Anti-Racism Comes for the Church: The Case of Thomas Achord

A year or two ago, I received a large, unsolicited and apparently self-published book in the mail: Who Is My Neighbor? An Anthology in Natural Relations, edited by Thomas Achord and Darrell Dow. Neither name was familiar to me. Since my available reading time is somewhat constrained, I did no more than leaf through it at first. But I kept it on my shelf because the idea of “an anthology in natural relations” sounded worthwhile. The editors clearly felt that relations in contemporary America had become unnatural (in some sense), and in response they had assembled hundreds of short, simple texts on proper human relations from antiquity to the present day. Their anthology emphasized the Classical and Christian traditions, but included some material from Egypt, China, India, the Jewish tradition and more. There were chapters on God (or the gods), marriage, family and household (including slavery), local and political community, economics, education, literature, and other matters—much of the very stuff of human life.

I was sympathetic to the project. Contemporary man has no idea how unusual his moral notions appear within a broad historical context. This characteristically modern form of ignorance has been called the “provincialism of time,” and one of the purposes of education is overcoming it to some degree. Browsing such an anthology might even have therapeutic value for some of our contemporaries.

But I had mostly forgotten about this book when, browsing a dissident website a couple weeks ago, I came across an appeal to help the family of a man who had lost his livelihood due to thought crime. I made a small donation and searched the internet for further information on the case. This quickly led me to a number of posts about a certain Thomas Achord, an alleged “white supremacist” who had also been dismissed from his employment in November, 2022. That name rang a bell, and a quick check of my bookshelf confirmed that this second cancellee was indeed the co-editor of Who Is My Neighbor?

Until November of last year, Mr. Achord served as the headmaster of a small private school in Louisiana that is part of the Classical Christian Education movement. This is a traditionalist movement which stresses exposing the young to the Bible and other classic texts, in part through the study of Latin (and sometimes Greek). It provides pupils with an understanding that the world did not begin the day they were born, that their own generation is merely one link in a chain spanning centuries. This helps transmit to them a sense of identity and roots, as well as protecting them from faddish thinking. I have been sympathetic to the movement since it first came to my attention in the 1990s.

Late last year, an Englishman and Christian theologian named Alastair Roberts discovered that Achord had maintained a pseudonymous blog between January 2020 and August 2021. As is the way with pseudonymous writings, much of this material was more forthright in language than what Achord had published under his own name, although not inconsistent with it. Roberts criticized some of the pseudonymous posts, but his language was measured and he explicitly disavowed any desire to threaten Achord’s employment.

Roberts’ post was soon spotted by columnist Rod Dreher, however, whose children had attended Achord’s school. In addition to the material uncovered by Roberts, Dreher took exception to a chapter of Who Is My Neighbor? containing texts in support of the common-sense ideas that diversity promotes conflict and erodes social capital, while good fences make good neighbors. Dreher quickly decided such ideas made Achord a “vile racist” (as well as anti-Semite and misogynist) and “doxxed” him to the school, which panicked and promptly fired the father of four. Dreher acknowledges that Achord is quiet, modest, friendly, and talented; his ideas are Dreher’s only justification for getting the man dismissed.

Some circumstances may make this dispute appear surprising. Dreher is perhaps best known as the author of The Benedict Option (2017), a book advocating the formation by like-minded Christians of small face-to-face communities capable of withstanding the onslaught of mass culture and cultivating the virtues among the rising generation. This is similar to the goals pursued by the Classical Christian Education movement, so it is not surprising Dreher enrolled his own children in such a school.

But it also seems to overlap rather largely with the aims of Achord and Dow in editing their Anthology in Natural Relations. In the “Introduction” they write:

The subversion of natural and organic connections (family, nation, etc.) has spiritual implications. The goal is the subversion of Christian nations and the culture produced by Christendom. The way forward means recognizing that the world into which we are born includes families, institutions and nations that are structured hierarchically. Likewise our duties within those structures (i.e., justice) are hierarchical in nature. To live with piety is to accept our place in that structure of reality, favoring the near over the far.

Achord’s “racism” is presumably related to his advocacy of “favoring the near over the far.”

Achord and Dow drop a broad hint as to where the contemporary “subversion of natural and organic connections” such as nation and family is coming from by printing three quotes from the founders of communism on the back of their book:

Even the usual differences within species, like racial differences . . . can and must be done away with historically.—Karl Marx

The nationalities of the peoples associating themselves in accordance with the principle of community will be compelled to mingle with each other as a result of this association and thereby to dissolve themselves.—Friedrich Engels

The aim of socialism is not only to abolish the present division of mankind into small states and end all national isolation; not only to bring the nations closer together, but to merge them—V. I. Lenin

Marx speaks of races, Engels and Lenin of nations and nationalities, but the basic idea is the same: communism represents a form of universalism, a type of thinking which elevates the universal over the particular, extending even to outright hostility toward more particular forms of human association.

Speaking generally, each of us forms the center of a concentric series of spheres of attachment beginning with our immediate family and running through our extended family to our community (if we are still fortunate enough to live in one), and thence to nation, race, and the human species as a whole. Like communism, Christianity has a universal aspect, as illustrated by Christ’s Great Commission to “go and make disciples of all nations.” The parable of the Good Samaritan also makes clear that our rightful sphere of moral concern may include even perfect strangers. But unlike communism, neither Christ nor the Church ever expressed hostility to particular attachments as such, nor advocated abolishing the institutions on which they rest. It is compatible with Christianity to love your own wife more than your neighbor’s wife. The same principal applies to one’s children, and even extended family (for extended family was an important social fact in the ancient Near East where the Bible originated).

But what about race? This, of course, is the locus of disagreement between Dreher and Achord. So we must ask: do the Bible or Christianity view it as illegitimate to feel a greater attachment to one’s own race than to the other races of mankind?

In fact, the Bible does not have a great deal to say about race in the sense commonly intended today, viz., the three-to-seven major continental races of mankind, a sphere of belonging intermediate between the nation and the human species. There is not even any word for “race” in this sense in Biblical Hebrew or Greek. That is not surprising. The known world of Biblical times did not cover the entire terrestrial globe, so appreciation of the racial differentiation of mankind was limited.

What the Bible does refer to—in countless passages—is “nations.” And no Biblical author ever condemns patriotism or devotion to nation: “make disciples of all nations” obviously does not mean “abolish nations.” The same goes, historically, for the Christian church. Within living memory, e.g., Bishop Fulton Sheen used to remind his vast American television audience that one could not be a good Christian without also being a patriot. This was viewed almost as a truism at the time.

