Survival or Suicide: Italy Will Follow Meloni’s Melody, not the Schlein Whine

If you want to understand Christianity better, learn Italian. An ancient link is obscured in English, but obvious in Italian. Take the Gospel of John. When you read it in English, you’ll see Jesus calls one of his disciples “a devil” at the end of chapter 6. St John explains that He is referring to Judas, “one of the twelve.” Right after that, at the beginning of chapter 7, St John says that Jesus stayed in Galilee and avoided Judaea, because the Jews were trying to kill Him. Do you get it?

Servants of Satan

Well, no, you don’t get it in English. Now try Italian. At the end of chapter 6, Jesus talks about un diavolo among His disciples, who St John explains is Giuda, “Judas.” Then, at the beginning of chapter 7, St John says that Jesus avoided Giudea, “Judaea,” because i Giudei, “the Jews,” were trying to kill him. Now do you get it? Giuda, Giudea, Giudei — Italian makes plain what English spelling has obscured for centuries. In English, Judas should really be called Jewdas, because St John and the other evangelists were drawing a clear link between Judas and the Jews, between the individual betrayer of Christ and the collective crucifiers of Christ. Or rather, they were drawing a link between Judas and the Judaean form of the Hebrew religion. Like Judas, it had become corrupt and evil, serving not God but Satan. Jesus represented the uncorrupt form of the religion from Galilee, which was regarded as a backward and gentile-infested region by the sophisticated Judaeans of Jerusalem. To understand Christianity even better, you should think of Jesus and His disciples as like Texans in Washington or Yorkshiremen in London or Bretons in Paris.

That’s what it meant to be Galileans in Jerusalem. Jesus and His disciples were contemptible outsiders with uncouth accents, hicks from the sticks, and the Judean elite of Jerusalem first laughed at them, then sought to crush their movement. They crucified Christ, then began to blacken His name in the scriptures of the new religion they created in opposition to His teachings. When the traitorous Catholic church of today calls Jews “older brothers in the Faith,” it’s not merely being sycophantic: it’s lying. Judaism as we know it today is actually younger than Christianity, because the old Hebrew religion was taken over by the Pharisees whom Christ opposed and exposed as hypocrites and “whited sepulchers.” Those Pharisees created the strange, perverted and intensely xenophobic text known as the Talmud, where Jews are exalted, goyim are demonized, and Christ is damned to an eternity of boiling in excrement.

Prayer versus Predation

Bear that Talmudic attitude to Christ in mind the next time you see the Pope or the Archbishop of Canterbury sucking up to Jews, the inveterate enemies of Christianity. Jews aren’t “older brothers in the Faith”: they’re younger blasphemers against the Faith. They’ve never abandoned their hostility to Christianity and their desire to destroy it. As Bernard M. Smith has explained at the Occidental Observer, Christianity teaches its followers to pray for their enemies. Talmudic Judaism teaches its followers to prey on their enemies. And who are those enemies? All goyim, of course, but Christians in particular. We’re fit for nothing but exploitation or extermination, as it suits the needs of the Jews. That’s why Jews have always led the war against the White Christian West. As the great Catholic writer Hilaire Belloc once explained: Christianity represents Truth, Beauty and Goodness, therefore Jews wage war on the West with lies, ugliness and evil. And in 2023 you can find all the elements of this war, and all the themes I’ve discussed above, on plain display in the great White nation of Italy, which has long been the heart of European civilization. Italy faces a choice between life and death, between right-wing sanity and leftist suicide, between light and darkness in all senses of those words.

Light vs Darkness: Giorgia Meloni vs Elly Schlein (images from Wikipedia)

It’s highly appropriate, then, that the forces of right-wing sanity in Italy are led by an attractive blonde working-class Christian called Giorgia Meloni (born 1977) and the forces of leftist suicide are led by an ugly cosmopolitan Jewish lawyer called Elly Schlein (born 1985). Even their names are apt: Meloni is melodious, Schlein sounds like a cross between “slime” and “whine.”

However, I need to be clear: I don’t trust Giorgia Meloni, the current prime minister of Italy and leader of a party called Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy). Like Donald Trump, she has talked the talk on mass migration and wokism, but it remains to be seen if she will walk the walk. She may prove more important as a symbol than as a savior.

In fact, the number of migrants this year was four times the number in the same period the last two years, but Italy remains a gateway to generous northern European countries:

Italy rejects most of their asylum bids because they are fleeing poverty, not war or persecution. But, since barely a handful of countries have repatriation accords with Italy, the migrants who lose asylum bids often stay on for years in a legal limbo, or try to make their way to northern European countries.

That said, I completely trust Elly Schlein, leader of the leftist Partito Democratico, the heir to the Italian Communist party. Schlein is a passionate proponent of open borders to the Third World and is utterly opposed to Meloni’s attempt to raise Italian birth rates instead of importing Africans. Yes, I trust Schlein to work tirelessly for the destruction of Italy and tirelessly against the interests of the working-class Italian Whites who foolishly support her party. Schlein is a Judas like the so-called Democrat Joe Biden in America and the so-called Labourite Keir Starmer in Britain. She betrays her party’s traditional working-class supporters on behalf of woke capitalism and Third-World invaders.

The core of the contrast

Indeed, Schlein polished her treachery with the Democratic party. She worked for the slippery lawyer Barack Obama on his two successful presidential campaigns in 2008 and 2012. She’s a slippery lawyer herself, like Biden, Starmer, Blair and countless other Western politicians. She has proudly proclaimed herself to be bisessuale, or “bisexual,” and has three nationalities: Italian, Swiss and American. In other words, she’s perfectly at home among the traitorous Jew-dominated elite of Europe and America, the Pharisees of the present day who smile on non-White migrants and sneer at uncouth working-class Whites like Giorgia Meloni, who comes from a rough district in Rome and couldn’t afford to go to university, despite her academic ability.

