New Covid Book Tackles Taboo Truths

On Monday, April 10, President Joe Biden signed H.J.Res.7, officially terminating the national emergency concerning the purported Covid-19 pandemic previously declared by then-President Trump on March 13, 2020. The national emergency and a separate, but very much related, public health emergency had been reinstated repeatedly since they were first announced that fateful month, the beginning of the end of Trump’s first (and maybe only) term in office and the initiation of what can only be described as a color revolution in America that led to the likely theft of the 2020 election.

According to mainstream reporting on the official ending of the national emergency, along with the eventual end of the public health emergency on May 11, not much will actually change concerning health insurance policies and coverage as well as medical treatment and protocols. The moves are mostly symbolic, as were the original national emergency and public health emergency declarations themselves: public relations stunts designed to instill mass conformity in one of the most egregious and outrageous psychological warfare operations in the history of humanity known as the Covid-19 “pandemic.”

The legacy of the Covid-19 pandemic and the government’s tyrannical overreach and unconstitutional policies will, however, likely stay with Americans and citizens the world over, most of whom were subjected to the global PSYOP that resulted in disastrous consequences for the vast majority of peoples across the planet while massively benefitting the world’s billionaire class in one of the greatest wealth transfers in history.

Governments at all levels—local, state, and federal—along with the various public health departments and “experts,” doctors and the broader medical establishment, the scientific community and academia more generally, and of course the mass media were all seemingly coordinated in their response to the purported “pandemic.” These forces and institutions certainly did not let the manufactured crisis go to waste, heeding the Machiavellian advice of Rahm Emanuel, a leading Jewish globalist who served as the Chief of Staff and official handler of former President Obama and, later, mayor of Chicago.

Covid-19 and the response to it were precedent-setting in the most profound ways. Never before in history have masses of people willingly suffocated themselves with useless face masks, adhered to absurd, contradictory, and asinine public health “guidance” and “recommendations” masquerading as legitimate law, and injected themselves with an unknown, untested, and truly novel form of vaccination using mRNA technology, which its designers and advocates, including Tal Zaks, the Israeli-born former Chief Medical Officer of Moderna, refer to as hacking “the software of life” and editing a person’s genetic code.

The fear- and trauma-based mind control programming concerning the purported Covid-19 “pandemic” disseminated by the mass media—which was reinforced and perpetuated by virtually the entire political, public health, and scientific establishment, all day, every day for over two years—proved to be extremely effective. There’s no telling when these same sorts of tactics will be used again in the future, especially now that it’s been demonstrated that the vast majority of people will willingly go along with almost every aspect of the insanity. Expect just such a scenario—or something similar—to unfold should a perceived political outsider or renegade make serious strides and gain serious traction in American politics.

While much has been written on Covid-19 and its aftermath, including much speculation and fear mongering equally as reckless as mainstream coverage of the alleged public health emergency, no book, to this writer’s knowledge, has addressed one of the most taboo aspects of the situation: the role that Jews have played throughout the entire scam.

While explicitly Jewish media outlets, such as The Jerusalem Post, the Jewish Telegraph Agency (see here), and the Jewish Daily Forward, have reported on the Jewish role in the Covid-19 pandemic—ranging from advising political leaders, serving as public health “experts,” and creating and selling vaccines—many in both the alternative and mainstream media have either ignored, dismissed, or outright ridiculed any discussion of Jewish involvement in the Covid-19 scenario as an “anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.”

Either too afraid to address such a taboo topic, entirely ignorant of the matter, or, perhaps even worse, actively gatekeeping the issue, many independent journalists, researchers, and investigators have simply never broached the topic, at least not in any great detail.

That has changed with the publication of Covert Covid Culprits, the first book authored by Karl Haemers, a regular contributor to The Barnes Review history magazine who maintains his own Substack page and who also writes for The Occidental Observer.

Pick up a copy today!

The book, available for purchase from The Barnes Review, focuses on two important and controversial topics, both of which are very much interrelated.

