How I got to be an ethnic activist

I am now involved in yet another Twitter war with @nathancofnas. He wrote another diatribe against me in an academic journal that won’t let me reply. One of the threads started with Cofnas claiming I was an ethnic activist (see Twitter feed here). I responded as follows, somewhat edited:

As I said many times, I became an activist AFTER reading the literature on Jewish history, particularly Jewish involvement in promoting non-White immigration to Western countries—facts on the ground—as a defensive strategy. I realized that Jews really are not our friends; they are not on our side, the side of White people of European descent. Before that I was a Reagan-type Republican, mainstream conservative.

By “friends” I mean I came to realize that the the organized Jewish community—the power, the media, and the money—has been directed at promoting an end to the Western European demographic and cultural dominance of the U.S. I have relied on very well documented research by others, including Jewish scholars.

I decided to elaborate on this in what is now my pinned Tweet. It’s an important issue.

I should recount how all this came about. In 1988 I published Social and Personality Development: An Evolutionary Synthesis (NY: Plenum). The last chapter was on the Spartans as a group strategy—highly militarized, high level of top-down discipline, boys socialized to be soldiers, etc. I had the idea that humans, because of our cognitive abilities, could create groups that could be vehicles of selection because cheaters could be punished—think of a military platoon. This was the start of the cultural group selection model—altruistic genes not required. This was very controversial at the time, because of the total dominance of individual selection models. I recall many reacting with scorn and rolling of the eyeballs if there was any mention of group selection. But cultural group selection is now standard thinking for many in the field—including Joseph Henrich in his The WEIRDest People in the World: How the West Became Psychologically Peculiar and Particularly Prosperous (2020), although he doesn’t label it as such. 

At the time I was in close contact with David S. Wilson, the premier group selection theorist, and he encouraged me in this direction. So as a follow-up to the Spartans, I settled on Judaism because Jewish history is so well documented, beginning with Paul Johnson’s A History of the Jews and deciding that such an approach could work, then the Old Testament, etc., resulting in A People That Shall Dwell Alone: Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy (Praeger, 1994), which was well-reviewed. But in doing this reading I was exposed to the history of anti-Semitism and decided to use the group approach on anti-Semitism, resulting in Separation and Its Discontents: Toward an Evolutionary Theory of Anti-Semitism (Praeger, 1998). The theoretical basis of this book was social identity theory, argued (in Chapter 1) to be an evolved adaptation for group conflict (see also here). Humans easily identify with groups and have positive evaluations of their ingroups, negative evaluations of outgroups. This naturally includes anti-Jewish attitudes and anti-gentile attitudes on the part of Jews, but also exaggerations and distortions of group-relevant phenomena (e.g., Jewish interpretations of anti-Semitism).

The manuscript for SAID was originally submitted in 1994, but Praeger sat on it for four years (!!). By the time they approved it, it had expanded into two books, with the last chapter of the original manuscript now expanded to the 8 chapters of The Culture of Critique. Both were published in 1998.

In reading the history of anti-Semitism I became aware of the long history of apologia by Jewish writers—Jewish intellectuals as activists for their people (reviewed in Ch. 7 of SAID). This is essentially the approach used in The Culture of Critique.

And along the way, I became much more aware that I had group interests as a White person of European descent—at first a very strange idea for me as a child of the 1960s and former leftist who became gradually more conservative over the years but remaining a mainstream Reagan-type conservative until I began delving into Jewish issues. CofC was ignored by almost all academics for 20 years until Cofnas took several stabs at it from 2018–2023. However, White advocates started contacting me about my ideas after 1998, and I developed links to these activists. So I became something of an activist, long after the project began.

So what started out as a theoretical project aimed at showing the reality of cultural group selection ended up where I am now. All innocent enough to begin with. I have written 4 extensive replies to Cofnas. Apparently he thinks the 5th time is the charm. I rather doubt it. My replies are here:

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  1. Dan Baron
    Dan Baron says:

    Hopefully, people will once again ascend from the propaganda and repression quicksand, and clearly see the plain reality.