Any Christian serious about developing a Biblical view of race or race relations must proceed by careful study of what the Bible says about nations, adjusting it (if and where appropriate) to the broader category of race. What would be the likely result of such a study? Well, if we accept Steve Sailer’s definition of a race as “a very extended family that is inbred to some extent,” it is hard to see how anyone could simultaneously affirm family attachments as natural and good while condemning all racial attachment. Such is the view of “Kinism,” a nationalist- and racialist-compatible tendency within the contemporary church which seems to me consistent with scripture, church tradition and common sense.

Until recently, of course, there was no need of a special word like “Kinist” to refer to those Christians who believe in the legitimacy of particular attachments, because such belief was universal. But “antiracism” has long since invaded the church in force. Christians, like everyone else, grow up surrounded by shrill and sanctimonious denunciations of “racism.” This term, which is never defined, only dates back to the 1930s. It is variously ascribed either to Lenin’s sidekick Leon Trotsky or to Magnus Hirschfeld, a Jewish sexologist and early promoter of transsexualism who was also a strong communist sympathizer. The very least we can say about such men is that their thinking was not inspired by Christianity. Yet millions of white Christians like Rod Dreher assume that the communist-inspired notion of antiracism is not merely compatible with, but an actual requirement of, their faith! In effect, they believe an essential doctrine of Christianity, the “sinfulness of racism,” went unmentioned in the Bible or by any church leader for nineteen hundred years before being revealed to Christendom by some Jewish radical less than a hundred years ago.

Such extreme historical illiteracy is the perfect example of that “provincialism of time” and faddish thinking which, as I noted above, a proper education should help protect us against. And the Achord case seems to indicate that it has now gained a controlling interest in the Classical Christian Education movement. Thomas Achord realizes better than anyone what a tragedy this represents for both the church and our people. On his pseudonymous blog he lamented that those involved in Classical Christian Education

are scared, they’re aware that things are against them as Christians, as Westerners, perhaps they sense that things are against them as whites, but they don’t admit it. My concerns are that . . . they’ll be hoodwinked and guilted into tolerating Diversity, nonwhites [and] Marxism. I want to provide formal help, tools, resources for white-advocates to take back the West for white peoples by recovering a classical education.

But this is already disallowed in today’s church. If you feel any secret loyalty to race or nation, white man, Christian morality demands you be sniffed out, hunted down, professionally destroyed, and see the bread stolen from your children’s mouths.

After all, Christ commanded us to love one another.

*   *   *

You can assist Thomas Achord’s family here [link to:]. But hurry: “antifascist” Christians are already pressuring the site to disallow donations to a “white supremacist.”

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  1. John
    John says:

    Thank you Jordan Peterson for posting this in reference to Scotland’s new “PM”:
    “By what standards is he not “white”? Is he not white like Italians, Jews and Irishmen were once not “white”?” Hey Jordan, what is black, what is yellow, what is a woman? Thank you Jordan for exposing what you are – a traitor.
    Jordan Peterson’s role in our extermination is to help in preventing us Europeans from coming together, from uniting.  The evil people behind the scene conducting our planned extermination fear our collectivizing, they know from history of our strength if we came together (uniting is our only salvation, our enemies are working 24/7 in trying to prevent that). If we Europeans had unity, we would drop Jordan Peterson & his ilk like a hot potato.

  2. Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy says:

    “However, anti-Jewish clichés also flowed into Hoffmann’s work. According to Gunnar Och, these are particularly evident in the story Die Brautwahl (The Bridal Choice). Here, Jews are given negative or ridiculing connotations, both in terms of their physiognomy and their character (e.g., the nose of one of the characters, “addiction to money,” willing to convert for opportunistic reasons, ‘evil arts,’ ‘dirty pettiness,’ ‘impudent, cheeky, meddlesome,’ ‘in their whole being the most pronounced character of the people from the Orient’). In addition, parallels to and allusions to Shakespeare’s play The Merchant of Venice were repeatedly incorporated.”
    Jew Posener (“British-German” journo) article:

    E.T.A. Hoffmann, an anti-Semite?

    A spectre is haunting the Jewish Museum Berlin. The ghost of E.T.A. Hoffmann. At his place of work, the former Kammergericht (Chamber Court), later Berlin Museum, today the entrance building and venue of the Jewish Museum, nothing reminds of him anymore.

    As in Hoffmann’s story “The Desolate House,” in which a mad and homicidal noblewoman is locked away from her family, the Jewish Museum seems ashamed of the ghostly presence of the jurist, artist, composer and poet. This is despite the fact that architect Daniel Libeskind “always loved” the romantic Hoffmann.

    The design of the building, conceived as an extension of the Berlin Museum, included an “E.T.A. Hoffmann Plaza”. A sculpture was to stand on it: the “Mechanical Garden of Olympia,” consisting, among other things, of seven by seven concrete steles. On the one hand, this garden was intended to be reminiscent of Olympia, the mechanical woman from Hoffmann’s story “The Sandman”; on the other hand, of the “Olympia” typewriter. Because of “The Sandman,” Hoffmann was considered by Libeskind to be a critic of “mad science”: “Contemporary culture is also infected by the kind of thinking that led to the Holocaust,” Libeskind said in 1990. His building was therefore intended to elude any functional use.

    The building is indeed impractical. No matter. The philosophical shenanigans of the Derrida student have long since been reduced to an arbitrarily repeatable mannerism as a trademark, as with the oversized supporting structure of the glass roof over the courtyard of the old building or the entrance to the extension.

    But what to do with E.T.A. Hoffmann Square and the Garden of Olympia? After all, the “Garden of Exile” was originally also dubbed the “E.T.A.-Hoffmann Garden.” Although Hoffmann has nothing to do with exile. What is behind this? An accusation of anti-Semitism, as raised by the author Rolf Schneider? Was E.T.A. Hoffmann an anti-Semite? The verdict refers mainly to Hoffmann’s story “Die Brautwahl” (The Bride’s Choice), in which Jews are described as impudent (dummdreist), cheeky, meddlesome, money-grubbing, ready to convert out of opportunism. Now one can object that Hoffmann was taking everyone for a satirical ride. Michael Bienert, who wrote a book about “E.T.A. Hoffmann’s Berlin,” does not consider Hoffmann an anti-Semite. Be that as it may, a house dedicated to the 2,000-year relationship between Germans and Jews must deal with this man.

    Daniel Libeskind, Jewish “architect”

    Hoffmann shared his birthday with Kevin MacDonald.

    Evil Mr. Sandman not only
    throws sand into kid’s eyes.

    Article: Bloodletting in Posen (1965)

    “Why do I so often think of madness while sleeping or waking?” noted the Prussian chamber court councillor, composer, bandmaster, draftsman, storyteller, and poet Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann in his diary, hoping that “mental draining might act like a bloodletting.”

