Thoughts on Tucker

I think Tucker was cancelled because of what he was emphasizing on his show (see also TOO writer Karl Haemers’ Substack piece). To wit:

  • condemning the Ukraine war as not in U.S. interests; Ukraine is not a democracy, etc.;
  • how the war feeds into the emerging alliance among Russia and China, along with Brazil, India, Iran, Arab countries and likely Africa—and what that will mean for the dollar as the world’s reserve currency as well as U.S. prosperity and power;
  • making what are considered White nationalist talking points by the rest of the media and never mentioned by the vast majority of conservatives (the Great Replacement, immigration diluting White  votes, Democrats’ desire to have a permanent government of the left by importing a dependent, low-IQ, easily controllable non-White population that requires government financial assistance and affirmative action, and can easily see the benefits of blaming all their problems on White racism, whereas mainstream conservatives emphasize migrant suffering and death trying to get to the U.S.; his sympathetic interview with Hungarian nationalist Viktor Orban);
  • talking about George Soros’s influence, particularly in electing far-left activist prosecutors, despite the ADL pushing the idea that any mention of him is anti-Semitic;
  • condemning the World Economic Forum and globalism generally—likely related to his opposition to the Ukraine war;
  • opposing the woke ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) agenda of corporate giants like BlackRock able to use shareholder muscle to force companies to conform to their woke policy preferences; BlackRock is a major investor in Fox;
  • angering the ADL and the powers-that-be in general with all of the above; and he often condemns globalist, pro-immigration Republicans like Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell who support those same issues;
  • opposing climate extremism, like cutbacks in the Netherlands’ agricultural sector and his recent “Let Them Eat Bugs” special on Fox Nation;
  • being a vaccine skeptic and having people like Alex Berenson on to criticize the vaccines, lockdowns, effects on schoolchildren, etc.;
  • repeatedly dissenting on the J6 narrative—showing the video indicating that it was far less violent than depicted and that Merrick Garland’s DOJ is hellbent on outrageous prosecutions, infringing on free speech and civil rights (locking up citizens for long periods without trial;
  • condemning social media censorship (as revealed in the Twitter files) and the outrageous Garland DOJ, FBI, etc.;
  • going off on transgenderism (sterilizing children is civilizational suicide and “evil”)—and wokeness generally;
  • talking about big media bias in the 2020 election, including Google searches and Twitter shadow banning.

The Ukraine War Is a Globalist Crusade

Tucker also presented standard conservative talking points, like illegal immigration, guns, crime in the cities, Biden’s corruption and senility, etc. But my impression is  that he was all alone on many of the above issues among Fox personalities, or he phrased his comments on them in an edgier way. And in general, his commentary was much more incisive and intellectually sophisticated. All of this terrified the globalist, multicultural establishment throughout the West.

The ADL was thrilled that Fox cancelled his show:

To the Anti-Defamation League, the firing was long overdue. The group’s leader called for Fox to fire Carlson in 2021, after the host first promoted the white-supremacist Great Replacement theory on air.

“It’s about time,” tweeted the group’s CEO, Jonathan Greenblatt, on Monday. “For far too long, Tucker Carlson has used his primetime show to spew antisemitic, racist, xenophobic & anti-LGBTQ hate to millions.”

At the time, Fox rebuffed the ADL’s petition weeks later. The network said that Carlson had actually been talking about voting rights when he outlined the Great Replacement theory, a far-right belief that attributes a diversifying electorate to a shadowy conspiracy, typically engineered by Jews, to replace white voters with immigrants and minority groups.

“A full review of the guest interview indicates that Mr. Carlson decried and rejected replacement theory,” Lachlan Murdoch, CEO of the Fox Corporation, said at the time.

The ADL’s public stance on Carlson’s employment led to criticism from the right, with Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz calling the group “racist.” Carlson also went after them on his program by parroting other white supremacist-adjacent beliefs about Israel. Last year, he gave an extended interview to Kanye West after the rapper donned a “White Lives Matter” shirt at Paris Fashion Week, but before West’s many public antisemitic rants; producers reportedly edited out antisemitic comments West had made during the interview.

The reference to “parroting other white supremacist-adjacent beliefs about Israel” refers to Tucker’s publicizing the ADL’s stance on immigration to Israel in an item that was soon expunged from their website.

The ADL recently condemned Tucker Carlson, an American media personality, because he mentioned that American voters were being replaced by immigrants, terming it “a White supremacist tenet that the White race is in danger by a rising tide of non-Whites. It is antisemitic, racist and toxic.” In response, Carlson highlighted the different attitudes of the ADL regarding demographic displacement of the native European-derived population of the U.S. with their attitudes on a one-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Regarding Israel, the ADL has quite reasonably stated that a one-state solution is

unworkable given current realities and historic animosities. With historically high birth rates among the Palestinians, and a possible influx of Palestinian refugees and their descendants now living around the world, Jews would quickly be a minority within a binational state, thus likely ending any semblance of equal representation and protections. In this situation, the Jewish population would be increasingly politically – and potentially physically – vulnerable. It is unrealistic and unacceptable to expect the State of Israel tovoluntarily subvert its own sovereign existence and nationalist identity and become a vulnerable minority within what was once its own territory.

Regarding the ADL statement that concern with demographic changes in the U.S. is “antisemitic, racist and toxic,” given the long history of racial conflict in America, the recent upsurge in race-based violence, and the contemporary prominence of movements, such as Critical Race Theory that essentially pathologize White Americans in the media and educational system, it is reasonable to suppose that the White population would also be increasingly vulnerable if they become a minority.
The Default Hypothesis Fails to Explain Jewish Influence

This New York Times article indicates Fox’s concerns about his ideas, starting with a text in which he claimed that “It’s Not How White Men Fight,” which was part of his reaction to a group of White men ganging up an an antifa protester, which of course the Times interpreted as yet another indication that Tucker was a “White supremacist.”

Though Mr. Carlson’s show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” was only a small factor in the Dominion suit, his personal texts were drawing outsize scrutiny.

The text about the fight came on top of a damaging chain of messages that had been revealed publicly ahead of trial, and that were shocking in their own right. Writing to one of his producers after the assault on the Capitol, Mr. Carlson describes the president he championed on his show as a “demonic force” and a “destroyer.”

A recurring theme of his show during the six years that it ran in prime time on Fox News was the displacement of white Americans by people of color. Mr. Carlson often framed topics in the news as part of a larger struggle between “us” and “them,” with immigrants and other marginalized groups steadily and surely taking from whites what had long been theirs: political and cultural power in the United States.

He attacked Black social justice activists and portrayed immigrants from Central America as a blight on the nation. He said in 2018 that immigrants make the country “dirtier.”

In the aftermath of a mass shooting in El Paso at the hands of a gunman who cited white supremacist beliefs in his manifesto, Mr. Carlson declared on his show that white supremacy was “not a real problem,” likening it to a conspiracy theory.

So there was plenty of reason to get rid of him. Recently, Megyn Kelly has claimed that Fox is leaking  videos of Tucker that would produce negative impressions in many views in order to render him so toxic that he wouldn’t be employable. (The above-cited article from the NYTimes was apparently leaked by people connected to Fox.) Kelly also claims that Carlson’s exit is still to be negotiated and he can’t start another show because he is still under contract. Breitbart claims that Fox will prevent him from getting a new show until the 2024 elections are safely in the rear view mirror.  Looks like it’s devolved into an all-out war.

The other plausible explanation mentioned by some is that getting rid of Carlson and generally moving toward a blander, more traditional type of conservatism like that of Paul Ryan (who is on the Fox Board of Directors) would attract the big-name advertisers back to Fox’s prime time lineup. The boycotts initiated by the left in recent years have left his show with direct marketing advertisers like Mike Lindell, the Pillow Guy. And as mentioned above, Tucker has vigorously opposed the ESG agenda of major Fox investors such as the left-activist BlackRock headed by Larry Fink.

So there’s likely a number of factors that influenced the decision.

What can we expect if Tucker reincarnates somewhere in the media universe? It’s quite possible that he will become even edgier if he is not tied to a corporate giant mainly concerned about the bottom line and eager to stay within the currently allowable boundaries of public debate. As someone who is intimately acquainted with how politics works in Washington, he is undoubtedly aware of Jewish influence, but I rather doubt that he will say anything to suggest Jews are responsible in any way for any of the issues he is concerned about. He will often mention Jewish villains like Victoria Nuland, Alejandro Mayorkas, Merrick Garland, or George Soros without saying they are Jewish. And he will likely continue to invite Jews on his show—Jews such as Michael Shellenberger on the left’s destruction of San Francisco, Darren Beattie of Revolver News on J6, or vaccine skeptic Alex Berenson. And if the ADL calls him out again, I’m sure he will respond as he has previously.

It’s interesting that unlike so many conservatives, he is not slavishly pro-Israel (as is, e.g., Sean Hannity). Anyone with the faintest knowledge of how things work in Washington understands the power of the Israel Lobby, but he just ignores the issue. I can’t recall him even discussing Israel or the Israel Lobby. Haaretz mentions his “lack of enthusiasm for the Jewish state”—likely another reason why ADL hates him.

Tucker’s approach to Jewish issues is not what people on this site would like,  but I think he has woken up a lot of people and will continue to do so if and when he reemerges. That’s why he has a huge audience. And it’s entirely plausible that he understands Jewish involvement but believes (reasonably) that it cannot be a good strategy to win political power any time soon. That’s for writers at TOO and like-minded venues playing the long game—putting ideas out there so that intelligent observers who are now in the mainstream understand what is going on, even if they don’t say anything publicly.

My default position is that the easiest explanation is often the best. The view presented here doesn’t require thinking he is controlled by Jews until there is better evidence. Sometimes Jews make mistakes—as I think they did when they went after him on the Great Replacement without at least scrubbing their concern about replacement of Jews in Israel off their website. Jews are not omniscient.
So my prediction—assuming he doesn’t have a contract problem with Fox—is that he will reemerge soon, perhaps on NewsMax or OAN, and fairly soon. And with a fat contract. He will get a  big audience and will do what he has been doing, as summarized in the bullet points above. We should be happy. A half loaf is way better than none.
His comments after being cancelled are optimistic:

Our current orthodoxies won’t last. They’re brain-dead. Nobody actually believes them. Hardly anyone’s life is improved by them. This moment is too inherently ridiculous to continue, and so it won’t.

The people in charge know this, that’s why they’re hysterical and aggressive. They’re afraid. They’ve given up persuasion – they’re resorting to force. But it won’t work. When honest people say what’s true, calmly and without embarrassment, they become powerful. At the same time, the liars who’ve been trying to silence them shrink – and they become weaker. That’s the iron-law of the universe; true things prevail.”

“Where can you still find Americans saying true things? There aren’t many places left, but there are some – and that’s enough. As long as you can hear the words, there is hope. See you soon.


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  1. Christian Miss
    Christian Miss says:

    Tucker should now be free to talk about the outsized influence of Jewish organizations in America – in both domestic and foreign policy

    He can talk about how the hypocritical, Holocaust-obsessed ADL (and several other Jewish organizations) denied the genocide of Armenian Christians perpetrated by Turkey.

    Tucker can also ask why Christian Nationalism is evil while Jewish National is wonderful.

    But will Tucker do these things?

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      Exactly. You ask a key question. We must monitor Tucker’s next platform and content, to see whether he continues to obscure the Jewish Issue in Media, as in a controlled and limited way he has all along (the Grossberg lawsuit and his pandering to White Nationalists part of the limited control), or if he truly uses his new and “free speech” platform to actually confront the Jewish Issue. As if Tucker had ever really violated the demands on his reporting by the ADL and Fox’s Jewish owner Rupert Murdoch!

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      Some history attributes the Armenian Genocide to “the Young Turks,” who were actually crypto-Jews. Would Carlson every mention that?

      • Jo Pope
        Jo Pope says:

        @ Karl Haemers
        Why should he?
        You might be interested in the probable sectarian ancestry of Ataturk, but why should Carlson’s audience?
        Worth reading: Marc Baer, “An Enemy Old & New,” Jewish Quarterly Review, Fall 2013; Elie Kedourie, “Young Turks, Freemasons and Jews,” Middle Eastern Studies, January 1971; and Heath W. Lowry, “The Story behind Ambassador Morgenthau’s Story” (1990).
        The Jewish people(s) are not omnipotent, omniscient or omnipresent, and do not all act in lockstep even when existentially threatened.
        “The Jews are humans, neither gods nor demons.”
        Some have engaged in cabalistic conspiracy, but there is no reason to emulate them.

        • JM
          JM says:

          @Jo Pope

          I agree with you about Karl Haemer’s comment re the marginal importance of the Armenian genocide in assessing Carlson’s ideological trajectory. It’s not really of mass significance, given other priorities.

          But you then go on to give the titles of three relatively obscure and difficult to access papers by Jewish academics, without even mentioning their content or assessing whether there are any possible ethnic motivations behind them. It seems, for example, that the abstract to one of David Baer’s papers on Muslim’s available on the net

          disagrees with the Yad Vashem very critical line on Muslims in Germany in the period of Weimar and under National Socialism.

          But so do most/many European Rabbis! With the new engineered Muslim invasion into Europe and their use in marginalizing the native Europeans, this is entirely consistent with Jewish Tribal aims, just as demonizing the role of the Grande Mufti of Jerusalem fulfills the role of marginalizing the position of contemporary Palestinians.

