also not denying that the most well-behaved officers may still need to testify before a jury or a judge to explain what they have done and why. My point is simply that the officer is more than likely going to be vindicated in his actions if he behaved in good faith and sought fully to conform to the law and departmental policy.

The smart officer, then, anticipates how a later jury or judge will rule dependent on how he communicates and behaves at the scene.

This must always be in the forethought of an officer when dealing with anyone. This means he doesn’t verbally belittle any suspects he contacts (commonly referred to as “jacking up” someone). He doesn’t intentionally provoke them so that a use-of-force incident ensues. All of this will later be carefully investigated, and if it’s shown that the officer was guilty of goading the suspect to react the way he or she did, the officer will be held accountable (or, at least, should be) which may result in a suspension or even termination.

The same principle applies to an experienced officer during a DUI investigation. He knows that a defense attorney will later try to pick apart everything he did at the scene of his arrest. So, he makes sure to perform a careful and full DUI investigation, followed by a meticulous arrest report in which he anticipates and addresses the kinds of objections that the defendant’s attorney will later raise during trial.

Everything a prudent officer does, then, is a form of risk management in which he forecasts and prepares for any damages or accusations that his conduct might later bring.       

The Value of Body-Worn Cameras

What an officer says and does on his body-worn camera can either destroy or justify an officer’s continuing career in police work. I recall being asked by another officer years ago about the value of body-worn cameras when they first came out. He felt they were an intrusion of the officer’s privacy and would skew the opinions of anyone watching the resulting footage of any incident. I disagreed and told him that body-worn cameras would do no such thing. If an officer routinely spoke down to others or in any way mistreated them, body-worn cameras would surely ruin the careers of such officers and rightly so!

On the other hand, body-worn cameras would also serve to justify an officer’s use of force if he did what was right within the law and departmental policy. Body-worn cameras would also vindicate officers who were wrongly accused by citizens of misconduct or any other inappropriate behavior. I can personally attest that the body-worn cameras I wore saved my bacon on more than a few occasions when I was falsely blamed for things I never said or did. In the absence of video evidence, many juries, propagandized by the Defund-the-Police movement, are likely to assume the worst about the officer and side with the arrestee. Body-worn cameras to my way of thinking, then, became an important and protective tool that was just as integral to my job as my firearm, portable radio, and handcuffs.

Dealing with “Constitutional Audits”

Another thing to address is the popularity of “constitutional audits” seen on social media in which individuals record the activities of officers while in public. Whether the officers are arresting or questioning someone, or just engaged in writing a minor traffic violation, they are routinely video-recorded by “auditors” who claim to be holding them to constitutional accountability for anything they say or do in their official capacity. Some officers are annoyed by it, but most take it in stride. The truly disturbing thing about it is how many officers are easily provoked by the auditors and completely “nut up” while being recorded. How embarrassing to have been filmed getting easily triggered while violating the U.S. Constitution at the same time, and then having it plastered all over social media!

Many of these same auditors, of course, are intentionally trying to antagonize the officers, to get a rise out of them, and possibly a lucrative settlement for false arrest. Some of them have been quite successful at it too! The officers who succumb to having their chains yanked by these folks seem often to have little awareness that American citizens are permitted to film them when they are in public. So long as they do not prevent an officer from performing his or her duties, such public recordings are perfectly legal. What’s worse is how many officers will seemingly create out of thin air a reason to arrest an auditor. I have repeatedly watched on YouTube obscure legal justifications on the part of officers for detaining and arresting an auditor simply because he’s recording them in a public place. Many of these same officers are soon corrected by a supervisor who arrives on scene, and they’re forced to walk away in shame.

What these officers don’t seem to understand is that times have changed. The days when officers were respected by the general public are largely over. The era when people would just do as an officer told them by virtue of his authority has passed. The country has changed, and that for the worse. Their word is no longer trusted. Our judges don’t even trust them. An anti-authority mentality has gripped much of the country. Cops aren’t seen as good guys trying to protect us, but as “racist bullies with a badge” who can’t wait to gun down any Black person they see. A blatantly distorted picture, no doubt, but that’s how many easily manipulated Americans see it.

This negative opinion of police officers is more widely held than people think, though admittedly it’s not as prevalent in majority-White regions of the U.S. Our own federal government and its complicit media have so badly poisoned the mood of the country and its view of cops, that it’s not surprising to find that almost every police department throughout the nation is having great difficulty recruiting candidates and retaining them.

The anti-police mentality that prevails throughout much of the country, then, is really a symptom of the greater breakdown of our society. When traditional norms are constantly under attack, including that of the family, historic American institutions, and all forms of authority, it should surprise no one why there would not also be virulent attacks on cops.