    And so the fidgety, gaunt male from Königsberg, disdained by Germans Goethe and Hegel, revered by foreigners Baudelaire, Poe and Dostoyevsky, let himself bleed with his pen quite often during his short life (1776 to 1822).

    In his late romantic novels, fairy tales and stories, Hoffmann, animated by alcohol, created with much irony a grotesque night world in which ghosts and doppelgangers haunt and psychopathological figures – drunkards, beggars, alchemists, goldsmiths, murderers -, close to madness, teach us to be frightened.

    In these weeks, however, German readers are being offered a completely different product of mental depletion as a presumed Hoffmann work. The anonymous novel fragment from 1815, which some Hoffmann connoisseurs ascribe to Hoffmann’s stories, is called “Sister Monika tells and experiences” and bears the ironically explanatory subtitle “An erotic-psychic-physical-philantropic-philantropic deed of the secularized monastery X. in S …”

    “Sister Monika”, available in half leather at 68, in leather at 110 marks, is the latest attraction of the Hamburg “Gala” publishing house, which supplies solvent book lovers with literary gallantry goods – for example with an “Indian Love Feast” (in half parchment 68 marks), with “Persian Eros” (in parchment 110 marks) and with a “Journey to Cythera” (in leather 165 marks).

    Gala boss Wilhelm Krohn, 46, has been selling delicacies of this kind for years. At the beginning of his publishing reign, in 1959, he by no means had spicy fiction in mind. Among other things, Krohn brought an almanac about “The Jews in Germany” and a concentration camp novel onto the market. The result: the books had to be sold.

    Since then, the Hamburg Krohn, similar to the Hamburg “Merlin” publisher Andreas Meyer and the Hamburg “Verlag für Kulturforschung” (book advertisement: “Erotic illustrations of French classics – the book for the spoiled taste”), likes to appeal to the reader’s libido. He appeals with success; a plot of land in Taormina, at any rate, has already been acquired.

    Krohn does not have to fear competition, at least from his Hanseatic colleague Meyer: While Merlin’s Meyer specializes in offside sex (Genet, de Sade), Gala promotes with “healthy calculation” (Krohn) – low numbered subscription runs at highest prices – mainly hetero-frivolities of world literature. A Gala offshoot, called Kala-Verlag, opens up an additional treasure trove of gallant literature in a series of twelve titles so far (example: “Venus im Kloster”).

    • Space Cowboy
      Space Cowboy says:

      Aha: “Busoni’s attitude to Jews and antisemitism is somewhat ambiguous. Busoni’s great-great-grandfather on his mother’s side was half-Jewish (although he may not have been aware of this); Busoni used Jewish melodies to characterize a Jewish character in his opera Die Brautwahl; when during World War I Busoni took a stand against German aggression, Hans Pfitzner took the occasion to call his views “a manifestation of the international Jewish movement” against Germany; in 1920 Busoni referred to his pupil Kurt Weill as ‘a very fine Jew, who will certainly make his way’. But in protest at German hyper-inflation in 1923, he rewrote for concert performance an aria from Das Brautwahl, ‘The Gruesome Tale of the Jew Coiner Lippold’, and naïvely expressed surprise when performance was turned down on the grounds of its anti-Semitic implications.”

  3. conrad gaarder
    conrad gaarder says:

    There is no question that the civil rights movement had a hidden agenda (but hidden in plain sight) to coerce Americans into agreeing that to be a good country America had to be colorblind, which didn’t follow at all.
    It was all so easy; the ghetto trickster said to the innocents “Just keep you eye on this cup here.”

  4. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    Rod Dreher, whose work I stopped reading in marked distaste more than twenty years ago, has been a pompous hypocrite and a dreadful writer for as long as I have been aware of his existence—i.e., since the early nineties. His way of life and his societal, cultural, and religious opinions are founded on a deep-seated and unapologetic desire to have his cake and eat it, too. It is thus hardly surprising that his longest professional associations have been with such (((neocon rags))) as National Review, the Weekly Standard, and the American Conservative.

    In doing to Thomas Achord what Mr. Devlin describes in this article, Dreher is standing arm in arm with the sort of people he has long sanctimoniously claimed were destroying the West. In this, he is simply doing what comes naturally to him. Note, however, that he is doing it from the comfort and relative safety of a nation that is effectively a white, Christian-friendly version of what Martha’s Vineyard is for well-off Jews and their sycophants: Viktor Orbán’s Hungary. On the day when Dreher, too, is cancelled and finds himself with bills to pay and nothing to pay them with, no one with any principles will shed a tear for him—nor, I hope, will they toss a few bucks into this hypocrite’s extended cap.

    • Atreides
      Atreides says:

      Dreher is one in a long line of nominal
      Christian ‘ conservatives’ who do the Left’ work for them because of their hysterical fear of being dubbed racists and fascists. It began with William F. Buckley’s crusade against the John Birch Society and subsequent coddling of ex(?)- Trotskyite Jews – the historical Enemy of the traditional Right

      • Fr. John+
        Fr. John+ says:

        Thank you and M. de Craon for calling out Rod Dreher for the sanctimonious hypocrite that he is.
        While I rarely expect OO to be even remotely approving of true Christianity, this article is a welcome exception to the rule.

    • Roland Maruska
      Roland Maruska says:


      “…the American Conservative.” The American Conservative? For real? I went to Pat Buchanan fundraisers in 1992, 1996 and 2000. I stopped listening to Fats Limbaugh around 2000, when he ridiculed Pat. What happened to Pat and when? I just kind of lost interest in mainstream political mags after that, but I never considered Pat Buchanan to be a neocon.

      Please reply to my email.

      Now I read only Culture Wars magazine and Occidental Observer.


      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        You are right, of course. Pat Buchanan was never a neocon, but Scott McConnell, who had a long association with the Kristols, was always one. Around 2007, when Pat and Taki left the magazine except as occasional contributors, the “American Conservative” became another neocon outlet, and to the extent that it still exists, so it has remained.

        • Roland Maruska
          Roland Maruska says:


          I didn’t know that. And to think I once chatted with McConnell!

          Thank you.


  5. Jeremiah Alphonsus
    Jeremiah Alphonsus says:

    At the root of the word “neighbor“ is “nigh.” Nigh = near. An African tribesman is not, while I remain in Idaho, my neighbor. Nor is he my neighbor when he assumes the status of an invader, whether of the illegal or legal variety of invader.

    Related to Bp.Fulton Sheen and communism, see his brilliant book entitled Communism and the Conscience of the West. This is absolutely essential reading. It’s also available in audiobook format. Communism is the diabolical ape of Christianity, just as Antipope Francis is the diabolical ape of an actual pope and the Novus Ordo Antichurch he leads is the diabolical ape of the actual Catholic Church, which is in the catacombs once again.