          Such ‘disagreements’ and ‘contradictions’, even heated debates’, are so common in Jewish Tribal discourse as to be normal.

          So your comment here tells us everything about the Jews and ay the same time, nothing.

          • Karl Haemers
            Karl Haemers says:

            Since Christian Miss mentioned the Armenian Genocide by Turks, I thought to present the theory that it was actually crypto-Jews. This was no attempt to ascribe importance to anything related to Carlson’s trajectory. It was related to the preceding comment. It is always relevant to identify crypto-Jews.

          • Jo Pope
            Jo Pope says:

            The accuracy of content is a separate issue than the conjectured motives of an author.

        • Von West
          Von West says:

          Jo Pope, I think Karl Haemers’ point was that the Jewish role in the contemporary world and in history is highly relevant but obscured by Carlson.

          Carlson will readily invoke the antiwhite distortions of history that shape our political discourse – referencing Churchill and the Allies as heroic figures, citing ‘Nazis’ and ‘fascists’ as archetypes of evil.

          If he were making a more honest, moral and useful prowhite assessment of history he would instead portray the Jewish role in historic crimes like the Armenian Holocaust (as but one example), Marxism generally, crony Capitalism, the Bolshevik Red Terror/Russian Holocaust, the Ukrainian Holocaust, the Khazak Holocaust, the Boer War, the Opium Wars, the European Holocaust of the World Wars.

          Instead Carlson frames current events and history in the antiwhite projew terms demanded by the Jewish Regime. This harms all people of European descent everywhere in the world, keeps Whites naïve to their plight and its solutions, and reinforces the power structure that is destroying the West.

          Carlson is an Establishment Gatekeeper. His framing of the past and present emphasizing Jewish Victimhood, and White Villainy with a redemption arc based on multiculturalism and multiracialism is his technique.

          The Young Turks are just one of many relevant examples.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            “Instead Carlson **frames current events and history** in the antiwhite projew terms demanded by the Jewish Regime. This harms all people of European descent everywhere in the world, keeps Whites naïve to their plight and its solutions, and reinforces the power structure that is destroying the West.”

            This is true, and is how I’ve seen it for some time already. I like Carlson (except for that) and followed his monologues, but this always ultimately ruined him for me, as I’m one who thinks we can’t improve our situation until we give up this false, left-over world-war 2 propaganda narrative. The ‘Allies’ were monsters who ruined the world.

      • Billy Thistle
        Billy Thistle says:

        Of course TC will not be naming the Jew in any future endeavors. But as to the Armenian Genocide, there are layers of deception and manipulation involved in the official narrative. The Donmeh Turks as crypto Jews is one layer. Another is international media’s sympathetic coverage of the Armenian plight at the time. And a third which is never mentioned is modern day Turkey’s push back against subsequent exaggerated claims.

        Most of us will be familiar w/ revisionist history about Germany in WW2 and a few of us may be familiar w/ Japan’s push back against atrocity claims during the same conflict. But nobody seems to take Justin McCarthy’s Turks and Armenians book seriously. Many of the revisionist concerns about WW2 history are advanced by McCarthy re the Armenian genocide of WW1.

  2. Monoculture
    Monoculture says:

    …then they came for Tucker. One must grant him a certain strength of character, considering all the dependencies in which he inevitably became entangled in these circles. At some point, the freedom-loving Americans must wake up and realize that their right to their own culture of opinion is being systematically robbed and destroyed.

    • Monoculture
      Monoculture says:

      Just to be clear: I’m far from wanting to “rehabilitate” this Herr Carlson for his – pardon – incomprehensible idiotic rhetorical failures, but just think a moment about it: These people have enormous financial freedom – but not the fraction of “freedom of speech” that you may claim for yourself!

      Prof. MacDonald got this fact exactly right because his mind has just a kind of “reasonable proportionality in judging” (that is unfortunately – not without a cause! – completely abhorrent to most of these insane loudmouth-nutters in any of these anonymous forums these days.

    • Monoculture
      Monoculture says:

      In other words, these people have a lot to lose from the reputation and wealth they have built up. The justified question nevertheless is extremely appropriate whether certain exposed representatives are brought exactly into the position by certain circles from which they have to lose just a lot (and more than all others!) and become with it quasi “automatically” corruptible and blackmailable for the self-proclaimed “opinion elite”?

      • John the First
        John the First says:

        “The justified question nevertheless is extremely appropriate whether certain exposed representatives are brought exactly into the position by certain circles from which they have to lose just a lot (and more than all others!) and become with it quasi “automatically” corruptible and blackmailable for the self-proclaimed “opinion elite”?”

        I read this four times, very mysterious, very multi-applicable in certain ways in certain circles, in certain situations (and more than that!), and etc., I gave up to decipher it.

        • Monoculture
          Monoculture says:

          What is difficult to “decipher” about it, if I say that the Jewish system lives to a large extent from making possible social positions with far above-average wealth attainment for goyish representatives considered by them as serving them, in order to make sure that these personalities striving primarily for wealth find it extremely difficult to put their position in danger by “frivolous statements”?

    • Monoculture
      Monoculture says:

      Seen in this light, certain of Carlson’s statements can be interpreted as a dare to cross the red line, while others can be interpreted as an attempt at self-rescue.

      • Karl Haemers
        Karl Haemers says:

        Or they can be interpreted as controlling the narrative and limiting the truth relief valve.

        • Monoculture
          Monoculture says:

          Undoubtedly sustantiated consideration, I didn’t even have that on my radar anymore.

  3. Barkingmad
    Barkingmad says:

    Your article about TC is v. good.

    Somewhat off-topic: “As President, I will enforce a secure border, and I will EXPAND [my emphasis] the kind of LEGAL immigration that made our country great… It is inhumane and hypocritical to deny immigration while creating the conditions that drive immigration. As President, I will change these policies. That’s the only long-term solution to the border crisis.”

    That’s Bobby Kennedy Jr. speaking. He is opposed to the problem at the south border only because of human trafficking, child labor, drugs, criminals, etc. He made that clear. Might this pronouncement be what they call riding two horses with one ass?

    How much do you want to bet that the expansion of legal immigration RFK Hunior has in mind will not include White people from Rhodesia and South Africa?

    • Luke
      Luke says:

      RFK Jr is running a con job – and he is targeting the angry White voters who are rightfully mad as hell over the jewish Great White Race Replacement agenda, In other words, he is trying to steal some of the less wise and easily snookered red state voters who are two time Trump supporters by pretending that he will be just as strong on securing the border as Trump has promised to be – if he gets elected in 2024.

      This reminds of the sneaky way that Bill Clinton ran for his first term and packaged himself as kind of an old guard, moderately conservative Democrat. I can remember watching Slick Willie giving speeches on the campaign trail where he was criticizing the welfare state and condemning the cradle to grave entitlement mentality and I could hardly believe my ears and eyes, He also would criticize the fathers of inner city welfare queens who refused to stick around and help provide for their own kids. These were not the words that any Democrat politician would ever utter when campaigning for office, because they would get blacks all riled up – and I was amazed to hear Clinton saying these truths out loud. What Slick Willie was doing was signaling to the White population and trying to snooker them into thinking he was a different kind of Democrat and combined with the bitter taste that Poppy Bush had left in the mouths of the non-interentionist, anti-war, populist wing of the GOP base and the option of Ross Perot, this strategy by Clinton was sufficient for him to win the White House.

      Once in the Oval Office, Slick Willie reverted back to a typical anti-White, tax happy, big spending liberal. RFK Jr is using a similar strategy and he is targeting White voters who would normally vote for Trump. Peeling a few percentage points off of Trump’s turnout could be enough to tip the election to Mr. Dementia.

      • Barkingmad
        Barkingmad says:

        @Luke, I am glad you agree with me about RFK. White people against the killshot mandates just love him and will vote for him (probably) for that one reason. Plus some of his other statements. But if you don’t have borders, you don’t have a country and RFK thinks we should let them in because Washington invaded the world/invited the world.

        But they don’t see the whole picture (sorry about that cliche!) His book about Fauci – Peter Duesberg & Brian Ellison were saying all that and more almost 30 years ago in a great book Why We Will Never Win The War on AIDS. And Jon Rappoport, too in AIDS Inc. And a few other writers.

        However, about Prez Clinton, I would say that financially, he was not as big spending as even some Republicans. Maybe that isn’t saying much, mind you.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          Thanks to you and Luke for what you have written about RFK Jr. He is sound on the poison-vaxx issue, but as far as everything else is concerned, he is a fully credentialed member of the (((Deep State board of directors))). He is as much an enemy of Traditional America and its people—i.e., white people—as Joe Biden or Charles Schumer.

  4. Captainchaos
    Captainchaos says:

    Openly discussing Jewish power is indeed not a good recipe in the short term for gaining political power because most of the goyim are retarded, cowardly, brainwashed human sheep who have been conditioned to oppose criticism of Jews. But what if you wanted to skip working within the system to gain political power and cut straight to revolution? What if you decided to walk the path of balls instead of cowardly and supine boomerism? How could you trick the stupid cattle into embracing revolution without scaring them away by ranting about Hitler? The answer is to advocate for Red State secession.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      Openly obscuring the discussion about Jewish Power is not a good recipe either, obviously. Else they would not obscure it. Those who have been conditioned to oppose criticism of Jews is in decline, and those who support criticism of Jews is growing. This is exactly why it may be possible Carlson is a form of controlled opposition and limited hangout for Jews such as Murdoch, the ADL and the rest of Jewish Power. I know KMac sees it differently in this essay, and undeniably his view appears accurate, but another aspect could be at play: Carlson is also covering for Jews to some extent. It may not be either/or. Both could be relevant.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      Secession into an all-White ethno-state has long been a platform of White Nationalists in the U.S. No need to trick anyone. Just convey with clarity and honesty the importance and even urgency of the race issue, with the ethno-state as the solution (which is becoming increasingly obvious to the so-called “boomers” and everyone else). If a reference to the validity of National Socialist race and eugenics views (they achieved a White and even Aryan ethno-state for a time that became an idyllic example) appeals to certain audiences, then by all means employ it. For others, the cult programming and hypnotic triggers are still too reactive. Their numbers are fading though.
      Carlson appears to be both aiding and hindering these efforts. I lean to the side of hindering, by design.

      • Captainchaos
        Captainchaos says:

        I propose two tracks of activism. One that discusses the whole truth IN ADDiTION TO advocating for Red State secession. That would be you guys. Say whatever else you want, just consistently add Red State secession to the mix. The other track should be mainstream focused, advocating for Red State secession on the basis of civic nationalism. Both things can be grown simultaneously, they are not mutually exclusive.

        WN needs a large crowd of millions committed to revolution that it can inject its beliefs into. In the short run talk of Hitler and Jews is self-defeating to the purpose of growing that revolutionary mass of people. They just won’t listen. This is the unavoidable esoteric/exoteric divide. It must be strategically addressed.

        • Captainchaos
          Captainchaos says:

          Moreover, Red State secession under the guise of civic nationalism can be achieved without overmuch bloodshed if enough states and counties are willing to do it in concert. ZOG will not have sufficient manpower and resources to prevent secession if most of ZOG’s manpower and recourses decide to turn on ZOG. Non-Whites within Red States can be mollified into accepting Red State secession, if they are forced into thinking it is inevitable, with promises of gibs. Then, a more robust plan of demographic restoration within Red States can be pursued once the Jews have been geographically isolated in their enclaves on the east and west coasts. To avoid bloodshed this thing must unfold in stages.

        • Karl Haemers
          Karl Haemers says:

          I’d say it depends. Some people are open to the Hitler vs. Jews talking points.More than we might imagine, especially since covid became apparent as a scam.

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        Reply to Karl Haemers’ two comments above:

        I 100% agree with this: “the importance and even urgency of the race issue.”
        The idea we could or should minimize the race issue – as Kevin MacDonald DOES do, and always has (in spite of the fact that he speaks up for “Whites” & White “rights” – and focus on the “rights of the individual” is a losing proposition for Europeans.

        Race is real, and the evidence for this has built up to undeniable levels. Because this evidence is powerful and convincing, it is attacked most vociferously by Jews & Leftists, i.e. as “Racisim, Racist”. Similarly, the strength and privilege of the Jews is tied into the lie of “The Holocaust”, which we are also warned not to question, or get involved with, as that is “Denial” and you become a “Holocaust Denier.” This is “3rd Rail” stuff according to MacDonald — too hot to touch.

        Most here agree with KM, for example J.M. and Barkingmad above this comment. I disagree. I’m glad that Karl Haemers is willing to say the same. One more time: Race is crucial. It’s our most valuable possession. Once it’s lost, Western Civilization and the rule of Law will also be lost.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            I wrote: “in spite of the fact that he speaks up for “Whites” & White “rights” — that’s a reference to the masthead. I’m also criticizing the use of “Whites” instead of a proper word describing people racially and geographically. It so often comes across as a cop-out, a ‘watering-down’ of the message.

            Writing about ‘White interests & White culture’ is not the same as fighting for it. To be an outright “racist” or outright “denier” is too hot for you, in your own words. You couch the message in scholarship about intentional Jewish harm to Whites (ie. Culture of Critique), NOT in terms of Race Science pure and simple, which includes what we’ve learned from discovering and mapping humanity’s DNA. All mixed race communities suffer, and will continue to suffer, from the disparate built-in traits of different races. You never talk about this, but it’s the main cause of war and all the ills of societies. You cannot even stand up for Eugenics, except from a great, great distance. It’s too connected with the Third Reich. But it’s highly, highly enlightening.