This is not meant to deny that some officers have abused their authority and rightly earned the hate they’ve received. But all things considered, they comprise a small number compared to the overwhelming number of officers who comply with their sworn oath and conduct themselves honorably. For an in-depth and critical look at the widespread lies and outright distortions about police officers, I highly recommend two books authored by Heather Mac Donald: Are Cops Racist? (2010) and The War on Cops (2017). Both works serve as a corrective to the falsehoods promoted by such groups as BLM and other radical anti-police organizations. Mac Donald, unlike the great majority of mainstream conservatives, is not naïve about racial realities and she understands well the anti-White climate that has taken root in our society (see her The Diversity Delusion, 2019). This is from a recent article:

The perpetrators in this wave of predation are overwhelmingly gang members and overwhelmingly black. (At street takeovers, by contrast, it is not unusual to see Mexican flags.) Since Floyd’s death in May 2020, the mainstream media and Democratic elites have relentlessly sent the message that blacks are the victims of endemic racism. President Joe Biden claims that the criminal-justice system treats blacks unfairly. That message inevitably spreads into such underclass enclaves as South Central Los Angeles, where it produces more alienation and contempt for the law.

Yet, who would want to be a cop in an era when they are despised by so many and viewed as “white supremacists” ready and eager to gun down all minorities? White people seeking a career in police work, then, better prepare themselves for how they will be perceived by much of the public, especially so if they choose to work in a community with a large minority demographic.

These same easily triggered officers have forgotten that they are sworn “peace officers.” If that term means anything, it surely implies that those given authority to protect the public ought to have the qualities of a peacemaker, a person who instead of bullying or instigating conflicts is known rather as calming things down as well as respecting the rights of all.

Finally, White officers working in the law enforcement profession in the era of George Floyd need to be especially on guard when dealing with Blacks or any minority group. Your words and actions are going to always be carefully sifted through the lens of race, more so than any Black, Asian or Hispanic officer. You might not think it’s fair to be specifically targeted in this manner, and it isn’t. But that’s the kind of society we have deteriorated into, and it should surprise no one why we and the civilization we built are  in decline as a result.


Strange as it may sound, the White officer must intentionally put on his kid gloves when dealing with Blacks. If you expect to have a long police career, not get successfully sued and lose everything you own, or not find yourself serving a prison sentence in protective custody, you need to be strategically smarter and wiser than the hostile Blacks you encounter on the streets. This doesn’t mean you debase yourself or jettison your dignity, but only that you watch your words, watch your attitude, and conduct yourself in a way that doesn’t provide ammunition to those who would be happy to destroy you and your way of life.

If you’re unable to do this, then I’d recommend you get out of police work altogether. This once-respected profession has fast become one geared for compliant government types who will do nothing to oppose tyranny so long as they are paid handsomely. The assumption that most officers will uphold the Constitution they’ve sworn to protect is naïve at best. If the federal government or their own agency were to require them to confiscate the firearms of law-abiding citizens, I fear most of them would put up little resistance to such an order.

Racially conscious Whites who have eyes to see what is being done to them and their once great nation, might want to think twice before endeavoring in a law enforcement career that assents to all the basic ideas and ‘values’ of a tyrannical system that stands against the racial and cultural interests of Heritage Americans.

The future of American law enforcement

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  1. quasi_verbatim
    quasi_verbatim says:

    Very old school, but the past is another, lost country and things to come are colored in the hues of night.

  2. Marcus Baskett
    Marcus Baskett says:

    “What came first the chicken or the egg”…answer to that question taunts us because the “if” in life refuses to be our pet.

    Cops really haven’t changed and don’y need to.

    That said, I believe progress is evident in the video due to the display of new-age thuggery which puts the bar to how much of a sniveling lil b**ch you can be (etched in stone for eternity mind you) and still be intimidating at the same time. good luck in the slam poohbutt.

  3. Swan
    Swan says:

    I believe strongly, that the anti police propaganda is part of an overall strategy for centralized federal control of law enforcement. “Abolishing the police ” really means abolishing the local police, so that eventually a national, federal police force can be established once the country is in complete control of the anti white global (((system))). We see now how the FBI coludes with the Democrat party. The end game will be far more akin to the NKVD. Mark my words. The handwriting is on the wall.

    • RockaBoatus
      RockaBoatus says:

      Well said. I agree. Also, just as our military is making efforts to purge conservative/traditionalist White males from its ranks to make room for those who are more inclined toward a Leftist worldview, so the same is occurring in the law enforcement profession. Police recruitment posters and videos today mostly feature minority officers (females included).

      Like our modern military, they want politically compliant officers who won’t challenge ‘diversity’ dogma, homosexuality, Transgenderism, and special rights for minorities that exclude Whites. Too much ‘noticing’ is not good for cohesion, and so they specifically target those for recruitment who will be less inclined to challenge the existing order and its social policies.