  2. Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy says:

    Dear Professor MacDonald,

    It would perhaps greatly facilitate the support of the cause if a brief summary of the main indispensable core arguments (and “counter-arguments” of the “oh-so-important” Jew) could be provided here, so that even “less complexly structured thinkers” like us can participate in the “war of opinions” with dat oh-so-important Jew-Mann without having to study rhetoric or evolutionary biology first?

  3. Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy says:

    What does this comical Jew want: to prove to billions of people that Jews do not have an exclusive self-interest, operating overtly and covertly at the expense of everyone else? He could also want to “prove” that the wheel is not round but square. Ask him: “Why do you Jews still not succeed in integrating yourselves decently and in a civilized way into the international community of nations?”

  4. Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy says:

    However, I don’t need a more exact description of his “concern” which reads approximately: “Anti-Semitism is based since millennia on a pure error! That’s exactly why it is in the world in the first place and occupies us incessantly until today and into all future!” (Amen!)

  5. Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy says:

    The shame of the whole thing is that we even have to let ourselves be driven into a corner by the Jews and have to “justify” ourselves! No: They have to justify themselves before us! Soon they will also determine in which way we are allowed to be buried.

  6. Sonny Sam
    Sonny Sam says:

    Pat Buchanan once said something like ‘The White race is only one that does not mind if it disappears.’

    So true, at least for most Whites.

  7. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    Dr. MacDonald,
    Are your ethnic antecedents Scots or a Scots/Irish mix? If your name and facial physiognomy is an accurate map.

    As I was listening to E Michael Jones today and he mentioned that, apart from his mother’s German origin, Joe McCarthy has a quarter German in his paternal side: his grandfather had a German mother. Two bi-racial European mixes blending well.

      • T.Gilligan
        T.Gilligan says:

        Thanks for the reply Kevin.
        My father is from the South-East of Ireland – Wexford and my mother is from the West of Ireland – Galway. My father has Anglo-Norman facial trails which is a downturned nose and I have my mother’s slightly up-turned medium sized nose. I think that there is some Spanish somewhere in the mix dating back to the Armada venture in the 17thC. I would like to have a DNA test to satisfy my genealogical ethnic interest.
        Quite rightly so that Cofnas (Cough-ass) was refuted by you because no doubt a ‘no-response’ would be perceived as an admission of ‘guilt’ and acquiescence that his accusation has an iota of truth.

      • T.Gilligan
        T.Gilligan says:

        Thank Prof. MacDonald.
        I haven’t read the exchange you had with Cofnas (Coughass), but I think it’s important to refute accusations simply because a ‘no-reply’ is perceived as an acquiescence of Cofnas’s vilification of your character.
        On the topic of ethnic origins: my mother is from the West of Ireland and I share some of her facial traits; whereas my sister shares some of the traits of my father, who is from south-east Ireland, with his slight downturned Anglo-Norman nose and his bone structure.

      • Hitmarck
        Hitmarck says:

        That explains why u remind me of my stepdad. 😉

        Danke for all your incredible work.
        As a German in Germany it is really hard to express how much u helped, me at least, making sense of the Schlamassel we’re stuck in.

  8. Angelicus
    Angelicus says:

    Mr. Mac Donald: Why waste precious time in answering to such a vile creature? Do you think he will ever admit to be wrong? What do you expect to achieve? You are an expert on Jewish tactics and mentality; therefore, you should know better. As my father said “Never argue with an imbecile”.

    Thank you for extraordinary work, courage and dedication.

    PS: Ignore that hateful creature.

      • Angelicus
        Angelicus says:

        I didn’t know that he called you a liar; well, what can you expect from scum like that? Having said that, I think I would have replied as you did. I understand your reaction. Regards!

      • Space Cowboy
        Space Cowboy says:

        The Jew represents obtuse materialism and antinature. Not only the regrowing branches of the peoples are to be chopped off by him. Figuratively, chopping off tree branches also corresponds to their alienating practice of circumcision; only through this abominable act, this sick people believe, the physically and psychologically damaged tribesman would enter into a “covenant” with their cruel and sadistic demon deity “YHWH”.