    Also see Ch. 10–entitled “The Myth of Equality”— of Fr. Wathen’s book entitled Who Shall Ascend?

    As for Rod Dreher, he’s a typical cuckservative and thus a suicidal white ethnomasochist. Hence he burns with unquenchable lust to be eternally and publicly gang-raped by Paco, Jamal, Abdul, Wong, and Shekelstein as the ultimate form of virtue signaling. Pitiful.

  6. Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy says:

    “But unlike communism, neither Christ nor the Church ever expressed hostility to particular attachments as such.” Is that supposed to be serious?

    “If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters – yes, even their own life – such a person cannot be my disciple.”

    Amren posts the following today as a “success story”

    This “party” (“christian values”) belongs to the following coalition in the EUSSR Fake Parliament

    The “most right-wing” parties in this Jewish-constructed joke cabinet are the so-called “populists.”

    • F. Roger Devlin
      F. Roger Devlin says:

      Yes, it’s supposed to be serious. I actually quoted Luke 14:26 in a longer rough draft to make the point that natural bonds may have to give way to Christian discipleship. But that is not a rejection of natural bonds. Just trying to keep the article length within reasonable bounds.

    • Scipio
      Scipio says:

      The phrase whoever comes to me must hate his father or mother etc. comes from Luke.

      What it means is that Christ is the number one priority in your life. It doesn’t mean forced diversity or giving up culture or tradition.

      • Space Cowboy
        Space Cowboy says:

        Out of question. This only relevant question is, what kind of “God” (if not “the devil himself”, see a so called “comment” below) requires his “faithfull devotees” to hate mother, father, siblings and their own life?

        To this question probably every halfway rational thinking “Aryan” would like to have a plausible answer. It is by no means a Celtic-Germanic-Slavic or even Roman-Greek deity.

        It can be only the same proverbial demonic biblical “Satan”, who causes the equally Abrahamic Muselmans (who refer to the same “Mosaic prophets”) to the servile bending in the oriental day sun by instilling fear and by moral blackmail.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters – yes, even their own life – such a person cannot be my disciple.

      It is absurd to suggest that a proper contextual reading of this passage means what you would have readers take it to mean. Put otherwise, as Mt 4:1–11 demonstrates, nothing prevents the devil from quoting Scripture for his own ends.

      • Space Cowboy
        Space Cowboy says:

        To want to insinuate that everything that debunks and runs counter to a Jewish superstition disguised as “religion” can only be “the incarnate ‘Satan’ (Hebrew) himself” is IMHO an unmistakable symptom of a delusional defect / mental pathology.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          “IMHO” indeed. As if that matters!

          Neither the Christian religion nor any other aspect of truth has anything to fear from the slanders of a cliché-peddling robocommenter.

          • Ned Stalker
            Ned Stalker says:

            @ Pierre de Craon
            Religion(s) of some kind will probably always exist, but the traditional Christian one seems to be fading fast, except among superstitious – albeit (excessively) heterosexual -Africans. As an Anglican archbishop allegedly joked, “Half my male bishops are really atheists and the other half are gay, except for those who are both”. You, Monsieur, may not have quite this problem under your foot-kissing, immigrant-welcoming Pope Bergoglio.
            Catholicism rests on the belief that the Creator of the entire cosmos (or a third of him) became a Jewish rabbi (((John 4.9,22,31))), via a Jewish virgin, for an infinitesimal period in human history, proclaimed his imminent Kingdom for a mere three years, chose another Jew (((Galatians 2.7))) to lead his minuscule followers, actually died but rose again, having promised to return in order to send entire recalcitrant nations endless torture (((Matthew 25.46))).
            This who do not believe this stuff about the “lion of the tribe of Judah” (((Apocalypse 5.5, Hebrews 7.14))) will be “condemned” (((Mark 16.16))) to burn alive for ever, but then, luckily, Pierre, you are “saved” and can worship God disguised as a piece of bread and talk to his mother who must have plenty of listening time as Queen of Heaven.

      • Space Cowboy
        Space Cowboy says:

        …and anyway, why would the “evil devil” cause your Good Rabbi Yeshua to jump off the ridiculously low hill named “Temple Mount”, knowing full well that the heavenly Rabbi not only sprang from the immaculate conception, but can also walk on water and perform other miraculous feats? This makes no rational sense whatsoever.

        Unless one would believe in all seriousness, your so-called “quotations” do not only originate from 2000 years of deceitful human hand, starting from the Jews themselves, but from a the entire lifeless universe in its useless and incomprehensible existence created and nevertheless permanently controlling and supervising deity named “YAHWEH”.

        Of course, it must be assumed very strongly as a completely logical premise that YAHWEH (and also his son Rabbi Yeshua procreated by his remote ignition) possessed all knowledge about any astronomical connections from the very beginning of all times and cosmic space partitions!

      • What’s up Skip
        What’s up Skip says:

        Seems pretty straightforward to me. This passage represents the revolutionary cult-like nature of Christianity at its founding. You could argue what Jesus might have meant by requiring disciples to hate their closest kin but it’s sophistry to pretend he didn’t mean it at all. Perhaps he wanted only fanatics, devoid of attachments, to proselytise.

        Later the church developed the cult of the holy family, with Joseph protecting Mary and their son. It’s still strong in Southern Spain.

          • B. Rockford
            B. Rockford says:

            Who is this Ned you keep on about, Pierre?
            Have you got Ned on the brain as well as God and Yid?
            They are everywhere….aaargh!

      • Space Cowboy
        Space Cowboy says:

        I firmly reject the delusional insanity of speaking “in the name of the devil. Moreover: What (not only silly, but completely) un-Christian behavior to demonize all people who take my so-called “holy texts” at their word as being in the service of the devil. This is the stuff of Hollywood horror movies.

        I doubt the existence of a Jewishly created “Satan”, as well as I doubt his alleged opposite. Both condition each other and are therefore an expression of a “bipolar” schizophrenia, which tries to press the complexity of life into an unnatural scheme of “light and shadow”, “good and evil”, “right and wrong”.

        Whereby it itself presumes to define dogmatically what is what in each case. The so-called Christian faith (which is the opposite of knowledge) is a fatal superstition, which keeps fully grown people imprisoned in infantile immaturity, who never become emotionally or intellectually stable in the course of their existence.

        “Church of the Poison Mind”: If your Abrahamic “God” disregards common sense and spiritual independence, then I will be the last one to “believe” in this nonsense. I also refuse to end up in a “heaven” or “paradise” full of naive sheep preaching the “Bible” all day long.