Meloni and Schlein are opposites in so many ways, but the core of the contrast is racial: Meloni is a blonde White and Schlein is a big-nosed Jew. The mainstream reporter Nicholas Farrell didn’t of course mention race in his recent article about the two women, but he did provide an excellent summary of their differences:

As so often, it is the down-to-earth poor girl, Meloni, who is right-wing and pro-family, and the head-in-the-clouds posh girl, Schlein, who is left-wing and pro-migrant. Meloni is somewhere, while Schlein is anywhere. In a 2019 speech that brought about a huge rise in her public support, Meloni said: ‘Now they’re talking about getting rid of the words “father” and “mother” on documents. Because the family is an enemy, national identity is an enemy, sexual identity is an enemy. … It’s the old groupthink game: they’ve got to get rid of everything that we are, because when we no longer have an identity and we no longer have any roots, we will be deprived of awareness and incapable of defending our rights.

‘That’s their game. They want us to be Parent 1, Parent 2, gender LGBT, Citizen X: code numbers. But we are not code numbers, we are people and we will defend our identity. I am Giorgia! I am a woman! I am a mother! I am Italian! I am Christian! You will not take that away from me! You will not take that away from me!’

Two DJs took final lines of Meloni’s speech and used it to create a dance track called ‘I Am Giorgia’ to ridicule her, but the song became a huge hit. Those shouted words were music to the ears of millions of Italians — because they understand that if a society depends on mothers, and if we are no longer able to even say what a woman is, what hope does our civilisation have of survival? (Meloni knows that immigration and fertility are linked, The Spectator, 29th April 2023)

When Meloni said “That’s their game” (È il loro gioco in Italian), she could easily have been accused of emitting an anti-Semitic dog-whistle. That’s because wokism and anti-Whiteness are indeed a Jewish game, played for the highest of possible stakes: survival or suicide for Western civilization. That game, with Whites on one side and Jews on the other, is now on plain display in Italy. Symbolically speaking, the antagonists in Italy couldn’t have been better chosen: it’s blonde Christian Meloni versus big-nosed Jewish Schlein. But Meloni’s humble origins are of central importance too. They’re echoed in a book that has long been a favorite among Italian supporters of the far right and proponents of White revival. The book is called Il Signore degli Anelli in Italian and The Lord of the Rings in English. Like Jesus and His disciples in the Gospels, the hobbits in Lord of the Rings were outsiders from a backwater, hicks from the sticks who were regarded with contempt by the powerful forces of evil in Tolkien’s invented universe. And yet the humble hobbits saved Middle-earth from Sauron, just as the humble Jesus saved humanity from Satan.

Meloni’s melody versus the Schlein whine

I don’t think the parallel between hobbits and Galileans was unintentional. Tolkien’s Christian faith taught him that salvation comes from the overlooked and despised. If she is sincere, Giorgia Meloni’s Christian faith teaches her the same thing and may now, be inspiring her in her fight against the evil elite represented by Elly Schlein. But although Meloni proudly announced sono cristiana — “I am Christian” — she has no support from Pope Francis, the supposed leader of the Catholic church. In his pro-migrant and pro-homosexual activism, Francis is on the side of Jewish Schlein, not of Christian Meloni. As in Jesus’ day, the religious and political elite is evil and corrupt, serving Satan, not God, implacably opposed to Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

That’s why, as in Jesus’ day, the elite won’t win. Giorgia Meloni may not be Italy’s savior, but she is certainly an ideal symbol of what will save Italy from Jewish subversion and non-White migration. Italy’s musical traditions extend from the sublime melodies of classical composers like Vivaldi to the ear-assaulting ugliness of noise-musicians like Marco Corbelli of Atrax Morgue. Vivaldi loved wine, women and song; Corbelli committed suicide. That musical contrast will play out in Italian politics too. Meloni’s melody will defeat the Schlein whine.

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    AYTONOHTON says:

    1. If you want to read the least corrupted version of the New testament you have to go to the “original” text which was written in Hellenistic Greek. The one in Latin is a translation and don’t even get me started with the English version.

    2. As a 100% straight heterosexual male I definitely prefer Meloni vs the ugly bisexual multinational dzew schlein. To my ears her name rhymes more with … swine.

    3. I’m not sure how Jesus saved humanity from … Satan. Although most likely Jesus was indeed a historical figure who fought it out with the dzewish establishment and lost his life while doing that (I know I know he was resurrected but don’t count on it), beyond that I don’t see much benefit or what the world gained from his so-called “divine sacrifice”.

    4. At some point we need to move away from the self-destructive and suicidal fallacy of Christianity, and as a matter of fact every religion who claims there is a dude up there called God who controls everything and everyone.

    5. It’s about time we grow up; it’s been more than 2,000 years now living in this pipe dream, right? Enough!

    • Forever Guilty
      Forever Guilty says:

      “4. At some point we need to move away from the self-destructive and suicidal fallacy of Christianity”

      Yeah. Christianity probably not beneficial for Whites. We should return to our ferocious European fighting Gods. Odin, Perun etc

      When we pray for Jewish god Yahweh , we practically recharging our enemy with our mental energy. If up there some spiritual world really exist

      We should try to rebuild our European Gods Temples.

      • anti-commie
        anti-commie says:

        The only true “religion” that I know of is paganism, reverence for the Earth! Why is that good? Because the earth supplies us with “everything” we need to prosper. Every single thing you see in this world came out of the Earth/ground, the only exception possibly is the human being. No one “knows” where we came from, there is only speculation/belief. Paganism is practical. It deals with the here and now, not some future fantasy of salvation! National Socialism is the only idea that ever added “race” to the equation. Reverence for paganism plus race is the foundation for survival in “this world”. National, natural, native all began with “nat” meaning origin. All the people of the Earth should protect, nurture and cultivate their “origins/race” while at the same time respecting the other inhabitants of the “pagan/natural world”. In addition, as much as possible, they should engage in the exchange of ideas that are “pro-survival” while at the same time confronting the enemies of human freedom and human development. Who are these enemies? The answer was made clear in John 8:44!

      • Crush Limbraw
        Crush Limbraw says:

        Oh c’mon, FG…… ‘Yahweh’ ain’t jewish…..and that’s just for starters.
        Start visiting some intelligent sites beside Occi – – and READ.
        Unless you’re a casual reader or have a short attention span……start here like I did 15-20 years ago – , read read read and come back in six months. We’ll check signals!
        Good hunting!

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        You are certainly correct to refer to their ignorance, Crush, but even more striking is their malice. They are indistinguishable from Elly Schlein in the extent to which they are wedded to hate.