      • Bobby
        Bobby says:

        I’ve come to learn that most of them are snakes Kevin.

        All of us must always answer their lies with the truth, always. This is what the Jews always want, to silence us with their lies. Just look at the Red Terror in Russia and our cancel culture today. The lie that is transgenderism being used to destroy our children.

        “The Jews are the masters of lies, they are the scum of the earth”. ~Schopenhauer

        Keep calm and keep on.

    • Julius Skoolafish
      Julius Skoolafish says:

      Chinese saying: “Better to argue with a wise man than prattle with a fool”

  9. quasi_verbatim
    quasi_verbatim says:

    My own enlightenment came a decade earlier. I list the books, in brief:
    Imperium (Yockey)
    Far and Wide
    Which Way Western Man
    The Controversy of Zion

    …and some others, all more visceral than academic.

    I too was a sort of “Reagan-type republican” until he stabbed us South Africans in the back.

    I have long disdained “white” Americans. I hope you will understand. It is nothing personal.

  10. Marcus Baskett
    Marcus Baskett says:

    If something (any noun) is necessary, is it necessitated by its cause or resulting effect?
    If A beckons necessity and necessity is B the the call party A and response B are two halves (not necessarily of equal values, positive or negative) of two parts until B has brought about and executed a resulting solution which separates A & B as two distinctive independent wholes but that is Unless B is mutated into A and they are one of neither A nor B respectively or objectively henceforth. Is necessity what it is by its need from A or by autonomous proactivity?
    Is arbitraging necessary? Are Gentiles necessary? Are jews necessary? Is the difference necessary? Can one survive without the other? Which one can thrive without the other.
    Is necessity’s value viable in terms of a probability?
    Does possibility have a static charge or flowing? Can one measure the charge of possibility as one claims they can with “probability”? …or is probability the measuring instrument of itself? It is the Jews that claim emphatically they are different and separate (as well as being thee sole authority to all the “races” and the differences between them. Leaders often deserve more thanks than they receive but but when an outsider (by their own emphatic self distinction) gets in between a leader and those that would naturally desire to follow along and holds a static threat to both leader and his followers, that group of outsiders are committing an offense appropriate for face on out and open War.
    Times come for a real life game if capture the flag. It is necessary by all algebraic products and properties of the respective charges. Conservation of momentum notwithstanding
    DKM you’re finding your people and I detest the mob of clowns that insult you and all of our rights to be reached and for you to reach your people as they spit in the faces of those who futures Necessitate honest and sincere leadership. Silly cunts.

  11. Aiden Lake
    Aiden Lake says:

    You need to defeat opponents in public argument to impress undecided third parties, not to leave the impression of cowardice or surrender.
    You need to extend study beyond books like “Which Way Western Man?” and “Controversy of Zion” important and informative though these two are – and look at critical reviews for any weaknesses. The chief merit of “Culture of Critique” is that it looks at “their” primary material, despite a few minor questionable details. The richest source of data on any community, organization or ideology is its own literature, even if you have to search through it quite far with care and analyse with scepticism. There is no shortage in the Jewish case!
    A frequent mistake is to interpret their past activities simply and solely in terms of their actions after 1945 and again after 1967, as indeed some of their propagandists do when they respond to exposure of AIPAC or WZO in by false comparison with superstitious medieval “tropes”.
    Their own scholars and apologists are not only knowledgeable but astute and experienced, and the proper response is not inchoate rage, self-defeating violence, crazy bigotry or half-baked polemic.
    Their “defense” groups are also adept at inserting nonsense or blatant “hate-speech” into blogs to make these internet sites look nasty to normal people, or to “justify” hostile suppression.
    Matthew 10.16 & 27.25 .

    • Captainchaos
      Captainchaos says:

      So contemplating the Jewish Question according to the Music of the Spheres is more important than devising a political program/plan of action to strip Jews of their power?