      • John Alder
        John Alder says:

        We should discourage White youth from joining the military. Why serve such a government and put ones life on the line to serve our enemies interests?

        • B. Rockford
          B. Rockford says:

          Why not recruit White Youth instead into patriotic organizations with appropriately legal training and discipline? PRO-FA?

          • John Alder
            John Alder says:

            I think that’s a sound idea as long as one weeds out the loose cannons that can destroy years of work by a foolish action.

      • Marcus Baskett
        Marcus Baskett says:

        “Leftist worldview” …they don’t have a world view. “Leftism” is a false opposite to western civilized conservation. plainly put, its just an excuse to chop away at the underpinning of the natural order of general goodness for humanity as a whole.
        The only attachment to any “worldview” of the “left” is that coming from what’s driving and sustaining it’s false standing – on a non existence of any foundation. The “Left” just bad people that have to subvert nature chopping away at the foundations of humanity best interests because they’re mentally ill.

        • RockaBoatus
          RockaBoatus says:

          “Leftist worldview” …they don’t have a world view” – With due respect, this is majoring on the minors, a distinction without a difference.

          Yes, the Left (or “Leftists”) does have a worldview. It’s one that’s diametrically opposed to all that we believe as White racialists and dissidents. Their views may be false and grounded on a shaky foundation, but this doesn’t prevent them from forming opinions and definite belief systems that seek to rival our own world or belief system.

          These “Leftists” are the opposite of the Right, and they make their views known on a plethora of subjects such as race, “equality,” LGBTQ beliefs, immigration, “climate change,” economics, education, the founding of the U.S., domestic and international relations, and the list goes on.

          Thus, EVERYONE has a “world view” – even those who claim to not have one. All of us have ideas and beliefs about life and the world around us. We all interpret the world around based on our presuppositions, prejudices, including our religious and cultural influences. Granted, most humans have a rather limited world view, but it’s STILL a world view. So, what you’ve written is not quite true.

      • Terry Bull
        Terry Bull says:

        Same in the “UK”.
        The London policemen are blamed for racism &c when they spend hours searching for “hate” and have a ridiculously low clear-up rate for burglary, car crime, stabbings &c. For a refutation of their racist policing, see Noah Carl’s online site.
        US cops may be too trigger-happy, but this suits the BLM/ANTI-FA crowd.

  4. Neptune
    Neptune says:

    White men are most likely to be brutally murdered by police thugs, especially if they’re ‘guilty’ of being mentally ill, homeless or otherwise easy target for these revolting bullies. Just look up what happened to Kelly Thomas or Richard Meyers and try not to puke. Of course, jew media doesn’t care about white victims, but that doesn’t mean that the violent government dogs are your friends. I can’t fathom how anyone can be so stupid and naive.
    Let’s not forget that the increasing brutality of the ZOG american cops is also due to their Israeli training, that they’re the biggest perpetrators of domestic violence (far more than any other profession), that they frequently rape and harass women (of every race) and get away with it all. Cops are recent invention (humanity survived without them just fine for most of history) and they exist only to protect the ruling class. No tyranny would be possible without them and their pathetic enablers. Bootlickers, get a grip already.

    • RockaBoatus
      RockaBoatus says:

      Thanks for your comments. I’m somewhat sympathetic to what you’ve written because there have indeed been occasions where officers have unjustly beaten and even murdered Whites (e.g., Kelly Thomas, Daniel Shaver). Many of these occasions, however, are not so clear cut (e.g., Richard Meyers and others). When you’re dealing with people who are both mentally ill and violent, it’s extremely difficult to make a split-second life-or-death decision based on the limited information or escalating circumstances you might have as an officer.

      It’s easy to Monday night quarterback after the scene is calm and not chaotic. Until you’ve been in those same shoes as I have many times, you really don’t know. Complacency, not reading important visual signals, and not having your guard up has cost many officers their lives.

      “Let’s not forget that the increasing brutality of the ZOG american cops is also due to their Israeli training” – Israeli training was at one time employed by law enforcement agencies for crowd control tactics. Most agencies no longer use such Israeli training because of conflicting policies of the use of the force between Israeli police (which is far broader) and American civilian police (which is far more restrictive). Many departments in the U.S. incorporate a wide range of tactics, and the general trend has been toward LESS violent tactics (e.g., many agencies no longer permit the “carotid restraint” and have greatly limited when a “Taser” may be used and when it may not).

      “they’re [cops] the biggest perpetrators of domestic violence (far more than any other profession), that they frequently rape and harass women (of every race) and get away with it all” – Yes, the police profession, sadly, does have the highest rates of domestic violence. Yet, to say that cops “frequently rape” and “harass” women, and “get away with it all” is so broad, prejudicial, and lacking nuance that such a statement as yours becomes almost meaningless.