        Even if “up there”, wherever that is in the cosmos, no more Bible would be needed, because up there only the endless pure bliss would rule. Food intake, sleep, need fulfillment of any kind don’t exist any more, only “soul” (even if no spirit!). What a most ridiculous humbug!

        • Gerry
          Gerry says:

          Hey Space Boy

          Proof! Wow, try the CIA, or the FSB or MI6 and their X Files or just look up Mothman. The book of Job explains well what it is and why that happened in Virginia!!

          • Space Cowboy
            Space Cowboy says:

            Yea yea, your (((book of Job))) explains “nearly everything”! (Of couse, who in this world, who is quite right in his head, would dare to doubt that!) AMEN!

      • Gerry
        Gerry says:

        One need only look at the life of St.Paul
        to understand such a saying yes? He lost everything because knowing Christ was what was the most valuable matter of all. His feelings are well described by him in his writings .

    • Space Cowboy
      Space Cowboy says:

      Since the Bible demands that only those, who actually believe like stupid sheep in this inconceivable nonsense, reach the “heaven” and sit there above (wherever “above” or “below” is in the universe) 1000 years (what after that?) personally to the side of God. ) personally sit to the side of God, the question inevitably arises what happens to all the other billions of people who do not believe in it, be it believers of other religions or completely rational persons not contaminated by this superstition, be it children who die early and never read, knew or approved of the Bible, handicapped people who cannot understand the Bible, be it 120,000 years of human history that took place before the birth of Christ. Is it possible to finally profess Christianity even after one’s death or even before one’s birth, so is there a chance of salvation even for Stone Age people? In addition, it must be assumed that not all who believe in Rabbi Jesus also lived a life in his sense or were even only unconvinced churchgoers who threw their church taxes and contributions behind the church out of stupidity.

      Let us assume that a person comes from a family in which the Bible had no meaning, but he himself does not want to follow all his ancestors into the earth, but Jesus into heaven. So it is not only during his lifetime that he is required to separate from his relatives. If Christians believe Christians go to heaven, why do they visit their dead relatives in the cemetery? Surely it would be sufficient for them to look into heaven from their homes? Or are they not concerned about the “soul” at all, but the corpse? But if they are concerned about the corpse, then why not want to walk the course of natural biological death just as any animal or living being walked it? Is this superstition perhaps only a method to cope with the unnatural petty fear of death, even a means of the church (God’s self-appointed ground staff) to abuse this fear to direct people?

      In general, the Jewishly fabricated Bible does not say how one finds one’s relatives again in heaven, or has one forgotten all of them up there then? Has one also forgotten who one is or was? But if I forget everything anyway, why should I live on (as a “heavenly reincarnation” so to speak)? Questions over questions, to which this “religion” offers no answers. “Don’t ask so much, you just have to believe in this ridiculous children’s fairy tale!” I see, but then I might as well believe in the Easter Bunny, the Stork that makes the babies, or the “Santa” Claus. Or in the “Personal Jesus” (music title of a British band called Depress Mud). Why should an enlightened person believe in something that was invented 2000 years ago by a sect of Jews, and that from a few centuries ago the earth was thought to be a disc around which the sun revolved? I mean, honestly: How stupid do these people think we are? Obviously for at least as stupid as they are themselves.

      • Gerry
        Gerry says:

        “Questions over questions” Space boy?

        lol, all of which can be answered easily enough. You however, seem to want what Job wanted an actual court of law to be convened with the Creator. You like Job, who wasn’t Jewish, wanted the Creator to sit in the docket to be questioned and judged and boy did Job get it!!!

        But its rather astounding to find God asking questions Himself. Take for example these:

        “Have you entered the storehouses of the snow or seen the storehouses of the hail, which I reserve for times of trouble, for days of war and battle?

        What is the way to the place where the lightning is dispersed, or the place where the east winds are scattered over the earth?

        Who cuts a channel for the torrents of rain, and a path for the thunderstorm, to water a land where no one lives, an uninhabited desert, to satisfy a desolate wasteland and make it sprout with grass?

        and so many more over 70 to be exact!

        Of all the questions God asked Job, two of the most foundational ones pertaining to everything about life and living and our origins peculiarly enough it would be these two:

        “Does the rain have a father? Who fathers the drops of dew?” (Job 38:28)

        Now, why would Almighty God the Creator ask questions such as these? Why would He place such an emphasis on this aspect of the weather? Is it because rain is water, and water is the lifeblood of the planet? Next to oxygen, nothing on earth can survive without water. I’m talking about literally everything from the tiniest insect that inhabits the deepest forest or driest desert to the creatures that live in the clefts of rocks in the highest mountain ranges, the creatures living in the rivers and lakes of the world, and every kind of vegetation that exists.

        Literally, everything that lives needs water to survive. This liquid has the interesting properties of being totally transparent, colourless, tasteless, and odourless, and it’s the only substance on earth that can exist in three states: liquid, solid (ice), and a gas (vapour). These are quite interesting properties. When taken all together, it has led the scientific community to conclude that the origin of life must have occurred in a pool of water.

        “The origin of life on Earth seems to have occurred in oceans and shallow tide pools. Life on Earth is made mainly of water, which plays an essential physical and chemical role. Indeed, it’s hard for us water-besotted creatures to imagine life without water.1

        Life on Earth is intimately connected, for the most basic chemical reasons, with liquid water. We humans are ourselves made of some three quarters water.”2

        In fact, even the womb brings forth life in an envelope of water. The same observation is seen in the Bible:

        “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.” (Genesis 1:1–2)

        Now, imagine this. Not only is water the most important substance in existence, it’s also the first to exist. Here we find both science and religion recognizing and agreeing on something: water is the stuff of life.
        This raises many important questions where the weather is concerned. What is the one substance that the weather goes about providing? Is it not water? Of course, it is, and how vitally important a work of nature that is. What can account for such a remarkable system of hydration? Evolution? Are we to really believe that? Surely that can’t be. Not for such a complex and purpose-driven system that works due to the interaction of everything from the sun’s radiation upon the atmosphere to the effects of the moon and its gravitational forces upon our oceans (tides), and the way in which the electrical forces of the earth combine to provide needed precipitation.

        These forces work together in a most remarkable way to provide just the right kind of environment so that life can thrive on this terrestrial ball called Earth. It’s a system, by the way, that orbits over a period of twelve months and experiences four seasons of three months each—spring, summer, fall, and winter. These four seasons provide the planet with its variety of weather patterns, and this is a constant that never changes from one year to the next.

        Surely this bespeaks an intelligence of enormous creative power. Certainly, that would be the only logical explanation.

        We Need To Be Hydrated yes? And guess what the solution to climate change it’s really easy the solution.