            The only person with a major voice who ever told the straight truth for the northwestern european people is Adolf Hitler and his NS associates. I’ve gone to the trouble to look up Dr. Rudolf Frercks booklet on the racial makeup of the German people, originally published by the NSDAP in 1935 — as an example for you.

            You can reach the entire contents through this link. Don’t you think this is important for all Europeans to have access to? It is a far more convincing case made for OUR Race and Race Reality, than is pointing out, and building up fear of the hostile intentions of Jews against us, with the result of discouraging us to think we can match their united action. Unless, of course, a knight on a white charger (in the form of a Donald Trump, the Republican Party, or now Tucker Carlson) appears on the scene to do it for us.

            I’ll be happy to send you this series so you can publish it at TOO. Or you can just download it from my site – no problem doing that. Regards.

          • Kevin MacDonald
            Kevin MacDonald says:

            We have a lot on population genetics of Jews and Europeans, genetics of IQ a la Rushton and Jenson,and my 2019 book surveys population genetic studies of Europeans and concludes that this has had huge effects on our psychology. Anything from 1935 is way out of date.

          • Karl Haemers
            Karl Haemers says:

            Yes. It says White Identity, Interest and Culture. We might work on the Identity part more.

          • Karl Haemers
            Karl Haemers says:

            I am not the expert on genetics KMac is, but I have been impressed by the books and essays I have read from the 1930s on eugenics and race and such. Lothrop Stoddard’s The Revolt Against Civilization (1922 actually) seemed compelling on the topics of race, eugenics and dysgenics. Immediately after I read Future Human Evolution: Eugenics in the Twenty-First Century by John Glad (2006). It was of course different, but I found the two comparable in other ways. In some sense the race/eugenic/dysgenic studies of the 30s were comparable to today. Though lacking the genetic science, they had a clear understanding of practical racial matters. KMac gave me both of these books, for which I am grateful.
            Now I am reading Which Way Western Man by Simpson. It was written in the 30s and updated in the 70s. Also astounding knowledge on these topics, with excellent references to the top researchers at the time (one was named Cornelius Coon, which amused me).

          • Kevin MacDonald
            Kevin MacDonald says:

            Yes, some good stuff was written in the 30s by racially aware Whites who were concerned about the future and quite aware of Jews, like Madison Grant. And Stoddard was basically cancelled in the 30s by the Boasian campaign against racial science. But if you want to find out the evolutionary origin of peoples, we now have hugely more data on the genetics.

          • Kevin MacDonald
            Kevin MacDonald says:

            BTW, I have often cited Fritz Lenz, a prominent German geneticist in the 1920s and 30s who was the first that I know of to link climate to IQ. From A People That Shall Dwell Alone:
            One can detect a sensitivity to issues of anti-Semitism in Lenz’s (1931, 647ff) account of “Nordic” and Jewish abilities (see especially p. 674n). His data, apart from IQ differences, are impressionistic, but I believe that he was attempting to give an unbiased account based on his experience, and his conclusions are broadly consistent with the verbal/performance distinction emphasized here. As do several modern theorists (Lynn 1992; Rushton 1988; see also my comments in Chapter 8), Lenz gives major weight to the selective pressures of the Ice Age on northern peoples. The intellectual abilities of these peoples are proposed to be due to a great need to master the natural environment, resulting in selection for traits related to mechanical ability, structural design, and inventiveness. Lenz’s description of Jewish intellectual abilities conforms essentially to what is termed here verbal intelligence, and he notes that such abilities are important for social influence and would be expected in a people who evolved in large groups. See also Chapter 8, note 16.

          • Aleksy
            Aleksy says:

            @Carolyn Yeager

            ” Don’t you think this is important for all Europeans to have access to?”

            Why? So Southern and Eastern Europeans can learn all about how they’re inferior to Northwestern Europeans. Bow to your Nordic masters! I tell you what, if I were a Jew, I’d promote Nordicism every chance I could get. Few things are more effective at disrupting White racial unity and strength.

          • Karl Haemers
            Karl Haemers says:

            To Carolyn, who said:
            “To Karl: Hard to see you answer this way, but it’s not the first time I’m disappointed in your replies. The proper answer would be “Hell, no. Not a chance.” Anybody who knows something about both men knows that. It can’t be left as an open question, especially since it’s just floated out by an anonymous person, ie. Captainchaos. Why do we find it so hard to state what we know to be so? Whose disapproval do we fear?”

            Anyone who cannot see the obvious sarcasm in my reply, exposing only a short list of other obvious propaganda lies spun around the great man, does not deserve a reply. I did not think that would be you.

          • Von West
            Von West says:

            What books or resources do you recommend as the best contemporary overview of genetics as it relates to White identity and/or nationalist politics? I have seen some critiques of the Out-Of-Africa hypothesis, and wonder if those are substantiated anywhere, and I’m also curious what the latest word on Jewish genetics is as well. I’ve heard conflicting reports on Ashkenazi’s European admixture, and I also question the politicized nature of the genetic science, so prowhite expert advice would be very appreciated.

            Thanks for any insight.

        • Captainchaos
          Captainchaos says:

          I recall Alex Linder once reading an excerpt of an E. Michael Jones book claiming that Rudolf Hess and Adolf Hitler were gay lovers. Given that, do you believe it is possible to conclude that the night of the long knives was in fact generated by a lover’s spat between Hitler and Ernst Rohm, who may have also been sexually involved?

          • Karl Haemers
            Karl Haemers says:

            Hard to credit this, though Jones is no Jewish anti-Hitler propagandist.
            Yes, and Hitler had only 1 testicle, and he was a Rothschild, and a crypto-Bolshevik, and a Jew himself, and he chewed carpet in a rage, and was a genocidal madman, and…

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            To Karl: Hard to see you answer this way, but it’s not the first time I’m disappointed in your replies. The proper answer would be “Hell, no. Not a chance.” Anybody who knows something about both men knows that. It can’t be left as an open question, especially since it’s just floated out by an anonymous person, ie. Captainchaos.

            Why do we find it so hard to state what we know to be so? Whose disapproval do we fear?

          • charles frey
            charles frey says:

            01 The reported death of Hess, after his transport in a British ambulance to a Spandau hospital, after purportedly hanging himself in his cell with an electrical cord from the window frame, was an elaborate piece of disinformation.

            02 As is the supposed Moscow location of Hitler’s burnt skull, retrieved from outside of his bunker.

            03 Hannah Reitsch flew both of these men out of Berlin at the last moment, after which they escaped by U-Boot to Chile, where, since then, they are living in marital bliss to this day.

            04 I CONCLUDE that and ask others whether they concur, ” after seeming to recall hearing someone read an excerpt of yet another person’s book.”

            05 Hess was married to Ilse Proehl, with whom he had their later architect son Ruediger, to whom I listened, during his talk in Toronto, captured on an extant video. [since deceased]

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          To Karl – in reply to (May 6, 2023 at 8:56 pm)

          Do NOT think I didn’t see the obvious sarcasm in your reply to Captchaos – I certainly did. But … why begin with the equivocating “Hard to credit this, though Jones is no Jewish anti-Hitler propagandist”?? Your sarcasm might be lost on others (not me) because of this opening sentence. It’s disappointing when even those who like Hitler, the 3rd Reich, etc. feel the need to tone down their positive remarks in order not to … what? shock people? I am just so, so weary of being in this position, thus my personal opinion is that those who share these views should be more definite and bold about it. That’s why I asked “What are we afraid of?” My answer would be that it mostly has to do with publishing — getting published. Two of my most recent comments here (and most hard-hitting, probably) did not get published on this thread. That makes three altogether. It IS disappointing. But I don’t think the answer is to back down or weaken the truth.

          I appreciate the reply; it always helps clarification.

      • Luke
        Luke says:

        For those Whites who are refusing to get on board with the concept of an exclusively White Ethnostate, let me provide them with a glimpse / preview of what life will be like for them if they sit back and allow the jews to reduce them to a hated and despised minority where they will be permanently subjugated to, and ruled over, by non-whites:

        [ Begin preview ]
        Denver City Council Member Wants White Owned Businesses Taxed Extra and Redistributed to Black Owned Businesses (VIDEO)

        A Denver City Council member named Candi CdeBaca, who is currently running for reelection has declared that she wants white owned businesses taxed extra and for these funds to then be redistributed to black owned businesses.

        Mar 1, 2023CdeBaca grew up in Swansea and is the first queer Latina and Democratic Socialist to sit on the dais. Prior to becoming a city councilmember she was a social worker and community activist….[ end of preview ]

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” The answer is to advocate for Red State secession.”

      Agreed .

      However , your obnoxious repetition of a gonadal impetuosity expressed by your obsession with the vulgarism “balls” denigrates your otherwise intelligent analysis of the Nordic/White predicament .

      Also , “boomer” refers to a date of birth period immediately after WW2 and has NOTHING per se to do with Nordic demise .

      Boomers were born before the advent of computerization and are the ones whom are primarily responsible for installing it worldwide ; even tho boomers are not beneficiaries of some current political ramifications of that global computerization installed by them .

      Younger people born after boomers , such as yourself , are beneficiaries of information about the JQ and Nordics that became available only recently , in historical terms , as a result of that computerization where the vast majority of boomers do not engage in comprehensive political discourse ( other than perhaps voting enthusiasms ) and least of all in political research . Boomers are the least of beneficiaries of any www internet liberation from jewish information and propaganda global monopolies .

      Westernworld boomers are the last of thoroly Christianized generations by a sheeple-oriented religion of self-enslavement to chosenhite jewmasterss .

      Your problem is not with the boomer generation per se . It is with inane and ludicrous aspects of fundamental Christian theological programming of boomers which you apparently are fortunate enough and too young for having to endure it ; to wit just one example ___

      ” Servants , obey in all things your masters “…

      ( verbatim quote from :
      The Christian NT / KJV / Book of Colossians / 3:22 )

      Most people are sheeple where the vast majority of boomers as well as the vast majority of other sheeple worldwide are wholly unable to prevail against the political will of the ascendant global tyranny of ILLuminati jewmasterss .

      To be sure , the particulars of your programmed self are not without deficiencies and could use a bit more seasoning with less vitriol for your elders .

      • Captainchaos
        Captainchaos says:

        How about this? “Christards and boomers, obey in all things your Nietzschean übermensch masters. Thou shalt have the balls to secede now. The Lord commands you.”

  5. Blake
    Blake says:

    Kevin, thank you for your determination to be an advocate for the people who are at the cutting edge of human evolution.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      Westernworld Nordics/Whites/(etc.)
      are practically in a suicidal trance with regard to the existential threat of gradual racial extinction posed by their jewmasters’s genocide against them ; which is not exactly consistent with being

      …” at the cutting edge of human evolution.”

  6. Karl Haemers
    Karl Haemers says:

    “I can’t recall him even discussing Israel or the Israel Lobby.”
    The JTA explains: ““In the words of the ADL, why would a government subvert its own sovereign existence? Good question. Maybe ADL President Jonathan Greenblatt will join ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ some time to explain and tell us whether that same principle applies to the United States.”
    Carlson was talking about the hypocrisy of Jews supporting non-white immigration into the U.S., but advocating for Jewish-only immigration into Israel.

    This could all be theatrics arranged by the ADL and Carlson/Fox to control the narrative and limit the scope of truth. The JTA article goes on to denounce white nationalists for promoting this hypocrisy theory, explaining why it is untrue (Jews in Israel advocate for More non-Jewish immigration into Israel. Yeah, but the government doesn’t allow it, unlike in the U.S.)

  7. Crush Limbraw
    Crush Limbraw says:

    Ranting about Jewish power without revealing the identity of their willing and cooperative servants is not useful. After all, while having wealth and total institutional control far beyond their numbers, what about all those willful consenters who do the actual dirty work – who far outnumber the Jews?
    Judaism was declared DEAD in 70 AD – by Christ Himself……but His Church hasn’t quite accepted it yet – – how do I know?
    I WAS one of them!

    • Marcus Baskett
      Marcus Baskett says:

      even scarier are the unthinking shallow “gents”, I agree. and there’s a lot of em. I could be wrong however.

  8. todd hupp
    todd hupp says:

    It looks like this was a part of a compressive action to effect the 24 election.Biden’s announcement was simultaneous with Tucker’s firing.The extent of Jewish – Left power in the USA has been demonstrated with this high profile episode.The American media ” Goy King of the Right” has been silenced and vilified.

  9. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 Tucker, as one of the too few, undoubtedly also read Columbia U’s Professor Jeffrey Sachs’ brilliantly infomed, incontrovertible UKRAINE IS THE LATEST NEOCON DISASTER.

    02 Available on the net under that heading: including all the relevant names and their usual methodology: enough to overflow their selfserving cesspool at the expense of American blood and treasure.

    03 Perhaps many of our self-described, patriotic, activist readers in the US would make the effort to put that article under Hannity’s and his colleagues’ nose, as well as under that of their own Congressional and State representatives. My access to them is blocked from outside of the US.

    04 Of course 03 is equally recommended for our many FOREIGN readers and commenters, whose nations are equally cudgelled into unrecognizable submission,

    • Jo Pope
      Jo Pope says:

      Maybe Sachs is a member of the Controlled Non-Opposition or the Uncontrollable Opposition or….. (like Jesus, or was that Hitler?)