First, as the title suggests, the book focuses on the “covert culprits” involved in the Covid-19 scam. Of course, we’re referring to the Jews involved at key positions of power and influence in the federal government, public health agencies, academia, medicine, Big Pharma, globalist institutions such as the World Economic Forum (which arguably played the leading role in coordinating the talking points and global response to the alleged pandemic) and Council on Foreign Relations, and the mass media. These “covert culprits”—and the list is quite long—deserve to be highlighted and exposed to the public in a straightforward manner, and this book accomplishes that goal.

Secondly, the book addresses the concept of what has been historically described as the “Jewish Question” or, more derisively, the “Jewish Problem.” A handful of the 15 chapters address this topic specifically—easily the most taboo topic in modern Western society—from the author’s perspective and tie the discussion directly to the Covid-19 situation.

In the final chapter, Haemers effectively argues that it’s not merely a “question” or “problem” with a simple answer or solution humanity is dealing with when confronting the subversive role organized Jewry, professional Jewish activists (such as Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL), and highly ethnically conscious Jewish bureaucrats, politicians, academics, and journalists play in society. Rather, it’s a broader “Jewish Issue,” encompassing many different political, sociological, economic, and racial factors.

Overall, the book must be praised for its boldness in confronting these highly controversial topics in such a straightforward fashion. Haemers’ passion and devotion to the subject material is obvious to any reader. However, it should be pointed out that the book could have greatly benefitted from further editing, which would have helped smooth out some of the language, ensure uniformity in punctuation and spelling, and correct any misspellings or minor factual or grammatical errors. Independently publishing anything—let alone a detailed, fact-filled 275-page book—is never an easy task. That being said, any minor editorial oversights hardly detracted from Haemers’ bold approach in tackling the subject matter.

In this writer’s view, the single most important contribution this book makes to the broader Covid-19 skeptic community is the thorough documentation of the role that Jewish individuals have played throughout the alleged pandemic. Speaking or writing openly about Jews is not an easy thing to do in modern American society. In fact, as I’ve suggested previously, it’s the most taboo and controversial topic to articulate to the American public, largely due to the massive pro-Jewish propaganda and narratives endlessly disseminated by the mass media and educational establishment.

Simply pointing out basic facts about Jews—facts that are even documented and highlighted by explicitly Jewish news outlets and journalists—is more than enough to get yourself “cancelled” and censored, denigrated as an “anti-Semite” or a “conspiracy theorist” (or both!), and generally ostracized from polite society.

The Jerusalem Post openly reports on “the Jews behind the coronavirus vaccines,” but don’t you dare notice or comment on it!

I encourage readers to purchase the book for all of the background information and details of the many Jews involved in the Covid-19 scam, but just to give you an idea, here is a list of some of the most prominent individuals identified:

There are many others identified in the book, including some of the leading figures at the Council on Foreign Relations, a powerful globalist organization deeply involved in the Covid-19 scam, many of whom are Jewish, such as its President Richard Haass and Chairman of the Board of Directors David Rubenstein (mentioned above). Haemers takes care to provide citations from well-established sources to document the role Jewish individuals played throughout the Covid-19 scam.

While the Jewish Issue dominates the focus of the book, Haemers does devote two chapters to the role Bill Gates and his insidious foundation, bankrolled to the tunes of billions of dollars, played in the overall Covid-19 operation, and another chapter titled “Covid Evil: Satanic References in the Coronavirus Scamdemic” that deals with other sinister aspects of the purported global “pandemic” more generally.

That being said, Haemers’ treatment of the Jewish Issue, as he describes it, is a nuanced and interesting perspective, one that deserves contemplation and debate. Anyone familiar with his writing knows full well his knowledge of and passion for the subject. While the information and source material presented is highly credible, some of Haemers’ more polemical writing about Jews could too easily be dismissed as mere “anti-Semitism.” But since that is possible no matter how one writes about Jews (except in praise), and audiences are already changing to accept such views, this potential flaw may be forgiven. Detailed factual analysis presented in the book may even redeem it.

Generally speaking, Haemers would argue, and I would wholeheartedly agree, that addressing the Jewish Issue—confronting the reality of Jewish power and influence in society—is easily the most important topic facing humanity, particularly Whites worldwide.