        Superstition and science are incompatible? Good luck- that court of law- we will all be attending should be an amusing site for you I’m sorry to say. And no I’m afraid no Mommy or Daddy will be there to help you. You’ll be all alone with Him!

        • Space Cowboy
          Space Cowboy says:

          Lol, I would not bet a cent on your “prophecies”! (Apart from the fact that, unlike you, grown people don’t cry out for “Papa Jesus” and “Mama Mary”).

          Are you already making much cash as a highly paid psychic with the US government? Or did they turn you down there because they have enough prophets of their own? Apparently you have done your job badly, because with America it goes unstoppable steeply downhill.

          Another one like that (“oh holy Toledo rain god!”), and then these clumsy Aramaic middle Eastern Bible metaphors and his Jewish “prophet” Job: winds, lightnings, waters, sands and “doomsday”, with this nonsense they seriously clouded his mind.

          America is, as far as enlightenment is concerned, until today as backward as a third world country (even the beautiful “catholic” provincial Poland is more progressive!), deepest Mittelater. “In God we trust”, “God loves America” (and Israel of course, as the unfailing country of origin and motherland of all this inconceivable, almost ineradicable bullshit).

          This is really ccringeworthy and embarrassing, but in America people have been dumbed down by this kind of “religion” for centuries. One really wonders: this is the country that determines the destiny of the world until today (we know the devastating results)?

        • Space Cowboy
          Space Cowboy says:

          To your attention, little self-appointed “preacher”: Your ridiculous attempt to want to “frighten” others is nothing more than expression of your own “religiously”-founded paranoia. Such a thing has (quite obviously) worked with you weak spirits (and led to the desired consequence), with people like us this old Jewish “weapon of moral intimidation” made of plastic is blunt and breaks immediately.

        • Space Cowboy
          Space Cowboy says:

          “Gerry”, “Pierre de Craon” (and similar “consorts” like Anglin) shake desperately at the gate of heaven, when their Lord Jesus answers with a thunderous voice: “What do you want here? Have you always carried your heavy wooden cross and chastised yourself, as I demand of you? Did you consistently deny father, mother, brothers and sisters, wife and children, and of course all other relatives? Were you a conscientious, faithful and reliable Christian? Did you give to the poor Negroes when they asked?

          Say what? You engaged in and expressed anti-Semitism for years? You have sown and spread hatred and disgust towards our Jewish people of God? You evil sinner want to go to heaven, which is run and maintained exclusively by us Jews? As you know, I, Jesus Christ, am the only God, the King of the Jews. You wretched hypocrite! Get lost, off to hell and purgatory! Where Adolf Hitler has been screaming in pain in the flames for 78 years and for all eternity. You have no right to take our name in your mouth!”

    • Ron Chapman
      Ron Chapman says:

      G’day Space Cowboy,
      You quote: “If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters – yes, even their own life – such a person cannot be my disciple.”

      Query whether Christ Jesus said that since the Bible is essentially a Pharisaic concoction manipulated and distorted for two millennia and especially by the Schofield Bible in the early 20th Century.
      However, assuming the quote approximates something said by Christ Jesus, surely it merely refers to the fact that every individual HUman is required to make moral decisions irrespective of what family and others think and do?
      An obvious recent example being the decisions humanity has been required to make in relation to the COVID-19 scamdemic and whether to follow government “mandates” and to take the “jabs” or not. Many, many individuals were/are forced to disagree with government, community and family demands and decisions attempting to force them to accept improper and dangerous attitudes and actions. Moreover, those who refused to conform are/were ostracised and even hated for making decisions contrary to the family and community consensus.
      After all isn’t every adult supposed to be responsible for his/her own words and actions? Under the Nuremberg code the defence of just following orders from governments or anyone else is not a valid legal excuse. Nor should it be.

      • Space Cowboy
        Space Cowboy says:

        Hi Ron, thanks for your contribution. Who knows who Jesus was, whether he existed at all, and what he said “in truth”, and whether this would have any relevance at all.

        The only ones who claim to know this exactly, as if they knew him personally, are all those who declare the nimbus constructed about this historical figure to be the “Word of God”.

        If it were a “God” who loves the truth, he would probably say today: “Beware of those who commit fraud in my name!” But Heaven is silent, as it has always been silent.

  7. Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy says:

    “Bolshevism from Moses to
    Lenin” (Dietrich Eckart in 1923)

    Today one would have to say:
    “Bolshevism from Moses to
    Merkel (Christian Democratic)”

  8. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    “Marx speaks of races, Engels and Lenin of nations and nationalities, but the basic idea is the same: communism represents a form of universalism, a type of thinking which elevates the universal over the particular, extending even to outright hostility toward more particular forms of human association.”

    And what of Monarchy? It seems to me if Marx, and Engels and Lenin had their way, truly had their way 100 percent, what happened to Czar Nicholas and his family would be only the beginning.

    • Gerry
      Gerry says:

      It’s puzzling you know about Monarchy. At one time the fear in England and Europe about the U.S. Constitution and the American Republic was so great there appeared in one of their newspapers a message about how the American experiment would literally destroy every monarchy on earth? I wish i had the clipping in front of me but I’m sure no one on this blog is ignorant of what I speak of. Wait I just found it

      Move ahead in history and what is/was to replace the democracy of America but Communism? Now pay attention to something perhaps diabolical, the Great Reset which is to do what? According to the Leninist Shawbbi:

      ‘you’ll own nothing and be happy about it?’

      Wow, really? There was a commentator over at the Saker blog, Asia Teacher who said something which immediately perked my interest. Indeed so perfect was his short comment that i wrote it in the front page of Dr. Willard Cantelon book. It would have been his thesis statement for the entire book I’m sure:

      “In a world of digital currencies, governments will control individual wealth. Communism by the back door.” Asia Teacher Sept. 18, 2022 Saker Blog

      and not just individual wealth I’m afraid but ones conscience as well and whoa if Dostoevsky could see our day and age. Remember the words:

      “Why hast thou come to hinder us? …We are working not with Thee but with him {Satan}…We took from him what thou didst reject with scorn, that last gift he offered Thee, showing you all the kingdoms of the earth. We took from him Rome and the sword of Caesar, and proclaimed ourselves sole rulers of the earth…We shall triumph and shall be Caesar, and then we shall plan the universal happiness of man…Hadst Thou accepted that last counsel of the mighty spirit {Satan}, Thou wouldst have accomplished all that man seeks on earth-that is, someone to worship …who can rule men if not he who holds their conscience and there bread in his hands?

      I find it troubling to find in the Prophetic scriptures the mentioning of ten kings making a pact with a coming king who has a small horn but speaking great blasphemous things?

      But hey as usual everything is written to warn us what is coming thank you very much Christ Jesus!!!!!

