The Conservative Commitment To Color Blindness Is Cowardice, Not Principle

The unremitting conservative commitment to color blindness is not a principled stance anymore. Perhaps it was once upon a time, but it is not today. The mask of universal brotherhood has slipped off the face of the modern left. The modern left is dripping with disdain for everything White—what I call “anti-asperism,” from the Greek άσπρος,  meaning ‘white’. It is not subtle about its hatred whatsoever, and the policies it promotes are all centered around displacing Whitey, replacing Whitey, and sticking it to Whitey in every way imaginable. Indeed, hurting White people seems to be, in many respects, the central purpose and design of modern leftism, and by extension the primary cause of Western governments.

I want to give these people on the right, these naive do-gooders, the benefit of the doubt, but the truth is, they do not deserve it. In light of just how viciously anti-White the culture and the power structure of this country have become, it is impossible for a decent White person not to stand up for White people and White interests in explicitly racial terms. To be a decent person means to stand up for White children who are being shamed and degraded in grade school for being White, by their own government no less, a government which still has the gall to pretend it represents them. Brain-dead, brainwashed government apparatchiks shaming young White children, telling them they are “racist” and “bad” merely for existing, is truly, and I mean this literally, a crime against humanity. It is diabolical. Yet we tolerate it.

Even when confronted with appalling anti-White animus or even heinous anti-White crimes, modern conservatives consistently shy away from the racial element(s) right at the center of the case or the matter. Just as the media hides the racial element(s) when primitive Black sociopaths who [literally] openly articulate hatred for White people, shoot White children because a ball rolled into their yard, conservatives do the same. Instead of speaking up for White people and White interests, conservatives always fall back on the same empty appeals to civic unity and daft arguments about how everyone should be colorblind and unprejudiced. How is it that a people can be so civilized, and have such high standards for itself, even as it gets rubbed out of existence by those who have no standards for themselves at all? That is not ethicality my brethren, but folly born of terror and subjugation.

Whites who refuse to stand up for themselves and their civilization (Western civilization is White civilization) and their interests (like the right to not be systematically racially discriminated against in the name of “anti-racism” (how is that for a laugh?)) are not good people, they are bad people. They are too cowardly to confront the realities that are staring them right in the face, realities about human nature, about biological difference, about the character and “legitimacy” of their own government.

Diversity is an abject failure with few historical rivals. It is epic in the scale of damage it is inflicting on the formerly White West. The left, and by the left I mean Western governments, since our main institutions are the vanguard of Cultural Marxism, which enforces its maxims and values through violence, and which hoists its rainbow banner at every opportunity, abandoning the purported ideals of the 1960s “civil rights” cultural revolution long ago, and there is no way to bring those ideals back. They are dead. Diversity has destroyed them, as it is destroying everything else White Westerners once cherished, from freedom of speech and conscience, to the ideal of blind justice under the law, to meritocracy and fair competition in the market and elsewhere, to objectivity itself.

White cowardice is understandable of course. Whites have every reason to be fearful. People who speak up for Whites are instantly labeled White supremacists. Many lose their businesses or become unemployable. Some are even framed on bogus criminal charges by the government’s perfectly amoral, hired thugs in blue. We are dealing with an extremely pervasive and highly repressive, not to mention very crafty, sophisticated tyranny here. To be clear though, that is just speaking up for Whites. Conservative Whites could do all kinds of other, less purportedly “collectivistic” and “racist” things which would indicate courage, like acknowledging that the Founding Fathers were essentially White supremacists and White nationalists while giving a nuanced history of human conquests and slavery, the underlying causes of Black underachievement, and the history of White attempts to raise up Black people to White levels of academic performance. Or simply acknowledging the obvious truth that the government they live under detests them and does not in any way represent them today, instead of constantly mouthing vapid patriotic slogans and fellating government goons for their so-called “service” (to what exactly?). These are all things conservatives could and would do, if they possessed any courage. And there are many, many more things they could do which would demonstrate that they are not a completely defeated, vassalized people. But they do not do these things.

What we have then, as you can see, is a clear pattern of behavior. Thus, while it is difficult, if not impossible to prove cowardice rather than principle drives conservative preening and groveling and equivocating and babbling about values and ideals long since forsaken by anyone in America with any power or relevance—values like [racial] colorblindness, all the evidence points in this direction. Conservatives, like most all Americans, know precisely where the lines are, and they stay within them. But those lines are the fruit of Cultural Marxist tyranny. They are intolerable lines. They are the lines of a regime which has enserfed our people under the guise of “law and order” and keeping us “safe”.

Yet despite all these overbearing, overbroad criminal laws, and all this wretched, suffocating order, Christian children are not safe from transgender lunatics even at school. And White children are not safe from White-hating Somali immigrants even at the Mall of America in Minnesota (ironically named, eh?). You never know when some non-White animal might just stroll up and throw your innocent White child 40 feet down off a mall balcony. All that “safety” and “order” we were promised must be somewhere out there in the folds of the galaxy with the “progress” our “representatives” keep heralding through the toppling of statues and the renaming of military bases.

