“OK, Boomer”: Are Boomers Solely to Blame for Our National Decline?

As the U.S. continues to decline from its once worldwide recognition of greatness and continues to swirl down the proverbial toilet bowl, many Americans point their fingers at the Boomer generation (born ~1945–~1964) as the source of all our economic and social woes.

Whether it’s all the wars and conflicts after WW2 that America has engaged in, the problems associated with funding social security, the rise and dominance of liberal social policies, rampant crime and homelessness throughout much of the nation, widespread racial discord, the decline of the U.S. dollar, and massive corruption among those in congress, Boomers are often blamed for it all — or at least most of it.

An array of memes mocking and disparaging Boomers has flooded much of social media as a result. TikTok, in 2019, helped to popularize the phrase, “OK, boomer,” a sarcastic dismissal of anyone born in that generation and the outdated ideas they might espouse. This has resulted in a generational conflict between Boomers and those of other generations, such as Generation X (1965–1980), Millennials (1981–1996), and Generation Z (1997–current).

Gen Xer, Bruce Gibney, has gone as far as to describe the Boomer generation as a “generation of sociopaths” in his not-so-subtle book, A Generation of Sociopaths: How the Baby Boomers Betrayed America (Hachette Book Group, 2017). The author argues that America was hijacked by the reckless self-indulgence of Boomers who had little concern for future generations of Americans, leading to the complete erosion of American prosperity. The boomers, according to Gibney, “have committed generational plunder, pillaging the nation’s economy, repeatedly cutting their own taxes, financing two wars with deficits, ignoring climate change, presiding over the death of America’s manufacturing core, and leaving future generations to clean up the mess they created” (Sean Illing, “How the Baby Boomers – Not Millennials – Screwed America,” Vox, 10/26/2019).

Ruy Teixeira, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, has likewise stated that the baby boomers “grew up in an era when there was something close to full employment almost all the time. Wages were going up along with productivity, and productivity was going up very fast. Incomes were growing at the rate of 2 percent a year, something that we haven’t seen since. . . . The baby boom happened to get older at the same time that America adopted an economic model that was actually pretty counter-productive, which did not actually produce rising wages and incomes for people at a very good clip, that enhanced inequality” (Ben White, “How the Baby Boomers Broke America,” Politico, 10/26/2019).

My purpose in this article is not to justify all that the Boomer generation has done — whether for good or for bad — but to show that much of the criticism directed at them is both shortsighted and deeply prejudicial. For many people who blame prior generations for their current problems, it’s a convenient excuse and perhaps even an escape from having to face their own failures. We want to blame and condemn them but have little understanding of the times and unique circumstances that contributed to their outlook and motives.

This is not to say that Boomers have been right about everything because they obviously haven’t been (which generation is?). In fairness to Gibney and other critics, the Boomer generation has indeed been marked by excessive materialism and greed—ironic given that they grew up in the 1960s’ counter-cultural revolution. They have, seemingly, cared little about America’s future generations as they’ve exploited economic markets and resources for their own immediate gain. They have willingly supported a plethora of America’s unjust wars across the globe. Boomers have also been great advocates of the destructive liberal zeitgeist that has driven the nation into a cesspool of moral filth and degeneracy. The narcissism and self-entitlement of today’s Gen-Xers and Millennials is largely attributable to the poor parenting of Boomers.

Whether it’s feminism, gay rights, gay marriage, or Transgender rights, massive numbers of Boomers have backed it all. Boomers have also largely supported non-White immigration to the U.S., racial “equality” laws, including federal policies giving preferences to minorities over Whites. Boomers have, generally, been big supporters of Israel, a country that routinely commits humanitarian crimes against Palestinians and which has a political stranglehold on our nation’s congress. Many of these same Boomers are devout Christians who broadly support Zionism.

More examples could be given, but it does little good to deny that a great number of Boomers have contributed to our national decline, and the serious problems we now face both socially and economically. Despite this, some deeper questions and considerations must be addressed if we’re going to be fair to this subject.

Whatever fingers might be pointed at Boomers, are the Gen-X, Millennial, and Gen-Z generations any better? A whole lot of justifiable criticism could be directed at them too, but what would that really accomplish except pitting White Americans from different generations against one another? Gender confusion and racial self-abasement are far more common among the younger generations than the boomers. Every generation has both good and bad people among them, and the Boomer generation in this regard is no different.

The Boomer years, despite their failings, produced many good and decent people. There were great scientific discoveries and new technologies that were invented as well. A good many of those same Boomers were brave and honorable men and women. Yes, they fought in several unjustifiable wars, but would those of the Gen-X, Millennial or Gen-Z generations — given the same circumstances, influences, and worldview as the Boomers — done any differently? In fact, the Xers, and Millennials have also willingly marched off to fight our neocon-inspired wars.

The assumption by many to think Boomers had it easy is false. Most Boomers, I’m inclined to believe, struggled through life to make something of themselves. They worked long and hard and, thus, were rewarded for their efforts. If any generation of Americans had it easy, it’s probably those born during the Gen-X, Millennials, and Gen-Z eras when the U.S. was at its pinnacle in terms of national wealth and innovative technologies.

It’s also important to note that Gen-X, Millennials, and Gen-Z were born during the era of the Internet and, thus, had access to mountainous amounts of information about their own government and every conceivable subject under the sun by the simple touch of a computer key. None of this information was accessible to those of the Boomer generation until the mid-1990s when, on average, they were much older in age and settled in their beliefs.

Boomers, prior to the Internet, had to really work hard to find the kinds of taboo subjects labeled “conspiratorial” by today’s gatekeepers of information and acceptable beliefs. Many libraries did not carry dissident authors, and truth-seekers were dependent on snail mail to get the books and articles they wanted. Comparably few resources were available to them, and it was the rare person indeed who grasped the kinds of truths that we as dissidents understand today.

Most Boomers, I suspect, had no interest in such matters and probably were completely unaware that there was another side to almost everything they had come to believe about their government, its history, its many wars, and who or what group had come to control its national and foreign policies. This is what made the American champions on behalf our people from “the Greatest Generation” (1901–1927), “the Silent Generation” (1928–1945) and the Boomer generation so great, such as Charles Lindbergh, William Pierce, George Lincoln Rockwell, Wilmot Robertson (pen name of Humphrey Ireland), David Duke, Sam Dickson, Jared Taylor, Kevin MacDonald, and many others because they stood against the rising tide of globalism, American imperialism with its warmongering abroad, and “racial equality” dogma that had gripped much of the nation.

Boomers, interestingly, were not as stubbornly obstinate toward racial realities as some claim. A good many of them rightly understood that Blacks and Whites were fundamentally different, and that federal laws enforcing “diversity” would only serve to exacerbate racial divisions throughout the U.S. This was common knowledge among most Americans prior to the 1970s, but that would change as the nation came under the spell of deceptive and revolutionary new ideas about race and “equality.” Republicans often campaigned on tough-on-crime policies, anti-abortion, an opposition to illegal immigration (sadly, not to legal immigration), but once in office they toed the liberal line and didn’t rock the boat.

There were circumstances, no doubt, that contributed to this national naiveté. Boomers grew up in an era when there was a greater trust among the American people toward its own government. It was a time of greater innocence (so to speak). The nation was racially homogenous, and there was generally a Christian consensus among most Americans in terms of right and wrong. Prosperity was increasing, and the living standards among Americans had improved greatly. The materialism, decadence, and degeneracy that was to be the mark of later generations had not fully taken root. White Americans were not yet conditioned to hate themselves, their country, and their race. That would come later in the 1960s toward the end of the Boomer generation.

When boomers were growing up, TV sets could only tune in to the three major networks, CBS, NBC, and ABC—all owned by Jews and spouting the liberal line. Most people got their information about national and world events from the nightly news which was generally skewed to promote only what the powers-that-be wanted Americans to know. The same could be said about America’s most respected newspapers which all adhered to the same liberal narrative. Alternative or dissident history books were a rarity too. Most libraries did not carry controversial dissident books that challenged the prevailing historical and political narrative.

Culture matters, and most boomers were programmed by the hostile, substantially Jewish elite that controlled the media and academic discourse. For the same reason Gen-Zers are much more likely than previous generations to have gender dysphoria and opt for sex-change operations.

Thus, it’s understandable why Boomers, including those of prior generations, were so trusting of their government and were so willing to fight in America’s unjust wars. They really didn’t know any better. Granted, a growing number of Americans were opposed to enriching the military industrial complex, especially during the Vietnam era. Yet most Americans still thought their government was trustworthy and had their best interests at heart. They still believed that what Walter Cronkite on the nightly news told them was reliable and truthful. Everything in their lives, so they thought, buttressed their most basic assumptions, their worldview, and how they interpreted national and world events.

Are we to believe, then, that the generations of Americans that came after the Boomer generation would have fared better had they lived during the same historical period? Would they have really been less materialistic, less greedy, and less self-indulgent as the Boomers? Would they have consciously thought of the plight of future generations of Americans and, thereby, curbed their desire to “pillage the nation’s economy”? I find this highly doubtful.

