Tucker on the Biden exoneration

As always, Tucker is the best mainstream commenter out there. So far, 10.8 million views, far more than his audience on Fox.

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  1. ariadna
    ariadna says:

    If FARA were enforced it would few the ranks of Congressmen/women substantially and the country most often “serviced” would be Israel.

    • NeoconsNailed
      NeoconsNailed says:

      Yes, and isn’t it exciting and almost heady to hear Tucker referring to this law. I almost hoped he was going to name the Jew, by 10,000% the most logical culprit to finger at that moment.
      But it wasn’t to be despite his being freshly liberated from the vainstream media and now perched in the supposedly much freer Twitter. ChiComs to the rescue! I forgot to check whether he still wears a red string bracelet in tacit honor of — Chabad was it? Profoundly thankful he’s still at it in any case.

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