Real men, real White men that is, protect themselves. They are not government dependents looking for safety above all else. Just as they do not fight 3 on 1, as Tucker Carlson famously recently claimed. That is true even if anti-White African bigots over at NBC disagree. Jarvis DeBerry, anti-White propagandist for the U.S. power class, thinks this is “exactly how White men fight.” Saying demeaning things about Whites as a collective will get you published in the mainstream media, saying positive things, like Mr. Carlson did, will get you canned.

But that is not how White men fight, is it? It is dishonorable. Our people have always understood this. Those from nearer to the equator do not understand it at all, but we do. You know exactly what I am talking about, if you have read this far. Do you feel that sensation in your chest? You see, we are a people. We have an essence. We have a spirit. We have a shared culture, and shared bonds, and shared interests. You know, deep inside you, exactly what I am referring to! Yet so many conservatives would deny this. They would proclaim that race does not matter, even as their soul shows them it does!

Rage is the only sane response to how criminal and corrupt our government is, and to how it treats its White population, our people. But instead of rage, all conservatives do is pull punches and speak in racially ambiguous terms and wishy-washy ways about [truly] existential matters. That is not principled or moral; it is cowardly and disgusting. Every other race fights ravenously and with no shame or qualms for its group interests. Why stand we here idle?

Whites need to be loud and proud. Frankly, they need to be fierce. Only an awakened, enlightened White race can save America from the precipice at this point. That is the only way we chase wokeshevism back into the abyss from whence it came. At the present, it is chasing us into the abyss. Using metaphors and platitudes and euphemisms for non-White savagery is getting us nowhere except deeper into the abyss. It is time for White Americans to stand up for the White race. Anything less is pusillanimity arrayed in the garb of decency. It is unbefitting our people, a noble people.

If the White race stands for anything, anything at all, let it be plain speaking, even in the face of relentless state terror, wokeshevik hysteria, and systemic bullying by anti-White scum. Apologize for nothing. We are a people, a tribe, a collective. We matter. And we are not going anywhere. If we can’t get a fair shake under the current government, we will form another. We must stand up, be heard, and accept absolutely nothing less.

Say it, over and over and over again, and be not afraid who might hear it. We are a people, and we have a future. Those who mind it, who would attack or accost you for declaring this, are your enemy, and merit nothing but disdain. Those who malign and abuse our people have everything to apologize for. Standing up for your people, on the other hand, is not something anyone has to apologize for. Rest assured moreover, that lurking beneath the many collective denunciations, are millions of White men and women, all over this land, and in foreign lands as well, who are thankful for your words and your bravery, who, even if silent on the surface or on the internet, feel a gratitude deep in their souls. You matter. You are appreciated.

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  1. Be pro-White not anti-White!
    Be pro-White not anti-White! says:

    Yes, most “leaders” of the right are under control of the anti-White regime, they’re just allowed to lag behind by a few years.

    Two articles:

    “Chris Rufo hammers ‘colorblindness’ to slip support for White Genocide into DeSantis’s campaign”

    “Hero journalist Glenn Greenwald finds Tucker Carlson’s positive words about White men ‘problematic in the extreme’!”

      • Be pro-White not anti-White!
        Be pro-White not anti-White! says:


        “Chris Rufo hates Critical Race Theory but loves White Genocide!”
        “It may seem stunningly contradictory, but anti-CRT warrior Chris Rufo strongly supports White Genocide — in fact, he exults in it! Blending White people out of existence with mass third world immigration and forced assimilation? ‘I think ultimately that’s going to be good!’ gushes Chris Rufo!”

        Rufo claims to want ALL races blended out of existence, but in fact the races being used to blend Whites away in White countries will remain intact in their own homelands.

      • Lady Strange
        Lady Strange says:

        Typical of the white pervert who mixes with Asians: not confident in himself, flabby face, not far from an unassumed homosexuality. A pijama boy ! Or soja boy ( that suits him perfectly ).
        It is significant that he chose a particularly unattractive Asian woman ( with a very masculine and primitive face ) and god his children are ugly. What a train wreck ” a la ” Derbyshire ( same incoherence and bitterness in both of them).

        • Angelicus
          Angelicus says:

          Dear Lady Strange: I never heard of Chris Rufo and neither saw a picture of him; according to your description I consider myself lucky (LOL)

          Your description is very eloquent and funny. Unfortunately, there are too many traitors on the racial front who, led by their genitals, end up marrying aliens and producing awful off-springs.

          Some may be already ugly creatures like Rufo, but others are handsome specimens of the White race, which makes their crime truly unforgivable.

          Another detail or aspect of the vile act of miscegenation is that usually the awful creatures produced by it end up being rabid anti-White activists since the media and the educational system encourages them to do so. Being resentful (and quite rightly so) for not being one thing or the other, they discharge their hatred and resentment on the White race because is the only one considered a valid target.

          In the old days when someone mated with the member of another race, he/she was executed for poisoning the gene pool and their off-springs were also executed.

          • What’s up Skip
            What’s up Skip says:

            Really. Which old days were these? Whilst it’s not ideal for European folk’s genetics to have handome whites breeding out, it’s petty to start criticising these other people based on their looks. Our society is multifariously geared to preclude young white women from being feminine. East Asian women are smart and often a lot easier to be around. Don’t blame people for being human. Blame the forces that have led to these circumstances in the first place

          • Lady Strange
            Lady Strange says:

            Thank you angelicus.