        Thanks to Tobias Langdon for an insightful and well-constructed article. It is one of his best ever.

        • Stella Baynes
          Stella Baynes says:

          Re Galilee, Hebrew religion, Pharisees:
          [a] Research into all these subjects has advanced greatly in recent years – Oakman, Freyne, Hakola, Hakkinen, Horsley, etc.
          [b] First-century Judeans & Galileans alike were usually called Jews by outsiders, Israelites by themselves.
          [c] Yeshua had several “equally Jewish” brothers, including Yehuda = Jude (Mark 6.3).
          [d] Shymeon bar Jonah (aka Peter) spoke a northern Aramaic dialect, but was not necessarily rough or illiterate.
          [e] Hostility to Christianity from Jews intensified as it moved from a Judaic sect into a new Gentile religion, especially after the post-70 CE Birkat haMinim.
          [f] “The apostles did not want to make Christians hostile to the Jews; how could they being Jews themselves?” (Prof. Xavier Leon-Dufour, Pontifical Biblical Commission consultant, 1963).

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            More Christophobia masquerading as “research”—but what else ought one to expect from this familiar multi-pseudonymous source?

            All attacks on traditional Christianity have Jews as their ultimate place of origin.

          • What’s up Skip
            What’s up Skip says:

            @Pierre de Craon
            Your last statement is preposterous. That said no-one can know how history may have played out if the Christian religion hadn’t swept the globe from 200AD on. We ought to honour it in the form which allowed us to claim North America and Australia and finally secure Europe’s borders ( only to promptly throw them open when we succumbed to the Trojan Horse of Liberalism).

          • Jo Pope
            Jo Pope says:

            Criticism of New Testament credibility over many decades has come almost entirely from Gentiles, either rationalists or Christians, from Voltaire, Bruno Bauer and Ernst Renan right through to eccentric modern exemplars like John Allegro and Revilo Oliver, all five of whom mentioned here also “antisemitic”. There have been just a few interesting Jewish critics, such as Hyam Maccoby, whose “Judas Iscariot & the Myth of Jewish Evil” (1992) is pertinent to Tobias Langdon’s article, and Paul Winter, whose “On the Trial of Jesus” (rev. 2010), which examines gospel discrepancies and challenges received opinion about pre-70 CE Pharisees, was originally countered in “Jesus & the Politics of his Day” (1984) by Ernst Bammel, Charles Moule, and Walter Grundmann who wrote the Nazi biography “Jesus der Galilaer und das Judentum” (1941).

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            Your last statement is preposterous. That said no-one can know how history may have played out if the Christian religion hadn’t swept the globe from 200AD on.

            Breaking News: This just in from Counterfactual Fantasyland …

    • Gerry
      Gerry says:

      “suicidal fallacy”

      I have walked with that guy up in the sky since I was 18 years old and I’m now 62 and He or They rather never cease to amaze and excite me. I have in fact lived the truth of this statement:

      But as it is written: “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him.” 1 Cor. 2:9

      Because of them I also wrote the only book on the subject of climate change being the work of God, the only one in history to do it and prove conclusively that faith is blind because God can’t be observed to exist is the real fallacy and an idiotic one at that to. It was a fascinating discovery to find and continues to be. Did you not know that the bible even provides for us the solution to climate change?

      I’ve had angelic encounters and know better than anyone what the CIA, MI6, FSB, and all the other agencies of the world know that we are definitely not alone. In fact, as they themselves have reported in astonishment they UFO’s are hiding behind some kind of cloak. Rejecting sadly the religious biblical explanation ie:

      All flesh is not the same flesh: but there is one kind of flesh of men, another flesh of beasts, another of fishes, and another of birds.

      There are also celestial bodies, and bodies terrestrial: but the glory of the celestial is one, and the glory of the terrestrial is another. 1 Corinthians 15:40

      they prefer the one that redefines God as an alien and an alien is sadly what he is to many. Why? Is it not because of the words:

      He answered, “A wicked and adulterous generation asks for a sign! But none will be given it except the sign of the prophet Jonah. Mathew 12:39

      words that I find truly hilarious. What a great reply from Christ!!! Why? It speaks to ones ignorance of history especially climate change lol. But your going to have to read some to get the gist of it I’m afraid. lol

      Lastly, from God the Fathers perspective you ain’t gonna experience 1 Corinthians 2:19 until you love Him first and by first and foremost taking that trip to the cross and spending some serious time there alone with His Son thus fulfilling the words:

      He called a little child to him, and placed the child among them. 3 And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. 4 Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 18:2-4

      God as a Father doesn’t care one iota about your intellectualism. AT ALL!!!

      and so for you AYTONOHTON a song to think long and hard about

      • Ted Watkins
        Ted Watkins says:

        @ Gerry
        Angelic encounters, Gerry? Lucky you.
        As lucky as people who’ve been up in flying saucers.
        Obviously the Chosen Elect among the billions who have missed out the world over for centuries past and presumably doomed and damned to the eternal torture planned for the other angels.

  2. Betty Kirk
    Betty Kirk says:

    The NT was written in first-century Greek, not modern Italian. The word “ioudaioi” has more than one meaning, with the context usually providing the clue. Scholarly discussion of themes in this article, including Judas and Galilee, has been going on for years past from all angles, and has been touched upon here in TOO blogs, and it is depressing to see some of the sillier stuff naively produced here with all the novel assurance of “a little learning”. Anyway, we can be sure that we won’t be tortured for ever in the fortunately imaginary “Christian” hell whether we have big ugly noses, or not.

