Weaponizing Anti-Semitism: From Victim to Predator by Dr. Alan Sabrosky

Editor’s note: Readers of this site will likely be familiar with most of the material presented here, but it’s refreshing nonetheless to see such a frank and honest assessment of Jewish issues, from Unz.com.  And from someone who is half-Jewish (on his father’s side) himself. I have removed the material on historical Jewish writing like the Talmud and Schulchan Aruch to focus on the part most relevant to our current situation.



The Rush to Radicalism

Over the centuries, Jews overall have acquired a well-deserved reputation for disruption, in addition to other more admirable qualities. Virtually every social disorder afflicting the West in general and especially he United States today, for example, appeared in the Weimar Republic of Germany in the 1920s and early 1930s. Cities like San Francisco now mirror Hamburg from that era. Pick your extremism or perversion, they had it then as we have it today. Then as now, Jews figured conspicuously in all of those movements, as the litany of their involvement in our day and time depicts. Also then as now, social and economic disorder was seen by its Jewish architects as something to be exploited to their own advantage, impervious to its impact on the population as a whole.

Today, as before, the prevailing strains of Jewish political radicalism and societal perversion run strong and deep. Simply review the very long list of activities in which Jews have the lead and/or are principal financiers. Radical feminism; critical theory and its offshoot, “critical race theory” (CRT); the racist, destructive “Black Lives Matter” extortion scam; Antifa; and the promotion of gender dysphoria and pedophilia, are just a few of the entries on an appalling list of shame. Nor does the old affinity for communism give any evidence of waning. One wonders what a Hollywood dominated by (e.g.) Ukrainian expatriates from the 1930s on would say about “Uncle Joe” and his minions?

The Pursuit of Power

As in the early Soviet Union, the Jewish quest for economic power extended to political power and influence in the greater society of all Western countries. I’ll only look here at the United States, but the situation is much the same throughout all of Western Europe and much of Eastern Europe, as well as Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Indeed, if it were not so destructive of everything whites had built over the centuries, one could almost admire the single-minded Jewish determination to dominate – a determination in which some innate consensus almost eclipses the need for conspiracy and cabal. (The operative word is “almost.”)

What Jews have done in America and in so much of the West is what they tried to do in Germany during the aforementioned Weimar Republic, but here they have been more patient and circumspect until very recently. In 20th century Germany, they openly identified with the communists, and advocated practices such as gender dysphoria and pedophilia (led by Magnus Hirshfeld) before they were in a position to stave off critics and attacks. (They ended up fleeing the country when Hitler and his party came to power in the early 1930s – theirs were the books that the National Socialists famously burned).

Not so here. Jews in the U.S. founded the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) in 1909, and later took the lead in radical movements such as the “Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)” and the “Free Speech Movement” during the combined militancy of the antiwar and civil rights movements of the 1960s. But when their hoped-for revolution did not materialize, they went – well, not so much underground, but into a form of low-key radicalism, as I have discussed elsewhere. In this phase, they initially emphasized infiltration of universities. Once within the academic bastions, they staffed the critical professions: education and law first, then business along with the faculties of higher education themselves.

The end result was that they gained control of the mainstream media, much of academe, and prominence in many other areas. This, combined with the growing power of two Jewish-led organizations – the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) – as arbiters of political acceptability, had the intended effect of ensuring that the American people rarely heard, read or saw anything critical of Israel, let alone Jewish power or Jewish supremacism. Interestingly enough, the ADL in particular is now openly joining the chorus of anti-white voices, and declaring that criticism of Antifa (recall its heritage) to be “hate speech.” Both ADL and SPLC have become much more adept at defaming and ruining critics of causes they support, then of defending the Jewish people themselves or others against slander and abuse. In the process, they’ve liberally enriched themselves and their leadership.

To those who might say I am exaggerating Jewish power, I would say (quoting an individual who will remain nameless for his own protection): “I’ll stop believing its the Jews when people can say its the Jews in public, without having their lives destroyed by powerful Jews.” I expect Kanye West and some others in the black community who dared mention something those “powerful Jews” did not appreciate could add to that.

But it was not simply power in the media, academe, finance and the courts. There was a significant growth in direct Jewish participation in the government, no matter which political party is in power, wholly different from the situation 60-odd years ago. For example, for decades, Jewish groups such as ADL and SPLC had increasingly vetted nominees for political appointments. They could not always get the ones they supported, but they had an effective veto over ones they did not support – I speak from personal experience.