            I agree with everything you say.

            PS: @ whats up: it seems to me that we have offended your ethnic sensitivity. Sorry, but truth always hurts.

            As for the supposedly ” smart “Asian women,  from my experience, the ones I knew did not shine with extraordinary qualities, quite the contrary,  and  were obsessed with taking  advantage at all costs of the western society.
            I’m not saying this because of feminine jealousy, though, I know too well how feminism has degraded white women.

            But we have to stop with this idealization of Asians even in our circles, it looks like the reversed continuation of the myth of the ” noble savage “.

  2. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    Sorry to have to say it, but White emasculation is the direct result of being an intellectually enslaved people. Whites are programmed from childhood with ludicrous, self destructive ideas, partly religious, partly educational, and cultural as well. And, guess who is orchestrating this ideological witches brew through their domination of the media? Jewy of course, along with their zombieized renegades, and paid lackeys and thugs.

    The anti White enemy has usurped the System, and an ugly reality check is coming for intellectually sedated, complacent Whites. The enemy is openly circling for the kill, and Whites are sensing it, yet unable to break free from the intellectual snare that has them entrapped.

    • Karen T
      Karen T says:

      I agree. I first noticed the emasculation of men back in the 1990’s and found it very disturbing. I hope that now that our backs are up against the wall our sense of self preservation combined with our (yes, in the far far past…but still) heroic and brave and freedom loving DNA wins in this war.

  3. Steve
    Steve says:

    Thank you for stating the obvious. It is steadily becoming “cancelable” to do so. This “nation” is becoming a lost cause; that is assuming it isn’t already.

  4. John Alder
    John Alder says:

    I am certain that sugar coating the issues will get us nowhere in fact that’s why we are where we are today. Our people need to hear the raw unvarnished truth that race matters and there is a jewish factor as well. Our people need to be shocked not coddled. We need a radical pro White movement that is not afraid of system labels. Call me a Nazi? I say yes, so tell me something I don’t know! Can you think of a better pro White solution than National Socialism? Let’s get ready to go all the way to clean up the mess.

    • Jacobite2
      Jacobite2 says:

      The operative word in National Socialism” was ‘National’. The Nation of Israel declared war on the German Nation in 1933. Large ads appeared in major US newspapers announcing this declaration of war. After 1945, the Nation of Israel returned to their 2,200-year war on white/European peoples and civilization. How can any honest person declare that “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” is bogus when George Soros is a familiar name on two continents?

      • Gilbert Waite
        Gilbert Waite says:

        I couldn’t find George Soros in my copy of the PoZ, but it does have a curious reference to a specific individual Leon Bourgeois who died long before the second world war, when the Jews invaded Czecho-Slovakia, Poland, France, Belgium, the Channel Islands, Norway, Russia, Greece, Albania, Libya, Manchuria, Burma, etc.

        • What’s up Skip
          What’s up Skip says:

          Very drole. Are you alluding to the obscure idea, which I don’t myself credit, that Herr Hitler was a Zionist stooge?

          Given Germany’s manifold attempts to negotiate peace both before and after the French capitulation it seems inaccurate to paint her as the warmonger rather than jew-controlled Britain/USA and the USSR which wished to see her crushed. USSR was also busy murdering Balts and slaughtering Finns to barely a peep from the “good guys”.

          • Gilbert Waite
            Gilbert Waite says:

            @ What’s up, Skip
            1. No, Hitler was not a Zionist puppet, nor a crypto-Jew. It was to be sure the Wall Street crash that improved his election ratings, but not everything is planned, let alone planned only or primarily by Jews.
            2. The British “guarantee” to Poland was wrong for various reasons, but Hitler all along wanted Soviet territory for German colonisation.
            3. The Axis powers shared a resentment against the space and resources already owned by the British, French and Dutch empires and the USA.
            4. The Jewish-instigated International Boycott of German Goods and Services was itself a factor in the NS drive to escape blockade and secure food and oil from other territories.
            5. The PoZ contains some Jewish and “masonic” material, but it is not what it claims to be, and it is not difficult today to prove this. Hitler originally believed in its authenticity, and acted accordingly, but in 1943 he and Goebbels shared some mutual doubts.
            6. I am fully aware of the scale and horror of communist crimes from 1917 onwards, including the little-known peacetime deportation of ethnic (as well as social) groups.
            Enough said – for now.

    • Fontain
      Fontain says:

      Might Tucker Carlson in his reincarnation take on the Jewish factor, and other sensitive topics on Twitter?

      I don’t think so.

      BTW, I don’t see how Elon Musk can easily change the employees who are doing the censoring on Twitter, and I have read about conservatives and/or their tweets being cancelled there.

      • Brooklyn Dave
        Brooklyn Dave says:

        Don’t think so either. But at least some of the message is getting out with Tuck.

    • Don
      Don says:

      Well said. You’re absolutely right that there’s no sugar coating the issue. Non-whites and Jews are engaged in a vicious war of extermination against whites at all levels and only white unity and white resistance will save us.