      Have some cops committed these kinds of crimes? Of course! But so have physicians, dentists, elected officials, and the list goes on. Anyone who thinks cops can get away with “rape” and that the “system” will protect him needs to stop watching TV police dramas. It may have occurred occasionally in the past, but today’s “system” is more than eager to destroy any cop who violates his code of ethics, especially if he’s going around raping women! The DA’s Office and all other political cronies would use it to prove how “non-racist” and willing they are to prosecute corrupt cops.

      “Cops are recent invention (humanity survived without them just fine for most of history)” – Well, not quite – at least not in terms of something within the past one hundred years. Policing was common in Britain, and even early America had sheriff’s and other groups that were needed to keep order and provide justice. The Romans also had primitive police forces used to preserve order within their societies. There is also what has been termed as “kin policing”: “Historians and anthropologists regard the earliest system of law enforcement as kin policing. In this primitive system, members of a clan or tribe banded together to enforce the rules of the group on rogue members” (Early History of Policing).

      To imagine that Americans or any other people by themselves will enforce the law justly and decide a case fairly, is rather naive in my opinion. It doesn’t take into account just how biased, whimsical, emotionally driven, and plain dumb the greater number of Americans are.

      If I’m to be arrested and tried, I want it done by well-trained professionals and before a legitimate court and a fair-minded judge. Granted, there’s no guarantees that they will do the right thing, but my chances for fairness are increased when done by people who understand the legal system and rules of evidence.

  5. Karl Haemers
    Karl Haemers says:

    We must consider that some of the “bad cops” in the ranks are secret society members deliberately race-baiting to further the Neo-Communist strategy of defaming police so as to create the chaotic lawlessness throughout society Neo-Communism thrives on.

    It might be wiser to advocate for More White cops, not less.

    • John Alder
      John Alder says:

      J.B. Stoner once told me that you can’t have law and order and Negros at the same time. That’s a quote. One can see proof that he was 100% correct on a daily basis.

    • RockaBoatus
      RockaBoatus says:

      “We must consider that some of the “bad cops” in the ranks are secret society members deliberately race-baiting to further the Neo-Communist strategy of defaming police so as to create the chaotic lawlessness throughout society Neo-Communism thrives on” – Perhaps. I wouldn’t completely dismiss it. However, such a theory sounds a bit too sophisticated for its own good. Sure, there might be one or two cops who might think as strategically as that, but they would surely know that once they actually engaged in such “race-baiting to further their Neo-Communist” agenda, they’d also lose their jobs, come under criminal indictment, and likely sent to prison (depending on the severity of their crimes).

      The DA’s Office in most counties are eager to throw such “Neo-Communists” under the bus. They would serve as examples proving to the citizens of how “fair and impartial” they are and that “racism will not be tolerated among cops,” etc. The Left would completely grandstand over even the slightest incident involving “racism” by any sworn officer.

      How many “bad officers” would be willing to place their heads on the chopping block for such goals? Very few I would think in light of what they know would happen to them. In my long career, I’ve found that in almost every case a “bad officer” is not very bright and does not carefully consider the consequences of his actions.

      “It might be wiser to advocate for More White cops, not less” – I’m not so sure of that. The only White cops that most police departments today want are those who will not challenge the prevailing Globo-Homo order.

      Believe me, they drill anti-racism hard into each officer. Any White officer who bucks the system or is found out to have strong anti-LGBTQ beliefs, sympathy toward White racial identity and dares to express it, will eventually be outed and dismissed by his agency.

  6. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 Many valid points, though an essay omitting any mention of Soros, or of succeeding Soros Jr., Alexander [ the Great ? ] remains woefully inadequate.

    02 Paid and repaying Soros’ appointments of far left DAs, including BRAGG, and their downgrading of certain, one directional charges and bail, as well as their DEFUNDING THE POLICE drives, essentially destroyed American elementary justice: ably endorsed by likeminded, beholden so-called JUDGES.

    03 Not a day passes, without a police officer being shot: many fatally, leaving widows and orphaned children behind them. Their published photos, more often than not, show honourable, fatherly, well-intentioned men.

    04 It can’t come as a surprise, that fewer and fewer apply for this job, which, in turn, requires diminished qualifications.

    05 Staunch Damocrat BRAGG insists, now, that Trump fabricated his impending arrest. That certifiable idiot Biden repeats, that the MAGA Republicans initiaited the DEFUND movement: while continuing to purchase open border future voters, in ever increasing numbers.

    06 AND ONE SERIOUS QUESTION : Has anyone learned the names, in English, of the manufacturers and suppliers of those certain components discovered on that balloon ???: entrusted to the FBI for analysis ???