At this point in time , no one in either party can be a serious contender for the presidency in the face of Zionist opposition (or Jewish, perhaps a distinction without a difference). And that includes DeSantis and Trump as well as Biden. No serious contender for any national office, with the partial and very occasional exception of the House of Representatives, dares criticize Israel or mention directly the Jewish role in everything bad that is happening – they talk around them, but few say the “I or “J” words critically. Not even former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (whom I generally and genuinely admire) or Robert F. Kennedy Jr. They know what will happen if they do. And the same holds for governors like Kristi Noem (SD) and Greg Abbott (TX) , who understand full well the extent to which the power of organizations like ADL and SPLC and their cohorts extends into state governments – especially state legislatures.

As for the administrations themselves, for the last thirty years or so, they have been so heavily Jewish that one could relocate them to Tel Aviv and not notice the difference. Trump talked about “Making America Great Again,” but he was a far better president for Israel than he was in fact – if not in words – for the United States. A list of some of the principal things Trump did for Israel indicates as much. Like Trump’s administration before him, Biden’s administration is dominated by Jews [Figure 9 about here] . and there are many Jewish holdovers from the Trump era among those charged with overseeing the response (such as it was) to the Covid-19 plandemic.

It is amazing that the blue field and white stars on our flag have not been replaced with Israeli flag elements, considering that almost all of these officials – as well as most Jewish members of both houses of the Congress and many senior civil service officials – have dual Israeli citizenship. They speak openly of their “dual loyalty” – which in practice means loyalty to Israel first. Hence, the designation “Israel Firsters.”

Replacement and racism as Political Tools

There is another element to “new antisemitism” that did not exist before which implies very clearly that these Marxist Jews – whom I have called hyper-Zionists – are playing the end game now. This entails the deliberate replacement of white populations everywhere they have been a majority with a growing influx of migrants from Africa, Latin America and the Middle East – the so-called “Great Replacement.” The details and implications of this development, along with the unfolding of the Civil Rights movement (an essential failure, as far as blacks in America were concerned) can only be touched on briefly here, and are certain to be the subject of considerable contention and debate.

Suffice to say that illegal immigration coupled with civil rights frustrations provided fuel for the simmering fire that was, and is, black crime in America, capped by six months of urban upheaval in 2020 following the death in police hands of a black career criminal named George Floyd. A final autopsy showed Floyd died of a drug overdose, having enough fentanyl (among other drugs) in his body to kill three adult males – or two Stacey Abrams. The Democrats did nothing to check the riots, nor did President Trump.

Biden took office in the wake of a deeply flawed 2020 presidential election and an unarmed non-insurrection at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021 (about which I will write a good deal more in a subsequent article). Afterwards, millions of illegals swarmed into the country, perhaps seven to ten million so far. Even worse, these illegals are often aided and recruited from places as far away as central Africa not only by left-wing organizations, but also by the very Department of Homeland Security whose supposed mission was to keep illegal immigration from happening. Just coincidentally, the Secretary of Homeland Security is Jewish.

It should be understand that Jewish leaders use blacks as both a foil and as a distraction from Jewish behavior as well as to attack whites and Asians so that they themselves are not in the forefront. They use accusations of racism and hateful fill-in-the-blank accusations against the critics of black misconduct – because the same people who criticize huge black crime rates, for example, are often the same people who condemn Jewish influence over our government.

The Jewish role in the campaigns against racism and “white supremacy” serves three purposes:

  1. it sets whites against blacks within the US;
  2. it elevates blacks at the expense of whites, who are seen as the principal obstacle to Jewish ambitions; and
  3. it further disrupts and diminishes American society and the largely white culture on which its success has been based.

Until very recently, Jews and Jewish groups in the US have not been quite as blatant as they are in Europe about the goal of racially mixing ethnic Europeans with people from Africa and the Middle East, until white majority countries simply do not exist. What has been called the “Kalergi Plan” for a “Pan-European Union” may well have provided a theoretical framework for some of this. One of many Jewish advocates of this policy went from America to Israel and then to Sweden – where she helped facilitate the social disaster afflicting that country. She speaks proudly of the Jewish role in which she sees multiculturalism as an essential transformation for Europe, and acknowledges that Jews may be hated for this. A refrain repeated endlessly by prominent Jews and Jewish-led organizations is their very accurate understanding of the end result of this practice of massive migration and eventual miscegenation.

https://www.bitchute.com/embed/3CUuELMV3K4v/ Video Link

Yet given that the same type of people (Jewish globalists and Marxists) and many of the same organizations and movements are involved on all sides, it is reasonable to assume the worst in America. Biden has said – does he even know what he said? – that it will be a good thing when whites are no longer a majority in this country. He has also repeatedly said that “white supremacy” is the greatest threat facing the United States, and that those whites who object to his policies are “domestic terrorists,” and threatened to use F-16s against them at least twice in 2022 – assuredly a first for any American president, sentient or not.