      We need to match level of ruthlessness shown by our enemies.

      • John Alder
        John Alder says:

        Our enemies aim to kill us off and we must keep that always in mind. Do we want to be old White people in a nursing home staffed with anti White employees who abuse elderly Whites? It happens more than most realize. Think about that as we age and the hoards of anti Whites keep pouring into our country. Such a situation as we are facing makes National Socialism the better choice. I choose to embrace the swastika and don’t care who it offends or scares off.

      • Angelicus
        Angelicus says:

        Very well said Don! The vast majority of White Americans and Britons do not understand (and perhaps they never will) the criminal, sadistic nature of our enemies.

        We, continental Europeans, are far better equipped (emotionally and intellectually) to deal with them because we do not have the awful baggage that the Amglo-Americans have; namely, a moronic belief in their useless and rotten democratic or parliamentary system.

        Our enemies wage war in the right manner; that means, they will stop to nothing to achieve their golas and they DO NOT take prisoners. Dr. William Pierce noticed that a long time ago.


    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      I know what you mean about not being afraid of system labels. Whenever someone calls me a racist, I thank them for the compliment, adding “True racism is simply preservation of one’s own kind, which of course is the very pinnacle of Natural Law. May I buy you a beer?”

  5. Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy says:

    When I hear the word “conservative,” I involuntarily think of guys who don’t get it up. At
    best, what they have “conserved” is weakness coupled with stupidity (both characteristics are mutually dependent). What they still hang around their necks as their ridiculous label has long since become a cussword among serious patriots.

    • John Alder
      John Alder says:

      You got that right ! Conservatives never embrace a cause that they don’t end up betraying. Today’s conservatives defend yesterdays liberal victories. Look at how many conservatives quote Martin Luther King when once they pointed out his communist activity.

      • Tim Folke
        Tim Folke says:

        Fun fact: Many of MLK’s speeches, including the ‘I have a Dream” speech, were substantially ghostwritten by Stanley Levison, a ‘progressive’ (read ‘regressive’) businessman and lawyer.

    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      Excellent observation, I have been saying the same for many years. A person who calls himself/herself a conservative is: A) An idiot who has not have the slightest idea about politics and history B) A coward (morally as well as intellectually) C) A combination of A and B

      A friend of mind told me once: “Conservative? There is nothing to conserve/preserve! Everything is rotten to the core; we must destroy this system!” That is the difference between Conservatives and genuine national revolutionaries (National-Socialists, Fascists, Falangists, etc) Those three historical movements were the only truly revolutionary forces which defeated the communists and their supposed “enemies”, the cowardly conservatives. I am NOT advocating to replicate those movements as some idiots here accused me of trying to do. What we should do is to take from them their uncompromising and radical revolutionary spirit.

      Conservatives are and will always be cowards concerned with their social standing and careers; that is why they will never support a truly revolutionary movement.

    • Space Cowboy
      Space Cowboy says:

      @John Alder

      Thank you both for your stimu-
      lating thoughts and best regards.

  6. Fontain
    Fontain says:

    Jewish (Judaism is a religion) nationalism is OK according to mainstream media.

    Muslim nationalism is too.

    How about Christian nationalism?

    No, Christians are not allowed to have a lot of pride and keep their culture.

    Neither are European Whites.

    This is what we are supposed to believe, and it’s what teachers and teachers’ unions (who heads them?) are telling our children.

  7. Fontain
    Fontain says:

    Christian nationalism and pride of Whiteness can be phrased in safer terms in the media as “European culture.”

    The latter is harder for minorities and Democrats to attack.

    • Flavia
      Flavia says:

      Except that European culture is being subsumed by POC. An entire generation of young people watching Bridgerton will be reconciled to the idea that black people have always been a part of England’s nobility. Trust me. They won’t learn enough history to even question that.

      (I’ve always wondered why black people, if they truly desired equality, would allow themselves to be caught up in the utterly risible fantasies imposed on them which, of course, they dutifully swallow.)

  8. Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy says:

    Schutzsuchende (lit. “protection seekers”) is one of the fake vocabulary of the anti-German oppressors for third world invaders. All concepts are stripped of their content and perverted into their exact opposite. Everyone knows the truth. A single mockery. Here a native on the run from the (apparently Eritrean) “escapees”, needs protection against those “protection seekers”

  9. Angelicus
    Angelicus says:

    “Whites who refuse to stand up for themselves and their civilization (Western civilization is White civilization) and their interests (like the right to not be systematically racially discriminated against in the name of “anti-racism” (how is that for a laugh?)) are not good people, they are bad people. They are too cowardly to confront the realities that are staring them right in the face, realities about human nature, about biological difference, about the character and “legitimacy” of their own government.”