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        01 I can’t answer for Dr. Jeffrey Sachs.
        02 Call him and ask him your questions. As well, whether he changed his sex and name between April 28 and 30 from Jeffrey to Jenny, like from Joanna to Jo.

    • Barkingmad
      Barkingmad says:

      I’m not so sure about Jeffrey Sachs. Anyway, on the topic of Ukraine and the neocons, I’d recommend P.C. Roberts’ The Neoconservative Threat to World Order. Further, he appears to be a fan of the global warming business.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      Yes, very interesting. In fact this is essential reading to understand the Carlson ways-parting with Fox.

      One thing it gets wrong is stating Rupert Murdoch is not Jewish:
      ““In June 2003, Richard Curtiss, co-founder and editor of the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, wrote in that publication that Murdoch’s mother was “an Orthodox Jew, although Murdoch never offers that information in his biographies.” Curtiss was an ex-foreign service officer (US State Department), US Information Agency (USIA), and Voice of America employee.”
      “Christopher Bollyn, “Murdoch’s Deeply Hidden Jewish Roots — A Biography” now on Veterans Today, presents more evidence that Rupert has Jewish ancestry. “Later in life, Keith Rupert chose to use Rupert, the first name of his Jewish maternal grandfather.” Bollyn also sources a Candour (UK) article which states: “Rupert’s father Sir Keith Murdoch attained his prominent position in Australian society through a fortuitous marriage to the daughter of a wealthy Jewish family, née Elisabeth Joy Greene.”
      This indicates Murdoch is indeed Jewish.

      One thing this gets right is:
      “In a 2010 radio interview, Tucker, now at Fox, responded affirmatively to a question by the interviewer: “I’m 100 percent [Rupert Murdoch’s] bitch. Whatever Mr. Murdoch says, I do.”

      Now are we to believe that has changed, and Carlson flexed out from under Murdoch’s control? And it took how many years of defying Murdoch for Carlson to part ways? 3? The ADL letter to Scott at Fox demanding Tucker be gone was in January 2021. Over 2 years of defiance of Jewish Murdoch? Impossible. In some way Carlson is still Murdoch’s bitch, and whatever Murdoch says, Carlson does.

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        Karl, numerous intellectuals, now solidly on our side, including KM. have freely admitted having come in from the left spectrum.

        As did I, after ingesting official historiograhy for too much of my life: for altogether too much tuition.

        Unless contrary, indisputable evidence accrues, I shall believe, that Tucker, in the end, was the real thing.

        • Karl Haemers
          Karl Haemers says:

          I always take the precise opposite position. When considering major media personalities especially, I always believe they are fake. I need contrary indisputable evidence they are real. If Jews are involved, as they are with media and in particular Fox, I double down on doubt.

        • Karl Haemers
          Karl Haemers says:

          I too freely admit I used to watch Democracy Now religiously and thought it was truly independent media. I voted for Sanders in 2016 and when he had the primary stolen I voted for Jill Stein, Jewish, of the Green Party. Immediately afterward my Awakening began. So my path cut through the Neo-Communist left as well.
          I am grateful to be here.

      • What’s up Skip
        What’s up Skip says:

        Whilst both Rupert’s mother’s maiden name and her given name have a mild kosher flavour, her mother was a de Lanceley and her paternal grandfather Greene was an anglo-Irish railway engineer who married the Governor’s daughter. None of this precludes crypto status I suppose.

        Her late husband , born in semi-rural Victoria, Keith, was son of a Presbyterian minister and a Miss Anne Brown (nee). He was a prominent first war correspondent and protegee of newspaper baron Lord Northcliffe, who you may recall visited Henry Ford and helped publicise the Protocols in the early 1920s.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        This indicates Murdoch is indeed Jewish.

        The matter is actually far from clear-cut, Karl.

        This article, with accompanying photo, from an online Australian Jewish journal is rather more evasive than Jews tend to be when pointing with pride at one of the Tribe. The article’s tone and wording strongly suggest to me that its author is trying to induce a reader to think of Murdoch’s mother as Jewish in the absence of any hard evidence to that effect.

        Even the National Vanguard article from which I think you drew the Curtiss quote is careful to hedge its bets in re Lady Murdoch’s genetic makeup. Apropos the photo of Lady Murdoch and Rabbi Herzog, its author writes, “The photo looks a bit odd, as if Herzog’s image has been superimposed, but perhaps not.” It certainly looks odd to me.

        Please note that I am not saying that Curtiss is wrong or that the author of the National Vanguard article is wrong in being inclined to side with Curtiss. What I am saying, however, is that Lady Murdoch’s Jewishness—and hence her son’s—is far from being a satisfactorily answered question.

        • Karl Haemers
          Karl Haemers says:

          Agreed. I’m saying the same. I use the word “indicates”, though in other wording I suggest the heritage is clear. It rarely is with some crypto-Jews. I know Bollyn’s other writing on 911 and other Neo-Con issues, and have learned to trust him. We can all certainly be wrong however.
          It is indisputable that Murdoch is an avid philo-semite, Israel Firster and rabid Zionist. In that context, his actual Jewish heritage is less important to this question of Carlson. Fox News and the rest of the Murdoch media empire are at the service of the Jews.

          Has anyone else seen the montage video of Carlson wearing the Kabbalah bracelet?

          • ariadna
            ariadna says:

            Thank you for this:
            “It is indisputable that Murdoch is an avid philo-semite, Israel Firster and rabid Zionist. In that context, his actual Jewish heritage is less important to this question of Carlson. Fox News and the rest of the Murdoch media empire are at the service of the Jews.”
            This is a statement that applies to all Israeli Firsters and philo-semites in positions of powers and must be repeated as often as necessary.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            Why do you call what Carlson wears a “Kabbalah bracelet”? I’m sure he does not see it as such or would not be wearing it. This is like other conspiricists seeing “Illuminati” finger positions as well-known men openly indicating their allegiance to the (modern day) Illuminati. Does this make sense? Is it not a distraction?

          • Barkingmad
            Barkingmad says:

            @Carolyn Y: About those “Illuminati”, Masonic and this or that secret society members’ finger positions – what a joke. I know countless people of every age, ethnicity and political persuasion who sometimes hold their hands or fingers in those ways – including my grandmother, of peasant stock and no formal education whatsoever.

        • Karl Haemers
          Karl Haemers says:

          I am not qualified to assess the photo and determine whether the Rabbi with Mrs. Greene is valid. The shadow patterns look consistent, but I don’t know enough to evaluate any discrepancies in the image edges (to see if shopped in).
          What about it looks odd to you? I simply can’t tell. Yet that is the least supporting evidence of Murdoch’s heritage. If true, it does indicate the philosemitism of the Murdoch family generally, which is beyond dispute and no phony photo is needed.

  10. Stephan Blackford
    Stephan Blackford says:

    I agree with your article entirely. A further point. He was also becoming main stream. He was no longer a limited hangout of the right leaning folk listening to a quasi news reader/antagonist. He was actually becoming widely accepted.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      I see the same phenomenon in reverse. The views and topics were already widely accepted among that segment of the American public, and Carlson was put up to acknowledge this officially, and subsequently limit and control it.
      They do this all the time. It is a two-way interplay: The public becomes aware of issues and topics and views, and then media enters in to address them. The media presents issues and topics and views, and the public becomes aware of them. It looks as if Carlson is the former.

  11. Hexxus
    Hexxus says:

    He was banned at that moment as a birthday present to Israel. All the reasons are actually just the excuses. It will also prevent him from talking about DeSantis passing the most draconian hate speech law yet in the country into law…..while in jerusalem, talking about how its going to protect jews.

    It’s the same reason the Goyim Defense League guys in florida who legally distribute flyers and project lasers have just about all gotten arrested. Same reason the EU passed the Digital Services.

    It’s the same reason a bunch of people here and other people critical of israel got permanent and explanation-free suspensions (myself included and I was a literal nobody with 200 followers account who occasionally retweeted the ADL to make fun of their proclamations).

    Its the same reason biden declared May to the jew month.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      And that same reason is: Jewish Power.
      I’m not convinced Carlson would have been allowed to go so far as to report on the Desantis antisemite law theater. Maybe though. They obviously want us to know about it and be outraged.

  12. Steven Powell
    Steven Powell says:

    I predict that Tucker will continue to cuck and call white advocates “notsees.”
    I no longer give any time to those who fail to tell the truth and NTJ.
    I don’t watch Tucker, I don’t visit Amren, I don’t watch NWG.

    • Alan Weston
      Alan Weston says:

      @ Steven Powell
      You are only one among millions, so who cares what you personally refuse to read? Those with curious minds prefer to know what other people are saying and doing, and especially if they are considered opponents. You can learn more about black crime from Amren than TOO, and more about what Jews are actually doing and thinking from the UK “Jewish Chronicle” and Zionist websites, than from (say) old copies of “Cross & the Flag”, or from Madole, Burros, Oliver or Icke.

  13. Birhan Dargey
    Birhan Dargey says:

    Some thoughts on TC. I never realized the crucial role of FREE speech in the forward development of any country/nation. Freedom of Speech is specially fundamental in the arts, endeavors such as publishing, writing, painting, sculpture, FILM, video, audio etc. Great creative minds had to leave their birth countries to come to America to cultivate their ideas, arts, thoughts. The creation of MASS industries like music, video. film could never had been possible in China, Soviet Union, Iran etc. Elvis Presley could had been put in jail in any other country in America Elvis became a mass musical industry on his own. For the longest times I have been taught the role of FREE press for a healthy democracy, since the times of the early Founding Fathers..Free press has been political dogma,..In that context the Bill of Rights is perhaps the jewel in the crown in American History. In this country our fundanational ethos plays homage to the PRIVATE capitalist, rugged indvidualism only in the USA men like JPMorgan, Carnegie, Edison, Duponts, Rockefeller, Ford, Bill gates, Steve Jobs, etc. were able that built great enterprisses, that move the country forward economically, technologically. Thats why I understand the fear that ADL/SPLC/ACLU/NYTimes have for peoplel like TC. In a truly free country TC, Dr David Duke, RBN, Revolver News, and many other so called ALT News would be the highest rated news media in the Free Market of Ideas. Although the Jewish dominated media constantly tells us that they are the chosen, the brightest, smartest, gurus of Media, finances, news, etc, THEY fear the open competition from White gentile content creators, so the jews must erase, eliminate the competition. This new JEWISH USA Globalist Elite that is telling us that men are women, that men can be pregnant, etc. seems to be alien to the White European Anglo Saxon Democratic Constitutional Liberal Capitalists Societies. This is why they are dismantling ALL our Constitutional RIGHTS., JEWS are supressing any and all our FREEDOMS. Jews had been saying that Whites are inherently fascists racists authoritarian, but the opposite seems to be the rule, JEWS want to impose their Talmudic, Torah, Noahide Zio tyrannical global racist one jewish unitary didactorship which is INCOMPATIBLE anathema in conflict and opposite to DEMOCRATIC FREEDOMS.

  14. RockaBoatus
    RockaBoatus says:

    All things considered, Tucker Carlson has been an asset to our cause in the sense that he caused many White Americans to think differently and to even challenge the prevailing ‘narrative’ on almost everything the media and our government has espoused (e.g., the Great Replacement, Covid skepticism, the Ukraine debacle, the 2020 BLM riots, Antifa violence, U.S warmongering abroad, third world immigration to the West, and the list goes on).

    Granted, Tucker is not where many of us are in terms of understanding Jewish power and Jewish cultural subversion. However, If current trends are any indicator in light of all the controversial subjects he has already addressed, there is reason to be hopeful that he will go even farther down the red-pilled path.

    Besides, do we really want to condemn Tucker or anyone else who hasn’t yet arrived at the great truths we hold dear? We need to remember always that what might be rejected TODAY could be accepted TOMORROW as greater understanding and new light springs forth. Which of us can say that we have fully arrived, and know all truths?

    Arriving at the truth on any subject – let alone the kinds of unpopular truths we believe – is a process that’s often rough and bumpy. And so we ought to be patient with those who haven’t yet reached the place where we are.

    Purity spiraling is a pretty ugly thing.

    • Captainchaos
      Captainchaos says:

      As a Calvinist you believe that you are amongst the elect and that everyone else not on that list is going to burn in hell. Sounds like purity spiraling to me.

      • RockaBoatus
        RockaBoatus says:

        There’s a vast difference between those self-righteously believing one is better or more racially ‘correct’ than others because they understand the JQ and other more advanced truths, and Calvinists who humbly believe in election and reprobation yet recognize that their redemption is solely by the grace of God alone with no merit on their part in the least.

        Any Calvinist (or any Christian for that matter) who boasts in his or her understanding of such greats truths as election, including the final end of all those who hate Christ and then arrogantly looks down on others because they’re not as theologically ‘correct’ as themselves, is doing exactly what the Gospel expressly forbids (Romans 3:21-28; 9:14-23; Ephesians 2:1-10). This sort of attitude has no place in the Christian’s life, especially when he knows how dependent he is upon God for all things – including faith itself!

        Your analogy fails at every point.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      I see the influence as reversed. Tucker did not cause many White Americans to think differently, they caused him to. Or more accurately, they forced Murdoch and the other media Jews to put up Carlson to control and limit the views many White Americans had developed through their own direct observation and access to truly independent media (such as TOO to a limited extent).