  9. Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy says:

    So, as the nature defends itself against this soul disease of the Jewish invented monotheism, so every common sense defends itself against the sick dogmatism of its representatives and propagators. If there is something like “God” at all, then this can be only the nature itself. But natural sciences are no religion lessons and no Bible exegesis. The word “religious science” (or optionally “Islamic science”) is an indissoluble contradiction. Superstition and science are incompatible.

    • Ron Chapman
      Ron Chapman says:

      G’day Space Cowboy,
      Arguably a major reason for confusion when discussing Christian monotheism is that the Pharisees and later the neo-Pharisees totally distorted the historical narrative about the life and teachings of Christ Jesus.

      Also be aware that clif high and others who have studied original translations of the Torah found no references in it to any God. References to the EL actually referred to space aliens that were subsequently mistranslated by the Pharisees to mean god(s). By the time that Jesus arrived the Pharisaic controllers of Temple worship in Jerusalem had reworked the narrative to better control simple Judaen tribes people. Jesus’ message undermined the Pharisees’ power structure and socio-political control so they had to remove him.

      By creating the Christian religion the Pharisees were able to infantalise Christian religious believers with ludicrous dogmas that downgrade us to the status of ignorant children dependent upon priests to supposedly interpret for us what Jesus said and meant when in reality Jesus said that every ensouled individual was indwelt by a fragment of Creator’s spirit (consciousness) and hence was capable of going within (meditating/thinking) and receiving energetic information downloads from Source directly. Hence the widespread awareness and acceptance of the idea of us having a conscience.

      Jesus didn’t incarnate to start a religion and didn’t. He came to tell us truths lost over millennia and corrupted by Pharisees and others. He said every ensouled being was, like him, an only begotten (unique) son or God, i.e. ‘a temple of God’ having no need of external priests and religious structures.

      Another major lie promulgated by the Pharisees and the Roman emperors they got to establish the Christian religion (starting with Constantine in 325 AD) was that Jesus was the ONLY Son of God and that he sacrificed his life to save all of humanity. He didn’t and couldn’t. Every ensouled individual has to learn about life, the universe and everything in order to avoid mistakes and grow in wisdom and knowledge to eventually ‘save’ self and become like God. That’s the reason for the reincarnation mechanism. It takes myriad incarnate lifetimes to accumulate the experiences and knowledge needed to eschew mistakes (called ‘sins’ as a means of manipulating us) by those who use religions as socio-political control mechanisms.

      Think about it. Priests et al try to inculcate in us the idea that we have only one life and when it’s over we are judged by God and go to heaven or hell. (1) Taught such nonsense as children many people become so scared of dying that they are afraid to live. Hence the cretinous docility in the face of governmental and institutional authorities that produce compliance with mandates about COVID-19 and everything else.
      (1) The joke is that no one is “judged by God”. Every ensouled being is responsible for judging self and either eventually correcting his/her thoughts and actions or knowingly choosing to refuse to continue to participate in the journey to become like the Creator. This is a free will world and so we get to choose what we want to do.

      As regards the neo-Pharisees’ (Talmudic Mafia’s) alleged “Jewish” monotheism, be aware that most Jews are atheists and those who aren’t; believe in an ethnocentric, vindictive, racist, genocidal entity who is no god at all. Ask the Palestinians. In fact, the Khazarian (Ashkenazi) neo-Pharisees worship their ethnic collective as g-d.

      • Space Cowboy
        Space Cowboy says:

        Dear Ron, as far as I am concerned, everyone is allowed to cultivate his own “Jesus” (if he needs him so badly), as already explained in detail above. I personally am not to be convinced by any of the theories, I rely on the world I find and remain highly suspicious of all assertions which cannot be proved. That is why I never become a follower of any sect, cult or “religion”, which to me is all the same thing, that claim to possess and proclaim the sole truth.

        I personally find East Asian philosophies such as Taoism or Buddhism, which appeal to people’s personal responsibility in the here and now, most congenial. However, I doubt a rebirth in the form of a reincarnation. Human remains result in compost at best, the “soul” dies with the body, even gradually (e.g. due to brain damage). The best books I know about the “Old and New Testaments” are by a theologian with a PhD named Heinz-Werner Kubitza.

        The individual titles are: “The Jesus Delusion. How the Christians created their God. The Demystification of a World Religion by Scientific Research,” “The Dogma Delusion. Bogus problems of theology. Wooden paths of an arrogant science,” “The Delusion of Faith. From the beginnings of religious extremism in the Old Testament,” “Jesus without Kitsch: Errors and Contradictions of a Son of God.” I have no knowledge of whether they ever appeared in English.


        • Ron Chapman
          Ron Chapman says:

          G’day Space Cowboy,

          Thanks for your views. Obviously I agree that becoming a “follower” of any sect, cult or “religion”, or of anyone or anything else, is inappropriate. I think that we’re here to think about our existence as we live it, so that we can decide our ‘philosophy’ for ourselves.

          That’s a reason why I tend not to read ‘strawman’ demolitions of sects, cults and religions.

          I was raised believing that reincarnation was impossible but finally decided that having self consciousness evidences that I am more than a compostable conglomeration of meaningless energies.
          To each his own. Whatever floats your boat.
          Peace and Blessings,

    • ariadna
      ariadna says:

      Sad that we are so grateful for the bits of truth we find on television only in Carlson’s programs even while he –probably terrified that the Jews might suspect him of thinking of himself as White– insists that race is simply an inconsequential “look.”

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        [Carlson] insists that race is simply an inconsequential “look.”

        I had not been aware of this; thank you, ariadna. Another disappointment from that quarter!

        Given the circumstances prevailing in the media, it is easy to understand why Carlson would want to tread carefully. Yet it is one thing to be silent on the matter of race and quite another to insist on its inconsequentiality. Like Rod Dreher, Carlson too often seems more interested in pleasing the Establishment than in merely not offending it overmuch.