His entire administration, including all of the armed services and all of the intelligence services, are pushing the “DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) initiative intended to minimize white participation and artificially maximize participation of almost all other groups. Again with the exception of East Asians, who apparently are considered “honorary whites” because of their “excessive” [s ic.] success rate. Teachers unions, most colleges and universities, many corporations, and Democrat-led everything mirror the DEI emphasis.

Biden’s growing senility is (or ought to be) self-evident by now. Yet it cannot be ignored that the current administration is pursuing domestic and immigration policies whose net effect is to demonize and demean whites and Asians. It will shift the demographic makeup of this country to a multiracial stew – and thus measurably less intelligent, less educated and more malleable. The policies are also meant to flip “red” (Republican) states to “blue” (Democrat) ones – assuming, of course, that elections still matter.

Coupled with these developments, there is a continual push from Jewish groups for whites to have fewer children. The five Western Jewish-owned advertising conglomerates (three in the U.S., one each in Britain and France) and the Jewish-dominated entertainment industry continually pump out messaging encouraging white females to mate with black and brown males to produce fewer white offspring and more racially mixed children. It is quite a witches’ brew, with a predictably ghastly outcome – for our culture. Our race and our country, if not for Jews.

And So?

Let’s see where we stand. Jewish-funded NGOs are pushing migrants into the US and Europe. Jews are prominent in the leadership of “woke” groups such as LGBTQ++ and radical feminists, as well as predominating in academe as “cultural Marxists” advocating CRT and child mutilation (sorry, “gender-affirming”) surgery. Several generations of graduates from the “re-education camps,” with radical values firmly inculcated, and have now infiltrated all of our institutions from corporations to nonprofits to art and entertainment – and to the armed forces, which get most of their officers from ROTC on campuses.

The Jewish-dominated media praise all of the above and suppress criticism of any of it, including reports of its abuses. The Jewish-dominated social media platforms likewise censor criticism of their efforts, as well as keeping gruesome accounts of what went very, very wrong out of the public eye. The Jewish-dominated entertainment media glorifies everything Jews are pushing, while belittling whites – especially straight white males. But noticing any of the foregoing constitutes “hate speech,” and even a whisper of criticism makes one a raging antisemite and a prime candidate for utter ruin.

The net effect is to paralyze opponents of the woke/radical agenda into inaction. Why? Because Jews do figure so noticeably in virtually all such groups, any criticism of the groups is immediately denounced by the Jewish-owned media and the Jewish-heavy academic establishment And ADL and SPLC as antisemitism. Virtually all of the critics then shut up rather than be demonized and penalized as antisemites, even when the abuse being criticized involves insane gender beliefs that can directly harm the biological health of men, women, boys and girls. It is an insidious strategy that almost always works. (I say “virtually” and “almost” because there may be a handful of exceptions.)

On the surface, many progressive secular black people, Jewish people, LGBTQ activists and feminists seem united in their hatred of white people – especially straight white men.Nut in reality, it’s basically a hatred of Western civilization that unites them, a civilization which was largely founded by white pagans in the Greco-Roman classical era, expanded later by white Christians during the Renaissance and the Reformation, and industriously shaped much of the modern world. Delete white achievements, and globally one is essentially back to what were medieval times in Europe.

That hatred, invoked and stoked by Jews and none other, compels these groups to try to destroy anything that white culture created, including patriarchy, Western civilization, and the United States of America. They are the barbarians within, and under predominately Jewish leadership. Make no mistake: They are well on their way to bringing this edifice down. The one-time victim – actual or assumed – has become a full-fledged predator, intent on making Deuteronomy reality. We must not let this happen. I will turn to how we do this in the future.

Author’s note: I wish to extend my great appreciation to my editorial associate and good friend Cat McGuire for her excellent assistance.

Alan Ned Sabrosky (PhD, University of Michigan) is a ten-year US Marine Corps veteran. He served in Vietnam with the 1st Marine Division and is a graduate of the US Army War College. He can be contacted at docbrosk@comcast.net