      Tucker is most certainly at or even beyond our understanding of Jewish power and Jewish cultural subversion. In fact, he is part of it! It is his role to limit his audience’s understanding of the Jewish Issue, by skillfully omitting it, obscuring it, and engaging it selectively.

      • Marcus Baskett
        Marcus Baskett says:

        Yep! excellent observation expressed. very important distinction made! TC very unfortunately reports like he stalks along sorta riding the drag of toiling and burdened traction driven & lead by KMD, Irving, Duke etc.. and all of their attendees. just like so many other talking heads bending any potential movement for real liberty prosperity freedoms and rights, ruinously in reverse back into the pretzel knot but again, attempting with little success to make it seem like our fight is their fight too. Anyone else want to continue being marshaled over by these clowns… I don’t . Any other than an immediate fearless embargo and mobilization to put them into check is now a slow zombie walk into passive suicide. Fk that sht!
        If it were people we could respect, ok that would be different but are we honestly going to submit to such skanky cheap and juvenile tactics of lordship as what our oppressors (Jews) threaten us with?? (*they can be respected for better reasons)
        Naw. We can help them, who’s left, to see where they are flat out Wrong trying to save them but not at the expense of One (not one) of ours and until after we get on our own feet again!
        They openly hold over everybody not just white westerner’s, a standing and active threat of bullying slander incarceration and even death if we openly say what I just said, that I can get away with easier perhaps than many others who can’t afford the risks involved.
        Anyway, That said I think tucker is ours and I can’t help but like the guy. And I think his recent references to admitting and rationalizing “telling lies” is an politically context attempt at softening the impact and contrasts of the lies about the holocaust and everything else jaws are most certainly lying about collectively and autonomously while acting on the decisions made, based on the lies that impact everyone in the world negatively, except their shortsighted and smug arrogant ideas of monetary and racial superiority. We are superior to them and it’s time we started to express and assert ourselves as such. I am great! I am white! I am of the people of reason the world has rite! I am NOT Jewish, nor do I wish, to live any other way than my own culture with my own people. Unfettered or tied back by dishonorable cheap threats from a weaker opponent! If you think the Jew a force majeure to get, then buddy…You ain’t seen nothing yet! … boomshakalaka!

  15. Peter
    Peter says:

    This interview/debate is enlightening. Tucker interviews Max Boot starting at the 3:45 min/sec mark. Neocon Max Boot is a Russian Jew that was born in Moscow in 1969 and emigrated to the US in 1976. At the end of the interview Tucker says he is not sure where Boot’s way of thinking comes from. I think I have a good idea.

    Max Boot compares Tucker to Charles Lindbergh in the interview and Tucker objects to Boot suggesting he’s a “NAZI sympathizer.” I think a more appropriate label for most Americans would be “Judeo-Bolshevik” sympathizer. That is what the US government was. Boot is apparently a Ronald Reagan fan and mentions the country he was born in, the Soviet Union, and refers to it as the “evil empire,” Reagan’s moniker for it. I doubt Boot would have had that opinion 30 or 40 or years earlier when Jews ran the USSR, with Jew Genrikh Yagoda running the brutal NKVD, Jew Lazar Kaganovich heading up the starvation of millions of the hated Ukrainians, Jew Maxim Litvinov was the foreign minister, later replaced by Molotov who was married to a Jew. Those were the people that headed the USSR in the 1930’s, and there were many more “just like them.” How the Ukrainians ever thought America had their interests at heart just shows how deluded people can be.

    By 1945, the Jews power in the USSR had been reduced somewhat and afterwards it was much less. According to Wikipedia, Boot’s family “fled from the Soviet Union in 1976 as refugees.” There must have been another holohoax I wasn’t aware of. I’m sure Max’s grand-parents and possibly his parents were very proud Judeo-Bolsheviks, but Max didn’t feel that way when Jews weren’t in charge any longer. Max Boot supported the American massacres of Arabs in Libya, Syria, Iraq and elsewhere but in a Jew dominated America no one is allowed to make the obvious connection that Max Boot is a Jew that supports Israel and now considers his homeland evil because Jews no longer run it.

    I have to admit I’m surprised. I recall reading several times in my life how countries that “were good to Jews” always end up better off. Looking the Great Britain and the US today, that doesn’t look to be true anymore.

    Tucker Carlson Literally Obliterates Jewish Neocon Max Boot

    • ariadna
      ariadna says:

      Thanks for this introduction of Boot of whom some people may not have heard.
      “Boot’s family “fled from the Soviet Union in 1976 as refugees.”
      Laughable jewish lie from their victimology repertoire.
      No Jews fled the Soviet Union as “refugees” in the 70s. They traveled comfortably on planes to the US brought in by the Jackson-Vannik amendment (oy, save “Soviet Jews”).
      No Soviet citizen was allowed to leave, any such requests for permission to travel even just for vacation in the West were rejected but only jews were called “refuseniks.” They were “oppressed” by having lost their top positions of power to which they felt entitled.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      Wow, that was loathsome and an intensely unpleasant insult-fest. Could such a vindictive exchange have been real? Isn’t it likely this was arranged to display two grown intelligent men acting like rabid children, as dysgenic role models? It reminds of those theatrical congressional hearings where Rand Paul grills the Jewish trannie Levine–but nothing ever comes of it.

  16. Kmac fan
    Kmac fan says:

    One of the greatest mic drops in all of US television history is when he read the ADLs response to the one state solution including “vulnerable minority”, “with high Arab birth rates”, “unrealistic and unacceptable to expect the State of Israel tovoluntarily subvert its own sovereign existence and nationalist identity and become a vulnerable minority within what was once its own territory.” then asking Jonathan Greenblatt to come on the show to explain why the great replacement applies to israel and not the US. They removed it from the ADL website after that. Tucker 1 ADL 0

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      That certainly appeared to be a confrontation between Carlson as right-wing American Populist and Jews as represented by super-Zionist ADL thought-policeman Greenblatt.
      But was it really? Isn’t it more likely they are on the same team, and the score is Tucker/Greenblat 1, American Conservatives 0?

  17. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    Well folks, the velvet glove hiding the system’s iron fist has finally been removed. The Jews and their minions are stifling and removing any opposition that they perceive as threatening. This has been obvious since Charlottesville. We are in for some perilous times as the ridiculous
    tower of Babel that these miscreants have erected really starts to crumble, and Whites are forced to try to deal with it..

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      The glove may have been removed, but the mask is still in place. If Jews are removing Carlson as any kind of opposition, they will be re-installing him as a living martyr unjustly cancelled, and he will be more influential than ever.

      • Brian Rockford
        Brian Rockford says:

        @ Herr Haemers
        We shall see.
        All attacks on Woke, wholly or partly, help.
        All attacks on Zionism, wholly or partly, help.
        Attacking friends and uniting enemies do not help.
        If the only people with anything to say are just those who go about waving the swastika, shouting “Hitler was Wonderful! Perish Judah!”, then we ARE lost.

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          Brian using scare tactics. No one is waving a swastika or shouting ‘Hitler was wonderful.’
          Some ARE presenting truthful details about the Third Reich and A. Hitler to counteract harmful lies of Jewish propaganda.

  18. ariadna
    ariadna says:

    This article is the best analysis of Tucker Carlson’s merits and shortcoming I have read anywhere. It is comprehensive, balanced and also wise (the half loaf argument).

      • ariadna
        ariadna says:

        Very interesting and you adduce many persuasive arguments in your article in favor of the idea that Carlson is nothing but a limited hangout guy deployed to obscure JP, and that even his firing (or “parting of ways”) was prepared specifically to later elevate him to an even more credible “catcher in the rye” for JP.
        The problem I have with this is that if he is indeed deployed to serve their interests he doesn’t do a very good job of it.
        If you accept that the mass “vaxxing,” the population replacement, CRT, gender theory, the trans “epidemic,” global warming, the war in Ukraine, the J6 farçe, curtailment of free speech, encroachments on the 2nd Amendment, open borders, the WEF “sustainability” mantra (“you vill eat bugs and be happy”) etc, are all important items on the globalist JP agenda, then why would they use Carlson (who attacked them all vigorously) just because he never names the Jew? It seems like a risky proposition.
        Naming all the culprits in every specific instance (all with Jewish last names) without specifying that they are Jews may have been his insurance policy while the viewers could put 2 and 2 together.
        I will not draw a definitive conclusion until I see what he does next but for now I am of two minds…

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          Dear Adriana,
          You always seem to be a SENSIBLE and well-informed voice on these threads. I didn’t read Karl’s substack piece, but from everything he’s written here, and previously that I’ve seen, I’ve now concluded that the key to making sense of him is as a student of the Conspiratorial View of History. He begins with the notion that ‘nothing is what it seems’ and ‘powerful people behind the scenes determine everything’ and goes from there. That view was the first I was introduced to when I began looking at alternative historical narratives. I’ve learned a lot of it is crap, pretty much just secular forms of religious belief. It appeals to the less intelligent, who like/prefer such Conspiracy Shockers to the comparatively more mundane Facts and Reason (cause & effect). Karl seems intelligent, so maybe he’s still going to grow out of it, and/or continue along his path of doing so.

          But here’s what I’ve discovered about conspiracy theories/theorists: They never DO anything. They think their job is done when they figure out the plot. They then sit back and inform others. They’re sure they are “in the know.”
          We need men and women of action, not only theorists, because only acts move things forward, and get attention. We have enough thinkers and book writers — out the wazoo!

          Whatever Tucker is, he’s at least acting on the world stage and possibly putting himself at risk. I’m not speaking FOR him, or AGAINST him either, because I not convinced he’s worth it. However, I don’t think he’s as important as many here are making him. Maybe he’s more of a distraction, which we all fall for, unhappily so. That’s what most ‘news’ is today … like some of the mass shootings, I do believe. But I can’t help but think we’re too far gone, and technology is too advanced, for us to mount any kind of counter action or turnaround. So here we are on our little Internet reservations, using code names and words, sharing what information we can. The reservation owners even block/censor what THEY aren’t comfortable with. Cripes. Leaves us pretty isolated.

          • ariadna
            ariadna says:

            Dear Carolyn,
            You made me realize there is no antonym for “ad hominem,” i.e., not am adversarial personal attack but a propitiating praise assault. In my case I’d call yours an “ad feminam.” But I am strong and I will not let myself be swayed by it…
            1. You deplore the lack of men of action, warriors to act as defenders of the White race. You are looking for them in the wrong places, I think. They are not likely to arise from among the commenters (some even disqualifyingly erudite!) on off-MSM blogs.
            If they would arise they are not likely to fit your nostalgic NS model. Can’t wade in the same river twice.
            Today’s America is not the Germany of almost a century ago. The racial consciousness of Germany was intimately bound up with its ethnic consciousness. Germans knew themselves to be German. American are hyphenated. In America’s “melting pot” the Whites are separate blobs, divided among themselves (Protestants vs Catholics, Nordics/Germans vs Mediterraneans, etc).
            Is the fact that the Jews see us all as a monolithic enemy enough to unite them? Not clear.
            I can see a resolute resistance against the destruction of White civilization and culture and national consciousness in only one country, one that is racially and ethnically homogeneous: Hungary. Lamentably I don’t see Hungary’s example inspiring its neighboring European nations.
            Wishing it to be different, pining nostalgically for “the erstwhile” is tantamount to being a National Socialist Miniver Cheevy.
            To push back forcefully against the organized and concerted anti-White campaign on all fronts (political, educational, mediatic) is not just a battle but a long war and requires a new vision, custom fit for today’s America. In this effort any help from whichever quarter must be TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF, but of course without embracing as leaders one-issue advocates (like RFK), part-way fellow travelers (some jews like Greenwald) or even limited hangout voices. Realism á la La Fontaine (“Je prends mon bien ou je le trouve”) while maintaining a steady vision of uncompromising purpose.
            2. After urging “action” you say, “we’re too far gone, and technology is too advanced, for us to mount any kind of counter action or turnaround.”
            Put your faith in Nassim Taleb’s “black swan.” To prepare to welcome it when it comes, let us continue to inform each other and inform as many as are still in the dark. This is one of best possible places to do it.

          • Brian Rockford
            Brian Rockford says:

            @ Carolyn Yeager
            Glad to see your perceptive comment on conspiracy beliefs especially as secularised religion. I came to a similar conclusion after years of study from various angles. Sorting out fact from fiction, and notably misinformation from disinformation, can still be an Augean task, and conclusions always to some degree provisional. Seeing “The Jew” as an imaginary construct behind everything unpleasant is a fatal mistake, but there is immense evidence of Zionist lobbying, Jewish predilection for money-acquisition, partial involvement in some aspects of international woke-collusion and policy co-ordination. On elite control of information, language and attitudes, we can learn from “Jews” like Noam Chomsky and “Christians” like Jacques Ellul.
            On National Socialist racial policy inside Germany, have you read Christopher Hutton’s “Race & the Third Reich,” James Gregor’s “National Socialism & Race,” and Otmar von Verschuer’s “Racial Biology of the Jews”?
            NS policies against white people in Poland and Ukraine are hardly defensible, proved counter-productive, and have been useful only to modern enemies of racial eugenics.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            @B. Rockford
            “NS policies against white people in Poland and Ukraine are hardly defensible, proved counter-productive, and have been useful only to modern enemies of racial eugenics.”