      • Aiden Lake
        Aiden Lake says:

        How many successful revolutionaries and military leaders go into action with either an incorrect understanding of powerful opponents, or none at all?
        What is YOUR “plan of action” in any case, Captain Birdseye, or is that secret?

      • Aiden Lake
        Aiden Lake says:

        @ Capt. Chaos
        To ignore or misunderstand the way that opponents really think is indeed to live in a chaotic cloud-cuckoo dreamland or (using a more appropriate metaphor here) to be all at sea.
        Any revolutionary or military leader who fails in this respect has no plan of action, let alone any success of victory.

    • Marcus Baskett
      Marcus Baskett says:

      “Literature” is the proverbial well intended (or not) paving of the very road to hail* we’re on at present. The solution is implementing the very attenuation they do everything in there bloated power to prevent. They know in their minds and hearts we’re not really dangerous people (despite all of their fabricated “literature” historically and whatnot)
      Truth is We gentiles are their god. God to an undeserving people. as of yet. Imagine Jews capabilities as humbled and altruistic people they might just be the light unto the world they relent, once they’ve gone thru the grand process that strips them of their inexplicably pent up resentment and hostility – which I actually believe comes from largely from us gentiles being their biggest defenders and protectors (you know -Gents- inside of you that you have that soft spot don’t try to deny it) this doesn’t imply weakness but depth of a strong critically discerning people at our best. It’s our responsibility to stop living under the false notion that we’re afraid of what they might do if we don’t let them do as they please at any and every whim… it’s our responsibility to administer stern relentless parenting at any and all times and situations namely their name calling and popularizing such name calling. If we have to live under the duress of such ridiculousness than maybe we should be thinned out. Peace.

  12. WCH
    WCH says:

    It is difficult to determine the best way forward. Should one try to debate the issues with the enemy or spend that energy developing strategies with tribal friends. Implimenting structural change is the only action that matters. What is next….

  13. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    I always ask Jews who accuse me of anti-semitism why they think everybody likes everybody else and why they think everyone has to like them. If they start with the holohoax I ask them, if it actually happened and it was so terrible then what would we have to do to get rid of them. They usually shut up after that.

    What if you ask him to justify some of the things that Jews do like owning and controlling all our public airwaves. You can name the names of every Jew who has controlled the networks over the years. Is that supposed to inspire us to like them when all we get are lies and propaganda and psychological warfare?

    Make him prove that Jews like the host people and demand he make the case that we benefit from Jewish presence which we never consented to.

    It’s easy for him to take the plight of the west lightly. Make him an offer, tell him that since there are so many antisemites it would probably be best if Jews and other semites lived in the middle east which is their homeland and we lived in our homelands and then there would be no problems. Ask him how we should go about making that happen. Why should Gentiles have to do anything to accommodate Jews in our homeland? If they don’t like it they can leave.

    Why should a very small percentage of Jewish semites have so much control over what used to be at least, a Gentile Christian country? Why do they have a right to a state of their own and also the right to infest other people’s countries? How does that inspire people to feel about them? He’s not interested in honest debate because like Hitler said this is the game they play so you shouldn’t have to explain anything to him but it’s a great opportunity to stick it to him. He’s just needling you. Don’t take the bait. Give honest people seeking the truth links to your writing and thank this Jew for helping others learn about your work.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      Great comment, Barbara.

      “He’s (Cofnas) not interested in honest debate because like Hitler said **this is the game they play** so you shouldn’t have to explain anything to him but it’s a great opportunity to stick it to him.” “Don’t take the bait.”

      Prof. MacDonald is an academic and what you suggest is not the academic style. Therefore he “plays the game” which is not to speak plainly and forcefully or ask rude questions, but to play the gentleman, always reference other authors & books, or one’s own, and basically argue over that. This is supposed to be superior intellect. That’s it’s also frustratingly ineffective is secondary.