A sizable number of the older or “leading edge” Boomers (1945–mid-1950s) were supportive of ‘Jim Crow’ (1870s–1965) and ‘Sundown’ (1915–early 1970s) laws, especially in the South—laws that kept Blacks outside of White society. This is often cited as a clear example of where Boomers unjustly and selfishly exploited others for their own good. It was not until the social revolution of the 1960s that such racially discriminatory laws were rejected by most Americans, but over vigorous opposition in the South.

If anything, however, “leading edge” Boomers and especially those of “the Greatest Generation” and “the Silent Generation” were right to bar Blacks from their societies. This not only helped to keep miscegenation at low levels, but it prevented Blacks from destroying and making unsafe the grand metropolises that Whites had built.

This is understandably hard for many people to accept. Most people want to feel as if we are free of racial bias and accepting of all. Yet, when such harsh racial realities as the need for separating Whites from Blacks are ignored, it isn’t long before it leads to the demise of that same society. Isn’t this precisely what we are witnessing today?

Large numbers of Boomers and those of prior generations inevitably caved to relentless public pressure, including from the courts which outlawed all racial discrimination and prevented freedom of association based on race. Many of these same Boomers, consequently, went to the opposite extreme by fully embracing racial diversity, and voting for laws and social policies that ran counter to their own racial interests as Whites (e.g., racial quotas, preferential hiring for minorities, forced busing, unlimited Third-World immigration, etc.).

Yet, by giving Blacks the same freedoms as Whites—- as well as granting them full access to White society — “leading edge” Boomers and those of the “Greatest” and “Silent” generations guaranteed the inevitable ruin of their once grand cities. Today, many American cities that only a decade earlier were considered safe places to live, are now as unsafe and crime-ridden—Detroit, Birmingham, Chicago (especially the South Side), Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Oakland. This is not the result of Amish farmers nor Swedish tourists, but of criminal Blacks who have been weaponized by the powers-that-be against the greater White majority. Blacks in America have been emboldened to commit skyrocketing levels of crime and violence while a weak, politically correct criminal justice system looks the other way.

Those who instituted ‘Jim Crow’ laws knew something about Blacks that the current generation is woefully ignorant of—namely, their inherent criminal proclivities and their dysfunctional families. Spending billions to civilize Blacks as our federal government has sought to do for the past five decades, has proven fruitless and a complete waste of taxpayer resources. IQ gaps and educational achievement levels have remained the same or gotten worse—despite repeated promises by social scientists to end the disparities, a reality that has now resulted in the push for “equity” because equal opportunity simply doesn’t end the gaps. Blacks have largely proven to be unassimilable to White societal expectations in terms of education and general standards of civility. No amount of funding, good will, or collective effort has managed to bring Blacks to parity with Whites in this regard. This is because the two races are fundamentally different, and every effort to make us the same is as futile as trying to place a square peg in a round hole.

It’s also important to note that the level of deception by our government only gradually increased as Jewish power took root. This didn’t occur overnight. Many Americans were unable to discern what was occurring to them and its cultural implications for the nation. The entire program was presented in the loftiest moral terms. Just as today, to dissent was to be a bad person in the eyes of the political, media, and academic establishment.

It’s argued by some that Boomers were guilty of promoting social changes that proved disastrous to Heritage Americans such as the Brown vs. Board of Education decision in 1954. The problem with this is that the average Boomer age was two years old, and no Boomer served on the Supreme Court at that time. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is cited as another example, yet the average Boomer was only twelve during that period. The same could be said about the Voting Rights Act of 1965, including the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965. The median Boomer age was only thirteen.

Thus, many of the societal and economic problems alleged against Boomers should more aptly be ascribed to those of the “Greatest” and “Silent” generations. It was, in fact, those of “the [so-called] Greatest Generation” that fought in WWII and, thereby, consolidated Jewish power which set in motion the creation of the State of Israel. Instead of blaming Boomers, then, perhaps we should blame the “Greatest” and “Silent” generations for all that has gone wrong? Yet what good would this do? Would those of later generations have chosen differently given the same set of circumstances and influences as those living during the era of “the Greatest Generation”? There’s no compelling reason to believe this, especially when one considers that human nature hasn’t changed.

Humans, regardless of what generation they are part of, are still dull-minded, selfish, greedy, intellectually dishonest, and indifferent about social and political matters. Prosperity and comfort are no guarantee that people will choose wisely and embrace the Truth. Quite the opposite, in fact, since wealth often tends to blind us to what’s truly important in life, and well-off people are largely averse to rocking the boat.

Although it’s true that some young people today have come to embrace racial realities that many Boomers have rejected (thanks in large part to the Internet!), there are still an alarming number of younger Americans who adhere to ‘woke’ and radical anarchist beliefs (e.g., Antifa) despite there existing a huge amount of information readily available that discredits such Leftist ideologies. What, then, is their excuse? In fact, young people are more likely to vote for leftist policies than their elders. And Hollywood and the media routinely paint the 1950s—a time of prosperity and intact families—as the epitome of evil.

Millennials and Gen-Z may in fact be more culpable than the Boomers since they’ve had a long span of history to observe the destructive nature of liberal social values implemented during the 1960s. They could easily look back and see all that had gone horribly wrong. More information has been accessible to them from which to learn important social and political lessons than all prior generations. Will the generation after Gen-Z condemn them just as they had condemned the Boomers since they had fallen to a ruinous ‘woke’ agenda, one which has caused so much dissension, confusion and pain to the nation?

If one is looking to condemn prior generations of Americans for their failings, they can find plenty of reasons in the plethora of books and articles denouncing Boomers. Before doing so, however, they might want to first think long and hard about the role their own generation played in bringing about our national demise.

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  1. Hitmarck
    Hitmarck says:

    Boomers gonna boom.
    They simply fail to grasp what they do.
    And since that is important to repent and get forgiveness they are as a generation doomed to hell.

    • Chinookwind
      Chinookwind says:

      I have to ask the question. Did you read the article ? comprehend it ?To say ..”boomers gonna boom” is really a very superficial comment. Rockaboatus didn’t write too many paragraphs, you could have read a few more..

      • Darles
        Darles says:

        Ok Boomer.

        With reference to the article as a whole- of course any generation would’ve been the same under those circumstances.
        In England at least, one thing that makes it hard to forgive the Boomer’s general selfishness, arrogance and shortsightedness is that we grew up constantly being told how easy we had it, whilst all around us they embraced every change that jews made, destroyed our country economically and culturally and threw away their grandchildren’s future.
        Thanks to rockaboatus for an interesting article.

    • JM
      JM says:


      The issue is that, probably for the first time in history, generations have been left with the fruits of a grand subversion that mainly happened under the “watch” of the Boomers.

      But that doesn’t establish causality, but rather the danger of falling for the post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy because these settings were long in place, ready to subvert a whole generation.

      Having said that, it has to be granted that there were a disproportion of arseholes in that “generation” compared with earlier ones, albeit that I am slightly older than a part of their earliest part.

      Me? My beef is that the altogether too Multi-Culti USA from the 60’s on set out to subvert the Western world and deliver to us their pox. And very successfully too.

  2. Ronehjr
    Ronehjr says:

    The main sin boomers committed was not having children at the same rate their parents did. The generation of WASPs from around 1900-1930 are the ones who gave up to Jewish power when they could have done something to halt the takeover.

    • John
      John says:

      “The most precious possession you have in the world is your own people. And for this people, and for the sake of this people, we will struggle and fight, and never slacken, never tire, never lose courage, and never lose faith.”
      “The main sin boomers committed was not having children at the same rate their parents did.” We will lose bcz we Europeans r more K Selection; solution is for us Europeans to have 100% our own homelands, thus, we would not b having this problem (& crimes against us) if we believed that the most precious possession we have is our own ppl.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          Blame the victims ?

          That amounts to what “The Gulag Archipelago” Russian author Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said about what he asserted to be the greatest crime against humanity where Bolsheviks were primarily culpable for the extermination , during the Soviet era , of at least 10 (ten) million White Russian Christians . Their inability to avoid being exterminated was mostly a result of political ignorance of the Bolshevik planned genocide against them .

          Ignorance can have dire consequences but it is not a crime .

  3. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    Excellent article!

    I do not believe boomers are to blame for the cause of America’s rapid decline. But they are to be blamed for not doing anything about it, notwithstanding the efforts of the outstanding individuals named in the 15th paragraph of this essay. There are two reasons for this.

    1) Most boomers are conservative. ‘Conservative’ means stasis or resistance to change, which is contrary to Natural Law in that there is always change (either for good or for evil). As Dr. Pierce said “When the smoke clears, the liberal will have gotten half of what he wanted, the conservative will have lost half of what he tried to preserve, and both will declare victory”.

    2) Most boomers are Christian, of one denomination or another. Most (nearly all) Christians not only believe the Bible to be divinely inspired, but they also believe the translators to be divinely inspired. Now while the former may be true, the latter is certainly not. One of my hobbies is studying foreign languages and I, as well as others who enjoy linguistics, can easily point out the egregious mistranslations; by accident or intent is the only aspect really open to debate.
    What I am saying is that because of this weakness in the Christian religion, the enemies of our people are mistakenly viewed as ‘God’s chosen’ and routinely given carte blanche by Christian conservatives as they continue to dismantle everything good and natural and wholesome in our nation.