            What “policies” are you speaking of? This is a crock of unproven propaganda claims that are repeated ad nauseam by the enemies of NS, and friends of Slavs, or Slavs themselves. All the failings & flaws in the Slavic people are supposed to be washed away by making them victims of big, bad “nazi” Germans. When the honest documentation of what both Germans & Slavs (Poles, Czechs, Russians/Ukrainians) did to each other between 1918 and 1950 is judged, the Germans come out way more civilized and humane. The German Wehrmacht was an occupying power during WWII and had to keep order. Emphasize Order. The desire of the uncooperative elements among the Poles & Ukrainians was to advance their own nationalistic agenda, not the German agenda.

            Simplified wartime propaganda must be discarded, but it’s not in your pro-Jewish interest to do so.

          • Barkingmad
            Barkingmad says:

            @Carolyn. A woman of my acquaintance (of Ukrainian parentage) had an aunt and uncle who were taken from their Ukrainian small town, as teenagers, by the N.S. soldiers and shipped off to Germany to work on farms.

            I know the woman involved (though not her husband). They loved the Germans, then and now, because #1 they were treated well by the farmer’s family; and #2 this farmer helped these two teenagers to escape to western Europe just as the red army was marching in; and #3 they were grateful to be anywhere outside of the soviet union, even as semi-prisoners and “slaves”.

            You are right; the Germans were not the worst people involved in the war. I also knew a man from Germany who arrived here after the war (he was what our family called a DP). He was very much opposed to Hitler and the N.S., real liberals. However, this must’ve been 20 years ago, he was getting fed up with all the anti German propaganda and blurted out to me, “The Germans were gentlemen compared to everybody else! [during the war]” FWIW.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            Thanks for this supportive comment (and your other one too). I have no trouble believing it, and it brings to mind what the top Reich Women’s Leader Gertrud Scholtz-Klink said to her Jewish interviewer (Claudia Koonz) in 1987. Speaking of Goebbels in particular, but including other Nazi leaders, she said, “You can’t imagine what gentlemen they all were.”

            I have no trouble believing she meant it.

          • Barkingmad
            Barkingmad says:

            @Carolyn. Just today I quite accidentally happened on this video of a man singing about the Christmas Truce of 1914. And then if you scroll down, you will find stories of Germans helping wounded or trapped American soldiers during world wars. Are they true? They can’t all be lies.


        • Von West
          Von West says:

          @Ariadna Tucker does more than ‘not name’ those behind “the mass “vaxxing,” the population replacement, CRT, gender theory, the trans “epidemic,” global warming, the war in Ukraine, the J6 farçe, curtailment of free speech, encroachments on the 2nd Amendment, open borders, the WEF “sustainability” mantra (“you vill eat bugs and be happy”) etc, are all important items on the globalist JP agenda.”

          He also provides substitute explanations that mislead his audience. It is China, the Woke Left, corporate corruption, Democrats. And the solutions? Shabbos DeSantis and Israel First Republicans.

          This is effectively camouflage.

          Does this mean a ‘conspiracy’ as Yeager requires? No. Carlson may well be, and likely is, convinced that China is a bigger problem than the Jewish Fifth column running Washington through Hollywood, Big Tech, Big Media and Wall Street. He likely believes Israel is a vulnerable oasis of democracy in a sea of irrational Muslim hostility and tyranny.

          He also probably likes his seven figure income and marquee lifestyle, being treated well at every elite institution event he attends, and is discouraged from asking the wrong questions by his desire to enjoy the perks afforded by fame and fortune, and the pleasant company of approving elites.

          I think he functions as camouflage and will transition to a similar role providing Jewish Power cover in whatever he does next.

          • ariadna
            ariadna says:

            “He also provides substitute explanations that mislead his audience. It is China, the Woke Left, corporate corruption, Democrats.”
            That’s true. He pointed to the levers of the machinery, not to the operator.
            But I am still not convinced that he did so to purposefully deceive rather than that’s how far he felt he could go, providing the pieces that people can put together by themselves. The reason I hope that’s the case is that he kept attacking individuals– too many to list –all of whom are jews, in Congress (e.g., Schiff, Schumer), in the DOJ, in the State Dept, in the Homeland Security, in the CDC, in the WEF– a litany of names that could not fail to register with the viewers other than JewsJewsJews.

            “Carlson may well be, and likely is, convinced that China is a bigger problem than the Jewish Fifth column running Washington through Hollywood, Big Tech, Big Media and Wall Street. He likely believes Israel is a vulnerable oasis of democracy in a sea of irrational Muslim hostility and tyranny.”
            I can’t believe he is that ignorant and stupid.

  19. Valkoinen Kuolema
    Valkoinen Kuolema says:

    >The Ukraine War Is a Globalist Crusade
    Yea, Putin’s globalist neo-soviet jihad against the West is losing to Ukraine, a homogeneous 98% White country (despite that fake CNN tweet posted in this list–have standards here sunk so low? while Putin is literally replacing White Ukrainians with Asiatic Muslim hordes in the ruins of Mariupol after Russian “””liberation”””, and striking deals to import more Muslims and Africans into Russia itself–blacks/browns are the only allies Russia has left!)

    BRICS? BRICS cannot defeat Ukraine (or figure out indoor plumbing) but is going to threaten the hegemony of the West? Lmao. Why does this website still have “Occidental” in the name when it is such a vicious advocate for Oriental interests against the Occident?

    Good riddance to antiwhite Cucker Tardson who just last month essentially admitted that he is controlled opposition whose task is to prevent White racial collective consciousness, even as Whites become minorities in their own countries (suddenly Cuck’s position shilling for Putin’s neobolshevik jihad against Ukraine makes sense!)

    «I will say this if I can just make one prediction: so the United States is becoming non-white. Everyone’s excited about it. Or whether you are or you’re not doesn’t matter, whites are going to be the minority, so what that means soon, so what that means is you’re going to get at some point, probably in my lifetime, people standing up and and saying I represent white people, I’m the candidate of the white voter, right, and I just want to say on the record that I’m going to tell that person to **** off.
    Because nobody speaks, I’m an adult man and nobody speaks for me because he’s shares the same skin color as me, like I just reject that entire idea if I agree with you I’ll let you speak for me and if I don’t I won’t but this idea that someone of a certain skin color any skin color or any ethnic background speaks automatically on behalf of all people who share that skin color ethnic background is a Nazi idea and I’m totally opposed to it and I will be opposed to it when it happens…»
    —Tucker Carlson (3 April 2023)

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      I agree with you, Tucker is controlled opposition, and part of his control is subverting White nationalist organizing. The other part is obscuring the Jewish Issue.
      But Tucker is only good riddance for now. He will be back, cucking and controlling better than ever. This ways-parting will ensure it.

  20. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    Carolyn, REALLY !

    Your statement re race and KM is about as regrettable and absurd as if I were to state, that your highly informative site does not revolve around the Third Reich.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      Regret away, Charles! I don’t. If you can’t see that this site changes nothing and no one about fighting for our racial existence, maybe it’s because, as you wrote to Karl Haemers above, you’ve spent “too much of my life [in universities]: for altogether too much tuition.”

      Did you go to the linked information by Frercks on my website and take a good look at it? I’m sure KM did not. He dismisses it with being “out of date” without looking at it. “Population genetics of Jews and Europeans, genetics of IQ a la Rushton and Jenson, and my 2019 book population surveys ” do NOT include *What to Do About It*. As in not race-mixing and not encouraging defective people to reproduce more of themselves into our race while discouraging healthy people from doing so. Talking about race as though it’s a real subject of importance! There are charts and graphics that really bring the message home. One section is titled, “The Racial Question is the Key to World-History.” This is the kind of writing and information, plus the sense of urgency, that is required to *move* people into taking it seriously … rather than just another article to read and maybe comment on. Ho hum.

      Can one believe we’re reduced to looking to Tucker Carlson to save us!!

      It won’t happen.

      • Jo Pope
        Jo Pope says:

        German anthropology and eugenics in the 1930s are not entirely out of date; we just have more knowledge about DNA today. Fritz Lenz revised his pre-Nazi reflections on Jews and Germans during the Third Reich, and then changed his position again after WW2. The writings of Hans Guenther on the Jews, those of Carleton (not Cornelius) Coon, and more recently John Baker and Richard Lynn still retain much validity. As do studies by modern Jews like Harry Ostrer, and Jon Entine (very interesting on Ashkenazic diseases). There is still ideological hostility among some Jews to notions of racial inequality and the concept of “race” itself; for example, Robert Wald Sussman. The idea of keeping the “Jews” intact while mixing up everyone else is more than an “antisemitic trope”.

  21. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 I wish all the Tucker naysayers hereabouts would adequately inform themselves about this subject matter before gushing further or additional garbage.

    02 In addition to the heated debate with Boot, recommended above, there are many interviews, that will bring them closer to reality. If willing and ‘able’ !

    03 For instance the Google 56 minutes videoed podcast: Will Cain interviews Tucker.

  22. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Thanks Kevin.

    I had heard somewhere that Murdoch had talked with Zelensky about a week before firing Tucker. I think it was mostly that, that got him fired. The Ukraine war scam is big, big business for the Jews.

    I would love to see Tucker with a national radio show. Rush reached over 30 million a week for over 30 years. Tucker would probably never go all out on the Jewish problem, but he might come just within reach, just like he did on TV.

      • Karl Haemers
        Karl Haemers says:

        How often does Murdoch talk to Zelensky? Must be rather regularly. Netanyanu (Milekowsky) talked to Silverstein every week. The week timeline may be unrelated to the ways-parting.

        • S. D. Bennett
          S. D. Bennett says:

          “Netanyahu prides himself on his close relationship with Putin” – Al-Monitor, February 23, 2021.

    • charles u frey
      charles u frey says:

      01 And that Fink Larry, CEO of BlackRock, owns 15% of FOX; according to NASDAQ.

      02 BlackRock also has guaranteed Zelensky to help in their post-war reconstruction.

      03 It would come as no surprise if they were also to recharter Kolomoysky’s PrivatBank, so he can defraud its depositors once more.

      04 As a little remuneration for creating Zelensky in the first place, making this entire profitable tribal septic system possible.

      • Karl Haemers
        Karl Haemers says:

        Just like Fox, in some scenarios Blackrock cares more about DEI, transsexuals, climate rescue and philo-semitism than it does about profits. This is the new Stakeholder Capitalism, and Fink is an enthusiastic supporter. Look at his Letters to CEOs every year. It’s all about ESG and SDGs and DEI. Go woke, go broke, so Larry has enough money to lose on Fox losing Tucker. Murdoch does too.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      Opposing the Ukraine war scam is big business too, so that may have been part of Murdoch’s discussion with fellow tribesman Zelensky. Carlson himself may have been part of that discussion. The ways-parting was “agreed” by all. That may be the one factiod in the whole theater of Carlson we should take at face value.

  23. Marcus Baskett
    Marcus Baskett says:

    Tucker needs to be mobile on moments notice in order to protect himself and his family. he’s independently wealthy. has a cc id. he’s a good man. Things are Not getting better. they’re getting worse. get ready for another thinning of the human population herd. ever wonder why the world has ruins all about the globe from adobe huts to ancient Pyramids of Giza… it might be time to muster up the basic reference points to shrewdness. just sayin.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      01 Tucker is a devout family man.

      02 He’s been married to his school sweetheart for over thirty years and they have three adult daughters and a son, all of whom live on their own: EXPOSED.

      03 Tucker would surely remember, that Israeli nuclear technician and peace activist Mordechai Vanunu, who, in 1984, disclosed Israel’s Dimona illegal nuclear activities to a London paper, was lured to Rome via a honey trap, whence he was stashed by their Mossad in an El Al plane and kidnapped to Israel.

      04 Ditto for the grand larcenist and Mossad agent, and owner of 401 mostly media companies Maxwell, originally the Czech Jan Ludvik Binjamin Hoch, who stole his employees’ pension funds and purportedly requested a 2 billion loan from his Mossad employer. He accidentally fell off his yacht Lady Ghislaine, named after his daughter and Epstein children sex procuress. In the nude, he peed over the stern of his yacht. While entirely debt ridden, but owner of two private jets and a helicopter, parked on his DAILY MIRROR skyscraper, left no funds for a bathroom in his cabin on his huge yacht, sold by his bancruptcy administrators fo 20 million British pounds; while his pensioners went on taxpayer funded welfare.

      05 While home alone, Tucker’s wife was beset and theatened by a group of demonstrators who attempted to break down the door of their house, then in Washington. Despite his most understandable approach to not mention the Jews directly.

      06 Whereas the threatened SC Justices have some federal security, his four CHILDREN have NONE.

      07 Said DEMONSTRATORS, above in 05, are probably more perceptive about Tucker’s unspecified remarks about Jews and Israel, than his detractors on this site.

      • Karl Haemers
        Karl Haemers says:

        “Despite his most understandable approach to not mention the Jews directly.” Oh but he does. Just not enough and not honestly. True, maybe he doesn’t use the J-word, but he doesn’t come near the reporting on the Jewish Issue of, say, Whitney Webb. And she remains safe.
        I expect Murdoch and the other media Jews will not allow any harm to come to Carlson and his family. Even “neo-Nazis” will not harm the Carlsons–though some might think they should.