    How can y’all continue to pretend to be concerned for your traditional culture, if you omit to insist on the answer to such vital questions ???

  7. Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy says:

    Kottbusser Tor is one of the most dangerous places in Berlin. When the new police station opens in Kreuzberg, parts of the red-red-green coalition demonstrate behind a banner that insults police officers as “murderers.” They kept chanting, “All of Berlin hates the police!” Ferat Koçak, a member of the Left Party, was there with comrades. He shouted at the guard, “You are not security!”

    The officials thus sensed on the very first day that they did not have the backing of the entire Berlin Senate. Koçak, 43, also described the project to journalists as an instrument of “displacement of the poor and the disconnected.” The local CDU sees it differently: “If the police didn’t come here, many people would move away.”

    Kottbusser Tor is one of the most dangerous places in Berlin. Dealers have been selling drugs here unhindered for years. Again and again there are stabbings, rapes, coercions and robberies. The police have registered 1,400 assaults on this square in the past five years.

    Interior Senator Spranger called the abuse of police officers as “murderers” an “impertinence.” She affirmed: “There will be no law-free space in Berlin. All coalition partners must also know that.”

    The capital’s new police station at Kottbusser Tor is now missing a few cups in its cupboard. Since the authority had neglected to order drinking cups for the officers, the police union (GdP) donated some. These have become a major bone of contention and had to be removed from the cupboards – because of an allegedly racist symbol.

    The symbol is a thin blue line. This is supposed to symbolize the blue color of the Berlin police uniforms, said GdP head Benjamin Jendro: “There are no prohibitions or guidelines against our cups, and we have to leave the church in the village,” he told the BZ.

    The police leadership of the capital sees things differently. After “appropriate sensitization on the part of the management,” the coffee cups were “removed by a member of the GdP as a precaution,” according to a spokeswoman.

    With the blue line, people in many countries want to express their solidarity with police officers killed or injured on duty. But according to Berlin police leaders, it is sometimes “perceived as threatening and racist” by black people because right-wing movements in the United States also use the symbol. This could have “the same effect” on black people living in Berlin.

  8. Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy says:

    In 1991, pedo-Jew Daniel Cohn-Bendit wrote an article for Die Zeit entitled “When the West Becomes Irresistible.” It was part of a trilogy, kind of a vision of the future about multicultural society – an “essay” that the ideologue probably wishes today had never been published.

    In it, on the one hand, an attempt is made to portray multicultural society as inevitable, “historically necessary,” so to speak, but on the other hand, it is drawn somewhat realistically – something that the green students of “red Dany” were soon to lose (when they spoke in public). Quote:

    “This does not mean, however, that the multicultural society is harmonious. On the contrary, in it – all the more so when truly foreign cultural circles meet – conflict is perpetual. Multicultural society is hard, fast, cruel and lacks solidarity; it is characterized by considerable social imbalances and knows winners from migration as well as losers from modernization.”

    With the mass import of racially and culturally alien invaders into our national biotopes, first propagated, finally initiated and now forced by their social architects, the Jews are fomenting creeping civil wars “on a molecular level” (Enzensberger), Weimar 2.0. The great slaughter has long since begun.

    The advent of a new kind of world disorder already began after the end of the bipolar world order of the Cold War to fill the ideological vacuum that had been created. There were close to forty civil wars in the world in the 1990s, overt and covert. Among the places where they took place, Enzensberger at that time already explicitly included cities such as Paris, Berlin, Detroit and Birmingham, Milan and Hamburg. Today, Stockholm has to be added to the list.

    The molecular civil war begins bloodlessly, its indications are harmless. Garbage on the streets increases, syringes and broken beer bottles are found more frequently in the park, the walls are smeared with graffiti. In the green spaces and hallways it begins to stink of feces. In the meantime, these indications have already reached the neighborhoods of the better-off in our cities. The neglect of affluence can no longer be overlooked there either.

    Enzensberger: “What gives the civil war of the present a new, uncanny quality is the fact that it is being waged without any stakes, that literally nothing is at stake. Even the guerrillas of the sixties and seventies thought it necessary to justify themselves. To today’s perpetrators, this seems dispensable. What is striking about them is the absence of conviction.”

    In these places, moral boundaries fall, laws no longer apply. Armed robberies, violence and murder are the order of the day and are slowly but surely becoming the “norm.” Gangs wage war against each other there. The police no longer have anything to report. The state’s monopoly on the use of force no longer applies. The perpetrators of violence have nothing to fear. As in Africa and Latin America, the combatants are getting younger and younger.

    Aggression is directed against the defenseless. The perpetrators, almost exclusively young men, hack at people indiscriminately, push them onto railroad tracks or roll them over with a truck. Molecular civil wars tend to escalate and become wildfires. As long as a majority remains “civil,” does not want the civil war, it remains endemic, i.e., localized.