    • KT-88
      KT-88 says:

      “I do not believe boomers are to blame for the cause of America’s rapid decline. But they are to be blamed for not doing anything about it”

      Spot on. That is also my exact summary of the situation.

    • Brian Rockford
      Brian Rockford says:

      The problem is not only the Judeo bit in Judeo-Christianity but the NT themes of cheek-turning, non-resistance, self-abasement and undeserved guilt.

  4. Barkingmad
    Barkingmad says:

    I like your article, RockaBoatus.

    I recall the snooty woman at Red Ice bashing boomers. Apparently boomers are the cause of everything bad. This may have been a couple of years ago, but I never forgot and haven’t been back there since, so does anyone here know if they’ve repented? Oh yes, she did mention in passing that there were a few good people in that age bracket, namely KM and a couple of others, but the rest are complete ****. Red Ice has certainly done some good work, but at least as of a few years ago they had this one little snag.

  5. Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy says:

    Fascism as a dominant current was
    dead in 1945, and had, according to
    its opponents, completely disqualified.

    One can accuse Hitler for what ultima-
    tely became of it, to which innumerable
    wrong decisions led, the idea as such,
    was and remains always good & right.

  6. Birhan Dargey
    Birhan Dargey says:

    NO..its not the Boomers, I can NOT believe that this absurd propaganda will become the official History to explain the decline of the American Empire. The real culprits are the JEWISH NEOCONS, that gave us FREE trade, OPEN Borders, the gay/gbt/homo/pedo/anal anti Human agenda,and of course ENDLESS Jewish WARS that had bankrupted the USA Economy. It seem that the ship is sinking and the rats are fleeing in panic. But they will let no crisis go to waste..the JEWISH Neocons are already weaving the alternate reality..The problems are China/Russia. CHRISTIAN WHITES/Supremacists, MAGA, Social Security, Medicare. Medicaid, the cost of Public Schools, job training etc. Even after spending/wasting more than $15TRILLIONS in Banking bailouts, another $10TRILLIONS in wars, in UCRAINE/Afghanistan/Irak/Yemen/Libya/Syria etc. THE PEOPLE 100% ABSOLUTELY RESPONSIBLE for Americas Destruction is/are THE JEWISH NEOCONS. In spite of whatever PBS/NPR/CBS/NBC/CNN. say and present as the official story. They will collapse the American Republic just like the Great Depression of the 1930s. The jewish/Archons bankers will wipe outtheir debts, confscate SS, Pension Funds, IRAs, etc. they will run to ISRAEL.

    • Neil
      Neil says:

      The Chinese will not let the Jewish Pathogen infect them. Where are the Israelites going to go next? To Parasite? A true Parasite does not destroy the host. The Jews will not mutate like a virus.
      There is an old saying in Ireland ”Do not piss on your chips”

    • jank
      jank says:

      They’re going to run to new zealand. Not israel. There’s no safety, resources and it’s a worthless desert. I’ve been looking at this for a couple decades now. New Zealand, not israel.

  7. Crush Limbraw
    Crush Limbraw says:

    There’s enough folks to blame, so let’s spread it around: “If not us, who? The destruction of the ‘American Way’ accelerated under my watch – and yours, if you’re anywhere my age – so let’s fess up – we were part of the problem. How so? We let a bunch of ‘developmentally arrested’ adolescent know nothings take over the entire culture and country – every institution you can name is run by DaWoke. It took them over 100 years, but let’s face it – they are in charge and they are not bashful about telling us that they are.” – and I accept it as well – http://www.crushlimbraw.com – DaBoomers just had the numbers to affect change.
    What really pisses me off is DaBoomer ATTITUDE – ASSuming their presence as God’s gift to mankind!

    • jank
      jank says:

      Big mistake to point the finger at anyone but the jewocracy. The underlying enabler here is individualism, with an atomized population with nothing in common, competing against itself for basic survival while jews work as a team fleecing the nation, just as they’ve done elsewhere for centuries. Can you not see that?

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        ” The underlying enabler here is individualism,”…

        Christianity is the “underlying enabler” since it is a sheeple-oriented religion of self-enslavement , to the chosenhite jewmasterss , that ultimately renders christianized individuals politicly retarded and unable to get properly organized to defend their cultures/themselves against globalist jewish political collectivist agendas ; and likewise for rural cultures that are normally nonpolitical .

        Individualism is the last ideological defense against neo-con zionist political gangsterism that abides by the fundamental
        ” Might Makes Right ” law of nature to justify whenever and wherever globalist jewmasterss have acquired a collectivist power to confiscate the property and/or execute any and all dissenters/resisters without benefit of civilized due process of law protections for individuals .

  8. Dr. Rock
    Dr. Rock says:

    The main thing that the boomers are guilty of, is being a big lump in the age demographics of the population, something that is not their fault. In general terms- They were the young kids that filled our elementary schools during the 50’s, when American family life dominated society, they were adolescents when the president was assassinated on live tv, later his brother too. They were coming of age, just in time to go fight, and die, in Vietnam, but also when they hippie culture was taking over their cultural ranks, and also, drugs became a “thing”. They graduated to the 70’s, as they were really starting to see success in the workplace, and watch the whole Nixon-Watergate event. Their excesses did shape the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, and generally not in good ways, however, to say it’s their fault, is to be completely ignorant of history, people, cultures, etc.
    They also gave you cable television, micro-electronics, the internet, the smart phone, countless medical advances, etc. Were all of these contributions universally good? No, but they were advancements.
    Basically, blaming an entire generation for the world’s problems, is something only the young would do, because it’s just that stupid.
    Besides, what comfort is gained by blaming boomers? Does it fix anything? Make anything easier? Better? No.
    You still have to play the hand you were dealt.
    Also, the boomers will all be pretty much dead soon, so whatever satisfaction garnered by blaming them for a shitty circumstance, won’t have a very large audience soon.

    Honestly, younger people blaming boomers, makes just about as much sense as boomers saying that it’s all the fault of “young people today”. It’s literally the same shit.

  9. dogismyth
    dogismyth says:

    What a ridiculous claim that boomers are responsible for our current conditions. This drivel is for the shallow minded so they may formulate their hate and desperation against the greatest generation of hardworking, reliable and compassionate people. This has to be done to protect those truly responsible for our current condition: the khazar semites, aka repulsive evil jew scum.

    You want to rock somebodies world of the bullcrap happening today, go pay a visit to your local quasi-jewboi.

  10. Captainchaos
    Captainchaos says:

    Boomers are the age cohort that is most invested in the system and hence the most resistant to revolutionary change. Without revolutionary change the White race will perish. It is as simple as that. Boomers prefer non-threatening, feel-good gestures like voting Republican and watching Tucker Carlson to things that will actually make a difference like advocating for and achieving Red State secession. Don’t let Boomers off the hook, pressure them into supporting Red State secession!

  11. Captainchaos
    Captainchaos says:

    Consciously or unconsciously RockaBoatus is convinced that Red State secession cannot be achieved now or in the near future (let’s say the next ten years) without ruinous catastrophe befalling him and his. He is scared, he is reticent. He is heavily invested in the system. He is a boomer. Old ways of thinking are safe, new ways are scary. Yet no one ever said being a man didn’t require balls.

  12. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    Surprised Mr Rock doesn’t mention the explosion of cultural phy-ops unleased on the boomers just as they hit their teens in the late sixties. All that weird Tavistock stuff that began before WWI they’d been preparing for decades(the music especially).
    They really thought they were so clever turning a generation against it’s parents. They didn’t imagine this process would go full revolution to where Millennials and Gen Z now despise these faggoty liberal boomer values.
    Mocking boomers is a good thing, it’s a positive, if I were a boomer, I’d hope to God the coming generations hated mine. The boomers rising to this and getting all sniffy over it takes it to whole new levels of pathetic.
    It’s just blazingly obvious all the above piece is true and no group could handle what was done to those sixties kids. I don’t think anyone really disagrees with that, but it’s fun to troll people. That’s it.
    As for Gen Z being the most leftist, this means nothing. Of course they are, they’re the most propagandized and least experienced. It’s experience that turns you rightwards. But all the *political* Gen Z folks see things basically our way. If you take away minorities and women, who are just brainwashed drones for the most part, there isn’t really such a thing as a politically leftist Zoomer. What would it be? A Globo-homo/Ukraine-stander? In what way is this political never mind philosophical? They’re just creeps to power and the zeitgeist.
    Boomers should welcome mockery of their generation, as it’s a healthy rejection of everything we all hate.