      • Marcus Baskett
        Marcus Baskett says:

        At first I was in the narrative channel that predicted his running for office then “woke” up again to the backdrop of a stark reality obscured proportionately by it’s own unimaginable barbarity. I doubt we’re up to the fight given the insurmountable odds of “them” have a 2k year jump on us…
        Btw; great info Charles. Ty

  24. Peter
    Peter says:

    Carolyn fails completely to appreciate the sacrifices that people like David Irving and Kevin MacDonald have made. They sacrificed their livelihoods and careers, not to mention the insults and threats against them, for what they see as the truth and that means zilch to her.

    I disagree with your friends that complimented you on another thread. I think you are way too critical. If there were more people like you, David Irving and Kevin MacDonald would be less known than they are, and their reputations would come under a greater assault. That would be a shame, because I think there is a chance that what David Irving has exposed about the mass murdering Jews, Churchill, and their allies will someday be exposed, despite you. Same for Kevin MacDonald.

    If there are some things I disagree with people whose work I otherwise appreciate, I can live with that. And, I’m willing to cut some slack to people who have sacrificed so much.

  25. Carolyn Yeager
    Carolyn Yeager says:

    I think it’s worthwhile to quote this passage from Chapt. 10 of Dr. Frerck’s booklet on NSDAP racial policy:

    “National-Socialism has recognized that the destiny of all peoples is not bound to external accidents — to lost wars, to an undermined economy, or to a natural disaster — but that A NATION’S WILL TO LIVE solely and exclusively determines whether the race and the type, and therewith all the achievements of political, cultural, and economic life produced by it, are preserved through the centuries of history. We know therefore that all external measures in the end would be futile, that all exertions and casualties of the struggle, all commitment for building anew would be in vain, IF IN A FEW HUNDRED YEARS PERSONS WITH DIFFERENT FACES WOULD THEN INHABIT GERMAN LANDS, WHO, although they might still speak our language, WOULD THINK AND FEEL DIFFERENTLY, because they would be of alien blood (genetics).”

    This is what is happening to Europeans and Americans.

    • Liosnagcat
      Liosnagcat says:

      Indeed. The German loss of WWII is still being felt, as Europe, with no champion, is being overrun by inferior races.

      As the ‘representatives’ of our race are being bought and paid for, what recourse is available to the remaining Europeans?!

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        THERE you are. I was wondering why you had not shown up. So I’m glad you have.
        Sorry, I have no answer to your question. From the German NS perspective, it requires a “personality” to arise, and feel the calling. But I don’t want to be mystical about it, as it’s a very practical and fraught matter.

        I wrote these words this morning as I pondered the situation and this thread:
        a. The German man/woman is the best equipped to lead the European race (from the center), but the nation has been DISABLED by the foe. The attitude of the rest of Europe can be likened to the comment by Aleksy above which consists of resentment and hard feelings. [Aleksy says:
        May 6, 2023 at 12:32 pm]

        b. Infiltration takes place when the host lefts its guard down and a foe gets past the natural defenses, infecting the host, leading to corruption/decay gaining ground within.

        c. Examples of corruption/decay can be: 1) Being convinced to “welcome the stranger” and using terminology like ‘Universal Man’ and ‘Humanity’ rather than national citizen or tribe/nation. 2) Convincing the populace they are guilty, or their leaders were guilty, and they should pay reparations to “even the score.” (The San Francisco nutzos are now demanding $2 million for each individual black person who lives there!)

        d. There’s nothing wrong with the Christian faith per se, but it’s been subverted from what was good and positive about it. So I prefer the “Spiritual View of Man” over any religious dogma. I think we need to discover/rediscover our Inner Self, our spiritual core while retaining our valuable genetic material and identity, We are not ever empty vessels. But if we want someone to lead, we all have to be able to follow… within reason, of course.

        The Wehrmacht German soldiers showed they were able to keep control and “rule” in non-German lands in a benevolent manner, as no other European national group has done.

        • Brian Rockford
          Brian Rockford says:

          @ Carolyn Yeager.
          It is not, as paranoia alone would suppose, a completely non-existent “Jewish interest” for me to draw attention to maltreatment of Slavs in consequence of NS wartime expansion in the East. The German Army took a wiser, chivalrous, responsible and strategically productive view, but came into conflict with ideology-bound NS colonial administrators. The evidence is not all fabricated by Jews (who incidentally have no particular love for Poles); you can’t just pick and choose. It is there in original German documents, which can be consulted via historians from Michael Burleigh to Timothy Snyder. Make a start with the German annotation in Michael Geyer & Sheila Fitzpatrick (eds) “Beyond Totalitarianism” (CUP 2012 online), pp.151-156, 162-165 & esp.191-200.
          As a lifelong anti-communist, and with an admiration of Germany, which you have offensively pooh-poohed solely because of your own invincible bigotry, and also of many peacetime NS achievements, I wish it had been different.
          We now have to rescue all Europeans from the bloodshed and ruin of WW2.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            @BR: As evidence for the “maltreatment of Slavs in consequence of NS wartime expansion in the East,” as you put it, you cite authors Michael Burleigh and Timothy Snyder. I’m very familiar with Snyder’s thesis; both are thoroughly Establishment historians and non-Germans. Burleigh is known for writing “The Third Reich: A New History” (2001) for which he won the Nonino International Master of His Time Prize in 2012. Just the kind of thing they all labor for. David Cesarani, a Jew’s Jew whose book “Final Solution” I’m also familiar with (, praised Burleigh’s book.

            There is no way I’m going to be instructed by these men; I know their deceptions. If you have a convincing argument, you’re going to have to make it yourself. Claiming you have a life-long admiration for Germany, just not the Third Reich period, is not enough.

  26. SimpleMale
    SimpleMale says:

    The following is somewhat negative, so I would understand if you don’t want to approve it. I understand the value in wanting to keep morale high:

    Quote: “how the war feeds into the emerging alliance among Russia and China, along with Brazil, India, Iran, Arab countries and likely Africa—and what that will mean for the dollar as the world’s reserve currency as well as U.S. prosperity and power;”

    I speculate that the Ashkenazim have not even begun the war as yet. Knowing the nature of the Ashkenazim and their unmatched levels of Group Selectedness, what would stop them from just using one non-nuclear ally of Russia/China as an example by detonating a nuclear device in their largest city, and then warning all the other non-nuclear allies to exclusively switch over to their side or face the same fate?

    Quote: “making what are considered White nationalist talking points”

    Which resulted in no effect upon European-Americans with respect to them collectively taking any consequential actions.

    Quote: “condemning the World Economic Forum and globalism generally”

    Which resulted in no effect upon European-Americans with respect to all of them ceasing all activity in the American military in order to not contribute to “globalism.”

    Quote: “opposing the woke ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) agenda of corporate giants like BlackRock able to use shareholder muscle to force companies to conform to their woke policy preferences; BlackRock is a major investor in Fox;”

    Which resulted in no effect upon European-Americans with respect to ceasing all economic activity and living like the Amish instead, since all economic activity exclusively exists to serve Ashkenazi ethnic interests, aka “globalism.”

    Quote: “talking about big media bias in the 2020 election, including Google searches and Twitter shadow banning.”

    Which resulted in no effect upon European-Americans with respect to the entire European-American population completely ceasing all use of Google and Twitter and exclusively using Gab and DuckDuckGo/Yandex/Baidu. Why doesn’t Gab have a membership count equal to the European-American population count, and the resulting yearly hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for Gab? Why isn’t every article at Occidental Observer, Unz Review, and American Renaissance flooded with dozens of millions of comments from European-Americans?

    Quote: “All of this terrified the globalist, multicultural establishment throughout the West.”

    And all for naught. Tucker Carlson was nothing more than dinner time entertainment for European-Americans. I keep getting this image in my mind of the old cartoon show “Beavis and Butt-Head” where Beavis and Butt-Head are staring at the television and becoming easily amused at Carlson’s facial expressions and upset sentiments, but not really understanding the “bigger picture,” or even caring enough to do anything consequential about it.

    Quote: “he can’t start another show because he is still under contract. Breitbart claims that Fox will prevent him from getting a new show until the 2024 elections are safely in the rear view mirror.”

    So, are we saying here that the median IQ of European-Americans has dysgenically dropped so low that even by now, after listening to Carlson for seven years, they still can’t figure out who to vote for unless they can continue to listen to Carlson speak on the television every evening? In other words, unless Carlson remains on television, will European-Americans, in a state of complete confusion, vote for Biden instead of Trump or DeSantis?

    Quote: “What can we expect if Tucker reincarnates somewhere in the media universe?”

    With respect to a collective change in European-American behavior, I speculate we won’t see any consequential actions, no matter what Carlson says, even if he made Professor MacDonald his co-host.

    Quote: “As long as you can hear the words, there is hope. See you soon.”

    Yet despite my very negative post, I still value this line. Win or lose, perhaps it’s just the fight that can give meaning and purpose to people.

    • ariadna
      ariadna says:

      What you say about the inertia of the European-Americans is true but let’s take hope in knowing that big changes sometimes occur so slowly they are almost invisible, but slowly, slowly and hen all of sudden…

  27. Devon
    Devon says:

    Tucker despises White identity, he’s no friend of ours. Just one of the most important controlled opposition figures out there.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      01 Tell all of us here, why, exactly, they would fire
      ” one of their most important controlled oppositon figures ” ?

      02 He was also important for his ever increasing audience; increasing their profitability.

      03 Their advanced reason for his firing, the expense to run and settle their suit by Dominion Voting Machines is unmitigated bullshit.

      04 We all witnessed voters entering their vote in favor of so-and-and so, altered by their algorithms to the opposite.

      05 Since that Soros infested shithole California was mainly involved, what chance do you think FOX had to win, or even to get an impartial hearing ?


  28. joee
    joee says:

    “Tucker’s approach to Jewish issues is not what people on this site would like, but I think he has woken up a lot of people and will continue to do so if and when he reemerges. ”

    Everyone is already awake. What we need now is a new political party and solutions.

      • Liosnagcat
        Liosnagcat says:


        I’ve read all of your submissions to this comments section, and, for what it’s worth, I’m completely enamored of your views on this subject.

        The big question: What action do you recommend?


        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          I’m not recommending any action in particular other than using our numbers to show strength. Our problem is leadership, because of infiltration and falling for the argument that we should include Jews, homosexuals and unknown/unproven newcomers. It’s true that we’re completely under siege. But the Internet is not a healthy place.

          I’m all for organizing according to nation, and then those groups working together. We should have conventions like the Jews did back in their World Zionist organizing days, with delegates attending. That would be action. I don’t mean marching or flag waving. But Jews should be barred — no “good Jews.” Just on principle. And no discussion of the Talmud, etc. Only our own spiritual teachings.

          Hiding and playing anonymous doesn’t work.

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          I will vote for Trump in the Primary. I see De Santis as the real pawn of Israel, and being put in place by American Jews and the Swamp to keep Trump out. That De Santis is going along with it tells me who he is. He’s their man.

          • JewBoy
            JewBoy says:

            Wait, doesn’t Trump fancy himself as the most pro-Israel president in history?

            And isn’t his daughter Jewish? And his son-in-law? And therefore his grandchildren? And top execs at his company?

            Regarding the Tucker thing, I’m confused. So Tucker was fired for white nationalist views, but he was literally Fox’s golden goose, so there must have been quite a bit of hand-wringing at the Murdoch compound:

            “He’s a tool of the enemy, yet he’s made us SOOOO much money. Oy vey, what a conundrum!”

            Just as an aside, I’m curious about Dr. MacDonald’s assertion that Jews have a high ‘verbal intelligence,’ or something to that effect. Does this idea imply that Jews’ verbal acumen comes at the expense of their math/science aptitude? If so, why are Jews so ridiculously over-represented in math/science Nobel prizes?

            I’m assuming the answer is that they somehow swindled those Nobels away from more deserving Aryans, but that seems like a bit of a stretch, dontchathink?

          • Kevin MacDonald
            Kevin MacDonald says:

            All the studies I have seen find higher verbal IQ but a high g-factor (general intelligence) would also enable talents in other areas, and Jews do have high average g.

  29. Von West
    Von West says:

    The NSDAP “Racial Awareness” document by Dr. Rudolf Frercks that Carolyn shared above is a very interesting read. A fascinating snapshot of thinking from the time, and relevant today in part because the policy and science conversations on these themes were effectively outlawed right after WW2.

    As an example of an interesting passage, and one which contradicts the murderous psychopath stereotype fed to us by the victor’s regime, Frercks writes:

    “In the same way, National-Socialism has no goal externally apart from preserving its ethnicity [Volkstum]. As it claims this right for itself, it also accords it to the other peoples. It knows no goals that lie outside of its ethnicity. Therein lies simultaneously an acknowledgement of the right to life of foreign peoples and of their character and custom, as [wie] we generally see in the peoples the building blocks of human society. They [the other people] all have their natural entitlement to life, but also their own honor.”

    That the NS government held regard for other people’s interests and needs is one of the facts typically inverted in coverage of the era. I am no scholar on the period, but I’ve read similar passages in writing by Gottfried Feder from an economic perspective, as he aspired to see all people freed from usury, or in Hitler’s Last Political Testament in which he praised the Japanese as allies and described the Chinese and Japanese cultures as ‘superior’ to Germany’s own, saying that he only aspired to elevate his people from their sense of inferiority and subjugation following World War 1.