    Due to the expulsion of whites (white flight), a street or a neighborhood begins to fall into disrepair (abandoned indutrie areas, broken windows, skid rows). Drug addicts leave their used syringes lying around and it stinks of urine as well as feces. Soon after, cars are broken into and tires are slashed. Burglaries are more frequent, there are more fires and you can expect to be attacked on the street.

    The people who live in such a desolate neighborhood lose all hope, perspective and are embittered. Anger spreads among young people. Suddenly, laws no longer apply, but the law of the jungle. A lawless space has emerged. Here, it is right to be more brutal or outnumbered, or both. Even paramedics who want to help are attacked. It is difficult to explain why the police can no longer enforce the monopoly on violence in these places and seem to abandon them.

    This molecular civil war is an insidious process coming from within (endogenous). As Enzensberger describes it, it is not ideologically driven, but represents a pure acting out of revenge, violence and brutality. These people simply want to destroy. They do not want to be constructive. They lose their civility over time and lose all motivation to behave as productive or righteous citizens.

    Of lasting relevance is the description of violence as a “molecular civil war” that – unlike the Thirty Years War in the 17th century or the Russian Civil War in the 20th century – no longer serves any political goals or ideological ideas: no class struggle, no national liberation, and no ideal for a better world. What the large and small civil wars of our time have in common, according to Enzensberger in 1993, is the “autism of violence” and the tendency toward self-destruction, toward a collective run amok.

    Nevertheless, the “open society” of our days is by no means defenseless. Unlike 17th-century Germany or early 20th-century Russia, today there are generally accepted authorities and forces of order. These must be protected and defended so that they can protect our security.

    Whenever – as has recently been the case with striking frequency – politicians and commentators from a certain corner try to declare the security forces to be part of the problem, they should not be allowed to get away with it. And calmly but firmly counter them about what is cause and what is effect. Those who damage our country’s security forces risk turning the “molecular civil war” into full-blown chaos.

  9. Birhan Dargey
    Birhan Dargey says:

    Y was listening to a conference by a leading jewish NEOCON. He was basically mocking denigrating White Christian Conservatives as “hicks/ignorant/stupid/extremists” He said, he felt threatened/attacked everytime he saw an American Flag, a bunch of white deplorables celebrating the 4th of July brbq, they (jews) feel that the Pledge of Allegiance is fascist, the National Anthem is obsolete racists, a form of terrorism. I began to realize that JEWISH people can NOT understand the deep sense of Patriotism that Americans have for their country. They feel Americanism Civic culture is foreign/unwelcome/ to their inner jewish NATURE, this may be the reason the Jewish Cabinet Members (AG Garland) are unable to enforce the CONSTITUTIONAL laws of the USA?? Jewish AG/DOJ feel entitled to use the laws selectively, unequally giving solvency/impunity to other jews, exonerate their allies etc. This anti White/Christian/Catholic persecutions proves that JEWS by their very intimate NATURE/DNA can NOT enforce the laws/policies in American best interests, They are USING/abusing American power to pursue their ZIO/jewish/Talmudic agenda. The USA Constitution is far below their racial/religious tarditions loyalties. Their jewish agenda, ultimately will destroy America. JEWS can NOT/do not want/ are NOT Americans and they never will..200yrs together. Christian Americanism is repulsive to JEWISHNESS/Nature/DNA…

    • Dylan Sparks
      Dylan Sparks says:

      Jewish subversion is the sole cause for all of our problems. As mentioned above, the jews want to remove local police departments to install a federal force over which they will have total control.

      Every problem that we have as white people is the result of jews stripping us of agency because they hate us and feel they must have total control over us.

      • todd hupp
        todd hupp says:

        Talmud is very clear on the status of goyim. This applies to white police also.Biden was elected with Jewish money and is controlled by a largely Jewish “progressive” administration.

        In a recent Judge Brown Senate hearing,Cruz highlighted some children’s books suggesting US whites be sent back to Europe! AG Garlands’s daughter is a major publisher of children’s CRT textbooks.

      • William Ockham
        William Ockham says:

        Yes, Dylan. All of them without exception caused by The Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent Eternal Jew (aka God). Even that Tornado and short skirts on North Korean Army Girls. You gotta believe it!
        PS – Resistance is obviously futile – geddit?