      • Barbara
        Barbara says:

        I’m sure you are correct and he cannot come down to that level but he did call him a snake which is a great insult to snakes.

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          “I’m sure you are correct and he cannot come down to that level…”

          I didn’t mean to imply that he “can’t” but that he won’t, because he’s not about to jeopardize his standing among academics.

          In your April 1st comment, you linked to a video interview with Evelyn Rothschild, wherein he stated “We live in a Globalist society …”
          THEY live in a globalist society, but most of the rest of us still identify with nationalist societies and prefer it that way. You kind of imply that KMac could/should take a leaf out of Adolf Hitler’s playbook when it comes to talking about and to Jews, and I agree. But KMac absolutely abhors Hitler; he’s described Hitler as a “disaster” for the White race. I don’t think it can be denied that Hitler was more effective in his time than MacDonald is in our time. I don’t consider our host here as an activist, do you? Can any academic be called an activist, unless he is willing to lose his standing with the Academy?

          • Barbara
            Barbara says:

            It’s really the other academics who have lost their standing. They are like historians who distort actual history to stay in favor with powerful people whom they have to please if they intend to make a living. Some future day the cowards will be sorry and will have to live with what they have done. When KM says that he is without standing he is allowing them to define the situation and they are liars without standing and without patriotism.

            I have no idea what Hitler was actually like or what he did that was good or bad because everything I know is based upon Jew lies. I know that Hitler was admired by the Kennedy’s and by President Kennedy and that he did marvelous things for Germany. The evil was perpetrated against Germany by the leaders in the United States. It was Germans who suffered a holocaust at our hands. They are treated as though they had no right to want rid of the Jews and that Jews have a right to infest other people’s countries. Jews are not German and they are not Gentiles.

            They should be prevented from ever living in Gentile countries ever again. They should be put somewhere in Saudi Arabia since they are so close to the Saudis and they’re so great at making the desert boom. I would give anything to see what happens when they have no one to Jew but each other.

            If they didn’t live around white people the entire world would ignore them. They are nothing but lowlife thieving parasites.

        THEODOR FRITSCH says:

        Pferde fur Pferde!
        Better off WITHOUT KMac, Mattogno, Rosenberg, Drumont, Kittel, Atzmon, Wilhelm Grau, Douglas Reed, Alan Hart….?

        • Barbara
          Barbara says:

          Thanks Jewboy. What does it mean that the Jews have had a central bank in China for a long time?

          How do you explain that when the Jew Bolsheviks were in charge of the Soviet states there were food lines and Holodomers. Then the Jews left a devastated wasteland in Russia and war devastated Europe and came here. Now we will have food lines and food shortages, continual war, open borders and a Muslim invasion.

          Isn’t there only ever but one solution? We’re Americans, not Germans, not Europeans or Russians or Ukrainians and it ain’t over til it’s over. The Art of War explains that if you put soldiers in danger and where there is no escape they will fight. Even seen a cornered rat?

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          Truly, all made a contribution, but have they changed anything? Anything that mattered? I say no. Successful *activists* are people like Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump. They are brave men who act, thus making a deep and lasting impression.

          • Theodor Fritsch
            Theodor Fritsch says:

            @ Barbara X & Carolyn Y
            1. I am using this pen-name not because I am “a Jew”, which I am not, but because it seemed particularly appropriate as the intellectual author of a handbook on the JQ which influenced your Beloved Fuehrer and which he personally recommended to German students.
            2. Sayanim and hasbara trolls are less likely to recommend anti-Jewish writers than to put discreditable assertions on the same blogsite both that the Nazis never exterminated Jews and that the Jews should be exterminated.
            3. KMac is very tolerant towards nonsense including raving attacks on his own contribution to JQs.
            4. Why assume that I know nothing about the Bolshevik ravages in Russia, when in my alter ego verus I have worked with anti-communist activists, amassed a research library on the Marxist revolutionaries in Russia, Hungary and elsewhere, and on their Jewish links? I prefer however to the chief explanation for this phenomenon in Bertram Wolfe’s “Three Who Made a Revolution”, as a basis for detailed investigation, than the “Protocols”.
            5. Hitler and Trump were activists, but the first lost sympathy because of his ruthlessness and thereby helped to create the post-WW2 power of the Zionists and anti-racists, and the second has co-operated too slavishly with Zionists in the USA and Israel. Hitler was an intellectual and a courageous man; Trump is a totally useless chump in comparison.
            6. The white west needs leaders who are more astute as their opponents, as well as more courageous than “cornered rats” (with which I am not unfamiliar as resident close to farmland that experiences occasional infestation).