    How odd… the first name that came to mind after reading that paragraph was Tucker Carlson, I wonder why…

  10. Birhan Dargey
    Birhan Dargey says:

    Trump survive three impeachments attempts, all of them proven FALSE. Now the DOJ/AG/FBI had mad it clear they will NOT cease the manhunt until Trump is indicted even for fake rape accustaions. The AG is prosecuting J6 attendees for standing onteh Capitol lwans, being related to a J6 protester etc. BUT AG/DOJ blocking any prosecution od the Bidens crime family, Debbie Wasserman, NPelosi, Homo pedo Adam Schiff, etc. Never in the History of America has been so evident that the AG/DOJ/FBI have become a JEWISH Private Merchant Franchise.

    • K M Landis
      K M Landis says:

      You are correct. The J6 attendees are political prisoners, as are many others. They have committed no real crimes, just political “crimes.” All Whites are deemed guilty, unless proven 100% loyal to Jewish interests. We now live under a system of Anarcho-Tyranny. Jewish financial, legal and political influence control most of the federal government.

  11. The Trust
    The Trust says:

    The conservative phenomenon of “kosher seal blindness” may not be a result of cowardice, but more likely the sum of deception and convenience. But as more consumers become outraged with the reality of ubiquitous kosher certification, will they act in defense and create their own networks for essential sustenance and resources, will they boycott targeted products and companies, or will they continue apathetically for yet another One Hundred Years Together?

    This isn’t just another sugar coated topic. NKC food and inedible products matter, but are harder to find than a needle in a haystack. But in modifying your shopping behavior, maybe you’ll discover some inspirational courage! Learn more from The Kosher Awareness Trust::

    • John Alder
      John Alder says:

      What if Catholics and Orthodox christians said they can’t eat food form a processing plant that hasn’t been blessed by a bishop? Then the labels would have to display an Orthodox cross and a crucifix , other denominations and religions should jump on this gravy train for more money. The labels would have so many symbols on them there would be no room to name the contents. Such a move might shutdown the whole religious racket.

  12. WCH
    WCH says:

    The inclusiveness of Christianity is the root cause of the self destruction of white America. It’s time to move past religious dogma and restructure white society around race and merit.

    • John Alder
      John Alder says:

      You are right ! I think if one must have a religion Cosomtheism as described by Dr. William Pierce would provide a faith that benefits our race as opposed to one that elevates other races and denigrates our own.

  13. Carolyn Yeager
    Carolyn Yeager says:

    The only thing I don’t like about this article is the dependence on the word “White.” That is an arguable term. Who is ‘white’? It comes down to anyone who self-identifies as white, which is a recipe for non-white infiltration from such as crypto-Jews and/or simply anyone who means to undercut our singularity. Thus, a better name for who “WE” are is called for. The best I have come up with is European, incl. European-American, European-Canadian, European-Australian, etc. Or maybe Euro-White. It seems to me it’s only those who have bought into anti-racism who find this too confining.

    I’ll add that Ashkenazi Jews are not European. Most even have strongly “Jewish” features (nose, ears, eyes, hair). They are a wandering tribe (race) that are admittedly difficult to define. but they don’t belong with the Euro race.

    • Gilbert Waite
      Gilbert Waite says:

      For the physical biology of the Ashkenazim, consult Nazi scientists like Hans Guenther and Otmar von Verschuer, independent anthropologists like Carleton Coon and John Baker, and Jewish researchers like Marta Costa and Jon Entine.

      • Stella Byrnes
        Stella Byrnes says:

        Research into the genetics of self-identified Jewish populations and individuals is still in the melting-pot (!). See e.g. Shaul Stampfer, “Are We All Khazars Now?” & comments, JRB Spring 2014, online; Michael Balter, “Tracing the Roots of Jewishness,” Science, June 3, 2010, online; and David B. Goldstein, “Jacob’s Legacy” (2009).

    • Desert Flower
      Desert Flower says:

      I have been using “European White” ever since I became race-conscious. When I lived in Los Angeles, there were many other peoples who identified as “White” (Jewish Whites, Hispanic Whites, and Russian Whites), so I started calling us “European White” (to annoy them!).

      I dislike “European American.” Americans are of European bloodlines (many different European ethnicities, too!). So, “European American” is redundant in my mind. And I love being an American. Even after the U.S. as a polity breaks up, and none of us is a citizen of “the United States of America” anymore, I’ll still be an American by blood. And I have enjoyed meeting (non-White) people who love who they are, too. The people who genuinely do like their race, I’ve noticed, do not hate European Whites. They do not envy or resent us. They still don’t belong here, but there’s respect.

      I thought this article was very good. I hope to see more like it. Keeps up the morale in these uncertain times.

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        Thanks for expressing your opinions. I agree with your point about “Jewish Whites”, “Hispanic Whites”, and I would add Middle-Eastern/Central Asian Whites. That’s why “White” is not a sufficient label.

        FYI, it’s incorrect to say “Americans are of European bloodlines.” Only European-Americans are. It’s also incorrect to speak of “American by blood.” There is no such thing. Europeans settled in this ‘American’ land around 300 years ago and put our stamp on it. Then we gave it away when we accepted “racism” was wrong, and many could become much richer by utilizing the labor of non-Europeans. The floodgates were opened, first here and then in all European lands too. “America” (including Anglo Canada) is the culprit in all this.

    • K M Landis
      K M Landis says:

      I agree that the Ashkenazim are not White. They try to pass as not White, however, in order to deceive and swindle their victims.