  3. Leo Grellede
    Leo Grellede says:

    The article – written in whole good faith by a thinker I follow and appreciate – is misleading. I repeat that, non intentionally. But “Giorgia” is the perfect goys in the end of the Jewbanks elite. She has been choosen by the “Power” – she has been previoulsy enrolled by the Aspen Institute, of course – impersonated by the other puppet, Mario Draghi – the previous PM – because the “democracy” needs the change in power. When? When the Jewbanks elite thinks the the time is right. The time for Giorgia has been arrived because: 1. After 2 years and half of pandementia the Left was going down in the polls; 2. The possible (?) prosecution of the Left Ministers for the management of the pandementia would have stopped the WEF plan to reset Italy from where the fake virus has started in EU. Her message “God, Father and Family” is always a strong one in Italy. Not because the Country is Fascist but because the Italians are what you know: singthesongs and unspaghettable. As US colony, Italy is the motorway for any social experiment for lack of real consciouness to be a people, as Metternich went: “Italy is only a geografic appearance”. Giorgia is well advised about the audience. She is – says – for stopping the immigrants but her Minister of Intern manages only the numbers for the Press, without taking any action. Recently Giorgia signed an agreement with Netanyahu for the assistance from Israel about the cibersecurity of the Country. She and his Finance Minister Giorgetti have provided only 2 billion euros for the Health system but 650 millions euros for vaccines (for the next pandemic of for the inexistent ongoing? We don’t know). Now in Italy if you are robbed or you file a complaint (by being exsposed from the vengeance of the criminals) or nothing will happen whereas, in the past, the Police could act directly and immediately, without the complain, only from the knowledge of the crime. I can go ahead but what I would like to say is that the cure – the Right – is more dangerous than the illness. The biggest achievement of the Jewbanksters has been the creation of the Right and Left fighting for the power. It’s a mirror: Giorgielly is the puppet. Amshel Mayer had tauhgt it.

    • Denethor
      Denethor says:

      You hit the nail right on the head.

      She’s the epitome of kosher-certified conservatism/patriotism.

      A few links for you consideration:

      “Very cordial meeting with @lauder_ronald – President of the @WorldJewishCong. It was an important opportunity to ensure the strong commitment of the Italian Government in the fight against antisemitism. Italian Jewish heritage is a crucial part of our national identity.”

      “Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni insisted on the “essential importance” of Italy’s Jewish community for the nation and Europe during a meeting Wednesday with the head of the World Jewish Congress and Italian Jewish groups.”

      “Italy’s far-right political leadership marked the 79th anniversary of the World War II roundup of Rome’s Jews on Sunday with calls for such horror to never occur again, messages that took on greater significance following a national election won by a party with neo-fascist roots.

      Giorgia Meloni, who is expected to head Italy’s first far-right-led government since the war’s end, phoned the leader of Rome’s Jewish community, Ruth Dureghello, to commemorate the anniversary, according to a community spokesman.

      Meloni said in a statement that the anniversary serves as a “warning so that certain tragedies never happen again.” She said all Italians bear the memory “that serves to build antibodies against indifference and hatred, to continue to fight antisemitism in all its forms.””

      “Meloni has a relationship with the Jewish community and has been very positive toward Israel, one source said, adding: “The only problem may be with members of her party” who have been identified as fascists.

      Nevertheless, according to all sources in the Jewish community who spoke with the Post, Meloni told Jewish leaders she knows she has a challenge to deal with within her party, and she intends to do so.”

      “Italy’s Giorgia Meloni, who is on track to become the country’s first far-right leader since Mussolini in World War II, has long tried to distance herself from her party’s fascist past and indicated she would be a strong supporter of Israel, even boasting of ties to the Likud party.”

      “Israel is and ought to continue to be a crucial ally of the European Union in the endeavor to eradicate this evil worldwide. We support efforts to increase young students’ understanding of Jewish history, religion, and culture. This will support the elimination of societal prejudices and the full acceptance of Jewish customs in Europe,” she said.”

      “Italy’s Meloni honors Jewish journalists from fascist era

      Giorgia Meloni pledged to fight discrimination and antisemitism as she unveiled a plaque for 35 Jewish journalists persecuted under fascist-era racial laws.”

      She has also participated at the suspicious Jew Yoram Hazony’s conferences:

  4. H.L. Mencken
    H.L. Mencken says:

    I don’t doubt Meloni’s good intentions. That being said, migration to Italy via the Mediterranean Sea has skyrocketed under her watch. It just shows that right wing parties mostly consist of hot air. They can’t turn anything around in a democracy where common sense gets blocked by judges, opposition parties, leftist media pundits, Jewish NGOs and activists.

    • ariadna
      ariadna says:

      “I don’t doubt Meloni’s good intentions.”
      Towards whom? The JP?
      I don’t either but she should know that is not enough. She will constantly be asked, in a tone that manages to be both whining and menacing at the same time: “What have you done for me lately?”

  5. Betty Kirk
    Betty Kirk says:

    @ Speerman
    The betrayer of Jesus called Iscariot is given a geographical reference, in Judea, but the name can be traced to Aramaic words meaning both “assassin” and “purse-keeper”. “Thaddeus” cited in this Wiki reference is Aramaic for “heart”.
    Likewise, Joseph of “Arimathea” means Joseph, the noble follower, but in Greek. Maybe “Nazareth” derives from “nazarite”, a consecrated person.

  6. Jeremiah Alphonsus
    Jeremiah Alphonsus says:

    The entity now led by Antipope Francis—the Novus Ordo Antichurch spawned during the Second Vatican Council (1962-65)—is not the actual Catholic Church. How can this be known for sure? Because we’re divinely assured (Mt. 16:18) that hell shall not prevail over the actual Catholic Church. Yet hell HAS manifestly prevailed over the heresy-infested, blasphemy-infested, sodomite-infested, Judaized entity now led by Francis. Therefore, this entity cannot possibly be the actual Catholic Church, the Spotless Bride of Christ, which is in the catacombs once again.

    And of course as a rabid anti-Catholic, Francis cannot possibly be an actual pope, since actual popes must be actually Catholic. One cannot be the head of a body of which one is not a member.

    It takes no ecclesiastical legal authority to accept all this manifest reality, any more than one must be a coroner to recognize a manifestly dead, stinking body; or any more than one must be a mathematician to recognize that 2+2 can never equal five; or any more than one must be a logician to recognize that there can be no “square triangles.”

    Related, on the superb Novus Ordo Watch site, search for these posts:

    Have the Gates of Hell Prevailed? The Papacy and Sedevacantism


    TRADCAST 010 is here: Francis’ Blasphemy, Have the Gates of Hell Prevailed?, and More on Salza/Siscoe Book

  7. Oll
    Oll says:

    Mr Langdon

    You are right to invoke Tolkein. He was involved with British military intelligence, like Fleming, Dahl, Wheatley. The Two Towers?