            You two “ladies” should be grateful to TOO for venting your venom, apologise to its host.

          • Barbara
            Barbara says:

            I apologize to anyone I may have offended. I don’t think KM needs anyone to defend him from me. I would never intentionally offend or attack him and I don’t know of any reason to do so. Carolyn can speak for herself but the things she mentioned seem acceptable to me for discussion. It is a fact that of all the people like us to lay into the Jews and put it all out there and in spite of all the suffering that KM has been through and has been subjected to, the Jews have not shut him down because he really doesn’t threaten them and are for all intents and purposes is pretty impotent against them.

            I personally am not an expert on Hitler or anything else. But I think that he would have been considered to have been a great and effective leader were it not for the Jews who alone have created everybody’s image of Hitler. It seems to me to be a horrible caricature and is not at all definitive of who Hitler actually was. I suspect he was a great man. I wish he had intended to end the Jews but It is a fact he never intended to holocaust them and that he only wanted them out of Europe based upon their history and their activities in Germany at the time.

            I wish I could vent my venom on the Jews but so far I’ve been unable to accomplish anything to any degree other than simply vent. Anything that we might do to the Jew is justified. People vent because for a thousand years the Jews sit by smirking and laughing at our frustration and helplessness in the face of the Jew question. They seem to be untouchable while we keep trying to figure it all out and what we can do about them. I maintain that there is only one thing we can do and we should do it. Why do we not? That is the question. Millions of innocent people are dying all around the world because of the Jew. How would it be wrong or godless to rid ourselves of them? I think it would be the best thing we could do and boldly do it in the name of Holy God.

            No other race has any respect for us and it’s no mystery why that is. I’m sick of the talk. They listen to us talk to see how full of talk we are and how amusing to them we can be. I wonder what the South would do if we were free from the North. I feel awful Celtic. And it feels really good.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            Reply to Barbara, April 2 @ 7:06 am:

            More good comments, Barbara., thanks.
            “I personally am not an expert on Hitler or anything else. But I think that he would have been considered to have been a great and effective leader were it not for the Jews who alone have created everybody’s image of Hitler.”
            “I suspect he was a great man.”

            You suspect correctly, Barbara. That is the truest line in all that you’ve written. But I wouldn’t put the Jews in Saudi Arabia as that makes for an even more powerful clan with lots of oil in the ground. Where to put the Jews, if they could be put somewhere, IS a gigantic problem with no good solutions. Especially since the West has become so habituated to and fond of “Jewish cultural norms.” But if it could be done, Jews would need to be isolated to the point they had only each other to bargain & deal with — which was what Hitler had in mind (ideally).

            Although, if Western man were not so weak and easily seduced, we could easily check them with our greater numbers. Since we can’t, it tells us that the answer to our problem lies in ourselves, which is both good and bad news. We can fault Kevin MacDonald for not writing about *that*, but he doesn’t want to lose what readers he has. So there’s plenty of blame to go all around.

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          Responding to ‘Theodore Fritsch’ comment dated April 1 at 2:28 pm:

          1. You are using a pen name because you prefer not to reveal your real name, and bc you can.

          2. “5. Hitler and Trump were activists, but the first lost sympathy because of his ruthlessness and thereby helped to create the post-WW2 power of the Zionists and anti-racists …”

          A popular idea, but false; used by pro-Whites but anti- Hitlerists to explain the failings of the anti-Hitler Whites to solve the Jewish Problem. Can you write a short, factual essay on how/why Hitler’s alleged ruthlessness exceeded that of Churchill, Roosevelt and/or Stalin? I didn’t think so.
          Someone on this site not too long ago spoke of “Hitler’s ruthlessness” as being the reason for his downlfall. Maybe it was you using a different name?