  10. Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy says:


    “The organisation is a partnership of five academic institutions: King’s College London, the University of Pennsylvania, the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (Israel), the Jordan Institute of Diplomacy, and Georgetown University.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Centre_for_the_Study_of_Radicalisation_and_Political_Violence

    “Israel’s only private university” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reichman_University

  11. Anon
    Anon says:

    Police officers may hold right-wing views, but they act on the left-wing views of those who issue their commands. Law enforcement in and of itself is not necessarily beneficial to a person or a people. Law enforcement depends on whether the law that is being enforced is beneficial to a person or a people.
    The FBI enforces Civil Rights law. This body of law works to the detriment of my people. I have no qualms about being against the FBI and federal law enforcement generally.
    Similarly, local and state law enforcement would enforce criminal law against those who act to protect themselves when the police refused to do so. For example, the McMichaels sacrificed their lives for preserving order and safety in their neighborhood.
    Law enforcement is a neutral tool. It can be put to use towards good ends like in the Third Reich, Apartheid South Africa, or the Confederacy. It can be put to use towards evil ends like in the Soviet Union, Mao’s China, or the present day U.S.
    I do not Back the Blue because the Blue do not back me. Instead, they back their Jewish paymasters.

  12. moneytalks
    moneytalks says:

    The sheeplization
    ( also known as Christianization )
    of Nordic police will not save Whites .

    The link below is to
    an historic 7 minute ( year 1984 video ) interview ,
    with the astonishingly prescient
    KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov
    whom explains why the American Freedom Goose
    has been fully cooked and half eaten already ___


    Only a miraculous Red State secession
    and subsequent establishment of
    a USA Pacific Northwest Region
    WN ethnostate sanctuary for Nordics especially
    could possibly save the White races if enough of Nordics decide that preserving a religious fantasy ( Christianity ) is not as important as saving their own skin/genome .

    • John D. Alder
      John D. Alder says:

      If the cascadia subduction zone should give a big heave any White ethno state in the Pacific Northwest would be toast. Something worth considering and researching.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        Good point .

        Your reply made me realize that
        “Pacific Northwest Region”
        is only vaguely and not clearly defined . I consider it to include all states from the Pacific coast to the Mississippi River and from the Canadian border down as far as the northern Arizona border .

        In any case , if Nordics/Whites do not establish a WN ethnostate sanctuary anywhere in the USA , then any Cascadia geological upheaval would be superfluous with regard to their genocidal fate .

        • John Alder
          John Alder says:

          I do think that all pro White organizations should try to create strongholds of White Nationalists in every state so maybe various states will have pockets of strong pro White sentiment, activity and influence. To climb a hill one starts at a slow pace.

    • Space Cowboy
      Space Cowboy says:

      For me, the “Talmud” (and similarly insane machinations) is at best not a cause, but a completely congruent expression of the Jewish state of mind. It may be that the “Bible” is therefore completely congruent expression of the “Christian-Israelite” soul condition. Fortunately, your “Almighty Lord God” saved me from having to believe in all this superstitious religious delusional nonsense by a highly personal exceptional decision! By the way, the author of the book is not called “Prainitis”, as James writes and says on his website, but Pranaitis. He was also not a “Russian”, but Lithuanian. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Justinas_Pranaitis

      • A. G. Baynes
        A. G. Baynes says:

        Justinas Pranaitis, who was not competent in Hebrew or Aramaic, seems to have plagiarised his quotes from his superior predecessor Johann Eisenmenger. His booklet has been effectively criticised by Jews – unlike the damning critique by the erudite Anglican Frederick Farrar in the Appendix to his famous if outdated “Life of Christ”. Also note Bernhard Pick, “Jesus in the Talmud” (1913), and Peter Schaefer, “Jesus in the Talmud” (2009).

          • John Alder
            John Alder says:

            Who in their right mind would want to claim those miserable vermin bible characters as their ancestors? Those characters are nothing to be proud of. Our ancestors created great civilizations but those hebes didn’t even come close to Rome or Athens or Egypt.

          • Joe Blunt
            Joe Blunt says:

            @ Space Cowboy
            For the record, the credibility of “Father” Pranaitis is conclusively demolished by Maurice Samuel in over 20 pages of “Blood Accusation” (1967). His revealing book “You Gentiles” (1924/2021) should be read before he is just dismissed because of his parentage.

  13. Eric Galati
    Eric Galati says:

    Dear RockaBoatus,

    1.A.”They have not yet adjusted to the political and racial climate of much of the nation in their policing styles. They are caught up in a mindset that is at least twenty years outdated.”