  8. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    @ Tobias Langdon

    Why, O, why did we not follow the words of God to the Jewish people themselves about holding a Thanksgiving Feast ie The Feast of Tabernacles for ourselves sir? All the Catholics needed to do was hold such a feast once or twice a year Easter and at Christ’s Birthday October 5th His real birthday!!!!!!!!

    Just imagine the Rotunda in the center of the Vatican holding a celebration of praise and worship and honor to the one true King Eternal!!! Imagine sir the concert below held in the rotunda a whole weeks worth?

    Imagine together with that guy:



    Sob, I always wanted to be that guy, the drummer. My favorite Christmas song was always The Little Drummer Boy and look hes all grown up now Sob!!!! I always wanted to be that guy!!!!!!! Look him go yes!!!!

    and looky here Tobias? Imagine…

    Would we save Europe Tobias Langdon!? would we? COULD WE?

  9. Monoculture
    Monoculture says:

    “Jesus” vs. “Satan” is a Jewish dichotomy. Thus, it is and remains part of their intention to split. Whoever is not able to penetrate this spiritually, mentally and intellectually, and uses such Hebrew names as an integral part of his world of thought may be an “anti-Judaist,” but certainly not an Aryan anti-Semite. This is based on the ridiculous error that the depravity of the Jews does not originate from their specific genetic disposition, as for example Prof. MacDonald points out with correctness and justification, but from their “wrong ideology”. In the end, people like Herr Langdon, Herr Anglin or Herr E. Michael Jones still want to persuade us that the Jews’ evil can be overcome by persuasion. Inconceivable.

    • Monoculture
      Monoculture says:

      However, I agree with Mr. Langdon’s assessment of the two ladies as far as their unmistakable physical attributes are concerned, which are also indicative of their inner selves and character traits. There can be no doubt about that.

      The one that is clearly uglier in our eyes does what her destructive antinature in her commands (this can definitely be called satanic, provided that it does not mean some fictitious “demon of hellfire”).

      The more handsome one is obviously a victim of her own greed and corruptibility. But she, too, is apparently used in unfulfillable expectation by people who believe that a woman sells better as a mouthpiece and figurehead nowadays.

      Someone once said, very correctly, “The only woman I listen to is the one on the navigation system in my car.” Anyone who seriously pins all their hopes on women in politics doesn’t understand what makes women tick.

  10. Monoculture
    Monoculture says:

    By the way, it is not different with the dichotomies “capitalism vs. communism”, both also Jewish inventions. The inherent contradiction gives birth to ever new schizophrenias, the one fermenting most splendidly precisely where the other asserts its alleged supremacy. Those who consider a man and a woman as “biblically conceived entities” have no idea about nature.

  11. Monoculture
    Monoculture says:

    The disgusting pseudo-historian TIK (who never asks what became and will become of his homeland and why), whom the disinformer Brandon Martinez recently likes to quote as a “key witness” (without asking what Mr. TIK thinks of someone like him), basically suffers from the same mental impairment of being able to look at the world only through Jewish glasses. He is and remains a tiny poor “inside-the-box thinker”. Buit this is exactly the kind of zoo inmate who has nothing to fear from the Jew World Power.

    • monoculture
      monoculture says:

      P.S. It is probably unnecessary to ask the only logical question why Mr. TIK (just like the Jews) actually makes his sole living by falsifying “German history”.

      • Monoculture
        Monoculture says:

        Undoubtedly, the self-proclaimed “historian” TIK is not able to place historical events in their temporal and local contexts. When Hitler is babbling about Providence, it has less to do with “Gnosticism” than with the religiously contaminated childhood in his homeland Austria.

        Mr. TIK will of course never ask the question to which “religion” (or “substitute civil religion”) his hero Churchill belonged, who (not only) showered the German civilian population with phosphorus fire bombs. An Abrahamic one for sure: Amargeddon with Sodom and Gomorrah.

    • Monoculture
      Monoculture says:

      A clericalized “theistic” choice of language (calling, for example, scientists the “priesthood of a substitute religion”) is still part of this inside-the-box thinking. And guess who filled that box with all that garbage? We all know. Some might object that this “TIK” doesn’t read only Jewish authors after all. But one can assume with probability bordering on certainty that what is in the heads of the non-Jewish authors in truth also has its origin in the Jewish world view.

      So, who does not believe in the Jewish world view (and e.g. in it, whose “God” would have created the “universe in seven days”), is a “heretic”. What a disgusting nonsense. But try to explain to an idiot that he is an idiot. A hopeless undertaking and futile labor of love. Someone once said: “I want to die in winter, and then they should scatter my ashes on the sidewalk. If it saves a grandma from slipping, at least I’ll have done one more good deed.” Everything else is superstition, which cannot be discussed factually.

      I find it, e.g., also hypocritical that Jared Taylor, who in several videos (and who otherwise probably for tactical reasons no longer expresses himself) has quite clearly declared that he was socialized Christian, but calls himself secular, introduces each of his videos with the words: “…in the year of our Lord 2023”. If he does not believe in truth in this Christian God, he should at least have the sincerity not to want to make us believe something contrary.

        • Monoculture
          Monoculture says:

          No, not in the least. I say what I think is appropriate. Your “interpretation” (or what that is supposed to be) has – of course – no influence on it whatsoever.

        • JM
          JM says:

          @Ted Watkins

          Many years ago I was at a large meeting in Australia where the main speaker was a leading member of the Chinese Communist Party. He came under sharp criticism from “leftist” speakers from the floor: one after the other. His response was that there are some among us who specialize in knocking down red flags with…red flags.

          The same thing happens with patriots today. Attacking the honorable class act of Jared Taylor is just one example. Youth is often a reason.

          • Monoculture
            Monoculture says:

            BS. Btw., Taylor recently ended my continued participation as a commenter under the same nickname because I linked to a critical video of his beloved hero King Charles. Such “lèse majesté” is unwelcome there. Also my reference to a new book about Soros’ influence on the German MSM was apparently not worth mentioning for Amren. Ridiculous.

        • JM
          JM says:


          Sounds unreasonable, but would you mind posting the video ‘critical’ of King Charles?

