Matthew Goodwin on the state of Britain

Matthew Goodwin on the state of Britain—unfortunately without a serious analysis of Britain’s new elite. However, what he is saying is fundamentally opposed to the elite consensus.
Why do 60% of us no longer feel able to say what we really think? Why do more than half of us think neither the Left nor Right represent our views? And why, over the last decade, have so many people been trying to change course —whether by voting for populists, Brexit, or pushing through the post-Brexit realignment?
The answer is revolution. Over the last half century or so the British people have been subjected to a profoundly destabilising political, cultural, and economic revolution.
It came in two stages.
First, on the right, the one political party that’s supposed to care about our national community, the place we call home, ushered in a radical and relentless economic liberalism. And then, on the left, the one political party that’s supposed to care about ordinary working people accepted much of that legacy while ushering in a radical and rampant cultural liberalism.
By the time they were finished, by the 2010s, Britain had been completely and utterly reshaped around a bewildering, narrow and disruptive liberal consensus —a consensus which reflected the values of a new and deeply narcissistic elite minority who have shown remarkably little interest in the values of the wider majority.
And what is this “consensus” exactly? Well, it was defined by three things.
Firstly, it was defined by hyper-globalisation -a new and profoundly destabilising economic model which prioritises the interests of big business and the urban graduate minority over the interests of the wider national community.
Secondly, it was defined by an entirely new and historically unprecedented era of mass and uncontrolled immigration -a relentless and now visibly failing experiment which was introduced to help big business solve a labour problem but which is today not only failing to do that but is now also bringing us a glaring cultural problem. …

We were told it would lift all boats in society. We were told it would drive growth and prosperity. We were told things could only get better. We were told that all those who criticised the new consensus or who merely asked questions were the “closed-minded” ones who did not understand the complexity and reality of the modern world.

But now fast forward to today and look around. We have a working class that’s been battered and broken on all sides by stagnant wages, collapsing living standards and some of the highest regional inequalities in the Western world, and was then derided as the ignorant thickoes, racists, Gammons and Bigots by the very people who claim to be the most liberal, the most tolerant, the most enlightened of all.

We have white working class kids who are now routinely the worst performers at every level of our education system and who are then told to reflect on their “white privilege”, their “white guilt” and their “institutionally racist” country while our universities simultaneously fall over themselves to take cash from China.

We have some of the highest rates of family breakdown in the Western world with more than 40 per cent of our children no longer living with both their mum and dad when they turn eighteen years old. The number of single-parent families in this country is exploding while all the government does is incentivise Mum and Dad to get back to work as quickly as possible, viewing them as little more than economic units who should simply rely on other people to raise their children.

And you know the worst bit about that? It’s the very same people in the new elite who tell us over and over and over again to choose freedom, to choose liberation, to choose gender fluidity, to choose diversity who are simultaneously the most likely to get married, to stay married, and to then have kids within a stable marriage.

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  1. Terry Bull
    Terry Bull says:

    Poor Matthew Goodwin. First attacked for only warning against fascist-populism, then for being a fascist-populist himself. He hasn’t attacked ZOG as the source of every evil. However, his analysis is a worthwhile, though belated, attack on the Woke metastasis that started with “race, gender, class” in the US, and using its chosen clientele – “‘wimmin’, blacks, immigrants, homosexuals and students” – has spread outwards to the UK and EU as “diversity, inclusion, equ[al]ity, colonising one institution after another, with similar personnel, language and activity (therefore, a demonstrable “conspiracy”).
    Goodwin’s book is a welcome addition to the books by Michael William, Joanna Williams, James Lindsay, Douglas Murray and Eric Kaufmann, qualifying their accounts in some respects. All civilized societies are run by elites of some kind – the problem is to rotate a better one into position. Whether the “White British” can do so is the problem for “Great” Britain.

  2. Monoculture
    Monoculture says:

    Speaking of Britannia: I just spent a couple of hours being sprinkled by a game show on British television, which was made according to a knitted pattern that was marketed worldwide. Irritating how numerous and light-skinned British families were 30 or 40 years ago.

    Also, this show called “Family Fortunes” was dreamed up by American game show guru “Mark Goodson” whose parents, according to Wikipedia, had the last names “Ellis” and “Goodson”, which is pretty implausible for Jewish-Russian immigrants.

    As we already learned from the documentary Lutz Dammbeck titled “Overgames”, Goodson originally took the same basic pattern of these shows, by means of which he became filthy rich, from the “therapy” of psychiatric inmates. Everything runs according to a prefabricated script.

    In the process, a question occurred to me that might be relevant to the labeling of Jewish power over white peoples: These shows are not just about crude distraction and trivial entertainment, but always about competition against and among each other in the name of mammon, materialism.

    There is always a winner and a loser. In these broadcasts no questions or topics concerning the white race and its history are asked or dealt with, the “knowledge gain” is basically zero. Can a general one regularity be derived from this example?

  3. Monoculture
    Monoculture says:

    These two concerts were probably recorded on the same evening. Most of the young people shown in the audience were probably born between 1945 and 1955, i.e. belong to the first post-war generation. One must imagine: 1970 was 25 years after the end of the World War (i.e. the same time span as from now to the turn of the millennium).

    How was it possible that the youth already at that time appeared so changed in appearance, intellectual orientation and habitus? The consumption of drugs was already everyday life. Something must have had such a strong effect on the easily influenced brains even back then, although there was no Internet for a long time and not everyone had a television for very long.