  13. Blowtorch Mason
    Blowtorch Mason says:

    More than 2/3 of Boomers had their life prospects diminished by Affirmative Action, which first became the enforcement policy of the EEOC in 1969. A Boomer born in 1951 would have been 18 then, applying to college and would have confronted the new phenomenon of Affirmative action head-on if he or she was applying for admission to a selective or highly selective college, university or professional school that year… I was one such Boomer. I never bought into the Jewish conceived Civil Rights Movement. When JFK assassination was announced at an assembly at my school, everyone broke out in spontaneous cheering! I’ve never seen such jubilation before or since. The whole generation ploy was developed by Jared Taylor of Amren to deflect criticism from the Jews, whom he still refuses to name. Replace “Boomers ” with “Jews” every time the word appears in this article and you will have a much clearer idea of which group is to blame for our current predicament. Jews have been completely in control of our society since the Reagan administration, as a recent article at this website shows. The takeover really began in the election of Woodrow Wilson, again , as a recent article from this website shows. Any nation taken over by the Jews will become evil in short order. Tsarist Russia was righteous, but the Soviet Union was an evil empire- Why? because the Soviet Union was conceived and controlled by Bolshevik Jews. Now that America has fallen under the total control of Jews, it is our turn to be evil.- and the rest of the world sees this clearly and runs from their respective alignments with the US. Attempting to make sexual depravity a Civil Right, and force it’s acceptance upon our allies, is the reason no one wants to be our ally anymore.- and with good reason! And Generation X, the Millennials, and Gens Y and Z are much more eaten up with this sexual depravity than the Boomers.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      “. because the Soviet Union was conceived and controlled by Bolshevik Jews. ”

      Yeah. It was only WWII & Stalin that allowed the USSR to free itself from Jewish domination, why else are we all taught Stalin was such a monster?
      The post war Soviet Union was a grimy place, us goys are kind of broken as a people after a period of Jewish rule(see Europe/USA), but most Russians certainly didn’t want to see their nation wrecked, raped & disbanded by American Jews as happed in the 90’s.

      It’s ironic and totally in the Godly tradition that the nation which suffered most from these satanic monsters is now the last white Christian nation standing.
      God turning evildoers works into good isn’t some nebulous phrase, it’s a blatantly obvious historical reality.

      • Blowtorch Mason
        Blowtorch Mason says:

        Emicho- Stalin’s “Russification” project has been attributed to a variety of reasons and explanations, but I believe the reason to be that WW2 opened Stalins eyes to which groups(ethnic white Russians and Ruthenians) were willing to die for Mother Russia(despite their persecution by the interwar Russian government) and which group(Jews) were always predictably seeking noncombat assignments far from the front lines.

    • James Clayton
      James Clayton says:

      M. Mason and I are not far apart in our view of what’s taking place and why. However, I don’t fault Jared Taylor for his posture: the responsibility for Western Civilization is not upon Mr. Taylor’s shoulders. He’s simply reiterating current events, news and commentary if you will. I’ve heard that with the ability he demonstrates comes more responsibility than I can excuse given my own poor knowledge, skill, and experience. But I don’t buy it and I don’t criticize Mr. Taylor: I admire his willingness to say what he does say, the tack that he does take, his ability to get at least some of us to take a look in the hand mirror he holds up for our consideration. Oh, and he does it in his own name either being an insider and therefore unafraid or believing that tech/military and industrial intelligence can figure out who’s behind war names, nom de guerres. This is not the work of traitors, of toadies, of cowards:
      This may not be liked but: I’ve known good men doing a lot of jobs including FBI agents– jobs that needed doing– and for which we were better off with them in the position than some of those Mr. Taylor shows us. And, not to thump anything other than the common sense of what I grew up being taught, I’ve known a lot of men who “knoweth to do good, and doeth it not” and I appreciate being shown myself too often preferring popularity to demonstrating my own poorer performance than the Mr. Taylors, the Daniel James Wehrs whose work I observe. Positive reinforcement, leading by example makes for less neuroses.

  14. Jack Dodsen
    Jack Dodsen says:

    “The problem with this is that the average Boomer age was two years old, and no Boomer served on the Supreme Court at that time. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is cited as another example, yet the average Boomer was only twelve during that period. The same could be said about the Voting Rights Act of 1965, including the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965. The median Boomer age was only thirteen.”

    This. While much if not most of the criticism of Boomers is generally valid, lots of the knocks are innumerate. Southern (and a few other regional variation) White Boomers, for example, were clubbed with racial school busing in the Seventies. Their parents, mostly Silents with a few GG’s in the mix, failed to rise up against it. And so forth.

    The generational infighting is counterproductive, and given the Boomers are dying off (maybe a good thing), expect other generations going after one another. It will be promoted by the usual suspects.

  15. Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy says:

    Which should in no way mean that the article is not worth reading (I will take care of that later). What bothered me was the premise of the question. Which deliberately plays with our emotionality. We all have an “opinion” about it. The creativity of the boomers is more pronounced than other generations.

    Instead of assuming a collective blame, it would be better to ask what exactly went wrong and how to explain the racial failure of a generation that, unlike us, was largely allowed to spend its life in ideological freedom. But this is precisely what the article addresses.

    So don’t take my offhand reaction as a personal rejection, besides I realise that the author of the article is a respectable writer and thinker, otherwise he wouldn’t be authorised by Mr MacDonald either. The question in the title is therefore a rhetorical one, but also a suggestive one.

  16. Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy says:

    What I find extremely amazing is Amren’s consistency in completely ignoring the issue of Jews. These people are fully aware of the situation, but they remain silent about one – if not the most important – factor in our ethnic extinction. Is that hypocrisy, is that tactics, is that hypocritical tactics?


    Why “in God’s name” is the Jew taboo? In truth, this can only be because Amren is a Jewish-controlled enterprise that constantly laments some inevitable consequence but never gets to the bottom of the cause. Even the Jew Ron Unz shows more strength of character than this pathetic nut-job association.

    • Joanna Pope
      Joanna Pope says:

      So Amren doesn’t shout almost entirely about “the Jews”, sensibly or often otherwise, like TOO.
      Why should that mean that it is “Jewish controlled”?
      Are you “Jewish controlled” because of your critical reference to Hitler, the kindest, wisest and cleverest man who ever lived – and what a looker, too? (Ask Aunty Carolyn, if you don’t believe me.)
      PS – What do you actually do in space as a cowboy? Rescue the cow that jumped over the moon – to escape shechita?

      • Kamil
        Kamil says:

        I advice you to read Kevin Macdonald, dear lady. He has opened my eyes to jewish problem. Among many other great people such as e.g. Henry Ford, Corneliu Codreanu or David Duke.

        • @ Kamil
          @ Kamil says:

          I have already read the KMac Trilogy and some of his other writings (better on Freud than Lenin), Ford’s “International Jew” (wrong on the Protocols), and Duke’s study Jewish supremacy in USA (quite good) &c. But I also bothered to read many other studies, both “anti-Semitic” and/or anti-Zionist, and critical of such literature. You too need to double-check. Historical understanding, not religious epiphany. Widen your perspective.
          Sample also, among a vast and varied number of relevant books, specialist monographs and articles (six million to choose from!) the following authors: Gil Atzmon, Hilaire Belloc, Michael Hagemeister, Jacques Kornberg, Bernard Lazare, Richard Lynn, Gerard Menuhin (not only), Jerry Muller, Donald Rayfield, Maurice Samuel, Daniel Cohn-Sherbok, Otto Weininger, Bertram Wolfe, just starters for a lifetime of enlightenment.

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        01 May I strongly recommend, that you go to BITCHUTE and listen to BENJAMIN H. FREEDMAN’S speech at the Willard Hotel in Washington.

        02 As his name indicates, he is Jewish and was highly connected: present at Versailles.

        03 BITCHUTE also has many other fascinating speeches by him: essential listening even for the informed: an absolute MUST for you,

  17. Ron Chapman
    Ron Chapman says:

    Thanks Rockaboatus for your very reasonable and balanced assessment although arguably the reason that Blacks appear to be unassimilable to White societies is probably primarily due to the machinations of the Khazarian Mafia (KM).

    Arguably the current global dystopia has been brewing for centuries, in fact since the KM undermined and collapsed the Byzantine Christian empire. Before that they collapsed the Roman Empire and before that, the Babylonian empire.

    The KM also collapsed the Imperial Russian Christian empire in 1917 while at the same time using WWI to segue their control mechanism to the nascent US empire.

    Unfortunately for the KM they failed to eradicate the Christ-centred spiritual ethos of the Russian empire and so it has spiritually resurfaced in Russia and is currently eliminating the KM homeland and HQ in the Ukraine.

    Similarly, the KM has overreached in the US such that its demonic, anti-divine and anti-human ideological fixations have become obvious to many average individuals as well as real Christed spiritual opponents there who have united to overthrow the KM cultural Marxist controllers and their absurd WOKEISM and criminal political control mechanisms.

    Contrary to appearances, those leading the campaign to defeat the KM in the US and globally are ‘Boomers’ like Trump, Putin and Xi. So it makes no sense to blame ‘Boomers’ collectively for the dystopia in which we live.