      I like the term “White” – I use it all the time. It includes all branches of the Euro-White family. In contrast, the term Aryan focuses on only one branch.

      • JewBoy
        JewBoy says:

        Wow, the Jews are in quite a predicament. Even though most of them, if you stuck your arm out and compared skin tone, would be paler than most ‘whites’, they aren’t white according to Jew-hating racial theory. But if they find themselves in a rough non-white neighborhood, the inhabitants simply assume they’re white because, well, that’s what color their skin is.

        Regarding the second point, as far as I can tell, the idea of a pan-European ‘whiteness’ has been around for about five minutes. Didn’t Hitler deliberately starve the Slavics and Eastern Europeans because they were ‘sub-human’? Didn’t the English view the Irish as animals?

        I can’t wait to see what happens when the so-called ‘whites’ establish their ethnostate. With no Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, etc to whine about and blame all their problems on, it’s inevitable that an ethnic hierarchy will emerge, in which Slavs, southern and eastern Europeans will suddenly not be so ‘white’ anymore, and will be blamed for every conceivable societal ill.

        Brace yourselves for the ‘Protocols of the Elders of…Italy!’…lol

  14. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 Dead on ; on every count !

    02 Love your WOKESHEVISM: it succinctly eliminates lengthy, broadly known and accepted corollories.

    03 As does my BOLSHEYID.

  15. K M Landis
    K M Landis says:

    The White race is the least racist of all racial groups. Jews are the most racist, closely followed by Blacks. Jews and Blacks hypocritically attack Whites for their alleged “racism”, which is almost always a false accusation.

    There are several reasons for the Conservative Commitment to race-denial. One is willful stupidity. They think they win debating points by pointing out that the “Democrats are the Real Racists” (as if they care). Other reasons include cowardice and bribery. For relatively small sums of money, Jews have bribed certain Shabbos Goyim to act against their own group interests. Most Senate Republicans are Shabbos Goyim, influenced by Jewish money.

    The biggest reason of all is decadence, leading to drugs, disease and death. Conservatives love perpetual war against America’s national interest. They don’t care how many Whites are needlessly killed. The Ukraine war can go on forever, as far as Conservatism Inc. is concerned.

  16. Servenet
    Servenet says:

    In all my many years in this country. Let’s say being intellectually and particularly racially aware vis a vis the culture generally, I NEVER SAW OPEN HATRED OF BLACKS in any form – in periodicals, the class-room, in media of any kind. On the contrary. I ingested unconsiously (at the time) and constantly, sympathetic and even exaggerated promotion of them in one form or another. And yet the truth was always excised from the ocean of words poured out on the country everywhere. Sure, you had individuals expressing contempt for the negro here and there. And it was with damn good reason. But it was always, as per the orthodox narrative, condemned, suppressed, rejected. And yet here we have today, from every quarter, and perhaps even more constantly and viciously, from all formal, “official” sources anti-White hate and rage poured out upon the entire country. What I’m saying is that such abuse of the negro was completely absent from the norms, standards, and official pronouncements, and even condemned in the individual and yet…there would have been a great deal of “reason” to do so given the behavior and mentality of blacks even two generations ago and the great burden they were upon this formerly “White” created and sustained and inhabited country. Indeed, apparently, it was THE VERY TOLERANCE of black dysfunction that eventually led to an insane reversal of roles, as it were, where blacks, who were reasonably deserving of imprecation by said White nation generally, weren’t so treated. But the historic American people – Whites, who settled, cleared, and created the nation and everything it it and who still presently sustain it, are receiving the very treatment that the negro deserved and never got…but those Whites who never gave it are GETTING IT. And getting it but good. Truly remarkable. Ironic in cosmic terms.

    • Hyacinth Bouquet
      Hyacinth Bouquet says:

      @Servenet – That is a truly, truly excellent comment! You’ve managed to put into words a phenomenon that is so fundamentally and obviously the current reality, that most seem to be overlooking it. The more simplistic thought I had (before reading your comment) was: If it was terrible the way Blacks were treated in the past, how is it okay to treat White people the same way, but much worse?? The flaw in my previous sentence being the fact that Blacks were NEVER treated with such open contempt and hatred at the highest levels of officialdom in this country –NEVER.

  17. Johnny
    Johnny says:

    Question for professor Macdonald how much of all of this was forces against us, and how much was us getting kind of fat and happy? I just wondered if work ethic waned and having kids, and raising them became second to travel and leisure? I got this piece from a Sports Illustrated article back in 1997. It had to do with sports. I relate this to the article above in asking if we allowed this to happen by becoming complacent? “The white kid has found other things to do,” says Carlos Cespedes, president of the Dade County Coaches Association and an assistant football coach at Miami’s Palmetto High. “My school is very affluent, and our enrollment is only 17% black. But our football team is usually 50-50. Why? A lot of the white kids wouldn’t bother doing the work we require of our football players. They’re skiing in Colorado. They’re flying over to Europe. I go to every national convention. I hear the same thing from the coaches: The white athlete is not as hungry as the black athlete. Period.” Article below.