    (How much more do you have to imagine the extent of suggestion through the development of digital media and the power of the operators gained from it?)

    Remarkable also the quotation of a newspaper report, which was projected on the screen for a certain moment: “BLOOD BY RACE: New York (ap) – The Arkansas state House of Representatives has approved a bill that would require blood used for transfusions to be labeled by race.”

    • Monoculture
      Monoculture says:

      The absent-minded folks listens with awe to the dilettantish “performances” exposed to them, as if these brainless noise orgies were some kind of Bach or Tchaikovsky. The cultural decline began much earlier than we believe today.

      • Weaver
        Weaver says:

        Richard M. Weaver referred to the “Great Stereopticon.” The radio might be to blame pre-tv. The Internet has been overall positive.

        A problem today is the lack of privacy. Anything I say is overheard by a neighbor or potentially recorded by some device. Unless you live in the country, that’s the case. People lack solitude to think.

        There’s also a lack of community. We used to have distinct communities. Today, we’re more like mass creatures plugged into a machine.

        • Monoculture
          Monoculture says:

          Aha, interesting

          Note also relationship between “techno music” and “technocracy” (“man-machine”). What are technocrats? Obviously people who try to dominate all others by means of their power over technology (see Orwell’s 1984).

          Although perversely “the privacy of the individual” in oh so “purely individualistic oriented societies” like ours (in contrast to “evil collectivistic societies”) is supposed to be “inviolable”. This is true especially when the “individuals” are criminals who benefit the system.

    • Terry Bull
      Terry Bull says:

      I got through to Goodwin’s site & read his welcome speech.
      Britain has a few small signs of recovery – the New Culture Forum, Miriam Cates MP (an English Christian geneticist), just possibly The Royal Society of St George.
      Half a loaf is better than nothing, and although such groups are not anti-Jewish, neither are they matzoh in disguise.
      The big danger is that a landslide for Starmer (whose children are Jewish) with aides like Mandelson and Campbell will destroy Britain completely by extending the vote to all resident foreigners and admitting more and more. Temporary essential migrants have always been a different matter from permanent settler colonies. Even on current trends in approximately three decades only 50% of the population will be “White British” (Mail Online, May 13).

  4. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    I’m amazed at how rapidly Britain has been transformed. I always expected the nonEuropeans to be deported at some point. It never occurred to me that they would remain.

    The “West” is just waiting for older Europeans to pass away, waiting for the demographic transformation to ripen. It’s amazing to meet older Europeans or European Americans: blissfully unaware or perhaps concerned but believing the problem is for those with younger minds.

    I sometimes meet an older European American in a panic over some aspect of the change. It’s the poor whites who understand matters best. Maybe it’s also the small businesses, suburbs, small towns and rural whites. Steve Sailer used to write about it. Certain groups tend to be better, certain influences. The importance of the Latin transformation of US agriculture might be very significant for that reason, taking spots that might have been filled by whites.

    • Franz
      Franz says:

      “It’s the poor whites who understand matters best.”

      Good reason for that. We were the downsized during the “Reagan Readjustment” or later, often with lots of years down the drain because when industries were bought out, they took the pensions we’d been paying into because it was one of the industrial “assets” the yuppies were grubbing for.

      This is why boomers never give consistent answers, There’s the ones who never got touched, and the ones who were downsized and flattened so often they have no choice but to work till they die. The overage work population in the States is wild: “Dreamers” come to the country and get benefits right off; downsized American natives were treated like felons or welfare bums from the start.

      Michael Moore, his phoniness notwithstanding, was right about the one thing: The larger part of the generations that were downsized are no more a part of this alleged “nation” than the hoboes who refused to come back in after the Depression. They were still riding rails during Eisenhower! Dug in their heels. Had no country and refused to pretend otherwise.

  5. Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy says:

    Can one speak already of an (((oligarchy))) in this incestuous ministry? Or does that already count as “anti-Semitism”? Looks exactly like a kind of “family business” of the chosen special species! Or is this “just” an (indirect) declaration of war on America in the form of a personnel occupation?

    BB editor Mr. Pollak makes clear that the border to the unspeakable would have to be monitored permamently by Jews like him, that otherwise they could be broken through to the sayable, a huge danger!

  6. Monoculture
    Monoculture says:

    Mr. Haemers learned from the Barnes Review’s interviewer that functioning nukes were just a Jewish lie. However, I think this is a bit far-fetched. On the website recommended by him, which existed only two years (2011-13), it is even claimed that nuclear power plants are also just a lie. I suspect, however, that nuclear fusion would be easier to obtain than the Nazi-Negro fusion so eagerly intended by the Jews.

    This guy seriously believes that he can read “authentic emotions” from the face of a Jew. This inconceivably naive conviction would mean that Jews are not notorious liars and psychopaths. However, it may also mean that the master of deciphering body language belongs to this species himself.

    Anyway, the grandson of the infamous nuke inventor is now advocating the use of nuclear power.

    • Ned, Pierrot de la rue Morgue, Julius Striker, Melon Husk, Sinkus Shippus, Monomania, Fr Joke +
      Ned, Pierrot de la rue Morgue, Julius Striker, Melon Husk, Sinkus Shippus, Monomania, Fr Joke + says:

      Nuclear fission and missiles, not a Jewish invention (Manhattan Project) but a global illusion created by the Evil Masters of the Jewniverse who gave us imaginary JUFOs, Covid and the recent Ukrainian invasion of Russia.
      Discoveries like this must be spread – the Money must Follow.
      Make the commentators put the money where their mouths!

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