    Our world is ratshit because of a multi-millennia demonic campaign to take over this planet and all of her inhabitants. Eustace Mullins, a pre-Boomer, exposed the KM at the beginning of the ‘Boomer’ generation. He exposed the Talmudists (ie pretend Jews) as being occult Canaanites, namely heirs to the “Will of Canaan” bequeathed to his children by Canaan, Shem’s wicked nephew. Eustace Mullins says the Will is only found in the Talmud: ‘.., where it is presented thusly:

    “Five things did Canaan charge his sons: love one another (ie members of your own tribe), love robbery, love lewdness, hate your masters, and do not speak the truth.” Pes. 113b.

    Eustace Mullins also said:
    ‘The Will of Canaan has been the Canaanites’ prescription for all of their operations during the ensuing three thousand years since the testament was given. Today it remains the operating instructions of the Canaanite heirs, who presently control the World Order. At the same time, it remains unknown to the peoples whom the Canaanites continue to rob, enslave, and massacre.
    (Eustace Mullins, Curse of Canaan. p16: http://www.scribd.com/doc/43083011/Eustace-Mullins-The-Curse-of-Canaanhttp://www.scribd.com/doc/43083011/Eustace-Mullins-The-Curse-of-Canaan.

    The key to the success of Canaan’s current heirs – the Jews – is their ability to “NOT SPEAK THE TRUTH”.
    But the practical mechanism for their global domination has been their protection racket called fractional reserve banking which has captured almost all global governments and hence their populations. KM controlled governments force their populations to PAY private banksters the bulk of the fruits of their labour EVERY DAY for NOTHING!
    That’s the boondoggle.

    The real CON is its simplicity and audacity. Currency is merely fiat debt tokens that banks create out of thin air by placing electronic digits in borrower’s accounts which they then pretend is money. In fact it’s merely a book keeping exercise.

    See the discussion from minute 40 and especially minute 49 in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBpn8DDWjvs

    Feargus O’Connor Greenwood spells out the basic ‘CON’ but doesn’t emphasise the worst aspect which is that at least 97% of “money” in circulation isn’t money it’s NOTHING – digits in the ether – which government FORCE their populations to “repay” to the banksters.
    That’s why the WEF wants to bring in the CBDC crypto currency which will remove physical money altogether.

    NB: Ironically, the Global Alliance will institute a CBDC style electronic banking system (the QFS, however described) BUT it will be backed by gold and precious metals and be hack proof; AND it will operate in tandem with the circulation of real physical money.

    Governments give free licences to private corporations to pretend to create currency out of thin air by typing numbers into borrowers’ accounts and saying it is money.
    That’s far worse than usury. It is highway robbery, authorised and abetted by governments because they grant free licences to private banks to pretend to lend unlimited sums of pretend money instead of having government Treasuries emit real money ie. gold, silver and precious metals etc., backed by the full faith and credit of the nation, which is then used to pay for actual physical goods and services produced by the population. That money then circulates enabling society and the economy to flourish.

    The complicity of governments in this gigantic fraud is explicit in that governments issue FREE licences to banks authorising them to place digital debt token amounts they label as currency, in borrowers’ bank accounts, AND to pretend to lend those tokens as money when all the banks do is type those digits into borrowers’ accounts. Arguably that’s worse than counterfeiting in that the banks then demand that borrowers repay their ‘fiat debt token’ mythical money loans with the actual fruits of the borrower’s real effort and labour, PLUS additional payments to cover the “interest” CHARGED by the banks. At least counterfeiters don’t levy an annual surcharge on the pretend money they issue

    Those so-called interest payments are NOT “interest” they are government DICTATED TAXES paid to private corporations!

    Moreover, governments DICTATE that those TAXES must be paid to private banks in order for the economy to operate AT ALL. That also means that governments are dictating that all members of society must use those fraudulent bank issued debt tokens if they wish to have the right and ability to participate in society i.e. in order for any member of society to be able to legally trade and/or exchange goods and services.

    Governments enforce this criminal system upon entire populations by use of their exclusive exercise of their Policing and judicial control of FORCE and VIOLENCE. They do that by mandating that anyone attempting to use commercial bartering or their own form(s) of asset backed money or currency will be prosecuted, fined and even imprisoned.

    The KM use ridicule, misinformation, distraction; and the age old divide and rule technique of “let’s you and him fight” to maintain control and prevent intelligent examination of what they do and how they do it.

    The Boomer generation, like every other generation over the centuries, has succumbed to KM propaganda and control methodologies. In essence, blaming ‘Boomers’ for the dystopia in which we live is a ‘cop out’ and no different from the ‘Boomers’ falsely blaming ‘Nazis’ for WWII and the Holohoax, and so on. Anyone who doesn’t GROK the source of the problem, facilitates it.
    (a member of the ‘Silent Generation’)

    • Gerry
      Gerry says:

      The QR Code? I can’t help thinking with the more I see and learn if this is what St. John saw when he wrote about a mark in ones hand or forehead, Rev. 13, and not being able to buy or sell without it!!!
      We have arrived or are about to.

      Thanks Ron Chapman

  18. Peter
    Peter says:

    When I spoke to my German parents about WW II (they grew up in Germany during the war) the US was an afterthought. It was thousands of miles away from Germany and except for its interjecting itself into WW I at the end of the war for two years, the US had little to do with Germany or Europe until then. My mother was from the most furthest eastern portion of Germany (where Germany bordered the Russian Empire until 1918) and the city she was born in (Memel) was taken by Lithuania after WW I and was one of the first areas Germany took back. Hitler went by ship across the Baltic Sea and was welcomed by the city’s German population with cheers in 1938. My mother’s family had already left the city and she grew up in Silesia, a part of Germany that was given to Poland after WW II. Poland got most of the land stolen from Germany. My mother’s father served in the German army in WW I and fought on the eastern front. I think at least part of the time he was in what is Ukraine today. He received the Iron cross, first class.

    My father was born in western Germany. His father fought on the western front in WW I and received the Iron Cross, second class. He was also briefly in France as a soldier at the beginning of WW II as part of the occupation force there.
    My father’s town came under American occupation at the end of WW II. My mother was from the east and was captured by Czechs or Russians and had a nasty experience until she was able to escape from the Russians.

    So, when they talked about the war, I heard my father mention the French and my mother mention the Poles and Czechs. They both talked about the Russians, and the British to a lesser degree. The Americans were mentioned the least. They had nothing to do with the disagreements in Europe, but interjected themselves into both wars. We still have pictures of my father, his family and their village under American occupation.

    Oh, the other group mentioned were the Jews, because I brought them up. All I ever heard about beginning in the 1970’s were the Jews and how awful they were treated by the Germans, so I asked my mother everything she saw and heard about the Jews. From the media, you had the impression Jews were all over Germany and all the Germans must have seen something to talk about. As I said, my father was from a small village. I don’t think he ever met a Jew until after the war. I think there was one in a neighboring village perhaps. My mother knew a few Jews. Her family was friends with a Jewish neighbor in Memel. I forgot his name. When they went back to visit Memel, my grandmother spoke to him and he said at some point they had better stop talking. I think Jewish men speaking to German women could be frowned upon. My mother also recalled that there were a few Jews in her class in Brieg, the city she had moved to with her family. They had left at one point and she heard they had moved to England. But, with all the talk about Jews being made into soap and lampshades and all the other Jews tales, there must be more than this that my mother could tell me. I told her about Kristallnacht. I don’t know if she ever heard the word before. That’s something Jews and Americans (mostly Jews) began talking about until it became known around the world. I asked my mother if she knew about it. She said she recalled walking home once and saw smashed windows and a woman weeping on the sidewalk. She wasn’t sure, but she said maybe that is what I was talking about. The last thing in connection with Jews is my grandfather was a detective and he was told to inform a Jewish doctor that he could no longer care for his patients. Contrary to the Jews TV shows with doors being broken down, the Germans were professional in their manner and my grandfather was polite and informed the doctor in a respectful way. That is everything I ever heard about Jews in WW II. Germany had between 500,000 to 600,000 Jews before WW II began and several hundred thousand left Germany after Hitler came to power. Most Germans had little interaction with Jews and although its certainly true that the German leadership knew Jews were a major factor in pushing the war on Germany, they were not spoken about very much from what I gather from my discussions with people that lived there. German leaders occasionally mentioned them in speeches, but Churchill, the English, Russians and Americans were spoken of more often.

    Most people know nothing – zero, absolutely nothing – especially Americans, but today’s Germans are as dumb as the dumbest. With all the Jew generated hatred and degradation of the Germans, few people are aware that Germany was the leader in science and technology before WW II, They had far more Nobel Prizes than any other country and were way ahead of the USA. Unlike the US, Germany had almost no raw materials and German science was crucial to giving Germany a chance. The US and British had all the raw materials anyone could use.

    Today, Europe and the US are a complete disaster. The Jews have destroyed western civilization. For the first time in centuries, or maybe 1,000 years or longer, Europe (and for the period after WW II, the US) will not lead the world. China has surpassed the American economy and Russia is the leading military power. It’s only become apparent in the last five years that the US fallen sharply.