    Frercks also deals with questions of low birth rates, and other issues that are still relevant and on which little analysis or progress has been made. This state of paralysis on natal policy seems like a part of the war on Whites, as our hijacked governments refuse to do the vital work on this existential issue, while our hijacked media ignores it.

    It does seem that such documents should be consulted and inform the current discourse. Even though genetics has advanced and provides meaningful insight, there has not been comparable progress in policy and thinking.

  30. suhel mallick
    suhel mallick says:

    Once Russia loses this war, the fight will simply move into Russia proper, and you need to consider now that when this happens, the government and the oligarchs and the state media and the spooks will all work together to suppress any rumblings of Russian discontent at the handing of the war, the continued looting of the economy, and the importation of Central Asia to replace the native population.

    • ariadna
      ariadna says:

      Yet Musk has tweeted (it is a verb now…) that they have no yet come to an any agreement

      • Kevin MacDonald
        Kevin MacDonald says:

        There’s no contract but Tucker and anyone else who posts content on Twitter gets a cut of new subscriber and revenue from advertising. Musk wants leftists to contribute as well. He is clearly trying to completely gut cable news.

  31. Brian Rockford
    Brian Rockford says:

    Rational argument is impossible with Hitler-worshippers who judge books solely by their cover or people by their surnames, so to speak. They “know it all” already, and can only respond with unfounded sneers. Authentic NS sources on wartime policy in Poland, Ukraine and Russia are now there for anyone who can be bothered to read them, as are Soviet documents on the same areas.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      If you actually had the courage of your stated convictions, you would have hit the ‘reply’ button underneath your comment immediately above my comment to which you are actually replying. That is, instead of writing it as a stand-alone to avoid an answer from me!

      My reply: If there were “Authentic NS sources on wartime policy in Poland, Ukraine and Russia [conveniently] there for anyone who can be bothered to read them,” as you ingenuously write, then why do you only give as sources for this information books by establishment, anti-Third Reich/Hitler authors instead of the actual documents???

      It’s like me telling you that you must read about Hitler’s policies in books written by pro-NS, pro-Hitler authors. How would that sit with you?

      • Brian Rockford
        Brian Rockford says:

        @ C. Yeager
        There is no point, let alone space, for listing here literally SCORES of NS, pro-NS fascist, or Holocaust-revisionist books in my abnormally extensive library (though I have not yet spent money on Irving’s Himmler biography). And of course very many others with different views.
        Scholarly enquirers can consult the archived German NS documents cited in, for example, the Geyer/Fitzpatrick study as they can similarly archived Soviet data.
        However, it is almost as futile a waste of time to discuss these matters with the permanently closed mind of a true believer as it to discuss the Bible with a Jehovah’s Witness who regards all difference of opinion as the work, not of an evil “chosen-hite-illuminatus-talmudist-khazarian” world-ruling entity, but of “Satan” (though for some nutters they are much the same).

  32. Ávóntanácsadónő
    Ávóntanácsadónő says:

    Tucker Carlson logged in on Twitter, where he declared that he will continue his shows, only with an even more free voice, because Twitter is the only free platform in America.
    His speech is extremely good.
    Elon Musk responded immediately and it’s like a cold shower!
    He made Carlson understand that there is no question that Twitter is a completely free forum.

    Why did Carlson and many others misunderstand the new Twitter?
    Because Musk did too. He also wanted a free forum.

    But then something happened. Someones from above might talk to him: even though you are the richest in the USA, Snow White is a thousand times richer than you, or something like that…
    Indeed, Musk laid the foundations his fortune by cooperating with the military-security complex, a relationship that is still alive and well today.
    It also openly supports Ukraine in the war, with 5,000 Starlink satellite internet dishes installed in Ukraine in the days after the Russian attack.
    Carlson, on the other hand, was fired, among other things, because he criticized America’s participation in this war, and even openly called it a US proxy war.
    But there is more to it than that. On May 9, the American Jewish organization Anti-Defamation League (Anti-Defamation League*) criticized Musk’s inaction and even leniency against hate speech in a long, comprehensive report that also named the persons who were reinstated.

    But in the meantime, a few days before the report, Professor Kevin MacDonald and James Edwards were banned.
    That’s why, instead of enthusiastically welcoming Carlson’s return, Musk made a blunt statement.
    MUSK HAD BEEN CHATISED! And if he too has to get in line, if he too has to salute, like a G.I. Joe then there is not much hope.

  33. Cotard
    Cotard says:

    Tucker Carlson has been quiet since his dismissal from Fox News. Notwithstanding sensational headlines that he has “broken his silence,” he has done no such thing. Why is he not going after the cancel culture at Fox with both barrels? He often says — convincingly — that “no amount of money and power could dissuade him from telling the truth.”

    Did he sign a “non-disparagement agreement” (NDA)? That would be out of character — and disappointing. In fields like media and academics, such agreements are inherently unethical, because they protect not legitimate trade secrets (like non-disclosure agreements), but unethical conduct, such as censoring, “canceling,” or purging unfavored views and violating journalistic or academic freedom. NDAs conceal actions of which the employer — usually a college or media outlet or other institution ostensibly devoted to “truth” — is ashamed. And it is also ashamed of the NDA itself, which invariably prohibits disclosing the NDA’s existence. If Fox is censoring its staff — and trying to conceal the fact that it is censoring its staff — the world should know.

    Journalists, professors, teachers, or clergy who are dismissed because they expose wrongdoing or offend important people really have only one effective recourse: damaging the institution’s reputation by going public with evidence that it suppresses truth. But this is precisely what the NDA forbids and punishes.

    Accepting such “hush money” also comes dangerously close to surrendering First Amendment freedoms, because it is difficult to expose unethical practices without exposing the unethical organization hiding behind the NDA. If Carlson must hold his tongue about Fox News, must he also hold it about all media chicanery? In other words, NDAs commandeer the public justice system not to protect free speech, but to punish it. They turn the public judiciary into a private goon squad to punish, not the wrongdoers but the wronged. If Carlson lashes out at the “mainstream media,” would that violate such an NDA? He has lawyers and money to contest that, but the rest of us do not, and he should consider that before he agrees to such a bargain with the devil.

    Not only is Tucker’s First Amendment clearly important to him, but so are his own freedom and reputation. It is difficult to believe he would gag himself in this way — even for millions in a payout that he could earn better elsewhere by being free from any muzzle.

    * * *
    It is difficult to keep track of all the methods devised by judicial functionaries to shut us up.

    In a previous article and post, I described the implications for all of us if Tucker Carlson has gagged himself by signing a “non-disparagement agreement” (NDA). But NDA’s are not the only method available to unethical media companies, universities, churches, and others to silence those who speak a bit too much truth.

    Many contracts now contain Mandatory Arbitration clauses, often disguised, requiring that “employment disputes” be adjudicated in secret by private arbitrators.¹ Mandatory Arbitration (MA) can serve legitimate business purposes, by avoiding costly litigation. But it can also be used for concealment, and this is especially pernicious in fields like journalism, higher education, and government, where free speech is in the public interest.

    Here again, those dismissed have no recourse to publicity, because MA keeps everything secret. They are instantly cut off from their salaries, courts, grievance procedures, oversight bodies – and, most importantly, public opinion. They can seek redress only in a secret commercial proceeding consisting not of professional colleagues but of lawyers, who can be counted on to suppress ethical issues. Proceedings are closed and without record, and public disclosure can be legally punished without any apparent limitation, including criminal penalties.

    Here too, the mechanisms used to conceal are themselves concealed, and the deeds of which the employers are ashamed include using the methods of concealment.

    Due Process of Law?

    Even when MA may serve legitimate business purposes, the departure from accepted legal procedures and ethics, including due process protections, is breathtaking. Arbitrators (enjoying legal immunity) have no limits on the awards or punishments they can inflict, including unlimited punitive damages and lawyers’ fees. Nothing requires that they follow the law, and yet their decisions are enforced by civil (and even criminal) courts with no opportunity for challenge or appeal. One firm (used by conservative Christian colleges) operates using rules that include these departures from standard principles of justice:

    Proceedings are secret, with participants bound to silence.

    No record or transcript is permitted.

    No access by public, press, or family.

    No protections for contractual, statutory, or constitutional rights.

    Decisions are legally binding and enforced by courts before which parties cannot present their case.

    No appeal is permitted.

    No jury trial is permitted.

    Rules of evidence are explicitly discarded.

    Participation is not voluntary or consensual; proceedings can be initiated against parties without their consent.

    Proceedings cannot be stopped, and one cannot withdraw.

    Decisions, damages, and punishments can be rendered in absentia, without parties present to defend themselves.

    No limits on arbitrators’ rulings, their scope or relevance to merits, issues, or facts.

    Damages and fees can be imposed without any finding of legal culpability.

    Arbitrators are not required to explain decisions or record evidence.

    Unlimited fees can be imposed on parties who can be prevented from presenting their side of a case, including defending themselves, until fees are paid.

    No separation of powers or checks and balances in arbitrators’ selection or powers.

    Procedures are vague, ambiguous, and self-contradictory and involve demonstrable intention to deceive.

    Decisions can be based on principles other than legal ones, such as religious precepts.²

    Arbitrators can even issue restraining orders carrying criminal penalties.

    Why Tucker Carlson May Be Holding His Tongue

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      01 This fathomless corruption of old English Law has been introduced by application of the basically ad hoc Rabbinical Courts.

      02 Decades ago a conservative Toronto paper demonstrated examples of how secret BETH DIN arbitration was then only nibbling on our traditional system and wondered whither that would lead.

      03 Thanks for informing us so succinctly !

  34. Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy says:

    Imagine: “Hero of all Heroes”, Aryan Superman Dr. Greg Johnson, doesn’t consider himself famous (“not even infamous”)! So much understatement – a true natural born gentleman! Therefore, any effort to accuse him of “diva-like vanity” or the like completely falls flat as a psychological misjudgement. But despite all this brilliant talent, this all outshining light, there exists an unpleasant stain, even shadow in his life.

    Circa from minute 40: Nevertheless, he apparently feels personally harassed by a “stalker” (“a crazed German who never sees the light of day”, which means, will never be published), but would find this perversely “amusing”, circa from min. 40. (My strong suspicion is this would be much less gratifying to him if the stalker was a black American woman.)

    His faithful bald squire Mr. (“Jim Beam”) Goad also finds this very amusing. Which is hardly surprising, though, since Mr. Goad also explicitly says in several of his current posts (inkl. this one) that he is “more masochistically than sadistically inclined.” However, there seems to be a topic-related event in his biography.

    But imagine, says Mr. Johnson, someone of the notoriety of a Tucker Carlson being subjected to this kind of psycho-terror! Ms. Johnson makes it unmistakably clear that notoriety equals relevance for him. Therefore it is good and right not to offer any platform to irrelevant stalkers.

    Against this noble intent, however, was the admission and mention of this topic in this podcast. This could be a strong indication that the stalker has not cared about his victim for quite a while, a masochist then develops kinda “withdrawal symptoms”, misses “the thrill of danger” (because after all, a stalking victim usually does feel somehow narcissistically elevated in importance, however unpleasant this process of being harassed may be).

    Therefore, I hereby call in the name of his victim, who has meanwhile been severely neglected, and the victim’s best friend Jim, on the perpetrator to please give him some attention again! Because without villain the best cartoon does not get along. Where is the amusement here meanwhile, pliehs kum bäck Crazy Kraut!

    • Space Cowboy
      Space Cowboy says:


      Moreover, the serious question may be asked, to what extent Dr. Johnson agrees his own attitude towards homosexuality with that of e.g. Mr. Goad, who even in the personal podcast with his “boss” uses only the most contemptuous vocabulary for it.

      Many contradictions, for which still a substantial explanation need would exist, presupposed, how have to do with these “informal meetings” in fact with a kind of spiritually healthy event.

      Mr. Johnson says his real target audience is the elites, which raises the question of which elites sit down at the table with him and Mr. Goad. So far (that is, after about 20 years of activity), the elites’ attraction to them seems close to zero.

      Only a “gleeful stalker” would be able to be amused by this sober conclusion!

  35. Awake since 05
    Awake since 05 says:

    One does not get to be a “Tucker” if one is not fully vetted by Organized Jewish Power.

    There is no cavalry and there will be no cavalry. There is no hope of getting out of this without *complete* system collapse, and even then it’s just a slim chance that we don’t get gathered into a new boondoggle (a likely scenario considering how stupid everyone who surrounds us physically in the real world is nowadays).

    • Brian Rockford
      Brian Rockford says:

      @ Awake….
      I disagree with this counsel of despair and defeat.
      “Never give in, and never give up” (Sir Oswald Mosley).
      What ARE needed are accurate analyses of the real problems, and counter-measures that are as astute as the actions of all our actual opponents. “Jewish defense” groups have a longer experience and better understanding of what’s-what than some of the half-educated, ranting crazies who, so conveniently for them, infest nationalist blogsites.

      • Awake since 05
        Awake since 05 says:

        It wasn’t counsel. It was assessment. The only counsel I know to give is ‘spread the jq, in public and in mixed company as often as possible while not looking like a retard’. The GDLs flyers for instance – retarded. They look like a Weird War comic book or something.

        We have “accurate analyses of the real problem” coming out of our ass. We have nothing else, and that is simply the fact of the matter. Look around, look around at the people you encounter daily. The ONLY way out is total system collap$e, if there is any way whatsoever.

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