  18. Johnny
    Johnny says:

    I wonder if even Non-Whites find this media and governments constant anti White screeds to be weird. Does MSNBC ever talk about taxes? Rachel Maddow’s people on Wall Street? Healthcare? Unions, and organized labor? Even climate change or the environment that I am sure they blame on White people, even though China emits more carbon emissions now. No MSNBC’s obsession is White people of whom mainly try to get away from their horrible behavior. They live in a clown world and an inversion of reality. The opposite of what happens racially is how they portray the world. How can any White person watch MSNBC? If Elon Musk is waking up a bit, even if not far enough you would think millions think more this website’s way and will show it somehow. Woke media and woke Hollywood is pretty despised by all people that I know, and I live in a very liberal area.

  19. ROBERT
    ROBERT says:

    I recommend showing a normal person a Medium article by Tim Wise, and all the terrible authors at that website and what they write about us. Show MSNBC and their terrible authors like Jarvis here or Joy Reid, or that author who wrote White ignorance Virginia voters for MSNBC. Not sure how they would think this is a game anymore.

  20. Robert
    Robert says:

    I will finally ask a question about Elon Musk. Does anyone here think maybe he is hiding his power levels and when he says we need more babies he does implicitly mean more White babies? White men and women together need to make more babies? I know that he would never say this, but maybe implicitly he means it? It is always hard to know what someone privately thinks versus what they say in public. An article here where a leftist thinks Musk does mean White babies and that Tucker Carlson for sure wants more White babies.'T%20have,%3A%20%E2%80%9CMark%20my%20words.%E2%80%9D

  21. Harold
    Harold says:

    Rage is the sane response. Yes.
    A nation is an organism, growing according to its own inside voice. So is the Family.
    My neighbour is a White South African, new in Germany, and we used to watch for his reaction when a person of a different race appeared. We did not know that his great-grandfather was building schools in Natal for Zulu children in the 1870s, and teaching them the Good News.

    The European missionaries desperately wanted to get to the heathen before the Muslims did, and went everywhere, because the Muslims taught the heathen unpleasant things that Christians prohibited. The Europeans fought them fanatically, starting at Poitiers in 732. From Rome to Constantinople, Christians were White, and White civilisation advanced, because it rested on the Good News: Love and Respect.

    The South African says the claim that missionaries were “colonisers” comes from the heathens of London’s Square Mile. He says his grandfather witnessed the Natal Bishop’s words to the British soldiers of the Zulu War. They asked for his blessing, and he said: You’re here to shoot my parishioners, you can get your blessing in Hell.

    In South Africa, there are nine different African languages, and they survived for centuries, and so did the distinct cultures that lived in their languages. The people listened to their inside voices. Two European languages, Afrikaans and English, also listened to their inside voices, for centuries.

    This map comes from my neighbour. It shows the 11-State country that used to be South Africa. Neither our German neighbours nor the world have ever heard of this country. A Nation, defined in International Law, is a population speaking the same language, occupying the same area of settlement, and willing to defend their area of settlement. You cannot have two Chief Cooks in the same kitchen.

    The Boers gave to the rest of the country what they wanted for themselves – their own sovereign Nation State. One-person-one-vote will kill our culture, said the Boers, and the other cultures as well. Family and Nation are the principles of a living human organism; there are no others.

    The White State includes two deserts. Most of the platinum went to the Tswana State. Boers and English had separate education and culture. The Whites paid high income taxes to build the new States. The plan was developing well, with the support of all the communities of South Africa, until the architect of Apartheid, the Prime Minster, was assassinated. Then a brazen voice from outside shouted, “Diversity!” “Cultural Enrichment!” “Rainbow Nation!”.

    At the time that the unitary State and “Democracy” came, South Africa had a 30% surplus of electricity generating capacity and about 60 murders a year. Every day now in South Africa, the lights go out, and the crime rate is world famous.

    With the Apartheid leader eliminated, White South Africa was conscripted to wage a proxy Bankers’ war against the neighbours, Angola and Mozambique. That war between Black and White was then called Apartheid. This is the meaning that can be applied to the plight of the Palestinians. The real Apartheid State would never have waged war against its Black neighbours, because it had Black States within its borders.

    The three loudest voices for the rainbow nation were paid with the Nobel Peace Prize, joining others like Henry Kissinger and Barack Obama.

    On our little street in Hamburg, called River-Island Lane, an elderly lady of grace and refinement has three mixed-race grandchildren. This is a suburb of long-settled and affluent families. The South African wanted to know why the inside voice of the mother had failed. I asked my equally elderly neighbour next door.

    I don’t know, she said. Luise’s first boy friend was Black, when she was 14. She always brought home Black boy friends. There were four of them, and then she had the children with the last one.

    One day I found the old grandmother at her gate with a watering can. I accosted her in a neighbourly way, and asked whether she had met the new neighbour from South Africa. In a flash, the cat was of the bag. She babbled with enthusiasm about helping the Black people. For three decades, she had been subscribing to a mission station near Cape Town.

    Not her daughter’s inner voice had failed, but hers. The Main Stream Media brainwashed her into thinking that her parents had started World War II, and she brainwashed her daughter into thinking that she could make up for World War II by shacking up with an African.