    The USA’s biggest asset is its media which holds considerable power In Europe and elsewhere, but the American media is Jewish owned, so its used to spread Jewish power. I can see it in the little east European country I live in. In this country, the people welcomed the German army as liberators from Jewish-Bolshevism in 1941, but since 1991 the Jews have turned this country’s ally in WW II into monsters, just as they did in the US, and so younger people here can have very negative views of Germans, while the Germans were their grandfather’s closest allies. At the end of WW II, some people fled from this country back to Germany and some went on to the US. I just saw a report that BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) will have a bigger portion of the worlds economy than the G7 countries (US, Canada, Japan, Germany, France, UK and Italy) by 2030. The G7 countries were the key countries in the world for centuries and since the end of WW II they have been destroyed by eradicating their populations through massive immigration from of people of other races, making people ashamed of their own country and people and discouraging marriage and having children.

    I think for the US the evidence is strong the Jews had already surpassed the WASPS or Catholics in power in the 1930’s already, but they had to be more discreet and conceal their Jewishness a little back then. The fact that Americas most prominent leaders in industry, aviation, film and other fields could have their reputations destroyed in two or three years so that Jews could push the US into WW II against the wishes of the majority of Americans, including its most prominent citizens, demonstrates that. I’m talking about people like Henry Ford (a critic of Jews and their use of power), Charles Lindbergh the famous aviator, both of which were opposed to WW II and liked Germans. For that, the Jews hate them both. I’m also talking about Walt Disney, someone else that didn’t have a good opinion of Jews, and America’s ambassador to England Joseph Kennedy, that FDR finally brought back to the US because he was opposed to the Jews’ war. His son, the president JFK, has very revealing diaries of how he felt (no doubt influenced by his father) and many other people felt, but had to keep quiet as the Jews were pushing for war. JFK’s diaries reveal great respect for the German people, completely contrary to the war mongering Jewish media. The destruction of Germany and her allies led the way for putting Jews into power over western Europe and the USA’s culture and the result was destroying these countries peoples and their competitiveness.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      Thanks Peter, for the details concerning your parents’ and grandparents’ experiences in Germany/Europe. It’s of great interest to me. Unfortunately, so many of the commenters here (now) who most need to learn it, will not read it. It’s too information-dense for them, and they cannot relate.

      “Most people know nothing – zero, absolutely nothing – especially Americans …” about WWII, you wrote. So true. Someone like Tucker Carlson, who I think is 53, is as ignorant/brainwashed as they come. And he shouldn’t be! If he was born in 1970, he’s considered a Generation Xer. I have just discovered that I belong to the so-called “Silent Generation” that is billed as ‘conformist’. There’s truth in that but, as life is based on polarities, the very opposite, ‘revolutionary’, is also true. So where does that leave us? Sweeping generalities leave us nowhere.

      Thanks again.

    • ariadna
      ariadna says:

      Thanks for this important summation of the “Jewish progress”in the Western world and for the poignant personal testimony

    • Christopher Caudill
      Christopher Caudill says:

      Wow! Great comment – thank you for sharing it; it is strange for me, as the grandson of men who served in the War (one a Navy Pearl Harbor veteran) to read about your parents, and feel a kinship with them – I know that if I could meet them and talk with them, it would be a wonderful experience (the kind of discussion that leads to a warm, respectful friendship). And indeed, so many Americans know something is wrong, but don’t really understand how deep, and how far back, the problems go. The karmic weight pressing the US down, after so many mistakes and crimes, seems overwhelming. And yet we have produced great leaders and fearless men in every generation. Please share more with us if you are so inclined, because these personal perspectives do more to educate (or “re-educate”) us than mere facts and statistics. “We dreamed of something beautiful” – Leon Degrelle.

      of the pre-WWII world, and how so many possibilities were still open in the 1930’s for a glorious future.

  19. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 Oh, look ! A very long train is entering the station.

    02 The passenger compartments 1 – 3 are filled with GENERATION 1.

    03 And look ! The next five with GENERATION 2: etc.

    04 Human beings aren’t born EN BLOC but every ensuing minute.

    05 Therefore they make up a long, uninterrupted line in succession.

    06 Imposed on that continuum are trends, Weltanschauung, fads and everything else that makes up a comprehensive culture.

    07 Ergo, I find it irrational to designate a GENERATION as having existed from midnight of a specific day and year until 07:00 hours on such and such date.

    08 Which is far from denying, that a given ZEITGEIST, for better or worse, was pro-actively imposed on every epoch.

    09 Epochs are not train compartments.

    10 What is definitely of great advantage to the deciders of our cultures, is that they thus can point at GENERATIONS as being responsible for the status quo rather than their own self-interested, multifarious, decisive manipulations.

  20. Carolyn Yeager
    Carolyn Yeager says:

    Congratulations to Rockaboatus for a close to perfect article. Each sentence is precisely accurate according to my own experience. Although not a “Boomer” (b 1941), I lived through all the years he’s describing in the USA, and I concur essentially 100%. No one in MY world ever wanted to “give away” anything, and we were brought up expecting to work for what we wanted — there was no other way ever offered (other than crime which “didn’t pay.”) Welfare was pretty non-existent until the 1970s. In my experience, the 70’s was when things started going off the rails, as a result of school desegregation, bussing, and preventing teachers from disciplining their classrooms. Lack of discipline strangely became the norm, including dress codes (very important). That tells me that it’s been the generations after the “Boomers” that are the greater problem, although one could say it’s not their fault. But it’s not “our” fault either, bc I remember the following:

    Beginning in the Fifties, attempts were made by the NAACP (with the help of Jewish orgs, it goes without saying, but not many knew that then) to desegregate restaurants. I witnessed a perfectly dressed in “Sunday best” black family come into a Howard Johnson restaurant at lunchtime and never get waited on. The family finally got up and left. It was uncomfortable, yet even as a pre-teen, I didn’t think it was wrong not to serve them bc they knew it before they came in. My parents were not Boomers (we only called it “baby-boomer” then; the stupid term Boomer came later). But this is how it started, and slowly white Americans got worn down, and seeing blacks around got more familiar. That’s how it worked with me. I recall in the early 1960’s the popular lunch counter at the Woolworth 5 & 10 cent store in my hometown became unsegregated and it was a shocking sight the first time I saw it. It’s all what we get used to, and it looks now like we can get used to anything!

    Rockaboatus is right that through our unwillingness to be “hard” and “selfish,” we have brought disaster on our once so-envied societies, our neighborhoods and to our offspring. Were we injuring the rest of the world, or parts of it, by living the way WE wanted? NO. That is part of the lie we’ve been pounded and hounded with. It’s easy to see the lies now; it wasn’t then. I know, I was there through it all. Most of those participating on this website now were not. That’s why it’s said, “Live and learn.” Experience is not just the best teacher; it’s the only teacher.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” It’s all what we get used to, and it looks now like we can get used to anything! ”

      Superb observation .

      The chosenhite jewmasterss are experts at getting their Christian sheeple herds “used to anything”. That fact cannot be overstated . The jewmasterss have powerful Mind-Kontrol and manipulation technologies which they employ relentlessly to get the sheeple to go along with anything decreed by them — the jewmasterss .

      The globalist ILLuminati jewmasterss have implicitly decreed that humanity must accept their population reduction agendas or be eliminated . Either way the reductions occur and the worldly sheeple herds are being covertly and expertly mind-controlled and manipulated into tacitly accepting their genocidal demise in order to accommodate the secretly decreed necessity for drasticly reducing the worldly human population .

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        Well, thanks for noticing my well-worded observation, but I still won’t agree that it’s because “the Jewmasters have powerful mind-Kontrol and manipulation strategies.” It’s because they’re talented at making lots of money and cheating Gentiles out of theirs, with which they own/control the majority of media and blanket the public with their pro-Jew slant and propaganda 24/7, thus accustoming us to it. Why interject ‘the illuminati’ and secret societies into it. Most of the guilty Jews never give something like that a thought; only people like you do. It’s a distraction.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          ” Why interject ‘the illuminati’ and secret societies into it.”

          Ignoring them or decreeing they do not exist , because of the difficulties in proving secret agency , does not make them irrelevant to calamitous worldly human affairs .

          Suspected ILLuminatus Robespierre was decapitated for being the mastermind of the 1789 Reign of Terror in France where tens of thousands of elites , most of whom likely never gave “something like that a thought”, lost their heads to the machinations of a satanic psychopath .

          It would not be an insignificant historical fact if it could be definitively proven as a scientific fact and not as public majority opinion whether Robespierre was or was not an ILLuminatus .

          Likewise for
          “The Protocols of the ILLuminati”
          which has never been scientificly and definitively PROVEN to be a fraud ;
          for sure , jewmasterss have employed their immense political powers to convince many if not most people of every social category in the world that “The Protocols” are a fraud ; and the jewish Holocaust is not a Holohoax ; and JC is not a deity ; and so on .

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            The point I was making is that the situation in 1789 (and earlier) is not the same situation we have today (now). There may be similarities, but instead of talking about ‘then’, it’s far more helpful to stay in the present and be clear about what is needed now about the problems of now. All the blah-blah you like to do to appear as a unique intelligence is your ego wanting attention; it doesn’t help us know how to solve today’s problems with today’s Jews.

            Do you have any practical advice?