  14. JewBoy
    JewBoy says:

    I’ve said this elsewhere and I’ll say it again–while you Jew-haters fixate on a 2000-year-old grudge against the supposed killers of your ‘Lord’ (who, in a delicious bit of irony, was a full-blown Jewish rabbi), the Chinese and Indians are fixing to eat your lunch.

    And they will eat your lunch for precisely the same reason the Jews have all these millennia–because of intelligence and culture. They are smarter than you, and their cultures value strong families, industriousness and education. Your culture values methamphetamine, wife beating and attending Trump-cult rallies. Their kids work their butts off attending the best schools, starting businesses and bettering themselves and their communities. Your kids are Dylan Roof, Kyle Rittenhouse, etc, etc. Just one pathetic imbecile loser after another.

    Between them, India and China contain nearly 3 Billion people. The Jews were able to own you with what, 1% of the world’s population at best. The Indians and Chinese combined are 40% of the world’s population. You are in for a quite a wake-up call, to put it mildly. You literally don’t stand a chance.

    In 50 years, any vestiges of Jewish cultural/political/economic hegemony will have long disappeared, and the Asians will utterly dominate.

    One thing’s for sure…White people need enemies. Better buckle up, because unlike your preferred Passover-celebrating enemies, your new enemies have got you vastly outnumbered.

    Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    • Keith Harbaugh
      Keith Harbaugh says:

      Say JewBoy, your points are well taken.
      I would respond that America and the rest of what once was called Western Christendom
      has been led astray by those who will stop at nothing to ensure “Never again.”
      Specifically, by systemically attacking and destroying all that made Western Christendom strong,
      culturally and demographicly.

      And as to your condemnation of individuals,
      I would respond with such names as Andrew Carnegie, Andrew Mellon, Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh.
      Surely even the most pro-Semites can find things to admire in those people.

      • Arische Junge
        Arische Junge says:

        @ Keith Harbaugh
        Jews are known to give unalloyed credit to non-Jewish achievers.
        Do Judeophobes ever give unalloyed credit to Jewish achievers (except, sometimes, anti-Semitic/”self-hating” Jews). Certainly not Mr Langdon.
        Credit where it is due (pun intended).

        • Keith Harbaugh
          Keith Harbaugh says:

          @Arische Junge
          As one counterexample among many possible ones, consider:

          In the 1990s “the Shafarevich case” stirred a heated discussion in the mathematics community about a fundamental ethical principle:
          Can scientific honorary societies make demands to their members concerning their non-scientific views?
          Another obvious problem … concerns the ethical repercussions of the fact that
          Shafarevich was demonized without reasonable justification.

          More broadly, there are the promoters of “cancel culture”, and the origins of such.

          And, of course, there is the failure to give Dr. MacDonald the respect and credit his work would merit.

  15. Aiden Lake
    Aiden Lake says:

    The Jews are an assemblage of people with a unique but complex history, and characteristics that have brought many into cultural conflict with other societies, notably in politics and economics, especially after their “religious emancipation” from around 1790. There is nothing wrong, pointless or cowardly in presenting sound arguments against any of their activities demonstrably prejudicial to non-Jewish societies or interests, as a informed contribution to rational and therefore effective opposition. This is more sensible and productive than mere abuse, particularly if accompanied by stupid suggestions as sadistic as they are impracticable, not only against Jews themselves but those of their critics who do not share half-baked paranoia or psychopathic emotion.
    The Jews are neither “cornered rats” nor omnipotent deities, but human beings with abilities, faults and specific influences that require objective analysis, as part of active defense of the white race, increasingly threatened by invasion from outsiders (which, in the case of Islamists, is far from universally welcomed by supporters of Israel).

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