    • Stella Baynes
      Stella Baynes says:

      @ Monoculture
      Is the powerful case Brandon Martinez made over 9/11 “disinformation”?
      How do we sort out information, misinformation, disinformation, opposition, controlled opposition, jews, cryptojews, cucks and cranks?

      • Monoculture
        Monoculture says:


        I have never read Mr. Martinez’ book. I rely on my intuition, and it tells me: this manic riding on the dead old mare called “Nazis were Commies!” is nothing more than a cheap transparent maneuver to divide the national-minded community.

        Not much more can be said about the guy, except that his omegle videos in which he abuses unsuspecting teenagers to show them off does not indicate any significant mental maturity. Given the changeability of his views and “insights”, I wouldn’t put it past him to throw everything he’s ever said overboard in just a few months.

        • Stella Byrnes
          Stella Byrnes says:

          With due respect to Mod & Mac, this blogsite, which I have only recently encountered, has too much loose if not libellous speculation about personal motives, and not enough factual evidence and reasoned argument. The ADL must be laughing up their sleeves.

          • Monoculture
            Monoculture says:

            Most gracious lady: I have no idea what exactly you want. You asked me for my opinion on someone who is widely known to be extremely questionable. You don’t really need to ask for my opinion, because you should at least be able to do a little research yourself. If my answer is not sufficient for you, that is not really my problem.

            As for your fears regarding the ADL: My (not entirely unjustified) assumption is that they laugh up their sleeves at people who have such fears. I, on the other hand, couldn’t care less about this dump. And as for “respect for Mod & Mac”: By indirectly questioning their decisions to publish certain comments as “incompetent”, you are showing anything but respect.

          • Monoculture
            Monoculture says:

            @Frau Stella

            By the way, I think (as apparently does the platform) that most of the comments here are highly entertaining. However, no one is stopping you from reporting exclusively factually, go ahead! We are all already on the edge of our seats!

            I mean, seriously: If the Jews actually hate something, it is that we do not deal exclusively with their “suffering”. What they hate is above all our light-heartedness, ease and joie de vivre. If I direct all my actions according to their presumed “expectations”, I might as well abolish myself!

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            … this blogsite, which I have only recently encountered [oh?], has too much loose if not libellous speculation about personal motives, and not enough factual evidence and reasoned argument.

            Protection from any examination of motives has always been a desideratum for the commenter who first appeared at this site many years ago as Ned Casper. No matter which of the score or more of screen names (of several genders!) “he” uses at any particular time, “his” desire for uncritical acceptance is a constant of “his” messaging.

            Is it “loose if not libelous speculation” to infer that “he” really doesn’t like being disagreed with? Few people do, of course, but not everyone is as quick as “he” is to call for the solution preferred by Biden and the ADL: suppression by the Moderator of all critical speculation.

  12. Lady Strange
    Lady Strange says:

    I didn’t want to criticize this article because I generally admire Tobias Langdon’s writings but I find that for the convenience of his comparison between Mrs Meloni and this unsympathetic Jewess, he downplayed all the very negative aspects of the Italian leader. I won’t waste my time recalling all these negative points (now well known, ex : Ukraine ).

    But, and I apologize if it’s a bit off topic, because the article does not focus on this Meloni, I’ll just quote here some excerpts that I just read ( synchronicity ? ) on a French newspaper, Rivarol :

    ” ON THE ANNOUNCEMENT of the victory of the coalition led by Giorgia Meloni in the Italian legislative elections, RIVAROL, unlike many other publications and personalities of the national movement, was extremely cautious and reserved, having no illusions.
    Because experience has taught us that the election of movements and personalities with the label of ” extreme right ” was by no means a guarantee of change in the right direction, even less the prelude to a recovery or a national renaissance. Newly elected governments are always trying to make themselves respectable, to legitimize themselves, to show the European Union and the various international bodies that they are responsible,and that they have no intention of appearing as extremists. ( Personal note : Italy is bankrupt and Melony badly needs EU money ).
    In doing so, they shamelessly betray their promises and their electorate, which is essentially popular, whose interests and aspirations they do not defend. And what is true of immigration is also true of many other areas, such as the defense of life, family, and the repeal of liberticidal legislation restricting freedom of research and expression.

    And, to close the subject definitively:

    Minister Francesco Lollobrigida said in March that Meloni’s government planned to bring 500,000 new legal migrants into Italy by 2023. At the behest of the Brussels Commission, the Italian minister even explained at a press conference in the European Parliament that the Italian government was not “opposed to immigration” but only wanted to manage the flow more effectively.
    He added that this migration policy would silence those who claimed that the new Italian government was opposed to all forms of immigration, when in fact it is only opposed to illegal flows.

  13. ariadna
    ariadna says:

    To the ” collective West”‘s menagerie of trained pets the Italian greyhound has been a useful addition

    The government of Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is readying plans to pull the trigger on a formal exit from China’s controversial Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), estimated at having funded $900 billion in infrastructure projects globally.

    The past weeks have seen increasing reports that Meloni’s Brothers of Italy party has been spearheading a move away from the BRI, though some within the broader center-right coalition unity government have been on the fence. Bloomberg now reports Tuesday that “Italy has signaled to the US that it intends to pull out of a controversial investment pact with China before the end of the year.”

    “Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni reassured US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy during a meeting in Rome last week that while a final decision hasn’t been taken, her government is favoring an exit from its role in China’s massive Belt and Road Initiative, according to people present at the talks,” Bloomberg continues. Neither the Italian nor US administrations have yet to give public comment or confirmation to the report.

  14. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Thanks Tobias. Great work as always.

    I was thinking lately, there really was only one world war, and it has been going on since the Jews left Egypt some five thousand years ago.

    Question; And maybe you guys can save me some time. I’d be interested to know, when the masses of Germany, I’m assuming it would have been sometime before Hitler and the National Socialists took control, when they came all on board with confronting, and supporting actions to stop the Jewish domination and destruction of their country. From what I understand, during the time of Weimar, their was a liberal side who wanted to integrate the Jews into German society. I spend so much time studying about Jewish supremacy and history. I need to start studying more about our side. Maybe in finding out about what helped to turn the German masses into supporting the National Socialists so overwhelmingly, maybe that would help me find some answers as to how to better bring our message to more folks. What was the tipping point for the German masses?