    Her in-laws are in Nigeria. There is religious war in Nigeria; Muslims murder Christians, one family at a time.

    On our street, we are suddenly struck colour-blind. We cannot mention the ancient warnings – do not marry out of your class or your race. How can we, when the young woman from next door appears at the Street Festival with a Nigerian Igbo for a husband? Too polite to save our lives.

    My colleague’s brother in Bavaria wanted to adopt babies about thirty years ago. A famous household magazine of the Main Stream Media brightly advised the people of the German Federal Republic that you could jump the adoption queue by throwing money – buy a plane ticket and pick up a kid in South America. So they took a plane and bought a kid from a lawyer in Chile, and a year later they bought another kid from a lawyer in Peru. Two brothers.

    It is said that adopted children may carry a burden. These two brothers had additional burdens: they looked like no one in Bavaria, and they looked not even slightly like each other. Their growing up was a major roller coaster ride for their parents, and for themselves. Juvenile courts began to seem like home.

    Our leaders, trustworthy as fanged adders, say Integation is the goal. They repeat this wisdom: “A person who says a man named Jürgen Forster is more German than a man named Abdul Abu Khan is a racist.”

    The Merkel government did in 2015 what no country that cared for its future has done for hundreds of years; it threw open the border, and then did not count or choose who came in. Crime has come, and syphilis, not seen for a hundred years.

    Germans find themselves with neighbours thrust on them that they did not choose, with religions, looks and social habits they do not like. The famous Constitutional Court will not take up the question of whether the Government had a mandate to choose neighbours for the Germans, or to change the genetic composition of their Nation.

    No money helps the starving Sudan, except at high interest rates, but it flows to African groups that sabotage governments and precipitate refugees. A plan to destroy Europe is the only explanation for the dogged destabilisation of States in Africa, like South Africa.

    Rage is right, but not enough.

    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      Very long and interesting post. From it I picked up a quote that sums up what kind of hateful and perverse poison Christianity is, and has been, for the White race. I am referring to the bishop of Natal’s disgusting reply to the British soldiers. On the other hand, it should not surprise us because for every Christian a baptized savage from Africa or Australia is “a brother” whereas a White non-believer is a monster who deserves to be killed.

      The fanatical belief in that vile lie “we are all God’s children” which means “we are all the same” led to the movement of “refugees are welcome here” and “open borders”. The logical conclusion of a hateful doctrine that rejects and abhors the concepts of racial/national identity and pride is what we have today under the name of “globalism/universalism”

      • John Alder
        John Alder says:

        You are correct ! I have heard of White nationalists who said if they had to choose between their race or their Christian faith they would choose their faith. Fortunately churches are closing their doors all over America due to loss of members. The baptists claim 13 million members yet only 3 million attend services on any given Sunday. So that’s a good sign.

    • John Alder
      John Alder says:

      My personal motto : Embrace the hate and then unleash it ! I bet the rest of 2023 and 2024 will be hellacious times.

      • Ned From Under Pierre's Bed
        Ned From Under Pierre's Bed says:

        @ John Alder on this 80% Space Cowboy site.
        The coming years will be hellacious enough without some obscure individual waving a swastika at the wind & blaming the Kikes for everything:
        (1) Runaway AI technology
        (2) Great Replacement
        (3) New diseases
        (4) The closure of cyber sites on the pretext of incitement to violence because of the myopic vanity of semi-literate contributors unable to control their emotions.

  22. PaleoSam
    PaleoSam says:

    I assume “Thaddeus Z. Imas” is using a pen-name as he writes his piece – as am I in response. It’s one thing to rail against so-called “mainstream conservatives” for not going the full distance and talking about race or perhaps the “JQ” honestly. However, how can you expect them to do so when you are not willing to do so yourself Mr. “Thaddeus Z. Imas”?

    I respect Prof. Kevin MacDonald for putting his name on his website and and his quarterly. However, before we chastise “Conservative, Inc” too much for what they *won’t* say, perhaps we should explore the underlying reasons for that.

    What would it take for us to have a country were people were not afraid to express their own honest opinions about things? I should add that during the so-called “Meme Wars” of the 2015-2016 Trump campaign, many were excited — including me — for seeing the potential in this movement. Especially older pro-white race realists who had labored hard in the vineyards like Prof. MacDonald for decades and hoped someone would pick up the mantle.

    Until the wheels fell of the wagon. Until people without tenure, without family wealth, or deep into the federal bureaucracy — perhaps G-15 and therefore theoretically un-fireable — suddenly found themselves doxxed, exposed, and with nowhere to turn to. Think Ricky Vaughn. Look how even Richard Spencer, apparently of great family wealth, cracked. Until our side can figure out some way to provide safety, a haven — and more importantly, ways for the young’uns to put down a mortgage and provide for a family — with some security and not having to use pen-names — it ‘s always going to be the same. “Well, they should fight for the cause and not worry about such stuff!” Yep, and yet if you want just a bunch of loons who have nothing left to care for to be involved in all this, you may want to think these things through. Otherwise, you go first Mr. Bold-Talking “Thaddeus Z. Imas”

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