          • Terry Bull
            Terry Bull says:

            The case for the “authenticity” of the Protocols must rest with its defenders, the ablest of which to date is Kerry Bolton, who need to answer ALL the recent criticisms from Cesare G. De Michelis and several others.
            The first obvious oddity about this document is its glaring absence of authorship, location and date; the second, the way in which passages identifiably lifted from other documents are lumped together; the third, the absence of an underlying Hebrew or Yiddish tone, as opposed to a Catholic Ultramontane one; fourthly, solid evidence of the French quarrel with the Jew-Mason alliance at the end of the 19th century (e.g. Bourgeois, Cremieux). Nesta Webster, who long ago noted its second-hand references to secret-society and Jewish material, refused to believe it was what it purported to be.
            I think it was designed to coincide, not with the territorial Zionist activity at the time (Herzl, Ginsburg), but a contemporary international Masonic conference (Venedey). Its sometimes-alleged fabricator, Matvei Golovinski (a Jewish name, although his apparent background was Russian aristocracy), ended up working for the Soviet “health-service”. Norman Cohn’s somewhat outdated study relied on Boris Nicolaevsky, the Russian ex-communist, author of “Secret Societies and the First International” (NB – online).

  21. Blowtorch Mason
    Blowtorch Mason says:

    ‘It was shocking at first when I saw Blacks integrating restaurants, but then I got used to it”.- reminds me of a quotation from Alexander Pope’s “Essay on Man”, ‘Vice is a monster of so frightful a mien, that to be hated, needs but to be seen. But seen too oft, familiar with her face, we first endure, then pity, then embrace”.

  22. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    Another very interesting article, thank you Rocky. My first thought was ‘not more of this divisive generational Boomer B.S.!’. The author quickly debunked that nonsense, of course. However, as Peter wisely mentioned, “Most people know nothing…especially Americans…” which is basically true. The problem we’ve faced for a very long time, (as I’ve mentioned repeatedly here), is INTELLECTUAL POISONING. The Anglo mindset is, for all intents and purposes, and for various reasons, very susceptible to credulous & spurious ideas, whether innately culturally conditioned, and/or subsumed from Jewish orchestrated subversion. As Pogo wisely said: “We have met the enemy, and he is us!”. A pathetic commentary on our people indeed.

    Unless White people in the Anglosphere, and Whites in general start coming to grips with racial & political reality soon, in another 100 years or so of the current self-destructive, dystopian, genetic atavism, the Chinese may be here knocking kinky heads about with rifle butts to try to restore order.

    • Lady Strange
      Lady Strange says:

      Enough with this Chinese nonsense.
      They are maybe more corrupt than our current parasites. And inapt to create anything without whites.
      I don’t want to be ruled by a scum who is eating animals alive.
      ” Salvation ” will come from Europeans and only Europeans, and certainly not from non-whites who, as a whole, envy us and hate us.

      • Junghans
        Junghans says:

        Yikes, my lady, you obviously missed the main points of my statement. I suspect that you most likely won’t be around in a hundred years to suffer the consequences of what’s coming anyway, if Whites don’t soon reprogram their toxified psyches. Don’t overlook White foibles, and dysgenics, or underestimate the Chinese.

  23. Dirk Manly
    Dirk Manly says:

    “OK, Boomer” didn’t start ANY of the other generations’ conflicts with the Boomers. Each of those conflicts, against both earlier and later generations was started by the Boomers themselves, starting in 1970 with “Don’t trust anyone over 30” which expoused their complete and utter disregard and contempt for ANY AND ALL habits, social structures and wisdom of anyone born in 1940 or earlier.

    Then they went on to engage in lots of premarital sex, resulting in lots of out-of-wedlock childbirths, soon insisting that such a state of affairs be “destigmatized” which is, to say, NORMALIZED, along with rampant abortion and divorce.

    They refused to pass on any knowledge (like how to maintain a car or house) and then chide their children for not knowing what they themselves were taught by their own parents… and now they refuse to care for or even visit their own grandchildren.

    All while, “I’m wasting my descendants inheritance!”

    • What’s up Skip
      What’s up Skip says:

      All right, but which of those pernicious behaviors were not modeled for these unfortunate people by television, pop music, film and contemporary literature? Self-indulgent behavior comes all-too naturally to most unless they receive constant cultural re-inforcement of self-discipline.

      • Dirk Manly
        Dirk Manly says:

        When I was 5 years old in 1970, I watched the Boomers acting like complete idiots any time and anywhere they could get away with it.

        How is it that a 5-year old boy is a better judge of how to act than entire groups of 20-year olds?

        • What’s up Skip
          What’s up Skip says:

          You were likely a sagacious little tyke whose Mom spoke to him for more than five minutes a day.

          They had likely been immersed in the Laurel Canyon psy-op for your entire lifetime. Where were they going to get a counter-message?

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” Each of those conflicts, against both earlier and later generations was started by the Boomers themselves, starting in 1970 with “Don’t trust anyone over 30” which expoused their complete and utter disregard and contempt for ANY AND ALL habits, social structures and wisdom of anyone born in 1940 or earlier.”

      Superb observation .

      However ,

      that 1970s USA marxist cultural revolution
      viral meme

      “Don’t trust anyone over 30”

      was coined , promulgated and propagated by
      those whom are today Boomer jewmasterss .

      • Dirk Manly
        Dirk Manly says:

        Did the Boomers reject “Don’t trust anyone over 30” or did they embrace it?

        I rest my case.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          There are vastly more Christianized people in the USA than Boomers and Christians collectively have or in the 1970s had vastly more powers than Boomers .

          Did Christians reject
          “Don’t trust anyone over 30”
          or did they embrace it ?

        • What’s up Skip
          What’s up Skip says:

          The society was hierarchical and older people had old-fashioned values and largely supported the hated Vietnam War.

          Of course the youth were going to fall for this ’Don’t trust anyone over thirty’ racket. The vigorous propaganda efforts of people like Rockwell, Dr Revilo Oliver and Dr W. Pierce and various patriotic societies were completely overwhelmed by full control of TV, film, popular magazines, and the music industry.

  24. moneytalks
    moneytalks says:

    …” perhaps we should blame the “Greatest” and “Silent” generations for all that has gone wrong? ”

    That is perhaps the best blame game strategy for “saving” boomers or any other generation ;
    that is , pass the blame back to a previous generation until it finally lands on the graves of a near totally deceased generation .

    The contemporary “blame game” is a manifold permutated expansion , as a result of many iterations over historical periods of many convoluted human generations , of the ancient stone age “scapegoat game” that has been elevated to divine status by the Christian crucifixion narrative of JC .

    The 1789 Reign of Terror in France taught Westernworld ruling elites , whom are predominantly billionaires and dominated by ILLuminati jewmasterss , to make sure that a “generation” or some scapegoat other than themselves would be blamed for more or less of either contrived or ignorant failures of nearly every adult involved , at every social level , to sustain vital cultural economic resource productivity .

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      01 Your last paragraph appears to agree with # 10 in my above comment; i.e.

      02 ” it’s not us, it’s the fault of that there GENERATION, which existed from 12 AM of May 30, until midnight exactly twenty-two years later “.

      03 It’s not the fault of those RECENTLY CONFIRMED swine Blinken, Majorcas, Nudelman, Yellen, CIA, FBI, DNI, etc., etc., etc,; nor that of their fathering swine Biden and his many owners – it’s the fault of that there present GENERATION !

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        ” 01 Your last paragraph appears to agree with # 10 in my above comment; i.e.”

        Thanks for pointing out that potentially significant fact .

        I composed ( not submitted ) that comment before I read your reply and apparently submitted it after your reply was posted .

        In my particular case , reply submission date stamps cannot be relied on to ascertain when I read a previous comment by any one because of the discursive comment sequence in which I submit replies .

        • charles frey
          charles frey says:

          01 I used my train example as a helpful visual.

          02 Unarguably humans have been around hundreds of thousands of years in an uninterrupted continuum.

          03 Designations as GENERATION THIS OR THE OTHER are nonsensical.

          04 What is relevant, is the defineable overall culture imposed on this continuum by our culture manufacturers.

          05 I was merely satisfied, that someone agreed with me: unconcerned about who said it first.

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            Blaming a “generation” makes more sense ( not is more correct ) when a particular twenty-year generational period is blamed for subsequent calamities that occurred after five or more consecutive generations ( i.e. 100 or more years ) have passed ; because a one day old infant of an immediately prior generation cannot be reasonably blamed for any next day new generation ills .

            Blaming people who lived a hundred years ago has no practical effect other than on historical records ; except “the jews” believe blame is biologicly inherited from one generation to the next .

    • Dirk Manly
      Dirk Manly says:

      Boomers had (and still have) the numbers to put a stop to it.

      They never did. Instead of getting a fire extinguisher to put out the fire, they grabbed cans of gasoline and matches.

      To hell with them.

      • Gerald Thomas
        Gerald Thomas says:

        Your comment is absurd.

        No white people of ANY generation have a voice. The Jews have totally disenfranchised whites. It has nothing to do with “boomers.”
        Boomers didn’t vote for open borders or abortion or civil rights or any of it.
        And now the left openly steals elections, so voting is not going to solve anything.