    Any suggested reading would be appreciated.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      There was no “tipping point,” Bobby. You’re obviously too focused on the Jews and don’t understand the Germans/Germany at that time. It was more a matter of attrition — a wearing down of resistance, and running out of other options. The opportune moment came, and Adolf Hitler was able to make the most of it. The Euro-white race in America is too politically incompetent to ever carry off such a feat. For example, most choose to blame Hitler for losing in the end and thus putting themselves to this day in a disadvantaged position from which they cannot escape. “We can’t repeat what Hitler did!!”

      No reading will help you.

  15. Occidental Survivor
    Occidental Survivor says:

    “No Way” – Identitarians Launch Awareness Campaign in Africa

    The Identitarian Movement Germany has launched an awareness campaign in numerous African countries and regions to prevent mass immigration to Europe. In countries such as Uganda, Ghana, Somalia and many more, the movement placed several large-scale posters and sent a clear message against the increasing emigration from Africa towards Europe.

    While government politicians are currently traveling around the world inviting supposed skilled workers to Germany and Europe, we show with our action what the government would actually have to do to stop the rush to Europe already in the migrants’ countries of origin. In addition to a Fortress Europe and effective border protection, preventive measures are also needed that already start locally in the departure centers of the migrant flows.

    On the one hand, it is important to provide information about the illusions and dangers of the journey to Europe and, on the other hand, to encourage and support local workers to build up an economic perspective within their own countries.

    Australian “No-Way” Campaign as a Model

    The Australian government showed back in 2013 that such awareness campaigns also have an effect. Within just a few months, the flow of migrants to Australia was reduced to almost zero. At that time, Australia was advertising a major campaign in countries such as Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.

    German and European governments would also have the resources, logistics, and infrastructure to launch major publicity campaigns and send local reconnaissance forces to the departure centers of African and Asian migrant flows. With our action, we are demonstrating on a small scale what the government could and should be doing on a large scale.

    Stop further migration incentives to Europe

    People in Africa are being kept in a dangerous illusion of prosperity by our politicians. We must finally get honest and put the facts relentlessly on the table. Europe has no room for more migrants. Our social capital, cultural resilience and infrastructure are already overstretched. We finally need a policy of immigration freeze and remigration. With honest awareness campaigns in Africa and Asia, we can also already start working on a preventive lever.

    Nip criminal trafficking in the bud.

    Politicians lure migrants to Europe through a false incentive policy. People smugglers turn these hopes into a criminal business. An interest-driven European development policy must invest massively in local education initiatives, in order to fight the human trafficking business already at the demand stage.

    Our three demands:

    1. establishment of special economic zones for local development aid. A forward-looking migration policy fights the causes of migration at the source.

    2. the establishment of local foundations and advertising agencies, which have a targeted effect on the formation of public opinion in African societies and encourage people to build a future in their own homeland instead of migrating to Europe.

    3. political commitment to an international police and military task force to combat human trafficking in Africa.

    • Ted Watkins
      Ted Watkins says:

      @ Occidental Survivor
      A thoughtful and constructive contribution to a real problem, which would not lack Black African supporters. No ranting about the usual suspects: a refreshing change. We need to get working on this, even with imperfect politicians. Birth-control is an important extra. Spread the message. There is more room for Africans in Africa than in London, Paris, Rome, Berlin or Stockholm.

    • JM
      JM says:

      @Occidental Survivor

      I like aspects of your general approach, but…

      “People in Africa are being kept in a dangerous illusion of prosperity by our politicians. We must finally get honest and put the facts relentlessly on the table. Europe has no room for more migrants. Our social capital, cultural resilience and infrastructure are already overstretched. ”

      No matter how dad Western Europe gets, it will still be light years ahead of Africa on all the important areas that attract immigrants (well paid jobs/Welfare, housing, urban facilities, clean air etc etc. They will not be swayed (fooled) by such “information”. And they don’t care about the destruction of our relative position. Not at all. They are like scabs in an industrial dispute.

      I trust you are aware that Australia is by far the most Third World “immigrated” nation, so presenting it as any kind of model is ridiculous. When back doors are closed, the politicians opened the front door even wider.

      • JM
        JM says:


        That’s an intelligent, considered, viewpoint. The young Europeans, who, in the majority, have adapted to the engineered migration seemingly forever, may well display their insights into the modern world and arrange something like this.

        One of the problems is that many of our people are unable to see the plutocratic engineering as a totality and look at the agendas, one-by-one, rather like selecting from a smorgasbord. But it isn’t like that, because any one of them has totalitarian content and acceptance of it leads irrevocably into acceptance of the lot.

        One such agenda is Man-Made Climate Change, maybe the one with the most profound reach and impact on the material life of people. It is also a huge money spinner for the well placed sections of the (in any case, highly economically integrated “elite”): providing a huge smokescreen behind which prices can be hiked as well as it’s associated new, inefficient, technologies having to be financed as a result of the destruction of the “old”, most efficient ways of doing everything. Within all this, life, people, can be totally controlled.

        The mass of the people are most motivated by the need to survive and that agenda is most encroaching on that perceived right. The stakes are very high:

        • Monoculture
          Monoculture says:

          Thank you very much for your appreciative words, your further thoughts on this and your reading tips. Best regards

  16. frozy
    frozy says:

    During his run for the white house, Donald Trump said 50 times (was it 100?) that he was going to build a wall, and he built nothing. And now we have Georgia Meloni in Italy, and illegal immigration there is 4 times what it was last year. Even with an opponent to them in power the forces driving allogenous racial immigration into white countries seem unstoppable. Somber times!

    • JM
      JM says:

      If Kennedy was to be placed against Trump, that would force Trump to differentiate his position quite sharply. That would almost certainly be on the issue of “immigration” because Kennedy is (at a minimum) class-blind to it. That would also move Trump’s base politically. And it’s the base that is far more important than personages, no matter how ’eminent’.

      That eventuality could open up new possibilities, where the engineered invasion would be primary.

      So let’s hope the otherwise honorable RFK Jnr Kennedy gets there.