  10. Leon Haller
    Leon Haller says:

    Speaketh the pathologically demonic (in the literal sense of Satan as the Prince of Lies) Rod Dreher:

    “Some of the responses to this essay on Twitter speak to why we can’t just move on. I’m seeing a fair number of comments that say, sometimes literally, “Who cares? It was just Twitter. No enemies to the Right!” This is a corrupt ethic. The fact that many on the Left live this way does not make it any more justified. Every single one of us is going to have to answer to God for the way we have lived. Not one of us — not me, not you, not Thomas Achord — will show up unstained by sin. God’s mercy through his Son’s sacrifice is our only hope, but we will all have to give an accounting. If the Lord asks me one day, “Why did you say nothing when you found out that in your midst was a man quietly spreading race hatred, hatred of Jews, and spite towards women — especially when this man was in a position of authority over young people who trusted him as a teacher?” It will not do to say, “Hey, Lord, no enemies to the Right!” Especially not if one is a Christian!” (Rod Dreher)

  11. Leon Haller
    Leon Haller says:

    Something else of relevant interest (from Occidental Dissent):

    Douglas Dow
    DECEMBER 14, 2022 AT 1:26 AM
    My brother published a reference work with Achord and attests to his good character. Achord educated Dreher’s children while Dreher was mostly absent. Dreher now insists that Achord’s anonymous comments threatened the future of the school where his estranged wife works. If local folks discovered that the headmaster there didn’t particularly care for blacks and Jews they’d refuse to allow their children to attend. Let alone that those anonymous comments certainly weren’t shocking – does this seem likely ? Dreher knows enough not to dox a man with five children – the New Testament suggests approaching a brother you want to reprove privately, and, if unsuccessful, with acquaintances. I, like you, have read him for years – he is a coward with the sensibilities of a little girl,,,,

  12. Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy says:

    The invention of the “universal”, monotheistic Jewish God can therefore be regarded as the most perfect lie of all times. Because a universal God will always appear as omnipotent and stronger and therefore make all individual gods obsolete and appear as small and ineffective. Superstitious people who are particularly receptive to “supernatural powers” will understand this immediately and side with the fictitious all-one God, even if he is only the invention of a Jewish sect. So the Jews have only kept alive, bundled and exploited for their own purposes the superstitions that have existed and been fostered in man for thousands of years.

    Therefore, even if Jews are openly or secretly convinced atheists, they will always side with Christians instead of white atheists in discussions, for example, which is a particularly perfidious and devious ploy. The reason is, of course, that they still prefer spiritually dependent and morally blackmailable Whites who are dependent on the Jewish God than independent and logically thinking Whites who question their Jewish God and the whole mumbo jumbo, in the end even the Jews and their eternal fraudulent goings-on themselves.

  13. Armoric
    Armoric says:

    Antiracists are the real racists. The concept of ‘antiracism’ is really a disguise for Jewish efforts to destroy White people. The traditional European point of view is that we must show some respect to other races and not persecute them. We must also defend our collective racial existence. This is compatible with Christianity.

    The Jewish antiracist view is that White people must be destroyed. But it is never said openly. Like us, the Jews will say that non-white races must be respected and not persecuted. But they also have a tradition of reversing reality and crying out in pain as they hit us. They have worked to impose genocidal policies against White people, and they claim that any opposition to those policies makes us guilty of racial persecution against Jews and other third-world migrants.

    White people can make the difference between offensive and defensive racism. If race A is trying to destroy race B, you expect B to put up some resistance. In this case, both A and B are racially aware. ‘A’ is engaging in oppressive racism, while ‘B’ is engaging in defensive racism. ‘A’ is morally wrong, and ‘B’ is morally right. But the Jews play on the ambiguity of the word ‘racism’. When people complain about racism, we assume it’s about offensive racism, i.e. racial persecution. But when Jews denounce racism, it is usually a denunciation of White people’s defensive racism. As far as Jews are concerned, racial awareness by White people is the worst sin of all. Offensive or defensive, it doesn’t matter: it is never okay for White people to defend their collective existence.

    This is really the Jewish doctrine, but they would rather not define it so clearly. It’s also the doctrine of the leftists and opportunists who go along with the Jews. Just like the Jews, the leftists will refuse to say clearly that their so-called ‘antiracist’ doctrine is about the destruction of the White race. Actually, they may not be aware that this is what they are working for. As for the ‘Christian leftists’, they will refuse to openly say that God wants them to help destroy the White race and protect the existence of all other races. But in practice, people like Dreher are not calling for the compulsory mixing of all races. They just want to destroy their own race.

  14. Kevin MacDonald
    Kevin MacDonald says:

    Since there is a lot of interest in religion on this site, I thought readers would be interested in Ross Douthat’s NYTimes column:
    Thus my speculative prediction: The decline of institutional Christianity and the return of more naïve readings of Christian Scripture will lead to the decline of the deconstructionist project, which has been propped up all these years by the felt need to strike the strongest possible blow against ecclesiastical power and tradition.

    Take away that power, throw people into the texts without an anticlerical preoccupation, and you won’t immediately get a revival of Christian orthodoxy. But you may get much more acknowledgment of what’s obvious each and every Easter: That in their immediacy and mystery, their lapel-shaking urgency, their mixture of the mundane and the impossible, the Gospels are at least — at the very least — the strangest story ever told.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      No doubt the Gospels are

      ” the strangest story ever told.”


      ” A Naive Reading of the Gospels May Be Just What Christianity Needs ” ;

      but an

      …” endless theological wrangling later on because of their ambiguities and uncertain implications “…

      is not what humanity needs to survive .

      It is a virtual certainty that a new religion especially designed to accommodate and/or facilitate sufficient adherence to

      {{{ The PRIMAL-PRIME Directive }}}

      is needed in order for humanity to sustain

      creation , development , and employment of

      new sciences , new technologies , and new arts

      that would be needed
      by future generations of human progeny

      to thrive-n-survive beyond

      {{ The Solar TOTAL Extinction Event }}

      whereby ALL humanity extant here on planet earth

      will be exterminated and perish forever

      into the abyss of

      The DOOM of OBLIVION

      pursuant to commencement of that Extinction Event .

      It is doubtful that an aggregation of
      Catholic principals of morality
      ( also known as priests )
      would have anything to contribute
      to that new religion other than
      significant organizational expertise .

      Here below is a link to a MSM 6 April 2023 revelation of the latest in a long list pertaining to the moral degradation of the foundation
      of the Catholic institution of
      The Kingdom of God here on earth ___

  15. Sandy
    Sandy says:

    The idea that the white race is evil and that the white race having its own culture is a bonafide sin came out of Vatican Two. The details are given by a Spanish professor. I have the book but can’t remember it’s name and my copy is buried in a cardboard box until the next time I have to move. O the joys of massive immigration.
    As the “communists” discovered, saith Bella Dodd, the surest way to undermine the West is by through dethroning its God.

  16. Sandy
    Sandy says:

    This morning from a reactionary catholic blogger i follow ( ) I found this piece ” Antipope Bergoglio declared Thursday at the Chrism Mass he polluted with his presence that “nostalgia for times past” is a “sin against the Holy Spirit.””
    Many catholic laypeople are upset at the changes being brought in by the new infiltrated church. Although this particular blogger won’t twig to what the the pope is referring to, you and I get it. Equally unfortunate, barring the Second Coming, we are looking at another 800 year Reconquesta.
    On the bright side its amazing how the Catholic Church still leads the white race which would offer a promising career to some concerned young activists capable of slithering around the minefield!!

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