    1.B. How disgusting and despicable this phrase is by you. It is authentically anti-historical. In fact, ahistorical. Outdated Mindset? No, they’re caught up in a deliberate enactment of a plan of Deconstructionism and Deracination. A mass psychological program that has affected not just America but Europe. Political and Racial Climate? From whence does this Biological Climate change come from? It originates partially from a process of detrimental governing and the so-called public affairs of a country, not from any natural science. Does anyone believe that a newly conceived Mindset and Racial Climate is a normal development and evolvement? I absolutely don’t, and mine is not an opinion but a fact. One of the main roots from which this springs from are the Criminal Politicians in power and the Rogue Cops of years ago who worked hand in hand assisting in opening the floodgates to a dystopian culture of hyper organised crime unimaginable to the average person. Two past cases you and everyone should historically study that’re a major-primary example of the mendacious vulgar farce of Officer Derek Chauvin-Mister George Floyd were both in New York: The Fabricated Tawana Brawley rape allegations in 1987 and the horrific 1972 Harlem Mosque Murder Incident. This last has been relegated to the Dustbin Of History. For shame! Read up on the latter: “Murder At The Harlem Mosque” by Mister Devaney and Detective Sonny Grosso and “Circle of Six: The True Story of New York’s Most Notorious Cop Killer And The Cop Who Risked Everything To Catch Him” by Mister Richard Cea and Detective Randy Jurgensen. Both excellent and factual, written forty-five years apart. Within these two works of terrible tragedy is the basis for what has taken place to-day. And how does this happen? Mister Orson Welles comprehended it so well in his masterpiece, “F For Fake”. You see, my friends, news films on television, including digital and kinescope, are no different than the cutting room for the editing of any major cinema work of art. Ah ha! Allow me to not forget The Rodney King Mendacity! Every riot for the above cases was pre-planned just like a screenplay and set design for a movie. Does anyone think that overnight literature and millions of posters created for the hagiography of Mister Floyd were spontaneously made in a basement? Look please! There is money behind this, and without the assassins of the media and the cash, along with the servile nature of most people here and elsewhere none of this could’ve ever taken place. Remember Reception of information demands Evaluation. This latter is ninety-nine percent of the time absent. So, RockaBoatus, given these facts, who can accept what should be the present Mindset, more accurately Mind Control, and supposed Racial Climate, a biological weather manipulation by Political Meteorologists. These same mattoids who feign sympathy for the Negro population yet made sure narcotics would inundate their neighbourhoods to decimate their lives, and the lives of everyone else as the Counter-Culture was embraced, the threshold could be crossed by the Drug Culture. Here is your authentic Mindset and Racial Climate; the same then as now, half a century later. A synthetic purposefully designed living Death Culture.

    2.A.”What was once generally permissible or at least moderately tolerable in terms of use of force among cops two decades earlier is completely unacceptable today. The times have indeed changed — and yet, many street cops still don’t seem to understand this. They have failed to shift with the tone and mood of how the public expects officers to conduct themselves. Whether we like it or not, officers will get little support from the community they serve if they are seen as disrespectful, officious, or heavy-handed.”

    2.B.Completely unacceptable! And why? Don’t you realise this is an agenda, one of which goals is to further anti-European culture using in this case the restraints on law enforcement as one of the main conduits to achieve this? How dare you say cops have failed to shift with a mood and tone: who has created this? The times have not changed! They’ve been manipulated. The public? Ah yes, glorious Democracy, namely Mob Rule! Those who take the knee are an example of the weakest form of manhood to be found and it comes forth from cowardice, an abandonment of whatever spiritual force was existent in one such as remaining loyal to an oath one has taken even if the superiors you have taken an oath to have abandoned it. Hence, one should carry forth authoritative action instead of just standing well-equipped military style yet ordered to stand down and observe Portland and Seattle burn, dismantled and the not reported rapes and murders that occurred. There’s no counter-revolutionary action, and this is because the lack of bravery that reigns has only one goal: “Me, Myself and I,orders are orders, my pension and retirement, for I can not risk anything for what’s righteous and God Fearing.” You are attempting to be fair but this essay of yours is repulsive. God Bless, Eric Galati

  14. RockaBoatus
    RockaBoatus says:

    Yeah, it’s always a good idea if one wants to express their disagreement with an author to string a bunch of words together in a convoluted and rambling fashion.

    I tried to make sense of your comments, but they were so broad, sweeping and over generalized that I just gave up.

    Best regards.

    • Eric Galati
      Eric Galati says:

      Dear Rockaboatus,
      Thank you for your REPLY. Yes I disagree with you, but there is not any idea enacted on my part but an intelligent criticism of your essay with words that’re anything but a bunch of convoluted or rambling symbols typed out to impress one, as does a pretentious pseudo-intellectual. Perhaps you are not culturally profound enough or lack intellectual integrity to apprehend what I have explicated actually, rather simply.
      You would’ve been able to make sense of my COMMENT if you had a genuine Historical Consciousness for an Historical Memory would be present within your logic, which is authentic Metempsychosis, instead of a let us live for to-day and the acceptance of a change that’s destructive. Do you not understand that you’re embracing the Revolutionary desire to destroy gradually all of our values by way of the illusion of making everything better for humanity? One must be Counter-Revolutionary, and this you do not seem to grasp. God Bless, Eric Galati

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