  17. John
    John says:

    “I don’t trust Giorgia Meloni”, exactly, & the proof is – the number of invaders (do not b deceived, this is a well thought out invasion which makes them invaders) this year is 4 times the number in the same period the last 2 years. Do not b fooled, people like Meloni & Trump r controlled opposition, what matters is the reality on the ground & not what they say. And the reality on the ground is – the bodies of our people keep piling up, invaders continue to invade, & total 100% repatriation is not happening. These fake leaders r traitors & we r running out of time as the demographics r changing at lightning speed. Think long term, things will not improve remaining on this trajectory, the longer we wait & not take back our homelands the more we will b victimized – becoming a minority is also a form of victimization.

  18. WCH
    WCH says:

    Myths and religions clearly demonstrate that humans will believe anything. The more idiotic the story the more people cling to it. The bottom line is that most humans are now and have always been gullable fools.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      This is true. There is a vast gap between the most intelligent and least intelligent humans. Most are in the latter group. We have our work cut out for us. “Belief” in a Savior God who’s looking out for us is the mass delusion, but that is better than belief in a Punishing God. So that is progress.

      I’m not saying there’s no God. We are That. And That is Salvation.

  19. John
    John says:

    Former POTUS Trump posted:
    We believed him when elected but he did not deliver; as Commander-in-Chief POTUS requires zero permission, already has the manpower & they r called the Army Corps of Engineers, &, has virtually unlimited money by just placing a tax on the tens of billions of dollars that leaves USA every year called remittances.

  20. ATBOTL
    ATBOTL says:

    Meloni’s entire career in politics was created by America jewish neocons. She was recruited and groomed by neocons as a trojan horse. Now she has thrown the borders wide open while also publicly bowing down to Israel in a way that is not normal in Italian politics. It’s impossible for anyone who is a zionist to be a nationalist for any white country.

  21. Betty Kirk
    Betty Kirk says:

    Mr Langdon invited us to take the Gospel of John.
    Whether, how and why it is “antisemitic”, or not, are questions of definition and disagreement. The most comprehensive and erudite traditional explication is the 1600-page Commentary by Craig Keener (2010).
    Whatever its provenance, authorship, general reliability and date, however, “John” is self-evidently not a straightforward factual biography of Jesus, but a superbly written theological drama, quite suitable for theatrical production; among many experts supporting this with closely detailed argument are Jo-Ann Brant (2004 & 2011), Philip Oakeshott (2015) and George Mlakuzhyil (2016).
    Opinions on its view of “Jews” are extensive, ranging from Amy-Jill Levine et al, “The Jewish Annotated New Testament” (2017 ed) to John Spong’s “Fourth Gospel” (2014).
    I think people should at least have a look at what competent scholars think before expressing their opinions with bigoted vehemence.

  22. Jo Pope
    Jo Pope says:

    @ Betty Kirk
    Readers who have an interest in the history of ideas, rather than in hunting for “Neds” under the bed, or pontificating about Le Juif Diabolique from the summit of an impenetrably giant fortress of closed-mind ignorance, may like further information relevant to the opening of Mr Langdon’s article, grandly awarded full marks by resident Professeur Pompeux lui-meme.
    Certainly TOO should continue with its free-speech policy for all-comers, and let readers judge between rant and reason.
    Charlotte Allen’s “The Human Christ” (1999) provides an excellent popular account of theories about Jesus alternative to mainstream Christianity past and present, while Mark Allan Powell’s “Jesus as a Figure in History” (2013 ed) and Philip Jenkins’ “Hidden Gospels” (2003) deal with relatively recent studies, sensible and silly.
    The important fact is that modern NT research is not some malign result of Jewish intervention, though a few Jews have made contributions, from James Tabor’s “Jesus Dynasty” (2007) to Peter Schaefer’s “Jewish Jesus” (2014), usually incompatible except in mutual refutation of renascent Christ-Myth publications. The research sea-change has arisen from fresh textual analysis, plus post-Nag Hammadi, Qumran and Palestinian archeological discovery. See, for example, Sean Freyne’s “Jesus, A Jewish Galilean” (2004), Richard Horsley’s “The Pharisees & the Temple-State of Judea” (2022); and Bas Van Os’ “Psychological Analyses & the Historical Jesus” (2012).
    Two very different books quite separate from the foregoing, but worth mentioning here for those TOO readers with inquiring minds, are: Rainer Bucher’s “Hitler’s Theology” (2011) and Stephen Sizer’s “Zion’s Christian Soldiers” (2007).

    • Pierrot de Burau
      Pierrot de Burau says:

      @ Jo Pope
      Research, ideas, debate – all surely nothing other than fabrications of the Eternal Jewish Parasite to divert attention from his well-poisoning, blood-drinking and money-grubbing, and to control opposition.
      Why not instead join in the harmless hobby of Ned-hunting in the fog from blog to bog?

    • Peter S. Wright
      Peter S. Wright says:

      @ Betty Kirk & Jo Pope
      Thank you for these interesting recommendations for reading. They belong in the real world compared to some of the crazier sorts of stratospheric Judeophobia that appear on this blogsite from contributors with nutty names, and do its reputation no good.
      I especially appreciate the reference to the English clergyman Stephen Sizer, not because I agree with his fundamentalist, though occasionally symbolic, view of the Bible, but because this poor man has been the unique victim of persecution by the church authorities at the insistence of Zionists in Britain. His book mentioned here has its – albeit greatly inferior – Muslim counterpart in ex-Communist Roger Garaudy’s “Founding Myths of Modern Israel”, which has disappeared down the Orwellian memory-hole.

      • Brian Rockford
        Brian Rockford says:

        Christian Zionists infatuated with Israel seem unaffected by Jewish claims that messianic supersession is ipso facto “antisemitic” and that their fundamentalist NT belief is “responsible” for the death of Jews in WW2, as alleged by writers like Randolf Braham, John Gager, William Nicholls, etc., etc, etc.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          Many habitués of this site will recall, “The Three Faces of Eve,” a film starring Joanne Woodward about a woman with multiple-personality disorder. Poor Eve, however, was several personalities short of you, Betty-Joe-Pierrot-Peter-Brian.

          You must give the kitchen staff at the asylum the devil’s own time when you bicker over the lunch menu!

  23. Santocool
    Santocool says:

    Kneeling to the ”good” Jew…


    The problem of the Jewish question begins precisely with mental servitude to the Jewish cult.


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