In a nutshell, Jews have highjacked Western governments, media and entertainment complexes, banking systems, and academia. They have formed a hostile elite that is waging ethnic, demographic, and psychological war against formerly White Western nations. This process began decades ago, and Americans have been living under a Jewish-dominated regime and broader society for at least four generations now. Radical Jewish activists have entirely transformed our culture, attacked our traditions, weaponized narratives of Western history, instigated minorities against us, and in general have turned our society completely upside down—and the results have been devastating.

“Jews have engaged in extraordinary campaigns to change and degrade the moral foundations of their perceived enemies, while clinging intransigently to their own amorality,” Haemers accurately argues in the final chapter.

Jews have fundamentally transformed traditional American and European societies—demographically, sexually, socially, culturally, and politically—which have largely benefitted the organized Jewish community and its leadership to the detriment of the average White American.

While focusing on the “covert culprits” involved at the highest levels of the Covid-19 operation, Haemers’ recently published book also powerfully addresses the broader Jewish Issue. Addressing this taboo topic is critical to articulate any potential political solution not only in America, but the wider Western world.

NB: Author Karl Haemers joined me on the most recent edition of TBR History Hour, a podcast program featuring contributors to The Barnes Review history magazine and other special guests. You can listen to the entire program in MP3 format by clicking here.

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  1. Monoculture
    Monoculture says:

    Sounds like a book of extreme relevance. Knowledgeable minds that find their way here anyway will probably want to read it, indeed they will have to. But how to give all the thematic illiterates an awakening experience who continue to eke out a miserable existence in the valley of the clueless? Too much truth could instill in them a massive fear of finally having to admit to their self-deception, which they always suspected but were not able to put into words, and generate anger at themselves for not having recognized and grasped the scam of the Jews in its entire extent so far. It could even make them grind their teeth at night and clench their fists in their pockets during the day: “No, I’d rather not, the iron is too hot for me, in the end I will even be considered by some people as the ultimate worst of the worst – an ‘anti-Semite’! Then I rather persist in my illusion bubble like Diogenes in his barrel. Unlike the independently thinking Diogenes, at least I have a barrel with Netflix access!”

  2. Lancashire Lad
    Lancashire Lad says:

    The annual death toll in Britain in the COVID year rose from around 520,000 average to over 600,000. That suggests that it was a real natural phenomenon. Public health emergencies are a real thing (e.g. Ebola in Africa) and activists will lose credibility if they undermine the ability of governments to deal with them by claiming to have greater knowledge than public health officials.

    I haven’t read Haemers’ book, but my “default hypothesis” would be that Jews were carried along with the general wave of concern, with maybe some outlier bad actors given their general prominence in society.

    • Steve Bushert
      Steve Bushert says:

      The Devil is often found in the details. Your vague numbers for yearly death averages rely on several assumptions that are unwarranted. If you believe the narrative that is marshalled by those in control, that says a whole lot more about your thinking than it does about the author here — clearly.

      Methinks you do not really smell the coffee.

        • Steve Bushert
          Steve Bushert says:

          The assumed honest and accurate “British Government” is a whole lot of assumptions stacked on each other, with gobs of stack up error, if the figurers are given the benefit of doubt they certainly do not deserve. Furthermore there is no such animal as “raw data on mortality”. Nice sounding, authoritativish power-phrasing notwithstanding, if the accurate number (singular) for deaths was made available it would be the simple result of counting. One doesn’t calculate that sort of thing. In the USA counting must be very difficult. The government couldn’t provide a number that satisfied them for months after 2020 passed. You know, modern, high tech communication, surveillance, and all — what can you expect from your honest government who just wants to give you the honest straight stuff even if it hurts their agenda driven narrative? Do you not realize that “statistics” is one of the aces that they never keep up their sleeves?

    • Wayne Lusvardi
      Wayne Lusvardi says:

      There were no excess deaths all-mortality causes in the first year of the bugaboo Covid-19. Now, however, there are voxxine deaths. That C-19 deaths were media manufactured is substantiated by statistician Dennis Rancourt in Canada. Yes, deaths increased in 2020 but when adjusted for the natural increase in Baby Boom generation elderly, it was a wash.

      See link below on Rancourt’s excellent analysis.

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