        Organized Jewry has engineered a system of white genocide, where every conceivable aspect of political and economic life has been tweaked to harm white people. This is deliberate, evil, and satanic.

        Boomer blaming is surely one method the Jews use to divert attention away from their own wrongdoing and subversion. And of course, the Jew controlled media demonizes whites, blames whites for every ill under the sun, while Jews are always blameless and innocent even when caught red handed.

        The Jewish subversion will eventually destroy all of western civilization if something isn’t done.

        And as I said…..voting is not a solution.

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          Not superb at all. This man (Gerald) is a defeatist. “Don’t vote,” but he has no alternative ideas. He wants “someone” to come along and do something. If not, we’re doomed.

          If enough people vote (and we HAVE the numbers), they can’t steal it. Stealing is done with narrow margins. Whites have, for a long time, been giving everything away because they feel so guilty to have it. Okay, then someone else will have it. Feel better?

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            …” they can’t steal it. Stealing is done with narrow margins.”

            Sorry Carolyn , but I don’t think they got your memo on stealing .

            Playing the role of devil’s advocate seems to be your natural disposition .

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            Above commenter Gerald Thomas hit the nail on the head . He is a realist .

            will too soon be as effectively enslaved as any farm animal at the rate jewmasterss are deploying worldwide totalitarian technologies to accomplish it .

            A CBDC with a blockchain register of transactions will be the final nail in the Nordic slave coffins . Do you see any significant opposition , from the multitudes of Nordic Christian sheeple herds , to that last coffin nailing by their chosenhite jewmasterss ?

            There does not yet appear to be any salvation or solution for the normally politicly retarded
            Nordic/White/Celtic/(etc.) sheeple herds
            other than some miraculous intervention that would “save” them from their jewmasterss in-progress Fabian socialist genocidal elimination .

            Perhaps a new religion will arise and prevail against the reigning globalist ILLuminati jewmasterss tyrannical satanism —
            before it is too late .

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            You say this, but as usual you offer no plan. No answer when I ask if you have any practical advice. What is the memo on election stealing that I didn’t get? That’s an empty charge too.

  25. Anthony Aaron
    Anthony Aaron says:

    Born in ’47, I grew up in the thick of things … especially all of the disruptive period of the ’60s when our age group was hijacked by the likes of Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin and Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn and other ‘career malcontents’ who never did anything positive … and, not surprisingly, they share a common (((ethnic))) identity …

    As for backing all of our wars and our backing of israel at every turn, that same demographic has played an enormous part in all of that … and has been behind the invasion of our Nation by the third world … while, all along, forbidding virtually everyone else from entering their homeland — even if they’re of the same faith …

  26. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    … many Americans point their fingers at the Boomer generation (born ~1945–~1964) as the source of all our economic and social woes.

    The casual way that many people now refer to generational matters has served to obscure the nature of the Baby Boom phenomenon, which was well understood at the time it was happening.

    When the Baby Boom was first defined, its definers referred specifically to the marked increase (i.e., the boom) in births that began in the second and third quarters of 1946—namely, nine months after the return to the USA of several million servicemen who had been serving in the European and Pacific theaters. Since today’s hyperrelaxed sexual morality had not yet infected the population, what preceded the Baby Boom was a huge burst of marriages in late 1945 and early 1946.

    Effectively all children who had reached the age of reason in the 1950s would have been familiar with the term Baby Boom, and their parents, teachers, or both would have told inquiring youngsters whether they were or weren’t children of the Boom themselves. Thus, when in 1960 the statisticians announced that the birthrate had fallen to such a marked degree that the Baby Boom could be declared over, it was neither a secret nor a mystery to anyone. Why that announcement was made in 1960 and not later should be plain from the birth data shown in this graph. Something else that the graph shows is that the later extension of the Boom’s end date, under pressure from agenda-pushing sociologists, gets no support from the numbers.

    The real mystery, if there is one, might be said to be how people came to believe that something useful was to be gained by signing on to an injurious sociological fantasy that transformed a readily explainable statistical phenomenon into a cudgel with which far too many people batter their relatives, friends, and fellow whites.

  27. Jolly Rodger
    Jolly Rodger says:

    One thing that is uniquely Boomer is never letting the Cold War go. They simply can’t do it because they were born into and brainwashed about nuclear Holocaust, which has caused so many problems today. They are basically dry drunks. Red-baiting everything rather than naming the actual contemporary enemy. The most absurd part about how drag queen story hour is somehow ‘socialism’ is that they will defend SOCIAL Security and Medicare in the same breath simply because ‘I paid into it.’ Their disposition is totally incoherent. Boomers are not to blame for all or even most of the problems we have today because they were the first victims of some of these Current Year dilemmas, but they absolutely deserve partial ownership. They were the campus radicals and are the newfound ‘MLK Republicans’ despite opposing him until the 1990s.

  28. Mort
    Mort says:

    Being a woman in dissident circles meant that I had to grow a tougher skin in regards to criticism and accept that I was part of a group that overall had done a lot of harm to society. I suggest that Boomers do the same. Here is what an older gent said to me online the other day, with regards to women and Boomers: ‘not all, but most’.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      …” accept that I was part of a group that overall had done a lot of harm to society.”

      There it is again — the innate sheeple propensity to submissively accept blame for social damages resulting from acquiescence to their jewmasterss enslavement agendas and operations .

      Assimilating guilt for damages resulting from compliance with their jewmasterss expressed will is not per se wrong .

      The worst part is that sheeple are wholly incapable of cancelling their ignominious enslavement and subsequent invariable acceptance of guilt without the intervention assistance of a deity that never seems to respond to their prayers to be “saved”.

      As their jewmasterss say ___

      ” you can’t fix stupid “.

  29. Quinn
    Quinn says:

    To those who call boomers “the ME generation”, you can’t write an article without once mentioning neoliberalism, the fascist economic policy of the past 50 years. Privatization is at the core of fascism. It’s destroyed our once great middle class. Workers have no benefits today thanks to corporate totalitarianism. Libertarians brought us neoliberalism because they wanted ECONOMIC unfettered liberty for capital only. Union-busting, capital flight, wage stagnation, whittling away at our basic human rights… and now they’re trying to lock in privatization with CBDCs. Money is a public utility. The creditor class (private banking industry) and transnationals want to recreate a global Neo-feudalism.

    After the social revolution of the 60’s – ending an illegal war, winning civil, labor, food/consumer safety, women’s, environmental rights, Big Business rounded their wagons and began their war on the people, starting with Wall St taking over public finance. They called exercising your rights and demanding a quality standard of living an “excess of democracy”. No more FDR-style fiscal policy for public purpose, a necessity in creating a healthy society. With the public sector in shambles due to deliberate underfunding, people were forced to live on credit cards and predatory loans. If they became more concerned with self-preservation, it was because jobs were being slashed left and right. This scheme was thought to make people forget about social issues and focus on self-preservation. The only people to blame for the economic, moral and social decay are the corporate fascists who want to do away with government altogether.

    “In a libertarian society, there is no commons or public space. There are property lines, not borders. When it comes to real property and physical movement across such real property, there are owners, guests, licensees, business invitees, and trespassers — not legal and illegal immigrants.”
    ~ Jeff Deist, president of the Mises Institute

    So, end nation-states, borders, constitutions, public beaches, parks, etc., environmental protections, citizenship itself. The rentier class wants a world of Big Property Owners and Others…. who will own nothing.

    Citizens are not responsible for the policies their government implements at the behest of these transnationals. Stop blaming each other and focus on ending this:

    The Economy of Evil
    The Political Economy under Fascism should scare us. It is all too familiar.

  30. Armoric
    Armoric says:

    – Sean Illing (VOX): How the Baby Boomers SCREWED America
    – Ben White (POLITICO): How the Baby Boomers BROKE America
    – Bruce Gibney (in a not-so-subtle book): How the Baby Boomers BETRAYED America

    Their point is that the boomers are ‘guilty of generational plunder’. But do they name the victims of the plunder? Is it young White people, or is it vibrant migrants?

    The resentment about ‘generational plunder’ is very different from the White Nationalist charge against boomers that they have allowed the anti-White dictatorship to grow stronger.

    The ‘OK Boomer’ catchphrase fits the Jewish narrative that old White people are clueless, while young people, and especially vibrant migrants, give us hope for a less racist future. White Nationalists should never say that!

    But it’s interesting to compare different sections of the White population and see how they vote, whether it’s boomers, women, Christians, doctors, plumbers, rural/urban people, etc.

    When people discuss politics, they can influence each other’s opinions. They have free will and understand moral and logical arguments. But when you discuss voting statistics by group, the idea of free will makes less sense and you have to accept that the way voters behave is determined by many factors other than their free reflection. Then it becomes difficult to see any group as “guilty” of voting for the wrong side.

    By the way, it’s complicated to get the voting statistics for White people. I’ve done an internet search to see Trump’s 2020 results among younger and older White voters, but all I find are newspaper articles gloating about the erosion of the White vote.

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